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>I saw a spider in my bed.
>Please help me
>"Sup, bro?"
Spoder no hurt you.
Spoder is friend.

Embrace the spoder let it consume you
Spoder is lonely
Spoder should not be lonely
Unless it's a huntsman spider or some other monstrosity like that, in that case I suggest evacuating the room immediately and calling in a squad with flamethrowers.
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Kek, that one caught me off guard.
Or, gods forbid, a Brazilian wanderer.
The Giantdad of the spider family.
File: 1437852269698.png (300 KB, 810x985) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wish to insert penis inside sticky spider vagoo
Does spider have puss puss?
>Grab a glass and a sheet of paper
>put the glass over the spider, then the paper under the glass
"There, problem solved. What's your beef with this poor li'l guy, anyway? Look, he's inoffensive!"
>"G-get that away from m-me, please..."
"...oook. Let's go, li'l bro. I'll find you a nice place in the plants outside."
You care share my bed if you like, but be warned, I'm a cuddler.
Of course they do, how else am I meant to fuck one?
you could just make a puss if no puss ^:)
File: x_2fa47a24.jpg (41 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"That's not a spider, Moony. That's a changeling."
>Anon grabs the broom and starts whacking the bugpone like a pinata.
>"Alright, fine, I'm leaving. Dick."
So it turns out spider vagoo is like a pocket, and benis is 2 arms which hand the vagoo a web package filled with cum.

