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Moondancer thread: Dance Dance Nerdy Revolution
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It's time for another alt-Twilight-always adorkable thread filled with spagooty cutie.

Green Text:

Dancing with the Moonlight by JustSomeAnon: http://pastebin.com/W95D8fhQ

The Color of Life: http://pastebin.com/MGBfKGnh

>you are Anon
>and FINALLY you have two unicorns for breakfast
>no, ponies are not for meal
>but they used every towel in the bathroom and they're still damp
>luckily, both of them are also night-shift types
>and you didn't eat all the waffles
>it's a remarkably quiet breakfast
>Minuette is muted
>Moondancer is nursing a slight jawache from the tub-games
>it takes most of three cups of coffee to reanimate the ponies
>even then, there's a lot of mmm-hmming and such on Minuette's end
>still, you get a big hug from Minuette at the end of breakfast
>she looks like she needed someone to hold onto
>and Moondancer's very good about helping clean up breakfast
>though Minuette hugs her too, it's a lot more awkward than yesterday
>...you know, you'd have thought after a threesome it'd be the other way round
>and off Minuette goes, much more sedately than the magical creature from last night
>you scare up some aspirin for Moonie, though
>and a stack of already-Anon-read books
>the afternoon is for quiet time
>pony, sofa, Anon, familiar pages, companionship
>and more clothing than that apron
>about six chapters into "Pride and Preakness", the aspirin kicks in enough...

>you are Moondancer
>and poor Minuettte had another one of her weird-outs again, it seems
>they always happen around the end of a heat
>she'll act like she REALLY wants snuggle-hugs and such while it's going on
>but after the heat clears, it's always like she's embarrassed to be getting some mare-togetherness with friends
>which you share with Anon
>what's a "closet lesbian"?


>you are Anon
>and you sense you've been the beard
>not that Minuette didn't obviously enjoy the relief, but....
>...she might have been going for the mare, not the man
>you're not exactly sure how to give advice on mare-mare relationships, though
>time to dodge like the man you are
>"So, Moondancer...what's "I smell herdy" mean?"
>that got a blush out of Moondancer
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Happy New Year. Woo.
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"I can't believe you let the previous thread die, Anon! Why? Whyyyyyy?"

It'll be better soon, the nice Anons will post more green.
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Moondancer asking why reminded me of something.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm4m2Y9yLCE Haha, God, I'm autistic.
Uneven distribution of anons who like Moonie, we need more in the APAC and EMEA regions
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I want to get drunk with Moonie
thanks for resurrecting thread about best pony.

old thread:
Poll reminder:

Moondancer body type: http://strawpoll.me/6295045/

How does Moondancer like her Spagoots: http://strawpoll.me/6373537/
Dude, I'm loving this green. True book horse is best horse.
Bump for more sexy Moondancer shenanigans.
Bumping for sexy drunken Moondancer goings on

>you are Anon
>and Anon is asking about...mare stuff
>"She means you smell....er...."
>You are so not coming out and saying what it REALLY means.
>"...like a family pony. Yeah! Like you'd be good for..."
>...oh goodness you just said Minuette thought Anon was marriage material
>it's considerably more lewd than getting hitched to the same wagon
>and then you remember what he did last night with his fingers
>and you blush and bury your face in the sofa
>except Anon happens to be on that cushion


>you are Anon
>there is a blushing bookhorse with her head in your crotch for totally non-sexual reasons and a horn poking your belly button
>she comes up for air
>her face compliments her mane right now
>faces are not supposed to be red and purple


>you are Moondancer
>you have achieved a new level in spaghetti saddlebagging
>this would be by telling Anon he's horsemarriage material
>and one of your best friends just took him on a test ride
>you're just neglecting optional things while processing this
>like breathing


>you are Anon
>you are also confused
>Minuette has the hots for Moondancer, who thinks she's got the hots for YOU?
>Moondancer allows you a thoughtful period when panic, embarassment and holding your breath combine to make your lap a fainting couch
>fortunately, this also means she stops holding her breath
>you wonder if there's a pony version of Xanax for mares like this, or if dramatic fainting fits are normal
>you find the reset button and reinitialize pone.exe


>you are Moondancer
>what were you thinking about before-
>Anon skritches the ears
>...I'm sure it'll come to me later
>...it can't have been important if he's doing thiiiiis~
If this thread dies, why don't you bring your green over to the Reversed Gender Roles thread? Seems like a good fit.
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Worried Laughter.jpg
7 KB, 168x219
Thread isn't dead. JustSomeAnon will be back.
R-right guys?

Don't think I haven't been drawing off that for some inspiration here. This has actually gone from one of the "pay to fuck me" threads we had a cluster of a while back through a few Moondancer threads with no sign of stopping.
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>you are Anon
>Moondancer is being a good pony (like she ever isn't at least trying)
>you have a decent book to peruse
>a belly is available to rub between pages (but not too much, she'd drop her book)
>just a nice lazy early afternoon until lun-
>-someone decides to make you get up
>Moondancer gets to hog the couch
>...you don't know this pony at the door
>She's purple, blue curly-maned
>scissor buttmark
>but Moondancer sure does
"MISS Moondancer, we have an issue!"


>you are Moondancer
>And did a ripe load of horseapples ever show up at Anon's door
>"Anon, t-this is Abigail Abridge."
>When it's time for new books to go in and old ones to be remanded to the back stacks, they're "Abridged".
>a-and if somepony screws up too badly, the last pony they see before they're unemployed is Abigail too.
"We have had an unfortunate....incident."
"The shelf holding the 129s gave way and the contents struck Miss Fortune."
>"It was only her second day on the job! Is she..."
"Almost the death of a thousand paper cuts. The doctors are working there hardest, but so many...*sniffles* so many boo-boos..."
>"I-Ill come in right awa-"
"No, we'll need you tomorrow morning. Tonight's an emergency reshelving, and with us down one pony already, it'll be nip and tuck without some help getting everything back into order."
>"I-I know someone who could help!"
>and you point a hoof at Anon


>You are Anon
>and you're apparently being volunteered for shelving duty
>actually, you figure you've got some advantages there
"You say this...is a book-lover?"
>you point at the stack you and Moondancer were going through
"One-fifty-nine, Mister Anon."
>your mind flashes back to college doing volunteer stuff for extra credit
>"Psychology...Will it-"
"Will it is, Mister Anon. A pleasant surprise, no wonder Miss Moondancer thinks fondly of you."
>you don't even remember a section labeled "Will" in the library
>then again, the 200's were a real surprise
I was kind of hoping she'd correct Anon to "will it bong", call him a cunt, and rip off her mask revealing her true identity as Chav-tavia. Then they'd nip down the pub for a pint, stopping in an alley on the way back for a tupenny upright.
Guys where do I find a cutie spagooti girl at?
In your cutie-spagootie heart
I found mine at a sci-fi convention
But dubs, I don't have any sci fi cons near me
Neither did we, we first met whilst travelling there
Fuck. I'm poor and like staying at home.
Maybe it's good I like to be alone
Ironically, both of us had reached that point in our lives. We both justified our decision to go based on the principle of "well if I'm going to die alone, I might as well spend my money on stuff I enjoy". Five years later, we're glad we did.

I actually found mine being utterly nerdy.

LARPing, we got married but I ended up a widower after 6 years, thereby utterly ruining the /mlp/ stereotype of virgin kissless male.

>you are Moondancer
>and you very, very much want to keep an eye on Anon
>Miss AA isn't the First Assistant for nothing
>but if you do, she'll know
>it's like Mom Radar for library peons
>you'll just do something soothing
>like rearranging Anon's entire kitchen so you don't wear a groove in the floor pacing


>you are Anon
>and you feel ten years younger
>that's because the last time you did reshelving was ten years ago
>still, Abigail's not even giving you so much as a "hmph" while you work
>the end parts of the 120s collapsed and took the front end of the 130's with it
>fortunately, Canterlot's library system prints the Dewey Morning numbers right on the spine in ink
>and you're making sure each book has it's pages nice and flat and properly stacked with a pair of gloves on
>how the heck a pony library has proper archival gloves, you'll never know
>Dragon, size medium, heat resistant
>you spend hours triaging the pile
>shelvable, easily repairable, needs conserving
>Abigail finds the worst damaged ones like a vulture, plucking them out with cloth-covered teeth with a delicacy you couldn't believe
>then you handle the small things like glue daubs and humidifying pages while the regulars get the shelves mostly back in order
>by the time you're done, it's nearly midnight and the night crew is starting to droop
"Mister Anon! An excellent night's effort- I've been watching you, and it's clear we've missed a diamond in the rough."
>Well, you had been thinking about minoring in library sciences, but the courseload in History had been a killer...
"Please, come to my office."
>you find yourself following her tail as it weaves through the back stacks to a door, a rather sparkly emblem of AA's cutie mark in stained glass hung on the front
>it's definitely a working-mare's office
>a shelf of old books barely holding on to life
>a desk, mostly clear at the moment
>except for a modest pile of bits in a bag and a magicstone lamp

>you are Abigail Abridge
>and you've got Anon in your office
>late at night
>time to make a few offers
>"Mister Anon, your pay for doing a solid job with the reshelving today. You have earned it."
>honestly, you'd expected far less from a stallion living on his own and a reputation for clumsiness
>"Miss Fortune will be out for the week at least until the band-aids come off, so I'm in need of a few things. First, someone willing to do what you've been doing in the back stacks- reshelving books, minor repairs, and suchlike."
>Anon perks up at this
>"In the evenings."
>Moondancer is a young mare and certainly not to be distracted by stray stallions if she's to work in your library
>"Also, I'd like you to help with one other thing before you leave for the night."


