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Archipelago (cyoa) #13
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Somewhere, in forsaken waters, dwells the Winded Archipelago
Apparently cut from the rest of the world since ancient time by the power of Abyss, Gem Stone, who came to explore it with her father and a sailor, is now trapped here after a strange accident
After reuniting with her father, and meeting Alga, Pearl and several other natives, they try to find a wait back to Equestria
They also meet Spume, leader of a resistance movement aiming at bring the tyrants down
And with their help, they attack the Rostrum and to end the tyranny of the Wind Lords
The attack is a success, and the last Wind Lord is successfully captured
But not everything went well
Abyss, a dark spirit of the depth, aimed at killing the Wind Lords to get freedom from him prison
And when that goal escaped his grasp he decided to use his eldritch magic to merge his spirit with the one of Gem Stone
The result was the two of them becoming a strange hybrid
Everyone is confused and scared by the situation, especially Gem herself despite her now considerable power
At least the barrier separating the islands from the rest of the word was easily taken down
But now, Gem has to find a suitable ending for both the pony and the spirit inside her, and not let her darker emotions get the best of her
After spending the night with her dragon friend, the day has come for the two Wind Lord to face their trial in front of the people
Right now, though, there’s still some work to do convince the folk of the Archipelago of the masquerade that happened for generations
Last time, Gem was accompanying people from Coto who wished to see for themselves the mansion of their master is now empty

Previously: http://anonpone.pineapplecomputing.com/archipelago
>Quick Band does not wave much more to talk about
>Still, he remains at you side until the end of the trip, giving you the occasional glance to catch something unnatural you could be doing
>He ends up disappointed, though
>But just like the rest of your crew, his attention shifts to the destination when it appears into view
>They watch in the sky with fear, unsure whether the coatls or their master still roam the sky or not
>Fearfully, they disembark and follow you and the other rebels as you show them the place you raided yesterday
>Despite all the proofs, many still deny the facts, suggesting this might be a test of faith or that the Wind Lord might only be taking a stroll
>But the crypt is the final nail in the coffin
>With generations of immortal sovereigns in front of them, no pony can deny anymore the deception they fell for since their birth
>As the truth strikes, expressions of dismay appear on their faces
>Their life wasn’t so bad, and they had always seen the Wind Lord’s rule as the natural order of things
>It will take them some time…
>The witnesses are brought back to Coto a little later
>They share what they saw, and once again rebuttals of disbelief can be heard from the crowd, but they’re making progress
>Spume will now travel to Ocre, where she’ll repeat what she did with the people of Coto
>Alga and Pearl remain her, but Pick and shovel will be there
>Where will you go?

>What do?
I think we can go with Pick and Shovel.
We can't have sex so lets stay with Alga and Pearl.
Go see Shovel and pick.
Small delay because the odds seem to have shifted
>You guess you’ll come along to Ocre so you’ll get to see the boys to spend some time
>Even if it doesn’t end under the covers…
>For the fourth time today you embark on a boat to cross the sea
>The welcome to the claim the Wind Lord is no more at Ocre is very similar to the one at Coto
>Anger, disbelief… It’s all the same
>And once again, another trip to the Rostrum might be in order to convince the people
>However, this time, neither you, Strong Pick nor Shovel Face are very motivated to participate this time
>A little away from the crowd, you’ve been very busy telling them your last adventures
>And also laughing at their dumbfounded faces when you tell them you rode a dragon in the night
>Still, you’re a little sad to see their attitude toward you has changed a lot
>Not that they’re mean or something, but quite the contrary to tell the truth
>They talk to you with a clumsy sort of respect, the one usually reserved to elders or very sick persons
>And honestly they’re about half has fun to hang out with like that

>What do?
C'mon guys, why are you talking like that? I'm still Gem too. You don't have to be so tense.
we need to get a piece of food. ask if they want some. and then smush it into their face. it'll be hilarious.
What? Why?
it seems that you have not read the last statement about how funny it is for someone to mash food against your face when they offer you a piece. you need to go to clown collage where they can also teach you such things as "holding a pie and then tripping and falling on it" and " juggling"
So our face, not one of theirs?
Maybe we should just...hold off on the flirting, until we're a pony again.
It's like you don't have any fetish anon
Personally, I think we should try masturbating just to see if it works the same.
>You call them on their bullshit
>They’ve got to stop being so tense, you’re still Gem Stone, after the long things you did together that simply doesn’t feel right!
>However, you only get an uneasy apology as an answer, they’re still a bit weirded out by you they admit
>You sigh… as thick as always, are they? You’re going to have to go medieval with this
>Some friend you didn’t really liked at the time offered you the “Clowning around guide for dummies” for birthday once
>And while you only glanced at the two first page before it got lost at the top of a shelf, you still remember some of the dubious looneries it contained
>You ask them for some food to change the subject, and since the town square is filled with effervescence, that brings you at the brothers’ place once again
>Ah, the fond and sticky memories…
>Pick and Shovel offer to heat up some mushroom stew leftovers from yesterday
>After some time, the bowl of brown mixture with an enticing smell in of you hooves
>But that’s not right, you say, eating alone is so depressing, surely one of them would like to share your meal
>Shovel is the first to accept, but before he can bring his own bowl, you offer yours
>His thank, however, is cut by an audible *sprotch* when the brown liquid connects with his face, making his voice an annoyed gurgle
>It’s your pleasure you say
>Strong Pick can’t refrain a snicker
>But he only cracks up when you vision become covered in brown too, as a dipper of the stuff is thrown right into your face
>Wasting is no good, Shovel declares with triumphant tone
>The pleasantly warm soup feels kinda nice, but you still thing you’ve got to counter attack

