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let's have a druggie music thread. just share music (youtube, album names, album covers, whatever) that goes good with certain drugs or just drugs in general. me myself am coming up on dissociatives on this lovely saturday night so I'm going to post some music suitable for that and would appreciate music for that from you fellas
anyhow this is my favorite album to listen to while on any drugs at all, it's the tired sounds of stars of the lid:
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1200 Micrograms.png
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I like this album about drugs!
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ITT: Degenerates

pic related, me.
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This is acid music

This might be one of my favorite albums ever, drugs or not. You're cool by me, anon.
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i never got into the psytrance thing but on an electronic note, I love to listen to stockhausen when I'm high on anything. here's some stockhausen:
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great album man, love the forest journeys you go on with that one. robert rich's somnium is another one kind of like that, takes you to the rainforest

Yep, already know about Rich too. Another one of my favorites heheh. Can't wait for the Perpetual, the sequel, to drop.
Pic related is another top "journey" album.
Spiritualized in general is great if you are a heroin addict
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we're on a roll man, the journey continues

i like me some spiritualized. and the always illustrious spacemen 3
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none of you guys high as I am tonight? here's a doozie

this album will wreck you even if you're sober, but on drugs, oh man.
i used to listen to a lot of sterolab while shooting up

but honestly once you're high on dope it doesn't matter that much

on acid or x i'm more sensitive to the music
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Pic related provides vivid imagery for me, I really love it.
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This album is great to zone out to. Such good colors and textures.
I'm new to drugs in general. I've smoked weed before, but I wanna try mushrooms. Can anyone give me some tips? How do I avoid a bad trip? Should I not try shrooms? I just need some general advice
Just be relaxed before you take them and make sure you do it when you have nothing planned. There are plenty of forums online that go more in depth
set and setting is everything. the shroomery is probably your best bet for more information.
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The Sun.jpg
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do you guys know v/vm? leyland kirby is a master

this is really nice

i'm too fucked to type much but basically make sure you don't have any responsibilities that day and just relax and go with it. but you should try shrooms and you should listen to your favorite music while on shrooms
>this is really nice
Aloof Proof put out two relatively unknown ambient masterpieces imo, what I linked and Inside the Quiet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWY98COqO5M
wow man, i never heard of this before. very good
i listened to this while smoking once, and i felt really exhausted. like, i just couldn't finish it. i got too paranoid.

pic on the other hand is perfect! especially moon song. if you're smoking right now play it NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuvQ14HT3Ok
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i'm not smoking, i'm on dxm. shit. this is what I need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wawSCvuGj4o
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I actually heard this guy live

He's surprisingly good
i snorted 100mg mdma, vaped a little cannabis wax, and have a 25n-nbome blotter under my tongue, i'm just listening to 60s psych

i tried to breakthrough on dmt earlier with the little bit i have left but couldn't, though i did try ayahuasca for the first time earlier in the week so i don't know how much it's affected by my tolerance

I listened to SMiLE during the ayahuasca trip and was the most religious/spiritual loving experience of my life
Do them with a friend who's done them before, do them outside on a day where you have the whole day free. Listen to upbeat music if anything
>tfw don't have a lsd/shrooms connect
I'm listening to stimmung on dxm and its fuckingg weird man
its the same pop rap but he just talks about weed more.
just buy p.cubensis spores from sporeworks or some online vendor and google pf tek, it's easy to grow your own and i think it ends up giving you a better experience when you cultivate a relationship with the fungi

for lsd, use silk road, don't try to find street lsd, it will mostly likely be some analogue that does not have the safeness, potency and cleanness of lsd
stop using dxm man, i used to use it but got kind of addicted and it affects your brain in the long term
also music on dissociatives sounds very machine like and alien, though not always in a bad way. i used to like mbv on them
gross. dxm is pleb drugs. go hard or go home. i've had 2 hits of acid every day this past july and for the first few days in august. do that.

or smoke meth. just stop it with the dxm. it's gross.
okay so that costs about 50 bucks might be worth it but question.

how much will this yeild, where can I learn to fucking even grow mushrooms I cant do that shit, and how long does it take
dxm can be way more intense than 2 hits of acid (if they're your common ~150ug dose these days), 1000mg of dxm gave me full on ego death and was comparable to ketamine's k-hole with intense closed and open eyed visuals. doing lsd every day is not worth it, eventually the lsd will do nothing, you build tolerance incredible quick.

how is smoking methamphetamine better than dxm?
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this is my last time for a long time. I ordered a lot on amazon and had to use it up, not going to do it again for at least a few months

dxm is best music drug imo dude sheeet
i bough 2 syringes filled with spores in the clearance for like $10 each and they threw in a third one when i said i was from shroomery

you can find mason jars, vermiculite, and brown rice flower for relatively cheap

it really depends but you can get a few flushes out of it and make a spore print from a cap to do it over again. there are lots of resources, you have the internet (erowid, shroomery, etc), like i said google pf tek, it's probably the easiest method
it affects the way memory works in your brain and ruins your cognitive ability not to mention all the stuff in the syrup

i'd feel so dumb every time i did it, i felt like i maybe did take lessons from it and have beneficial experiences but there are much better, safer mind expanding drugs out there
never done meth? it's basically the opposite of what dxm does to you. your id takes a fucking hike and your super ego explodes in your face. they're both pretty shitty for you.
well thanks man I havent done shrooms in almost a year and its like my favorite thing ever, I only have interest in taking them once a montb Im sure they grow that fast.

fuck how did I not know this was a thing
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I wish I listened to something the first time I did DMT.

Some people on this board might consider Blue Öyster Cult to be dadrock but this is a great album to listen to if you're stoned. It's quite good sober, as well.
i've taken desoxyn
dxm is less immediately bad, you can't overdose from it, you could die if you take it with an maoi or ssri, but it's relatively safe compared to meth. they're entirely different classes of drugs though

mushrooms are great man, just in general, not even just the psilocybin and psilocin containing ones

well I'm going to order some mushy spores and im pretty psyched, and just to be on topic I'll share my favorite shroom album

it's a really tame choice I know but Cosmo's Factory by CCR was just hands down my favorite album experience on em
it's still my favorite

Did nitrous to this and holy fuck
jesus fucking shit what is happening in my room right now
Some of it is dadrock, but not this record. More like Master of Reality than anything else. Not musically, but stylistically
yeah but don't you care about your brain
I just took my SSRI, what should I listen to
I'm a druggy, Reich hits the spot

you're probably right. but have you ever listened to opn on dxm
no but i like replica with cannabis

>not watching this at least once every time you take acid
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