>you are Anon
>and you've just been offered a job
>you actually enjoyed doing all this tonight anyway
>peace, quiet, books, no crowds
>Abigail nuzzling your crotch

>you are Abigail
>and clearly, Anon is no brute to books
>you require this in your stallions
>educated and with finesse
>and it's obvious to a well-read mare why Moondancer's heat wore off that fast when half your patrons smell more like a locker room than mare this month
>"To whit, you. My desk. Now. I assure you, I treat a stallion as well as I treat anything else in this library, including making it worth your troubles."

>you are Anon
>and this mare just casually wants you to mount her on her desk like something out of a porn story
>after offering you a job
>"You've known me for one day and you want me to-"
"Cover me, yes. You're Moondancer's cooler, aren't you?"
>"Actually, I'm a professional-"
"You're what?"

>you are Abigail
>and your assistant-assistant has a side job?
>as a frontmare?
>for a "hooman"?
>"So, you're a professional and Moondancer hasn't told me she's working on the side?"
>"Show me how professional you are and not only do you get the job, she gets to keep hers."

>you are Anon
>and Abridge is casually lifting her tail at you when she says "professional"
>walk out and Moondancer gets in trouble
>or give this nag the D
>plus, she just called you an amateur horsefucker
>you're the best horsefucker in Canterlot, dammit
>and Miss AA is going to need Anon-Anonymous meetings to get over her addiction to what she's gonna get for that crack
>you pick up the mare in a single swoop
>she barely has time to gasp before you've got her front legs on one side of the desk and her back side on the other
>one hand holds the tail up
>the other one spanks that naughty mare's ass like a bad filly
>"You don't threaten my friend." *SMACK!*
>"You don't put your nose in my crotch without asking first." *SMACK!*
>"You don't look down on Moondancer for taking care of me." *SMACK*
>"And I am a *SMACK* professional *SMACK* library worker! *SMACK*"
>she's squealing as you spank her ass into what has to be a warm, stinging pair of flanks
>but she isn't trying to kick you or anything
>you'd have expected that, but...


>you are Abigail
>and to your utter shock, you've just ended up marehandled onto your own desk
>Anon is spanking your plot with gusto
>between calling you a bad pony, your ass is tingling
>h-how did he know you get off on being called a bad pony and being spanked like a naughty filly?
>he IS a professional
>you've made a terrible mistake
>"I-!-OH! Anon! OWIE! Y-you're right! I-yi-yi-yi-I'm sorrrrrry! I'm a bad filly! P-please! I won't fire Moondancer! You're hi-yi-yi-yi-red! P-p-pleeeeease don't stop till I'm done!"


>you are Anon, and you've beaten Abigail's ass into submission for threatening Moondancer
"-don't stop!"
>holy shit, she's getting off on this
>your spanking slackens as your next smack changes to resting your hand on one wiggling flank
"P-please! You're so good...don't leave me like this!"
>there's wet streaks running down her hindlegs
>and she's crying
"I hah-haven't gotten a good spanking for years..."

>you are Abigail
>and your backside is burning like it'd been cropped
>"I-I'll pay your full fee for a night if you don't stop. More. I-I'm sorry for saying you weren't a professional. I-I've never been so wrong in my life."


>you are Anon
>and you've just discovered ponies are kinkier than you ever imagined
>OK. Apology accepted.
>right above one hock
>you systematically tenderize that mare's ass like a good steak
>including a few slightly gentler swats right under her tail
>she ends up biting down on the desk after the second one zaps her across the ponut, clenching her cheeks and leaving a trail of drops over the carpet
>you don't have to hold her tail up, it just won't come down
>you mix in the occasional touches with the spanking, fondling the red, swollen puffy parts as she squirts little gouts of arousal onto the tile floor
>one last slap across her marehood and the squirts turn into a stream...


>you are Abigail
>you're grunting into the desk
>which you're amazed you haven't bit through
>and the fire in your behind has turned into a glowing crescendo of pleasure
>and you push down and let the release find it's way all over the floor
>little stringy drips funneling down your legs to dangle off your hooves
>you haven't come that hard since...well, ever
>the fit passes, and you flop over the desk, panting and sweating like you'd galloped a mile
>Anon didn't even break a sweat
>and he uses your tail for a hand towel
>"T-third drawer. T-ake the whole bag, a-and let D-day Planner know when you're available for the d-day shift. T-tell Moondancer you did both your jobs v..."
>he's massaging your flanks
>f-fingers must be hooman magic
"...verrrah well."
>you melt into a senseless stupor


>you are Anon
>and your new boss is straddling her desk, soaked in her own cum from the tail down
>not to mention the floor
>you leave her to it, it's been a long night
>but you at least lock the door behind you
>professional courtesy and all
Engage bump
Spaghetti and meat bumps
SpagootiOs bump
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GG good Sir
She's a big girl.
Fuck this thread is 50% bumps. Is Moondancer really that unpopular? She's such a sweetie.
If I knew anything about tabletop, I would write a story about Anon and Moondancer playing one. Also, I write at a snail's pace so updates wouldn't be happening at a reasonable pace.
File: moondancer yay.png (1 MB, 900x927) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
moondancer yay.png
1 MB, 900x927
That sounds like a great story idea actually. I wonder what kind of character she's be? Would she be predictable or would she go for some kind of escapist persona?
Moony is such a fucking cutie. Anyone wanna start some new green? Even if its only a few posts it would be fine.

Prompt: Moony is a fucking cutie. She does cute stuff.
New Anon butting into the conversation here.

It depends on which Moondancer we're talking about. Human Moonie would play a wizard, because she has never experienced magic and really wants to. Pony Moonie would have used magic her whole life, so she would play a Martial class. Maybe a Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, or Rogue. Probably a Crusader, Warblade, or wildshape Ranger, if we want a class that isn't garbage/tier 4 or worse in 3.X.
Also, you pretty much need a balanced party for tabletop games, so having it be only Anon and Moonie wouldn't work. Who else would they wrangle into it?
I get the feeling she'd be heavily into the roleplaying aspect as well, her character's back story would be a tome unto itself, every aspect of their background dealt with and she'd expect you to read it before playing with her.

I'd go with Twinkleshine, Lemonhearts and Minuette. Twilight would probably be interested, and I kind of think Spike might work
This thread has become mostly bumps, unless a writefag does something we should just let this thread die in peace and hope that the new has more content.
got me
File: 1451526657067.jpg (94 KB, 1191x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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JustSomeAnon will be back soon, he promised
And Hitler promised he wouldn't invade Poland and look what happened.
i mek joke
So we wait young one, some day our saving grace will come along and save this thread so don't fret young one
... I'll have faith, sir
File: 140432515728.jpg (71 KB, 774x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>look what happened.
Something wonderful
>file name
Without Hitler we wouldn't have Aryanee
I dunno I need motivation to write or I'd be writing
File: 4.jpg (698 KB, 1629x2229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
698 KB, 1629x2229
Do it for her
I'm not the best but I'll do it for her
File: silenceistherule.png (877 KB, 679x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you are Moondancer
>and you fell asleep on your feet again
>counting the prime numbers from 104,729 down
>it's a sensible way to keep calm
>the morning however dawns somewhat gloomily thanks to a nice layer of clouds
>it's enough to keep you snoozing
>at least until something tickles your ears
>it's Anon
>in bed
>snoring a bit
>but apparently unscathed
>he's been up all night, but he tucked you in before passing out
>such a gentlecolt
>you slide out of bed, get your hair up, gobble down a bowl of cereal (Cheery O's are best cereal, which Anon has clearly discovered) and carefully close the door on the way out
>an easy trot down to work
>the shelves look a bit off with the new wood, but everything's in place
>Abigail apparently took the day off sick
>when you walk by her office it smells like a hot barn
>poor mare must have caught something
>the morning gets spent productively, lunch is a quick feedbag from the grazery next door that leaves you a nice half-hour for doing what you like to
>that is, getting your snootful of paper and ink in the archival sections
>you're about three scrolls into the first envoy to the Ram Sages when you hear Anon
>he's talking to...Day Planner?
>about scheduling?
>...he got a job?
>At the library?
>...I work at the library.
>With Anon!
>...patrons hate it when you bang your hooves together with glee
>dome of silence time
>,,,a celebratory cookie is in order
>...after you put the scrolls back
>you prepare to nom the cookie with quiet delight whilst using a random book as cover
>you get through about a paragraph before you drop the book and do a victory dance
>possibly mistaken by some for a seizure
>a victorious seizure
>but quietly
File: 1028671.png (179 KB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 2000x2000
Damn that was cute...

Question for you fellow Moonfags.
Would Moondancer be an Xboner, Sonygger or Le PC MASTER RACE? All three? Would she even give a shit about vidya? Give me your headcanons you fagets.
She'd probably either have a low spec PC that she uses to connect to something like AWS for number crunching, or have each of them - that way she doesn't miss out on anything.
Damned cute I approve
ps4 because xbox is way too hip
nintendo, pc, and ps4 in that order. she'd be extremely anti-microsoft and probably run wine
KSP runs native
Bump time
>Give me your headcanons you fagets.
Wow, rude. PC.