>What do?
I can not think of a counter at this moment other then to lick his face clean.
Yes, lick him clean.
>No wasting, you repeat, surely he’s talking about what’s left on his face
>You pounce on the stallion, making the both or you fall on the ground
>And not letting your prey escape, you start to suck the soup from his fur in a series of licks and hickeys with you still smudged face, spreading the stew more than anything
>He squirms under you and bursts in laughter to as it tickles a lot he says
>You’ll have to let him extra clean in that case, you state before doubling your efforts
>However, you’re interrupted by a rush of heat over you
>When the brown drops fall front the top of your head, your realise more stew has been poured on you
>Strong Pick now has the dipper, and with a smug grim, he’s yet taking another spoon full to season you with mushroom once again
>Since you like it so much, he assumed the two of you would be up for seconds, he declares

>What do?
"Yeah? Then maybe YOU SHOULD TRY IT!" Make a lunge for the dipper.
we need to get a spoon!
>You’re not letting this slide, oh no…
>You reach for a wooden spoon, and soon shot mushroom supressing fire at Strong Pick, who now hides behind the pot
>But by doing so, you allowed the boy under you to escape, and after tipping you over when standing up, he joins the ranged fight too
>The small house is transformed in a small battlefield as the three of you attempt to weaponize every tool a hoof’s reach to cover the others in more sticky soup
>From the laughing and noises of running around, a passer-by may have said this shack was housing a party for a dozen unchained children
>After a while, the whole content of the large cauldron has been used to paint the floor and walls in a new shade of brown
>A lot of sheets and rugs will need some cleaning later…
>But right now, neither you nor the two exhausted stallions panting and giggling on the floor care about that
>You had a blast like little fillies and colts, and it was awesome
>Suddently, Shovel also apologize once again, but this time for how they treated you earlier
>Forget about the Gem Stone they knew, he adds, you’re a kid in a grown-up body, and they’re not gonna treat you like a geezer anymore, that’s for sure
>He also congrats you, you always seen to know how to make them understand something, even their mother couldn’t sometimes
>However, he also says they acted like that because they want to do something for you, even if they have no idea what’s really going on
>They ask you if can think of something you’d like them to do

>What do?
give you a big hug.
This. Tell them being warm and snuggly is what we miss the most. Tell them we would like to have more fun but wouldn't want to subject them to our body.
>You simply ask for a hug
>They exchange a puzzled look, but soon the two big both take you in their hooves
>They nuzzle their head against each of your chins while you have you own hooves all around their iron backs
>It’s so nice to feel them on your skin, you miss that so much
>The two brothers are quick to recognize your pleasured expression and Pick whispers in your hear that you may do something more than cuddles if you wish
>You catch the obvious undertone, but you have to explain then that even you’d really like to, it’s probably not going to happen
>After all, with how your body really feel, their eagerness would quickly enough be tamed by your cold
>And sexual frustration is the last thing you need right now
>But despite your refusal, Shovel still seem to give it a thought, and ask you if you’ve tried to warm yourself up until now

>What do?
No, not really... could it really be that simple? Let's try it.
I suppose we could try and see what happens.
>Now that you think about it, you haven’t really tried
>You start to ponder… obviously your body doesn’t produce any heat right now, but it sure can absorb a lot of it
>So covers and everything like that won’t do a thing, but maybe the amount of warmth you take in doesn’t disappear completely
>At least not immediately
>You tell your thoughts to the brothers, and that obviously body heat can’t provide enough from the few experiences you had
>They ponder, and you notice Shovel Face intensely staring at the pot, big enough for you to fit in
>He… doesn’t really plan to cook you like a vulgar soup, does he?

