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Nightly Scilight Thread #79
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"Midnight Madness" Edition

Last thread: >>25919396

Archive of /nst/ greentext stories:


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All Human Twilight Sparkle content, such as greentext stories, art and discussion go here.

The original (and recommended but not required) prompt:
>"Uhhh, mmm... Anon? W-what are you doing after school?"

Writefagging, drawfagging, discussion, and other SciTwi-related content are highly encouraged during "down time" (or when the thread begins to slow down due to lack of content). New green, drawings, etc. are highly encouraged during these times.

Weekly suggested prompt:
>It's late at night. You wake up to make yourself a sandwich. All of a sudden, Midnight Sparkle is peeking at you outside your window. She has a mischievous, cunning look on her face. Wat do?
first for twitwi
>there will never be a villan as cool as midnight sparkle
nice meme!
Discomagnet, is that you?
Jeez. Traplight has an unusually clear view of what life is like as a transwoman -- AOD use, rape, and suicide included. I dunno who your source is, Jeff, but you'd better thank her.
The rarely exposed forehead and evil expressions. It's all wildly new on her and it's hot yogurt fuel. Hot, hot yogurt fuel.
And now for the continuation of "Drawing Cocks on the Blank Pages in your Notebook"

Part 1: http://pastebin.com/qU90T9fG
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/U41EtFwC

>Her fingertips begin to shake, a tremor traveling up the rest of her body and settling in her chest as she begins to shiver
>"I don't know what to say, Twilight."
>You squeeze her hand tighter, scooting up against her side
"You don't have to say anything. I'm happy you came back, Star."
>"So am I. I... wow. I feel like a little kid."
>She lets out a ver uncharacteristic giggle, the color rising in her face
"Yeah. I'm a little nervous too, not gonna lie."
>"No, it's not that. It's just that, well... I'm not used to being on the receiving end of affection, I suppose."
"Well, it's time someone changed that, then."
>You wrap Starlight in the tightest embrace your shaky, weak little arms can manage
>To this day, it's the only time you've seen her really cry

>Therapy turns out to be quite different than expected
>For some reason, you imagined all therapists would be these Sigmund Freud stereotypes, asking you questions about your mother in thick German accents
>Instead, your therapist turns out to be a girl only a few years older than you, introducing herself as Mi-Amore Cadenza
>"But just call me Cadance, 'kay?" she insists
>Your sessions with her are surprisingly cozy
>She never asks tough questions, but seems to have a way of squeezing your deepest secrets out of you without you even realizing it
>The two of you even start talking outside of the therapy sessions; she gives you her cell number, with permission to text her any time you feel the need to talk
other than portal magic, flying, and generic magic blast what are some powers midnight could possibly have or powers you would like to see her with
>As if that wasn't enough, Anon still comes by nearly every day, to the point where his attention is almost annoying
>For a while, you can tell he's trying his best to pretend that the Winter Formal didn't happen, but, eventually...

>The two of you are seated on his couch, watching some mecha trash
>When the most recent episode finishes, he gets up to pause his laptop, then pours himself some water
>You can tell from the way he keeps glancing at his shoes that he's trying to tell you something
"You alright, dude?"
>"Yeah, yeah. Look, I've been trying to say this for a while, and..."
>He takes a deep, shaky breath, trying to disguise it with a sip of water
>Which only results in him pouring his drink down the front of his shirt
>"Look, I'm sorry. About after the dance."
>"There's really no good way to say it. I didn't mean to lead you on, or to... or any of that."
"I know. You were desperate."
>"There was a bit more to it than that. I... I kind of always had a little crush on you, I guess. But I legit thought you hated me."
"You did?"
>"Of course I did. You... I mean, come on. Half of the time we were together, it was you treating me like shit."
"I... I did, didn't I?"
>"A little bit."
"I guess I have a bit of apologizing to do too, then..."
>"We all do. We're all kind of shitty people, aren't we?"
>You roll your head, cricking your neck
"You know, that's probably the best way to sum all of this up. We're all just kinda shitty."
>"Some of us more than others."
>"Yeah. Whatever happened to him, anyway? Haven't seen that fuckboy in ages."
"He transferred out, I think."
>"That it? Huh. Kinda anticlimactic, I wanted the chance to beat his face in again."
>"You okay?"
"Oh, yeah! Just... yeah, he can go straight to hell."

>Trender's messaged you nearly ten times a day since you got out of the hospital
>You know you should block him, but you get a sick sense of enjoyment from his messages
>They started off threatening, telling you he'd kill you if you told anyone
>Then they shifted to pathetic attempts to convince you that no one would believe your story
>When you still hadn't replied, he actually started full-on pleading, begging you not to tell anyone
>After all, it'd ruin his life, right?
>You've shown Cadance the messages, and she's urged you to go to the police with them
>And you will, eventually
>But you want to stretch this out a little first
>He's started offering you many not to tell anyone, and you kind of want to see how high the number goes

>You and Starlight enroll in the fencing club, and with a few weeks of conditioning your back to your old levels of skill, much to Anon's chagrin
>As much as he loves this sport, he's really not that great at it
>Of course, none of you compare to Starlight
>She takes the entire thing way too damn seriously, spending hours practicing on her own, buying books on styles and technique, and altogether being a total try-hard about everything
>The two of you tease her about it constantly, but still, it's pretty nice to have an ace to pull out at tournmants...
>things are starting to look good
things like this never last in /nst/

its not just for transwomen
half of the stories here are like that
traplight isn't even trans she was just born with a penis

>That Summer, Trender reaches an all-time low, sending nudes, offers of money, and plea after plea, all for you to keep silent about what he did
>And then, with the help of Cadance, you take the case to court
>The process is a tedious nightmare, stretching from may through to the end of July, but in the end it's pretty clear Trender's going to be charged
>You're sure his parents will manage to pay bail, and it's likely he won't see any real punishment
>But still, the satisfaction of seeing his crushed little spirit is enough
>And besides, no matter how much he's hurt you, you still won in the end
>From the few times you've seen Moondancer, she hasn't gone back to you
>And it's not hard to tell he's got some seriously repressed feelings for you
>So, in the end, you'd consider yourself the winner
>Even if it *would* have been pretty satisfying to kick his shit in

>Your senior year, while not nearly as drama-filled as being a Junior, has a few episodes worth mentioning
>Starlight and you officially revive the anime club, with both of you as co-presidents
>Only you make her promise on multiple occasions to leave her clothes on this time
>Anon still leads the fencing gang, and you join in when you can
>College applications are hell, as expected, but both you and Starlight manage to get accepted to the University of Manehattan
>And the resulting celebration is fucking glorious
>You never took Starlight for the partying type, but holy shit, can she get wild
>Outside of the two of them, you start hanging out with Sunset and Spitfire more, but you don't get much farther than that sort of "decent friends but not super close" stage with either of them
>Strangely, the friend you find yourself becoming closest to is Derpy
>She comes to you to clumsily apologize for "stealing Starlight from you"
>And, from there, things just sort of fall into place, and you invite her back to your place as a sign of goodwill
>As you talk to her more, you start to realize what Starlight liked about her
>She's simple, sure, but she's far from stupid
>She has a way of taking big concepts and diluting them down to their most profound elements
>And though she doesn't speak much, her words always carry a surprising, unpretentious profundity to them
>Needless to say, she's an almost perfect counterpart

>Anonymous, true to his word, stays faithful to Trixie
>He even gives you explicit instructions to cockblock him if he's too close to being tempted
>Which, you have to say, you're pretty good at
>He writes to her weekly, and you receive a fair share of letters from her as well, but you're nowhere near as good about writing back

>As for you and Starlight, well, things go surprisingly well
>The two of you seem to have a near endless amount of shit to talk about
>Just when it seems like things are starting to get stale, one of you will find some new book, or she'll come up with some crazy new addition to her "philosophy" (which at this point has become a mess so convoluted that you're pretty sure she's making it up as she goes), or you'll find a new show to watch
>Things aren't perfect, of course
>She makes mistakes, you say stupid shit, the two of you get in a few pretty nasty fights
>But you stay true to your promises, and work through them
>And so the year passes, graduation is crazy, and you and Starlight begin making plans for living together when you move off to college
>And then, one Saturday out of the blue, Anonymous texts you
>"Hey. Trixie's out of Prim Hemline's for good. You want to come with me to pick her up? She says she really, really wants to see you."
Is the history ending Jeff?
It's coming to an end.
The next chunk of updates will be the last in the canon story. Though I am going to do a non-canon oneshot.

"She's out? I thought she had another year."
>"Apparently she's done better than expected. Her parents are trying to argue for her to stay in, but she's legally an adult now. She wants to come back."
"Hell yeah, I'm down. When do we go?"
>"Tomorrow. It's a pretty long drive, so we'll probably have to stay overnight on the way back."
>You lock your phone, setting it on the nighstand
>It's strange
>You only knew Trixie for a few weeks, and yet she's been the one thing that held your life together
>And you get to see her again tomorrow...
>Even though you're sure you'll end up being the third wheel for most of it, you're excited
>You have a lot to thank her for

Alright, pausing here. Return of the blue autist coming either tomorrow or late tonight, along with the finale.
Im speechless and impatient
why does twilight get really good girlfriends in these stories like sunset, trixie, starlight, and even moondancer
I wish I was twilight or one of her girlfriends
Teleportation, TK, forcefields, counterspells
Stuff princess twi has
trips confirm midnight can use those spells
stop/slow down time would be cool
Degenerate Duty
File: 1442783553893.jpg (176 KB, 725x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 725x1024
>you will never be sunset
>you will never have both twilights trying to date you
>they will never come up with compromises with each other
>they will never decide that scitwi has you on mondays wednesdays and fridays
>ponytwilight has you on tuesdays thursdays and saturdays
>and they both share you on sunday
Nice meme!
Discomagnet, is that you?
Degenerate Duty!
Will be continuing Sperg tonight, hopefully before the Traplight finale. Will start shortly. Probably as my parents watch Mad Max: Fury Road as I type in the background MEDIOCRE

updated paste:

Also will try to accelerate to the climax and finish this act in the coming month.
Why are you with your parents?!
Cuz it's winter break and I'm home for the holidays?
dude a lot of us are visiting our parents for christmas/new years
not everyone is underaged
Oh god! If you're with your parents you're a kid! Kill yourself for your new years resolution
No need to fling shit at me, I was just curious
>Why are you with your parents?!
the "?!" makes it sound like you are implying he is underage
I was startled at the fact anyone was still with their family. I assume OP is 22 years old or so...and is still a virgin, he hasn't even kissed a girl, and he's still a virgin. It's probably been very torturous and he probably been going to college for 2 1/2 years, more then that actually.