>you are Anon
>and ponies are staring
>actually, Day Planner seems more than a little surprised but has you in for Miss Fortune's lost hours right now
>five hours a day
>twelve bits an hour
>five days a week
>and it's all take-home pay
>Moondancer normally works till five
>you're actually in an hour later and leave an hour sooner
>speaking of which, she should be around here somewhere-
>Holy shit
>she's trapped in a magical dome with some scrolls
>spasming wildly
>her mouth moves, but not a sound is coming out
>and the patrons are staring at her in horror
>you half expect to hear someone going "Klaatu Barata Nikto!" and pone-skellies to leap out of the violated earth as she convulses, a weird,ecstatic grin on her face
>all without a sound
>you wanted to talk to Moondancer?
>you charge like the predator you are and leap at the dome, fists swinging
>and it pops like a soap bubble
>noise rushes into the space
>she's laughing
>you're heading for the inevitable collision
>and then she finally realizes there's an incoming Anonymissle...


>you are a gleeful Moondancer in your mosh pit of Absolute Quiet
>eyes closed
>gettin' your groove on, oh yeah
>your eyes open just in time to see Anon coming down like a ton of bricks
>three feet, two feet...


>you are Anon
>and believe it or not, you're walkin' on air
>OK, flopping like a beached fish in mid-air
>Moondancer is looking at you like an idiot
>that's OK, you -feel- like an idiot
>in fact, you've picked up the idiot ball and ran it in for a touchderp by the looks on everyone's faces
>strangely, this works
"What does he think he is, a pegasus?"
>that's the worst comment other than a few mutters
>you're still flopping
>Moondancer comes up close
>there is a chocolate chip cookie orbiting her horn
"Sooooo.....victory cookie?"
>you nod
>victory is awkward and sweet


>you are Moondancer
>Anon does not get the victory dance
>but you'll at least give him a cookie
Confused boner for a good story.
For you.
File: _20160104_180724.jpg (76 KB, 720x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 720x671
>For you.

I do try to make it a blend of lewd and not-always lewd. Also, Anon doesn't stick his dick in everything.

Pone is sometimes for sexual, of course.
File: 1055269.png (735 KB, 1500x1111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
735 KB, 1500x1111
I know EQG triggers some anons on this board but it seems human/EQG Moondancer is loved just as much as pone Moonie. So here's my question. Do you think Moondancer will make an appearance in EQG 4? If so, would you want it to be a major, minor or cameo role? Personally, I'd prefer somewhat of a minor role, a la, Trixie's role from Rainbow Rocks. And finally, I wouldn't mind a singing part either because Kazumi Evans is best singing voice actress on the show.
>those somewhat fluffy ears
I just want to scratch them. And maybe nibble.
Taking requests.
Delivery times will vary.
If thread dies before delivery, check derpi.
More Spagoots
Is that an article of clothing?
Gibus demands more spagoots pone
I'm going to repeat my confusion about spagoots.
Are those like spanx? Are they a food? Can you sit on a spagoot?
File: 1450424237730.png (52 KB, 541x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 541x418
Here this will explain it
Alright, I'll get it done as soon as possible.
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 234x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks friend you will go down in spagoot history
Speaking of spagoot I need to start writing but I'm in a writers block at the moment so give me a bit.

Dood wtf, it's hot but still don't kill this board
File: 1442266568649.png (74 KB, 226x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 42a.jpg (58 KB, 650x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Daily reminder that you will never be in a raid group with Moondancer.
File: 1428896615896.jpg (6 KB, 370x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 370x324

>you are Anon
>and you are walking Moondancer back home from work
>you just told her that you "helped Abigail when she was feeling bad" and passed her a share of the bits
"Awww, no wonder you got the job!"
>you make a point of buying a "get well soon" card
>and remind yourself to draw a butt on it later
>Moonie gives you a hug when you get her to the door
>and sneaks in a nuzzle when you're standing back up
"Figures. The only unicorn that would nuzzle something that weird is a weirdo."
>and freezes like someone just dropped her in liquid nitrogen
"The goofus and the giant, a perfect fit."
>oh, you know THAT voice.
>standing there on the street are two perfect examples of Canterlot society
>Canterloticus Assholious
>the asshole you know is Star Struck, whose talents seem to include following famous ponies around and being a dick to anyone else
>the golden-furred swine with a pearl on her flank next to him?
"Oh, Golden Pearl doesn't even BELIEVE they let her live here, never mind give her a license for exotic pets."
>There we go. Yellow and red make orange you going to fucking leave now?
>Moonie is twitching in place now.
>Sparking, even.
"Oh, look at her. Lighting up like she was still in diapers."
>They laugh. It's the laughter of every popular thing on two legs you wanted to run through a wood chipper in college.
>it's poison
>and it's bit on Moondancer, hard
>no more outside time
>you pick up your mare and stalk into the house, leaving a trail of grayish motes behind
"Ta-ta! Don't climb any skyscrapers in Manehatten, monkey-boy!"
>Moondancer's house is...dingy.
>a bit pungent
>possibly a good shroom factory from the mildew stains on the ceiling
>and full of old, long-condemned books from the library that she's adopted, like some kind of cat lady of books
>plus a shivering pony with her eyes screwed shut and tears dripping behind the glasses
>you just hug her neck- a wordless wail screeches out, like a squeezy toy from Helll
File: 1436291948103.png (376 KB, 1000x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 1000x1300
Moar pls
File: image.jpg (86 KB, 856x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 856x479

PC with at minimum dual monitors, a high quality plug-in keyboard to reduce input lag and dependency on batteries, a plug-in mouse for the same reason, and one of those mouse pads with dem anime tiddies (except it's Anon's butt/balls, depending on how lewd you wanna get). Do you faggots think she's some kind of fucking casual?
No she's a qt
This what?
I agree entirely with your sentiment
File: 1452008967016.gif (1 MB, 419x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 419x573
Thank you based anon
That right there is a little bit of awesome. Fuckin' a, drawfag.
File: sadmoonie.png (750 KB, 689x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
750 KB, 689x750

Your resident greentexter's got to sleep -sometime-, Anon.


>you are Moondancer
>you're a nice pony
>sure, you live alone
>and your sister got the nice apartment in Manehattan when your parents died
>and the trust fund doesn't quite pay for all the things needed to fix up the place
>and yeah, it's kinda smelly
>but they don't have to rub your nose in it
>every. single. time.
>heck, you can't afford to be a mare-of-the-party like your rotten neighbors in their stupid fancy houses
>and with ponies like that, you wouldn't WANT to
>m-maybe you should swallow your pride and move into that tower
>just another hoof-out from friends and family
>it'd been such a good week...why'd it have to stop?


>you are Anon
>and Moondancer is sobbing a river down your back in literal anime-style eye fountains
>how the hell do ponies produce all this frickin liquid, are they made out of sponges and marshmallow?
>you push up the glasses and get them out of the Crymea River
>she's even managed to turn her eyebrows into a waterlogged mess
>you run your fingers along them, squeegeeing out the excess tears
>something about having your hands on her face turns down the water pressure
>so you keep doing it
>the faucet slows down to a trickle as you run your thumbs along her cheekbones


>you are Moondancer
>and you're ashamed of yourself
>but Anon's blurry hands are rubbing your face
>and it still hurts, but it's the emptied-out ache
>and a literal headache
>but the petting does make you feel better
>"S-Star Chaser and Golden Pearl hate me cause my house is a dump, and it's right between their big fancy places...a-and I'm not fancy! I don't walk around in gilded horseshoes or fancy dresses or have lots of bits and-"
>you may have started yelling towards the end of that, but Anon just shut you up
>with his mouth
>it's worth every bit in Canterlot and then some
>and you mash your muzzle into it for all it's worth
For the Moonies and Booty, I bump with spagooty.

>you are Anon
>and you are rolling around on a dirty carpet making out with a unicorn
>who knows what the sopping wet back of your shirt is picking up right now
>the waterworks are still on low pressure
>but they're definitely not bitter
>just very, very needy
>that's OK, even if you end up banging teeth once or twice
>you'd take honest clumsy kissing over the fine art of bullshit smooching any day
>"I could always put them over my knee, Moonie."
>"Abigail's at home with a burning booty, that's why she called out."
>"Spanked her naughty ass for saying something so rude about us that she needed to make an apology."
>"Yep, right on the butt. Turned out she was sorry AND she liked it AND hired me to do some real work, too. I'm happy to see you, but that's actually thirty of your bits in my pocket."


>you are Moondancer
>you are visualizing scary ol' Abigail kicking and screaming like a baby as Anon whaps her plot with a newspaper and a fatherly demeanor
>then Golden Pearl
>maybe Star Struck
>come to think of it, you'd probably enjoy chasing him off with a newspaper next time...
>the laughter that follows is slightly hysterical but cathartic


>you are Golden Pearl
>the weirdo and her pet are sobbing, then howling with laughter
>it's leaking out the windows and soiling your ears
>why that pigsty is allowed to stay there by Royal decree, you have no bucking idea
>some centuries-old land laws
>you can't buck tradition, I suppose
>it was probably some house where Celestia dropped her hanky during the Discordian era
>maybe if it collapsed from shoddy upkeep, you'd finally be able to add that walk-in mansion closet after you bought the lot
>from the looks of things, you won't give it another season anyway
>or perhaps...
>"Dear Canterlot Health and Equine Services, I'm embarrassed to write you about a health hazard that's developed next to my home..."
>...you can hurry things along.
File: 1450206760845.jpg (259 KB, 520x986) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 520x986
I'm really digging this
you glorious writefag. Have a
>no hooves
pic of moonie
>You never have a sperg adorkable gf that cuddles you and talks about vidya.
Oh my. New fetish acquired.

