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confess your sins
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confess your sins
I'm about to be making more in a moment.
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I don't have a waifu, I just ship
I like gay ponies and rule 63.
I haven been on /mlp/ for 35 days
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I don't want to cum in rainbow dash

I want to cum in pinkie's tight pink ponut

I haven't watched the show since mid season 4.

I'm about to go masturbate to the though of fucking Rarity.
I have never masturbated.
I fap to real life horses
i saw all the nun rarity porn
you are the less appropiate to attone for my sins
who's your favourite ship Anon Personally i'm a Twixie person
I'd rather fuck a griffon than a pony
My ship was actually in that pic

It's like Raricow all over again.

I have spent nearly 40 hours last week masturbating to ponies
I fapped to goatmom last night and Aryanne this afternoon. Ponies illicit better orgasms.

I also came on my twilight plush once and licked it all off
Welcome to /mlp/, friend.
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why are all these cartoon horses on the pony board?
I masturbate to the cartoon ponies from the little girls show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
I've been here for a while mang, but thank you. >>26018495
I have fapped to many horses.
That is sick and wrong, who the fuck would ever masterbate to ponies?
God, you'd have to be some kind of sicko.

welcome to the club, senpai
My sin? Incest, attraction to incest, that is.
oh no
aryanne turned into a jew
"It all started...When I was born."
Well I want to die and being a jew around her would lead to that so sure.
I wanna desecrate that pure white ass
Illicit means illegal.
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I can and will ask for green but it won't happen.
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I still go to /mlp/
I'm a Dashfag. I'm not a cancerous one though, so It's a minor sin.
I haven't fapped with pony since s3
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I think bloodanon in twiquestria is fucking awful
I like anthro
>You must never tell anyone what you did.
>You must never tell anyone what you did.
>On the first Sunday of the month, you walk up to the confession booth in the late afternoon.
>Everyone is done with their morning service, and the evening service won't begin until a couple of hours from now.
>You must never-
>It's time to come clean.
"H-hello?" You utter while falling to your knees.
>"Hello, Darling." A female voice sounds on the other side. "Would you like to confess something today?"
>Oh no...
>You recognize that voice.
>That's HER voice. She's is the one to whom you're supposed to confess this to?
>This is more than you can handle, you're bailing out.
>She must never know about this.
>Without another word, you exit the church.
>Miss Rarity remains at her post, not even allowed to open the door to see who it was who just left the room.
>At least that's something you can be sure of.
>Maybe next week, you'll have the guts to just get it out and tell her already. You already know that she won't know that it's you... but you just don't feel ready to spill the beans yet.
>Maybe you can think of a better way to word it... now that you know that the mare you clopped to is the one you must confess doing so to.
>There must be a better way to ease her into it.
>Next week. Promise.