If you understand this reference you are awesome and supreme.
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I seriously need to rethink my life
>The little ice cream shop at the museum resembles an ice cream parlor out of the 20s.
>White walls, tan tiled floors, a "bar" with red stools, even the workers are dressed to fit the theme.
>Shining orders rocky road, while you get your favorite vanilla.
>Honestly, you can't see yourself really having anything other than vanilla, with your rigidness.
>Seems as sperg routines even extend to ice cream as well.
>You get your cones, and you and your brother take a seat at a booth.
>"How's it going, sis? Haven't seen you since I left and all. Make any friends at school?"
>Back then, you would hate having to answer this.
>You might not be able to tell on his face, but you wouldn't be surprised at all if you made Shining sad, telling him that no, you haven't.
>He does care about you. A ton.
>Things are different, however.
"I have, actually..."
>You tell Shining about Indigo Zap, adventures and all.
>Obviously, you don't tell him about the times she bullied you, nor about the forest incident.
>You take a lick of the cone.
>"That's awesome!"
>He grabs your hand and grips it tightly, smiling at you.
>"God, Twily. I'm so proud of you!"
>You force yourself to smile.
>"Twilight, seriously. I'm so proud of you!"
>He tears up a bit.
"Uhh, Shining? Why are you crying if you said you're proud of me?"
>"Just me shedding some liquid pride."
>Tears of joy!
>You don't admit it, but you're quite conflicted right now.
>On one hand, you're warm as you receive praise from your brother.
>On the other, you cringe a bit. Making friends is not something someone else should be proud of.
>Since making friends is something most people have done throughout their lives. Since they're normal.
spergs know what tears of joy are we aren't completely devoid of emotion
and no don't rewrite that part
Do your research next time asshole.
he didn't deserve that
I only told him that spergs aren't completely blind to things like tears of joy

>But you can't help but be a little happy about your bro's reaction.
>Making him happy, making any of your family happy, brings you much joy.
>Though then again, you could do anything and they'd be proud.
>Shining composes himself as he wipes his eyes with a napkin.
>"Cadance tells me so many good things about you."
"Really? Like what?"
>"Ah, nothing. Except how you get great grades and how you're secretly her favorite student. Oh, and how kind and amazing you are."
>Your cheeks heat up a bit as you nervously chuckle.
"That...definitely sounds like Cadance."
>"Heh, yeah."
>"Yeah, Twily?"
"Have you ever thought of proposing to her?"
>He rubs the back of his head.
"That's okay, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I shouldn't have asked."
>"No, no. It's totally fine."
>He sighs.
>"You'd really like it if I did, wouldn't you?"
>You both chuckle.
>"I dunno, Twilight. I know we've been together for a while, but...I just don't know if I'm ready, yet."
"What do you mean?"
>"Twilight, marriage is pretty serious business. It's a huge commitment that lasts a long time, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for something like that, yet. Hell, mom and dad's marriage hasn't been the greatest, at times."
"That's okay, though. Half of marriages end in divorce, so it probably wouldn't be a forever thing! Just like our Uncle Shine and his wife!"
>Shining stares at you.
>"Twilight? Please, don't say things like that."
"W-What? Why?"
>"Think about it."
>You think about the little remark you gave as you put the pieces together.
>You sink into your seat as you groan, shame taking over.
>Fuck you and your autistic mind...
"I'm sorry, Shiny. I shouldn't have said that."
>"Hey, it's fine. Just think before you say, capiche?"
>He smiles as he grips your hand.
Nah, he's right. I'll take that part out when I update the pastebin
>You smile back.
>"Good. And I understand why you'd ask that. With how close you and Cadance, are.
"Well, she did babysit me when I was a little girl. She was the best babysitter ever!"
>You finish off the cone.
>"Heh, yeah. Maybe that's what made me so into her in the first place..."
>You chuckle.
>"Though, if I do make the ask, you wanna help me find a ring?"
>You squee as you smile widely.
>The excitement takes over your mental processes.
"Shining, are you kidding? I'd love to! I promise I'll help you find the best ring ever!"
>"Well, as long as I can afford it..."
"Wouldn't Mom and Dad help?"
>"Maybe. But let's not get too excited, I'm still not sure about the whole thing, yet."
>"But hey, I like your enthusiasm!"
>He pinches your cheek, causing you to giggle.
>The rest of the sit down consists of you and Shining talking about, well, yourselves.
>Shining seems to be having fun in college in what appears to be his final year.
>"Yeah, I'll probably declare for the draft towards the end of the season..."
>You talk about your research.
"Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the Games next week..."
>Oh, yeah.
>The games are next week.
>"I think you should think about competing, Twily."
>You wince.
"I-I dunno, Shining. You I'm not exactly the most athletic kid in the world. And besides, I'll just get laughed at and mocked for messing up."
>"Nonsense! Twilight, you do know there's an academic portion of the Games, right? We could use that big brain of yours."
"Yeah, but...I dunno. I'm just not really into all that school spirit stuff..."
>Shining sighs.
>"I know. Well, think about it. We could really use you, especially with Canterlot High improving and all."
>Speaking of Canterlot High...
>Nah, you can think of Sunset later.
I think you meant 'shitlord'
No Twilight was right he shouldn't get married!

Apparently facts are just too hard on normie scum now-a-days.
No. Asshole is correct. He's a stupid
Asshole fuckling. He has this idea that spergs are emotional rocks, and seriously wrote it. He can kill himself.
>He has this idea that spergs are emotional rocks, and seriously wrote it.
I don't think he was trying to convey that. She isn't an "emotional rock", it's just she has a more difficult time identifying stuff like this sometimes. Do you not recall when she comforted Zap when she went all #sadgurl when talking about her parents?
I know what he said was generally erroneous, but in the end it's not that bad.

OP let me tell you something, people with AS are basically normal people except they have a few different things about them. Especially females, even if Twilight had it canonically we would hardly know since they have a great time hiding it.
This tbqh family. He should drown himself
OP, is that you?
Not triggered at all m8. That's like me saying all white people are insane. It's a shit thing to say, and far from the truth. I just don't like to let ignorance go unaddressed.
No, that is not me.
fuck, i didn't intend this to happen. sorry if i offended anyone
You are not wrong, I'll give you that, but you could've gone about it more civivily
I didn't mean to start this
all I wanted was to correct you that spergs have atleast a little emotion
I'M OFFENDED. To make it up, I demand you masturbate while playing with your boipussy on cam for me,
i know that. i wasn't trying to show her as unemotional. i just she someitmes doesn't identify things in time. but she's not unemotional at all. at least I try to write her in that way.
Well..I'm an angry person. That was me being nice.
I don't know how anyone can live like that but okay. It's fine to be passionate but I think you need to stop being mad over trivial crap
>I think you need to stop being mad over trivial crap
I am not him but I just realized that he is probably a dykeshit guy
>You get up at around noon.
>Crap, you need to get ready!
>Indigo said she'd get you at one?
>After washing up and eating, you peek into your wardrobe.
"Shit, what am I supposed to wear to a party?"
>"Twilight? You ready to go?"
>Crap, she's here!
"Uhh, hold on a second!"
>You throw on some grey sweats, a black Star Wars shirt and your favorite purple hoodie.
>You run down the stairs and see Indigo, talking to your mother.
>Zap looks at you and facepalms.
>She's wearing a buttoned up plaid shirt, along with some jean shorts with some Vans.
>"No. No, no, no."
>"Twilight, come on. You can't go to a party like that."
"I can't?"
>"Dude, you look like you just got done cramming before a test."
>"Why don't we go upstairs and see what you've got."
>Indigo grabs you by the wrist.
>"Come on..."
>You are dragged up the stairs and back into your room.
>Indigo goes into your closet as you sit on your bed.
"Hmm, what can you wear..."
>She continues to search, rummaging through your clothes.
>"Twilight, for real, you probably should think about updating your wardrobe."
"What do you mean?"
>"Hold on...this might work."
>Zap takes out a plaid, red and black button up shirt, along with some black skinny jeans with small tears along the knees, and lays them next to you.
No, if your talking about modern dykeshit guy.

That's me
Nope. Dykeshit drives me into an unintelligible frenzy of rage and feces. Unless it's done right So choke on your bile, and scoop out your eyeballs with a plastic spoon fuckiling cuntfaggot
well I though it may have been you but I am more thinking of the 2nd dykeshit guy who would post about how enraging it is and how he gets physically mad
some of my favorite things about him is he would brag about how he came in "early" to /nst/ at thread 28
a janitor started to delete his posts so he posted on how "OP thinks he is a cool guy and OP wouldn't ban him"
so he thought that 1. OP knew who he was 2. OP thought he was cool and 3. OP bans people from here
>"Dykeshit drives me into an unintelligible frenzy of rage and feces. Unless it's done right."