>What do?
Considering our body is basically water now anyways it's not a bad idea. Maybe it'll be like a relaxing hot tub. Call him out on what you think he's thinking and conclude that's it kinda clever, if crude.
I'm assuming he's wondering if he can put us in a cauldron with a low fire and warm us up. then once we're out he'll fill us with his own warmth.
>But after all, this might work
>Since you’re basically water, it won’t hurt, and even lesser dragon fire didn’t do a thing to you
>You call on what Shovel might be thinking, rightfully so, and tell him you’re ready to try the idea, even if a little crude
>After reassuring your studs that this will be completely harmless, you hop in the pot while the fire is turned up
>You don’t feel anything at first, but the bottom of the cast iron cauldron slowly rises to higher temperature
>And the more it does, the more you positively adore it, there doesn’t seem to be any limit on how hot you can take
>At some point, you literally melt in the pot to cover more of the bottom surface at once, triggering panicked gasps from the brothers
>You reassure them, and tell them to let you simmer a little
>And while is very subtle at first, you can feel all your body starting to feel different
>More lively, more fluid and also gradually more sensitive
>After twenty more minutes, Shovel calls for you again, and asks if you’re alright
>Seems like he wants a taste from what’s brewing, you shouldn’t make him wait
>All of a sudden, your head soars out of the pot like a genie from his lamp to skilfully capture Shovel’s mouth in your own
>Parting his lips, you force you tongue inside his mouth and start to make it swirl around his own, making the stallion moan in unison with you
>It feels awesome, the sensations might even be stronger than those from your old body as every inch of you feels like it’s on fire
>You’re also glad to notice the temperature of your bodies seem even, you might even be the hottest by a few degrees
>When you free his mouth, you see a stunned look on his face as well as a deep blush
>There’s also something else rising up further down his body
>You smile, your groin feels needy too

>What do?
See you tomorrow
Heat on demand.
Giggle and say that ponies can get awfully creative when it involves getting some, huh? Craw out of the pot slowly and seductively as possible. Tell them that since you gave Shovel special attention last time it's picks turn now and punctuate it with by whisking aside your tail and giving a strong wink to him.
Let's get out of the cauldron and ask for a towel to dry ourselves off a bit. Let's go in for another kiss.
>Made of water
>Dry ourselves off

I've read some sex scenes in my cyoa career, but boiling ourselves in a pot so we're warm enough to be fucked is a new one.
Not disappointed?
good night
Allow me
Wonderful, isn't it?
this is about to get weird.
>You once again start to rob the stallion in front of you from air
>Taking his head in your warm embrace, you hear him moan under your tongue while delighted shivers travel across his body
>As for the poor Pick, you make sure give him a little show when you come out of your pot
>While still in a wild embrace with Shovel, you slide one let over the edge of the cauldron, letting it conveniently part your thick legs for the other stallion to see
>You make sure your tail doesn’t hide the view of the wink you give him, and you feel his head being clouded by the same burning desire that has already overcome his brother
>A need of you
>Of the other side of you, Shovel finally stopped being petrified by your being and started putting some work into the kissing
>He fights eagerly to have his tongue over yours, what you deny him several times in a heated battle to plunge the deepest in the others mouth
>As you completely come out of the cauldron, you grind your body against the stallion’s shaft
>The little control he had in you kissing immediately disappears in the plush feeling of your belly on his shaft
>He’s as endowed as you remember, your abdomen effectively probing the stallion hood at your partner’s delight
>You can even make your vessel ripple around the third leg of the stallion making his eyes roll at the back of his head while you fire in your nethers only increases with impatience
>In the corner of your eyes, you see that the lonely Pick has started to stroke his own length at your display
>You remember you serviced his brother first on your first time, you should start with him now
>How should you go with it?