>you are Anon
>and your back is stuck to the floor
>as in "you had to wiggle out of your shirt to escape" stuck
>and there's a disturbing black stain where your cotton shirt + unicorn tears made contact with the floor
>you're not sure if it was the impromptu strip show, all the wiggling you just did, or the fact that the floor is apparently trying to eat your shirt that made her blush


>you are Moondancer
>and Anon suddenly just slithered out of his shirt and levered himself off the floor
>while holding you one-armed to his chest
>humans are....flexible
>then you realize it's because your floor is -eating- his shirt
>...you meant to clean that
>..."also, unicorn tears are used in growing some kinds of exotic plants and fungi"
>thank you, Green Grass
>if by "exotic" you mean mildew
>and by "grow" you mean "turn Anon's shirt into a yucky black stain on the floor".


>you are Anon
>although Moondancer is keeping that part warm nicely
>and that black patch on the floor looks like it's hungry
>you sidestep around it lest some animesque tentacle thing springs forth and does horrible things to your orifices
>out the door
>close the door
>kick a rock in front of the door
>just in case
>from a balcony next door, Golden Pearl is giving you a look and a nasty smirk
>you show your appreciation in the one finger salute of your people and head for home with Moondancer still under one arm


>you are Golden Pearl
>for a beast, he isn't bad looking once you stop trying to dress him like a real pony
>maybe you'll buy him once Moondancer's gone
>he'd make a nice closet decoration


>you are Anon
"Where are we going?"
>Oh, right. Unicorn under arm.
>you put the slightly confused looking Moondancer down
>"We're going to my apartment, we're coming back with bleach and possibly something flammable. Just in case."
>"I'm just saying that in case Mildewzilla rises."
>into the apartment you go
The people Pearl wrote a letter to better not show up during the time it takes to get stuff from Anons apartment and get back to Moonie's house. This sort of bureaucratic shit takes weeks. Even with money and political pull, it'd take days at minimum.

Hopefully they'll get there and see a very clean house.

Writefag here.

Relax. There is no "instant health police" even in magical horseland. Foreshadowing, dear reader.

Also, have you SEEN the canonical inside of Moondancer's house? Go watch Amending Fences again. It's literally got green moldy stains growing down the walls. On the inside.
Nahh, I have a wife that I do that with instead
Well, yeah. But Anon is getting cleaning supplies. I assumed he was gonna help her clean stuff.
File: Moonmoonsfwedit.png (657 KB, 953x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
657 KB, 953x699

Oh, yes. There shall be a cleansing.


>you are Anon
>a scion of the goddess Hygieia
>mop-spear in one hand, bucket holding bottles of bleach and soap in the other
>you walk to war with your unicorn companion
>she is armored for battle in your spare apron and menacing grime with a stout pushbroom
>it's pink checkered
>don't judge me, it was 75% off at Barnyard Bargains
>you move the stone sealing Moondancer's front door
>the stain thankfully hasn't grown eyes or tentacles or achieved self-awareness
>it has, however doubled in size and has eaten a noticeable groove from the flooring
>"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"
>you liberally soak the entire patch (and the surrounding floor for good measure with the spray bottle of bleach solution
>then step back as the fumes rise and waft through the window
>....why is Moondancer looking at you funny?


>you are Moondancer
>and Anon just sprayed sodium hypoclorite all over the mold patch
>...nothing's really happening
>"Um, Anon? Was that supposed to be a cleaning potion?"


>you are Anon
>potion what?
>"No, we let it soak a bit to kill that gunk, then scrub it off and wash the floor again with soap and water."


>you're still Moondancer
>and that sounds horribly inefficient
>and slow
>and seriously, Anon just overkilled on the reagent here
>waste not, want not, that stuff isn't cheap
>so you cast Eusol's Universal Solution
>the circle of black turns white under your spell
>green, noxious gases scourging the wood as the bleach boils under a dome of monochrome magic
>you take a sprinkle of salt from the cupboard and toss it in
>the fumes settle to the ground harmlessly into a cloud of white crystals and cover the pitted surface


>you are Anon
>Moondancer just pulled the nuclear option of floor scrubbing
>of course, the floor is also a half-inch lower there
>horn wizards, no sense of right or wrong


>still Moondancer
>covered in sweat
>alchemy is fun, if pricy
Makes sense

Nice gif drawing think you can color it?
File: images-13.jpg (11 KB, 231x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 231x218
Bump for the qt
I think you'll have to click the image because it's a random pink foal for me not sure about the rest if you

Actually, that's what it shows up as for me, too.

Until you click it. Magically.
Just thought you should know I'm not betraying her, our Almighty qt God

It's what's on the inside that counts.

That being spaghooty.
You speak truth my good friend anon

>you are Anon
>Moondancer just WMD'd a patch of her floor
>it's covered in white
>and under the white, the wood is bleached white
>and she's half dead on her feet and stinking of sweat
>all for a patch of floor
>you look at the room
>then back at the pony
>you find a mostly clean tap and fill your bucket...


>you are Moondancer
>you're kinda zoned out at the moment
>something something equivalent exchange blah blah blah
>you blink
>the scenery changes to your front yard
>and you're soaking wet, but it's a nice kinda wet
>clears the head
>your horn's aching
>how much of that reagent WAS in that bottle?
>over 5%?
>you do some simple math
>more than twice the suggested reagent
>multiply by surface area
>...you just burned a day and a half's worth of thaumens in about five minutes finishing that spell
>that would explain the hypoglycemia, hornache, and


>you are Anon
>and the cold water didn't help much
>if anything, she looks even more dazed than before
"ssss~ugar pleass."
>well, OK
>you've got some hard candies in your pants pocket
>one gets popped into Moondancer's mouth
>faint sucking sounds are heard


>you are Moondancer
>and you're suffering a personal brownout at the moment
>there is a butterscotch candy in your mouth
>you hate the taste of butterscotches
>it dissolves a bit and a trickle of sucrose finds it's way down your throat
>you are rethinking your relationship with butterscotch in light of that
>you even manage to grind your teeth a little against it, letting the sweet dissolve faster
>"mour pess."
>a second disgustingly wonderful candy is lodged into the other side of your mouth
>you think you might be able to do two plus two if you worked at it, but licking and swallowing is the order of the day


>you are Golden Pearl
>the monkey is squatting on the grass next to the weirdo, who is clearly three sarsaparillas to the wind
>it sticks a candy in her mouth, then another
Of this thread dies I think I'll make a new one for is to retreat to
What is spagoots will never die
I agree but just on case we should have an escape plan

It better not be moldy.
File: 1448855560220.png (41 KB, 333x181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 333x181
I don't know, will he?
He returns - with dubs!
Came back to my dorm today only to find that it is being fumigated.
Dancing With The Moonlight will be resumed in a couple hours
File: 1442455868093.jpg (391 KB, 1205x1862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391 KB, 1205x1862
page 9
Finally man you're the only reason im here.

Been greening the thread to keep it alive, but it'll be nice having some help.
Been really liking your story, good to have some
Moonie as well

>you are Anon
>Moondancer is apparently stoned on magic or something
>first big flashy bang-bang
>then she's dopey and has the munchies
>no wonder most unicorns stick to levitating things if spellcasting is weed
"bufferscooch pls."
>you slide another one between her drooly lips


>you are Moondancer
>you are never letting Anon near spellcasting materials ever again
>once you can actually form a complete sentence without slurring, anyway
>there's a reason most ponies are sugar junkies
>magic needs fuel
>sugary stuff is good for lots of fuel
>not enough fuel and you burn fat, then the essential bits
>or you burn too much magic at once and it scrubs the blood out, coma time
>not that you don't enjoy a good hayburger
>but magical ponies need their high-glucose brain foods. Like cupcakes.
>you'd kick someone for a cupcake
>or a donut
>a dozen donuts
>that's brilliant, Dumbledancer.
>"hiwanna donutz, ahnon. Doh-nutssz."


>you are Anon
>you think your magic-stoner pony wants donuts
>fortunately, even an idiot knows where to go in Canterlot for those
>you lay Moondancer over your shoulders like a little lost lamb and hoist
>cause using her legs seems to be off the table
>close the door
>and walk


>you are Star Struck
>Anon has just stalked by you with Moondancer wrapped around his neck like some kind of scarf
>while she's wearing a pink, checkered apron
>he gives you a fulminating state
"Donut run."
>and walks off


>you are Donut Joe
>heck, your name is synonymous with "round, deep-fried pastry goodness" the way everyone calls those nose tissues "Breezies".
>you add another notch the "species served today" tally as a big ol' biped (not to worry, the door's alicorn-sized for good reason) comes in with one of your regulars
>nice filly, studies way too much
>then again, she's no Twilight Sparkle
>looks like she pulled another double-all-nighter or something
>Yep. Another zompony from Celestia's School for Gifted Overdoingits.
Do you think Moondancer likes mecha?
She would probably want to build her own
File: GRAND.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
Hey boys, a few anons said that I should consider coming to this thread for this pone since she 'relatable' to me.
So I may hang around if I can ever get around to watching that episode due to shit laptop.

But I have legit interest in Lunar Prance Pone.

