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Ashley Williams in Equestria.
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Ashley Williams in Equestria.
What happens?
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He dooms Equestria by raising the deadites accidently

He saves Equestria

He is offered a way home but accidently ends up in the Equestria Girls universe because he misspoke the words
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You forgot:
He bangs all four Princesses and takes a few minutes out of his day to beat down Blueblood, 'cause he can.
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Are there any Ash pones out there?
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A few crossovers like pic related.
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Also a few things like this pic related, the word for them is escaping me currently.
She removes alien scum like the perfect space waifu she is
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>Twilight uses a summoning spell from generic musty text to summon the great Ashley Williams.
>She summons every Ashley Williams in fictional history and puts them in a gladiatorial match to determine who the real hero she summoned is.
I want green, immediately.
I agree with Heavy. The world needs this immediately.
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Tell you what...give me an hour to research Ashley Williams in all incarnations, and I'll be back with green.
There are only two that I can think of. And my money's on the riflewoman. She beat the Reapers, I think she can handle a meme with a chainsaw hand
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>meme with a chainsaw hand
That 'meme' took on the forces of hell 3 times, beat them, and is currently in the process of racking up victory no. 4.
Demons vs aliens, that's the real question.
"Don't worry toots, we're gonna get out of this library in one piece, alright Twi?"
>"But how? They've got us surrounded, Ash!"
"I know you're scared; we're all scared, but that doesn't mean we're cowards."
>The sound of Ash's mystical "boomstick" fills Twilight with reassurance.
"We can take these skeletons, we can take them, with science."
Alright, I'm here. Let's do this.

>Twilight Sparkle sits alone in her library, her entire focus on the book before her.
>The tome was written in dark times, before even Starswirl the Bearded had begun to study magic.
>It tells of spells that even mythology has forgotten, strange hybrid magics of Chaos and unicorn abilities.
>It has taken Twilight months of study to comprehend this text, but now, she is ready to cast the first spell, a spell to summon a mighty hero.
>The book gives a brief list, such as Son Goku (savior of Namek, champion of Earth), Flash Gordon (savior of the universe, king of the impossible), and He-Man (master of the universe), but her attention is drawn to one in particular.
>Ashley Williams, a name surrounded in mystery, as the achievements normally listed beside the name have been scratched out here.
>Thus, with her heart pounding, Twilight's horn begins to spark, and almost immediately a portal forms over her, causing two beings to fall from the ceiling in a pile.
>They both scramble to their feet, standing easily double Twilight's height, probably more.
>Just judging by their facial structure, one is a male, one female, but this clearly isn't right.
>"Wait...what? That spell was only supposed to summon one being...Which of you is Ashley Williams?!"
"I AM!"
>Both of them spoke at the same time, then immediately took to glaring at one another.
>As they stared angrily, each occupant of the room took the time to notice the oddities of the others.
>Twilight took careful note that the male seemed to be carrying two strange items on his back that resembled some sort of weapon, and his left hand seemed to be made completely of metal.
>The female, on the other hand, was clothed entirely in some shiny alloy and carried another weapon in one hand that closely resembled the one the male had strapped to his back, but a bit bulkier.
>After this brief stare-down, the male glanced back over at Twilight, clearly curious about something.
Ponification, anon.
You know, when you meet your exact duplicate, you have two options: Fight them, or fuck them.

"Wait a second...did this thing just talk? Better yet, where are we?"
>Twilight took a deep breath and began again, a bit more cautiously this time.
>"Sorry about that introduction. My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. You're both here because I used a summoning spell from an old text to bring Ashley Williams here. I didn't realize there were two of you."
>Ash huffs, taking a step back.
"Trust me, darling. There's only one of me."
>Now the female begins, a bit more skeptical than the male.
"Wait, wait. We just got teleported to who-knows-where by a talking unicorn, and you're gonna let that slide?"
>The male grins over at her, and Twilight can't help but notice his chest seems to swell a bit.
"Not exactly the strangest thing to ever happen to me. How about you?"
>The female raises an eyebrow, her face completely coated with annoyance.
"First of all, never gonna happen. Second of all...who even are you?"
>The male turns fully to face his counterpart, crossing his arms.
"Name's Ash. Housewares. Couldn't resist. And you?"
>The female stands up a bit straighter as she begins to list her name and rank.
"Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams, Operations Chief on the Normandy."
>The male snorts with disdain.
"Nice brass, but let's see how much good it does you. Sorry, but pastel horses don't seem like the type to hold a standing army."
>The female's lip raises in anger, but she manages to take a deep breath and calm herself, turning back to Twilight.
"Look, I don't know why you brought us here, but I need to get back pronto. Can't you just magic us away?"
>Twilight shakes her head, realizing just now that she's practically drenched in sweat from performing the spell the first time.
>"I'm afraid not. Casting the summoning spell took almost everything I had. It'll be a few days before I'm ready to try it again, especially in reverse. I don't even know if those instructions are in here. I might have to write them from scratch..."
THAT'S IT! Good grief, how could I not remember that?

>Ash chuckles in disbelief, turning around and walking in a circle, shaking his head all the while.
>As he does so, Twilight raises an eyebrow, the main issue of this whole thing coming back to her.
>"Wait a minute...there are two of you. That's not right."
>The female turns to her, one eyebrow raised.
"What do you mean? Was there something wrong with whatever you were doing?"
>"No, the ponies who wrote this were the greatest magic users of all time. All this spell says is that it will summon a great hero named Ashley Williams. But...it's only supposed to bring one person here."
>She looks up, glancing between the two of them.
>"One of you is a fake!"
>They both give her a look of genuine shock at the accusation, then turn quickly to one another again.
>Instinctively, the male draws his shotgun, aiming it straight at the female's head, and she does the same with her own rifle.
>They stare down one another once again, but this time it's the commander who breaks the silence.
"Look, I don't know who you are, but that doesn't mean I won't put a hole through your head and end this right now."
>The male smirks, licking his lips for a second.
"I'll be honest, lady, I don't wanna kill you. In my experience, killing folks that are already living is a terrible waste. So why don't you put down that gun and we can talk this out?"
>The female shakes her head, clearly not buying it.
>She lays a finger on the trigger, but isn't quite fast enough as the male lunges forward, catching the barrel of her gun with his metal hand and pulling straight up.
>The bottom of the barrel crunches upward, closing off the entire thing and effectively making the weapon useless.
>The female jerks the rifle out of Ash's hand, her face filled with shock and rage.
>She flips the firearm around in her hand and swings the butt of the gun straight at her male counterpart, striking him squarely in the jaw.
>He falls back, rubbing his bruised face, and gets back up to return the blow.
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As usual, everyone dies except for him
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>romancing worst girl
>choosing her over based Kaidan
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>Headaches McHairdo
>better than anyone

Enjoy your crater husbando.

I think your faggotry speaks for itself here
how the hell would he walk with the chainsaw
Didn't he like already fought with every Marvel zombie hero? And with Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger?
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mgswt groovy.png
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Those were all hypothetical. No real evidence or math behind any of them. Don't get me wrong, the same applies here, but one cannot go taking battles like that seriously.
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>Ash goes to equestria
>He meets some Mexican pone and an emo chick pone
>They go on evil slaying adventures
>He gets both their families killed
Was it worth it?
Don't forget that As a season cliffhanger, he will make a deal with the creator of the Necronomicon to get the three out of it while she takes over the world with the forces of evil.
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