Continue? This may get really lewd really fast.
Eh, screw you guys, I'm continuing anyway.
>It's now the second Sunday of the month.
>The entire past week has been filled with panic and extreme wondering for you.
>You've admittedly been dreading this day, not wanting it to ever come.
>But you must face the music.
>And you might as well, since you've actually clopped to the thought of Miss Rarity at least twice in the past seven days.
>It's not like it's your fault or anything, you just had a couple of late nights of weakness.
>There will be a day when you must resist her curvaceous figure. But you're not too sure if today will be that day.
>But still, you must face the music.
>You promised.
>Once again, you walk up the aisle. Kneel down in front of the confession booth as about the same time you had a week ago.
"Hello?" You make your presence known once more, this time saying it a bit louder than last time.
>There is a brief moment of silence.
>You wonder about whether or not she's even here today until the same voice from last time sounds from inside the booth.
>But Miss Rarity says something different this time.
>"I recognize your voice, Darling."
>You withhold a gasp before she continues after a few more seconds.
>"But worry not. There is no need to flee. As far as I'm concerned, you're Anonymous to me."
>Does... does she seriously know your name?
>Like, there's no way you can be sure, but you clearly can't prove beyond reasonable doubt that she knows that your name is Anonymous, and is simply hinting it to you.
>What an inconvenient name to have in this situation.
"I... I'm sorry..." You stutter before standing back up.
>She hears you do this.
>"Wait! It's okay to tell me whatever it is."
>You promised that you'd come clean.
>Better not make matters worse than they already are. Better not have God striking your ass down even harder then he usually does with Life as his tool.
"I-I'll come back."
>"Alright then." She answers without opening the door. "You're always welcome here, Darling."
I like it and am interested
Sometimes I imagine myself as a woman and my waifu as a man and riding my waifu until I "walk funny"
>Your nights of weakness have grown more... numerous after the second confrontation with Miss Rarity.
>The thing is... you're just not at all sure if she knows that it's you there. You and Miss rarity do not exactly know eachother personally, but you and her have definitely talked often enough to know eachother's names.
>Thoughts about the young nun mare don't seem to leave your head, but rather assert themselves even more strongly.
>And actions concerning those thoughts get increasingly... well, it's more appropriate to describe it as sinful.
>The very thought of her knowing about this only gets you going. And you can't exactly say that you're proud of this.
>Part of you actually wants her to know. Something about that premise only makes this feel better for you... in a bad way.
>The worst part of this is, even though no one in Equestria has caught you white-handed, God still saw everything.
>This means that you better hope that you fess up to these recent nights as well, otherwise, you're still a liar in the eyes of the Lord.
>The third Sunday of the month comes.
>Just like the other two times, you slowly pace up the aisle of the church.
>But she heard you coming this time. Not only this, but she recognized your steady, drawn out footfalls.
>"Are you ready this time, Darling?"
"...Yes. I am ready this time, Miss Rarity."
>Fall to your knees, even more weakly than any other time before.
>Miss Rarity doesn't waste a second.
>"What confessions do you have for me today?"
"J-just one... I..."
>Miss Rarity silently waits for your answer.
>anthro rarity
"I... I may hav- no. I... have clopped. A lot of times... in the past."
>She does not say a word at first.
"And I would like to come clean about it. Because it was hard for me to get this out to you for a reason, Miss Rarity. And the reason is..."
>"Would you like me to explain something to you first, or would you like me to let you finish first?"
"I... might as well get this out of the way..."
>"Okay then, Darling."
>You clear your throat, making your voice echo throughout the entire chamber for a half second.
>Just say it, Anon.
"The one to whom I have clopped... i-is... you..."
>The most awkward silence ensues over the next thirty seconds or so.
>Both of you are afraid to say but another word to eachother.
>It's remarkable how she manages to find the guts to break the silence first.
>"Well..." Miss Rarity answers, sounding as professional as she can. "I should probably inform you that masturbation of any kind in and of itself is... not really a sin."
>At this moment, the whole world around you freezes. You done fucked up now.
>Not a single breath of air can leave your lungs.
>"However..." Miss Rarity continues, now sounding in a way where you can almost tell that she is blushing. "It is highly unethical to allow your life to be consumed by this sort of thing. Though, I'm sure it must be frowned upon to some extent when the mare you clop to is... someone in my position."
>You just want to leave at this point, but you're in too deep this time to bail out.
"What should I do?"
>"Hmmm... my suggestion would be to find a way to control and eventually eliminate those urges that cause you to clop."
"O... okay..."
>"Now... I'd normally advise you to confront the one whom you clop to, but seeing what the current situation is, I'm not entirely sure what to do about this..."
"Wh... why would you say to confront whoever it is?"
>"It's simple. The sinner would have a chance to talk things out with them and... hopefully work something out. But... this is different."
I like EqG
moreover, Sunset Shimmer.
I think she might be becoming my waifu
I can't stop thinking about her, her wonderful smile, and I'd do anything to make her smile
Here, a friend of mine wrote a thing you might like.
>Your stomach can only sink deeper and deeper as she goes on.
>But at the same time... she freaking knows now.
>That same exact feeling from before, the one that got you going during the times of weakness, begins fuming within you.
>A growing boner begins to stand up in your pants.
>"In addition to this, it is expected by the church that the confessor to the sins must solve his or her dilemma as soon as possible. This would mean meeting with the one they must confront when they get the chance."
>Miss Rarity saying all of this isn't making you any softer.
>"So I suppose that your best bet is to talk it over with me now."
>You can't help but feel like a fish with 26021838 pieces of bait being dangled in front of you.
"So... do we just talk about it and that's it?"
>"If that's all it comes to... then yes. I'm afraid we have a little bit of a loophole to deal with here."
>She then says something that sends an un-ignorable tingle up your spine.
>"Would you like to stay Anonymous, or would it have to come to the point where we have to see eachother face to face?"

