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Pineapple Archive:
>The sound of Neighponese and shitty music fills your ears
>You can only be in one place…
>Sighing as you know what you’re about to deal with you take a second to enjoy just a little bit more time having unmolested eyes
>Well… you’ve got to talk to him either way, better you he doesn’t go looking for you
>Turning the corner into the familiar living room you’re confronted with a near seizure inducing array of flashing lights coming from the TV, some diamond dog with robotic arms fighting that bat mare
>Nearby Shade sits on the couch, glued to the screen as he leans forward, taking bites out of a bowl of cereal in his lap while he wears some kind of house robe
>He honestly looks max comfy
“Let me get this straight. You stay up all night watching anime, and then you fall asleep… only to watch anime?”
>The bat pony’s ears swivel in your direction, head soon following
>He excitedly addresses you, little flecks of chewed cereal flying out of his mouth as he yaps
>”Gar! Come on in, you’re just in time for the season finale!”
Welp, nothing's getting done for another half hour.

Dream up some comfy pajamas and a hoofheld gaming system to pass the time.
Briefly look at the TV to remind ourselves how much we hate the show before scoffing and returning to our game.
you wouldn't happen to know anything about the stallion we dropped off at the hospital do you?
I see res has loaded the billy cannon
It must be a unicorn full body sleepsuit
Nothing we say or do will seperate Shade from his neighponese shows. So we might as well strap in on the condition that we get some cereal.
I need this
Full body Gar jammies pls
with mango pattern
Craft pls
>Your eyes flick back to the TV screen, the bat doing some backflips or something
>Why are all the characters in this show just shades of blues and reds? Could the producers not afford other colors or something?
>Pushing that thought out of your mind you look back to the eagerly awaiting Shade, mentally sighing
>Whelp, looks like nothing’s getting done for another hour, because you know that there’s no way in hell that you’ll drag Shade away from his show
>Might as well get comfy
>Trotting around the couch you plop down on it, taking a second to get comfortable
>Hm… you know what else would make this comfy?
>A poof can be heard as you dream up a pair of warm one piece pajamas, complete with a custom mango pattern design
>Stretching, you feel the fabric on all your hoovsies, the soft material tickling them
>Peering back to Shade the bat takes another bite of the cereal, munching away
“Hey, what cereal is that?”
>”It’s Mango Munch!”
>He takes another bite, chewing a bit before going on
>”You wan’ sum?”
“Well, what kind of guest would I be if I rejected such a generous offer?”
>Your host puts his food down, grabbing the box with a wing and holding it out as he pours you a bowl, handing it to you soon afterwards
>As he immediately returns to his show you sniff it a couple times, taking a bite
“Damn this stuff is good”
>”I know right? It has real artificial mangoes!”
>Getting another spoonful you enjoy your late night dream snack
>Although the mango cereal was enough to distract you from the god awful show, as soon as you finish the last bite the terrible electro music fills your ears once more
>Peering over Shade is still totally enamored, practically drooling whenever his way-foo or whatever comes on screen
>Honestly you don’t think he’s blinked in the last ten minutes
>Using your unicorn intellect you swiftly remedy this low point in your life you dream up a hoofheld gaming system
>Crap, looks like it just comes with some racing game…
>Oh well, maybe you can run over stupid bats for bonus points
>Getting to it you race along the streets, trying to stay focused, although some particularly loud or annoying moments cause you to look at the show
>Looks like that freak with the hand instead a hoof if going to jail… again
>Scoffing at this plebian trash, you return to your patrician hoof held entertainment, time ticking away
>”Game over yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!”
“That’s bullshit!”
>You through the game behind you in a fit, pouting
>Freaking game cheated
>”Damn, did you see that Gar?! Can you believe it?!”
>Looking to the TV you find credits rolling, the bat pony next to you absolutely losing his mind
No, I can't believe it at all.
I guess? ask shade the ending to neck suckers.
Yeah what an ending. Hopefully you wont have to wait too long for the next season. :^)
Too bad the studio's doing a series about touching butts next.
“Uh… yeah what an ending. I can’t believe it at all”
>Shade becomes a blur as he jumps off the couch, running to the TV
>Grabbing it he furiously shakes it back and forth, screeching as his wings rustle and flap in annoyance behind him
“Sh-shade, calm down! It’s just a show!”
>”How could they do this, how could they ship her with that guard?! I HAVE MORE CHARACTERIZATION IN MY EAR TUFTS THAN HE HAS IN HIS ENTIRE BODY!”
>All you can do is sink back into the couch in fright, peering at the raging bat in silent fear
>”It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”
>Holy hell he’s gone fucking insane
>Nervously looking around you desperately seek a way out of this
>But the sound of Shade galloping out of the room grabs your attention, his tail sweeping around the corner as he disappears
>Hoof steps pepper the stairs, the muffled screams of your friend diffusing from upstairs as he rustles around with something up there
>You remain frozen with terror as he sound of him running back down the stairs becomes obvious
>Turning to look back in the doorway, you can’t even accurately describe what you see
>Shade leaps through the air with his wings extended, launching himself at the TV
>With a sword in his hooves
>Ducking you feel the wind rush over you as he soars over the couch, the sound of glass shattering and metal crunching soon following
>Forcing yourself to look to find Shade hacking away at his now shredded TV set, shrapnel flying this way and that with each chop of the sword
>With another swing a tremendous cracking sound hits your ears, the TV being cleaved in half
>After a moment, the two sides slowly lean forward, falling onto the floor
>Shade merely stands there up on his hind hooves, panting heavily
do you feel better?
"Guess you got c'ucked pretty hard there shade"
I don't think you need to censor cuck anymore, anon.
Can't you just find a new waifu? How about that bitch with the hand?
I know it hurts Shade but maybe you can find a new waifu? You have Floral now after all.
Be sure to call him a cuck, but also tell him that his waifu was a slut anyway and he should go find a better one.
He has a sword, anon.
We could have a sword too, it's a dream afterall.
Hug the bat.
Worst that happens is he stabs us and we wake up rather than have to deal with him weebing out.
>You will never comfort a trembling Shade in your arms
>You will never tell him you can be his waifu for the night
Muh heart
Gar is a superior waifu.
>You continue to sit there, watching as his chest heaves, nostrils flaring with every breath
“… Feeling ok now?”
“It’s alright Shade, sometimes being cucked is unavoidable”
>He doesn’t respond, staring silently at the wall where he TV formerly was as he heaves
>Standing up you figure that it’s up to you to cheer up your friend
“Hey, come on now, it’s not the end of the world”
>”They took her from me”
“But can’t we just find you a new waifu?”
>”New… waifu…?”
“Yeah, you know, like a different one!”
>He finally drops back down on all four hooves, turning slowly in your direction
>One of his orange eyes twitches
>”You just can’t get a NEW waifu Gar”
“Why? Is it a rule somewhere?”
>”You just CAN’T!”
>The bat’s ears droop, face falling in dismay
>Oh boy. He’s taking it harder than you thought
“Heyyyy, come on. You didn’t need her anyway. What about Floral? You still have her!”
“I’m sorry what?”
>”Nothing. You’re right Gar, maybe I overreacted a little”
>You cast you gaze back to the destroyed television, a couple sparks cracking out of the cut wires
“…Maybe just a little. But hey, I’m here for you and that’s what matters”
>Trotting up closer you wrap your hooves around him, giving the bat a friendly hug
>Unsure at first, Shade eventually places a hoof around you returning it
>”Thanks Gar. It’s just that it hurt so much”
“I know, but it’s time to move on”
>”I mean, why? Why did it have to happen?”
>His voice steadily rises
>”It’s still not fair! They showed no prior affection to each other and… and… and they had to give her to some god damn PINHEAD!”
>You gasp, taking a step back
>Shade stands there with wide eyes, his batana clanging on the floor as he drops it
>In a flash a hoof shoots up to his mouth, eyes still filled with shock
>”I, I didn’t m-mean…”
Hug the bat. Be the waifu he needs right now.
whale whale whale. look who's hurling derogatory slurs now. time for you to be a unicorn again.
Look very hurt, then hug him again saying you understand he's just angry.

change the topic by asking him about the guy we shot or if the police have started pressuring his operation. He and his boys have been knocking off street dealers behind the scenes for awhile, the police have to have noticed by now. ask if the police have connected our victim to shades spree.
Tear up just a little bit.
"It's okay shade, I can help you through this. You don't have to be a racist you can change!"
Time for guilt!
>That moment when Shade briefly turned into Kylo Ren throwing a shitfit
>He didn’t…
>His face is still one of pure guilt, eyes a mixture of embarrassment and begging for forgiveness
>Holy shit he actually did! This is too good
>”Playing it up you stand there, lips quivering, somehow drawing a tear from your eye
>Gar, I-“
>He doesn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as you wrap him in another hug, Shade nuzzling into your shoulder
>”I’m sorry…”
“I know. You were just angry. I know you don’t actually think that”
>”It doesn’t make up for what I said”
>Squeezing him a little tighter you develop a shit eating grin unbeknownst to the regretful bat
"It's okay shade, I can help you through this”
“You don't have to be a racist, you can change! Maybe being a unicorn for a few hours a day would help you gain some perspective"
>His expression goes neutral, his body backing out of the hug
>”Alright funny guy”
>Shade walks back to the couch, taking a deep breath as he finally calms down
“So uh, on to another topic, how’s the guy I shot?”
>”Well, from what I gathered he’s going to be ok. Still pretty messed up and is going to need a lot of time to heal, but he won’t die”
>A wave of relieve rushes over you
>”But your little stunt now has the police digging a little deeper into our operation, specifically over finding bat Gar”
Good luck, he doesn't exist most of the time and we communicate in dreams that thus far have only been intercepted by a couple angry gypsys.
I've noticed. My boss even asked if I knew him.