>What do?
Move up. Align shaft with pussy. Go down and get it inside you.
Take his balls into your mouth.
>You finally, let free of Shovel’s mouth
>The stallion seem dazed, the look in his eyes devoid of any coherent though besides his and your wonderful body
>But you leave him for now as you hoof caresses his chin, then you turn to his brother
>As he sits on his back, Strong Pick’s member stands at full attention in front of you
>The stallion is breathing heavily as he eagerly awaits what you may have in prepared for him
>You doubt he’ll be disappointed
>Turning around, you give him another glimpse of your awaiting flower, which makes his breathing even more erratic
>You’re tired of waiting too, you announce, before impaling yourself on his lance
>The humongous cock penetrates you flawlessly, taking a little cry of pleasure of the both of you
>However, you realise your new physiology feels loose around Pick to your dismay
>But being in control of your body, you tighten your insides around the hard-on, giving you back the wonderful feeling of a too big boy inside you
>Wild ideas stat to swirl is yours head, and your walls now clench, ripple, and massage the meat in you beyond what any muscle could ever do
>You reel back with a gasp, bathing in glory as you literally pump Peak’s prick with your fuckhole
>The stallion is in a trance too, trembling in ecstasy while he cries your name, begging you to continue your miracle
>You don’t need to be told twice, and keep on you godly work
>With a little less vehemence, though, you wouldn’t want to exhaust your partner so soon
>Your mind too starts to be clouded with lust, but with the parcel of brain still capable of thought, you invite Shovel to come closer
>He sits on his back to position his enticing organ inches away from your face
>Drool come out of you maw, you simply can’t wait to have it inside you
>Your meal twitches as you give him a lick from its base to its top
>Here, you kiss this head just like the other, while looking right at the beatific smile of the stallion
>He can’t refrain a deep groan when your tongue dips into his little hole, flesh pulsing with vigour around you prehensile member
>When you’re able to collect a deliciously salty shot of pre from here, you decide it’s time to taste the waters further south
>With another lick, you go visit the two orange-sized globs holding beneath Shovel’s virility
>You’d have had trouble fitting the two of them is your mouth before, but now they come inside perfectly with a wet *slosh*
>The stallion is sent in heaven, he groans and pants as you start to give his nuts the same treatment as this brother’s dick
>Forgetting about how a mouth should look, you make a thousand tongues tickle the rocks from every direction while you siphon them almost as deep as your neck
>You almost feel the glands inflate with semen and get stiffer as you work on them
>The taste and musk of these nuts along with the hose in your cunt are making you go insane
>Pick is already on the verge of exploding, and you haven’t started moving your hips yet

>What do?
Take shovel's member into your mouth and continue what you were doing to his balls. Start thrusting onto pick.
Pull off him and flip around. Get Shovel to eat us out while we kiss Pick, and get yive him a chance to come back down.
>No wanting to end him so soon, you releases Pick’s member with a sonorous *plop*, making his eyes roll backward for a moment
>You’ll let him have a little lunch break, there’s going to be a lot of you on his plate, you hope he’s hungry
>Pulling on Shovel’s balls, you manage to make him advance enough to position your leaking crease over the face of his brother
>Without mercy, you bury the stallion under your heavy balloon butt, rubbing it on to make sure he finds you snatch
>Thanks to your teachings, the stallion knows what he has to do, and gets to work while his hooves sink into the ample volumes of your thighs
>The tingles of pleasure echoes inside you make you spit Shovel’s ball sack as well as a hearty moan, and now you’re ready for your main course too
>Sitting straight on Pick’s face who’s still dedicated to pleasure you, you drop a peak on Shovel’s snout, before opening you maw to accommodate his behemoth
>You take it in very slowly, savouring inch after inch as your walls crawl tightly around the rock hard pillar of flesh
>Shovel loses it more and more as you descent, trembling all over as pleasure transforms his normally deep voice in a mess of incoherent gurgles
>And once you reach his base, he forgets all restrain, he nearly howls in pleasure and grabs your head to force it up and down his king-sized shaft
>Your body making little difference between its holes, the cock inside you feels like it’s fucking a second vagina, sending you on cloud nine with more erotic sensations you ever felt at once
>On the others side, your smoothness allows Pick dives further and further into you
>His eyes are past your lips, deliciously stretching your opening wider than any logic while his tongue explores spots of pleasure you didn’t knew you even had
>It’s now Shovel’s turn to be on the edge of cumming, his length throbbing madly inside you
>But despite all the exquisite stimulation and your libido being off the charts, you’ve still got some time before culminating
>You’re a mare with big needs, you just hope your mates are big enough for them