>"Unless it's done right."

What did he mean by this?
Hey, people make mistakes, you do too.
File: 1444519708032.png (461 KB, 850x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
461 KB, 850x864
he really wanted to say POSTDYKESHIT
File: AliORG.gif (1 MB, 320x137) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x137
What did he mean by this?
I also happen to agree, if dykeshit is done right then I find it exceptable but if it sucks dick then I get so fucking mad when you plebs post it.
>but if it sucks dick
but thats the beauty of it anon
none of it "sucks dick"
Yeah, I knew that was going to be made into a joke.
I hate to reference this, but Steven Universe makes it horrifically tasteful. To the point I find Rebecca sugar fucking irritating for her genius.
>"You need more than superhero shirts, man. I mean, I have some of that stuff, too, but you need more than just that."
"Oh. I'm, I'm sorry."
>"Dude, you don't need to apologize. I'm just giving you a suggestion."
"O-Okay, but, why is this not okay for the party?"
>Indigo chuckles.
>"Well, you're definitely not getting laid, looking like that!"
>You blush immediately.
"I-Indigo, I'm not t-trying to get laid! I-I'm not interested in something like that."
>"Like what, now?"
"Y-You know! Casual sex! O-One night stands!"
>"Okay? But still, you'd look so much better wearing something else. Who knows, maybe you could get a boyfriend out of this or something."
"B-But Anon is in a relationship."
"Doesn't have to be Anon, man. Though then again, I'd much rather he date you than Sugarcoat..."
>You bite your nails.
"Y-Yeah, but, I don't t-think I wanna try and get a b-b-boyfriend, tonight."
>"That's fine, dude. Just wanna make you presentable."
"O-Okay. Um, will it be okay if you let me change?"
>"Sure, man. But be quick."
>Indigo leaves the room and closes the door.
>You strip to your underwear, leaving only the Star Wars shirt on as you put on the clothes Indigo picked out of your closet, along with a black belt you picked out of the closet.
>You take a look at yourself in the mirror.
>It might not be the most comfortable clothing, but...
"Wow, I look really good."
>You decide to make a huge decision.
>Feeling the anxiety creep up upon you, you untie your bun, causing your hair to flow freely among the sides.
>"You almost done, dude?"
>You straighten your hair with a comb, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling.
>Oh God, put it back!
>Put it back in the bun!
>You look...really good.
>The anxiety melts away.
>You leave the bathroom and then exit your bedroom.
Well since I don't care about those characters and ONLY hate dykeshit when it is related to Scilight I can't relate to her genius. Of course anything that comes from that show can hardly be called "genius"
File: 809256.png (225 KB, 657x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 657x700
Shit. I'm not very new, but this is the first long term stories that I have actually read to the end. Feels...weird and unsettling.
It doesn't mean anything, carry on
"H-How do I look?"
>You cross your legs as you put your arms behind your back.
>You rock, slightly, back and forth.
>Please don't be bad, please don't be bad...
>"You look great."
"R-Really? You think so?"
>You blush, hard.
>"Yeah, Twilight! You look awesome!"
>You smile.
"Th-Thank you, Indigo! No one's ever really said that to me before..."
>You look down at the ground.
"W-Well, except my parents, but-"
>"Hey," she interrupts. "You're welcome. You ready?"
"Um, hold on a sec. I forgot something...
>You go back in your room, grabbing your much loved star pin and putting it in your hair.
>You aren't sure why, but this symbol seems to represent you.
>You also grab some wristbands from a drawer, enough to cover up some of the scars, and putting them on as you slightly roll up your sleeves (but not much!).
>You exit your room.
>"Let's do this, Twi!"
>You and Indigo run down the stairs.
>Your mother immediately hugs you, your brother following you.
>"You look adorable, honey!"
>"Have a good time, sweetie!"
"I'll try, mom!
>"And Twily?"
"Yeah, Shiny?"
"Please, try to stay safe."
"D-Don't worry, I'll be fine."
>You give Shining a bearhug, and your mother gives you a kiss on the cheek before you leave.
>"Oh, and Indigo," Mom says just before you leave. "Remember what I told you."
>You exit the house and get in the Audi.
>"Ready to have a banging ass time?"
"F-Fuck yeah, d-d-dude."
>"I like the sound of that!"
>She backs out of the driveway, and you're off to have some fun!

Cutting it here. Party fun coming sometime during the week. Hope you mostly liked it. Paste will be updated.

also sorry about the tears thing, i did not intend twilight to be unemotional at all. i might remove that in the paste, i might not. not sure yet
Time to get fucked up, but not fucked hopefully
Real quick change in the pastebin. Forgot something:
>You also grab some wristbands from a drawer, enough to cover up some of the scars, and putting them on as you slightly roll up your sleeves (but not much!).

>You also grab a grey skullcap, placing it on your head.
planned on giving her a skullcap but completely forgot. so, she has a skullcap. this has been edited in.

sorry about this.
You should read r9klight to the end. It's weird because it just stops randomly in the middle.
What the fuck is a "skullcap"?
Something like pic related.
oh god i made twilight look like a hipster fuck. what have i done.
What a bizarre name for a hat
>twilight looks like a hipster
Are you okay?
Good Game Good Game, Good Game
Let me guess. Sperg is going to get with Zap in the end or some shit. God damn is there not a single fucking story where random lesbians pop up? She's already dressing like some faggot SJW, why not just go and give her a bulldyke gf. Then when Zap orgasms Sperg can start acting all scared and asking if she hurt her because something something autism.
I'll make sure she drinks PBT and be pretentious as fuck as she looks down upon mainstream plebians at the party :^)
>let me just make fun of my audience and be a memeing fuck
way to be professional
File: 1449879912623.png (476 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
476 KB, 800x800
post dykes
A few things:

She has been outed as being straight.

But if that happens then I will leave this thread and make a new one if possible.
I'm not making fun of anyone, I'm just joking around, m8
Typical defense, When confronted with an actual crisis you just hide behind pictures in an attempt to piss us off.

Not what I would have expected from you OP
Nightly Straightlight Thread
>She has been outed as being straight.
>outed as straight
The fact that characters are "outed" as straight in NST just shows how fucked up this place is with all the fucking lesbo shit. Even Sperg seems more and more to lean towards lesbian undertones with the fucking Zap shit and the way she's dressing. Not to mention her only sexual experience has been with a girl. No, everything has to have rape and girl-on-girl action. Because that's good writing of course!

>inb4 op responds with meme while also living with his parents and being underage
I agree with you so much thank you for finally coming here. But I just hope you're being serious.
File: 1440953078688.png (217 KB, 841x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217 KB, 841x949
EQGWF here.

OP confirmed in the Skype Chat that he's writing the bulk of replies against him to stir shit up.
Both of those things I highly doubt.

Prove it faggot
this tbqh f a m
hello, eqg
File: junkies looking.jpg (82 KB, 634x424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
junkies looking.jpg
82 KB, 634x424
say something that only EQG would say
>lesbian undertones
Girls hanging out, making recommendations of fashion, complimenting each other, and simply being friends isn't really gay in itself, but that's just me
OP is that really EqG
File: 1441075626374.png (8 KB, 199x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 199x211
I swear you're actually going to get more soonish.


that is something that eqg would say so I still have my hopes
File: 1443895341936.png (382 KB, 619x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 619x616
File: 1439249581758.gif (2 MB, 350x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x319
File: 1451631300895.jpg (582 KB, 1249x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
582 KB, 1249x1400
>write twilight in clothes for party (beanie, plaid shirt, skinny jeans)
>it's considered what SJWs wear
>i find girls who dress like that attractive
i need to seriously rethink my life, mi familia

why is sunset wearing glasses so fucking cute
File: 1451780766218.jpg (3 MB, 3718x2478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3718x2478
This is who Twilight loves
This thou ponie is for thine sexual yes?
File: 21733346.jpg (188 KB, 587x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 587x625
actually surprised me and is a good person
please replace OP is anon
>implying OP isnt cool
>please replace OP with anon in pic related
I should have been more clear sorry
its k op, i like that style too
File: 1449536621937.png (299 KB, 800x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 800x900
File: 998426.png (3 MB, 2273x3500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2273x3500
File: 1447025114759.png (3 MB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2000x2000
>why is sunset wearing glasses so fucking cute
Because she is love
And the best
File: 1450042090750.png (601 KB, 900x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
601 KB, 900x1300
File: 1450045630729.png (2 MB, 1650x2550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1650x2550
That oneshot better be a threesome. Or orgy.
File: 1450046296775.jpg (609 KB, 800x1331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
609 KB, 800x1331
File: 1450054483859.png (88 KB, 678x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 678x830
File: cripplelight.png (198 KB, 716x1261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 716x1261
Would you? She was horrible injured in the accident with Paint.
Of course
I would love her and tend to her every whim and passionately rub her nubs
I like glasses and school girl twilight.
File: 1450233551383.png (352 KB, 738x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 738x512
I want sunset to steal twis glasses
If you have a prompt idea please reply to this post
once there are 5 ideas I will make a strawpoll

sorry I was busy for the last few weeks and forgot about it

and thanks OP for changing it up when I forgot
File: 1450077589246.png (785 KB, 2000x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
785 KB, 2000x1520
File: 1436462148315.png (432 KB, 709x1403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432 KB, 709x1403
File: gbcW2jj.png (109 KB, 371x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 371x279
File: 1450124262796.jpg (108 KB, 800x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 800x1040
File: 1YLQCrS.jpg (33 KB, 960x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 960x480
Adorable as fuck
File: 1450117485364.png (407 KB, 1100x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 1100x1300
>helping a friend make a video
>scene where I have to stand stalk and expressionless
>have to think of something so I don't laugh at the ridiculous shit the other characters are saying
>literally shout "I LOVE TWILIGHT SPARKLE" over and over in my head for minutes and it keeps me stoic because it's the only serious thing in my life I could think of

what have you done to me NST
Are some of you trying to make anons leave by forcing lesbian shipping on them?
Oh you
we aren't forcing it there are just a few autistic people who get mad when we post it because "it makes them not able to imagine themselves with twilight" and other crap like that
File: 1433473633915.jpg (17 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 300x300
>see this
>check /ntt/
>dykeshit guy is now posting scitwi there

but in all seriousness he is just a autistic guy who just hates lesbians and probably wants to cause drama
No I'm not you imbecile. I hate dykeshit involving twilight it is as simple as that. Since that is impossible because most of the board hates you shimmerfags I thought it was the closest thing to refuge.
I have no control over what you post so no, I am not saying that. Nice strawman by the way.
How old are you? Are you trying to get NTT to attack the thread or something?
I'm trying to find companionship with them because you lot clearly don't have it here.

