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Blackmailing Rarity
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"Would you blackmail Rarity into doing anything humiliating? What?"

The original thread >>26217125 died two days ago, and a couple of write friends never finished their works, so I'm restarting the thread in the interest of summoning them.

TS Punk's Rarity Blackmail:

Lowflying Boookah's Short Story:

I made the pastebins, so writefriends if I missed a part, I am sorry.

New writefriends are welcome to start here!
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ts moved to fingerbang don't know about the other guy.
oh cool, thanks man
What other guy
Oh we have a revival?
Posting here now
Yes I would. Id make her watch me cum inside Rainbow Dash and rip off Applejack's skin so that I can wear it as I fuck her in her tiny horse pussy.
Welcome back!
Fuck me running, I am now wrong.
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I personally want Boookah to finish.
Hits my fetish.
Bump for the story
Well this dying fast..
Starting from http://pastebin.com/f2u22yMN

>you feel something move
>she begins to stir
>she's waking up
>she opens her eyes and sits up
>stretches her arms and yawns
>she rubs her eyes and quickly noticed you were awake
>she got in your face really quick
>"Are you alright dear? Do you feel any pain? Would you like something to drink?"
"Whoa Rarity, chill."
>"I have no intention to 'chill' after everything that has happened thought this whole day."
>you sigh
"My back hurts a little. It'll take a while to heal but I'm fine. At least my arms and legs can move. How about you?"
>"...I'm fine."
>she looks down
>"And I'm sorry.."
"Sorry? What for?"
>she looks up
>"For getting you into this mess. I truly am sorry for letting this happen to you."
>you pat her head
"It's okay. It was just a series of unfortunate events that were beyond our control."
>speaking of which
"By the way, what happened after you landed on me?"
>"Oh well.."
>Rarity gives you a quite lengthy explanation but you managed enough to summarize it
>After you lost consciousness, Rarity freaked out and tried to wake you up which almost made things worse
>apparently while that happened Applejack came over to pick up Apple Bloom and after the explanation given to her, she helped Rarity bring you to the bed
>Sweetie Belle and her friends were really sorry about what happened and the catapult was moved to Applejack's place where you assume it'll be held there until they bring it to school
>you chuckle
"Well at least they'll be getting a good grade at wood shop."
>Rarity just stayed silent
>"Anon, are you not mad at me?"
"Why would I be mad at you?"
>"If I did not speak on how I felt about you.. That I've begun to like you, Sweetie Belle would not have put us in such a dangerous situation."
>For some reason, you feel like you would've been part of it regardless..
"Don't worry, I'm not mad."
>"What about Sweetie Belle?"
"Well, I can't say I am mad. It was pretty fun when I think about it."
>"It was?"
>you nod
>it was fun but nothing best that make out session you had prior
"Huh, when I think about it. That was my first kiss."
>Rarity looks at you with wide eyes
>"...I-It was my first as well."
>well then
>this is your chance
"So then do you.. want to continue?"
>she gives you a surprised look but then moves in closer
>she closes her eyes, preparing herself
>you closed your eyes as-
>you suddenly hear the door opens and slams on the wall
>"They're right here Mom!"
>you open your eyes and quickly shifted them to see Sweetie Belle and what you assume her mother watching you and Rarity about to kiss
>okay NOW you are mad at Sweetie Belle
you're doing good anon can't wait what you have instore
>Would you blackmail Rarity into doing anything humiliating?
Requesting diapers.
>>okay NOW you are mad at Sweetie Belle
She deserves whatever is coming now.
Where's the haggis
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>tfw you have to bump your own writefagging thread

