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>"Don't worry Anon, momma's...
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>"Don't worry Anon, momma's here!"
I've got a boo boo and I want you to kiss it.
No mommy, not with your upstairs lips
something is off about her face I just can't tell what
BY GOD, he's right!
She's a horse.
Incorrect eye shape.
this is bothering the hell out of me
She's bald and wearing a wig attached to the side of her head.
>She didn't look like your mom at all
>But she was giving you candy, and that's good enough for you
>You reach out your little hands, holding it out towards the lollipop she was offering
>It's floating, gripped by her magic
>And she lowers it into you hands
>You swipe it and start sucking on it
>It tastes like cherries, mixed with something sweet you can't identify
>"Do you want more, Anon?"
>You nod vigorously and hold out your hand
>She holds in gently in her magic
>And it tickles on your palm as she takes you away
>You look back to your real mom behind you
>She's talking to someone
>Very angrily
>Maybe she'd just get more angry if you bothered her
>You're sure you'll be back soon anyways
>"Come, now, Anon, I have a lot more for you."
>Her eyes look a little weird, like the one mommy makes with dad
>But she's giving you candy!
>You follow her
>And she takes you across ponyville
>You don't know where you're going
>She's taking you through streets you didn't know about
>Your lollipop has dwindled to nothing but a stick
>You hold it out
>She pats you on the head, giggling
>"Don't worry, dear, there's much more where that came from"
"Where are we going?"
>"You'll see, darling."
"I miss my mommy."
>She stops walking, and holds you into an embrace
>Brushing your hair with her hoof
>"Oh, Anon, I'm your mommy now."
>You shake your head stubbornly and point a hand back where you came from
"That's my mommy!"
>She squeezes you a little tighter
>It's getting a little hard to breathe
>And she digs her muzzle into your hair
>Sniffing and nuzzling against it
>"I'm the only mommy you need, Anon."
>She smells really sweet
>It's nothing like your real mommy
>But it smells better
>"Tell you what, I'll take you back after you get some more candy. Okay?"
>That's good enough for you!
>She's smiling
>It's nice when ponies are happy
>And she starts leading you somewhere again
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its always like that
>bend over
>receive spanking with her cock
T-thanks, momma Rarity...
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is it /ss/ time?
>You come to a dead end
>Which is weird because she promised you candy
"Where are we going?"
>"We're staying right here, my dear anon."
>Her hooves are on your shoulders
>Drawing you into another hug
>You look out behind her
>The alley looks really deep
"I want my mommy."
>She holds you against her scented fur
>And starts moving her hooves over your body
>It feels really uncomfortably and weird
>And you use your hands to push against her
>But she's much stronger than you and she has her magic to help hold you
>You feel her tugging at your clothes
>This feels really wrong
>Where's your mommy?
>You start breathing heavily
>Rarity lays you down on the ground
>"Momma's here, Anon. I'll take good care of my little darling."
>You try really hard to hold onto your pants
>But she slips them off anyways
>Revealing your little pair of boxers
>And she slides you underneath her
>Straight into...
>...that place, where momma told you not to touch
>You feel her against you, like soft balloons
>And feel something start to drip on you
>"Come on, Anon, don't you want to drink from your mommy?"
>You try to say no
>But when you open your mouth, she brings her teat into it
>Stifling your speech
>And forcing you to drink
>It's warmish, it's thin, and it feels really wrong
>She rubs your body against her
>And you feel a hoof touch your private place
>You can't breathe
>Your breaths only suck in her teat more
>And draw in more liquid
>Your hands flail, and your body thrashes
>While she holds you down
>You feel a tingling sensation, and try to pull your hips back away from her
>You're screaming with the last amount of oxygen you have
>Her breasts vibrate with your voice
>Your supply runs out, your struggle weakens
>Her hoof no longer faces any resistance when she strokes you
>Your eyes start closing, seeing darkness cloud the edges of your vision
>You feel really sleepy for some reason
>And close your eyes, feeling your body go limp as you faint
>You wake up to some shaking on your body
>And you start immediately screaming
>It's dark, there's a faint light in the corner, flickering, some fire or candle
>And the face that greets you isn't your mom
>"Shh, shh!"
>You feel a hoof on your mouth
>It's not Rarity's
>It smells different
>Tastes salty, metallic, dirty
>Your vision adjusts to the darkness and you see some colt
>You recognize him from school
>Ms. Cheerilee said he wouldn't be going to school anymore
>But they never told you why
>His coat is grey and he has violet eyes
>You don't remember his name
>He holds a hoof to his lips
>"Shh! She'll hear you!"
>"The lady that took us."
>You shiver at the memory
>"Please don't scream, okay?"