When I first came here I thought we all shared the same problem:

>tfw Twilight will never be real

But no, after the movie this place (mainly the people) turned to shit. I have no idea why and I don't know if I'll ever be able to fix it.
I kinda like you and your opinions to be quite honest, but you are way way too autistically agressive about this. You're never going to change anything by raging to the choir.
How do you expect change then, mein Fuhrer?

We need to change the public eye in our favor
Where did you learn to change opinions, on /pol/?

Yelling at people doesnt work, instead you should write a green or make art with straight shipping. Promote your point instead of talking smack about others.
If you dont like dykeshit dont complain about it
Or write your own straight stories and post them here
That was a joke boyo

Oh sounds like a really great idea! Then you can shit on me, sounds like fun! Also I don't have the drive to write on a consistent basis I did one time then I failed. Maybe one of you remember the story
>you lot
Just because I find your methods retarded doesn't mean I'm siding with the dykeposts asshole. The problem isn't the les posting. The problem is YOU have a problem with it, and frankly people are free to like whatever the fuck they want. Nobody comes here to be told to stop doing something because it triggers someone.
Many of us are shimmerfags, just deal with it ok? We don't have a general and this is a good place
What the fuck am I to do then? This has only become a recent problem obviously so it CAN be fixed
File: 1446102136696.gif (81 KB, 182x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 182x249
>I'm not going to do anything for you, but you guys should do all this for me!!
stop embarrasing straightfans ya dingus
Really only two stories were shit on here
Andrew Miracles
And the one that was only dialogue that nobody could read

If you are either of those you werent hated because its straight
You were hated because its bad or unreadable
Well if I ever actually want to come back and want to write, you'll see you'll all see...
Well too bad for you, fuccboi, because I've been in this general from the start and enjoy the content that's been generated and the overall pleasant attitude that the people here seem to have
And just think about it for a second
Twilight is one of my favorite characters and Friendship Games is my favorite pone movie and then on top of all of that I can post my waifu and no one will flip shit over it
Why the fuck wouldn't I make this place my home; it's great!
Well if an entire board hates you I think there is a reason. At least I know why this place turned into cancer after the movie. It's because you moved into it. That explains all!
I always felt really bad for the shimmerfags
your waifu was always used for shitposting because it was the first new character from eqg

we are actually one of the most liked generals only getting hate from you
It's YOUR problem though. Either write straight shit or post straight pics. I don't like dykeposts, but I don't consider it a problem. It's all personal taste. Hells bells man, if you want I'll make straight shit for you.
I have no idea how you came to that conclusion, Shimmerfags were hated even before FG came out.

Do what you want, I don't think this place is savable but I hope you can do SOMETHING at least.

The point is, is that there is no straightshit that isn't sexualized so there are no solutions.

The only thing I can do is sit back and watch, and that just makes me sad.
It's what makes us human
So, are there any good stories without dykeshit, tranny-abominations, or other similar degeneracy?
Depends on what you've read so far
There's Alt-SciTwi and Romance For Once for starters
so you are in fact just gonna be a lazy, whiny cunt. Duly noted. someone even offered to humor you, and you chose to be this. Any complaints you have about dykeshit from here on falls on deaf ears friend.
File: 1446008968763.jpg (162 KB, 700x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 700x1952
>no dykeshit
Did you forget about Milfnuette+Moondancer?
Minuette reminds me of that one guy from Dr. Who
I never watched it so I don't know their names
Well fug
File: 1436477363605.jpg (265 KB, 907x1082) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 907x1082
File: 36879124567891245.jpg (62 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 400x300
I-I need to know more. For science.

Which part of Alt-SciTwi? Most of it is kinda boring emerald knightshit and I don't remember Minuette being a big part of the story.
File: fat fuck.png (179 KB, 327x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fat fuck.png
179 KB, 327x449
>Wet droplets patter against your dirty windshield, as you pull into the parking lot of the Seventh-Heaven convenience store.
>Shutting your car down, you put your head against the steering wheel, and sigh.
>Another glorious day of indentured servitude to the worst boss, job, and co-workers in the fucking world.
>Name? Anonymous J. Doe. Twenty-Nine. Single. Shit apartment in the ass part of town, working a dead end job for peanuts as the assistant manager, which in this case essentially means, "Everyone's underpaid, overworked bitchboy".
>The car door opens with a rusty click, as you step into the rain, scratching your scraggly face.
>Despite being "the number two", you have none of the power, but twice the responsibilities.
>You adjust your uniform, and drag your feet towards the automatic doors, which let out a solemn "beep" upon entry.
>An overweight, balding man wearing a matching uniform picks his nose without a care in the fucking world.
"Filthy, fat bastard.."
>He wipes his uncovered treasure under the counter, and waves to you.
>"Ah! Anon, my boy! Punctual as always!"
>You grimace at the disgusting display.
"You know me sir..always on time, and dedicated to the cause."
>He claps his hands together as you head over to the time keeper to punch in, in the backroom behind the counter.
>"That's my assistant manager! I knew I made the right decision promoting you! Also, I need you to close tonight."
>You didn't even put your keycode into the system yet.
"Excuse me?"
>He rubs his belly, leaning on the balls of his feet.
>"Yes! Beatrice called off sick today, and no one else is answering their phones! So...congratz! Overtime!"
>You ball your fist up in anger, and take a deep breath.
"Sir. I'm already forty hours over in overtime already!"
>"Yeaaah..well, I'd stay if I could, but well...it's me and the missus anniversary, and she'll cut my sack off if I miss it! HAHAH!"
File: workplace.jpg (107 KB, 640x424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 640x424
>You facepalm.
"That's the exact same thing you said last week!"
>"I did?"
>He digs in his ear, and smells his finger.
>"Hm! Doesn't matter. You close tonight because I said so!"
>He waves a pinky finger at you, skipping to the coatrack in the corner of the office, and takes his trenchcoat off.
>"Do me a favor, and clock me out would you Anon?"
>He slips his greasy, obese self into the coat, and heads out.
"Kill yourself."
>Is what you wish you could say.
>He waddles out of the store humming "Staying alive" by the BeeGee's to himself, leaving you to man the store...again...for nearly twelve hours.
>You sigh loudly, and head to the counter avoiding the spot, he laid down nose candy, and lean forward on your elbows.
>It's Wednesday, and nothing ever happens aside from the occasional kids from the local school, or some snob coming to get gas. Or the yelpers.
>Seriously. fuck those guys.
>And thus begins a long, and painful night.
>Fucking Beatrice calling off. All that little teenage slut does is lay around, and get stoned with some dweeb in a beanie, and get fucked in her gaping ass by anyone with a fucking erection.
>You'd fire her in an instant if you could.
>You figure she let the boss fuck her, so that's why he keeps her on.
>Bing bong~
>You look up to see two girls walk in.
>Teens from the looks of it, and clad in those skimpy uniforms from that school up the road.
>Crystal meth prep or something.
>You give them only a parting glance.
>One of them stands stalk still in place, trembling and staring at you.
>She adjusts her huge framed glasses, and smiles nervously.
>You look left, and right, and shrug, as the other girl who oddly enough reminds you of Sonic the hedgehog, pulls her along.
>"Don't mind her mister. She has aspergers!"
>Ouch. You know you're old now.
>"But I don't have--"
>"Shut. Up."
"Well. That's not suspicious at all."
File: Best dykeship.png (214 KB, 831x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Best dykeship.png
214 KB, 831x389
>You're not so naive that you don't know what those two are about to do.
>Teens come in and steal all the fucking time, but it usually equates to a candy bar or something.
>They both shuffle over to the candy aisle, like you thought, and whisper to one another.
>You roll your eyes, and lean against the cigarette case, awaiting the eventual hurried rush out of the store.
>Somewhere right now, your boss is slamming his gross cock into some skank. That could totally be you.
>As soon as you find a skank that is.
>Usually you don't care about what gets stolen in here, but it's gonna be a long night.
>Might as well have some fun right?
>Deciding to get from the counter, you press the right stick to enter stealth mode.
>Staying low, and slow, you're able to circle around the unsuspecting would-be thieves. Because real niggas invest in Agility on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L
>"-st be quiet, and put this in your bag spaz! God!"
>Blue hair, shoves a handful of gummie Lifesavers bags into the Nerdy girls schoolbag.
>Can someone pick up that phone? Because you fucking called it!
>"I-I don't wanna do this Indigo! Th-this is wrong!"
>A look of concern spreads across the purple ones face.
>"I thought you wanted to be cool? To be "friends"?"
>Nerd girl hangs her head.
>"I do.."
>"Then put some of these kit-kats in your bag! This is what friends do!"
>Man. Peer pressure is a bitch, but who knew it was still so alive in this day and age?
>She proceeds to help Indigo stock more candy into her large bag.
>Do they really think they'll get away with taking that much stuff?
>"Twilight. Do you see that guy by the counter anywhere? I don't wanna get caught."
>So her name is Twilight eh?
>Twilight looks over the shelf at the counter, her head turning left and right.
>"I don't see him. Maybe he went to the back room?"
>Indigo fist pumps.
More pls
bretty gud so far
File: Don't drop the soap.png (243 KB, 1054x1060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Don't drop the soap.png
243 KB, 1054x1060
>You shake your head, and poke your head over the shelf behind them.
>"Let's jet while we can. Let me just grab a candy bar."
"As if you won't get diabetes from what you swiped?"
>"No way! I work out all the time!"
>She inspects the snickers, and butterfingers, as her partner Twilight has taken notice to your presence.
>The color drains from her mug, as she starts tapping Indigo's shoulder repeatedly.
>"Cut it out spaz! I'm making an important decision here!"
>You smirk.
"I'd go with the snickers. After all, hungry? Why wait?"
>Indigo nods without looking at you.
>"Hey that's right! Good answer!"
>Clearly, brains isn't the strong suit for this one.
>"What are you babbling about now?!"
>Twilight points to you with a shaking hand.
>She follows the finger to you, and gasps.
"Cheese it? Holy shit that's dated."
>Indigo turns, and bolts down the aisle leaving the stolen goods,as Twilight stands there trembling like a leaf in the wind, staring at you.
>You sigh, and head to the front door, and lock it.
"Hey..uh..Twilight? I'm gonna call the cops now, so if you could just chill out there, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks."
>You hear another gasp, as Twilight finally moves her legs to run to you, while you start dialing the three numbers that ruin lives for good.
>"Wait! Please!"
>You look at her with half open, uncaring eyes.
>She claps her hands together in your face pleading with you.
>"Please don't call the police on me! I didn't want to steal! I swear!"
"Someone has to take responsibility for this, and since your friend got away.."
>Tears form in her eyes, as she bites her bottom lip.
>"I-I'm begging you..Please...this would ruin my life forever.."
"Yeah. That's kind of the point when you steal, and get caught sweetie. You're screwed."
>She puts her hands on your phone arm, giving them a little squeeze.
>"Please mister..I'll do anything...!"
>Are we really gonna do this in another fucking story?
[Porn music intensifies]
File: 1448856932400.png (303 KB, 1024x1193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 1024x1193
File: Cucumber.png (865 KB, 1280x1109) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
865 KB, 1280x1109
>It's late at night. You wake up to make yourself a sandwich. All of a sudden, Midnight Sparkle is peeking at you outside your window. She has a mischievous, cunning look on her face. Wat do?