>What do?
get ready to swallow and then go onto round two. Both holes below your waist will need to be filled.
Redouble efforts on Shovel and make him cum. Then we'll have Pick rut us hard pony style.
Anon, you're a mad genius.
>Time to finish Shovel off
>You start to rock your head in unison with the stallion’s hips, making him scream your name in pure pleasure
>The member in your mouth start to inflate, as the balls are planning to discharge all their load into you
>You simply can’t wait to taste his milk, so when the first drop hits your tongue, you immediately start to vacuum it at full force from his hose
>Instead of being pushed by the remaining seed, the flow is now drawn a lot faster to your siphon, making a literal geyser of cum erupt from his shaft
>Completely taken aback, Shovel gasps loudly has his whole body tenses up, the incredible outflow of cum triggering new sensations inside his member
>You keep absorbing more and more of the seemingly endless supply of stallion spooge into you, making your belly bugle with cream
>The arrival of the warm, lively male juice into you is almost as intoxicating as the fucking itself
>You definitely feel your drives climbing, reaching new heights in ecstasy, but still a little short from sending you over
>It’s only when you look like nine-month pregnant that Shovel finally seem empty
>With a bit of drool on his face, he limply falls on the ground when you release his member which is already losing its hard-on
>So while this one rests, the brother will carry on
>You lift your distended form from the face of Strong Pick, who takes a greedy breath of air as you release him from your nethers
>He’s going through your back door, you inform him, and he’s going to pound with all he’s got, he’s not allowed to cum before you do
>You get on your four hooves, and Pick eagerly follows and positions himself over you to rut you from behind
>Since your hole doesn’t need to be spared, he goes right in from the get go, ready to pleasure you
>You also take the occasion to stroke Shovel, he’ll have to be back in shape very soon
>But you’re confident he will, as he already responds to your touch by growing stiff once more
>In the meantime, the sounds on Pick’s full crotch slapping on your ass echoes in the room as he rapidly picks up his pace
>Still, that little weight you just put on is a little disgraceful, so you decide to put it to a better use
>The sphere under you start to recede, as the mass of fluid travels to somewhere else
>Peak is quick to realise something is happening
>He gasps in surprise as his hooves holding your rumps are parted further from each other
>You backside surge before his eyes, spreading almost twice wider than his own hips and creeping on his torso
>This stallion is paralyzed with amazement, as your already pleasantly filled balloons become two twin mounds which could each serve as a pillow
>You ask him if he likes it, to what he nods vigorously
>He better get back to work, you tell him
>And indeed he does, with a renewed vigour, Strong Pick smashes himself between your massive cushions, marvellously spreading them at each push
>Your fuller backside seem even more efficient at milking the stud, and the new mass is just as sensitive as the rest, increasing your bliss once again
>It’s not long after his cock throbs with the seed he intends to feed you
>However, you’re not letting this happen
>Clenching you walls, you effectively seal his hose the forcing the fluid back down to Pick’s nuts
>You warned him, you answer to his pained groans, and you urge him to keep going is he ever want to cum again
>Luckily for him, shovel is now ready for round two, and with his help you might finally obtain satisfaction
>You rise on your backs hooves to let the new challenger take your from while Pick continue working with you indecent backside
>They both hold your massive twin mountains of a rump as they work, sending ripples across their oceans at each powerful thrust of their spears
>The sheer volume of you lower body force then to grind themselves of you to properly reach you openings
>You’re in heaven, Shovel is only starting to accelerate, but already the feel of the two male’s rods are making you glow
>The two stallions are quickly both going all out, pounding you faster than ever in a desperate sprint to obtain their own release
>You finally feel it coming, the every insides of your body whirling with anticipation as the waves of steaming hot pleasure reverberate inside you, each time shaking you world a little more
>Your visons sparkle, you mind blanks out, and you clench your walls at the two stallions as your peak climbs to unimaginable heights
>The orgasms break on you like a tidal wave
>All your senses fall in overdrive, raging storm of pleasure echoing in each and every corner of your soul
>Your walls ripple around the cocks of the stallions, and a suction even stronger than before forces their jizz in your depth
>They scream in unison as their loads are pumped into you with the force of a hurricane
>Your belly inflates twice as fast as last time, the added volume cramming the two stallions against your curves
>There no word to describe what you feel, the sprays of semen inside you feels like novae of burning elation inside you, and the stallions apparently want to make you as bigger than the room
>It goes on and on, you lose count of time between a minute and an eternity in glee
>Then the world tilts as the scream of the stallion start to die out
>You meet the wooden floors with a thud as you’ve fallen on the side
>The two brothers are unconscious at each side of you, hooves still hugging you massive behind and organs still buried deep inside your holes
>Your mind is still clouded by the lewd feelings but you feel you sizes slowly returning to normal
>It was… a good time

>What do?
She you tomorrow
Don't let anybody tell you you're a bad writer Pleeny. That was the best lewd I've got off to in a long time.
Let's cuddle for a bit between them since that's our favorite place to be.

I am a little concerned that his lewd writing is better than his normal writing. Must be a French thing I guess?
I'll she you alright
have a good night bump
great, what fell over
here, a bump.
I'm just kinda amazed his writing can be do phenomenal. Almost enough to reconsider separating from Abyss. Wonder our Abyss side thinks of this little experience.
>You take the two stallion’s in your arms and bring them closer, making their head rest on your pillowy form
>In their post-orgasmic coma, they still snuggle deeply on your warm and squishy body
>You’re unsure you’re going to heat yourself every day, so it’s best enjoy some promiscuity while they don’t suffer from it
>Even though they’ve been emptied from them fluid, the boys occasionally give a reflex hump in your thick body, both they shafts still buried in your hot waters
>Before, they could have easily tightly sandwiched you between their frames, but right now, each of them has his own half of your preposterously large figure to rest on
>Though you can’t fall in a blissful slumber, you’re content to remain like that a little while, at least until the foreign fluids in your body stop giving you dozens of additional sizes all over
>In the meantime, your mind drifts away
>Until now, you have been very fearful to explore the possibilities of this body
>But this experience would almost make you reconsider separating yourself from the spirit
>Sure there’s a lot of weird things going on and the ways you see and act in the world have changed
>But now you see there’s also perks in this condition, you’re going to need a lot of imagination to ever top this workout without eldritch power
>You’re also a little surprised to notice no part of your mind felt wrong as you were being rutted
>Maybe all abyss wanted was a little love… or the mortal pleasures of the flesh are simply so foreign to him he simply thought nothing of it
>The sleeping brothers are slowly getting to join atop you, as only a fraction of the added weight is still visible on you
>You’re not sure how much tile has passed since you left Spume and the other rebels