>You nod
>And he removes his hoof
>And you take really loud deep breaths
>He sits back on his haunches, a worried look on his face
>When your breaths settle, it's then that you notice other bodies around you
>All huddled to the side
>Some shivering
>Some asleep
>You remember most of them
>All the colts that have disappeared from school
>The colt that shook you awake pulls you to your feet
>You stand a head taller than him, and the ceiling scrapes against the top of your head
>You look up, and see openings
>It's a cage
>Your eyes widen when you trace the surroundings and see that it's all a cage you're in
>"I'm Rumble."
>You're still stunned, looking around
>There's a little stairway that leads to a big door
>And a candle in the corner
>And a big mattress in the center of the room
>The sheets are all messed up
>And there's little metal things on the side of the bed
>It's hard to see in the darkness
"A-anon. What's going on?"
>He looks down
>"The lady took all of us. Did she take you too?"
>You nod your head really hard
>As the realization sinks in
>Where was your mommy?
>Your dad?
>Weren't they supposed to keep you safe?
>You feel fear well up inside you
>And they manifest under your eyes
>In the shape of tears
This >>25909461, and she's lacking her bottom lashes.
She's obviously a Changeling
>Rumble just stands there, looking lost
>But you hear some of the other colts start crying too
>But when they hear the thump from above, everyone gets silent
>You try really hard to stifle your sobs
>And you get them down to little sniffles
>That wrack your body still
>The large door at the end of the stairway opens
>And the light that floods in hurts your eyes a little
>You squint and close them
>Until the door slams closed again
>And down walks Rarity, walking down with a small smile on her lips
>Her horn casts a gentle glow on the room
>The blue is a lot nicer than the reddish orange of the candle
>But the other colts start shuffling away from her
>Towards the corner of the room
>Two walls of the cage were simple stone wall
>Resting at the corner of the room
>You follow there lead and start scrambling back
>You feel warm fur press against you, matted with sweat and...something else
>"Please don't be afraid, my little darlings."
>She walks up to the edge of the cage
>And holds her hooves on it
>Smiling as her horn lifts up a heavy keyring
>"Momma's here."
"You're not my Mommy!"
>You scream loudly
>And it sends a wave of silence across the room
>Some of the other colts looked stunned, some of them bury their heads in their hooves
>Rarity steps back, eyes wide, mouth agape
>"Who DARED?"
>You shirk back, feeling a lot smaller than before
>And feel the shivering of the masses behind you
>Teeth clattering
>You smell the scent of pee
>And feel almost ready to go yourself
>She opens the cage with a slam
>She points directly at you
>"Out, now!"
>You hesitate
>Too long
>You feel the familiar tingling of her magic wrap around you body
>And pull you with a force that squeezes your bladder
>Forcing you to go
>And you start feeling the waterworks go ahead
>She takes you out of the cage, and throws you onto the bed
>The bouncy mattress and soft blankets give you no comfort
>And you start sobbing again
>You feel your hands forcefully go to your sides
>And feel your legs being pulled by her magic
>Rarity motions her hooves towards you in a dramatic wave
>Her head faces towards the cage
>"This is what happens when colts get naughty."
>The faint glow of her magic rises from the edges of the bed
>And you hear the clattering of metal
>They're chains
>She keeps you pinned down while they slink over across the bed
>You scream loudly when the cold metal clasps around your wrists and ankles
>Your struggle only sends the chains clattering even more
>The tingling sensation of her magic wraps around your lips, pulling them closed
>Rarity gets closer to you
>She's breathing hard
>But then she lifts up her head
>And gives a hmpfh
>"But I suppose you are rather new, dear."
>She seems like a completely pony than before
>This scares you very very much
>When she smiles you know if your bladder were full you'd pee again
>"Don't worry. Mommy will teach you."
>Her hoof rubs over your cheek
>And you sob through your sealed lips
>She gets on the bed, putting a leg first and climbing over
>The bed bounces with her weight and each step she takes on her way to you
>She crawls on top of your small form
>Hoof on either side of your head
>You twist your head
>And shake your body
>Trying to get out
>Her butt falls settles down on your stomach
>Leaving her breasts in full view
>"Now, now, dear. There's no need to struggle."
>You keep struggling
>Her voice gets hard
>And you feel her hoof lash against your face
>"I SAID, there's no need to struggle."
>The smack echoed through the chamber and it burns
>Your body is still wracked by sobs but you stop moving too much
>You don't want to get hit again
>Her hoof moves to your hair
>Stroking it
>"Good little boy."
>She giggles
>And starts rubbing herself for some reason on your stomach
>You try to look away but her hard hooves on the side of your face force you to look at her
>And see her breasts drag across your shirt
>You feel really weird sensations in your body
>Especially in your private place when you look at her
>Your shirt starts getting wet
>But you don't see the milk drip from her teats
>And it's really confusing
>"Now, don't scream, darling, or you know what happens."