>W-What the fuck is that thing?
>She just stares at you grinning from the open window.
"I-I'm gonna call the police."
>"That won't be necessary. Please, resume."
>You slowly try to back off, but just as slowly her horn glows and the door to the kitchen closes on its own, leaving you trapped.
>"Please, resume," she says again grasping the window frame, hiding half of her face behind it but with the corners of her mouth still visible.
>Oh shit nigga.
>An invisible force pushes you forward, and with no other option, you do as you're told.
>You advance to a cabinet for some sliced bread.
>You take the bag out, and slide your arm inside, reaching out almost to the end of it to grasp two pieces, and take them out as they rub the plastic.
>"Yes, you're doing good."
>You hear some wet-sounding sounds coming from her direction.
>You know that sound from porn shit.
>This isn't sexy at all.
>This is the stuff of wet nightmares.
>She stops for a moment while you stare frightened, and motions you to keep going.
>Anything to stay alive.
>From the freezer you take out a piece of cheese that you've been saving for way too many days.
>This shit's gonna kill you, yo.
>Not like you have a choice.
>The wet sound starts up again, as with a knife you slowly slice a piece from the cheese and place it over one of the breads.
>"Yes, yees..."
>Next you cut an hydroponic lettuce, which the guy selling them said was better for your health.
>You have no idea what the fuck hydroponic even means.
>The sounds intensify as you put it too over the cheese, and take out a tomato.
>"Aah, I like how you... think... Aah..."
>You begin cutting with the knife, the liquid running down your hands and soaking them in tomato juice, drip by drip falling over the table.
>"Y-Yes, more..."
>watch horse women 3 for first time
>scilight ignoring orange boring's attempt to high-five her and instead going for a hug
>dat adorable level of introversion, so pleasantly surprised that a stranger was nice to her that she actually hugs them

i understand the appeal now
File: 1443497754942.png (248 KB, 625x505) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 625x505
>She's moaning and gasping for air as the noise intensifies, clear as day as if it came from your side.
>*schlick schlick schlick..."
>You place the slices on the sandwich, covering as much surface as you can, and then do a last trip to the freezer.
>You pick up the mayo.
>"Aaah... Anon... I..."
>The window frame creaks where's she's grabbing it. You take the cap off, and turning it upside down, you gently press on it.
>The noise becomes thunderous as the mayo falls over the tomato, making squiggly lines and loops over it.
>Shit, what if she takes you after it's done?
>You don't have anything else to put on it.
>You never wished so desperately to stay a virgin.
>You slowly try to leave everything where it was, trying to waste time.
>"Hah, hah... don't leave me, hanging... aaaha..."
>You're fucked.
>Against your better judgment, you come back to the table, and grasp the other piece of bread, making the sounds and moans even louder.
>"Oh God... I... I...!"
>You place it over the sandwich.
>The demon lets out a orgasmic scream that pierces through your whole being.
>The sound stops then with a thud, and everything falls silent except for her accelerated breathing.
>After half a minute, she stands back up again, and looks with an even bigger grin at you.
>"Your services have been most useful. Stay tuned for your next assignment."
>The demon goes away flying into the night, leaving you alone with your sandwich.
>You feel irremediably dirty.

I laughed a bit and I have to say your story was put together well
>Ignoring the fact she said that heinous six letter word, you cock an eye at her.
>She looks at you with big eyes, and then away to the ground, slowly unbuttoning her vest.
"WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! What the hell are you doing?!"
>She stops undressing, and looks at you with confused eyes.
>"B-but you said "anything", and I figured.."
"Just because I said "anything" isn't the go sign to get fucking naked kid! Jesus! Where did you even get that idea from?"
>She twiddles her fingers awkwardly, eyes darting to and fro.
>"W-well in my manga books, the male always makes the female-"
>You put the phone down, and a hand up.
"Let me stop you there. This isn't a manga. This is real life."
>A meatball rolls across the floor between you, bouncing every so often.
"You smell Olive Garden?"
>She exhales loudly.
>"S-so what did you want...?"
"Nothing. Just get out of here."
>You hang up the phone, and unlock the door before,heading to the aisle with her bag, and begin taking the candy out.
"Holy shit. This is like two boxes of stuff right here. Did she really think she could get away?"
>And to think she wanted to top it off with a fucking candy bar.
>You hear someone clear their throat behind you.
>You look over your shoulder, and notice Twilight standing there with an uneasy smile.
>H-hello again."
"Why are you still here?"
>She points to the bookbag.
>"Th-that's mines..."
"Not anymore kid. It's confiscated."
>She seemingly panics, beginning to perspire again.
>"N-no! I need it! Please! Take the candy back, but I need my bag!"
>She kneels down next to you, and takes hold of it.
"Don't test me kid! Just go!"
>"No! I can't!"
>A pulling match begins between the two of you,the bag slowly beginning to rip in the middle.
>She's not very strong, but her persistence makes up for it.
"This is your final warning! Back off or, that offer to let you go is gone!"
>"You don't understand! I need this bag!"
"To steal more?!"

>But that's how it works in my Japanese mangas!

My sides. My poor beautiful sides.
>You both fall back, as bags of candy, and various papers fly into the air.
>You don't see what the big fuss was for this nerdy little shit to have back vital evidence.
>Probably homework.
>Because that's what nerds always have, right?
>She falls on her bony ass, with half of the bag falling on her head.
>You stumble a bit, but manage to stay on your feet.
"Well that was stupid of you. All this for some home....work.."
>A paper floats by your face, making you grab it, and glance at what's on the page.
"Oh my god.."
>It's not homework at all.
>Scattered around you are drafts for what looks like a fuck comic.
>A sketch of a girl with big two-tone hair getting fucked by two big black dudes lands on your shoe.
>Her anus is gaping, and they're watching her shit all over the place in the next panel, as they piss, and cum in her mouth.
>You cover your mouth in shock, and look at Twilight, who's slowly making it to her feet.
"What the fuck is this kid?! How old are you to be reading shit like this?!"
>She frantically begins gathering all the papers, snatching the ones you read from you.
"Holy deviantart, kids are jacked up nowadays.."
>She turns away from you with the papers clutched to her chest.
>"I-I don't read them..I drew them."
>Now you gasp, as she runs out of the store sobbing quietly.
"Aw man.."
>You rub the back of your head, feeling a tad guilty.
>Sure she's a thief, and all, but...well...uh...Hm.
>You'll figure out what to feel guilty about later.
>As for right now, you have the weirdest boner. Some of that shit(no pun intended) was done pretty good actually.
>Sure, the sex looked awkward, and using nig-- Men of African american descent is the easy way out, since all you have to do is draw honking dark horns plunging into women, but you can see the effort.
>You notice she left a page.
>The big haired girl, is suddenly futa, and an Asian man is punching her engorged balls.
>Stop it Dick.
>Stop it Dick.
holy shit my sides are gone
File: 1446263295431.png (795 KB, 1224x1776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
795 KB, 1224x1776
File: 1443984025356.png (636 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636 KB, 750x750
this is good
Warming up the hot glue as we speak.
Proably not
This image is perfect.
>you will never be twilight
twi a cute
you a cute
File: 1442634892705.png (180 KB, 445x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180 KB, 445x527
File: 1424561694908.png (265 KB, 988x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 988x416
I want to hang out with twilight and have a normal time
no lewd stuff
no depressing stuff
no magical cool stuff
just a normal time
I really liked this fic and I hope it gets continued later
File: sculpture.webm (2 MB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 960x720
I don't know where the ">pony" came from, i literally didn't type that
twilight and moondancer argue about star wars vs star trek
I feel like Twilight would like Star Wars and Moondancer would be the trekkie.
Jedi Sparkle vs Captian Moondancer
Don't you mean TRAITORlight sparkle?
File: 1451316697489.png (608 KB, 624x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
608 KB, 624x600
File: 1449000765045.png (182 KB, 346x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182 KB, 346x349
>implying twilight would like Disneys Marvels Guaridans of the Star Wars
I wish I could redirect your image to you considering you replied to the wrong person tard
>scitwi knows exactly what EqG pony twi looks like naked
pls continue.
File: 1446432103854.png (223 KB, 550x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 550x700
Woah now
>you will never cuddle with twilight
not sure if this picture is 2 lewd 4chan or not but I would rather not risk it
Your asking too much
Dammit wrong You're
Did jeff die
No, I'm here. For some reason, every time I start to get on a roll with writing, everyone I know suddenly wants to see me for long, boring excursions into nothing.