Amending Fences is actually one of the more interesting S5 episodes, considering how far a shoutback it ends up going to.

As in S1, Episode 1.
Oh I heard of that, even heard a few of my Skype autists relay me a bit before I shut them up to prevent spoilers.
Anyone got a link to it so I can search it up? I had each and every S5 Episode archived on an SD card, but it was lost months ago during "Do Princesses dream of Magic Sheep"

Dailymotion should do.

There a possibility I can yank the video out of that site? I've gotta hit sack soon anyways, and my work day will be long. I can put it on my phone just to watch during lunch since I won't really eat near the Work-Issued desktops.
Is clipconverter.cc or any of those useful sites still up?
Yayponies has torrents of all eps in 720 and 1080HD.
That the killer for me. My ISP won't let any P2P connection in or out. So torrents, magnets, etc. Are all out of my question because of the shitters.
Also, Mods don't fuck this up, let some fun happen,
but each of these posts from me has Dubs.
And it's three in a row.
I can't believe I had this massive luck streak.
Also, I finally finished the episode on DailyMotion since the only way to get episodes is on Torrent.
It was good, and I see how those anons pointed me to Moon Dancer but how they saw me relatable to her is seems beyond me at this point.
It will be if some one makes it moldy

....and off by one.
File: TRAIT ME UP.jpg (70 KB, 784x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 784x904
Don't remind me.
>With phone plugged in and car backed out, you set out to your daily prison.
>With the rain and its ceaseless assault on the city, you take extra precaution in driving to school.
>At the same time, your rather small time frame leaves you anxious to press down on the gas.
>You've already made the mistake of being late to first period before.
>Mr.Doodle berated you outside of the classroom for several minutes before actually starting class.
>His usually calm demeanor was suddenly blown out of the water at unusual outburst that everybody heard from behind the door.
>The memory leaves you feeling slightly embarrassed as you recall everyone's eyes set on you when you walked back in.
>However, a more pressing matter returns to your mind.
>That of trying to find a way to win Moondancers affection once more.
>Several situations pop into your mind as you formulate some plan to do so.
>'I could always just try and catch her during lunch. Just talk with her one on one.'
>After some consideration, you shake your head at the idea.
>'Her anger and irritation might just be renewed, and I'd be back to square one.'
>Your frustration grows as new ideas form and are shortly shrugged away, like crumpled up paper.
>Eventually you give up with a huff, and set your full attention to the road once more.
>The anxiety continues to mount in your mind as you come ever closer to school.
>Your knuckles have paled from the tight grip on your wheel, almost ripping off the material.
>'Think, Anon, Think! There's got to be something you can do to-'
>Your eyes drift to the shape of a small green building materializing on the right through dull gray weather.
>But it wasn't the building that caught your attention.
>It was the arrangement of flowers that were placed onto the table at the front, shielded from the weather by a large awning.
>The sight of the colorful botany sparks your mind with a flash of +10 Intellect.

Got it right the second time.

Did you execute order 66?
>Your body surges with even more energy, completely washing away the depressing lethargy from this morning.
>'I'll buy her flowers!'
>You quickly glance at the clock on your dashboard.
>3 minutes before first bell.
>Which meant you had 8 minutes, give or take.
>'Hopefully enough time to buy something.'
>You locate the buildings small parking lot that sat next to it and turn into it.
>Only one other car was present, parked in the back corner.
>You park in the spot closest to the store, so as to quickly get in and get out.
>The other car looked almost forlorn, sitting alone in a rain-soaked parking lot with only the dismal clouds to keep it company.
>The sight brings back the memory of last night, as you recall last night for the nth time.
>But you shrug it away before the lingering sadness takes root in your mind again.
>You shut off your car, grab your umbrella and step out into the storm.
>The wind has also started to pick up, as noted by the fact that you have to struggle to keep your umbrella in your grasp.
>Fortunately the distance you have to cover isn't too large, and you make it to the front door without any more issue.
>You glance at the table of arrangements, trying to pick out a particular flower that catches your eye.
>'What flower would Moondancer even like? Does she even like flowers?'
>Your mom was a big fan of tulips. Maybe you could get her those.
>You roll your eyes as you play out the scenario in your head.
>'Here, I got you these because my mom likes them.'
>That would not play over well.
>You fold your umbrella up and pull the door open as you step inside.
>'Maybe lilacs. Lilacs are neat.'
>The door closes, causing a small bell to ding several times.
>You pay no mind to it as you scan the interior of the store.
>Nearly every shelf in the store was stacked with vases and bowls of various sizes, with flowers and plants of equal variety filling them up.
File: boop.gif (2 MB, 171x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 171x315
God bless you for coming back to us
File: 1439397460331.png (55 KB, 228x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 228x217
just have the clerk ask "how mad is she" they would know what to get her
File: 1445867773932.png (293 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 633x758
tfw Moondancer will never have her tongue played with
Eight minutes to buy flowers, AND make it to class on time? Is Anon Sanik Da Hedgeherg or something?
Is never not time to go fast
Moondancer? More like Mooncancer amirite
I think he's nearly at the scool, and he's just making a last minute stop.
>A man walks into a bar.

File: 1055792.png (129 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 512x512
Give Moondancer spagoots. That'll give plenty of Magic fuel.
SpagootiOs - fortified with 100% of the Thaumic energy a growing unicorn needs
Order 66 was due to them being traitors.
File: 1061286.png (3 MB, 2913x3073) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2913x3073
Laat bump before I leave the thread unattened for a while. Good luck with the thread Moonfags.
>contrary to popular belief booping does not cause scrunch
>istead it causes the tongue to be pulled out

I think we'll save the spagoots for a nice romantic Lady-and-the-Tramp style scene, gents.
Pone had run out of pez
File: 1451669246026.png (13 KB, 404x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 404x433
If you watch closely, you can see at the moment of boop there is a scrunch, which transitions into tongue floop.
You guys are making me hungry for some spagoots for myself, but I'd have to go to the store to get some
File: 1442928785776.png (850 KB, 1280x948) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
850 KB, 1280x948
I did it for her
File: 1443516047488.png (456 KB, 911x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456 KB, 911x1024
Based anon
File: wow bravo.gif (999 KB, 500x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wow bravo.gif
999 KB, 500x300
Wow, nice job Anon. I bet Moondancer would like you.
Round edible object bump.
File: coffee_marsh.jpg (65 KB, 400x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 400x268

>you are Moondancer
>Anon has carried you to the sacred fount of revival
>already, you feel the presence of the divine
>"One Eternal All-Nighter Special, comin' up!"
>you don't argue with Moon Princess when she names things
>blessed Donuthalla, shiny and chrome
>a bowl of black, caffeine-laden power is set before you
>marshmallows sprinkled upon it
>it is art
>it is magic
>it is...you can't quite get it

>you are Anon
>Moondancer's head is lying on the counter
>she's making feeble tongue motions towards the cuppa Joe left on the table
>you carefully hold her head
>it's spaghootie-soft
>and she's the limp noodle
>the tongue sorta flops it's way across the artistic fluff and laps up a coffee-laden marshmallow
>well, this definitely beats what you hold someone's head over normally when they're stoned like this


>you are Moondancer
>and you are lapping up coffee like a cat
>you only feel MOSTLY dead right now
>thankfully, Anon is keeping you from drowning in it
>most ponies think Donut Joe's talent is in making those O-so-wonderfuls
>finals-crunchers know he's got so much more
>the hornache crumbles under the relentless stimulant
>but you're still hollower than...
>Oh, sweet Celestia, he's brought the donuts!
>you reach for the plate of a dozen sweet salvations...


>you are Anon
>Moondancer briefly goes spazzy in your grip and faceplants in a chocolate creme with rainbow sprinkles
>munching sounds are heard
>most of the donut vanishes, the pastry icing gore smeared across her lips
"Nonnnnn? Cmre."
>you peer at the unicorn


>you are Moondancer
>you could kiss Anon for getting you here
>if he gets close enough
>you lunge!


>you are Anon
>there is chocolate-flavored horseslobber running down your ear
>Moondancer is flopped off the stool
>hoof goes up
>"Gimme donoots!"
>you grab a cider cake one and lower it to the waiting maw
>wow, she really IS eating like a horse
Yes, Yes, Yes, I knew you'd be back!

>you are Anon
>by donut number four, Moondancer has clawed her way up to resting her head on the stool
>Donut Joe isn't even fazed by the show
"You should have seen her during senior crunch."
>and he noses over a stack of napkins
>you hold a caramel cheesecake concoction over the beast at counter level
>only a thin rind remains crumbling at your fingers
>you eat it
>waste not, want not
>besides, they're god-tier donuts
>"So....can you get me another two plates and the dirt on this mad donut-devouring pony?"
>Joe chuckles as Moondancer makes a plaintive noise at the words "plate" and "donut"
"Sure, lemme tell you a good one!"
"I had every donut on the shelf rolling that Trixie out of here and down the street. By the time they'd stop going, she swore she'd never trust anything round again!"
>Moondancer's junior Group Animation project apparently had a few kinks in it
"The worst part was this one poor unicorn. Head to toe in cheese quesadillas from the school cafeteria. Carried her up the bell tower and nested there for two days until they finally went stale enough to get her out!"