I'm not apologizing for not killing a pony.
It'll blow over. They have nothing but a bat that's been spotted stealing mangos and bringing in a shot pony.
>and we communicate in dreams that thus far have only been intercepted by a couple angry gypsys.
...Might want to start being worried about the chance of official intervention.
Hopefully that ability is as rare as Shade claims.
It would be awful if bat Gar were still around, then. Maybe you should lift the curse.
“Yeah, I’ve noticed. Even my boss asked me at work, said the cops dropped off some footage since I robbed the store earlier”
>”For real?”
“Yeah. But we shouldn’t really too much about that, right? I mean bat Gar is only around for a few hours a night”
>”You’ve got a point. But still, be careful out there”
“Oh relax, all the police know is that there’s a mango thief who may have shot a pony”
>”…Who looks exactly like you”
“Well good luck convicting me for looking like a bat, there’s no other proof. And the only communication we usually have is talking through dreams which only a couple of crazy gypsies have dropped in on so far”
>”I know Gar, but the police can be sly. Don’t answer anything out of the ordinary, because that might be all they need to suspect”
“Well why don’t we just get rid of bat Gar all together. You know, lift the curse?”
>”No can do Gar. Besides, soon you’ll be rid of your bat form forever”
“Is that so?”
>”I think it’s nearly time, the big shots are getting concerned over what we’re doing. Soon enough, I think we’ll be finishing what I started, and then you’ll be free”
Always at the best parts.
"More like I'm gonna get killed..."
Pretty sure Shade weebing out and chopping his TV in half over an anime was the best part
How much time do you think we'll have to wait shade?
File: 1452373134721.png (328 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The squirrel, such a noble creature
batty bat bat
Batty bat bait
>Batcancer memes CYOA
I hope there's an epilogue at the end.
>Baltimare is in flames
>Shade never got over losing his waifu and commits sudoku
>Ast gets hypnotized by nightlight's ass, becomes a lesbo and leaves Gar for nightlight
>Gar crawls back to his parents house to tell them how much he fucked up and to beg to let him live with them right as his bro comes back from saving Equestria.
I hope that hype is going ok.
>All you had to do was save ONE city and you even managed to mess that up. Your brother managed to save ALL of Equestria AND got a girlfriend
at least we were in the paper once and the picture was popular for awhile?
>tfw you realize Shade's "house robe" was probably a kimono
Goddamn it Shade.
“More like get me killed”
>”Hey, you made it this far. You’ll be fine, I promise”
“And if I’m not?”
>”How would you know? Can’t remember me promising that if you die”
“God damn it Shade I’m being serious”
>”My point still stands, you’ll be fine”
“Well how much longer do you think we’ll have to wait for this to go down?”
>”Not exactly sure, but word about this last guy we knocked off should be reaching them soon. But either way, it won’t be long, trust me”
>You roll your eyes at his reassurance, causing him to give you a tooth grin
>”You think you’d learn to trust me by now”
“All I’ve gotten out of trusting you is a scar on my side”
>”And more wealth than you’ve ever had, don’t forget that”
“Well… ok the money and stuff is kind of cool”
>”I know it is. But you got anything for me before I dream up a new TV and a personally edited Commandeer finale ending?”
Don't think so.
are you going to ask floral to dress like your waifu?
>Floral comes in wearing a bandanna to work
“So, I don’t know if this is too personal, but are you going to make floral dress like your waifu from the show?”
“I mean I’m not judging bu-“
>”Ok buddy, time for you to leave”
>You don’t even get the courtesy of leaving through the front door as the bat swiftly picks you up and tosses you through the window, glass shattering everywhere
>Nearly jumping out of your bed, you grab hold of yourself, calming down
>God damn weeb
>Looking over to your clock it’s nearly time to get up
>Figuring that you might as well get the day started to roll out of bed, walking into the hallway
>You still feel a bit groggy, head not feeling all there as you struggle with your post alcohol haze
>Making it to the living room you fins Rocker on the couch laying on his stomach, both hooves clucking the top of his head
>”Ohhh… what happened last night?”
We got really drunk and ate a ton of mangoes.
We had a good time, that's what happened. You ate some more of my mangos man. Let's shower and then eat.
No homo, right bro?
what do you think?
the answer is no.
You got me to hook you up on a date with Nightlight.
no we didn't.
>He's already made Floral dress up like Tara.
He doesn't have to know that. I just want to see how he takes it.
“We had a good time, I’ll tell you that”
>He slowly sits up, groaning a little more as his eyes adjust to the light
>Pausing, he leans his muzzle down to his chest, sniffing a couple times
>”Why do I smell like fruit, dude?”
“We kinda ate a ton of mangoes”
>”Aw seriously? Gross”
“Dude don’t give me that, you totally loved them”
>He sticks his tongue out briefly
>”I don’t know why you keep that bat food around here”
“It’s good, but think what you want to”
>Finally getting on his hooves a little uneasily at first, he starts to walk to the bathroom
>”You don’t mind if I shower first do you? My fur it all caked for some reason”
“Must be all that mango juice”
>”Seriously, how much of that did I eat?”
“A shit ton dude, I found you buried in my crate it a coma”
>He nervously scuffs the ground with his hoof
>”W-well… Maybe they weren’t THAT bad”
>He takes a second to lick his snout, eyes glazing over for a second from the taste of dried juice
“See? I knew you’d come round”
>”Yeah, laugh it up Gar. Did we do anything else besides eat fruit and get wasted?”
“Well… sort of”
>”What’s that?”
“I uh, kind of set you up on a date with Nightlight…”
>His cheeks immediately flush pink, ears folding backwards
gotcha. now go shower
Don't worry about it buddy, a little liquid courage was all you needed to push through, but i believe in you, you can do this.
“Don't worry about it buddy, a little liquid courage was all you needed to push through”
>”A-are you saying that it was ME who asked HER out?”
“Yup! But don’t worry, I know that you can do this!”
>”Gar, I-“
“Now go on and shower, you stink”
“Shower time!”
>You use magic to open the door behind him, giving your friend a gentle push into the bathroom before slamming the door shut
>Guess it’s time to make breakfast
>As the sound of the now turned on shower hits your ears you trot on into the kitchen, searching around for anything edible
>You really got to look into buying some of that Mango Munch…
>After some scouring you sit at your table, idly chomping away at some steamed grains
>It doesn’t taste good, but it’s packed with valuable nutrients that make sure that managers such as yourself have a well-balanced breakfast
>Taking another bite you notice something out of the corner of your eye in the doorway
>The tip of Rocker’s horn slowly pokes around it, followed by the rest of his nervous looking face
>”S-shower’s all yours”
Don't worry, I'm loaning you my horn skub, so you'll look in top shape.
Help yourself to some breakfast. You wanna walk to work with me or do you have places to be?
“Well come on in, help yourself to some breakfast”
>He finally trots on in, taking a seat while sporting a fluffed up coat
“So, you want to walk to work with me or you got places to be?”
>He looks up from his grains, taking a moment to swallow
>”I’ll walk with you, I don’t have to be anywhere”
>Rocker takes another bite of his meal, blehing afterwards
>”Gar, do you maybe mind if I could have a m-mango?”
“Sure, take you pick while I get cleaned up
>Standing up you head off to take a shower
“Oh, and u don’t worry, you can borrow my horn skub”
>”I-I didn’t use any!”
>Laughing at his response you head into your bathroom, the shower head still dripping
>On the counter you spy your jar of skub, the id just barely undone
>Yeah, didn’t use any your plot
>30 minutes later you and your friend trot side by side, making a byline for Ponemart
>Besides awkwardly stuffing some mangoes in his bag before leaving, Rocker’s been surprisingly removed this morning
“Hey buddy, everything ok?”
>”Yeah, it’s just… I don’t know”
“Come on, what’s bothering you?”
>”W-well… did that ba- I mean, Nightlight really want to go out with me?”
How do I trip?
Well, I may have overstated it a little bit.
You tried to ask her out but ended up talking to a dial tone. I'm sure if you actually asked, she'd be more than happy to meet up with you.
No, I pranked you bro.
File: 1451914186725.jpg (59 KB, 720x827) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 720x827
“I just pranked you bro, haha”
>His ear flops down, eye cast towards the sidewalk before going silent
“Uh, well ok I didn’t actually. You did try to ask her out last night while you were wasted”
>He immediately perks back up, eyeing you intently
>”Did… did I really?”
“Actually, I may have overstated it a little bit”
>”How so?”
“You kind of tried to ask her out, but ended up talking to a dial tone”
>”… Did the dial tone say yes?”
>You smirk, Rocker laughing at his own stupid joke
“No, it didn’t want to go on a date with you. But you didn’t really ask Nightlight”
>”I see”
“But on the other hoof, I'm sure if you actually asked, she'd be more than happy to meet up with you”
>”O-oh well, I don’t, ok maybe I… might do that”
>He nervously grins, looking like he’s about to start sweating
“I just have to ask though, why the sudden change in attitude?”
>”Well, you got me thinking last night. If mangoes are that good, maybe I haven’t given certain… ponies a fair chance”
“What do you mean?”
>”I-I mean, maybe all bats aren’t… bad? It couldn’t hurt to have a bat friend. B-BUT JUST ONE!”
>He’s definitely sweating now, fumbling awkwardly with his words
>”A-and you said that Nightlight is a really nice bat, and that she has a lot of mangoes, so I thought maybe I could… talk to her?”
>He gives you the most unsure grin you’ve ever seen, eyes filled with both hope and confusion
you don't want to be her friend just for the mangos right?
You can't just pretend to be her friend for mangoes, you'll have to actually give her a chance, yeah?
Yeah thinks get weird when you have more than one bat friend, trust me.
Ever been so desperate that you married someone for mangoes?
Mangoes+ass. What's not to like?
Both extremely edible
only the dankest
no dot pls
butt bump
“Now Rocker… You just don’t want to be her friend just because of the mangoes, right?”
>”N-no, don’t be ridiculous! Who would do such a thing?”
>The shaky smile he gives you doesn’t look reassuring
>”Oh alright, maybe the mangoes are an extra benefit”
“Dude, you just can’t go out with a mare to get to her fruits”
>He gives you another dejected look
“Rocker, you’ve got to make a decision. Do you want to meet her or not?”
>Your friend looks down at the sidewalk for a moment, thinking over your question internally
>”Yes… I think I do”
“And just not for the mangoes? You’ll actually give her as a pony a chance with an open mind?”
>”I will, I promise!”
“Absolutely sure?”
>”I’m sure… b-but just one bat friend, I swear I just want one!”
“I feel you, trust me I feel you. Things get weird when you get more than one”
>”What’s that supposed to mean?”
>”Well… you’re kind of good with relationship, so what exactly do I do? I kinda doubt that she’d actually want to give a stallion who stalked her a chance”
So what we're going to do is this.
I'll talk to her and we'll see if we can set up a time where the three of us can all hang out. Then I'll introduce you and stick around while you guys get acquainted.
he's not worried about what the rest of the guys will think or say? because that last one is pretty important. Anyway just apologize to her. tell her that i convinced you to change and then just be yourself. it's that easy.
Nightlight is a sucker for second chances, if you approach her to apologize for scaring her and just tell her the truth about how you were afraid you were losing a friend I'm sure she'll understand.