Trapshit finale coming tonight.
File: entire life.gif (990 KB, 245x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
entire life.gif
990 KB, 245x215
Oh my god it's really you
What greens have Midnight Sparkle in them?
File: 1418006476243.jpg (125 KB, 1102x967) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1102x967
please be telling the truth
There's only one that I know of, but I don't have the link to it. It was about Twilight taking the magic of the other mane 6 to make her breasts bigger. For some reason it isn't in the list even though I think the person who wrote it resposted it here with a pastebin link.

Besides that, BBSA had Midnight briefly.
It's called midnight is coming
Yes you are
I want to forcefeed SciTwi quesadillas
Why would you do that you literal monster?
To hear her make cute squeals and sobs as the warm and oozing cheese drips onto her face
Just imagine all your creamy white cheese all over her face
>White cheese
>Year 0 of Our Lord Trump
I hope it happens
Where is chronos
Wow, I really like that Trainer Sunset pic. It's probably been posted before but I don't remember seeing it

Something about twilight with a power lust makes my dick diamonds.
>It's late at night. You wake up to make yourself a sandwich. All of a sudden, Midnight Sparkle is peeking at you outside your window. She has a mischievous, cunning look on her face. Wat do?
File: JesusHChrist.png (546 KB, 624x834) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
546 KB, 624x834

File: RzCNRIQ.gif (971 KB, 500x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
971 KB, 500x277
Why is traplight so frustrating to read sometimes?
Because jeff won't ever let us have our cutey trap waifu, and hug_ her too.
Wouldn't it be cool if we could make a robot SciTwi? Oh! Or genetically engineer a SciTwi!
>you will never wake up to this
>your qt scitwi gf will never change in front of you
>she'll never be oblivious about it, making it nonsexual, being a socially oblivious nerd
fuck that sounds so adorable
>original story is nothing but tragedy
>entire general adopts the idea
I can't say I'm surprised
Everyone knows Trender raped Twilight and you honestly expect me to believe Anon didn't go buy a rapier and fuck his shit up?
Is the writefag who wrote anon and scitwi story back yet?
gonna have to be a bit more specific there nonners
The /nst/ motto is "Reality is a cruel joke told by a mad god, and I'm the punchline"
I said this once or twice but I really want this to be the ending
trender gets his dick cut off by twilight and then twi fucks him dry
Let go of your hate, nonnie
The rick and morty themed one
Instant Coffee hasn't came back
but I hope he will eventually
He's been writing in another thread i guess he realized this thread is shit and decided not to come back
what thread?
Wait where's coffee at?
File: hug me you freak.png (280 KB, 700x839) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hug me you freak.png
280 KB, 700x839
man, I haven't updated my stuff since the last year. I'm so damn slow.
sorry for the way too long wait

Sugar-rushed incoming at breakneck speeds 'cuz I'm hungry
File: hm.png (261 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
261 KB, 600x800
>The air outside is even colder than inside. Just why did you have to come out? Why did you even have to come on this dumb trip in the first place?
>Your life sucks.
>Everything sucks.
>You head to the big table where everyone is eating, and where at least Indigo proved to be a good friend and saved a bread and a cup of tea for you.
>Sunny is with her forehead on the table, mug in hand, apparently unable to wake up. Lemon is nowhere to be seen, and Sour has such a tired and annoyed expression you're gonna bet she didn't sleep all night, and killed Lemon.
>"What took you so long?"
"It was too cold and I didn't want to get up," you say sitting down and picking up the warm cup.
>"Oh, ok... What about Twilight though?" she asks almost causing the cup to slip out of your hands.
"Heavy sleeper I guess. Since when do we care about her?"
>"I don't know, just asking. I thought we could have waked her up with a bucket of water if you had got up earlier."
>Ok, that gets a chuckle out of you. After all the abuse she's put you through, you deserve a little revenge.
>But then she passes right behind you, and again she slides her finger under your shirt across your back, making you shudder before going to the end of the table again.
>I-It's not fair! You can't even plot revenge when she does this to you.
>You can barely cover up the blushing with the cup.
>Oh why heavens? What have you done to deserve this?
>Are your soul and flesh condemned to spend their days longing for her touch, forever burning in the heat of her lust?
>As Dante did for Beatrice and Petrarch for Laura?
>Who are we but poets who can't turn not to look, at she who the sun gives way in the afternoon?
>Oh! Why must--!
>"Sugarcoaat, hellooo?"
>Indigo snaps her fingers in front on your face, stopping your musings.
"Did you say something?"
>She facepalms.
>It's ok. You were going overboard anyway. Your poetry sucks. You're not even a poet. You should stop being so pretentious.
>Maybe you should love less.