Don't worry frenchie, I got your back
make a real post, bumfag
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>Page 9
Page 9 again...
>Rarity immediately noticed and you both were frozen with your faces really close to each other
>Sweetie came in at the worst time
>did she not learn to knock?!
>you only know what her /father/ would do if she found out
>you never took count for the mother
>though is that a gamble you are willing to take?
>"Rarity, what's going on here?" said Rarity's mother
>Rarity couldn't speak a word
>oh dear
>you need to fix this
>yet your fear is preventing this
>dammit this is your chance
>your chance to help Rarity have a public relationship
>maybe her mother is more accepting
>worth a shot
>you move back a bit and smile
"Aha, thank you for checking up on me Rarity."
>she looked confused
"Using your forehead to check my temperature? Isn't that one of the foreign methods?"
>you chuckle
>Rarity quickly noticed what you were doing
>"Wh-why yes! I read it while researching on the Internet. I'm glad to see you don't have a fever."
"Ah well that's good to hear."
>you both laugh nervously
>Rarity's mother doesn't look pleased
>"...Rarity, could you go outside?" she said, "Bring Sweetie with you."
>"But what ab-?"
>"I will talk to this boy for a few minutes."
>Rarity stood silent before she got up from the chair and brought Sweetie out of the room
>the door closes
>the mother say on the chair and looks at you with an unimpressed look
>"Nice try, kid. I know what you're up to."
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Whats happening
>oh crapbaskets
"Wh-what do you mean?"
>"I know when a kiss is about to happen. Don't think I've never fallen in love before."
>that much can be obvious
>you sigh
"Well I tried."
>she chuckles
>"Though trying to cover it up was a decent attempt. Using that foreign temperature checking technique almost had me."
"What gave it away?"
>"You did."
"I did?"
>"Yup, just now."
>aw naw
>no she didn't
>she tricked you
>that was something you usually do
>wait a minute
"You tricked me?"
>"You kids think you can weasel out so easily."
>she laughs
>"But I know why you tried."
>she stands up and stretches her back
>"It's my husband isn't it?"
"You've had this happen before, haven't you?"
>"Naw, I just know. Maggy is very strict on boys dating our daughter and because of that, she hasn't learned much about being in love."
>"Oh right ahaha, that's what I call him sometimes. His real name is Magnum."
>suddenly you felt like if he ever did find out you'd know why his name is Magnum..
>you shudder
>"I want to ask you something, do you love Rarity?"
>your eyes open wide with surprise
"Uh, y-yes. I really like her."
>she raises an eyebrow
>What is it you like about her?"
>you pause to think
"Well, she is beautiful and kind. Not to mention she's really fun to talk with and she's been very helpful. She's a little weird but that just adds to her charm."
>she laughs
"...what did I say?"
>"Hoo! That was some corny stuff!"
>she continues laughing until it settles down
>she sighs
>"But I can tell you are being honest."
>she smiles
>"Tell ya what, I'll let you date my daughter. I'll handle Maggy and hopefully he will accept."
"You'd do that for me?"
>she nods
"But why?"
>"Rarity isn't getting younger. She needs to know what's it's like to be in love. She's had the usual crush like every kid but I want to see her in an actual relationship. One that's beyond appearances. You get what I'm saying?"
"Yeah, I do."
Based Writefriend
"You want her to become an adult."
>she raises an eyebrow
>"Excuse me?"
>oh crap
"I-I mean see her grow up! Gain knowledge on how a relationship works!"
>"That's what I thought you said."
>you sigh of relief
>that was close...
>"Listen, I also want to apologize for what my daughter did to you."
"Oh no, it wasn't her fault. It was just an unfortunate event."
>"Still, your body would've been really hurt and we'd probably have to pay for the lawsuits and medical bills."
"So what are you gonna do?"
>she gets close and whispers in your ear
>"I'll help you prepare for your date with Rarity."
"WHA?! How did you-?!"
>she covers your mouth and points at the calendar on her wall
>you can see she circled Saturday with the words 'Date with Anon'
>you wonder how the mother knows and not the father
>"Oh and by the way, Maggy is on a business trip in case you ask. He'll come home on Sunday."
>well that answers that at least..
That's about it for today sadly