She's an editor who loves books and you're an archeologist, find common ground in that Daring Do stuff or in telling her about ancient pony stories or whatever.
Apologise, tell her you were watching because she was pretty, then I (Gar) got you to be less of a creeper and approach her like a normal pony.
“Ok, so here’s what we’re going to do”
>He leans expectedly as you both continue to trot
“Nightlight is a total sucker for second chances. I’m sure if you apologize for scarring her, she’ll forgive you”
>”I… don’t think that saying ‘sorry for stalking you repeatedly, are we cool now?’ is very convincing
“Well tell her the truth, tell her that you were afraid that you’d lose me as a friend. I’m sure she’ll understand”
>”Alright then, and after that?”
“Tell her that I convinced you to give some bats a chance, and then all you have to do from there is be yourself”
>”But being myself is why I tried to intimidate her to begin with”
“Ok well be yourself, but cut that part out. Listen, she’s a total book nerd, edits them for a job. You’re an archeologist. I’m sure that you two can find some overlap, maybe talk about Daring Do or something”
>”Dude those old things? They’re like a hundred years old”
“Well she’ll think that they’re classics, ok?”
>”I guess it’s worth a shot”
“That’s the spirit. But before you do any of that, let me just talk to her, ok? Warm her up to you a bit”
>”Gar, you’re the best”
“Thanks man… but I’ve got to know, aren’t you afraid of what the guys will think?”
>”Dude, how are they gonna know, we didn’t even know about you until the news story. Besides, it’s just one bat friend, that’s not TOO degenerate, right?”
It's a slippery slope, my friend.
How about you walking around the city with her and then they spot you? but you should be fine.
Exactly, it'll be fine.
>Rocker convinces all the rally guys that having one bat friend proves they're not racist and they'd be taken more seriously
>They gangbang her every night
>Her unicorn fetish makes her totally okay with it
Skub stock skyrockets
I bet it was Skub Corps plan all along. Sweet, sweet, skub...
>Her plush bat ass is perfect for cushioning their hardest hatefucks
>Her estrus rolls around and all the guys start up a betting pool on who will father her foal
>Eventually the group stops bothering to plan racist rallies and becomes solely dedicated to filling up their broodmare every night
>Implying a pack of feral stallions could even dent that heavenly ass
“It’s a slippery slope my friend…”
>He gives you a terrified look, gulping
>”I’ll, I’ll risk it. But Gar, if you ever find my sleeping upside down one night, please... just end me”
“I will Rocker, I will”
>”I knew I could count on you”
>You to continue onward in solemn silence, realizing the stakes at play
“But, I’m not sure if you have to worry about me ending you if the rest of the guys find out first”
>”I told you I’d be fine, I can hide a little degeneracy”
“What if they see you walking around town with her?”
>”Um, I guess I’ll hit her and act like I was assaulting her?”
>”O-okay, I won’t go that far. But I’ll be real careful, ok?”
“Alright. But remember, I’m trusting you with a good friend of mine. Don’t make me regret that”
>”You won’t regret this my friend”
>Finally reaching Ponemart you and Rocker say your goodbyes, promising to chat up Nightlight for him before he goes and trots off down the sidewalk
>Pushing the door open you see Ast and floral idly yapping away at the checkout, both stopping as you come up
>”Well, don’t you look bright today? What are you all happy about?”
>”He’s excited to meet my parents after work, duh! Right dear?”
You got it, hun.
"Absolutely!", while nervously sweating.
She called us 'dear'. That practically makes us married.
Can mares smell fear?
Floral can.
No matter what it is, you can't hide it from that winged temptress
>You give her the most convincing smile you can, all the while the vision of her father throwing you off a balcony plays in your head
>”Gar, are you sweating?”
“N-no? Maybe. Is it hot in here, sure feels hot!”
>You really hope that mares can’t smell fear
>Although the smug look on Floral’s face dashes your hope
>at least Ast just looks more confused than anything
>”O… kay? Well I’m glad that you’re so willing to meet them, a lot of stallions hate visiting parents for whatever reason”
“Can’t imagine why…”
>”Well, here’s what I figure. After work we both go back to our apartments, and get whatever we need. You meet me back at mine afterwards, and we’ll catch the bus out to the country, take us into the town they're in. You ok with that?”
Great, grand, wonderful
What other words can we say?
Sounds good.
Did we bring Rockers cheat sheat to work? We could borrow Florals fort to study it on our breaks.
anon, you're a genius
I was thinking about making a spin-off story based on Floral's ant farm, if it's okay with you, Res?
>Asking permission to make fan content.
“That sounds great to me. Anything in particular I should pack?”
>”Oh I don’t know, some toiletries, money, skub”
“Well, obviously. That’s a must”
>”Other than that, just whatever you want. Honestly shouldn’t need much, we’ll only be gone a night”
“Alrighty then, guess I’ll meet you at your place after work”
>”You better!”
>Wrapping up the conversation your marefriend trots off to go punch in for work, leaving you with Floral
>The pegasus stands up on the tip of her hooves, leaning in a bit as she gives you almost as smug a look as Shade could muster
>You’re starting to regret hooking them up, they’re just teaching eachother bad habits
>”So… what’s on your mind?”
“Uh, hi Floral. Not much”
>”Oh come now, I saw you sweating bullets”
“Ok fine, I’m scared of meeting Ast’s father. But it’s ok, because I’ve got some literature that I can study at work to relate to him!”
>”Aren’t you a smart colt?”
“I’d like to think so, but here’s the thing. I need an out of the way place to read and and get this stuff in my head, and, well, since you have the most secluded property in the store, I was wondering if, maybe… I could duck in there to study?”
>She looks off for a moment, deep in thought
>”Renting out property for free? I don’t know Gar, you’re my friend and all, but Floral’s clubhouse is an expensive venue. Got anything to offer in exchange?”
You follow you dreams anon, I'm not picky on how people use these characters
What sort of story could you write about a bunch of ants?
I'll wait to post after you're done for the night.
Though, I'd like some feedback now.
As shitty of a name as it is, I'd like to call it Ant-Mane.
you always drag me in there and now I have to pay now that I need to actually use it? want me to buy you a meal at a restaurant?
Remember that time you sold me out for red lobster? Well, if you let me in I'll stop remembering it.
File: 1441223436038.png (134 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 900x900
That fucking spaghetti noodle hoof around the toothpick sword.
File: 1432493434853.jpg (44 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 480x360
>mfw just seeing this for the first time
Blame pinkie pie.
“Woah, hang on. You drag m in there all the time against my will, and now I have to pay for it?”
>”Sorry, but those other times you were invited as a guest. In order to schedule a renting period for official business a fair and equitable transaction must be made”
>She’s joking right?
“Come on Floral, what do you want from me?”
>”Ehhhh, I dunno”
>She innocently sways back and forth, but her ravenous expression remains
>You consider almost buying her a meal, but then you remember something
“Hey, you remember that time a certain pony sold me confidentiality and peace of mind out for a dinner at Red Lobster?”
“Yeah, I thought so. Tell you what, let me rent it out and I’ll forget that it ever happened”
>She raises up a hoof to protest, but pauses, looking away slightly as she mumbles
>Peering back up you can see the slightly annoyed, defeated look in her eyes
>And seeing that in Floral is one of the most precious moments a pony can witness
>”Ok ok, fine. You can use my hide out, but I’m holding you liable for any damages that occur during the lease!”
Let's read!

Do our work til our break, then get to reading.
What could possibly go wrong?
Pausing here
>Daring Do or something”
>>”Dude those old things? They’re like a hundred years old”

Holy shit.
It's been a long time since I've namefagged, expect content in a bit.
Deepest lore.
reminder that the princesses are dead
>Groggily, your eyes open to the familiar sound.
>Without looking, your hoof hits the OFF button.
>Another day, another shift.
>At least, in about an hour and a half.
>Lazily rolling out of bed, you stretch, grunting as you do so.
>Trotting out of your bedroom, a warmly colored living room greets you.
>The only thing that the salespony said to describe the color was “average”.
>It seems about right, being tan and all.
>Moving towards the bathroom, you look at everything else.
>Or, the other thing that is.
>It’s a couch.
>That’s folds out into a bed!
>It would be useful if you ever had anyone come over.
>Entering the bathroom, you look at your toiletries
>Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo…
>Everything looks good.
>As you wash yourself down, you sing a tune.
“She’s my cherry pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise!”
>As you hum the rest, you think of your love life.
>As much as you’d love a mare for your own, you couldn’t support her.
>Every stallion knows how much mares love cash!
>Not that you’ve had one.
>After washing off the suds on your fur, you turn the shower off.
>Now for the best part!
>You stand in front of the foggy mirror and dry yourself off.
>When you’re done, you look in the mirror.
>A fluffy brown earth stallion with purple eyes stares back.
Please give some criticism, I haven't done this in about 2 years.
Go on, you'll get your criticism at the end
>Please give some criticism, I haven't done this in about 2 years.
I think dumping this in a pastebin might be a better idea.
This. Just write the whole thing and dump it in a paste then post it here
File: 1449430006409.png (553 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
553 KB, 900x900
Good idea
Expect something at some point.
...Uhh, why are you posting a story in the middle of a CYOA?
looking forward to it
Ralls did it with GS. Non-canon stories are fun.
He's putting it in a pastebin instead now. besides, little fan greentexts aren't uncommon in cyoa down time
I imagine Dusk will propose to Floral by ambushing her in an aisle and dragging her inside.
Actually negotiated successfully with Floral bump.
A true miracle
totally work
>Batmemes CYOA
Time to get on nightlight's wild ride.
I want to get on Nightlight's wild ass.
File: weeb.png (94 KB, 674x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 674x771
Shade's theme song
Reminder that this pone got on Gar's case for spilling spaghetti.

What the hell happened?
At least he hasn't flipped irl yet
>implying he hasn't already asked Floral to dress up like Tara.
How did the weeb Shade thing start anyway?
She basically is a pegasus version of Tara though
He told us a long time ago his favorite show was an anime. Then he came over to watch TV and put on an anime. Then he finally cracked
Oh right, Batu no Pico or whatever.
I would sensually rub the tip of Gar's horn with a block of billiard chalk.
ok buddy, you're going to have to come with us downtown
“Hey come on Floral, what could possibly go wrong?”
>”You could lower my property value, that’s what”
“You don’t eve- you know what, never mind. Thanks for hideout”
>”Well, hope you get some use out of it. Not if you’ll excuse me I have to restock the produce section”
“Yeah, I better get to work too”
>Clocking in, you figure that you can just work until your break, then sneak away do carry out your studies
>While it may not be smiled upon for a manager to slack on the job, your well-being may very well depend upon this. And with how effective your studying abilities were doing school, you’ve got quite the uphill battle
>Your day at Ponemart seems to be progressing smoothly enough, nothing out of the ordinary occurring
>Well, that is if you exclude you almost calling in a suspicious figure report on a cardboard stallion cut out that your boss must have installed this morning
>To be fair, it did look pretty suspicious, standing there against the wall in an attempt to advertise bar supplies
>As the clock ticks away and hits noon you undo your supply belt, placing it in your saddle bags for break
>Time to learn!
>Trotting into the paper towel section you withdraw the stack of papers Rocker gave you, preparing to jump into the shelf with them
>Until a green unicorn walks around the corner that is
>”Hey Gar, time for brea- Oh, what’s all that you got?”
A dindu nuffin!
“I dindu nuffin!”
>Whizzing around you attempt to move the papers slightly behind you so she can’t read them
>”Uh…. alright then”
>Your marefriend stands there awkwardly, head leaning slightly to the side as she attempts to determine what you’re trying to hide from her gaze
>”Sooo, what exactly do you have there?”
“Oh, it’s n-nothing”
>”Sure looks like something to me”
“It really isn’t you wouldn’t be interested anyway”
>Trying to give her a reassuring smile the look on her face indicates that it’s not as effective as it looks
>”Well, me and Floral are heading out for lunch. You want to come along?”
No thanks. You'll just eat something at the store.
No thanks. I think I'll stick around here and ring up a mango or two for lunch.
“No thanks, I’d rather just get something out of the store”
>”You sure?”
“What good is an employee discount if you don’t use bit. I’ll just grab a couple mangoes”
>”Well if that’s what you want, but I was hoping that you’d come along”
“I get to spend the whole night with you Ast, if you’re forgetting”
>”I guess that’s true… alright, well we’ll be back soon!”
>Waving her goodbye you wait until you hear the bell above the front door ring, the mares out of the way
>Stealthily moving aside the towels you crawl on in, hind hooves pushing off one of the bottom shelves to get up
>Closing the gap you sit down, surveying Floral’s ‘property’
>Looks like she left her bags in here, along with a couple of books and a pile of snacks
>Reaching over you snag a lantern that she left behind, switching it on
>Time to get down to business…
>One training montage later and you sit up, rubbing your eyes a bit
>Studying this crap is tedious, but you think you’ve finally got the rules and team positions down
>Ast’s dad will surely be impressed!
>”So, how goes the desperate ‘trying to impress the in law’s’ studying?”
>The pegasus emerges from the shadows of the end of the shelf, red eyes giving you a look over
>”What, so surprised? I thought that I’d just give me tenant a check in”
“Well, as you can see everything’s in order here”
>She swivels her head slowly, looking intently at her domain
>”Good, good… glad I don’t have to evict you”
>Scooting up beside you she nuzzles up her snout under your arm, head popping out to look at your papers
>”Looks like some deep stuff for poor Gar. Anything I can do to help you before you shove off to confront this guy?”
what can you tell me about ast's mom? What does she like? do you know if ast's dad hates anything?
“Well, I’m not sure how much you really know, but can you tell me anything more about Ast’s mom?”
>”Uh, I didn’t really catch too much about her, but she’s a real sweetie, you’ll like her”
“Liking her isn’t really going to save my hide Floral”
>”Don’t get snippy with me, mister. But I do remember when her dad would be giving stallions death stares when they looked over at Ast, she’d tell him to calm down. If you get in a tight spot I’m sure she’ll help bail you out”
>It’s reassuring to at least know that one parent isn’t going to actively throw you out a window
“Alright, well going back to Ast’s dad. Can you think of anything that he hates?”
>”Besides ponies checking out his daughter? Let me think…”
>Floral hums to herself a bit, eyes looking upwards
>”You know, going off of some quick stories he was telling us, I feel like he’s got a real pet peeve against lying. Dude seems like he can see right through a pony, and that’s coming from me. Sorry I couldn’t tell you much though. But hey, I know a dashing stallion like you will do fine!”
“Y-yeah… fine…”
>”Oh don’t feel so hopeless. I’m sure you’ll be in one piece come Monday!”
>With that, she climbs on out of the shelf, leaving you to your work
>Speaking of work, it almost felt as though it wasn’t there, your shift coming to a close before you even know it
>Ast left the store slightly before you did, saying she had to take care of the cat and pack her luggage before you came over
>Finally making your way into your hallway, luggage is the only thing on your mind when you open up the door, shutting it behind you as you trot on in
>Moving into the living room you spy the breezies snacking on a mango, excitedly waving to you
>”Geez Gar, you look pale… well, more pale than usual”
>”Yeah, what gives? You see a ghost?”
Girlfriend's making me visit her parents.
No but we're worried about becoming one. Make sure we don't have the lube or the book in our saddle bag because my paranoia says he's going to look through our stuff.