this one >>25940474

the story is also on his pastebin its pretty good
File: so bored.png (146 KB, 403x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
so bored.png
146 KB, 403x422
>"Nevermind, just... Hey, Sunny, ya breathing?" she says turning her attention to something else.
>Sunny mumbles something that's too muffled to even attempt to understand.
"What's up with her?"
>"I don't know. She was like this when I found her. She just wants attention I guess."
>Sunny raises her head to shoot daggers at Indigo.
>"It happens that Indigo took the only good bed and left me to sleep on a mattress thinner than a sponge," she says fixing her hair. "I have the planks marked on my back."
>"That's what you get for taking so long in the bathroom. Besides, someone as slender as me would have suffered more. I mean, it's logic Sunny, c'mon."
>"Are you saying I'm fat?"
>"No, I just... kind of implied it. It's called subtext, I learned that the other day."
>Here we go again.
>You'll never understand why people love fighting so much.
>Maybe someday, somehow, your friends will be able to spend a day without hurling insults at each other.
>Before they kill another one you hope.
>While they argue you notice everyone is already starting to leave. You didn't thought you had taken so long in the cabin, but maybe time just likes going faster when you don't want it to.
>The rest of the day is sure to be as painfully long as possible.
>Life is painful.
>With less people on the way, finding Lemon becomes particularly easy. She even turns away as soon as you look near her, because she's totally not watching her friends from afar at all times all alone.
>Is she mad at everyone now or what?
>This was annoying enough yesterday. If by next Monday she's still like this you swear you're gonna unfriend her on Stablebook.
>That'll show her.
>A few feet to the right is Twilight, eating alone and away from everyone, not even with Cadence to keep her company.
>And then even more to the right is Suri.
>You briefly lock eyes with Suri.
>It's awkward.
>You turn away your gaze in shame, cross your legs, and try to eat quickly so you can be on time for...
>For what, really?
>There must be surely something to work on before you can even think of resting, this being a school trip and not some crappy vacations, but you have no idea of what.
>This is what schedules and paper were made for. Why don't people use them? Would it have been too much work to print about 15 sheets?
>Oh, but this is also (and mostly honestly) Twilight's fault. She lured you off the path. That vile and sensual nymph. She practically chained you to be the bed so you wouldn't go out.
>Just look at her, eating all so innocently and lonely, as if she was a, a... a GOOD girl. A prude and shy student who only thinks of her studies, bullied relentlessly because of her weakness.
>But you know better. You're not letting her ruin your grades and your future, whatever it is.
"What are we supposed to do now, Indigo?"
>"Well, well, look who's confused now. If only you had been paying attention when I was talking you'd--"
"Sunny, what are we going to do now?"
>"Ok ok, sheesh! We're going to see a waterfall and a river. That's all."
"A waterfall? In the middle of these dusty mountains?"
>"Yup, and a river too."
>That sounds pretty.
>You should have brought your camera.
>Indigo leans in over the table to whisper.
>"We're supposed to do homework there, but I'm bringing my swimsuit. No one's gonna rob me of my fun."
"There are no dressing rooms there, you know?"
>"I know. I'll just wear it under my clothes and take them off there."
"You're gonna sweat like a pig."
>"Eh, we're all gonna sweat anyway, except for me when I'm swimming in that cold refreshing water. Why don't you join me? I don't want to be alone."
"Because I don't have a swimsuit."
>"Uh huh... Well, sucks to be you. I'm gonna ask Lemon, she'll support me on this."
>Indigo stands up to ask her, and Lemon smiles like an idiot only by watching her approach.
>So she just doesn't want to even sit anywhere near you.
>That's great.
>You're unfriending her as soon as you get a signal.
File: 1437870479559.jpg (80 KB, 679x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 679x657
>sugarlight is being updated
>instant coffee came back
>mfw I am busy right now and cant read either of them
File: tsundercoat.png (264 KB, 848x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 848x478
>The weather had went from a chillingly cold air in the morning to a mere cold air with a roasting sun by the time when you were almost done.
>Cadance called everyone to gather up, and everyone was moving except you who were still eating.
>And so you hit the road, with barely enough time to grab your stuff. And you know what? It gets worse from there, because at least on the camp you had some shade.
>Here's nothing.
>It's all dust and almost dead trees everywhere.
>You'd think that at least your parasol would save you, give you protection against the elements.
>But it just barely helps, because there's neither any wind here, and the ground is hot too and making your shoes burn.
>You've been walking for half an hour with a heavy bag with books, slowly but surely tiring yourself out, with no sight of rivers anywhere near here, just taking notes of random plants and dumb archaeological rocks which Cadance says are interesting.
>And even with light white clothes, you still find yourself sweating.
>You won't get through this. You're gonna die on this fire road, legs hurting and lips cracking.
>Hell is what this is.
>Hell I tell you.
>"Are you ok Sugarcoat?"
>It's only this girl that reminds you this will be over at some point.
"Do I look ok?"
>"You look tired."
>"Yeah. That's because I am."
>You look back at your friends who are talking and laughing with Lemon, while you idly get closer and closer to Twilight.
>In a moment you two are under the parasol, almost touching hands, her face inches from yours.
"Wait. What the heck are you doing you nerd?"
>"Uh, what?"
"You're getting too close. People will suspect"
>You take off your bag and hand it to her.
"Here. Carry this and get lost."
>She yelps and almost falls over when grabbing it. God, your shoulder hurts so much.
>With some effort Twilight puts the bag on. If you had had time to organize it this wouldn't be happening, so it's her fault anyway.
>"Wait, let me help you with that."
File: trend.png (268 KB, 614x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 614x694
>Out of nowhere, not even from your weirdest dreams you might ever have comes this guy.
>He takes the bag, YOUR bag, and puts it on while getting in between you and Twilight.
>"Uh, thanks, Trenderhoof?"
>"Please, call me 'Trend,'" he says kissing her hand.
>What's this.
>What's happening.
>Oh my God what.
>"Oh, and you" he says turning to look at you, eyeing you up and down. "Ain't you got any shame, abusing this fine lady?"
"That I... what?"
>"Don't lie to me Sugar-clot, I've seen you," he says almost touching you with his accusing finger. "All day tormenting this poor girl. Ordering her around, throwing juices at her, beating her in the bathrooms and even in public. You're nothing more than a sad lowlife bully."
"Do you have a real-life clot on your brain?"
>"Very funny, but no. I've never had something so clear in my mind. It's been enough already, and I'm not gonna stand by this injustice against this defenseless lady."
>Trenderhoof practically grabs her arm.
>This is a joke, right?
>This is some Truth or Dare stuff that's going on with his friends.
>You look for them to find they're not even paying attention.
>"So go back to your sleazy friends. Such lowly scum doesn't deserve to stand anywhere near us."
>You feel you already hate this guy.
>You want to take off his glasses and punch him in the face, joke or not.
>But fine. Whatever. You stand back and let him be. If he's trying to score with Twilight then he's getting nowhere.
>And he's still carrying your bag.
>"So you're new on the school?"
>"Kind of? It's been a almost a month."
>"Yes, of course. Time goes flying sometimes. What kind of music do you like?"
>"I... don't know? Whatever sounds good I guess."
>"That's cool, being unbounded by genres and human constructs. I'm pretty diverse myself too. Do you like Útvarp Hovd?"
>"I'm sorry, what?"
>"It's an experimental rock band. You wouldn't understand if you haven't heard them."
>"Oh, right..."
>Twilight is too nice for even trying.
>"So you see, I've always been a fan of hats. I used to wear trilbies years ago, back when nobody had any idea of what they even were. So I made it popular, but then the copycats started to pop up, and suddenly everyone was wearing fedoras, which is basically a suckier version of the trilby. By that time I had switched to the flat cap, which was much more fitting for my introverted personality, so I didn't really care, but you see, with time you question the value of a hat..."
>You've been walking for another half an hour overhearing this idiot just droning on and on about himself.
>He just doesn't get tired of talking or even of carrying your bag, his inflated ego being enough to negate its weight.
>But more than rage, you feel sorry for Twilight, who apparently can't just tell him to fuck off.
>"And though the Allegory of the Cave is entry-level stuff, it's why I believe looking for a hat that represents the man is futile, since we cannot grasp its true form, Dear."
>This is way too stupid to be a joke. This guy is for real.
>"I think you may be referring to the theory of forms... possibly."
>"Don't worry, the Allegory is a hard subject to understand. You'll get it eventually."
>"Are you ok? You look tired. Want me to stand on your other side so the sun doesn't hit you?"
>He gets on her other side before she even talks.
>Even if Twilight was straight he wouldn't have a chance.
>"Thanks... I guess."
>"So, enough about me. I want to know about you."
>"Uh, well, what do you want to know?"
>"I don't know, anything. For instance, why do you always have a bun?"
>"Uh, it keeps my hair out of the things I touch."
>"So it's a purely practical matter?"
>"And the simple clothing?"
>"It's comfortable."
>"Oh, Twilight, you have such insightful thoughts! You're so authentic, so real, unlike other girls who try to look like dolls."
>Says the guy wearing a sweater here.
>"Uh, thanks again?"
>"We have so much to learn from each other."
So that's it. Pastebin to be updated as soon as I fix a truckload of dumb things on it, and track down the old bullylight posts because I haven't updated that thing yet.

Also, I know this is late as hell, but I really enjoyed the Tony Tomato CYOA from last month.

And fuck you captcha for your food images.
File: 1423344740851.jpg (85 KB, 688x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 688x1000
/r/ing more >hooves Scilight
That Sunny is losing her mind
I guess being in a threeway polyamory with a magic pony princess and her counterpart from an alternate universe will do that
honestly I would lose my mind if that happened to me too
twilight and sunset are perfect for eachother
File: 1442715240169.gif (3 MB, 286x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 286x360
twilight is the cutest sperg ever
Close but the better girl was chosen.
File: 1450191405322.png (94 KB, 346x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 346x342
still having sunset is better than having >>26000001

>Anon picks you up a little past six in the morning, and the two of you head out under the pink-and-blue sky
>The sun is just creeping up over the horizon as the two of you stop for breakfast before getting on the highway
>You decide to get McGriddles, a sure sign that this is going to be a good day
>Since it's his car, you let him be in control of the music, even if you're not looking forward to dealing with his pleb tastes


>The two of you don't talk much, just occasionally commenting on landmarks and other oddities
>But the excitement in the car is palpable, to the point where you can taste its electric, sour mass with each breath you take
"Hey. If you want, you know, I can hang back for a bit."
"When we go to see Trixie. I don't want to get in the way."
>Anon looks at you as if you'd just tried to insert your McGriddle into your own anus
>"Are you crazy? Trixie won't shut up about how excited she is to see you. Like damn, it's almost enough to make me jealous."
>"Of course really. It's Trixie, what did you expect? There's no way you're hanging back. In fact... I want you to be the first thing Trixie sees."
"Wait, are you sure? I mean, you're her boyfriend..."
>"I am. But you're the one who got the two of us together. You're... I dunno, you're the one who's made the biggest impact on her, at least it seems that way. So I want her to see you."
"But... I dunno, it doesn't seem right."
>"Trust me, this is what'll make her happy. I'll have plenty of time with her when we get back, anyway. Just trust me on this."
"Well... alright. But if she tramples me to get to you, I'm suing."
>Anon stomps on the case, his car roaring down the highway as his iPod selects another cheesy ska track

*stomps on the gas


>You get to the academy a little past seven PM, both of you stepping out into the parking lot to stretch your legs
>It's completely empty, lit only by the afternoon Summer sun and a few scattered street lamps
>The two of you walk towards the front of the academy, glancing at each other, both seeing disgust mirrored in the other's face
>Prim Hemline's academy is a dour, blocky, colorless building
>The campus consists of a few monolithic brick buildings, connected by gravel walkways
>There's no grass or plant life anywhere within the academy's vicinity, not even a shrub or stray sapling
>It's barren and grim, and you can only marvel at how someone like Trixie survived in a place like this
>Speaking of Trixie, the front doors of the academy open, revealing an exhausted-looking, but undoubtedly excited, Trixie
>She locks eyes with Anon, then turns to look at you, shaking
>Her hair is cut short, even shorter than you've started wearing yours, and she's lost all of her familiar pudge, almost as if the school tried to mold her in its own utilitarian image
>But the smile that lights her face up as she comes charging towards you is enough to brighten the entire school, with light to spare
>You step back, assuming, despite Anon's assurances, that she'll want to be with her boyfriend first
>And, well, you're half right
>She charges into Anon with an unintelligible shout of glee
>However, she doesn't stop there
>Displaying the ridiculous strength she's always possessed, Trixie bullrushes Anon, dragging him right into you
>The three of you collide in a rough, ballistic hug
>Trixie keeps her right arm wrapped around Anon and wraps the left around you, squeezing you with a hug so tight you're swear you're going to need a chiropractor
>"You came! You came for Trixie! You really came!"
>"Of course we did, your crazy girl-- mmf..."
>Trixie doesn't even allow Anon to speak before she starts kissing him
>You glance away, face hot, embarrassed to be so close to the two as they share such an intimate, joyous moment
>But nowhere near as embarrassed as you become when Trixie starts kissing you too
>Not on the mouth, of course, but she showers your cheeks with little pecks, like an excited puppy
>With one arm, she lifts your entire body off the ground, squeezing you until you nearly black out
>"Twilight! You're here!"
"Y-yeah! It's me..."
>Realizing she's crushing the life from you, Trixie sets you down, pulling you back into a much gentler embrace
>She leans her head on the space where your and Anon's shoulders meet, and you can feel her tears seeping into the fabric of your shirt
>"Trixie missed you two so much! So much! So, so much! And your shirts smell really nice!"
>Anon gives you an "I told you so" smile, before reaching up to stroke his girlfriend's hair
>You lean against Trixie, returning her hug, feeling unbidden tears forming in your own eyes

