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Cheating On Sunset
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GSW finished his story but the other Anon didn't and the thread died. There was anal and femdom and stopping for gas. It was fuckin sick you should a been there. Anyway.
Original Prompt:
>"Hey anon, you're up late"
I remember those greentexts about Anon cucking Sunset with Crissie. Is it still going?
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I suppose I'll try to keep writing then.

Also, this pic is of the story that I reference in the first post and should be considered a kind of unofficial prequel.


>Oh thank Christ, it looks like Anon's done paying and is finally on his way back to save you from his aggravating nag of a girlfriend.
>You wait patiently as he takes his sweet ass time making his way over.
>At long last he opens the driver side door and reclaims his seat, tossing a brightly coloured packet backwards over his shoulder and vaguely in your direction.
>"Don't drop any on the floor or under the seats or else you're walking home," he threatens jokingly as he passes a second packet off to Sunset.
>You stare down at the item you'd snatched out of the air and glower.
"Seriously, you bought Skittles?"
>Anon shrugs and fastens his seatbelt across himself with a click.
>"If you don't want 'em then I'll have them."
>You clutch your prize to your chest as he turns slightly and reaches an arm forth to take back his purchase.
"I never said I wouldn't have them, idiot. I'm just surprised you bought them considering you're not twelve years old anymore."
>He chuckles at your reaction and turns to face forwards once again, briefly reaching up to adjust his rear view mirror before turning on the ignition.
>"Yeah, say what you want but you know you like 'em. I saw all those empty packets you had in your room."
>You snort testily, though part of you appreciated the gesture
"Fine, well... thanks or whatever, but don't ever snoop around in my room again."
>In front of you, Anon gives the scout's salute.
>"Well if you're going to twist my arm about it, I solemnly swear never to pry, spy or otherwise peek around your room or at any unmentionables it may contain from this day forth."
>You remain silent, entirely unamused by your friend's inanity as you fiddle with the packet in your fingers.
>God damn thing just wouldn't open.
>"Though I'm not sure what you're worried about," he adds after a moment as he pulls out of the gas station and back onto the main road.
>"Afraid I'll find your vibrator or something?"

>Your head shoots up in abject astonishment, the pack of Skittles you'd been clawing at now ripping open and spilling its contents all across your lap and the seat beside you.
>Truly, you hope Anon realises that he'd just signed his own death warrant with that flippant remark.
>Your eye twitches as you hear Sunset stifle a giggle in the front seat, raising her hand to conceal her smirk.
>Honestly, you weren't entirely sure how to confront this situation.
>Nobody had ever dared to make a fool of you before, so you were unaccustomed to the burning sense of embarrassment currently causing your cheeks to flush hot.
>Doing the only reasonable thing you could think of, you punched Anon hard in the back of his head and threw the half empty packet of Skittles at the windscreen, the brightly coloured contents scattering throughout the car and across the dashboard.
"Fuck you, Anon, and fuck you, Sunset, you putrid skank!"
>In the front, Sunset clutched her door handle tightly and let out a brief scream of fright as the car suddenly swerved across lanes.
>Anon, clutching the back of his head and neck chuckled like a lunatic and swiftly regained control of the vehicle.
>"God damn, I was kidding!" He laughed. "You almost killed us all."
>Unrepentant, you kick the back of his seat with all your might, trying your best to jam the heel of your boot into the small of his back.
"Screw you, you cock munching faggot!"
>Glancing back at you sympathetically, Sunset places her hand on Anon's forearm as he shifts gear.
>"Anon, that was mean," she spoke diplomatically, "you should apologise."
>Halting at a red light, Anon initially scoffed, but after glancing to the side and seeing the stern glare Sunset was giving him sighed in defeat and turned back to look at you.
>"Ugh... Sorry I implied you were a wanker," he said.
>Sunset elbowed him in the side.
worse than hitler
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Yes, but Anon knows he's a total scumbag. After all, who'd really cheat on the perfect waifu?
this tbqh
>cheating on a pony with a literally black-skinned monkey
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The depths to which a man will sink, all for a piece of dat ass. Sickening.
Reminds me of another green where Chryssi is a transforming fuck buddy and Sunset was your loving little sister, who the former impersonated for an incestuous blowjob.