Bring some bits and our toothbrush and toothpaste. Bring and use skub! Make sure we don't have that paper detailing plays either. We'll be fine if we're as vague as possible with difficult questions.
>can see through lies

What if he's an Apple?
Don't be silly, they don't exist in the future
“No… but I’m worried about becoming one”
>”What’s wrong Gar? You owe a pony money? Because I’ll take care of him for you”
>Stagle jumps up on his hind hooves, adopting a stance as he shadowboxes
“That won’t be necessary. I’m actually visiting my marefriend’s parents”
>”Awww, isn’t that sweet?”
>Stagle looks up to you with a sorrow filled, understanding look that only two guys can share
“Uh, yeah Kessy. Real sweet”
>”Well I hope you impress them. If you need someone to vouch for you just call us!”
“I hope it doesn’t come to me beginning a breezie to vouch for me to my marefriends father. But I’ve got to get packed, so you two just… go back to eating your mango or something”
>Trotting off, you hit up the closet first, withdrawing your suitcase
>Popping it open, you put some travel money inside from your saddle bags, making sure there’s enough for a couple days
>Rummaging through your bags you also make sure it’s clear of anything embarrassing, like lube
>But what you have trouble removing from them the most is the hoofball papers
>You really wish you could take them if you get in a tight spot, but you feel like he’s the kind of pony to snoop through your bags, and you don’t want him finding such a thing
>In the bathroom you get only the esstentials; a toothbrush, and skub
>Well, and skub lite too, just in case you need that quality shine for a casual setting
>Looking through what you’ve packed again, you ponder, thinking if you should grab or do anything else before leaving
We got all the essentials that I can think of. I guess we can bring some mangos to give to asts parents as gifts.
Tell the breezies to give you a hug.
We got absolutely no-where we can hide the gun, huh? Damn
Apologie that we've really been neglecting them and ask if they want us to run out and get them something real fast.
That's okay. The gun we have isn't the same gun we shot the pony with.
I'm more worried about some shit going down.
Like at Ast's parent's house?
Someone's gotta suggest the paranoid option.
Should we bring the gun? you think they'd care?
Don't bring the gun. Especially since it would be illegal.
We don't need the gun.
>You entertain thoughts of brining your gun for a quick second, considering how you’re probably wanted dead by several gangs by now
>But then you imagine the consequences you would face if the gun didn’t sit well with Ast’s dad, and any drug gang’s torture immediately seems like the merciful option
>But maybe you could bring something for her parents to get on their good side right off the bat?
>Digging through your fruit crate you fish out the biggest, ripest, freshest mangoes that you can find
>Oh man, they’ve GOT to love these babies!
>Tucking them snugly into your bag, you call out to the breezies
“Alright you two, I’m heading out”
“Well come here, give Gar a hug!”
>They both buzz up as quickly as they can, hitting you at high velocity in the chest tuft as they nuzzle into you
>”Gar, why do you always have to leave?”
“Look guys, I just lead a … hectic life. Trust me, I’d love to stay around here, but sometimes things come up”
>Their little ears flop down in dismay
“I know you’re upset, and I’m sorry. I don’t mean to neglect you guys, I promise”
>”We know Gar, you’re a bust pony…”
“But maybe I can make it up to you? You guys want me to run out real quick and get you something?”
>The breezies peer to each other quickly, adopting an innocent look
>”Well… we were watching TV earlier, a-and there’s a new Brickos set out”
>”Yeah! It’s a battleship with real Bricko firing canons!”
Our life only became this hectic recently.
If we can get it quickly then let's get it. If not then let's say that we'll come back with it if it's not too expensive.
at least they have their old brickos and chariot.
Fuck it, we just got a ton of cash from that last job with Shade.

If it's not too much, we could grab it.
I would ask how much but we're doing very well on the bits side of things. Consider it done! Then let them come with us to get some fresh air.
Would Ast's like to see all those gems we got? her butt mark does have to do with them after all
alright, lets get it.

Lets also remember to call Hype tomorrow and make sure he's set up something with Raven before she sleep harasses us again.
>Damn, that sounds kind of expensive
“And you’re sure that’s what you really want?”
>”Oh yes, you should have seen the commercial! We NEED it!”
>They peer up to you with hopeful eyes, huge grins plastered across their faces
>Well, you have been raking in plenty of bits from Shade’s excursions. You still haven’t counted the haul from last night, but you know that you at least got a few thousand in just straight cash
>Sighing, you roll your eyes playfully
“Alright, consider it done!”
“Yes really. And come on, hop inside my saddle bags. You two deserve some fresh air too”
>They buzz off of your chest, squeezing and excitedly chatting as you walk out the door before diving into the bags at your sides
>Good thing there’s a place with a decent enough toy department not too far from your home, them should have it in stock
>Not long later you’re walking into the store, the pony at the counter calling over to you
>”Hey there son, need any help looking for something?”
“Sure do, you got any Bricko sets?”
>”Aisle 7 in the back”
“Cool, I’ll give it a look”
>Trotting on back you can feel them fidgeting in excitement in your bag, even catching the faintest giggles between hooves steps
>Let’s see… battleship….battleship…
>”Oh Gar! There it is!”
>Looking down you see their little head poking out from the flap, hoof pointing to a shelf
>Oh there it i-
“100 bits?!”
>”Gar please, it’s like 2 feet long, and the canons work!”
>”Yeah, we wont ask you for anything else ever again, promise!”
I'm pretty sure that's what you said about the chariot.

Nope, if you want this, you're gonna have to do something for me in return, so let's hear what you got.
aren't you guys leaving like next week? We don't need or want this.
How about the normal battleship that costs less than half as much?
You guys already can make cannons with toothpicks and rubber bands, why do you need a special thing that costs a whole bunch extra?
You better take this home with you.
“I’m pretty sure that’s what you said about the chariot”
>”But I thought you said this was a gift for always leaving us behind?”
>Well, she’s got you there
“Well, I did say that I would get you a gift, but this is pretty expensive”
>”We know, but… it’s really cool”
“Well how about this one?”
>You point to a set right below it
“This looks like a fine battleship, and it’s half the cost”
>”But it doesn’t have all the cool features”
“But do you really need the set with all the special accessories? Why, you could make the canons work on this one with toothpicks and rubber bands, I’ve seen you do it before”
>”I mean, I guess we could...”
“I don’t see why you’d want this anyway though. You guys have got to go home next week, and I can’t use it”
>”Well, w-we thought maybe… you could hold onto it for us? A-and maybe when we come back, we would visit the apartment and play with you…”
They're being so precious lately. Fine. Let's get it.
buy it for them and then surprise them every summer with a new bricko set.
>Soon our apartment is nothing but brickos
Battleships are pretty kick ass, at least they didn't want some faggy aircraft carrier
CAs are where it's at, honestly.
They don't even know about my Des Moines.
bump from 10
fast board
CA a shit
Say that to my AA rating of 88 that can be doubled at the push of a button.
And my 9 207 mm guns that each fire 10 rounds a minute
File: 1433856288563.jpg (87 KB, 850x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 850x430
Arsenal ships > Battleships > Carriers
Cruisers> everything
File: 1450767266354.jpg (144 KB, 640x507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 640x507
Reminder that Shade accidentally taught Floral how to invade dreams.
think she'll jerk us off with her feather again?
pretty sure that was just a one time occurrence.
>implying she didn't trade Shade dream walking magic for dressing up like Tara
board is getting raided by /b/
>They think they can just emotionally manipulate you?
>Well, they were right
>Giving them a soft smile you watch their expressions turn to excitement, knowing the you’ve given in
“Alright, we can get the one you wanted”
>”Thanks Gar!”
“Alright, alright settle down. Don’t want ponies spotting you”
>As you pull the Brickos set off of the toy rack the tuck back down into your bag, still excitedly babbling away
>Carrying to the checkout you reluctantly fork over the 100 bits, the sales pony rubbing his hooves together as you walk away
>Reaching the apartment in short time to place the set on the coffee table, Kessy and Stagle flying out of your bag and immediately landing on it, oogling at the box art
>”Oh wow! Look at the canons on this thing!”
>”Dang, it even has the little winches to lower life boat!”
>”We’ll rule the waves with this baby!”
>You smirk at their sperging, waiting for them to finish, both managing to pull themselves away from the box for a moment
>”Gar, we just want you to know that we love you”
>”Yeah, and have fun on your trip, we’ll keep the place in tip top shape!”
You'd better, cause I'm keeping the receipt.
That's captain Gar to you. We'll be back as soon as we can.
and we love you too.
How will the Breezies get it out of the box?
Individual brickos are light. They have to put it together.
One day the breezies are going to wall us off in our own home with brikos like in the cask of amontillado.
>Gar, we've got some mangoes in the basement we'd like you to try, knowing that you're an expert and all
This thread got dark kinda fast.
File: gar frog 1172016.png (126 KB, 800x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gar frog 1172016.png
126 KB, 800x636
>cask of the garrito
“That’s captain Gar to you. And you better, because I’m keeping the receipt”
>”Trust us, you won’t regret this!”
“I’m sure I won’t Stagle. But you two need anything else before I leave?”
>”Hmmm… nah, I think we’re fine”
>”This battleship is all we’ll ever need anyway”
“Alrighty then. You two stay out of trouble, I’ll see you tomorrow. Hopefully”
>With that you shut and lock the door, the breezies dashing to open their new present as you do
>Heading down the city streets with your suitcase at your side you try to speed along, the trip to the store cut into your time
>At this rate it might be dark by the time you get to her parent’s house
>Aside from the usual bat pony street corner protest, nothing much got in your way
>At least fewer of them are asking for your autograph recently. Although that stupid picture of you and Nightlight is still all over their signs
>Making your way onto Ast’s street and trotting along at an appreciable pace to her apartment you knock on the door, the sounds of hoof steps inside
>Soon, she opens up
>”Gar! I’ve been waiting for you mister, get your flank inside!”
>Best not provoke the lady
>The door is shut behind you as your tiny tail clears it, Ast walking in after you as you make for the living room
>”You all packed and ready to go? Sure you’ve got everything?”
Think so. Let's go.
Got everything I thought I needed.
Ast's dad is going to be pissed by our lack of punctuality.
Apparently he's the Meet the Parents dad, so all we have to do is be honest, right?
>I appreciate your honest. Now I'll have a slight regret killing you
“Got everything that I thought I needed. Now come on, let’s get going”
>”Woah, hold up there!”
>”I have to go get a shower”
“Wh-what? You’re asking me if I’m ready to go and you aren’t?”
>Ok, at least if Ast’s dad has a problem with you showing up late you can pawn it off on her
“Well, alright I guess. I’ll wait here”
>Plopping onto the couch you place your bags down
>”Alrighty, be out soon, promise!”
>Yeah right, mares always take forever in the bathroom
>Kicking back and placing your hind hooves on the small coffee table, you get comfy, the sound of water running hits your ears, the rip of the shower curtain being pulled back soon following
>Guess you have time to rest a little, god knows she’ll be doing her mane for half an hour
>The room progressively becomes darker, your eyelid’s falling
>You crack open your eyes
“Wh-what the fuck?”
>Looking down a very pissed cat stands on your extended legs, tail puffed up and back arched
Good thing we can just levitate it into another room and then shut the door.
>The cat merely responds with another hiss, its soft paw pressing onto your leg as he takes another step
“Morry, come on now. It’s me, Gar. Ast likes me, so you should like me”
>A low growl is your response, malice in his slit eyes
>Ok, no big deal. You can just do what you did last time and levitate him into another room
>Lighting up your horn the cat is encompassed in a blue glow
>And promptly sinks his claws into your leg
>Jumping up you buck and kick, desperately trying to detach the feline from your leg
>But his claws hold fast, cat firmly tucked into place with all paws sticking into you
“Ow ow ow ooooow”!
>As you jump around like a wounded animal you have the urge to buck him in the face
>But you know that Ast would fucking kill you
>Leaping again in pain in an attempt to shake him off you accidentally run into a potted plant, falling face first into the ground
>The cat goes skittering off into the kitchen, leaving you behind
>As you lay there you look back at your legs, neat little red dots showing through the fur, a couple drops of blood leaking out
>Dumbass cat
>Just then the bathroom door opens, steam puffing out of it
>”G-gar? Is everything ok out here?”
you accidentally stepped on morry and he attacked you.
Morry just assaulted me.
“Morry just assualted me!”
>”What? My little Morry? That doesn’t sound like him at all!”
>It is now obvious that if it goes down you your word vs the cat, the cat will win every time
“O-ok… I accidentally stepped on him and he attacked me. But he ran beneath me! Look!”
>You raise your leg, showing her the claw marks
>”Oh no! Are you ok?”
>She come running over, a concerned look on her face
“Well, I guess I’m fine now, but I… uh…”
>Ast goes galloping by past you, scooping up the gray cat in her hooves
>”Oh Morry, you aren’t hurt are you? It’s ok, momma’s here!”
>As you watch her examine every inch of the cat an epiphany washes over you
>That you will always come second to the cat
>Furry bastard
>After a minute of stressing over and coddling the cat she eventually puts him down gently, the feline running off once more
>”Gee, I’m sorry Gar. You must have startled him is all, he’s usually so loving”
“Oh it’s no big deal, really. I understand”
>Understand that Morry is a fucking douche
>Although he only started to act this wat towards you when you became cursed, so he’s probably just acting violent to the bat he senses in you
>… Maybe he isn’t so bad after all?
>”But, I’m all dried off and packed. You ready to get out of here?”
“Yeah, I suppose”
>Getting onto your hooves you cringe a bit as you put weight onto your leg, but it doesn’t feel so bad after a couple steps
>Gathering your gear, and of course helping her to carry hers, you set out for the bus stop
>30 minutes later and you’re rolling down the road, exiting Baltimare, watching as the sun begins to be eclipsed by the sky scrapers in the distance
>Beside you Ast looks at a magazine, seeming to not really be interested in it
>Everything from ponies, to bats, to even a couple griffons and a diamond dog occupy their seats quietly enough, a few having quiet conversations, other looking silently out the windows as the roads rolls along
If Ast's not interested in her magazine, let's get her to talk about her family instead.
ask about the house you're going to. how many rooms does it have? where will we be staying? will we get to see her room?
>Glancing back over the Ast you observe her flip another page, lightly skimmed through it before flipping another
>Doesn’t look like she’s very paying much attention to it. Might as well get her talking about what youre to encounter
>Stealthily sliding a hoof behind her head, you let it down, tcking it snugly bhind her shoulder
>Folding the magazine up she places it in her lap
>”Someone’s feeling a little touchy, eh?”
“You didn’t seem that interested in that thing, figured I’d save you from it and grace you with my presence”
>”Is that a matter of fact? Oh my mom is going to think that you’re the most adorable thing”
“Well hey, speaking about your parents, what’s their house like?”
>”Um, it’s a little bit out in the woods, but not too far out of town. Kind of based off a country design for that old rustic cabin look, but it’s definitely modern”
“How many rooms is it?”
>”Uh, I don’t know, maybe like 12 or something? It’s three stories, not a bad size”
>Sounds homely enough
“Know where I’ll be staying?”
>”Um, well there’s a guest bedroom, b-but I’ll talk to them and maybe see if you could stay in mine with me”
I won't be too upset if I can't. I'll just stay where they put me.
That'd be great but dont pressure for it if they say no, we have many nights to spend together in our future.
even if we're not together maybe we can be in close rooms.
Sounds pretty country. I'm still putting money that he's an Apple.
“Well don’t pressure for it if they say no, I won’t be too upset about it”
>”Are you sure?”
“Yeah, if they don’t want me in there with you there’s no need fighting for it. Besides, we’ll have plenty of nights alone together~”
>She gasps a bit as you rub her back with your hoof
>”W-well, I guess you’re right. I’d prefer if we could sleep together, but knowing daddy he probably won’t allow it”
“Well hey, maybe we could have rooms close to each other?”
>”The guest room is down the hall from mine, so they’re not too close”
“Oh. Well hey, it’s just a night, you know?”
>”Yeah. But we’ll have a fun time, I know we will”
“Sounds like it. House sounds pretty country to me”
>”Oh I suppose so, but my parents aren’t really country ponies, honest”
I'm sure it'll be okay.