>What do?
We don't have to warm ourselves up everyday, just occasionally. We should get up.
Yeah, that's a good idea. Give both brothers a kiss on the cheek before leaving.
>You should probably go before somepony else comes looking for you
>Leaving them with a small kiss on the cheek, you get up and exit leave the place of the brother
>You didn’t bother to count time back there, you think it’s been an hour, or maybe two
>Upon reaching the town square, you realise Spume has yet to come back from the Rostrum with the witnesses
>But upon closer inspection, you can already see her boat coming home
>And when the visitors return to their peer, the same kind of disputation than on the previous island appear
>Informing the people has taken more time than Spume thought, so she announces the last Wind Lords’ trial will take place in four hours on Coto
>Letting the people make their own judgement among themselves, Spume decides to head back to the hideout with you
>Alga and Pearl are still on Coto, though, there’s only your father, Blossom and of course Spume to watch over the two convicts at this time
>If you want to say something to them, it might be your last chance

>What do?
See you tomorrow

Sorry about the lack of posts, not only am pretty beat up, but I also sent my whole diner flying on my knees after first post
There was sticky peas all over the room and it was a mighty pain in the butt to clean up
let's tell them it would be wise to beg for mercy.
Lets see if he was able to convince his brother to let go of his pride.
take care of yourself!
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internet famous

damn nigga
any more of this wonderful stuff?
nice archive, too
Kinda harsh. I would rather tell them to think long and hard about what they're going to say to the ponies their family has been lying to and taking mares from for hundreds of years.
>You walk to the makeshift jail of the two infamous brothers
>Capra and Asterion are waiting inside, still tied up, but that’s probably unnecessary at this point
>While the first perks up as you enter, the other keeps glaring at the floor
>Bags under the eyes and with a grim expression, he does not look like he believes much in his own future
>You coldly greet Capra, though, and so does he
>Wanting to be direct, you ask if his brother has let go of his pride, for his own good
>Capra winces, and replies he doubt his brother probably shouldn’t speak at all
>The previous night was hard, Asterions’s mind could bear with his situation anymore, and he could only do so much to comfort him in their situation
>He’s confused, he tells you, and Capra is afraid he’ll just lose it in front of the court, and maybe he shouldn’t speak at all
>Indeed, Asterion remain amorphous while Capra spoke clearly enough for him to hear
>And his soul looks… weak, like a flickering light in the wind
>Then Capra tells you… he’d like to hear your advice about something
>The way he sees it, he start to explain, this masquerade was necessary
>As when the first Wind Lord passed away, the whereabouts of the imprisonment of Abyss disappeared with him
>All that was left were practical direction for his son, which he applied thoughtfully, but the knowledge underneath was never passed on
>Yet this state of thing allowed the islands to remain at peace, and has effectively kept the forces of Abyss at bay for countless generations
>And while the tribute the Wind Lords claimed were certainly unfair, there has never been a time where the people were starved
>The supposedly divine laws also ensured the people wouldn’t meddle with these dark forces or would hurt themselves or others
>Silence return as Capra seem to have finished his story
>Then, he admits to you that he never really talked to the people of the islands besides vague ordering aroud
>And he asks you what you think the people will think of this plea

>What do?
It sounds reasonable, but if you ask me you should have relinquished you titles as gods long ago or never bore them in the first place. I'm sure there could have been many other ways to assure peace than what your kin have done.
>That’s probably the most reasonable he can sound without lying, you tell him
>But still that won’t bring back all the mares his family took from their homes
>Nor does that excuse the whole thing about pretending to be gods, that was completely unnecessary
>He sighs, the burden of his ancestors’ deeds weight a lot indeed
>And he apologizes, but what it’s worth
>Silence falls again in the room
>Suddenly, Capra asks you what you did with the coatls? And with the whelps in particular?
>You ponder... They're still in teh cave on the Rostrum where you let them, right?

>What do?
I guess so. Tell him the coatl whelps should be alive. All adults were killed during our coup. Wait, they probably wouldn't know what that means. During our "attack."