I'm getting kinda tired. I'll continue this tomorrow if this thread's still up. If it's archived tomorrow, I'll write other stuff before posting the full finished version of this somewhere.
I like Rarity, Spike, EqG, G1, Princess Cadence, unequalized Sugar Belle, and pineapple pizza. How irredeemable a sinner am I?
Now... count up your sins!
I've been browsing board for 3 years now and i still haven't fapped to ponies.
I actually like kilala97 next gen and if I had any form of drawing ability I would draw porn of it.
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Not even yourself.png
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A bit of trivia for y'all: The "naughty nun" trope actually has basis in fact. The disobedient daughters of the upper classes used to be sent to convents to get more Jesus. Imagine it, all those unusually healthy and educated young girls who just couldn't control their impulses, locked away in a stone building... without men... for years...

that's how lesbians are made
>Fan of the Fandom
The greatest sin of all.
I fapped to a not really good anthro image 3 times, and it was my first time clopping
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wosh u soul.gif
23 KB, 540x253
>I fapped to goatmom
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This part in tight clothing... instant erection every time.
Your sins outweigh mine, whore.
>le who're meme
>le pure meme
I like RD too
Oh dear sweet babby Jesus, this hits almost every button I have. MOAR! Uh, please.
Bumping for green
>confession thread
The new radiating from you is nauseating.
Nigga, scroll up. Naughty nun rara green is a thing that's happening, and I desire moar

This. Shimmy is top waifu

Although, I kinda prefer how she's depicted in the fandom, rather than in the movies
"The world trembled in heaved in the torment that I was about to bring. An unrelenting amount of faggotry and butthurt to consume all in its wake. No one was spared... and it continues on to this day. I am Nyx, destroyer of the fandom."
Yeah ok.
and that is...?
Pastebin for this story
Now I am become Nyx, the destroyer of boards.
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I think Rarity is worst pony and yet I have so much porn of her...
you love the ones you hate
I deliberately make negative posts in the generals I frequent because I'm insecure.
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>deliberately make negative posts
>because I'm insecure
How-to-the-why does that work?
To make others feel worse so I feel okay with myself.
File: 1426190277048.png (42 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can't you go and make yourself feel better?
Or make yourself feel better by making others feel better?
Do you know any good jokes beyond yourself, I mean.
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There are a lot of interpretations, but the most common is that she's a fairly nice badass
I fapped to tsundre plane
I have a nun fetish.
writefag dead?
I'm alive. End coming up soon, though. This story's a quick one.
>For the most part, you do not want to stand up. Your raging erection is jetting forward in your trousers like a steel beam.
>There's no doubt she'd see it if she sees you face to face.
>Not like that wouldn't make sense, though. She already knows what you do with it.
>Just get this over with, Anon.
>"I suppose I should ask you exactly what it is about me that makes you feel the way you do. Perhaps you could find a way to eliminate those feelings towards me through insight on the source of your urges."
>Why does she have to ask this?
>The very fact that you find yourself unable to answer her gives her the cue that you're beyond nervous.
>"Oh, it's all right, Darling." She tells you after another awkward pause. "I'm terribly sorry that there's no other church in town you could have chosen instead of having to confront me about this. But the fact of the matter is, you would have had to talk to me at some point anyway, right?"
"R...r-right..." You barely stutter the words out of your mouth.
>"Well it's a good thing this happened, then. It could be said that it's a sign."
>You can't tuck your mast in.
>Despite your best efforts, it just can't be done.
>"Listen, I know you might be feeling a tad bit uneasy from all this, so how about we... oh I don't know. Get to the bottom of this as soon as possible."
>No no no no no... this can't be real.
"Wh-what do you mean?"
>"Would you like to just talk it through? And then trust that the urges will never happen again?"
>You're sweating bullets now.
>"I-Is that the only option?"
>"It's... the only ethical option. But if we do that too hastily, then you might not be cleansed to show proper self-discipline."
Moar! I want to hack this green up into powder and snort it!

Stupid nun fetish
That feel. I know it. I know all of it
>Just get as many details as you can to keep this from dragging out any longer. You just hope that there will be no one around to see you leave the church.
"Uh... what is another option?" You sheepishly ask, crouching forward.
>"Best not mention that now, as it would be extremely sinful to do it regarding my place in the church."
>There's no way that's an option.
>"But still, talking it out would include keeping no secrets from the one to whom you tell everything." Explains Miss Rarity. "First off, you're supposed to confess to me that you had done it and who was involved in those... thoughts. Second off, the only way to make it right in the eyes of the higher power would be to make amends with the one whom you lusted over. You'd... have to tell them every detail and explain to them that you confessed it to me. Then you and them would have to swear to never allow it to happen again. And from that swear can come a number of different scenarios. Including... sufficing the urge... with... them whenever it returns to an extreme extent of constancy. That way, you would at least be keeping clopping from controlling your life."
"But... you said that's not a good option, right?" Your head almost begins to spin.
>"Listen, Darling. I don't want to make this take longer than it has to. Since I'm the one you must explain everything to, you must tell me in grand detail everything you did in order to completely own up to it. It will look good on your reputation with... you know."
>"If it happened, you must confess it. Remember, you're being watched. So it will be known if you're not telling the truth."
>You freeze.
"Wait... what do I have to do?"
>"You have to describe your sins to me, Darling. This is necessary, since I'm the pony you consistently clopped to. You have to tell all of it to me, Darling. It's the only way you'll get closure."
Good work man. I don't know if you want constructive... well, I won't even call it criticism. Opinions. Then I have a couple.
Fuck it, I'm just gonna spoiler it.