What do your parents do for work, again?
Stopping here for tonight
If we can't sleep in Ast's room as Gar, we can do it as bat Gar, right?
Definitely not.
>tfw just decide to tack on this on a weekend trip Friday.
>On thread 8 right now after two days
>Damn those are some long ass threads
>17 motherfucking threads left.

Well, that's a long ride, kudos to OP to be dedicated and thorough.
It's getting up there. 340,000 words isn't really a quick read.
And that's using the quickread, I prefer to open the archive threads and read them raw (plus it's easier to store on phone to read offline)

Owell, hopefully see you all next week in the active thread.
have fun m8.
Don't let your memes be dreams.
They work at the saw mill
Bat Gar does what he wants
Reminder that this was supposed to be a "short" quest
>Go to sleep in guestroom
>Wake up in Ast's room
>Dad kills us
>Eyes on the prize
I want to slowly slip an ice cube into Gar's ponut.
It's shorter! There are two whole quests longer than it.
Ok buddy you've gone too far
Not for long
If this quest passes Persona, I'll be very surprised.
>You hope so. You don’t want to have to deal with odd accents and the possibility of being held at gunpoint until your married Ast
“Well I’m sure that it will be ok, parent’s love me!”
>The memory of being thrown out of your prom date’s home resurfaces
“You know it”
>”Well that’s a relief. And even if you weren’t they’re very sweet ponies, they’ll warm up to you”
“You know, I don’t you ever told me what our parents did for a living”
>”Oh? Well my mother mostly gives dancing lessons in town. It honestly isn’t too much, but my father makes more than enough”
“What’s he do?”
>”Well he used to be in the Royal Guard, but now he’s an engineer at some dam on the river. Can’t tell you exactly what he does, he used to just tell me that he makes sure the water flows the way it should”
How long was he a royal guard? What kind of dance does your mother teach? Sounds like his job is like ours. Making sure everything is in it's place. Heh.
Sit and do nothing, waiting for something to happen that requires our attention.
Have you fags ever been near woman? If she's talking it is guaranteed to require our attention no mater how stupid it is
I was more referring to how nothing is happening and I'm very ready to move on.
“Heh, sounds like my job, making sure everything is in place”
>”Uh, I think it might just be a little different than watching shoplifters”
“Ok maybe a little. But how long was he in the guard for?”
>”He got out right before I was born, said he wanted to devote time to the family instead of being shipped around everywhere”
“Well that was nice of him”
>”Yeah, my mom was pretty thankful for that”
“Speaking of your mother, is there any particular dance that she teaches?”
>”Oh she does just about everything! Always tried to teach me dances, but I wasn’t really interested as a filly”
“Shame. But we’ll just have to get you to learn how to give lap dances one day”
>The bus moves on methodically for the next couple hours, the lights of the city disappearing long ago, smaller towns and fields becoming the dominate scenery
>As the sun recedes lower and lower into the sky, a deep orange hue is cast upon the land as you pull into a small looking town, Ast informing you that this is the stop
>Grabbing your luggage you follow her out, only a griffon stepping out after you at the stop
>’Welcome to Pikeston. Population: 907’
“So uh, where now?”
>”There a road that leads to it, it’s only like a mile”
>She points to a neglected looking road down a ways, snaking off into the forest
“Wait, we’re walking down a forest road? Alone? At dusk?”
>”Oh don’t be a foal, I used to trot to town from home down it all the time!”
“If you says so…”
>Ast quickly takes the lead, you speeding up a bit to trot by her side, going off down the winding, quiet road
>It honestly doesn’t take too long to find your destination, Ast taking you down a private drive a little ways down the road, a large cabin-esque home coming into view, a few lit windows contrasting with the growing darkness as the sun final starts to go below the horizon
>Stepping up to it you note home homely, yet modern in is, it even has a nice looking garage off to the side for chariots
>Ast proceeds to knock on the door, waiting next to your side with a huge smile as hoof steps approach
>Quickly a lock is heard, and the wooden door is flung open
>Ast throws herself into the hooves of the yellow unicorn mare, both of them embracing in a tight hug as the squeal greetings to each other
>Finally looking up the mare stares at you with her violet eyes, a pleasant little grin forming on her muzzle
>”Oh and who do we have here? Is this the stallion I’ve heard so much about?”
Offer a hoof.

Hello, Gar Iceon, nice to meet you.
Only good things I hope. Ast never told me how lovely her mother was.
“Only good things I hope. Gar Iceon, nice to meet you”
>Extending a hoof she takes it, giving it a good shake as Ast slips out of her hug
>”Well it’s nice to meet you Gar. I’m Hoof Tap, Ast’s mother”
“You know, I never recall her saying that she had such a lovely mother”
>”Oh you’re such a flatterer. Is he always like this dear?”
>”Only when he’s in a tight spot mom”
>”Typical stallion then huh? Well don’t just stand there you two, come on in!”
>Hoof Tap turns, her short purple tail swishing as she does
>Following inside as the door is shut you take a moment to look at your surroundings
>From what you can see it mimics the country cabin feel on the inside, the walls, railings, and stair case off to the side looking like they’re made of sturdy, polished logs
>Along the wall are old timey looking paintings, one of a water mill, another of some deer, stuff like that
>But although the design is supposed to mirror old fashioned ways, Ast wasn’t kidding about it being modern
>High quality light fixtures illuminate the entry way, giving the whole place a warm, welcoming atmosphere
>”Where’s daddy?”
>”Oh he should be in the den. You two can run in there and say hi, I’ve got to go grab something real quick”
>”Alright mom. Come on Gar, let’s go see him!”
>She happily bounds off into the home, you following along cautiously
>Alright Gar, no need to worry. Fathers are protective of their daughters, that doesn’t mean that they’re mean
>Soon Ast stops in a doorway, excitedly flagging you over
>Hurrying up you turn the corner, looking into the room with a nervous smile
>The den houses several comfy looking pieces of furniture, some large windows giving a view of the outside forest
>A fir crackles in the fireplace, a large, impressive stone chimney raising up to the high ceiling
>But the smokey black coated stallion sitting in the chair across the room is the focus of your gaze
>His deep blue eyes peer at you out of his black coat, giving a neutral expression
>”Daddy, I’d like you to meet my coltfriend!”
>”… Great.”
Nice to meet you and thank you for inviting us.
Nice to meet you Sir, Ast has told me all about your lovely family.

