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Can i get a war pone thread?
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Can i get a war pone thread?

Preferably ponies in tanks.
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ponies having a fun time in the war
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What a strange fetish to have, Anon
>Preferably ponies in tanks.
What about Tank in ponies?
>sleeping while Dash mounts you

Tank, you ungrateful bastard
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A fellow WoT player, I take it?
I chuckled as well.
I ship Spitfire with Spitfire, so they can destroy BF 109s.
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I got that from the WoT website but I don't really get the reference.
Correct. Doing Germans at the moment.
KV2 is as derpy as you can get.
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ah okay, haha
May the derp be with you.
Very nice, I was running the IS-3 before I went on hiatus from WoT, but I got the Derp cannon awhile back for my KV-2 line. To summarize, stronk was an understatement.
>tfw 8 kills and top damage and you don't feel like you deserved either
Allow me to clarify.
The KV-2 is a tank infamous for having a cannon upgrade that had the potential to one shot tanks of its tier (6, in this case), and a fair few above it, at the expense of being subject to RNGesus' every whimsy (I.E. stupidly strong with decent AOE, but horribly inaccurate). This cannon was nicknamed by players and youtubers alike the "Derp cannon".
So impacting was this gun that other tank guns of a similar vein were also called "derp guns" or "miniderps" for the lightest tanks. The KV-2 in turn received the honor of "King of derps".
It is steeped in the blood of friend and for alike, often quite accidentally.
And foe*
Fuck autocorrect
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Thanks! This makes me want to play WoT now. I saw a demonstration of the game at Anime Festival Asia and it looked fun.
Nice, I've never gotten Radley-Walter's, as my teammates usually take the kill on tanks I've shot down. My max kills per battle is 7 in various tanks.
I have gotten the Kolobanov's twice. 1st time I got it was in the HT #6, where I had an awful battle and though "what the hell, I might as well cap". My last teammate died as the cap was at ~20% near my base. For some reason they decided 1 vs 5 was easy enough for them to not cap, so when the cap hit 100%, a Crusader bounced on me and I won a Kolobanov's.
2nd Kolobanov's was a battle in my Charioter where I was up against an IS-2 that could be killed in 2 hits, 2 artillery and 2 one-shots (AMX 50 100 and Type 59).

I like the German tier 9 med on the Panther line (E 50). OP at ramming and can play as a heavy in tier 9 battles.

That's why I started grinding the USSR heavy line as the first thing. Nowadays it's my most played tank, which can be seen on my WN8 rating, as it's only 902 after 10,6k battles.
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Mean, green, and unseen!
I would recommend it.
A few things to keep in mind
1) anything past tier 6 is a grindfest, unless you are phenomenally skilled, and you can lose silver.
2) premium tanks are, by and large, not better than their regular counterparts, if they have one.
3) rng rules everything to some degree.
4) this game has mods, to some degree. XVM causes more player suicides than afk bots, but can be handy.
(These next few are pure opinion)
5) if you buy gold, please don't make your first match be in a tier 8 premium tank. Just please no.
6) everyone blames artillery when they lose
7) everyone loves artillery when they win
8) updates suck the time away.
9) Russian tank stronk.
My only other RW was on malinovka, of all places. I was platooning I'm my Churchill 3, and ended up burning through a small chunk of people while they were distracted. About halfway into the game I was a fucking sliver of health, with half my subsystems gone, and had used half my ammo, so I burned a large repair kit to get out there. I ended up losing to a fucking douchewagon, though, but not before getting my last kill on a pesky Matilda. All in all, I was one of three tanks left on my side, and despite all the high end ammo and items, I still came out positive. So very positive.
>no one expects the Churchill III to be good
I still hate that map.
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Tank Ponies 25.png
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Have a Leman Russ. Never forget the Siege of Vervunhive.

I'll keep all that in mind! Is there a faction you'd recommend for a beginner?
Try playing in a tier 10 battle in an IS-4 on Malinovka where you try to go to the hill to brawl, but get surrounded after 3 minutes because your whole team is dead. That happened to me this christmas. At least I bounced 3k dmg and did 2k dmg.
>Implying IS-4 is a bad tank.
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But that's yellow anon
Any of them are good, but the U.S. has that whole "jack of all trades" thing going for it.
I started there.
Soviet tanks has high damage on mid-high tier tanks, but their accuracy suffers from it.

German tanks are generally accurate, but has lower damage per shot, but better reload.

French tanks are generally pretty mobile, though they don't have any armour.