>Feeling your girlfriend jabbing you in the ribs, you offer Chrysalis a reconciling smile, though judging by scornful glare she was giving you, it wasn't having much effect.
"Oh come on, I didn't mean it."
>Your old friend narrows her eyes still further.
>"You may be able to say things that humiliate me, Anon, but I could say things that would ruin you. Remember that."
>Swallowing, your mouth hangs open for a moment in realisation of what she was hinting at.
>You feel a pit forming in your stomach, making you feel deeply uncomfortable.
>Clearing your throat awkwardly, you turn back to face steering wheel.
>Placing your hands upon it, it suddenly dawns on you just how stupid you'd just been.
>What the hell were you doing teasing Chrysalis?
>In the span of a single conversation she could ruin your relationship with Sunset and cement a reputation for you as a lying, untrustworthy son of a bitch.
>Running on auto-pilot, you press your foot down upon the accelerator and pull away from the traffic lights as they turn green.

>Your heart sinks as Sunset looks at you questioningly, obviously sensing your sudden unease at the whole situation.
>"What does that mean?" She asks, looking back at Chryssie. "What'd ruin Anon?"
>Glancing up at the rear view mirror, you meet your old friends gaze in the reflection.
>You stare pleadingly into her deep green and unreadable eyes.
>This is it, you told yourself.
>Either the web of lies and guilt came crashing down right now or else you lived to be an amoral bastard for another day, swearing all the insincere promises you liked that you'd try to be a better person in the future.
>"Chrysalis? What'd ruin Anon?" Asked Sunset for a second time.
>Behind you, your friend switched her gaze to Sunset and after a moment chuckled, adopting a smirk.
>"He used to wet the bed all the time when he was younger," she lied.
>"Oh," replied Sunset, apparently expecting something much worse, "well that's not that big of a deal, Anon. Lots of kids do that and it's not something to be ashamed about."
>You nod hesitantly.
"R-Right, I know... Still embarrassing though."

I wasn't really expecting another thread to be made or to have to continue this at all, so that's all I have for now.
>Sunset has a cuckquean fetish
>one day she gathers the courage to ask you to fuck another girl
>in front of her
>while she's watching
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"Adagio, I have a favour to ask you."
>The poof haired girl scowls at you
>"Well now, you've got a lot of nerve to ask me anything after what you did to us."
>You nod, twiddling your thumbs nervously.
"I was wondering if... um..."
>"Well? get on with it, I don't have all day."
>You fight down a blush and force yourself to meet the other girl's eyes.
>"Would you fuck my boyfriend please... while I watch?"
>A moment passes in silence, the other girls expression unreadable.
>"Yeah, okay."
>You feel your heart skip a beat.
"Really? Thank you! But... why'd you agree so quickly?"
>Adagio shrugs.
>"Eh, what can I say? You boyfriend's hot."
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>"Okay lover boy, I don't know how you and your pretty little girlfriend do it, but when you're with me you're to call me 'mistress' and are strictly forbidden from cuming until I give you permission, understand slave?"
>Anon nods dumbly as if not entirely sure what to make of the entire situation.
>"Oh, and you have to wear this."
>Adagio holds out a ball gag suspended from one of her latex clad fingers.
and in four lines you've fucked up a story that could have has some potential, well done.
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>liking cucking
>not liking femdom
How are you THIS ass-backwards?
>four lines
>well done
Shit nigger, I can do that in two words.

What do you mean story? I just wrote a few lines of green as a joke in response to a post that made me smirk. I'd hardly call that a story.