If he extends a hoof, firmly grasp it and do a short shake. Don't try to be strong because he's an urf and we're never going to impress him, so just shake with confidence.
>You wait a second, hoping for him to say something else
>But he remains sitting, silently watching you
“Nice to meet you sir, thank you for inviting us. Ast here has told me all about your lovely family”
>Even as you address him his expression doesn’t change, continuing to sit for a second
>After a moment he finally stands up, walking methodically towards you
>As he approaches you can feel the floor creak with every step, just now realizing that this guy has at least a head of height over you
>Floral wasn’t kidding when she said he was huge
>Stopping in front of Ast and you, he pauses for a moment, eyes giving you a top down look
>But then his large hoof rises, extending out to you
>Raising yours you grasp the rough hoof, giving it a firm shake
>Usually you’d put a little force into it for a good first impression, but being a large earth pony, you know that you won’t impresses him, and will probably end up injured trying
>Making sure to give him a confident look the entire time you slowly let go, placing your hoof back on the ground
>Her father continues to tower over you quietly, your composure starting to strain a little as you can subconsciously feel him judge you
>”My name is Conduit. How are you, Gar is it?”
Trip pls
Correct. You're feeling happy you're not on a bus anymore and you can relax.
Happy to be here. I've heard a lot about, an ex-guard with a love for hoofball that took up a job at the hydrodam to care for his family. I hope I can live up to those standards one day.
Gar Iceon. Pleased to meet you.
Nice home ya got. Guess there's plenty of privacy out here. That's good. Don't really get that in the city.
“Correct, Gar Iceon. Happy to be here”
>”Why’s that?”
“U-uh, well it was a long bus trip. Feels good to be able to relax”
>Looking past him slightly you peer at the dark forest through the window
“Nice home you’ve got here, must be plenty of privacy. Don’t really get that in the city”
>”It certainly is nice out here, you’ve got that right. I tried to convince Ast here that it was better to stay in Pikeston, but she wanted to see the big city I suppose”
>”Oh come dad, it’s great in Baltimare, you’d appreciate if you gave it a chance”
>”Cities just aren’t my thing dear, you know that”
>He raises a hoof, lovingly ruffing up her mane a bit as you see the first genuine smile on his muzzle since you’ve been here
>But it quickly fades as he turns back to you
>”So, I’m assuming Ast has told you a little about me?”
“She certainly has. I’ve heard a lot about an ex-guard with a love for hoofball who up a job at the hydrodam to care for his family”
>He raises an eyebrow, but his stone cold neutral expression doesn’t change
“I hope I can live up to those standards one day”
>Your eyes become acquainted with his chest as he leans forward slowly, forcing you to peer upwards as he glares back down
>”Well Gar, I certainly hope so”
>His muzzle gets as does his voice
>”I certainly do…”
>”Daddy, stop it! You’re scaring him”
>Ast quickly wraps her hooves around you, giving her father a putting look of slight annoyance
>”Oh I’m sure he knows that I mean no harm, right Gar?"
Yeah, course I know that.
Living in the neighborhood I do, trust me, I know when someone means harm.
Yeah you've been pretty hospitable. Can we see more of the house?
He just wants the best for you, Ast.
“Of course. Living in the neighborhood I’m in, you know when a pony means harm”
>”Live in a rough patch, do you?”
“I guess you could say that. But I know my way around. You’ve actually been pretty hospitable so far”
>Conduit begins to lean back, no longer bearing over you so heavily
>Ast removes her hooves in response, giving you an uneasy little apology smile
>”I’m sorry Gar, sometimes dad can be a little… overbearing”
“It’s alright, really. I know that he just wants the best for you”
>Her father continues to watch you with a wary eye, peering over to his daughter for a moment before returning to you
“Well, I’m glad that we were able to get introduced sir”
>You all stand there for a brief second, waiting for anypony to say something
“So… mind if I see more of the home?”
>”Of course, I’ll take you around. Anywhere you’d like to see in particular?”
It's your home, anything you'd like to show me is fine by me.
do you have an entertainment room?
I know you consider Adam Sandler the pinnacle of comedy, but what are your thoughts on Ben Stiller?
We can also ask if he can show us where we'll be staying.
let's find out where the bathroom is!
I think introductions went pretty well, all things considered.
>These introductions are just in our unconscious mind, Ast's dad knocked us out
We've been beaten up by everything else in this universe, you can't tell me we're not foing to be knocked down/out by the biggest Erf we've met so far.
I bet he'll force us down and show Ast what a real stallion is like.
We should have married Floral
in a way it's a good thing he doesn't feel like talking to us.
house exploring is always fun.
House exploding is more fun
“It’s your home, anything you’d like to show me is fine by me”
>”Come on, there’s got to be somewhere you want to see”
“Uh… you an entertainment room?”
>”Sure do. But it’s only for me”
>You shoot a questioning glance over to Ast, but she merely rolls her eyes
“Well then, I guess show me where I’ll be staying?”
>”That I can do. Ast why don’t you run along and go help your mother. I’ll take care of Gar here”
>”Alright dad”
>She trots off, disappearing back into the entryway before turning into another room
>”Come on, it’s upstairs”
>Following him he leads to down the hall, trotting up to the next level
>Although it curves around and heads up to the third story he gets off here, beckoning you to follow
>The second floor has much the same warm, homely atmosphere as the first, rustic pictures and various décor hanging on the walls
>Trotting on down to the end of the hallway he opens up door, flicking on a light in the room behind as you move by his side
>”This here is the guest room”
>It’s a plainly furnished room, complete with a wooden framed queen sized bed with a dream catcher above it, along with an antique looking desk and a painting of an old looking water mill
>Through the window you can see the shimmering of the stars above the forest canopy
>"It aint much, but from what Ast is told me you're not too picky about living conditions"
Wish my bedroom looked half this good.

Discreetly look for roosting places. We need to use Garrito as a last resort.
It has everything we need. Thank you conduit.
“Wish my bed room looked half this good”
>Taking a couple of steps inside you really are shocked that he called it ‘not much’. This looks like it could have come straight out of a hotel
>Wonder if the bathroom has those little scented soaps that you always steal but never use?
“Well, looks like it has everything I need. Thank you Conduit”
>”It’s not a problem. Hell, it’s probably been years since anypony has used this room, so just go ahead and make yourself at home”
>Dropping your luggage you begin to discreetly look over the room, searching for anything that can be used as a nice roosting area
>The curtain bar looks sturdy enough, so that’s a maybe
>Shifting your gaze you spy the room’s closet. Maybe you can rest in there? It’ll be out of the way
>Anything that avoids the Garrito again
>”Gar, are you… looking for something?”
>Turning slightly you find Ast’s dad still hanging in the door way, giving you a curious look
you were inspecting the room. that's true
Sometimes I sleepwalk, making sure there's nothing I can break if I do.
don't mention the sleep walking, it's just going to lead to more questions. the less we say and do around him the better.
Like what? Plenty of people sleepwalk
what do you do when you sleep walk?
have you seen a doctor about it?
how long has this been going on?
would you like me to spend the night with you so that you don't hurt yourself?
does ast know?
maybe you're possessed by a demon?
let's take you to an exorcist i know.
and in pony land those last two are actual possibilities.
It's also technically true which gets around his apparent lie detection passive.
Sure, go with this.
>>what do you do when you sleep walk?
It depends, at home I usually stay in my room but the few times i've stayed away from home I've been known to wander a bit.

>have you seen a doctor about it?
No. Most of the people i've talked to about it don't think its much of an issue.

>how long has this been going on?
few weeks since i've realized it was happening.

>would you like me to spend the night with you so that you don't hurt yourself?
No need, that's never happened.

>does ast know?
I think so? Although I can't recall outright saying it, I believe i've told her i've been having restless sleep. It hasn't really come up often with her since we live separately right now.

>maybe you're possessed by a demon?
>let's take you to an exorcist i know.
Already tried that with a gypspy griffon. It was... interesting, but not productive. I don't think i'm actually possessed.
>I sleepwalk sometimes
>Oh, you're possessed, let's take you to an exorcist
yeah that should cover everything.
are you forgetting we're talking to the guy that beat up a colt singing outside ast's window? we don't know what leaps of logic he'll make. also we're in PONY land where that's a possibility. He was a royal guard so of course he knows about spooky shit.
I also just realized that he might know a guy that's actually magically inclined and can scan us instead of a griffin brute who drinks too much.
Pen a gud boi
Possibly, but the dream stuff and curses don't seem to be traditional unicorn magic since nobody even believed it was possible. I think it might just be a gypsy hex thing that exists separately from what a scan would detect.

Didn't we get a full physical on the therapists recommendation after all?

on the other hand, Raven, a unicorn, seems to be the strongest practitioner of this mojo yet, that might not be because she's a unicorn but we don't know that.
Reminder that he's a big efr
Just because there was nothing physically wrong with us doesn't mean there isn't something "magically" wrong with us.

I'm not going to pretend I understand or know how this hypothetical scan would work but what if we stand in front of a device and then there's a black spot right on our horn or we drink a potion that shows our aura and there's a "stain" on it?

or maybe our magic isn't flowing "correctly"? I'm just saying he might know a guy and he'll might want to test us because he heard about a "muwai" or something causing sleep walking.
Anon, hold up a second.

You're arguing that we shouldn't say "I sleepwalk," because he might make the gigantic leap of logic that we're possessed by a fucking ghost and go and get us magically scanned.
“Oh just, you know. Inspecting the room”
>”For what?”
“Uh, well you see, sometimes I sleepwalk, so I’m just making sure that there’s nothing in here that I could break on accident”
>He takes a step into the room, giving you a flat look as he speaks with just the smallest hint of curiosity
>”You sleepwalk?”
“Yeah. Not every night, just sometimes”
>“And what exactly do you do during this?”
“Oh, not usually much. At home I just kind of crawl around the room. Other times I’ve wandered around a bit”
>He leans in a little closer, making sure to look you in the eye
>”Well you listen here, if all that’s true, you best lock the door. The dog might not take too kindly to a stranger roaming the house at night?”
>”The mastiff is out back, we bring him inside to sleep. I don’t think you want to meet him while sleepwalking, understand?”
>”Good. But you go on and get unpacked. We’ll be downstairs if you need us”
>He gives one last long look, eyes straining to peer at you even as he turns his head
>But soon his large frame follows and he trots down the hallway, disappearing from view as his hoof steps down the stairs are heard
we're spending the entire time in this room. We couldn't even handle ast's cat.
m-maybe dogs like bats?
Get unpacked.

Fold clothes neatly.
Those pit bulls at the beginning of the story say otherwise
i'm not sure it's a "bat" thing but a curse thing.
then again we never heard how murray was with bats. just that he used to like us.
File: 1401746687191.jpg (40 KB, 535x577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 535x577
>The kitty used to like us
>Thanks to Shade we've lost our feline friend
>…Guess you’re stacking securely locked in this room the entire night
>Trotting over to your suitcase you pop it open, taking out the clothes that you packed to be folded
>And by clothes you mean your singular tie
>But you’ll be damned it this tie isn’t properly folded and stored
>Sticking out your tongue in concentration you carefully fold over the red tie, making sure that it’s all lined by before pulling out an empty dresser drawer
>Neatly nestling in inside you shut it, dusting your hooves off at a job well done
>Turning your attention back to your luggage you proceed to empty the rest out, storing the money in the desk and toiletries on the dresser
>Finshing up you take a step out of the doorway, perking up a ear
>The faint sound of a sink running and dishes clanging reaches you
rejoin everyone downstairs. Find Ast.
>Might as well rejoin them, not much more you can do
>Well, besides exploring, but you feel like walking around unattended would lead to you getting beat into a pulp
>Finding your way to the stair case you trot on down it, stopping for a moment to home in on the sounds before resuming your hunt for Ast
>Weaving through a hallway the clanging of pots and dishes becomes stronger, your ears zeroing in on an open door, light pouring into the hallway from it
>Peering around the corner you find yourself looking into a decent sized kitchen, complete with grantie counters and pristine cabinets
>What sounds like a bowl being mixed draws you to look a little further into the room, finding Ast standing on her hind legs working away dutifully, and apron tied around her
>Hoof Tap opens up the oven on the other side of the roof, sporting an apron as well
>”Mom, do you know if we have any- oh, when did you sneak in here Gar?”
“Oh just a second ago”
>”Well you’re just in time. What dessert do you want for tonight?”
fruit pizza.
Do you have chocolate pudding?
a cupcake with vanilla frosting on it. And lightly sprinkled.
ice cream maybe?
“Uh, got any chocolate pudding?”
>Her mother turns around, giving you a soft smile
>”Oh come now Gar, we can whip up something more impressive than that”
“Well… you got any fruit?”
>”Of course we do! What’s on your mind?”
“Maybe a fruit pizza?”
>”That should be no problem dear. I’ll get right on that”
>She places a pan on the counter, opening up a cabinet to search for something
>”Ast dear, why don’t you go spend some time with your coltfriend?”
>”You sure?”
>”Tonight is about you two, it’s not fair for you to be cooped up cooking dinner. Now go on, you two have fun”
>Ast quickly unties her apron, hanging it up on a rack on the wall before trotting over
>Brushing her tail along your side as she passes she looks back with bright eyes and a cheery voice
>”So, what do you wanna do? I can show you my dad’s office, or introduce you to the dog? Maybe take you to my room?”
Ast's room.
death/death/delayed death

