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What artists/groups/bands do you guys name...
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What artists/groups/bands do you guys name drop for qt3.14s? I was thinking about what genres and artists I would talk about with a girl and I'm not sure what I'd say. Obviously you don't want to sperg out and intimidate her but you also don't want to come across as a phony or whatever.

So, I was thinking that we could each list artists that we would mention in an initial conversation and kindly let each other know if an artist is too accessible or inaccessible.

I'll start:
1. Nick Drake
2. Björk?
3. Animal Collective
4. The Antlers
5. Charles Mingus
6. Fiona Apple?
7. Flying Lotus
8. Glass Animals
9. James Blake
10. My Bloody Valentine
11. Run the Jewels

List however many you want.
(Pic unrelated by the way)
>sufjan stevens

thats all you need, infallible
I want to cum on her tummy
>reccing good music to women
Don't bother, they're all plebs.
Whatever I actually like. If I'm worried she'll think I'm weird for some reason I just won't mention it, but I'm not going to lie about my taste

Like I won't tell anyone I listen to jazz unless they actually want to know, but it's not like I'll go out of my way to hide it. I guess I usually tell people the more popular rock bands I listen to, like TVU, Built to Spill, Neil Young, YLT, etc

I mostly keep my taste to myself though
Look at those hips dummy
Look at these trips dummy
These are my go to's, they almost always work and its a good balance between pleb and good stuff
>Tame Impala, FIDLAR, Wavves, The Weeknd, Neutral Milk Hotel, Arctic Monkeys, The xx, Velvet Underground, MGMT, Animal Collective, MBV,Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure
i dont tend to get into it with women.

I do know a girl into Brand New though and I told her she might like American football, but she didn't so i never bothered again
cool blog update

Thanks for that constructive and informative post. Good job.
Lol, I don't want to be predictable though. I'll use it though.

What do you talk about with girls then? Music is one of the best conversation starters.

Diversity. Also don't want to be predictable by saying Miles Davis or Coltrane. I think it's a good idea to have jazz musicians on reserve for if the girl is actually interested music or having a conversation about music.

Why didn't I think of that one? Thanks for reminding me.

>Brand New
Great for angsty moods haha
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> Anonymous 01/24/15(Sat)17:19:05 No.53090054 ▶
>Thanks for that constructive and informative post. Good job.

Maybeh Al-Zuq Yadeek you bitch nigga.
>tell girls exactly what I listen to
>do it without a hint of irony
>say it as though they should know what I'm talking about
>they either get intimidated and I stop talking or they show interest and I proceed from there

it doesn't really matter what they listen to, so long as they have potential to be patrish
If she's actually interested in music she will respect you saying Davis or Coltrane. I know the meme, but jazz criticism is not like rock criticism, they are seriously two of the greatest

Also, Mingus is almost as "predictable", not that that matters. Why can't you just say your favorite like a normal human being?

People like you really suck. Why do you feel the need to pretend just to have a conversation and get laid? Men and women alike will respect you just being natural and honest. Faking your taste will probably bite you in the ass down the road

>What do you talk about with girls
I talk about music, it's just I don't give them a list of my top ten bands when I meet them in hopes of them letting me get in that pussy
>i dont tend to get into women.

>I don't want to be predictable
>Nick Drake

This has to be bait. Why don't you just tell them what you actually like
You're misunderstanding my motivations. All of the artists I listed are artists that I like so I'm not faking my taste. I'm also not looking for a magic list that opens girls' legs; I just want to find artists I like that are likely to make a good impression. And no, I don't list top tens; that list is composed of artists that I like and thought about mentioning in conversation with potential gfs.
Nah, I don't think I am

You're using music as an accessory, worrying about being "predictable" and trying to find the best combination to make an impression

The worst
i posted sufjan stevens couse its accessible, somewhat popular but not that much, a good musician overall, and the most important part, the feels hur