>you are Moondancer
>and you shall not allow your work to be defamed!
"Hey! I still got a B on that "Fast Food" spell for creativity! And I paid for all the donuts..."
>they've left a jelly stick unguarded
>only a thin purple smear remains
"So, who was that unicorn anyway?"
>"Um....I'm not allowed to say. Still. Ever. Anon."
>Twilight would turn you into an orange if you did.
>you focus
>the chocolate-double-dipped Prench cruller is snatched from Anon's grasp and split in two
>the door jingles cheerfully as a herd's worth of ponies start to stream in
"Whoops! Evening rush is on. You two need anything else, just holler!"
File: 1441898080531.jpg (163 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 894x894

Let's just remember that library was inherited from Twilight Sparkle. Ahem.
>The room is filled with a subtle yet sweet smell of thousands of flowers and an undertone of grass clippings.
>'Lilies might be a good idea, but...'
>A quiet voice makes you turn towards the corner of the room.
>You see a small, older woman standing in an open doorway, shears in one hand and a handful of what looks like roses in the other.
>She slowly shuffles towards the counter, setting down the shears.
"P-pardon me?"
>She looks back up at you, her glasses making her eyes look comically large.
>The eyes stare at you for another moment before she wets her lips and speaks once more.
>"Y'all here for a girl, ain't cha?"
>You almost take a step back in shock.
>Was it that obvious?
>'Well considering you're a high school teenage boy, it might be kind of apparent.'
"How did you...How did you know?"
>Her lips form the sliver of a smile as she speaks again.
>"Sonny, Ah reckon Ah been workin in this here shop for longer than Ah can care ta recall..."
>She steps up onto a small stepping stool, her eyes remain fixed onto you.
>"...Wurkin here for so long, ya tend to pick up on sum things."
>She points a wrinkly, shaky finger at you.
>"Ah can see it in yew...yer here to impress a girl...or..."
>The lady leans in close enough to where you can smell her perfume.
>She squints at you, as if your face has small print on it.
>Her eyes widen as she leans back away from you, a look of revelation appearing on her aged face.
>"Yer lookin' ta apolergize, that it?"
>You feel your mouth drop in surprise as you stare blankly at the old woman.
>'She's good.'
>She smiles a toothy grin as she points her finger at you once more.
>"Aaaah still got it! Ha!"
>You feel yourself smile at her energy. She's quite spry for someone her age.
>Nodding, you give the woman a quick summary of your situation.
>She listens to you attentively, eyes fixed onto you as she takes in every detail of your story.
File: 1444332838655.png (2 MB, 2100x2500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2100x2500
>you will never buy Moondancer a present for her birthday
>What do call a group of skydiving Lawyers?


>you are Anon
>you've just finished splitting a few plates of donuts
>by which you mean Moondancer ate most of them and you managed to save a few
>in your belly
>you can understand where the pudge comes from under that sweater of hers
>still, it's as relaxed as you've seen Moondancer in a crowded spot
>she doesn't give a fuck
>you could probably shake another donut's worth of crumbs out of her clothing
>you think you got most of the choco-slobber off, but she's got bits of icing and sprinkles in her fur
>the next time Moonie's gonna do magic to it, you're stocking up on junk food first
"You know, I only got that spell to -really- work well on one thing."
"Canned pasta."
"Yeah! Anything less cooked tended to get a mind of it's own and attack random passerby."
>you look at the now half-empty shelves and imagine them rolling off and attacking ponies
>"Attack of the Killer Donut-Os" doesn't quite sound as good as tomatoes

Quick bit-o-green whilst otherwise occupied.
Much appreciated
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516 KB, 680x418
>you will never argue about Battletech and Macross with Moondancer
Why even live, family?

I qualify for grognard material in that regard, since I was playing before they even got TRO 2750 out.
I'm jealous. I want to buy the intro kit, but I have no one to play with. Damn it, I was born too early.
File: 1442552830330.png (126 KB, 500x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 500x413

>you are Moondancer
>and you've paid the power bill
>by which you mean you snapped up every donut in each
>you're paying for Anon's tab tonight
>and you kiss him on the cheek for good measure
>"I hear you're supposed to tip the delivery pony."
>Anon looks at you and grins
"Just the tip?"
>He gets another kiss for that.
>"I tip generously!"
>you are Anon, and she totally didn't get that one. Ponies...
>you make your way out into the sunset, leaving only crumbs and dribbles behind
>he's got his hand on your sweater the whole way back to the house
>and it's magic
>the kind Twilight taught you about
>this is grade-A, 100% friendship
>with some extra credit thrown in
>and you love extra credit
>you l~
>your heart goes pitter-pat and thumpity-thump


>you are Anon
>and you've got your hand on Moondancer
>just seems natural
>walking down the street in the slowly darkening skies
>she's good pone
>you're almost to the house
>and you close your eyes
>just as you stop
>something electric sizzles in the air, thunder and lightning without a sound goes off in your head
>and you look down at Moondancer
>she's literally got hearts in her eyes
>like, someone replaced her pupils with Valentine's Day decorations
>and they're bubbling off her like some kind of lovey-dovey champagne


>you are Star Struck
>and most people think you got your cutie mark for following every famous flank in Canterlot
>and boy, do you write up some juicy stuff on each and every one of them
>...with a little help from your special talent
>it's not quite love magic, and it's not quite want-it-need-it
>but you sure as Shining Armor shields cities get ponies blind head-over-hock stupid for each other
>maybe you can get your annoying neighbor to do something -really- stupid now that she's got a target for your magic to stick to
>flufflefeathers, it doesn't apparently work on monkeys!
>...worked on HER, though. Good enough
>not like she'll ever figure it out...
File: 1443522496027.jpg (62 KB, 574x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 574x730
>You feel the emotion of the memory creep back up in your throat, but you swallow the feeling back uncomfortably as you finish.
>She heaves a heavy sigh as she continues to stare at you.
>"That there's a story ah haven't heard before, ah'll give ya that..."
>She steps off her perch and grabs the pair of shears from earlier.
>Her free hand motions for you to follow her as she shuffles out from behind the counter.
>"And ah got just the thing fer ya."
>You feel a wave of relief wash over you at this lady's kindness and understanding.
"Ma'am, thank you so much..."
>She waves her hand dismissively as she approaches a vase filled to the brim with a grouping of purple flowers, each of different size and shape.
>"Like ah said, ah been doin' this here fer a looooong time, back when that there school down the street was just a coupla trailers! Why, ah even..."
>The lady continues as she reaches out to a small bunch of the flower.
>"...and ooooh-weee it took one o' them new-fangled cranes to get 'em out, cuz they don't like ta walk down stairs and..."
>You watch as she pulls out them out and examine the stems.
>"...they never did figure out who gone and welded that car around the tree, but ah tell ya..."
>She gingerly snips a few stray leaves and buds off with a steady hand that surprised you.
>With the last bud snipped off, she looks at the assortment in her hand, turning it over and around.
>"Lilacs. These here should get yer point across to yer girl"
>Once satisfied with her handiwork, she stuffs her shears into her apron, and fishes out what looks like a rubber band from another pocket.
>Tying the band around the base of the stems, she heads back to behind the counter.
>You follow her, pulling your wallet out.
>"That there won't be necessary, Sonny."
>You jerk up to stare at her in shock, and see her handing the bouquet to you.
"E-excuse me?"
>"Ah said there's no need fer ya to pay, sugarcube."
>You stand there in mild disbelief, hand still grasping your wallet.
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593 KB, 1456x2339
How will you cheer up?

inb4 spagoots
>Why do we trust calculators?

Because we can count on them.
>How will you cheer up?
A good hard dicking
Donuts and spagoots
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Why page 9?
hug the moony

>you are Anon
>and Moondancer has gone full Pepe Le Pew on you
>and you might be able to surgically separate her from your leg, but you doubt it
>in fact, she's trying to climb you at the moment
>she scrabbles her way up your pants
>and you take the brief moment to pick the pony up and hold her at arm's length
>she's making kissy faces
>you look around
>the only one looking at you is...
>that fucker Star Struck from his balcony
>he's -sneering- at you
"Looks like the only one doing any climbing is your marefriend, lover boy!"
>into Moondancer's house you go with Moonie kicking and hollering terms of endearment under one arm
>seriously, "smoochie-wuggums"?
>and her horn glows
>and your pants are making a beeline for the floor
>you grab the end of her horn and pinch
>and the aura goes out like a snuffed candle
>you wiggle-walk your way to the creaky old cushion-pile she uses for a bed
>*pomf* goes the unicorn onto the bed
"Oh! Anon! How ~romantic~ you are!"
>she's trying to pose seductively
>this is Moondancer
>she looks more like she's trying to make a pillow angel
"You're going to make my fondest dream come true! Oh, marry me! We're going to have SO many babies and I'm going to be your first mare and-"
>it's even creepier with the way she's looking at you with those messed-up eyes
>I mean, you'd do Moonie again happily
>heck, you'd even call her your marefriend
>but not like this
>this is like date-rape material time here
>and with that, you're grabbed up into the air and you find your face mashed into hers
>and once again, everything just goes BOOM between your ears


>you are Moondancer
>and Anon is the most wonderful stallion in the world
>you're going to stop working, have his foals, wait on him hoof and mouth like the divine creature he is
>and you're going to smooch and snuggle him this instant!
>your horn yanks the only thing that matters into the air and propels it to your eager mouth
>and you drink in that sweet hooman's taste
But she's not real.

