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Anon Picks up a Hitchhiker
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>You are anon
>Driving home from Norman’s house in the Everfree Forest at 1 in the morning
>Dark as all hell
>Your big Ford 250 on Military Tires roars going down the lonely, dark, two lane road
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z12LfV6i61k
>You’re jamming out with the stereo blaring.
>You’ve had a few beers…….1 or 2 maybe….maybe 8….you don’t know
>All you know is that New Year’s Eve bon fire party fucking rocked.
>You’re going about 70 on a 55….but you don’t care
>You love when the trucks engine revs up,
>You play some air guitar with one hand while driving with the other.
>A couple street lights come up as mobile homes and old houses appear on both sides.
>They soon disappear.
>You hit the left curve letting off the gas, pass the Blue store.
>You try to do your best imitation of James Hetfield’s raspy singing voice.
>Only if you and Norman’s band could play this song….that would be so fucking rock n’ roll.
>But no way could a 3-man band pull that cover off…….Decently at least.
>Hell yea.
>Suddenly down the dark road you see a light moving
>It looks like someone walking
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>As you near it you lean out the window with your arm out to get a good look at what it is.
>All you could see was a girl carrying a big ass bag, holding her phone and a flashlight…..
>Definitely was a girl ‘cause you saw curves and boobs..
>You’ve seen this too many times…A girl walking down this road….all alone…
>You think about it as you drive farther away, she’s out of your rear view mirror now.
>You look over to your side at an empty passenger seat.
“Aw fuckin’ hell, it wouldn’t hurt would it?” you say outloud
>The song ends and another one begins to play..
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKQTWq6ZbTc
>You decide to give the stranger a ride
>You let off the gas and begin to brake the truck…..then you pull to the side of the road and make a Quick U-turn
>You Turnoff the overdrive and put the truck in first and accelerate.
>The trucks engine roars with the pipes screaming.
>You feel the truck shake at the sudden change in gears as you push it into second…
>40 mph and steadily going…….
>You have your bright’s on to make sure you see the girl…
>You must of drove a distance since seeing her because you have yet to spot her…
>What if something happened to her?
>Oh shit, that would be scary if you didn’t see her.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcWtsthvZH4
>You finally catch up to her, you see the bright flashlight.
>She actually kinda slightly jogs across the road to your side.
>You slightly turn down the radio
>You pass by her without stopping trying to get a second look at her
>This time you see the different colored hair, bouncing every time she takes a step.
>She’s carrying two bags, one looks like a purse and another like a big orange bag
>She wears what looks like a biker jacket, jeans, and what you guess are converse.
>you pass her and still lean your head out the window without looking at the road, instead still looking at her…..You’re not checking her out just making sure she doesn’t look sketchy or could pull a knife on you or something….
>If she does you have a gun under the seat
>hopefully it doesn’t come to that.
>You wonder if she thinks your stalking her
>you shake your head at the thought
>You slow down again and begin the process of making yet another U-turn.
>The brake lights shine brightly so she knows you’re stopping again..
>What if she tries to hide or something? You don’t mean to freak her out just want to make sure she’s not some crazy person.
>You pull another U-turn
>Next song on the CD kicks in
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnDugewHPoI
>You didn’t drive as far away from her this time so you still see the glow of her flashlight
>She’s changed lanes again and is on the opposite side….Probably ready for you to try something
>You Accelerate and drive up to her
>You turn the radio down slightly more so you can make sure she hears you.
>You pull to a stop in the road, across from her and she shines her light directly in your face
“Hey, uh, do you need a ride?” You ask
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2 MB, 1144x1369
>You can’t see shit with this bright ass light in your face
>”I was fixing to flash you, I’m just walking up to the blue store to meet someone” she says
“Ok, uh, do you need a ride? I can take you there if you want”
>”Yea, sure, Thanks.” She answers
>The next song comes on but you quickly change it…
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRaOunIjci8
>She opens the doors and throws her bags on the bench seat, She then climbs into the truck with a hop.
>She closes the door and you begin to turn around again.
>”Thanks again, I appreciate it. I was kinda scared walking on this road.” She says
“No Problem, By the way. My names Anon, Where are we going again?” You extend your hand for a handshake
>”My name is Sunset.” She shakes your hand and let’s go. “The blue store, it’s just a couple minutes up this way.”
>You get your first good look at her.
>She has Red hair, not natural but more dyed then anything, with streaks of yellow running through it.
>She has an aqua blue headband on, her hair is a mess.
>She has Big blue eyes and looks like she’s kinda sick with her nose a little red
>Wearing a Biker jacket like you saw before, with a long aqua blue blouse and skin tight jeans.
>She’s not your average Road side Damsel in Distress….
“Yea, I know. What are you doing out here by yourself anyways?
Yes please!

well that was a waste
So you're saying it should be a different character? I chose sunset because it seemed everyone liked her.
>people born in 97 are allowed to post on 4chan now
What gave you that impression? She's a cunt.
Welp, I haz a entire story so imma just keep writing.
>”Well, my boyfriend and I had a little…..disagreement”
>she turns to you, and shows her busted lip
>You didn’t really want to know why she was hit. Probably over something really stupid.
>”Anyways, I have some friends waiting for me at the blue store. I’m so glad you came, I was getting tired of walking alone.”
“Yea, that’s the reason I stopped. Well, more like passed by you. And then came back. I didn’t like the thought of a young girl walking in a dark ass road by herself.”
>You follow up with another question
“What are you meeting your friends for exactly?”
>Your truck roars past a 55 mph road sign.
>”Well, I’m meeting them to pick up something” she says
>”How old are you?” she asks
“22, why?”
>”Well, you seemed alittle young so I wanted to make sure I wasent dragging a minor into anything.”
“I knew it was drugs. What is it? Weed?”
>”Yea, but more like legal weed”
“Legal weed? Huh. And speaking of young looking you look like you’re 16”
>”Thanks but I’m 18.”
“Uh huh…..”
>You drive off into silence with music blaring.
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>bumping this cancer
what? i think it's a good story.
>big truck
>EQG chick in passenger seat
what else do u need?
Are you like 16 or something.
20. And age is not the issue here. It's a matter whether ur a man or a faggot, cause there are no girls on the internet
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Well with a list like that is need have the same shit tastes as you.
please come back mr. writefag
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Thread images: 5
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