She's a bit quick to reveal the banging option. She hasn't even heard any of the dirty stuff, nor noticed Anon's shameful boner. All she knows is that he faps to her. It seems like she's already kinda pushing for lewd to happen. Building arousal/ conflicted RariNun would be appreciated.
Sounds like you're a shitty, mediocre attentionwhore
Shoot. Go right ahead. And don't go easy on me either.
>The memories of what you imagined of her are already flowing back into your head. But the worst part is, you were hard before it happened this time.
>It takes a minute or two to get the words to come out of your mouth. But you manage to make it happen once you muster enough fortitude.
"It... it all started a while back. About a year or so..."
"I remember coming in here for the first time and seeing you up on the stage. I was a bit... bored at service. Didn't really have anything else to think about."
>"What was it about me that first made your mind slip into impurity, Darling?"
>Your lower lip quivers.
"I'm sorry?"
>"What got to you first? If we're going to bastardize everything that twisted your thoughts into sin, we're going to have to address them head on. I understand that this time is different, since... this is me we're talking about. And that this conversation is happening between the two of us. I'd usually tell my client to say it all towards the pony they lusted for from in here, and then let them go and handle it. What is... happening now, I'm afraid... hasn't actually been covered in the good book. As in... this specific scenario was never mentioned."
>This is outside of the rules.
>There will be no standing up without it being seen.
>"Just... describe the details to me."
>She seems a little insistent.
>You're starting to wonder if going into detail is even necessary.
Oh, wait. Nevermind. Didn't see that post until I updated.
Good eye, though. Not surprised that happened when I tried to rush through this story.
>But of course, you proceed. Not exactly able to think about doing anything else. All of the blood from your brain went to your dick.
>Every detail comes out.
"So anyway... I would get home. And then I would basically have nothing else to do for the rest of the day... because it would be Sunday and everything."
>"I see..."
"And then I thought about your..."
>The very thought about it stops you right in your tracks.
>Saying it to yourself would be easy, but knowing that Miss rarity is right here listening to you talk this way about her... it just makes you so nervous.
>"Thought about my what, Darling?" She inquires, almost pressing for you to continue.
>At least the horniness is giving you a little bit of bravery.
"Your hips."
>She doesn't answer at the start of the silence. Almost as though she's waiting for you to continue.
>Not wanting to make this any more awkward, that's exactly what you do.
"It's just... the way they look that got to me. I started to get hard and... started imagining you doing things."
>"What kind of things, Darling?"
>Literally all of this feels off. Miss Rarity sounds almost too eager for your comfort.
>Wouldn't this alone be considered sinful? It certainly feels that way.
>In... kind of a good way.
>To your surprise, you almost want her to know what happened next. Even more un-holy blood has traveled down from your brain, making you stupidly braver.
"I imagined you and me in the back room together. Like, one of the supply closets or something."
>"You mean... is it about the same size as this booth?"
>That implication. There's no way that wasn't intended. She definitely meant that.
>What the hell is going on here? Is she actually trying to make you get hard or something?
>You'd answer that question, but you're already too hard to care.
>And you keep talking to Miss Rarity, now ready to give her every single detail your dirty mind can remember from your... moments of weakness.
>She must hear about it.
>All of it.
"I was lying in bed when I thought of all of this." You continue. "And I pictured you in a room with me. D-dancing."
>"Was it a suggestive dance?"
"Yes. It was... very, very suggestive. The dance you were doing."
>Miss Rarity listens intently.
"I thought of you moving your hips around as I started... rubbing."
>You're almost 100% sure that this is in no way necessary. But you don't care anymore.
"You let me watch you. And I would be sitting in a chair with you right in front of me. Moving around in all sorts of directions under your robes and all that."
>This really shouldn't be continuing. It's wrong... on so many levels. But it also feels right... on far too many levels for you to ignore.
>Just keep going. You're already in WAY too deep.
"You then loosened your robes with your magic. You... let the little know at the collar become loose, and then you kept dancing."
>"I... oh my...."
"I'm so sorry, Miss Rarity."
>"Be strong. Get it all out. We'll get through this. Together."
>Belt it out, Anon.
>Just belt it out.
"You were twisting your body around under your loosening robes, and the robes started to come off the more you moved around. It slipped off of your shoulders first."
>For a second, you can almost swear that you can hear Miss Rarity breathing heavily on the other side. But when you pause, she falls silent.
"I imagined you moving so it would start to slip down your back. You planed your front hooves on the wall and inclined your front side up and started to shake your hips around. That's when I got closer to... finishing. When I thought of you doing that part, Miss Rarity."
>She is hearing all of this. She is... actually hearing you tell her all of this. Putting all of these obscene images of her into her own head.
>You are describing to this nun what you imagine her doing while clopping to the thought of her, and yet you hold back nothing.
>Something tells you that God is going to hate you no matter what after this.
Doing God's work, Anon.