>The ride here was a little boring, but the ride back is anything but
>Trixie has a *lot* of stories to tell you
>She sits up front with Anon, bouncing in her chair as she regales you with everything noteworthy that's happened to her since she left
>"So when Trixie got here she was super, super sad! Everyone was really mean to her, and they made fun of the way they talked and sometimes kicked her and they called her a retard but Trixie just kept thinking 'If Twilight was here, what would she do? And what would Anon want Trixie to do' and she just, you know, stopped caring! She laughed at the people who didn't like her, and she kept making her drawings, and kept playing with her cards, and, well... they just stopped being mean! I mean, sure, Trixie had to get in a couple fights but not a lot of them! Just like fifteen or sixteen! Then the other girls just stopped being mean to Trixie!"
>"And there was this girl named Gilda! Oh, she was awesome! When she first met Trixie, and said 'Go fuck yourself, you autistic blue cunt!' And she said that every day! At first Trixie was really sad, because she thought she hated her. But, one day, Trixie lost her lunch ticket and didn't get any food and was SUPER sad, and she just put her tray in front of Trixie and when Trixie tried to thank her she just said, 'Fuck off' and Trixie realized that Gilda actually really liked her and it was super awesome so when she lost her gym shoes Trixie found her and let her borrow hers and later..."
>"So they finally let Trixie use the TV in the lounge and Trixie put on Gurren Lagann and everybody loved it and soon she started anime nights with everyone and they super liked her cartoons even though they said they were 'gay' and 'retarded' but they still watched them and asked Trixie to bring them every week and..."
>By the time you pull into a motel (it's midnight, and Anon's too tired to drive), Trixie is talking about some cooking anime she now adores
>You're only half-listening at this point, but her voice makes for wonderful background noise
>She chatters all the way to the room, and doesn't shut up even when her and Anon get in bed together
>And so you allow Trixie's ramblings about her new fanfiction ideas -- a lot of which seem to involve heavily-insecure girls with 'body deformities,' for some reason -- lull you to sleep

There's going to be a non-canon threesome that occurs here. Will be written after the story is finished.

>As always, you wake up feeling groggy, wondering where the hell you are
>"Pillow fight!"
>Trixie body-slams you, smashing her pillow into your face
>You nearly piss yourself in terror, trying to worm you way out from under her before you suffocate
>As soon as you sit up, a pillow creams you in the face, knocking you back onto the mattress
>"Come on! Summon your stand and face Trixie!"
"Agh! Calm down!"
>"Never! Trixie is Emperor! Face her, scrub!"
>She whacks you with the pillow again
>You grab up yours, giving her a hearty -- and immensely satisfying -- whack across the face
>Trixie sprawls backwards, dazed
>Before you can land another blow though, she bounces back up, swinging her pillow with powerful swishes
>Once clocks you in the jaw, sending you off the side of the bed
>You raise your hands in surrender
>"Haha! Trixie is undefeated!"
>Across the bed, you can see Anon sprawled on the floor, looking dazed
>You smile to yourself, realizing he must have gotten it way worse

>On the way home, you stop for breakfast again (pancakes this time, McGriddles are too sacred to be partaken of two days in a row), and Trixie decides to share the back seat with you
>Apparently she didn't sleep much last, because she's out like a light after only an hour, leaning her head on your shoulder and snoring like a landslide
>Anon smiles at the sight, turning the music up


>He could have chosen something a little more fitting...
>And so the two of you speed back towards Canterlot High, Anon humming happily along with his music and Trixie snoozing on your shoulder
>You rest your own head against the window, watching trees and roadsigns zip by
>It's crazy how much you've been through, really
>You can hardly remember the first day you met Trixie, now that you think back to it
>So much of it happened, some of it amazing and some of it purely horrible
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>You aren't naive enough to believe that this is your "happy ending," that everything will be okay now that you have Trixie back
>But, somewhere deep in your gut, you can feel that the worst of it is behind you
>And, no matter what new, horrible shit may find its way into your life, you'll always have your friends
>And no matter how many painful, heartrending moments you may have to endure in the future, they can't take this one away from you
>You close your eyes, listening to the hum of the engine beneath you and the rasp of Trixie's breathing
>Nothing can take this from you

*Approximately one year has passed*

>You wake up alone, as usual, groping at the warm spot where Starlight should be
>Sitting up, you rub your eyes, discovering that your roomate is, of course, seated as her desk, three textbooks open in front of her
>When she notices you're awake, Starlight smiles at you, and you slide out of your bed, the minuscule size of your dorm room requiring only two steps for you to approach her
>You wrap your arms around her, placing a little kiss on her neck
>Starlight rests her head against you, and you realize dark bags have formed under her eyes
"You gotta take it easy, Star. The 4.0 isn't worth killing yourself for..."
>You punctuate your words with a kiss on her ear
>"Of course, Twilight. But that big Western Civ essay is tomorrow, and--"
"Yeah, yeah, and you need to make sure you do better than perfect. I get it, Star."
>You place a final kiss on her nose, chuckling at the indignant blush rising on her face
>"I appreciate my academics, Twilight. What can I say?"
>As hard as she tries to stay angry, her face breaks into a smile, and your mouths meet for a brief kiss
>"So? Where are you going?"
>As she returns to her reading, you strip out of your pajamas and begin pulling on your usual skirt/vest combo
"I'm gonna go see Trixie and Anon. Apparently they've got something for me."
>"Aww. Well, have fun. Text me if you need anything, okay?"
"I'll be fine, Star. Focus on your studies, alright?"
>"You say that like I know how to do anything else."
"Oh? I can think of a few other things..."
>Fully dressed, you bend in to kiss Starlight goodbye, flicking her tongue into her mouth to tease her
>"H-hey! You can't do that to me and just leave."
>You laugh as you head out of your dorm, grabbing your keys
"Later, Star!"

>The walk to Anon and Trixie's store is short and quite pleasant, on account of the sunny Summer day surrounding you
>A set of bells jingle as you enter, the familiar sent of cardboard greeting you as you making your way through the labyrinth of shelves, each of them stocked with a cornucopia of board, card, and video games
>It's a nerd paradise, which should be no surprise, given the owner
>"Hey Twilight!"
>Trixie pops up from behind the corner, her arms stacked with packs of Power Ponies™ official trading cards
"Hey, Trix. Where's Anon?"
>"Upstairs. Wrapping your present."
"Present? My birthday was two months ago."
>"Yeah... remember how Trixie told you those were super-expensive chocolates she imported from Switzerland?"
>"Trixie lied, she bought them at Walmart because your real gift hadn't shown up in the mail yet. Sorry! But we've got it now! Anon!"
>You hear footsteps up above as he descends from the room he and Trixie share above the store
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>owning a card/comic shop with your SO
The one time something I legitimately want in life comes up in a green.
>Anon, looking much scruffier than he used to, wraps you in a hug as soon as he sees you, handing you a present wrapped in silvery foil
>And covered in Trixie's original artwork
>"You like it, right!?"
>Trixie leans in, beaming
"I mean, I haven't opened it, yet..."
>"Yeah but you like the wrapping, right?"
"Of course I do, Trix."
>You delicately pry the paper apart, revealing a special-edition set of Legend of the Galactic Heroes
>It's a Japanese release, of course, which'll make for excellent practice
>And the box itself is gorgeous
"You guys... wow..."
>"Cool, huh?"
>"Trixie knew you would like it!"
>Pulling one of Trixie's classic moves, you wrap both in a hug, trying your best not to cry
>But you don't try hard enough

>After sharing lunch and a good talk about some new game involving maids fighting on spaceships, you bid the two goodbye
>But not before promising to watch through the DVD with them, of course
>There are already tentative plans for a double-date to watch it, which you're sure Starlight will love
>Unfortunately, you have to cut your visit short in order to leave for class
>But you know you'll be back tomorrow, if not later today
>You've finally got something no one can take from you
>Starlight, Anon, Trixie...
>Every day, no matter how dismal, seems to be brightened by them, their love, their flaws, their perfection, all melding into a soft, warm light that fills everything around you
>And you know in your heart that, no matter what, they're always going to hold that light
>You'll always have them for anime-binge nights, to bring you snacks on long studying nights, to hug you, to remind you you're worth more than the imperfections in your body, and that you're wanted
>You'll always have them
>And you love them all so very, very much

The End

Ending Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp5uMxhsmcI

Thank you all so much for reading, for discussing the story, and for being such an appreciative audience. Unfortunately, I have to announce that this story will be the last major one I will do for this thread. I have other projects I want to focus on, and other stories I promised to finish. I'll still dip in every now and then to drop updates on Space Twixie and Twalot's Bizarre Adventure, of course, but I won't be around nearly as much. Thank you for making this such a wonderful journey, everyone.
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I will miss you jeff
also I started work on a little present for you and everyone here
Best of luck to you and thanks Jeff
>>You'll always have them for anime-binge nights, to bring you snacks on long studying nights, to hug you, to remind you you're worth more than the imperfections in your body, and that you're wanted
>>You'll always have them
>>And you love them all so very, very much
thats sappier than i wouldve expected from you mango, but still a good close. any close is good really.
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>Tomoko randomly in the corner
what's that have to do with literally anything
Really? I love me some sappy shit. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, though.