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>Give us two more beers edition

Post your bleeps, discuss others' bloops. Learn why your DAW of choice is shit.

Sound Synthesis and Sampling (book):

Intro to Synthesys (video):
no, your daw is shit
i have no experience with DAWs what do I get?
garageband. uber entry level.

Cubase, Logic Pro and Pro Tools are top quality, as well as Fl Studio, Reason, Ableton, Renoise, Reaper.

>we have a regular OP coming together
brings a tear to my eye. good work OP. next step pastebin!

have been recording my electric organ today, micing it up with my mediocre vocal mic. probably time to invest in a good mic and preamp.
Looking at this: http://www.amazon.com/Akai-Professional-MPK-MINI-MKII/dp/B00IJ6QAO2/ref=pd_cp_MI_0

I want the pads and a midi keyboard, but is this the best one at this price? I like how it looks, but does anyone have any info?
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some based anon linked some nice ass free synths that sound fucking divine, but I wanted to see if anyone can help me figure out this guy, I get that you click on the osc or the dca filter or whatever, but the lfo and env parameters fuck with my head

it looks cool, and can do a lot more than what my midi controller can do, at half the price to. I would get it, but I have fun with my 62 key midi controller.
which of you fags made the /prod/ thread with the kid A image?

Alright, I mean as long as its functional you know. I think Akai is a pretty trusted brand, but wondering what other people though you know, its still $100 no matter how much it can do and I'm not rich or even well off.
>I think Akai is a pretty trusted brand
No they're not. The current company has nothing to do with the old Akai. They're owned by inMusic now and are total garbage.

Oh man shit, any good brand then? I don't wanna get something thats gonna be junk soon. I'd rather have a simple keyboard than something thats fancy and gonna break easier.
Dunno, I haven't followed that stuff in forever.

>I'd rather have a simple keyboard than something thats fancy and gonna break easier.
fancy also generally means better built

Sorry, meant fancy as in had more bells and whistles, knobs and button. Something like built to last would be preferable.
tried the Akai Rhythm Wolf today at the local banjo target. I didn't think that modern akai was capable of making anything that sucks more dick then their existing lined up but they've clearly managed it.

Proof that analog doesn't mean good, and that Akai shouldn't make synths.
bumping to say that I kind of figured it out, but now I want to know if I can learn this guy, by reading the yamahadx7 manual?
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forgot pic
>amateur music production
shut the FUCK up
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better pic, because I'm a retard
when do you stop being amateur?

when you start making money?
when you get signed?
when you release an album and do lots of shows?
when you have a masters degree in your chosen area (composition/sound engineering/etc.)?
Not him, but I guess when you start making money and having this as a career as opposed to a hobby. Which is my case.
i just switched to ableton how do i make it play the whole sample when i play a note
link to that one?
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hey guys, long time amateur here

how much sampling is too much? i am working on a hip hop track right now that sounds pretty good but im afraid that everything but the drums and bass are sampled is a big no-no


tell me what you think
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Thank you for these resources anon

please give me some insight on how to use it. I get that it's an fm synth and that each of the modules is an operator, but what the fuck do the parameters do?
what are you talking about? the best hip hop consists of samples only

it sounds pretty good, but you should get better at mixing and maybe use more effects (like saturation) to get better sounds in general
is there no manual for it? i can't really help you neither, doesn't look much like any other synth i've seen
The major things to look at are the envelopes (EG rate/level) and the tuning (det/coarse/fine)

FM synthesis is one sine wave modulating another sine wave's frequency. On their own they're the simplest sounds you can make - they have no harmonics they're just that fundamental sine wave - but when you modulate one by another you get a load of harmonics out of nowhere like magic

So, when you're using a subtractive synth you might have a sound where you have a saw wave, the filter starts closed and then you use an envelope to open the filter and add more harmonics - so the sound becomes brighter over time. The same applies here - you'd start with a sine wave and use the envelope to increase the amount of frequency modulation over time, creating more harmonics and making the sound more complex.

The type of harmonics it generates depends on the relationship between the modulator and carrier oscillators - if you have them related by octaves or fifths they'll make more consonant harmonics wheras like a tritone or minor sixth will make some more dissonant harmonics (good for like percussion and metallic sounding sounds)
na, I even looked online
Start with analog/subtractive synthesis. FM synthesis is more complex/has a higher learning curve.

Basically, FM synthesis is operators, modulated by other operators. Say you were going to make a simple kick drum. Make one operator have a fairly quick decay, no sustain, little to mo release. And have another operator modulate, with a very short decay, no sustain or release. Operator 1 is the body of the kick, operator 2 is the click/attack of the kick. Things like that are the basic principles. Learn subtractive synthesis first though.
cool man thanks for the help, so is modulating shit like saw waves kind of overkill?
It's easier to be out of control with saw waves, since they have more harmonics. Stick to sine waves at first. The original FM synths, like the DX7 only had sine waves. Sine waves are the most common.
I understood the concept using sytrus , but when I opened this vst I felt overwhelmed as fuck, and it pissed me off, because going throught the presets, I found that this thing sounds nice as fuck, it's supposed to be a dx7 emulation
Just get FM8, that's what everyone else uses. You'll have an easier time finding tutorials and such. It was based on the DX7 anyways. Sytrus isn't bad also, I liked it the most of the FL synths I've used.
Sort of, but...

You have the algorithm window at the bottom of dexed, that shows how each of the six operators feeds into one another. From your screenshot, operators 6, 5 and 4 feed into one another, so you're FM'ing an FM'ed signal [[6->5] -> 4] which can get pretty complex!

Looking at operator 6, the envelope's attack is super quick and it falls off really quickly so it's probably used for that inital attack/transient sound - like the pluck of a bass string or the hit of a bass drum. (like >>52279993 said). Whereas operator 5 has a much steadier falloff so it's probably the decay of the bass note

(Operator 3 has feedback - depending on how aggressively it's used it could make some weird sounds!)
pretty based guys, thanks for the help, I guess I'm off to sleep, so I can be fresh for some fm programming tomorrow
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A wild beat appears!


using the same glitch kit that was cut from a couple of recordings made at work. I really like the lo fi sound.
recorded my electric organ and filled out the sound with some soft synth (3xOsc - no presets used)
Ableton is excellent but soooo confusing
>le expert knob twiddlers
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