I'm fucking hilarious
File: 1452017414724.jpg (20 KB, 350x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Had shantae as my waifu since GBC
>Sunset is making me question everything

Fuck, why does it feel like I'm two-timing

I ship pones with spaceships.

I ship Rainbow Dash with the Romulan Valdore-class Warbird:
"And then the top of your robes fell down to your tail. The headwear thing you have was still on, but it barely went over your shoulders."
>There is no chance of you softening up any time soon. What if... she knows this?
"Your tail was the only thing keeping your robes over your... your..."
>"My bottom?"
>Your dick tenses aggressively. Like... really aggressively.
>There is bravery in your heart now, Anon.
"I was really stroking away at this point. Right when I pictured that robe fall down your back and reveal y-your sleek white... um..."
"I was going to say something like abdomen, but that works better."
>"Your imagined view was from the back, right?"
>You almost have a heart attack. The entire surface of your face is covered in sweat. A soft dot of pre-cum can be felt in your trousers.
"A-at f-f-first..."
>"At first?"
>This is so wrong. This is... way too wrong.
>You are going to hate yourself so much later on today.
>"What thought did you... finish to, Darling?"
>Why the hell does she still have to call you Darling? She should know for a fact that's not going to help you stay limp... at least if you still were. But those times are long gone.
"You... turned around. And... you wiggled you ass a little bit, making it slip out from the robes. I saw your diamond cutie mark... I saw... the robes fall to the floor and your black stockings were tight on your legs. That's when I couldn't hold back anymore... and I... um... I feel like I'd do it right now if I go any further."
>"Do what?"
>"Do what, Darling? Do you mean... ejaculate?"
"YES!" You cry out, lucky as fuck that no one else is anywhere in the church. As for anyone within a block of the church, you still have a reason to be concerned.
>But luckily enough, nothing happened down there.
>"Oh... so are you erect right now?" Miss rarity suddenly frantically asks. "Oh dear, I had a feeling this would be the case."
>Yeah, she doing this on purpose now, isn't she?
I started a story in 2014 and let it go to the point of rot before finally picking it up again today to try and finish it.
>"Oh dear, I had a feeling this would be the case."
Oh, you cheeky cunt! I love it.
>Long before you could ever hope to have the slightest chance to answer her, you hear a clicking sound on the door leading to her compartment of the booth.
>"Before we go any further, I just want to ask you one question."
>The sound that escapes your mouth is something of a squeak. You're surprised that she even took that as an answer.
>"Do you have any confidence in yourself that you'll make it go away and be able to resist it over and over again in the coming days? Or did attempting to come clean not do enough for your conscience?"
"B." Is all you manage to get out.
>The way she worded that, though. It sounded... leading. But at this point, you're not too surprised anymore.
>"Okay. The fact of the matter is, I have a duty by the church to fulfill your rehabilitation by eliminating your urge in the most efficient way possible. But I'm also a nun, therefore it is wrong by any means for me to initiate and... acts that would be sinful for me to you. But I've just thought it through."
>She thought it through this fast?
>"I am only at fault if I willingly initiate something... sinful. But you... being one who thinks sinful thoughts is still in the process of being cleansed. And me having to... help you get through things is considered part of the process. Given I'm both the one you should confess to and the one you must confront to be rid the urges. In short... there is only one way to resolve this if you are not confident that you will last after this is over."
>You want to cry.
>"I'm afraid that... you must do something beyond your urges. Something that your urges point in the direction of. Something that will quench them once and for all, at least for a while so clopping won't consume your life. But... I must not be the one to control what happens to get there. Like I said, my actions are supposed to be those of a saint. But you're not a saint."
"What do you mean, Miss Rarity?"
>"I unlocked the door for a reason, Darling."
>Are... are you dreaming right now?
>"Just come in. I'm afraid that this has escalated beyond the point of anonymity. This case is not only urgent, but quite a sticky situation in which there are really no other options if you want to make the thoughts go away."
"I..." You shakily breathe. "Can't we go somewhere else for this?"
>"I'm not allowed to leave my post until two hours from now. I'm not even allowed to swing the door open. I'm afraid there's no other way to do this. It's my duty as a nun here to help you in this way."
"M-miss Rarity..."
>"Just come in, Darling. It's okay. I promise I will welcome you with open arms. And we shall be forgiven."
I like to make and watch people suffer for my own enjoyment, and i do it on a regular basis