I've been real busy with school and work
bumpitty bump
>milf rape
>Anon's a virgin
>Rarity's mother wants the bestfor her daughter
>her husband isn't home
>you don't have to worry about the father breathing down your neck during the date
>at least for now
>"By the way, why don't you stay over for tonight?"
"A-are you sure?"
>"Yeah, it's nice to have a fresh face around the house every once in a while. Though you won't be sleeping in her room, I can allow you date her but anything further is restricted. If you do, let's just say.. you won't be seeing Rarity for a long time."
>she grabs you by the collar and pulls you face to face
>"You got that?"
"Y-yes, ma'am.."
Now she's gonna teach him tongue
File: prepuranus.png (256 KB, 341x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thats exactly what i talking about, pal
>file name
>prep uranus
Uranus is a prepper confirmed
good man
>mom suddenly pulls you in closer for a deep make out session
you must be a virgin
>dammit you are
ill teach you something new
>meanwhile rara and swell bell listen closely from door as they herr teh secks
why is mom crying
thats not crying sweetie
bumpfags never deserve repeating digits
TS, get your French little butt back in here
>she lets go of you and pats your head
>okay then, mother is just as scary as the father..
>a bit more accepting but still scary
>and you haven't even met said father yet
>she walks to the door and opens it
>"He's all yours." she said, "Sweetie, why don't you come with me?"
>Aww, okay." said Sweetie Belle
>Sweetie holds her mother's hand and they walk out of the hallway
>Rarity comes in and sits on the chair
>"I heard everything." she said
"Everything as in?"
>"Mother accepting our relationship, if I had to summarize. Not to mention that you will be staying over for the night to recover from.. the incident."
>you chuckle
"Don't make it sound like something serious. It's just minor back pain. I'm sure it'll feel better by tomorrow."
>she looks down but you can tell she is smiling
>you slowly move yourself out of the bed but Rarity stops you
>"D-don't move. You're still recovering."
"But how can I move to the guest bedroom?"
>"Y-you don't have to. You can stay here and I'll.. sleep with you tonight."
>hold on
>calm down
>you cover your face, trying to get a hold of yourself
>there is no way she actually means she wants anything sexual
>she probably means she wants to sleep NEXT to you
>yeah that's it
>you hear the door close
>you move your hands out to see Rarity undressed
>the lacy bra and thong are in clear view
>her body is shining from the moonlight
>her eyes are had a soft look
>you can tell she wants to be with you
>calm down bro
>remember what her mother said
>nothing sexual
>think of someth-
>"How do I look?" she asks
>quick find something to say
>you take a real good look
>you eyes open wide at the image
>her smooth clear skin
>shining hair
>glistening eyes
>soft lips
>she smiles
>she walks to you
>oh man
>she leans over to you
>her arm..
>reaches over you
>grabs some clothes
>she starts wearing them
>they are pajamas
>"There we go." she says with a smile
>dear lord that was a major tease..
>you feel like you just got serious cockblock
>Rarity uncovers the bed and lies down on it
>she scoots next to you and hugs you
>though the hug feels awkward since you were sitting up
>you lie down and face towards her
>she looks at you
>you can tell she's really happy
>she moves closer and nuzzles her head on your chest
>"I'm really glad I partnered with you." she says
"...Me too."
>you had a warm feeling inside
>though you just remembered something
>weren't you two supposed to finish the project today?
>well you still have tomorrow
>for now, time to rest
>you hold on to Rarity as you drift to sleep

[CHANGE to Rarity's Mom aka Betty]
>it got real silent upstairs
>you assume Rarity wants to go to bed with him
>at least it's nothing sexual
>at least you hope so
>but if you did you'd probably be hearing certain sounds Sweetie shouldn't hear
>its interesting
>the way Rarity was talking about him earlier makes it look like she really wanted him
>it was.. pretty passionate
>you only hope she knows the difference between love and lust
>you head up the stairs and headed to Rarity's room
>you knock softly
>no answer
>you open the door
>at least it wasn't locked
>you quietly walk to the bed and see Anon and Rarity holding each other as they sleep
>aw heck
>a little cuddling doesn't hurt
>you quietly walk out of the room and close the door
>you think Rarity chose a pretty nice guy
>you just hope Rarity won't be heartbroken along the way
>you walk back downstairs to see Sweetie Belle asleep on the couch
>you sigh
>a mother's work is never done
"Sleep" time with Rarity
wink wink nudge nudge
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File: 1410154096628.gif (474 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great story.
Will this be continued?
it must be continued
bump for punk
I need some green. This is the first fic i've ever read here and I need more.

Yes i'm a newfag
Bump for that flashy pale rump.
>>you move your hands out to see Rarity undressed
>>the lacy bra and thong are in clear view
>>her body is shining from the moonlight
>>her eyes are had a soft look
>>you can tell she wants to be with you
I cértàînly ápprèciâté this thrêâd
[Change to Anon]
>you wake up
>you see Rarity's face which almost surprised you
>you get a good look at her sleeping face
>she looks so cute
>you move your eyes and look out the window
>it's morning
>better get up
>you sit up and check your back
>oh nice, no more back pain
>you see Rarity still sleeping as you quietly get off the bed
>you felt a little wobbly on your legs
>no surprise since you were in bed more than 12 hours..
>you managed to regain your balance and headed to the door
>but first
>you turn to Rarity who is still sleeping
>you should go home..
>but you probably should stay for Rarity's sake
>if you just left, she'd be all worried
>or maybe even sad you left her
>you decide to stay
>you head out of the room and into the hallway
>you walk around the house
>you stop at the kitchen
>no one seems to be here at the moment
>you open the fridge and notice a few items
>you decide to make breakfast for Rarity and her family
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