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Post yr experiences with normies.
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Post yr experiences with normies.
I'll start.

>Be me
>In the computer lab.
>This smug jock kid is sitting next to me.
>He's known for being really weird.
>"Hey, anon. How are you."
>"Nothing much. You?"
>"Nothing much, anon. What do you like to do?"
>"I like to make music sometimes."
>"Like dubstep?"
>"Haha, no, IDM and stuff."
>"Do you rap?"

lol OP sounds like you got bullied.
>How are you?
>Nothing much.
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>i.. i make IDM and .. stuff
You are known for being really weird, not this jock.
>live in tiny hick town
>in some guys truck
>"country has meaning, that's why it's harder to write than hip hop"

>who are your favorite rappers?
>well yeah know, Kid Ink, MGK, Hopsin etc..
>Well yeah I like Kanye W-

>pfft hashtag rap

land of the hip hop plebs
>"Nothing much. You?"

fucking idiot
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hahahaha what a great story man!
>"what kind of music do you listen to anon?"
>mention black metal at all
>"is that like death metal?"
every time
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Jock can't be weird, and it's sounds like you were the weird one

kill yourself pleb

nice trips tho
who are your favorite rappers?
>well yeah know, Kid Ink, MGK, Hopsin etc.
moce taste faggot
>most liked metal subgenre on /mu/

on second thought, maybe you're right.

on third thought
>dismisses an entire genre
>calls others plebs
>at bowling alley
>I like to go to the arcade and play there, mostly 20 year olds there
>in the fucking zone playing robotron while blasting Eccojams on my headphones
>people start to come and look at my high score
>friend comes over with his friend, they both peer to see what I'm listening to
>The other guy wants to listen
>"haha what the fuck is this shit you should be listening to AC/DC or something not this broken record shit
>I cringed so hard I lost the game and my high score
You don't even know how fucking mad I was
Jay-Z does suck though
>"Hey, anon. How are you."
>"Nothing much. You?"

typical /mu/tant reaction

i'm saying you're being a pleb by assuming everyone you meet knows not-so-mainstream subgenres in a genre they probably don't care about.

being patrician is also partly not being a pleb when it comes to vocalizing your music tastes.

live and learn, the road to patricianism is a long one.
>be me
>sitting on the bus
>short redhead qt next to me
>we know eachother through friends
>be listening to Sun O))) - Alice
>"Anon, what are ya listening to?"
>"i-im listening to a comedian. i dont listen to music much"
>"Why is that, anon?"
>"i dont know any good bands, can you tell me some?"
>gets dick sucked two hours later
This is all pretty bad. But I hope you aren't saying country doesn't have meaning.
What did she like?

childish gambino and jay z are shit btw
>at work first day on the job
>talking music with co worker, he seems cool
>"I like Gorillaz, Neutral Milk Hotel, that kind of stuff"
>talk about our favorite Gorillaz songs and about neutral milk hotels recent tour
feels good man
>two grills talking in class
>"oh gosh you have the best taste in music' that new novocaine song you recced is the best ever"
>"haha thanks I really loved the changes that the band made
>they start dissecting every part of the album for about 8 minutes
>decide to look the album up
>its fucking fall out boy
I don't care if people have shit taste, but at least don't flaunt it or act like its great
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>chilling with bros
>putting on Nancarrow's Piano Study No. 41a
>meditate on the transcendental irrational canon rhythm structure so I can have a more profound discussion with a clear head
>LMAO i cant believe it anon
>ur such a massive faggot
>friend ejects CD, puts on neutral milk hotel
How do I find patrician friends, /mu/?

>"that kind of stuff"
>implying the two are similar in any way

fuck that guy
I think he meant like that popularity level
they're both college girl-core
why are people allowed to analyze certain music but not others?

>tfw my bf doesn't mind when I play Jandek
But they arent similar in that respect either
>Goriilaz-100 mil views on YT
>NMH-Less than 5mil
Have you actually listened to it yourself? theres nothing to analyse
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basically this

people that assume other people should know certain musicians or any genre that's obviously not as well known are more cringier that the dudes that don't know them

then they go on a japanese image board to write their dumb af stories and belittle such 'plebs' which no one actually gives a shit about

it's fucking pathetic.
well I think he was just naming a few bands and just said "that kind of stuff" because it's a common thing to say while describing musical taste
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>this thread
not even one good greentext
ok I'll go.
>be me
>be socially well adjusted
>the end

not too hard op
>sitting outside high school waiting for bell to ring
>listening to meal on ipod
>joth kid comes up to me
>"Hey do you have Immortal?"
>"Yeah dude I have Immortal!"
>get excited
>this dude is cooler than i thought
>give him earbud, put on Sons of Northern Darkness
>he looks very unamused
>"This isn't Immortal dude."
>"Yeah it is wtf are you talking about?"
>he starts rattling off a bunch of song names
>never heard any of them
>bell rings
>he walks away
>years later i realize he meant Immortal Technique
still, at least he had ok tier taste
ITT: 14 year olds
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how new are you my man
no, but it exists, probably intentionally. something was said, so it can be interpreted. Maybe what it says has been said by tons of other artists to the point that it sounds formulaic, but how's that a problem? maybe it's a reason to personally dislike it, but that's about it
kek. this is great
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