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Old thread reached bump limit

ITT: describe an artist's discography with greentext sentences and other people guess the artist

>Hey TVU were pretty good amarite guise?
>Here's some film music, also we have a new singer now
>Wew trippy mane
>Damn, that last album was way too long, how about some three minute pop songs?
>Let's all go on holiday and just relax a little
>Why do we even need a singer, anyway?
>Why do we even need to be good, anyway?
>How about some reggae?
>Africa is cool I guess
>Did anyone even listen past this point?
>i like playing with tapes
>i like playing with tapes, and also james brown is pretty cool i guess
>hey, let's put a residents album out on an american major label and open for nirvana
>that was fun, let's do that again
>hey, let's play this 2-chord punk song for 20 minutes
>hey, remember playing with tapes? that was fun, let's do it with more guitars this time
>*drum circle intensifies*
>*alice coltrane-ing intensifies*
>fuck it, let's just have a few really fucking huge drum circles and never put out an actual album of it
>Let's start a middle class revolution
>The exact same thing
>What if we added some medieval, and some beatles?
>Cue shitty piano ballads
>Back on track again
>An entire album of improv
>Discarded bits from the improv album which are actually much better
>New decade, cue the cheese and spoken word
>etc. etc.
>Let's make some noisy psychedelic rock and ad some weird lyrics
>Ad some piano to it
>Mix it with some metal
>Were not popular enough we need to be more accessible
>Let's make alt rock because that will make us popular
>Yes we're on MTV now
>Let's make the same album again
>I want more money let's make a pop album
>hey high school is cool, let's make edgy lo-fi stuff
>huh, some people heard our song
>I guess we have enough notoriety for professional recordings now
>huh, that got some attention, why the hell don't we make a really niche album for no reason
>all right, let's go back to being more eclectic
>wow, people liked that
>another great pop album
>eh, whatever
>fuck drugs, we're done
>oooooooooh the city!
>muh space
>muh quiet places
>oh shit I'm not black enough need to embrace hip-hop and jazz, better leave thom yorke in the dust
nope, about two decades older than that

Queens of the Stone Age?
>trip-hop, solid
>House M.D.
is it flylo?
Have they even made that many albums
yup :)
Sphincter Skaters
>bunch of intelligent highschool kids get together to make an amazing, genre hopping fun album with good production
*years later*
>whoa there if you think this is the best experimental shit you've heard wait until you hear it live nigger
*years later*
>unexpectedly accesible experimental warm weather music while ironically being the GOAT album, also anthony kiedis is a humongous faggot
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they have 6 albums and you almost described the first 3

Massive Attack
>Spy films have really cool music
>All I need now is my fedora
>We haven't made an album in so long people probably don't even remember what genre we are. Let's just make some really dark, eclectic experimental electronic rock
ding ding ding
>haha we're hilarious
>maybe if we try we can be good
>too many people liked that, this one must be more obscure
>let's be normal
>let's be shit
>riding the bus at night
>riding the bus on a rainy night
>depressing and dark power pop masterpiece
>punk masterpiece taking cues from krautrock and noise
>fuck this city fuck people life is shit suicide is the only option here's another punk masterpiece
>not that great but guitar leads are still fkin cool
>maybe we should stop
>but we won't, here's a turd
>Kurt wants us to reform!
>turd x3

Mr. Buttrock
I was just about to do this one. Chance the Rapper.
>hey this is harmless and fun right
>lets change it up a bit real quick
>maybe just a little more?
>ok that was cool but LET'S FUCKING DANCE
>eh we probably will never top that
>fuck blues, let's get some free jazz and medieval music in this bitch
>let's do that again
>fuck rock, let's just do free jazz and medieval music
>let's make something boring and misogynistic for a change
>I Can't Believe It's Not A Bootleg
>"I heard you threw out your synthesizers and bought violins."
>"I heard you threw out your percussion instruments and bought guitars."
>whatever Rush can do, I can do better
>whatever Talking Heads can do, I can do better
>who cares x5 or x6

ding ding ding
Massive Attack. 2 easy yo
>Best pop rock album of all time
>A decent album that gets too much hate
Nobody? Think /mu/ core.
>hey me and my bro made this cool album got some nice drums and trippy samples check it out
>ok now listen to this shit. we got some of our friends involved. pretty experimental right?
>oh you didn't like it? ok, here's something pretty experimental but a little less polarizing
>hmm, we should maybe mess around with some acoustic guitars, strip down out sound and make some cool trippy shit
>and now we're popular, check out this album, it's sure to be our best yet
>now check out this it's sort of the same but with more mainstream appeal
>ok fuck it lets write a pop album
>well that worked, now lets make an album that everyone will hate for some reason

>so let's take EDM and make it slow and introspective
>that wasn't spooky enough
>lets use more real instruments
[wait many years]
>Good, simple rock album
>Very big rock hit
>like 15 albums of boring music
>1 rawk album
>the frontman should really have kept playing his old instrument
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Thread images: 2
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