Write your own if you want.
interest went from 20 --> 0 in 4 lines
>Fucking another woman whilst another gets off to it vs.being made a little bitch
Fair enough I thought both posts were by the same person. Femdom still a shit though. Cucking and cheating isn't much better but humanized/goth Chrysalis is always hot as fuck.
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So are you going to make a point or...?
This is reverse cucking, though.

You're either on one side of the spectrum, beta bitch who likes being cucked, dominated and treated like shit, or on the other side, who enjoys sadism, subjugation and harems.
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"Moondancer, right?"
>The girl in front of you nods nervously as if not used to having people come up to speak with her during school.
>"U-Um... um, yes?"
"I know we've never talked before, and that... well, I only know your name because I asked around, but I kind of have a favour to ask you."
>"Oh, well okay."
>You breath a sigh of relief, half expecting the strange girl to reject you outright.
"Thanks. Listen, I sort of need you to fuck my boyfriend."
>The girl freezes up entirely.
"You know my boyfriend, Anon?"
>You see her give a tine nod but otherwise remain motionless.
>"Are... are you mocking me? I know I haven't ever had a boyfriend of my own, but that doesn't mean you can just shove yours on my face to flaunt him."
>You shake your head hurriedly.
"No, I promise! I just really need you to fuck my boyfriend while I watch."
>Moondancer stares at you blankly for a long while before once again giving the tiniest of nods.
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>"Um... Hi, Anon."
>Your boyfriend looks at Moondancer with eyes wide, obviously enjoying what he saw.
>"I-I've never done anything like this before, but I hope you find it satisfactory... Um, please be gentle."
It must suck having third world country level reading comprehension.
Oh I can read
I just don't get how the second is somehow worse than the first
>Anon tenderly fucks Moondancer whilst Sunset is orgasming in the corner.
This is an unexpected boner but it isn't unwelcome.
It's a good thing this isn't a homeless thread, I don't think my sides could have taken it.
>"Anon, you've been getting very good grades lately and my sister and I have been searching for a way to reward your continued exemplary performance."
>Luna nodded at her sister before turning back to your boyfriend while you sat in the corner of the room.
>"Indeed, Celestia's right, Anon. We had originally planned to let you off homework for a week or two, but was Sunset here that suggested that you'd most likely respond best to a little physical encouragement instead. Let us hope your performance here shall be equally as pleasing."
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"Hey, pinkie, want to come fuck my b-"
"Oh... alright then."
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>"Fivesome, Anon?"
Yeah you can read, otherwise you wouldn't be here but there is a different between reading something and actually understanding it. It seems you can do the first but not the second.
Let me spell it out for you; the first you're getting to fuck another woman with the permission of the other because she finds it hot, the other you're being a little bitch, getting walked over and generally treated like shit and who in their right mind would want that..
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>who in their right mind would want that
Just let Adagio indulge her fetish, damn. I mean it's not like Anon is being forced into anything and can't call it quits any time he likes.

>"Yeah, sorry Sunny Bunny, but I'm not into being gagged and shit. Find somebody else or give up, because I'm not fucking cheesy poof."
I just imagined Anon saying that in an over the top cockney accent. My sides are now in low orbit.
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"Adagio, I have a favour to ask you."
>The poof haired girl scowls at you
>"Well now, you've got a lot of nerve to ask me anything after what you did to us."
>You nod, twiddling your thumbs nervously.
"I was wondering if... um..."
>"Well? get on with it, I don't have all day."
>You fight down a blush and force yourself to meet the other girl's eyes.
>"Would you fuck my boyfriend please... while I watch?"
>A moment passes in silence, the other girls expression unreadable.
>"Yeah, okay, but only if I get to fuck you too once Anon's done."
>You feel your heart skip a beat.
"Well I'm not sure if I could convince Anon to just sit back and watch you and me together, but I'm sure he'll say yes to a threesome!"
>Adagio ponders that for a second.
>"Oh what the hell, you're on. Though FYI, if Anon so much as tries to put it in my ass I'll rip his balls off. Dagi don't swing that way on a first date, got it?"
God damn you, side-kamikaze.
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