>you are still Moondancer
>and you have your kissy-wissy husbando right where you want him
>on top of you
>where you're holding him
>and getting your tongue inside to swap some spit when
>something crackles inside your head
>smoke literally pops out your ears
>and a spark of -something- white-hot launches itself from your horn and streaks out the window
>and it takes that desperate hunger for Anon away
>...you're kinda struggle snuggling Anon


>you are Star Struck
>and you've just been star-struck
>as your little special spell came back to sender with interest
>blind-sided you right on the horn, a dozen times more powerful than when you sent it
>and the backlash converts itself to heat and light
>your bedroom briefly goes from dimly lit to full daylight
>and your curtains are on fire
>your bed is on fire
>and you run in a blind panic out of your house and down the block, leaving a trail of smouldering hair and terror
>meanwhile, someone starts ringing a fire alarm
>you're too busy diving into the fountain to put yourself out


>you are Anon
>and aside from the light show and the explosion next door, you're on top of Moondancer
>but it doesn't feel wrong anymore
>and whatever was fucked up in her eyes is gone
>it's replaced by scared crying mare
>so you settle into the pillow pile and hold her
>and it'd be getting dark but someone lit the house next door on fire
>couldn't happen to a better stallion, you think
>all you could wish for now is some marshmallows


>you are Star Struck
>and the firepegasi are putting out your house
>the second story is utterly ruined
>"I-impossible...how could my spell go wrong? I've done it a thousand times! It's perfect! Perf-"
>your world goes pink and blue
>and you're turned around
>very fast
>it's the face of a pink, angry unicorn nose to nose with yours
"What. Did. You. DO?"
>and to your horror, that's when her wings snap out
>and the royal guards move in
Don't remind us...
Moon bump

Ha! Suck it, nig.
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Bump for her
File: game.jpg (65 KB, 600x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>page 9
File: that_face.png (81 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 500x500


(More writing after more sleep.)
That's a lovely face.
File: 1448570842742.png (589 KB, 1024x696) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The dubs were with us!
But now they aren't.
Sorry again folks, I've been playing a shitload of Darkest Dungeon. Fun as hell
>She pushes the bouquet closer to you, urging you to take it from her.
>A sincere expression is painted in the wrinkles of her face.
"Ma'am, I-I would feel wrong if I didn't-"
>"Ah won't accept any money fer this. It's on the house!"
>Emphasizing the last word, she pushes it into your hands, making you drop your wallet.
"B-but I-"
>Her face comes within inches of yours as she stares into your eyes
>"Sonny, tell ya what. If it don't work out right, yew come back and pay me. Sound like a deal?"
>She thrusts her shriveled and wrinkly hand out.
>You slowly grasp it, still reeling in confusion at the situation.
>What comes next can only be described as trying to hold onto a horses reins with only one hand.
>Your shoulder felt like it was going to pop out any second.
>"Yer a good kid, Anon. Ah can tell. Yew'll do right fer her"
>It feels like an eternity before she finally releases your hand from it's vice.
>You test your hand to make sure nothing is broken, and breath a sigh of relief.
>But that relief turns to shock as you notice the time on on your watch.
>You had 3 minutes to get to school.
>Muttering curses under your breath you bend down to grab your wallet, and run for the door.
>She cackles as she waves at you.
>"Take care, Sugarcube!"
>Not bothering to open your umbrella, you push out of the door and sprint to your car.
>The rain is still coming down in a torrent, so your jacket is the best shelter for your flowers.
>'Moondancer's flowers' you point out to yourself.
>You fumble inside your pocket for your car keys, and unlock your car.
>You yank your door open and jump inside, closing the door quickly to avoid more water inside.
>With a deep breath to de-stress yourself, you gently place the flowers in the passenger side of the car.
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he's back
Welcome back, meine fruend.
File: 1452387322987.png (785 KB, 600x1724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This would fit with moondancer
File: large.png (169 KB, 861x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Kalimah.jpg (2 KB, 125x66) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't have special characters on this TardBoard, fuck off.
File: Kalimah.gif (2 MB, 300x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Meant for it to be this Picture.
File: uu9pUWi.gif (855 KB, 384x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nah, it's ok friend
everyone makes mistakes

but seriously it's
>mein freund
File: Fegelein.jpg (7 KB, 263x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Danke Shon for confirming.
bitte schön
Einen guten Tag haben anonyme
Wünsche ich Ihnen auch Namenlos
shes kinda cute

>you are Anon
>and somepony is knocking on the door
>you are cuddling Moondancer
>this is us time
>and they won't stop knocking
>you rub her head between the ears one last time
>they flick as another rapping disturbs them
>right, no more of this shit
>you give her a quick I'm-sorry-gotta-get-up kiss and stand up
>nearly trip over your pants
>pull the pants up
>go and open the door
>It's some tall skinny pink pony
>you'd say more, but as soon as you open the door your eyes water and your nose clogs up
>fucking hell, you thought Equestrians were all hypoallergenic
"Excuse me, can I come in-"
>it takes you a few minutes at the sink to get the horrid itching sensation to pass
>back to the important stuff


>you are Cadence, Princess of Love, ruler of the Crystal Empire, etc. etc.
>and you'd been with your Aunties for a visit when Star Struck did his thing
>you could feel that spell go wrong from halfway across the city, considering how much true love it takes to break it
>fortunately, the scroll he got it from went up in flames
>nopony else is going to learn that filthy magic
>and he's going to spend a long time in the Canterlot dungeons...talking
>you may have years of fixing the damage done to friendships, special someponies, and marriages
>...and when you went to go find the last victim, a giant green-faced biped opened the door, told you off, and slammed the door in your face
>he was crying, you better give him some space
>love getting twisted is so...so sad!


>you are Orthoclase, proud scion of the line of Feldspar, guardians of the Crystal Princess
>who is currently standing in front of a ratty old house and weeping for no discernable reason
>that's dam-in-making hormones for you
>"Come, m'lady. We shall fortify thee with chocolates."
"W-with pickles?"
>"If that be thine desire."
>At least this time she didn't want hot peppers
>and with that, the guards herd their charge (after a few hankies) back to Canterlot palace
Back, back from page 10 bump
You need to hurry up and namefag, for fucks sake.
Not him, but why? The green is getting pastebinned and he updates regularly
Extra insurance that no one else hijacks the story
Eh I guess, we've survived multiple threads so far though
My god she's so sweet. She's the rare breed of waifu who's just on the border of being difficult to deal with irl but not unreasonable.
And the stuff that makes her difficult to deal with just enhances her waifu quality
Yeah. I can imagine getting a reluctant hug from her would be the best. I'd squeeze her 'till she complains.
p9 poop
File: tis a silly pony.png (78 KB, 440x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tis a silly pony.png
78 KB, 440x400
page 8 bump

Heh. I don't because I'm comfy staying truly Anon, other than my work. Someone decides to fuck with it? Such is 4Chan.
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>you are Moondancer
>and you've had a really hard day
>and night
>but Anon is here, and it's getting late
>and honestly, he's halfway on the floor while you cuddle
>"Anon? It's late, and you've had a really hard day...and I don't want you to sleep down here."
"Afraid the floor will get me?"
>you look at a black spot near your bed
>Actually, that's a good point.
>"It's been really, REALLY crazy today, and we've got work tomorrow, and maybe-"
>your mouth locks up
>you don't invite yourself over to a stallion's place, it's just not done!
>ponies tend to think you're trying to push your way into herding them
>how can you say it without saying it?


>you are Anon
>and Moondancer's looking flustered
>It's not like you mind having her over
>Bunny was a sure-fire insomnia cure, even without the wingjobs
>pony cuddles are very relaxing things
>"Rather get some snuggles in where we don't have to steal each other's blanket?"


>you are Moondancer
>Thank goodness for hooman sensibility
>you thought he might not get the hint
>instead, you're packing an overnighter in your saddlebag and walking to Anon's place
>teeth are brushed
>showers are had
>dinner is mostly skipped on account of overdonuting
>and sweet, sweet cuddle time is had
>and for once in the day, nothing goes wrong
>and you find Luna's domain with your chin using Anon's arm as a pillow
>Goodnight, Moon(dancer).


>you are Anon
>it's been a long day
>luckily for you, this is a good way to end it
>you slip into your dreams almost immediately
>Moondancer is in them
>casting spells
>eating donuts
>getting hit by a Instant Infatuation Incantation
>...where did that come from?
>a flicker, like a cloud over the moonlight
>and your slumber becomes more normal things


>you are Moondancer
>and you dream of the moon
>and the moon becomes an eye
>watching over as you banish the fears of the day
>subtly catalyzing the dissolution of a thousand little anxieties
>you won't remember tomorrow
>others will
File: spooped.jpg (22 KB, 413x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 413x450
>>you won't remember tomorrow
>>others will
Please tell me there are more of these.
File: itllbefine.jpg (19 KB, 784x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 784x553

Nothing to worry about there.
Hi Mr skeltal
Poor Bunny. Losing her best lay/favorite client/snuggle buddy all because she can't into spagoots.

Supply and demand. Ponies have a lot of options for company if they're a stallion, but the opposite is not the same. That -someone- was going to snag any decent male (or even not so decent) was inevitable. Just not much opportunity for an older mare with a busted wing...
Who is bunny?