British tanks usually has a small caliber, which gives them a low damage per shot, but they have a high rate of fire and a lot of them has thick armour and low mobility.

American tanks are a bit of each thing, though the higher tier heavy tanks has legendarily tough turrets on hulls with thin armour, the high tier TDs has a large caliber gun and thick armour.

The Chinese tanks has no gun depression and are pretty much either bought from other countries (such as T.34, IS-2, M5A1 Stuart etc) or continuous development of those tanks (such as Type 64 being a development based on the M42 Duster, 110 being a development based on the IS-2, etc).

Japanese tanks aren't that good until tier X.

Czech tanks are pretty much just a collection of 10 autoloaders, except for a few of them.
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Tank Ponies 17.png
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Thanks! Sounds like the American tanks are the best starting point since they're well rounded.
>war pone thread
Time to spam some paradoxical iconoclastic byzantine-syrian ponies
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>tfw only 2000 WN8
>tfw no light tanks above 3000 WN8

As a light tank player:

American lights are great all rounders. M24 Chaffee is a great all rounder and good training vehicle for light tanks. T37 is a snapshooting/sniping monster and is a staple in skirmishes.Tier 7 US lights(Walker Bulldog / T71) are highly mobile, autoloading murderers. T49 sacrificed everything for its infamous 152mm derp gun, but as all derp guns go it's so worth it.

French lights were the first autoloading lights, but the line kinda sucks at tiers 6 and 7. AMX ELC bis is probably the best light tank in tier 5 because of its awesome 90mm gun that can carry games of up to tier 7. AMX 13/90 is still a popular tank because of its burst damage.

Chinese lights are great all rounders with either the high DPM 85mm or high alpha 100mm gun. Tier 6 light(59-16) is an oddball autoloader but a popular choice in skirmishes. On tier 9 the line moves onto mediums.

German lights are wild beasts. Each tank uses a completely different weapon system from its previous tier so it takes getting used to. Luchs is the best tank in the game to learn how to play lights. 2801 has the hilarious 105mm derp gun. SP1C has a weird low velocity autoloader with high alpha. RU251 has best mobility in tier 8 lights, -10 degrees of gun depression on the sides, as well as insane DPM.

Soviet lights, especially LTTB and T-54 lightweight, play like soviet mediums. Great armor for its tank type, excellent mobility. View range and gun depression kinda sucks and you don't get to passive spot that much because you are mostly moving and shooting around, but they can fill the role of mediums and kill scouts at the same time. T-54 lightweight's armor is better than all tier 8 lights except for the T-54 mod.1, making the tank a popular choice in tournaments.
I started with the Soviet tanks.

Meh, I've played mostly heavy and TD, but I'm beginning to like playing lights and meds.

Tanks I like:

USSR: KV-1, BT-7, IS-4, IS-2, IS-3
Germany: Pz. III, Pz. IV H, Hetzer, Pz. I C
France: ELC AMX
UK: Matilda, Cromwell, (possibly Cent 7/1, I've researched it, but not bought it)
USA: T26E4 Super Pershing, T49
Czech: Skoda T24

Tanks I love:
USSR: T-54 Lightweight
UK: FV 4101 Charioteer, FV 304, Bromwell
France: AMX 13 57 GF

Tanks like the Bromwell and T-54 Lightweight are pretty good at shooting on the move.
If you can get the side or rear of an M103, the T49 can do massive damage, as the M103 barely has any armour there. I've done 1k dmg and setting fire to an M103 by shotgunning it in the side and speeding away, laughing like a maniac.
The AMX 13 57 is pretty much a bullpup. It has 1 sec between each shell and 143 mm pen, with 90 dmg per shot and 720 dmg per clip. 16 seconds is a short reload for a 8 shot clip.
Luchs is a bad tank DPM-wise with the 3 cm gun, but it's worth it. 300 dmg per clip with 95 mm pen is good to carry a tier 4 and sometimes a tier 5 battle. Too bad the reload on that clip is ~18 sec, which makes the DPM just over 900. All-round great scout, but not one you should depend on if 2 full health Matildas come rolling.
AMX 13 90 is a good light tank for killing in the later stages of the battle, though it's easy to ram to death with other lights such as the T-54 Lightweight or LTTB.

I'm generally an all-round player, playing a little bit of everything.
>on the move
not unless driveby execution
I've hit surprisingly many shots on the move in my Bromwell, but then again, I have the "snapshot" and "smooth ride" skills on my gunner and driver.
>you will never fuck spitfire on the barrel of a fucking tank
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