Ast's room it is.
>father beat up colt for singing outside Asts window
>let's go in her room

Hell no

Let's meet the dog. See if he hates us right out of the gate.
ast is a grown mare who can make her own decisions and if she wants to kiss us it's fine. also we're not going to just start making out with her. we'll just talk and relax and talk about what we think so far.
maybe get her to tell us some stories of whatever is in her room
>For some reason the idea of walking into her jacked father’s office and meeting a dog probably the size of you doesn’t appeal
>Guess there’s only one other option
“Lead the way to your room!”
>As you say that you sense movement out of the corner of your eye, looking over to find Conduit’s head peering from around a doorway
>Slowly it disappears, but not before shooting you a final glare
“I-I mean, taking a quick look at your room would be nice”
>”Alrighty, follow me!”
>You nervously look back down the hallway as you follow her, keeping an eye out for her dad
>The stairs clip under your hooves as you run up them, Ast leading you down the opposite way that you turned to get to the guest room
>Stopping at a regular wooden door she creaks it open, flicking on the light
>Stepping inside you find a pink room with a white ceiling, complete with a decent sized bed, huge heart design on the blanket spread across it
>Honestly could serve as a basis for any young mare’s bedroom
>”W-well, here it is!”
It's really cute.
Say, "ew, it's all filly-like" in a joking manner.
Reminds me of your apartment.
i wanna jump forward and land on the bed
Getting the bed to bounce while her father is still in the house is inadvisable.
Should have met the doggie
Good point
wonder what happened to the anon writing the pastebin?
pastebin of what?
Just some green about floral I think
there's nothing wrong with jumping on a bed anon. Let him come in here and try to accuse us of anything.
>You were swiftly eliminated via erf poni strength due to your sassy mouth
>Continue from last checkpoint? Y/N
Loading checkpoint: Pen's Bar
Goddamn it. This is why we have to remember to manually save.
>Ast jumping on her bed while wearing rainboots and yelling Celestia's name.
If we want Ast's dad to think we're having sex with Ast without actually having sex with her, that'll do it.
Fact: In the entire quest none of the princess have ever been mentioned, and Canterlot has been referred to only in passing once
"talk about Daring Do or something”
>”Dude those old things? They’re like a hundred years old”
“Ew, it’s all filly like and stuff”
>A hoof pushes you on the side
>”Well, that’s the point!”
>Ttotting inside you stand on some purpleish rug, peering this way and that
“Reminds me of your apartment… but it’s cute”
>”Well thank you. I modeled the apartment bedroom after it, try to keep things how I like them”
>Moving over to the mirror mounted above the dresser you find various pictures of Ast as a filly, some with her parents, random ponies that you assume are friends, and other with cats
>Over to the side is a small bookcase that you didn’t notice before, although there’s only a few books on it
>”So, this is where I used to live. Any questions before the tour begins?”
can't think of anything relevant to ask. are we allowed to touch things?
Can't think of any
Where do you keep all your embarrassing pictures and diaries?

Also, look under her bed.
I could have swore Ast had a house, not an apartment...
Floral had a house.
>Owns a house
>Kinky as fuck
Should have waifued her
I'm not working on it full time like Res.
Here's a small bit for you.
>”I think you’re going to like the others.”
>Is she the reason why so many stallions have gone missing?
>Before you can react, your surroundings change quickly.
>Sand… ponies… and glass.
>As you’re looking at this strange place, a pony comes to greet you.
>”Hello, my son, and welcome to the Land of the Feathered Goddess.”
“Can I touch things?”
>”Touching is ill advised and will result in removal from the tour group”
>Looking to your left and right you glance around for other ponies
“Uh, what group?”
>”And with that, the tour begins”
>Reaching over to her desk she pulls a uniform hat off of it, placing it squarely on her head
>A nametag clearly states ‘Ast’
>”Now let’s proceed down this way shall we?”
>Following her she begins to walk along the wall, pointing around as she talks in an official manner
>”For over ten years the pony known as Pure Asterism was known to occupy this room, along with various cats over time, some experts even claim tha-“
>Beginning to tune her out you peer over to her bed, attempting to look under it as you bow your head
>Mares like to keep all of their embarrassing things under their beds, right? At least that’s where you keep your stuff
>”Blah blah, blah blah blah Sir are you paying attention?”
>Snapping back Ast is sitting on her haunches, arms folded as her hoof taps
“Y-yeah, of course miss tour guide!”
>”Well what has been your favorite part so far?”
“Uh, you know, the thing about …the cats, and… say is it known where Ast keeps her embarrassing photos and diaries?”
>She holds her fixed look for a second, but then her face softens
>”Oh sure, right this way!”
>Trotting over to her dresser she pulls out a drawer, colorful panties bursting out of it much to your surprise
>Reaching a hoof in she digs around, humming a little tune as you attempt to hide your blush
>”Ah, here it is!”
>Pulling out a decent sized lather bound book a thong hangs from its corner which she quickly tosses back into the drawer
>”It’s usually off limits to the public, and is kept in this private storage unit. All of Ast’s diary entries and other embarrassing media are stored inside”
>Your eyes focus on the book, hoof reaching up for it
>Only to have it swiftly pulled away
>”Ah! No touching as per museum policy!”
Sorry miss. Continue?
>Placing your hoof back down she slowly shows you the book again
“Sorry Miss. Continue?”
>”It’s quite alright, some visitors just have trouble containing themselves around such amazing artifacts. But as I was saying, this book contains all of her most precious secrets, and was bound tightly to ensure that nopony would discover them. Of course modern archeologists were able to open the book, and return it to its current state as shown”
>The diary is gentle placed back into the furthest end of the drawer, her hoof burying it under several pairs of panties
>Why does one mare need so many? You’ve always just seen her trot around naked like everypony else
>As the drawer is promptly shut she flags for you to continue
>”Now over here you’ll see an old playset of a castle that Ast had when she was younger, often telling her parents that she wished to become a princess when she grew up, don’t we all?”
>She giggles a bit at her statement, but soon regains her professional composer
>”Moving on, you’ll find an assortment of pictures all the cats that Ast had ever owned”
>Looking at the small framed pictures, there’s three in total, the end one being a photo of Morry
>”There was Chester, he overdosed on catnip while Ast was at dance recital. Oh, and this was Penny, who saw a griffon walking down the road one day and went to stalk it, Ast’sr parents later informed her that she ran away from home. And this is Morry! Current lovable companion!”
>”It certainly is. But that pretty much concludes the tour of Ast’s room”
>Looking down at her none existent watch she gasps and snaps back to you
>”Well, it appears that we are running out of time, so only one last location can be toured. Would you like to meet the family dog, or Conduit’s private office?”
Family dog is less likely to end in our death. So that one.
Honest question, why have so many panties if you never wear any? I mean, I only own my work shirt, a single tie, a hoodie, and three socks (one is MIA).
b-but what happened to sock?
It's Gar, who knows?
one thing's for certain. Gar cried about it.
Poor guy
>Visiting the pony sized killing machine probably carries less risks than walking through Conduit’s office
“I think that I’d like to see the dog”
>”Excellent choice sir, right this way!”
>Following her out the door she leads you down the hallway and to the stairs
>As you trot along behind her she often looks back, ensuring that you haven’t strayed from the tour group
“So uh, serious question. Why di you have so many panties if you never wear any?”
>”What do you mean?”
“Well take me for example. I mean, I only own my work shirt, a single tie, a hoodie, and three socks”
“One’s… one’s missing ok?”
>”Well I’ll have you know that I like to wear a nice pair on occasion”
“I can understand that, but there must have been a dozen in there. Why so many if you only need one?”
>”Why so many porn magazines if you only need one?”
“Th-that’s different”
>”Uh huh. Sometimes a mare likes to mix it up Gar. Plus some of them are absolutely adorable!”
>Leading you towards the back of the house you eventually reach a sliding glass door, which she opens, leading out onto a wooden deck
>Stepping onto it, you’re confronted with a large, grassy back yard, complete with tool shed about 30 meters away
>Surrounding it is entirely forest, the trees blending in with the night sky at this hour
>”Butch! Come on Butch!”
>Ast whistles, pausing for a second
>But soon afterwards the heavy crunching on an animal running is apparent
>Soon a dog larger than your marefriend bolts onto the deck, tongue hanging out as it excitedly slobbers
>Ast throws herself onto the large animal, squealing with delight as she hugs, it, the massive tan canine wagging his tail in response
>”Well Gar, this here is Butch!”
>You nervously smile at the dog, but the dog’s happy demeanor seems to disappear, tongue rolling into its mouth
>Soon it’s merely staring at you with a flat look, ears perked up and tail no longer wagging
>”Well go on, say hi Gar! He loves strangers!”
Maybe we should just roll on our back, like the beta we are...
>Submit to the dog
why did you pick the dog you idiot?

just say hi and get ready to run
Because I'm less scared of the dog than of Ast's dad.