Ask Spume to see if she knows if they're still alive.
>All the adults were killed during your raid, you inform him, which seem to sadden him a little
>But for the whelps, they’re still alive at the Rostrum… you think
>You tell him you’re going to ask Spume about this
>While you leave, he tells you these animals don’t deserve to die because of them
>And they probably remember Spume’s odour, so she should be able to approach them safely
>You nod, and leave to find the Pegasus mare
>And indeed she tells you the young coalts are certainly still alive
>However, she also tells you she’d rather not ever lay eyes on them ever again
>Too good memories of a forsaken time, she comments

>What do?
If we're still warm give her a hug, if not just put a hoof on her shoulder. "Oh Spume, what are you going to do with yourself after it's all said and done?"
I'd go with this
>You motion to take the Pegasus in a deep hug, she’s a little surprise at first, but she ends you placing her hooves around your neck too
>While no longer at body warmth, you remain hot enough not to make contact feel awkward for her
>You softly call her name
>Then ask her what is she gonna do with herself when it’s all said and done
>She ponders a little and you feel a little shiver in her
>At first, she answers she’ll probably “clean up” the Rostrum
>Give back the people what they deserve and save the writing that may hold some historical value
>And then…
>Her grip on you tighten considerably, as if she was holding on her dear life on you
>She tell you she has no idea
>There’s no family left for her, her parents died while she was at the Rostrum, and her children… let’s not talk about this
>You feel a few tears rolling on your back, seems like she was just ready to explode
>Back at Coto, she says between loud sobs, she saw some of her friends she knew before the previous Wind Lord took her
>Yet they were… so different, sure they recognised each other since their faces didn’t change that much
>But a gap of over twenty years, she doesn’t know them anymore neither does they know her
>And she refuses to force her stories of the times where I was with her husband on them, it would feel so wrong
>She just feels so alien to everything, and she’s so old, she says … just starting anew…that sounds impossible
>You feel her knee give out beneath her, and she now rests all her weight on you now
>Looks like a dam really broke somewhere
>She was nothing but a bride for the last decades, Spume adds to her case, her existence won’t have any purpose once it’ll be finished
>There’s nothing for her to hope for, all that disappeared long ago
>What is she gonna do? She returns you the question, What is she gonna do? Again
>And once more… and going

>What do?
see you tomorrow
It's a big world out there you know. There is quite a lot to do if you want. She could leave the island and explore equestria and see things she's never seen before. She can learn new skills and eat different foods.
Exactly. Quite literally a whole new world has opened up to you. Maybe you could be a sort of diplomat for the Archipelago to Equestria?
have a good night.
Hope we can convince her that there's a lot left for her to do.
Let's go up to page 1.
What a time to be alive.
>You gently pat her back, allowing her to calm down a little
>She could act as a diplomat for the Archipelago now that the islands aren’t isolated from the rest of the world
>The Archipelago will need to be represented for trades and treaties
>And there’s still a lot of things to hope for, you softly whisper in her ears, a whole new world just literally opened up to her after all
>Equestria is huge, beautiful and filled with history and each place even has its signature traditional food, and they’re all delicious
>Many spend their whole lives discovering the continent
>And while none has even managed to see it all, they never regretted trying
>She could be one of them, you tell her, leaving the weight of her past behind and taking a fresh start in a new world
>You’re convinced she’d be happy
>However, you crying mass on your shoulder doesn’t seem to agree
>That won’t do it, she whines, she’s sorry, she knows you’re trying your best to help her, but it just won’t work
>Being a diplomat would be uncalled for, even among the rebels, many see her as a creepy ghost from the past
>She doesn’t feel like she’s not the one who should represent them
>Then, about traveling around Equestria…
>She’s at an age where she should help raising her grandchildren, not run around endlessly
>Equestria is certainly huge and wonderful, she has no doubts about it
>But traveling from place to place without goal doesn’t appeal to her at all
>She’s too weary for that kind of adventure, she says, she couldn’t be happy like that
>All she’d wish for would be to go home, somewhat, be that can’t be anymore
>It hurts, she says
>She’s just gonna find an isolated cave where she can live alone with her demons without bothering anypony, no one will miss her like that

>What do?
I know for a fact that there is no such thing as being to old to find love.
you're never too old to adventure and wouldn't the goal be to see what places had to offer?

There's also meeting the princess and that's quite an experience for any pony (would you like to join the church of Celestia?). But alright that's not your thing.

It's her life and we can't tell her how to live it. if she wants to live in a cave then she can.
Tell her to think, she will be remembered as a hero for all she's done. Come with me and father. Come home with us.