>Her eyes look half-lidded, as she leans over
>Pressing her breasts into you
>You nod
>And feel her magic release from your lips
>It's barely a question, just a choking sob with some semblance of words mixed in
>"Why what, love?"
"Why are you doing this?"
>"Oh, Anon, it's because I care for you."
>Her hoof gently strokes against your side as she slides down
>You feel her nipples run against your shirt
>As she pulls far enough to reach your boxers
>She brings herself back
>Hooking the hem of your shirt with her teats
>And pulling it up, so that her breasts rub against your raw skin
>"This is what ponies who love each other do."
>You've never heard of this before
>But mommy did seem like she didn't like to talk about it
"But why did my mommy-"
>You feel a slap on your cheek, sending your vision swirling
>And you pant loudly, your cheek resting against the soft sheets underneath, the other side stinging
>"I'm your mommy, now, dear."
>Her voice is soft, gentle
>Not at all like mommy when she gets mad
>Her hooves grip your head and turn you back
>"Say it with me, Anon."
>She scoots her body so that your shirt is pulled past your armpits
>"I love you, mommy."
>She pats you on the cheek
>And smiles
>She raises her hoof, eyes narrowing slightly
"I love you, mommy."
>Her eyes and hoof relaxes
>And she slides down across your bare chest
>"See? That wasn't so hard, was it?"
>You weakly nod
>"Now, my little boy gets a nice reward."
>You feel the chains slacken on your wrists
>Giving you more mobility
>Except she still grips your hands tightly in her magic
>And brings it in front of you, forcing them to cup her breasts
>"Squeeze, dearie."
Go on
>Your hands slowly cup her mounds
>And you give a gentle squeeze, before letting go, looking back up at her
>She strokes your hair really gently with her hoof
>And leans down
>"Good job, mommy is very proud of you."
>She smiles at you, bringing her muzzle in front of your nose
>Nuzzling against your nose slightly
>"Now, keep doing it, okay?"
>You obediently follow her
>Squeezing her and letting go
>Repeating the motion
>It's like squeezing a water balloon
>And it feels really nice for some reason
>You feel your nose wet
>And your body stiffens as you look at her
>She pulls back, tongue still out
>And giggles
>"Do you want to make mommy really happy?"
>You don't know what she means
>You feel a slight tugging force on your boxers
>And they start pulling down
>Leaving your private spots bare to the air
>You start nervously wriggling
>But she pushes down on your with her weight
>And you can't really do anything
>"Mommy will teach you, love."
>Her hoof gives a gentle stroke on your cheek
>And it traces down the center of your chest
>Her flank rises slightly as she traces the hoof down past your stomach
>Towards your navel
>And you feel really nervous and hot and wrong when you see your...thing
>You try to turn away, but she holds your head facing forward with her magic
>And she touches a really warm hoof against you in that private place
>You don't want to think about it
>And you squeeze your eyes close
>"Uh uh, Anon. Don't you want to learn how to make your mommy happy?"
>You breathe heavily
>And open an eye
>She's rubbing the hoof against the tip of it
>And it feels good but not good at the same time
>She giggles
>And lowers her head
>And sticks her tongue out
>And your hips buckle when you feel her wet and smooth tongue against yourself
>You feel yourself struggle involuntarily from the sensations
>Your eyes are wide open
>And she pulls back
>Licking her lips
>"Oooh, you're a sensitive little boy, aren't you?"
>You don't know what that means
>But you find yourself nodding
>And she grips it in her hoof
>And starts to do something that you've never thought of before
>She slides it up and down and you feel your head getting very light
>And you feel your breaths get shorter, and your thing get longer and bigger
>The top part of it, the really sensitive, starts pushing out from your skin
>Her hoof pulls that part of the skin back
>And the sensations drive you crazy
>There's that pinkish part that feels really funny to touch
>And she brings her head down
>And licks against it again
>The feeling electrifies you
>And you feel yourself jolting in her grasp
>She releases
>And smiles at you
>"No one ever did this to you before, did they?"
>You think back to your real mom
>And your body shudders a bit at imagining her do it
>You shake your head
>"Only ponies who love each other do it, dear."
>"Maybe no pony..."
>She leans down
>Exhaling against your privates
>Looking sideways at you
>"...ever really loved you, Anon."
>That's not true
>She brings her head up, keeping her hoof stroking
>Sending pleasure though your body
>That's what it is
>It feels really good
>It doesn't feel too weird anymore
>"Mommy loves you, dearest. And that's why she does this."
>She leans down this time
>But instead of licking it
>She takes it in her mouth
>And you gasp really loudly as you feel the warmth envelop you
>It's soft, it's smooth, it's wet, it's slippery
>And it feels REALLY good
>Her tongue flicks against you
>And you can't help but moan a little
>Her eyes look up at you while she suckles on you
>And you feel less afraid
>Maybe she really did love you?
