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Lemon Zest is dancing to her rock music paying...
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Lemon Zest is dancing to her rock music paying little attention to her surroundings. Her erratic hip movements combined with her short skirt are causing her underwear to be revealed. At least they would be if she had underwear.

You are the only person who has seen her, but the bell will soon ring and flood the halls with students. If she keeps dancing like that, the entire school willl see her vagina and the menstrual pad peeking out of it.

What do?
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Nothing. I don't care, I silently leave the school behind, walk through the portal in front of the building, kicking the mirror into shards behind me and never looking back.
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I knock on her back door
>no panties
>menstrual pad

I dont think that works
Do you really expect anyone here to have ebough experience with an actual live female to know that?
Wearing a skirt with no panties isn't something you fail to notice, so assume she's some kind of exhibitionist and move on with my day.
>underwear to be revealed
>the entire school willl see her vagina and the menstrual pad
Anon it's one or the other, unless you mean all of those at once for another story prompt.
Is she Jonesing for it?
>no panties
>menstrual pad
Anon, you should probably go ask your mom how these things work.
Alright a tampon then. I'm not an expert in menstrual hardware.
This might be the worst prompt I've ever seen...

I'm going to assume Anon meant like, the string from her tampon. I guess.
Well you would think people would apply a little common sense. Do they think menstrual pads have glue or something? They know girls have pubic hair, right?

You really should research this stuff before you make writefag prompts about it.
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>menstrual pad peeking out of vagina.

You've never had a girlfriend have you?
You don't glue those on the vagina Anon
Prompt is kill - Post cute Lemon Zest.
I'd love to be her pad.
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nigga you dumb
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How about omega zest or somehting
They seldom have pubes in the kind of porn Anons watch, so they might well be unware of exactly how fuzzy a girl can be.
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Every Lemon Zest thread that tries to take off just falls flat on its face in the end. There just simply isn't enough content for any potential contributors to work with.
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zest pigtails.png
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"Oi, Zest you dozy bint, your jam raggie's showing!"
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Oh yes.jpg
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>Run into your locker
>Close it
>Come back out wearing crazy clothing
>Make sure it shows your chest
>Take out your special phone
>Point it at her headphones
>Music obtained
>Press play
>Shit, this ain't rock music
>Fuck it, you can still dance to it
>As soon as the bell rings, you run right up to her and start dancing
>You feel the beat of the song move your hips
>Your hips are moving on their own
>Lemon Zest sees the music within you and starts to not give a shit again
>The both of you dance without a care in the world
>The school stops in their tracks as they notice the two of you dancing up a storm
>Such incredible fury within your steps causes unforeseen circumstances
>As the two of you show your feet of fury, your clothes cannot handle the passion in your hearts
>The more swift movements you make, your clothes begin to fall off
>Lemon Zest's buttons on her uniform give way, letting her breasts become free
>Your own wardrobe beings to fall to the ground, because 80's costumes were never stable to begin with
>Right as the climax of the song hits, the two of you start dancing in synchronization
>The same movements
>The same passion in your bodies
>The same clothing falling off due to a poorly thought out idea
>Soon enough, the only things you're wearing is your pants, and Lemon Zest still has that skirt on
>Soon enough, the song ends abruptly
>The two of you pose like you're in a japanese anime
>You've gained two things that day
>The friendship and possible love interest of a hot girl with an awesome personality
>And enough detention to keep you in school until the end of days
>Totally worth it

There, you got a story
I need a drink

I'm laughing at how hard /mlp/ doesn't know how the real world works.
Scramble to record a quick video on my normIphone, and leave before anyone catches me doing such.
>Gentle tap on the shoulder
"Lemmy, psssst!"
>"Oh hi anon! Dance with me!"
>Before you can say anything she places her headphones on your head
>The sound of tibetan bells mixed to distorted monkey voices blasts into your eardrums, as her hands gently squeeze your cheeks
>The sight of her cute happy face, so near yours, makes you forget the pain
>For no more than a second
>Then you begin to feel as if somebody had placed molten lead into your ears
>you remove the headphones and place them on the desk, while she keeps dancing around
>You have lost too much time, the rest of the class will be here soon
>So you decide to act, ignoring the pain
>You try to reach her, but something doesn't work properly
>Your ear are too dizzy to allow you to walk straight, so you trip
>Right when she was facing you
>You desperately grasp for something to hold on to, but only find hair.
>Then, in a desperate attempt, you try placing one hand in front of you, and one right behind her
>So, to soften your and her fall.
>It doesn't work
>Outside, some students are about to enter the room
>They hear a thundering crash, so they rush in
>"Hey, what's going o-"
>All they can see are you two
>Lemmy is lying on the ground, under you
>Her skirt pull over
>Her legs spread open
>No panties
>You are standing over her
>Right between
>Your left hand on her breasts
>The right one on her ass
>And your zip is opened, since you forgot to fix it, this morning
>"...guys, what the fuck...just get a room!"
"L-LEMMY, I-I..."
>She smiles
>"...oh, anon, you could have asked..."
"Zest, you forgot your panties"
There, done.
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Dude, you still there?
I'd like some more green with my Lemon.
I'm here, but I'd stop at that: it would pretty much be To-Love-Ru Darkness: Equestria Girls version.
File: 1452554478333.jpg (46 KB, 600x919) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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never watched that, but I demand more!
Menstrual pad without underwear? How does that even work? Wouldn't it just fall off?
can't promise you anything, I'm kinda in the middle of another thing right now.

Anyway, just in case, have fun
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Thread images: 14
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