Read back in the Canterlot story and Anon was paying for wingjobs and cuddle time with a hooker named Bunny, then Moondancer paid him a small fortune to get her V-card punched and things have led up to >>26070262
this thread won't die until I give my permission to

>you are Anon and Moondancer
>it's early in the morning
>you're still fast asleep
>in fact, you're going to be sound asleep for another three hours and change
>so you won't notice the alicorn hovering by your window looking in
>she's a mite gravid and wobbly
>but she's smiling at the sight of you two wrapped around each other in a knot only love can tie
>a little yank on the sheets to keep them from falling off the bed
>and like a tubby pink sparrow, she flits back off into the morning sun

Your author is running on 90 minutes of sleep in the past 24 hours, but I thought I'd at least give you a bit to tide you over whilst I make with the coma.
Enjoy the deep sleep.
Rest well. Be careful with your sleep.
Careful for what?
I can't believe I'm actually feeling sorry for an unknown, faceless, down on her luck, OC whore p0ne. Damn, I need closure.

>you are Moondancer
>and you are awake for the most fundamental of reasons
>the call of nature
>Anon doesn't wanna let go
>you don't really want him to let go
>but you REALLY don't wanna let go
>so you lick his nose and escape to the potty


>you are Anon
>and you are hopped on your favorite sleeping aid, snuggles
>a single loose feather drifts in through the open window while you doze and make clutching motions at the warm pony-shaped space where your snuggle used to be
>it lands on your nose
>the thunderous blast sends the offending bit of hellish pink fluff back out into the open air from whence it came
>someone falls off their perch with a few choice words in the bathroom


>you are Moondancer
>SOMEONE just roared in the bedroom
>and you are currently hiding in a pile of toilet paper rolls, shivering
>....what, it sounded like a manticore went off in there!
>after a few minutes and getting a roll unstuck from your horn, you sheepishly peek out the bathroom door
>there's Anon
>his eyes are red and he's sniffling
>...he's not sick, is he?


>you are Anon, and Moondancer's talking-thinking again
"You're not sick, are you?"
>"Allergies. Yesterday, there was this pink extra-fluffy unicorn at your door with a crown on and it was horibble. *SNERK*"
"...you're sure she didn't have wings?"
"You just told a Princess to go away."
>"She wub making my nobe itchy and stubbe!"
>Head goes under the bathroom tap and you soak your face until the horrible effects start to fade again
>Moondancer is prancing in place
"You...you told Princess Cadence to go away! "
>she accidentally steps on your foot


>you are Moondancer
>and you're just so nervous you could trample someone
>which you did
>the panic whinnying is making funny echoes off the tile in here
>I mean, you KNOW Princess Cadence
>not know-KNOW her, but it's not like you didn't end up with a few study nights with Twilight when you were fillies
File: getcomfy.gif (497 KB, 400x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
497 KB, 400x247
Based writefriend returns

>you are still Moondancer
>and you're making little galloping circles in the bathroom with panicky horse noises
>because you don't just tell Princesses to go away
>OK, so you told a Princess to go away
>a few times
>OK, a lot of times
>you're not on the moon or anything
>you stop trying to paw a hole in the floor
>I mean, she was Twilight's foalsitter!
>and she's really nice and Twilight's brother is married to her and all that
>your breathing slows down
>you are not a silly pony
>you are an educated librarian
>you have left hoof marks all over Anon's pajamas


>you are Anon
>and while communing with the purifying glories of the tepid waters of get this devil shit out of my nostrils you think about last evening
>so that's what a Big Gu-er, Girl in Equestria looks like?
>you thought they were more like the Tallest or some shit
>you're gonna bruise a little from where Moonie managed to panic-squash your shins
>but given that Equestrians seem to be at least part marshmallow fluffy, you've done worse kicking the bed at night
>you grope for a towel
>it magically ends up in your hands
>...oh, right. Unicorns.
>It's not like the po-po or some Imperial Stormtrooper ponies have busted down the door and arrested you
>and you say as much


>you are Moondancer
>and apparently you have to explain to Anon that no, there are no white-armored guards from the Crystal Empire
>nor does Cadence shoot lightning from her hooves
>and she isn't married to some stallion named Palpatine
>...he's pulling your horn, isn't he?
"You will be converted to the Love Side of the Force..."
>given the hugs, you suppose you can forgive him for being the silly pony in the relationship

...or are there?
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>you are Anon
>and this morning is your first day at work
>eleven to four, Moondancer's ten to five
>she does have seniority, after all
>cereal, orange juice, brush your teeth and wash your face
>it's an easy walk down to the library when you've got someone to talk to
>you're in early, but Day Planner has paperwork to fill out
>quills are definitely not ballpoint pens
>but you're done by the time for your shift is ready
>there's some differences from back home
>but the Morning Dewey system is like an old-fashioned Dewey Decimal system back home
>they still have a big section 92
>and the 110's take up as much space as the 500's
>and there's a 626 on "Magical Engineering" that's really popular given how Canterlot holds up
>fortunately, you've got a backroom job
>Miss Abridged was impressed with your hands for more applications than her ass
>so you're working next to a bunch of ponies
>Moondancer included
>she's actually made a lot of "book friends" back here
>Bookmark and Lucy Libro are earth ponies, Paste Pot's a unicorn, and Sweep's the library pegasus
>she's the one who makes sure the air is clean, precisely the right humidity, and keeps the atmosphere properly conditioned, right down to keeping a few clouds around to reduce direct sunlight in the back
>the whole room smells of buckram and old paste
>you spend most of the day talking about archival sleeves and plates with Paste Pot while you breathe life back into dry spines and crumbling bindings
>Bookmark and Lucy generally take care of the back-to-circulation carts
>Moondancer gets the archived books and scrolls
>you take a break around noon and it's sandwiches and soup all 'round in the breakroom
>Four o' clock comes by faster than you imagined, and you sign out with Day Planner and go browse the 25's
>unicorns use wood ash to make acid-free paper?


>you are Moondancer, and it's 5 o' clock
>there's an attractive stallion with his nose in a book...
Bump with author-ity.
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This was a good idea on my head
It is good idea off of head, too
>The fact that school was just down the street made you feel slightly better.
>As you drive, you quickly think of several ways to give the flowers to Moondancer.
>You didn't have class with her until Cheerilee in 3rd, so you couldn't just carry them around school.
>'And I can't just give them to her in class. Too much attention would be directed at us.'
>You shudder as you think of all the students going "Ooh" and "Aww" or some other stupid high school crap.
>Mrs.Cheerilee would probably loathe the disruption it would create in class as well.
>Class was a no go.
>You assumed you couldn't just keep them in your locker either.
>Too much crap in there. Only time you've ever cleaned it out was before winter or summer break.
>A long and heavy sigh escapes your lips as you pull into the parking lot.
>With the weather as it was, the lot was unusually packed.
>Another sigh as you search the rows of cars for a vacant spot.
>The rain does nothing to aid your search, as it smears across your windshield.
>But finally your eye catches an area that remains unoccupied...
>...Just as the second bell rings.
>Your car rings loud with swears as you curse yourself and time.
>You drive into the spot, park, and remove your keys.
>You take a deep breath as you push open your door, dragging your backpack from beneath the other seat.
>But as soon as you are fully outside, you pass a quick look at the flowers.
>Sitting in it's plastic wrap, awaiting your decision.
>You quickly, but gently, stow them away in the back seat, deciding that you'll retrieve them at lunch.
>Moondancer usually ate by herself or with you and your group in the back of the library, hoping to not be noticed.
>You're pretty sure that the librarian knows, but doesn't care.
>She was pretty much one of the only people who was there as often as the librarian was herself.
>And with your friends fawning over Calradian Crusaders, you'll probably be able to get her alone.
He's back. You can do it!
Fly away, little moondancer!
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>inb4 he catches her making out with someone else or someshit
Back from page 9 bump
Dubs confirm

hoping it's a lesbian encounter with Sci-Twi
nah man
Moondancer is way too much into Anon for this shit
But she's tired and upset, and oh so tense. Wouldn't a back rub and some light hand holding make her feel better?
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So, this character is basically Spaghetti Sparkle from the AiE threads a couple of years ago, right?

>Betty has returned
of course it would make her feel better, but she's got no one and although she had a crush on anon (and still has) she was always looking for someone


and I hope there's still no one
Maybe she just needs to experience some purple smart. Honestly I just want them to tap glasses
maybe you're right...

>you are Anon
>and there's someone breathing on you
>no wait, that's Moondancer reading over your shoulder
>you sneak your fingers down, down...
>mission accomplished
>you walk out like a man as Moondancer slinks along behind with her ears down
>the second she's clear of the exit, you ruffle the offending flat bits into pointing up again


>you are Moondancer
>and you've just been mass-shushed
>Day Planner gave you the evil eye
>(but then she winked at Anon)
>he's ruffling your mane and reducing it to a muddled mess
>you hate him
>ok, you don't hate him
>but you'd steal all his donuts again
>and your mane is sticking to your sweater
>yay, static


>you are Anon
>Moondancer walks besides you, random strands of mane reaching out to try to stick to other ponies as you pass by
>this amuses the Anon
>why is the ground heading your way?


>you are Moondancer
>those are some nice shoes Anon was wearing
>it's a shame if someone tied the laces together
>but you're feeling merciful, so...


>you are Anon
>and you're floating in midair with your shoes tied together
>this is going to utterly ruin your "big strong guy" part of the relationship
>Moondancer leisurely walks on as you flail, mane askew but grinning
>you're floating in midair with your shoes tied together
Anon pretending to fly like Iron Man when?
bump for the write.
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>blue eyes
>magenta eyes
Why tho
File: happymoony.png (233 KB, 1141x1448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Didn't even notice.
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