Still am.
Let him sniff hoof.
>You continue to gaze into its eyes, holding your breath
>The dog doesn’t react, this peering to you in an unreadable expression
>But as you stare at it, one thing’s for certain; it isn’t happy. And you know what you must do
>Having watched an animal documentary one time you know exactly how wolves and other dogs defuse a situation
>Be submitting like the beta they are
>Slowly you lower your belly to the ground, careful to make sure that you don’t look him in the eye
>Once your stomach comes in contact with the wooden deck you roll over onto your back, legs curled up into the air in a submissive show
>Surely your display of submission will satisfy the alpha male
>”Uh, Gar? What are you doing?”
“I’m showing him that I mean no harm Ast”
>”Hey you two, dinner’s almost ready so com-“
>Ast and the dog quickly peer into the doorway, your head following suit
>All you can see is Conduit upside down
>”… What in the hell are you doing son?”
this is how you introduce yourself to dogs
I saw this in a documentary once
He had a terrifying expression on his face, I'm hoping he won't maul me, Because I really Really don't want to die like this.
I like this answer.
“I saw this in a documentary once”
“This is how you introduce yourself to dogs”
>His face slowly turns to Ast, mouth agape a little
>She merely shrugs with an equally confused face
>”Gar. You can pet Butch here, he won’t mind”
“He had a terrifying expression on his face, I was hoping he won't maul me”
>Conduit gives the dog a glance before looking back down at you with a raised eyebrow
“I just I really, really don't want to die like this”
>”Ok that’s enough fooling around. Ast, why don’t you run inside and help mom set the table? And uh, Gar. Just… just stand up”
>As you gently slop over and get your legs under you Ast casually walks on inside, the dog running off into the yard once more
>Standing up you trot over to the door only to have a large hoof placed against your chest
>”Gar, you certainly are a… strange one, aren’t you?
I get that a lot.
I'm not good with animals. Her cat's attacked me every time I've gone over
I try.
that's a little rude.
just say "if that's what you think."
>Wow, that’s a little rude
>But you probably shouldn’t get sassy with him. Not yet at least
“I get that a lot”
>”I can imagine. Never seen anypony do that before, usually the dog is the one rolling over”
“Well, I’m not too good with animals. Your daughter’s cat attacks me every time I visit her”
>”Morry? But he’s such a nice cat, I helped her pick him out from the shelter when he was a kitten”
“I guess he just doesn’t like me”
>He lowers his head a little
>”You aren’t doing anything to upset him, are you?”
“No sir, honest. He just doesn’t like me”
>He stares into your eyes, seeming to try to pick away at your thoughts
>But soon he shrugs, turning to walk inside
>”I guess animals can be like that sometimes. But come on, let’s eat”
>Waiting a second to put some distance between you two you follow inside, trotting along
>As Conduit turns around the corner you see Hoof Tap flash him a look as she travels the opposite direction
>Upon seeing you walking towards her the mare walks on over, stopping in front of you
>”He isn’t trying to bully you or be overbearing is he dear? Because if he is you just tell me and I’ll set him straight”
he kinda stares at me a little longer then a normal pony would. other then that though he's been fine.
No, he's been alright so far. I'll be sure to tell you if he is, though.
No, he's fine. I take it Ast has had some unsuitable suitors in the past?
“No, he’s been alright so far”
>”It’s ok to tell me if he’s been acting like a bully, don’t hesitate if he is”
“Well, he just kinda stares at me longer than a normal pony would, but other than that he’s fine”
>”Well… I’m glad he’s behaving himself”
“If he gets a little overbearing I’ll be sure to tell you though”
>”Certainty do”
>She looks back down the hallway that her husband walked down with a grumpy look
>”Sometimes I don’t know what gets into him, always gets so defensive around younger stallions when Ast’s around”
“I take it she’s had some unsuitable suitors in the past?”
>She sighs, rolling her eyes at that statement
>”I guess you could say that. Not to put her down but the girl can be a little too trusting at times”
>You nod, her mother looking off into space for a second
>”I guess I can’t really blame her father for being so defensive, he’s just trying to protect her”
“I understand, I know he’s not acting this way because he wants to”
>”Well sometimes he needs to learn to loosen up, especially around a stallion like you”
>”I’d like to think I’ve got a good grasp on ponies. I believe that you’re a very nice stallion Gar, better than what my daughter’s dated in the past”
who has she dated in the past?
Oh, well thank you.
I heard a rumor that he beat up a stallion for singing outside her window. Was there more to that story?
Let's remember to compliment the meal we eat.
and thank them for our requested dessert
we are the ultimate beta
At least we're not a weeb
>Liking trash
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1451945149208 (1).png
60 KB, 327x351
>Not wanting to waifu this
File: In the trash.png (407 KB, 570x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
In the trash.png
407 KB, 570x489
Tara a shit
Chaika a shit
Nope, don't want to waifu that.
How long until Gar gets a massive, prehensile moth cock?
>Retarded meme
no u
Does anyone think it would be fun to ask what ast was like as a filly?
That's a fun table conversation. Totally ask that.
“Oh, well thank you Mrs. Hoof Tap”
>”Please, you can just call me Tap”
“Well, thanks Tap”
>”You’re welcome dear”
>She gives you a warming, motherly smile as you stand there
>Feels much better than whatever looks Conduit’s been giving you
“So, just wondering. Who has Ast dated in the past?”
>Her mother immediately huffs, muzzle scrunching up
>”There’s been a few… trouble makers”
“How so?”
>”Well one of them had a history of using substances that he shouldn’t of, kept trying to pressure Ast to use them too. Oh boy, you should have seen Conduit fly off the handle when he learned that”
“Speaking of Conduit, I heard a rumor that he beat up a stallion for singing outside of Ast’s window”
>”Yeah, that happened. Told the damn fool to let it go but he did it anyway”
“…Was there more to that story?”
>”The young fool kept trying to get with Ast, and she wasn’t interested. Always showing up on the doorstep, “conveniently” running into her in town, you know, annoying, but just something that colt’s do. Well Conduit told him to stop trespassing and to leave her alone, but the fool showed up again and it all went downhill from there. Not a very exciting story, but he ended up busting the poor guy's muzzle”
Well that's a little excessive though not entirely incorrect course of action. Thanks for telling us this tap.
Conduit sounds more reasonable then we feared. we should try to relax with the guy, get to know him.
Well me and Ast have been best friends for at least a couple years now. She's always been so sweet and helpful to me no matter what.
>That’s honestly not as bad as you were expecting. Conduit may actually be more reasonable than you thought
“Thanks for telling me Tap. I figured that he just beat up some poor defenseless colt”
>”Well both of those idiots were at fault. Told him to stay away, and told conduit to not get so worked up. But I guess it could have been worse”
“Well you don’t have to worry about me and Ast, we’ve been best friends for a couple of years. She’s always been so sweet and helpful, even when I was acting like a fool”
>”I’m glad to hear that Gar. I’m also glad to hear that you’re a decent stallion, don’t have to worry so much about her”
“Glad that you trust me”
>”It’s no problem dear. Now come on, let’s go eat!”
>Hoof Tap snaps around, a little spring in her step as she trots away, you in tow
>You can definitely see the dancer in her, even normal movements that she makes have a little step in them, a bit a rhythm in everything
>Sticking close you eventually make your way to the other end on the house, finding yourself in a well decorated dining room, large wooden table covered in cloth with multiple steaming dishes on top
> “Well don’t be shy Gar, come on and sit!”
>Flashing a smile to Ast you take a seat next to her, Hoof Tap placing herself at one end, Conduit at the opposite end, looking over s newspaper
>”Dear, no reading at the table”
>He grunts, reluctantly folding up the literature before leaning over and placing it on a nearby cabinet
>As he looks back he shoots you a glance, fixing his gaze upon you as if you appeared out of nowhere
>But he snaps out of it, leaning back as his mouth opens
>”So, I assume Ast has toured you around our home. What do you think, Gar?”
It's a really nice place you have out here. I quite like it.
Its big.
It's wonderful, I've always dreamed to have a home like this out in the country and this place definitely gives me a few ideas for what my place could be.
“It’s big”
>”Well, that’s what an engineering job gets you. Although with just me and Tap here most of the time it can seem a little empty”
“Well it’s a really nice place you have out here. I quite like it”
>”Thank you Gar, I put a lot of pride into this place. Of course Tap here helps out sometimes too”
>She playfully waves him off, Conduit smirking
“To be honest, I've always dreamed to have a home like this out in the country”
>He stops in the middle of raising a fork full of food to his mouth, slowly lowering it as he casts you a curious expression
>”You’d like to move to the country?”
“It’s been a dream of mine for a while, and this place definitely gives me a few ideas for what my place could be”
>”Is that a matter of fact? What’s wrong with the city, just not a nice place to live?”
>He leans over and shoots Ast a smug look, her muzzle scrunching
There's nothing wrong with living in the city, it's just that it can get a little bit crazy.

Especially with the riots going on recently. It'd be nice to live somewhere more quiet, out of the way, you know?
The city is great, it's just a personal preference.
The city is great, especially while you're young. Hard to beat the opportunities a city has. But whenever I think about finally finding somewhere to settle for the long haul, my mind always wanders to the country.
C'mon now, Gar wants to leave the bat-infested shithole
>You take a bite of food , taking your time to chew and swallow it before addressing him
“Well, there’s nothing wrong with the city, it can just be a little hectic sometimes”
“Why’s that?”
“Mostly with the riots and what not going on recently”
>He gives Ast a glance, his daughter shrugging
>”I told you daddy, it’s not a big deal, not like ponies are rampaging through the streets”
“It’s true, the protests are mostly under control now”
>”Well… alright. But if something happens, I expect you to take care of her”
>”Dad! I can handle myself just fine”
>She puffs out her chest, attempting to look intimidating, which only draws out an amused grin from her father
>”I know sweetie, I know. But Gar here might need some protection”
>She gives off a satisfied ‘hmph’ chest deflating
“But anyway, the city is great! Well, when you’re young at least. Plenty of job opportunities”
>Your head turns as a softer voice speaks up, Tap gently pointing to you
>”Speaking of jobs, Ast has told us that you work with her, but exactly do you do?”
>"Yeah, what's your income?"
>He sheepishly grins a little, relaxing into his chair
>"Sorry dear..."
>But quickly enough his head turns back to you
I actually just got promoted to manager of the loss prevention department at P-mart, preventing shoplifters and all that. So things are looking up, actually.
“Um, well I actually got promoted to manager at Ponemart recently”
>Conduit’s eyes brighten up, body leaning forward a bit
>”Manager? You don’t say?”
“Yes sir, manager of the loss prevention department”
>Hoof Tap quickly interjects
>”Well that sounds lovely dear. Why can’t YOU be a manager Ast?”
>”Ugh, mom is now really the time?”
>”It’s always the time to climb the workforce ladder Ast”
>As Ast and her mother bicker back and forth like typical mares Conduit leans even further towards you, body seeming to relax
>”So what exactly do you do in loss prevention?”
“Oh, you know. Just tackle shoplifters and whatnot”
>”For the first time all night he grins at you, eyes practically sparkling
>”Tackling ponies eh? Reminds me of hoofball”
“Um, I mean I guess a little?”
>You shift a little in your seat, the sound of the mares yapping in the background
>”You like hoofball Gar? Hell, you look like you got a little muscle on you, you were probably a wide receiver in high school huh?”
>Floral wasn’t kidding about the hoofball infatuation, he almost reminds you of how Shade looks watching those stupid Japaneighs cartoons
Never really played it myself, but I watch sometimes.
I definitely have respect for the game, but I feel a bit out of my depth, and I feel like I don't have enough information to really get it, y'know?

I mean, if someone showed me the ropes I'm sure I'd love it.
You kind of like it and watch it with your friends over beer.
remember that his favorite team is the tigers.
Oh God, I see what you're doing.

And I approve.
What if he tries to play it with us in the yard?
>inb4 broken everything
“To tell you the truth, I’ve never really played it myself”
>His expression becomes a little disappointed
“But I do watch it with my friends occasionally over a few beers”
>”Well hey, that’s respectable. You got a favorite team?”
“Uh, the Tigers?”
>As the words leave your mouth you swear you can almost see his heart leap through his throat
>”You don’t say? How’d you think they did in the post season? I personally think that our quarter back should be good to go b next season, what with that hoof injury and all. I still think they should have ejected that jackass who knocked him over, the ball was clearly thrown, why they didn’t hit him with uneccas-
>You patiently wait there, hoping that he’ll run out of breath eventually
>But your blank stare is further back up by an even blanker mind
>Oh god Rocker didn’t prepare you for all this! You don’t even know what he’s going on about now
>”-nd that’s why we beat them the first time, of course”
>”So you think we should continue running those plays?”
>You shift your gaze back to Ast, hoping for a way out, but only find her still blabbing away with her mother
“Uh, listen Conduit. I definitely have respect for the game, but I feel a bit out of my depth”
>His head cocks to the side a tad
>”What do you mean?”
“I mean, I like watching it, but feel like I don't have enough information to really get it, y'know?”
>”Oh, well it’s not too hard of a game to pick up on”
“Well, I mean, if someone showed me the ropes I'm sure I'd love it”
>Conduit freezes in place, the only movement being the growing of his eyes and smile
>“Gar, before everypony lies down to bed I’ll show you something special, ok?”
Sure thing.
Pausing. Any quick questions?
Is it possible to have died to the dog?
Doggie just wanted to be your friend
He would have gotten aggressive depending on how you approached
>I want you to put on this cheerleaders outfit, Gar.
what's caused conduit to drop the most spagetti in his life?
Hearing that his daughter was dating a total loser :^)
Ha. who was the loser she was dating?
she dated a pony who did drugs!
we have a manager position job and we were on tv and advocated acceptance or something!
gar is "alright"
As far as ponies go, Gar's loser points have dropped quite a lot recently. Manager, financially stable, and has a marefriend whom he fucks regularly.
I wonder if this is going so well because we've been pretty consistent on staying paragon. These parents are downright pleasant.
Or maybe we just built them up to be a threat in our head when all we're actually doing is meeting our girlfriend's parents?
Before the thread dies, I'd just like to state that this quest is rapidly winding down for those wondering. I honestly see it finishing up within the next few threads
Why live
File: NiceDubs.jpg (13 KB, 257x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So what's next for the memelord? Any quest plans?
Aww crap.
Shade's suddenly gonna hit us with something about the crime boss tonight, isnt he?
Qnd we suddenly have to escape this apparently fort-like home.
He's going into the military m8
good, gar will be free of the bat curse soon.
Him too? Fuck.
>battie gray
>Hype and Raven
>Rocker and Nightlight
clearing Gar with the police
>Final drug dealer showdown
>Winding down all the characters.

I'm guessing 5-6 threads.
I'm not sure if you're making this up or not.
Is this a ruse or is this a sekrit klub extra secret information?
That's what lurkernon said whn we got to Las Pegasus.

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RIP Kamil
Take this Russian qt.
I want to forcibly press Gar's wet nose against the backside of my knee.
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