Wilco, The Radio Dept. are good options too
Fuck you. First impressions are important. I'll overanalyze all I want.
the microphones
the books
Arctic Monkeys
The Neighborhood
The 1975
The xx
Years & Years
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Bring me the horizon
The Killers
Chet Faker
Imagine Dragons
The Black Keys
Foster the People
Mumford and Sons
Kings of Leon
Crystal Fighters
Green Day
The Kooks
Cold War Kids
Top hilrarity, superb burn brochello
Maybe you'll miss out on your dream girl because she'll sense you're just picking tumblr-core to impress her

I love how so many /mu/tants shit on the entire female sex for only pretending to enjoy music to impress others, and all of you do the exact same thing

>It's different, we only do it 'cos they do!

Honestly it's lame. What's the issue with just saying a couple of your genuine favorite bands, regardless of what she might think? You might be surprised when girls say "Oh! I haven't heard of them!" and they could be genuinely interested, rather than you just carefully picking artists you know she already likes. That's fucking boring
>all these autists going with safe/generic music to avoid showing that they are at all interesting

protip: bitches love anything catchy, even if it's "weird" or "lo fi"

>Mountain Goats
>Dino Jr
>any kind of lo-fi garagey power pop
>Regina Spektor
>Keaton Henson
>La Dispute
>Modern Baseball
>Bright Eyes
>City & Colour
>Julia Nunes
>Death Cab
Radiohead. Everysingle bithc who sick my duck love this shit. That all..
not op, i dont think he wants to pick artist that she might know to impress her and create that ''we were born to love each other" thing but to try to remind what artist do him like that could be 'interesting' to her to listen
you forgot Sublime
Mercury Rev
Olivia Tremor Control
Talk Talk
Beach Boys
Pink Floyd
Built to Spill
Yo La Tengo
Thinking Fellers
Velvet Underground
Mothers of Invention
My Bloody Valentine
>Arctic Monkeys at the front of the list

cant even lie, you are spot on
Kanye West
Yung Lean
the list goes on
Did you have a stroke my man
the last bitch I showed Daniel Johnston to thought I was a straight up retard
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You guys are so fake
Because you are a straight up retard for showing her in the first place
lol probably because you refer to women as bitches, you dipshit
A lot of people like him, what are you talking about
i googled myself and saw i had a last fm page and said my stuff was underrated :3
>A lot of people

This is where I laughed
>still falling for the "girl" meme

fuckin kek
>Hey bitch, have you heard of Daniel Johnston?

That sounds really funny to me
its just that im trying my best with my english
*and she said
I generally ask what music they like first, and talk about that if it's anything I enjoy. If not, I'll mention what I like if they ask. If that doesn't start a conversation, just move to a new topic.

Most of this stuff is pretty intuitive.

If you're curious what music I like, here are a few:

>Death Grips
>Lupe Fiasco
>White Suns
>Todd Snider
>The .357 String Band

But normally I talk about genres in the abstract and only mention artists if she shows interest.
That's relative, don't you think?

he's an insecure little dweeb faggot who is afraid to look like a PLEB for not naming off a ton of obscure musicians
cocteau twings, mbv, ride, slowdive, deerhunter, etc. idk why but all da qts around here listen to shoegaze and dreampop a bunch
>a 10/10 qt likes some tripfag's blip bloops and I can't get anyone to listen to my music

time to kill myself I guess
I talked to a qt yesterday and asked her what she liked. Named 6 of these bands at one time. I almost threw up.
I figured, it was a joke

I don't agree though. He said he didn't want to sperg out and "intimidate" girls with his taste. What the fuck is that, man? He's not trying to give them cool new stuff to listen to, just tell them what they already know so they will like him more

It's like people deliberately try to not be interesting because they want to be as safe as possible. It's just insecurity
smh, all these kids trying to pick up girls by name dropping bands. It's embarrassing that you can't respect music as more than a fashion statement.
the joke's still on me though
i'm ugly and lonely
>daniel johnston

okie dokie
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