i dont mean this in an edgy teen way, but i think i actually have a serious problem and i cant afford therapy
File: fausticorn_plot.jpg (112 KB, 1310x1230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 1310x1230
Question: is worshipping the plot of the creator of the plot that is praised, a sin? How can it be - least of all considered 'Heresy' in any form - when Fausticorn is the creator of the God that is Celestia.
It is, in fact, the worst possible sin, Anon.
File: 135120541173.png (199 KB, 763x1140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 763x1140


Dubs indicate no trace of Heresy in this citizen. Thus you are charged with Heresy against the Goddess Empress of Ponykind.
>In an instant, you stay crouched and head over to the door that was just unlocked.
>The hinges lightly creak as you swing the door open, revealing the room inside.
>Of course, you instantly recognize Miss Rarity, standing there on all fours next to the little screened window she used to speak to you.
>"Hello, Darling." She formally greets you. "You don't need to hunch over. I already know what going on down there. Please... stand straight up and close the door."
>Do exactly as she tells you to.
>Straighten your back, letting your full mast stick out from the front of your body with absolutely nothing hiding it. Miss Rarity keeps eyeing it as you gently shut the door, letting the only source of light emit from the dim lamp on a nightstand in the corner.
>Miss Rarity stands up on her hind legs, barely over two thirds as tall as you are, and spreads out her front legs as though they are arms.
>"I know I promised you open arms, so symbolic ones will do. Come here, Darling."
>Step towards her until you feel her right against the tip of your dick underneath your pants. That part of you would run into her first.
>She grabs ahold of your lower back and pulls you in with her hooves, trapping you into a tight embrace. But you return this.
>"Shhhhhh... it's okay, my Darling. It's all okay. I feel it too. And I want to help." Miss Rarity coos, barely heard over your breathing.
>Her horn brushes against your chin.
>"Now... I'm just going to say it like it is. In order for me to fulfill my act of Generosity towards you, you need to... have your way with me in here."
>"And I'm not allowed to consent. That would go against my duty as a nun to agree to engage in such an act."
"B-but... but I..."
>"Shhhh. May you be forgiven for the act upon me you are about to commit. You are a lost soul, and quite uncontrollable at the moment. I am welcoming you into my embrace to lend you a hoof and a shoulder to lean on. But your urges need somewhere to go."
>This fucking nun.
I am no heretic, I am her prophet!

...and by that I mean that it is the one and only thing Faust has gone on record as saying is "creepy".

And I probably fucked up the grammar because it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep bleh
How does one simply go and feel better? That's like telling someone to stop being depressed. Which is like telling someone to stop bleeding.
File: Shocked.png (171 KB, 828x966) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 828x966
I recently called out mai waifu's name durring sex with my 3D wife. It's been two days since I was sentenced to sleep in the den. She still gives me an awkward glance and mumbles in Portuguese before walking back upstairs.
File: 1424480105593.jpg (20 KB, 265x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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truly the worst of sins
...are you going to force me to search for a cap of that ancient comment in my state?

It was on her deviantart, shortly after she made her OC. Someone told her the brownies were making porn of it, and she responded saying it was creepy and "I wish I didn't know that".

Find it your damned selves
File: puncess luna.jpg (70 KB, 1278x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
puncess luna.jpg
70 KB, 1278x933

>the brownies were making porn of it

Puncess Luna: 'So now you're just scouting around for excuses...?!