I kinda hate to suggest it, but do you think she would be willing to take on Abyss?
here's another goal to wander around
"find a place you want to spend the rest of your life."
She did love the Wind Lord, and that's where alot of her problems stem.
She'd have to search to find somebody as bad as them.
Well, he didn't sound like a bad dude really. Said he considered abolishing the whole "We're gods, give us your mares and precious metals." system.
There's also the fact that he chose her rather than the other way around.
>You sigh… she’s really not gonna make it easy for you, is she?
>She’s gonna miss a lot of things, you tell her, and she could meet the princesses, which can be a very enlightening experience for a pony
>Joining their church might very well be the next step, you joke around
>But you can’t force her in the end, if living alone is what she truly think would be the best, you have no right to stop her, you say
>However, she might as well try to find the best grotto to live in, so she’s gonna have to visit a few places
>You add that she may come with you and your father at first, our house not as comfortable as a cave, but it’d be a first harbour for your search
>She chuckles at your offer between her tears, she seems to feel a little better
>Besides, you add, she’s really dramatizing the way the people of the island see her
>She’s a hero, and will be remembered as such for her courageous actions, no pony will be bothered by her
>You and you friend only helped her, she’s the true saviour of these islands, you proudly declare
>This time, she doesn’t object what you say
>She still hold dearly on your neck, but her crying is starting to subside as you keep her in you lukewarm embrace
>A wild idea comes into your mind… what if she was willing to take on Abyss?
>You believe she’d be able to take him, and that would give her a new purpose
>Or… not. You were utterly lost when that happened, you can’t really know what would become of her
>You wonder if you should look further into that idea

>What do?
That's hard to work with. I'd hate to thrust the burden onto her but I know Gem would still have a future. Spume, however is almost ready to give up on everything but Abyss' power and her mental instability would make a bad combination. We might can go back to our jewlery shop but it won't be the same. We can sleep, we're constantly freezing, and we'll never get married or have children...

Tell her that if it's any consolation that our life is going to be very different too.
>However, since Spume is… rather unstable, you believe this might not be a good idea
>Instead you tell her she’s not the only one to come out of this trail with some scars…
>It’s your turned to feel a little depressed, she doesn’t respond, though
>You keep patting her back in silence for a while, before the Pegasus seem calm enough again to stand on her own hooves
>Eyes still red, she apologizes for crumbling on you like that, and thanks you for cheering her up too
>And before you leave her room, she tells you she’ll think about your offer
>You give her a smile
>There’s still a little time before the trial of the two Wind Lords, but you might simply wait for that to happen
>Or maybe you could think about what you could say at the trial, you’re some sort of eye witness, you guess

>What do?
Fuck. I wanted to say those things and vent to her some too.
Let's go to either dad or Alga to vent.

I'm sure we don't really need to prepare a speech. What? Just answer questions and stuff?
that trial will be exciting.
>You sigh
>Dealing with Spume’s melancholy made you face your own tragic situation again
>You’re feeling a little down, you should probably have vented too instead of forcing a smile
>As you silently watch the waves crashing on the rocks, your father walks past you and seem to notice your gloomy expression
>He asks if you’re okay
>And he’s met with a little torrent of tears coming of your eyes
>Wickwisp gives you a warm smile and take you in his embrace, then softly asks you if you want to talk about something
>After a moment you tell him the reason of your sorrow
>How you will never be able to run your jewellery shop like before, how you’re always freezing
>And that you’ll never be able to find a love, marry, and have children
>The flow ow water coming from your eyes only increases as you speak, and soon a little cascade can be heard as is falls in the ocean beneath you
>Your father keeps holding the whole time you and delicately massages your mane while you speak,
>You’re shaking all over but at the same time his touch soothes you greatly as you follow the circular motion of his hoof on you head
>A few moment after you’ve fallen silent, you dad speaks, and assures you it’s going to be alright
>Everyone here wants to help you, and with the help of the dragon, you’ll definitely manage to get your old self back
>And even if that fail, he’ll personally bring your case to the princesses themselves, he promises, even if he’s got to loses his job in the process
>There no way they won’t be able to help you
>You’re nearly there, he tells you, all you have to do is believe in yourself, and bear with it just a little longer
>The waters coming from your eyes have nearly dried out before he was finished speaking
>That’s right… there’s so much people who care about you and want to help you
>He doesn’t even know about Zecora, and already his words make it seem like he’s right
>You’ll come out of this, at it’ll be merely a bad memory… with some nice interludes
>Staying in your father’s embrace a little longer, you enjoy his contact a little more
>You’re feeling a lot better now
>After a moment, you hear Spume announce herself with a cough
>It’s high time to bring the two lords to the justice of the people, she announces

>What do?

see you... the day after tomorrow, if the thread live until that
see you soon
good night

bring the two lords to the justice of the people
should be fine
Dick justice hurrr
good day
mysteries await. Secrets revealed.
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