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Explain why an album is important to you, and the memories you've had with it.

Pic related helped me deal with losing friends due to being an asshole. I cried myself to sleep drunk that night.
Why are/were you an asshole, op?
If never go out with them due to extreme social anxiety, and when I did I didn't function well.

Being with one person at a time is easier. This album, along with ITAOTS also got through one of my best friends moving. He was the only one who cared about me, so seeing him go away really hurt.
The biggest memory I have with this album is that it was playing in the car when I wrecked.

>Be 17
>just graduated high school
>parents bought me new sports car
>be closeted bisexual
>on pseudo date with out lesbian
>very nervous
>pick her up
>inexperienced driver + nervous
>decision making is impaired
>fuck up, wreck
>nobody is hurt, car is not totaled
>still scary as fuck
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>drunken fun nights backpacking around with aussie bros
>busts out a q, get high on a rock
>someday playing
>clear night, stars visible
>laughing at nothing in particular

This album got me through a break up and a miserable fucking summer. Made me feel less lonely and crazy
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doolittle cover.jpg
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iktf man. I hope everything is alright now

Doolittle helped me get over gurls and shit so yeah... that... also it's a GOAT album.
Helped me get through a shitty job i had, gave me a reason to wake up and go so i didn't become homeless
>Being with one person at a time is easier.
I know this feel wtf is wrong with us?
Oh man, I only have good memories associated with Is This It. It was the first CD I ever bought with my own money, and I bought it totally on a lark. It really did alter my tastes as a kid, up till then all I'd known was 50's rock'n'roll and stuff like Roxy Music from my parents.
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>9th grade
>my first dance
>ask beautiful girl I know to the dance
>she says yes!
>never been to a dance
>practice my waltz to the song "Velvet Waltz"
>so nervous, so excited
>we went to the dance, ended up not dancing but still having a great time together
>fast forward several years later
>still friends with this girl
>we're both drunk at a party outside on the deck, everyone else is inside
>start talking about when we went to our first high school dance together
>tell her about me practicing my waltz so I could waltz with her to this song
>she gets excited, tells me to put the song on
>I put the song on
>asks me to dance with her
>there we are together years later, listening to velvet waltz, and I'm finally dancing with her to the song

This song will always remind me of her.
Such good feels.
Got me through countless moments of female rejection. Sounds cliche, probably is cliche, but it felt cathartic listening to this album when I felt like nobody will ever fall in love with me. I still pretty much figure I'll be forever alone, and don't really listen to this album NEARLY as much as I used to (since my taste has expanded exponentially since the last time I talked to a girl, at least in that context), but it's still one of the most important albums to me, especially for all the bad times it's helped me through, and probably will continue to help me through in the future.
this album really helps to turn your problems into narcissistic cockiness. and i mean that in the best way possible. whenever i get down because i think "i'm a fucking asshole," this song makes me feel kind of cocky, and it makes me feel better
>Pic related helped me deal with losing friends due to being an asshole. I cried myself to sleep drunk that night.

I beg you think you're so interesting and "troubled". You probably read Bukowski in public and think everyone is jealous of you.
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Good to know there are at least a few normally socially adjusted people on this site, movie moments like that are what make life worth it
Man you wont be forever alone, and even if you are it's all good as long as you're happy with yourself. And if you aren't you shouldn't be dating anyway, other wise you'll end up depending on someone else for your happiness, which is detrimental to a relationship.

Hang out and enjoy the time you have here, while it lasts.

And if you do love, love big, and don't forget to love yourself.
One of the most movie moments of my life. I'm glad I didn't dance with her years ago and it turned out this way. It will be an awesome memory / story.
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I was never great with girls up until about senior year of high school. I finally got the balls to ask out this beautiful girl who was also valedictorian for our class. I took her out to a nice steak restaurant in a nice part of town. It was close to christmas so all the lights kinda enhanced the mood for it. We made out in my car while this album was playing. Damn good times.
It already is, ya dingus

If you didn't fuck her than who cares
>all this virginity

I'm not a virgin. But it sounds like guy happy about dancing with a woman is.

What's enjoyable about this story of it doesn't go beyond dancing with her cos she felt sorry for you?
Every time I have a 2+ hour car ride to go on, the car ride begins with this album from start to finish. Tons of other great memories associated with this album besides just traveling.

Oh I get it, cos the album is called this is a long drive. Haha so fitting
It was a good time for him, everyone's had something like that at one point regardless of whether or not you got your dick wet. No need to be a cunt about it.
I have other albums that are important to me, but Is This It with US album artwork means alot to me too. I haven't really listened to it for years though, it was a high school thing
>Dated girl I really cared about when I was 15 or so
>Only lasted a few months
>Was crushed
>She dated some fagtron a little while after for a few months
>Listened to this and thought about her during every song
>They broke up
>We dated for like 5 years
We broke up a year or so ago. She's moving to California for no reason tomorrow.
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Discovered it three days after my brother's suicide.
great makeout album anon. gj (y)
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Oh God, I could do this all night. All right, let's start with Hyaena.

This was the first album I ever bought, and it's basically the soundtrack to all 4 years of my high school career. I was a sophomore in high school when I got it.

Before I got this CD, I wasn't even into music. I paid lip service to bands I thought people liked and I liked certain anime/vidya OST's associated with media I liked, but I didn't like music on its own. I didn't even really listen to it, and I guess I didn't get why people liked bands. It didn't move me.

Then I heard Dazzle. It moved me on an emotional, visceral level that I had never experienced before. It was like trying dugs for the first time. I didn't even understand what was happening, but I raped the shit out of the replay button. It got me into Siouxsie and the Banshees, HARD. I bought Hyaena, followed by Once Upon A Time: The Singles, and I played the SHIT out of those CD's. I played them every day in my car driving to and from school, I played them when I got home, and I wound up listening to even more Banshees when I got my first ipod.