What would Baden-Powell think about that? Oh yes, that's right...:'
Kek. Sorry Anon, but that's pretty fucking funny.
File: scouting-for-boys.jpg (101 KB, 443x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We don't speak that other B-word here. 'Tis a sin!
File: Portuguese.png (164 KB, 900x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 900x800
Pic related.
>"And may I make it clear that I am welcoming you into my embrace only to comfort you. That is my obvious and explicit intention here. I have no desire to do anything unclean with you... but you have other plans regarding me. You have contemplated this moment, and are losing your control over yourself."
>Miss Rarity rubs her belly across where your dick is poking her, provoking you. Really... really provoking you, but covering it up as a "gesture to comfort you".
>You literally can no longer speak.
>"I am on the front lines of the human who has become possessed by the wicked, and shall endure what he may deliver unto me."
>Her horn slips by your lips. Your dick tenses once more.
>Somehow, you got the cue from Miss Rarity to go.
>Your hands begin to wander all over the nun, feeling her through the numerous robes she's wearing. a hand grabs onto her ass, feeling the lithe tissue give way to your grip underneath.
>She's soft under there... just like how you imagined.
>"D-darling..." Miss Rarity stutters as your fingers find a crease to slip through.
>Your hands move past all of the cloths that Miss Rarity is wearing. They move layer after layer out of the way, digging deeper into the nun's soft clothing.
>She starts to breathe a little bit more heavily as she know you're close to finding her body.
>And so you do.
>Her silky coat is soon felt against the palms of your hands... her warm body. Her hips.
>She gasps quietly right when your fingers migrate back to her ass cheeks, riding along the lining of her stockings.
>You feel something else wrapped around her waist... a pair of panties. They are on the surface of her pelvic area almost as tightly as a vice, not even moving as your fingers glide across the frilly surface.
>The private area of this curvaceous nun is in your grasp, right under your fingertips.
>You'd completely harden if you weren't at your maximum level already.
"Miss... Miss Rarity..."
Ahh, loopholes. Very popular among purists, myes.
i want to cum inside jesus
File: god-v-satan.png (230 KB, 658x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 658x353

'Sin' is only a religious concept, and does not exist in secular Rule of Law.

Therefore it is impossible for me to be a 'sinner', the Abrahamic 'God' is proven to be inferior to his creation - also because he has committed so many of the 'Sins' he ruled against in the '10 Commandments' - and is being raped for eternity by Satan in Hell.

There is no law against fapping but don't forget: Rape IS against the law.
Cute. Now go away.
>Her forbidden area is so warm. Two of your fingers manage to firmly slide under the waistband of the panties.
>You pull the strap up a bit before letting it slap back down onto her hip.
>Miss Rarity is still silent in response.
>Eventually, your hands find the little know you've always remembered, and begin to give it a little tug.
>It loosens right away, and Miss Rarity's shoulders slide out, no longer holding her outer robe in place over her body.
>Your hands grab on to her, kneading the surface of her coat and pulling he closer to you, letting the robe slip off.
>Without you realizing this at first, you're leaning against the wall of the inside of the booth. And you slide down by your back, holding Miss Rarity tightly up against you with the robe slipping down her front legs.
>Feel up everything you can on the nun's exposed body, even more in awe of the sight of it than you had imagined.
>Miss Rarity smiles at you, and tilts her head downward to face her horn towards your face.
>You reach over to the front side of her body and undo the front of the black robe. You pull it open, unveiling the laced black panties underneath.
>They hug on to her hips, tempting you with the force of 26035586 pieces of bait in front of a fish. Grab her ass again and force her to scoot closer to your crotch. The nun's practically sitting on your lap at this point.
>After about a minute of feeling up her bare upper body, you finally slide your pleased hands down to the nether region and pull at the pantie's waistband again.
>Pull on it. Pull her cover away from her forbidden goods.
>"If you pull hard enough, it will snap, Darling."
>No second thought.
>Yank the front of the panties towards you, and the straps break apart with a sharp snapping sound.
>The cloth falls away to reveal her bare crotch. Your eager hands immediately start caressing it, squeezing it's pliable surfaces.
>Her pussy is softly pried open by your fingers before you use one hand to finally free your dick.
>It springs out of your boxers the very second you open the crease. Pointing directly at the "defenseless" nun resting on your upper thighs.
>Pull her towards your lap and work your dick between her upper thighs, momentarily sliding up against the area on her body most delicate and private.
>Keep those tight black stockings on her legs, they only accent her eroticism even more in your curious eyes.
>This nun on top of you is in the process of being entered... you slip your shaft between the soft walls and into the moist slit. Miss Rarity responds with a slight jolt.
>She really shouldn't get pregnant. Human sperm and unicorn eggs aren't compatible, right?
>You don't even give it a second thought. Bounce her very slowly, just fast enough for her headwear to sway back and forth.
>She's breathing so majestically, giving you a warm grin when you rub her along the length of your shaft. Her body language just further compliments your member sliding back and forth in her.
>You hold onto her hooves to keep her facing you. She leans forward and wraps her front legs around you still, still giving you the embrace she promised, despite what you're doing to her.
>You feel the horn slide past your lips, in the same way your dick slid past hers. Let your tongue dance with it, rub against the hard surface. Possibly tease it.
>Do to her member what she's doing to yours. The friction between your lips and her horn lessens with your saliva soon allowing things to slide more easily.
>The creases in her horn graze against your excited tongue that presses lovingly against the horn resting upon it.
>The extremity is trapped within the clasp of your lips.
>She welcomes you anyway, letting you release the urge as your cock cannot hold it in any longer.
>Nothing else needs to be said; you cum inside Miss Rarity the nun. Digging your fingers under the rims of her black leggings, slightly pulling them down past Miss Rarity's hind knees.
>Your load takes a half minute to conclude.
File: Belle.png (479 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
479 KB, 1024x576
>Minutes pass... and the urge is eventually gone.
>The first thing you do is apologize to Miss Rarity for your lack of self-control. On this day, you have defiled a nun inside of a church. You came in to confess, and ended up disrobing her sacred body and fornicating with her.
>Miss Rarity re-dresses, but still holds you close in the same embrace as before. She openly cares about you, nuzzling her nose into your shoulder.
>Still expressing compassion.
>Meanwhile, you can't wrap your head around what the fuck just happened.
>"Promise me you'll refrain from doing what you did. Maybe not completely, but less often. I would hate to see the ways of the clopper consume your life, and I want to take away the tension it has dealt upon you. I really pray that this helped."
>You agree, hearing those same words ring through your head as you finally leave the booth, and eventually the church itself.
>And that was it.
>It's over.
>You never go to church again after the incident. Just too awkward.
>Many months later.
>You're reading the paper when a certain article catches your eye.
>[Local nun arrested for molesting humans.]
>There's a mugshot of Rarity next to the article.
>But no.
>This can't be.
>Keep reading.
>She has apparently been doing this for over three years, long before you even saw her for the first time. And there are at least five known "victims" that have come forward.
>Coming forward was something you never dreamed of doing. This thing... it was your little secret.
>If you had sucked up the apprehension and gone back to that church, you would have done it again. It's a shame so many factors got in the way.
>Rarity has been sentenced to five years in prison, and is permanently stripped of her nun status.
>And for the first time in months, you sit by your bed and pray. Pray that she'll make it out of prison safe and sound.
>When you'll be waiting for her, somewhere private. You'll tell here the address.
>And you'll embrace her again.