I want to web inside spider
You fucker
>You will never jack yourself off inside a warm arachne vagoo
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download (8).jpg
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>"Please, you have to help me."
>You move your hand over her back, pulling her into you
>And gently strokee her dry and ragged mane
>"W-what are you doing?"
"You have to help me after I help you, okay?"
>She looks aside, moving in your grasp, trying to squirm her way out
>But you hold her tight, and keep your gaze on her
>She finally relents, and casts her eyes aside
>That completely resigned look gives you confidence she's really argreeing
>You release her, and start walking towards the bed
>And beckon her to follow you
>The two of you reach the bed, and there you see a tiny little spider
>About the size of your thumb
>Usually they grow bigger around these parts, but not today it would seem
>You walk up to the spider, leaning down, and it turns towards you
>Its multitude of eyes look into yours, and its mandibles twitch just a little
>You give it a smile
"Hey there."
>You almost expect a "sup, bro?"
>But there's no reply
>"Just kill it, anon!"
"Woah, what? C'mere, Moon."
>She trots over to you, slowly and carefully
>And you bring your hand around her head
>And pull her into your side
>She's struggling against you, pushing hooves against you
>"Let go!"
"You have to learn that spiders are okay."
>She struggles for a few moments
>And then you start unzipping and unbuckling with your other hand
>She stops now, and looks at you with wide eyes, a little blush on her face
"Shh, and watch, little pony."
>Your cock is soon out
>Moondancer's face is several inches from it, so she sees it all
>You lean over
>Stretch out your hands
>And into it leaps the spider
>The sensation is tingly as the spider crawls all over your hand
>You see it scrambling all its legs around, going around to the back of your palm
>So you turn it over
>And bring it closer down
>Moondancer starts screaming
>But you hold her tight
>Your cock twitches, your hand gets near, and the spider makes its way onto the tip
File: 1424222337186.jpg (112 KB, 399x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 399x339
Oh God
>The brushing of chitin legs against your cock head sends tingles of pleasure through your body
>Moondancer's loud screams and her body pressed against yours sends your cock bobbing up and down
>The spider crawls around, running its legs around the underside of your tip, reaching that sensitive spot
>And then it crawls down your shaft, and you feel ticklis as the legs dance against your veins
>You're surprised the spider has held on for so long
>And then it crawls back to the top of your length
>You see it turn towards you, look up, see its mandibles closing and opening
>The two of you hold a gaze, and you try to ignore Moondancer screaming and struggling for a moment
>It breaks the gaze, and leans it down
>You prepare yourself as you feel the mandibles against the top of your dick
"Do you see, Moondancer?"
>You grunt, squeezing Moondancer against you, as you feel a slight sting on your cock
"I-it's just a spider."
>Moondancer still hasn't stopped screaming
>You feel the venom of the spider seep into your cock
>Paralyzing it
>Keeping it stiff
>Just how you liked it
"I took care of the spider, Moony."
>Her screams turn to sobs as she digs into your side
>The spider continues to inject your hard member with more of the venom
"Get on the bed, Moon."
>She doesn't listen, so you give her a shove
>It launches her from your body onto the bed and you swiftly move behind her
>Both hands fly towards her flank, gripping her hard
>She tries to pull away
>You see her hooves scrambling
>But you give her a loud slap
>She yelps
>The spider has finished its bite and moved to the tip again
>You don't even feel your cock anymore
>But that's okay
>You're here to teach Moondancer not to fear spiders
>You see it crawling around your head again
>As you spread her cheeks, examining her dry marehood
"This is for your own good, Moony."
>"S-stop! I don't-"
>You give her a fierce slap on her ass
>And leave a bright red hand mark
>She whimpers, her legs trying to clench together
>But it's futile
>You bring your paralyzed dick up to her
>And you see the spider start moving forward, towards the faint traces of moisture
>It moves its head towards her lips
>And you hear Moondancer scream again
>But without further ado
>You thrust yourself into her
>Sending her body writhing as the spider gets pushed into her folds
>Her legs are flailing, and she's squirming around
>And then you start thrusting
>There's a lot of resistance
>And you don't feel the squeezing as much
>But you know that the spider is enjoying it
>You make sure each thrust hilts you, so the spider is kept inside of the dirty pony
>And keep going
>Her body stops struggling
>And it doesn't look like she's squeezing you as much anymore
>You glance up at her
>And shake your head
>She's fallen asleep
>You pull out, and see a little bump on your dick where the spider had bitten
>But the spider's gone, buried inside her, no doubt biting her innards
>You take a cup from her nightstand
>And walk to the bathroom, your cock swaying in the air
>You fill it with cold water and as you return you feel a slight feeling returning to yourself
>The bump itches, and you run a hand over it to feel around it
>There's definitely some sensations
>You reach Moondancer, legs spread, spider still inside
>Well, if she's asleep, might as well get a load in her before waking her
>You did need payment for your services
>You set the glass down on the counter
>And bring your tip brushing against her inactive slit
>It's warm, you feel it now
>And you start pushing in
>The slight squeezing around your cock, the gentle throb of her heart beating, the tickling of arachnid legs on your tip
>You can't help but moan out in pleasure
>You finally hilt, and feel the legs of the spider sturggling, flailing
>It probably didn't like being squished
File: 1451754667562s.jpg (3 KB, 125x101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x101
>You finally start thrusting in earnest, making sure not to squish the spider inside with each pump
>Her insides lightly squeeze against you, and her legs bob with your motion
>Her unconscious body moves easily with yours and there's no resistance at all
>You run a hand over her reddened backside
>And give it another slap, sending it jiggling
>No reaction
>You lean over, keeping your rhythm, and grip her hooves, pulling it to her side
>More indicators of her unconscious state
>Her arms wiggle on the bed as you piston into her
>Like two big noodles
>You feel the spider gripping onto the tip of your cock
>Pushing into your urethra
>Trying to get out
>You feel the leg tickle inside of you
>It's too much
>You bury yourself deep into her sleeping form
>And release yourself
>Your torrent of cum jettisons the spider out of the exit
>You feel the faint squishing, but you're not sure if it's the cum or the spider
>Your hips instinctively thrust into her, riding out your orgasm, packing sperm and spider inside
>And then you lean over her, panting, hard
>Resting just for a moment while you bask in the afterglow
>Feeling the soft breathing rise and fall against you
>The itchy sweater tickling at your skin
>You hold her there for a moment, before getting up and pulling out
>Only time will tell if the spider is still alive inside her
>You take the glass of water and splash it on her
>She wakes up, panting
>No idea why the water woke her up but the rape didn't
>She turns around to you, rolling on her back
>And looks at her spread legs, cum leaking out
>"Oh. I see you got rid of the spider."
>Her moves to her crotch, trying to squeeze the cum out
"Do you remember what happened?"
>She shrugs
"It's inside you."
>She looks up, eyes wide, pupils shrunken
>A leg seeps out with the cum
>Spider probably is dead
>She starts screaming, batting at herself
"It's not so bad, Moony."
File: 1432409517901.png (1 MB, 1126x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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While I can't say this is the most bizarre thing I've ever read, I will state that it is still all kinds of fucked up
I hope you're proud of yourself
>Her hooves flail as she tries to get it all out of her
>You step up to her
>And bring a gentle hand against her hoof
"Stop it, Moon."
>She's panting, hyperventilating
"Moon, look at me."
>Both hands move to her cheeks, and you gaze into her wide panicked eyes
"Stop it."
>"Get away from me!"
"If you don't stop, you'll never stop being afraid of spiders."
>Tears well up in her eyes, and she tries to struggle away
>You move forward, gettting on top of her, pinning her down with your weight
>Her hoof has limited movement, and you look down at her
>She's a sobbing mess again
"Do you want to stop being afraid of spiders?"
>You slap her face, sending her glasses falling to the side
"Then stop."
>You feel her hoof stop struggling
>You lean down
>Wrapping your hands around her
>Into a hug
"I'm proud of you, Moondancer."
>She stiffles a sob
>She smells putrid, but you stomach it as your hold her tight
>Just taking in her warmth and quivering body
>It feels nice
>You did a good thing today, helping your friend out
>Sleep soon takes you, as you keep holding the traumatized pony

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spider date.jpg
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"Am I cute, Anon?"
What is the most bizarre thing you've read?
I can't think of the most bizarre, but shit like storys with dick propellers and instructions for worm cockvore gets thrown around this place everyday
ill be honest it gave an erection. not one that I'm particularly proud of tho
"Moon what's all this screaming for? Your gonna wake the neighbors next door!"
Oh god that video
I won't swallow my pride,it looks like something that came out of shoggoth.
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Thread images: 14
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