Before then, I didn't know what an album was. If I liked a band, it was because I liked a single of theirs, and I usually didn't like the rest of their work, and even then, by "like" I don't mean the kind of soul-moving, emotional experience that The Banshees became for me. This album got me to start appreciating albums as a whole and judge them by how the songs relate and progress. It got me actively listening to music. It fucking haunts me everywhere I go now.
What possessed you to purchase it?
Just out of curiosity
If you guys must know I have had sex with her. Don't know why that's an essential part of the story.

I have had girlfriends since highshool....

man people here are so far removed from normalcy it's stupid
Siouxsie and the Banshees is my favorite band ever to this day, and that means a lot to me in that I didn't have to be introduced to them by anybody or associate the music with something I already liked. There's something about them that just resonated with my fucking soul on its own, and it's because of this CD that I actually came to truly love and appreciate music. This is also probably the CD that got me dressing goth, and that's stuck with me for the rest of my life, too, so it pretty much changed me and the course of my entire life permanently.

What's even weirder is what I found about the Banshees and my biological mom. I don't know her (Really. At all.), but apparently she listened to SATB nonstop while I was in utero. My dad told this to me after I had already been listening to them pretty much daily for like 3 years. That must have been a fucking trip for him when I suddenly started playing Siouxsie at 16 and dressing in all black without ever knowing my mother.

I swear this band, and this album in particular, are just a part of me, and that's probably the biggest album story I have.
Reminds me of all the leisureful summers with my friends skateboarding and exploring new York and New Jersey. Beautifully composed and well put album. So elaborate and expressive. It makes you feel in an island surrounded by blue waters and vibrant life.
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I somehow wound up hearing the song on youtube. I don't remember how the hell I found it considering all I ever watched was animu on youtube, but somehow I did, and wound up on an all-night Banshees binge while my homework fell by the wayside. I remember it perfectly. I was in the upstairs game room on my laptop. I bought the CD online pretty much immediately after that so I could play it in my car. Then came all the black coats and skulls and bats and pumpkins and shit and a room makeover. Over like the course of a month, just from being exposed to Dazzle.

In any case, this next album significant for the single reason that I lost my virginity while listening to it. Seriously, we set up speakers and everything for it and ran a bath and everything. I can remember that day, event-by-event, by the progression of the songs. Us and Them and Money get me hard to this day.
The next album is Betti Cola by Cub. Pretty sure I stumbled across these guys because of the Angora Napkin pilot. Thanks, /co/. Anyhow, this album represents and reminds me a lot of the period between my first year of college and the freshman year of my re-attempt at it. I played it ad nauseum during that period, I got high a lot to it, and I fell asleep to it with my headphones on night after night in New York, Vegas, and LA while I soul-searched and kind of wallowed for a while. By extension, I guess Mauler and Come Out Come Out represent to me the time I spent in LA harbor. Listening to Cub in general just bring same back to road trips, being lost and sad at heart, long nights spent on 4chan or watching Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, getting high with my friends in Vegas before I left, and pot in general. It sorta transports me right back to being in bed with my headphones on and getting lost in songs like Pretty Pictures and My Chinchilla. Plus, it's another one of those albums I've sorta incorporated into my personal soundtrack.
Two words: Mushroom trip.

Seriously, Something in particular I remember swaying to and being moved by as that sexy, sexy guitar bit that repeats throughout the song moved through my body like a wave. I remember the night sky, shooting stars, dancing, lights and colors and sensation when I think of this.

Hell, The Beatles have become an integral part of every mushroom trip I take thanks to Abbey Road. I know it's a stereotype, but I love that shit.
The next one's actually really special to me. My dad's a huge deadhead.

Back when I was young, I was raised by my grandparents while my dad worked nights to send me to private school. I'd only see him once or twice a week.

Every time he had a night off, he'd throw Anon's Pasta Festival. We'd listen to this album and he'd dance around with me in the kitchen. Sugar Magnolia in particular got played a lot. Then we'd fall asleep together after watching whatever stupid animated movie I wanted to watch.

Looking back, a pasta festival was just us making plain spaghetti with Gatorade to drink and listening to the Dead, but there's something special about that.

Mushrooms have helped me appreciate the Dead more, too, lately. I normally wouldn't listen to them of my own volition, but holy shit, this music makes sense on psychedelics.
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Aaand here's the album that is rapidly becoming the soundtrack to my college career for the same reasons that Hyaena played in the background of my high school career. I really, really fucking like The Sisters of Mercy.

I could go on, since every album I get really into I start to attach to things, but that would be all night.
That's fucked.
Were you both into the album, or is it just attached to that memory?
That album got me through the death of my best friend.

I remember listening to the whole album with my father on the drive to his funeral. Neither one of us said a word the entire time.
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I've known about this album for two years, but it's felt like I've known it since childhood. I very well may have heard it as a child, but nostalgia isn't the reason for my adoration of it.

A vlogger on YouTube of which I was a huge fan of,told me about his secret vlog channel, dealing with a lot of the same stuff I was going through, and one time when we were chatting on Skype he recommended me the second track. I went ahead and listened to the whole album and fell in love. It was an album I played while going for walks at night to wind down when I was still living with my parents living on their couch and had no privacy, or more importantly a job, car, or any friends.

It just sums up the last two years perfectly, in terms of my mindset of being someone afraid to reach out to others, which I feel has changed dramatically since.
That's pretty personal and moving.

Fucking music, man.
It was his favorite album, he got me into it around the same time we both started doing psychedelics.
Damn. Well, that's really sad, but damned if it isn't the right album for the occasion.
Can't tell if sarcasm, but meh, it means something to me, and that's all that matters to myself.
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