That was... unexpected
File: Spinvroomwubs.gif (128 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 500x500
Thanks, guy.

Let the green flow through you.

Night, confessors and nun fetishists alike. Hope you enjoyed this at least a little.
Sadism can be channelled in healthy ways. For example, it's not torture if the subject is willing and appropriate precautions are taken
but im not interested in physical harm, its always emotional trauma that lasts for hours, day, weeks, or even years

i dont want this
>You never go to church again after the incident. Just too awkward.
Wow, what a fucking beta. I mean, I am too, but holy shit.
>Rarity has been sentenced to five years in prison
RariNun 2: Nun on the Run. Looking forward to it.
File: 142351545778.png (378 KB, 700x687) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 700x687
>How does one simply go and feel better?
Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, baby!
Go do stuff you haven't done in a while, maybe never done before.
Go invite people you haven't seen since you left school umpteen years ago for a night around town 'n' drink.
Go for a short walk at the very least. It'll take your mind off of your worries and exercise will do you some good.

The reply I was expecting was:
">Do you know any good jokes beyond yourself, I mean.
Yeah, you."

Sucks but top kek.
your waifu is a quesadilla?
>They told you to respect them
>"Say hello to Sister Goldylocks, honey"
>They told you to think of her as substitute mothers
>"Don't worry, my little one: I will always be there for you, as long as god helps me"
>But they never told you they could be so...HOT
>"What's the matter darling? Never seen a fashionable nun?"
THIS SUMMER, Rarity is 'RARINUN III: Praying All Night Long'
>"Whoopsie, I dropped my rosary..."
>And this time, she's not alone...
>"Rarity, are you sure this will w-work it out...it seems...oh my...lewd..."
>For the first time on the screen, Fluttershy is 'SISTER SHY'
>"See darling? Like this. Use your tongue..." "Oh dear..."
>These two babes will get you HARD...on prayer.
>"Sister...forgive me, cause I sinned..." "Not yet, my dear..."
>Summer 2016 will get real hot
>RARINUN III: Praying All Night Long
>"...well boys, I dunno if I can't take you all, inside: my confessional couldn't be able to handle all of you..."
>Coming soon in a theater near you.
Would read and watch. Also we need the mane 6/7 as nuns
Thank you, glorious writefag.

Is it wrong that I kinda want Rarinun to become a thing?
Can we get sexy nun images of the others
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