>Mommy was angry a lot of the time
>And dad didn't really do much about it when she yelled at you
>And she never did any of this
>Maybe Rarity really is a better mommy
>You shudder as you feel her pull off with a pop
>You see her lick her lips a bit, and wipe her mouth with a hoof
>And scoot upwards
>Her breasts wrap around your stick
>Covering them and keeping them really warm
>You find yourself rubbing against her
>And she giggles, sending vibrations to you through her breasts
>"Eager little boy, aren't you?"
>She holds her breasts in her hooves
>And squeezes them against your thing
>It feels really tight
>And really nice
>She rubs them up and down, in sync at first
>But then she alternates, and it feels like she's massaging you really well
>You see milk squeeze out from her teats again
>And it falls down onto your skin
>Pooling on your bare hairless body
>The liquid is thick, and looks really creamy
>But then you shudder as memories of before flood through your mind
>"Something wrong, darling?"
>You remember when she choked you on those orbs
>And how it was getting really hard to breathe
>And how she took you away from your mommy
>And how much you actually really miss your mommy
>And you start feeling tears well up again
>"Oh, Anon..."
>She lets go, leaning over, bringing a hoof to your face
>And wraps it around you
>Pressing you inwards
>"Shh, shh, it's alright."
>You're afraid to tell her
>Because you don't want to get hit again
>But your parents always told you not to lie
>"Just let mommy help you, okay?"
>You feel her fur slide against your body
>And magic wrap around your stick, bending it upwards
>What's going on?
>You're still crying, sobbing
>But you feel your slightly freed arms hold against her
>Against her soft fur
>And warm body
>Even if she hurt you before
>It still feels safe
>Suddenly, your body receives another wave of pleasure when you feel something REALLY warm press against your tip
>"Shh, Anon. It's okay. Let mommy help you."
>You squeeze her body in your embrace
>And push your face into her fur
>Crying softly as she lowers herself onto you
>You moan out into her fur as warmness wraps around you, everywhere at once
>She holds you tightly
>And gives a long exhale
>The breath runs through your hair, tickling you
>You feel whatever was around your little shaft squeeze on you
>But you concentrate on her
>On her fur
>On her scent
>On your new mommy
>And shudder as you feel the warm flesh rub against you
>Moving in a sliding motion, along with her body
>Rarity breathes harder, and you feel her body shake
>You're not really sure what's going on
"A-are you okay?"
>She slows down, laughing
>Your tight hug loosens a bit in confusion
>"Y-yes, dearest, mommy is a-alright."
>She turns her head downwards
>And gives you a kiss on the forehead
>As you snuggle into her
>She keeps giving you that warm feeling
>And you feel her body accelerate
>Her breaths get ragged, short
>She grips you tightly
>And you feel your stick get squeezed by her
>Her body moves really fast, and her back arches, as she gives a loud gasp
>Suddenly, your stick is even wetter than before
>You feel something drip down to your skin
>Something really sticky, and it feels really uncomfortable on your skin
>She gives you a kiss on the forehead
>"You did a really good job, little boy."
>And she collapses on you, nuzzling you into her
>You feel really good
>But you feel like something's missing
>That it built up and built up
>And your hips start slightly thrusting
>While she giggles
>"What's this? Little nonny wants to cum?"
>You don't know what that means
>But you nod anyways
>"Oh, you're just adorable."
>And you feel the warmth moving again
>Sliding up and down
>You feel yourself going through the same motions she did
>You feel like you're about to pee
>And you look up at her, worried, mouth open, eyes furrowed
>But she strokes your hair
>"Do what feels right, my dear."
"But it feels like I need to-"
>"Ah ah - just do it, cum for mommy."
>You hold her body, grip it as tightly as you can
>And release
>You feel something shoot out
>It's not pee, but it feels like you're peeing
>But it feels really good
>And you shoot it inside of her
>Gasping, eyes wide
>One burst, and soon you feel really tired
File: 1443994756428.png (324 KB, 385x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep going faggot...
>She gently unshackles you
>The warmth leaves you as she gets up
>You see something whitish and clear drip out of her
>And you feel your body gently lifted by the tingling sensation of magic
>She gets off onto the floor, standing on all fours
>"Mommy loves you, nonny."
>She giggles, and lands you a series of kisses on your face, and floats you back to the dark cell
>The other colts were watching, some shivering, some cowing away
>She brings you to a clear spot, and you lay down against the hard floor
>But you're tired, and you feel really sleepy
>"Now, who's next for Mommy?"
>You yawn
>And the last thing you see is a struggling shape being floated out of the cell

>The shrieking wakes you up
>It's blurry
>You're groggy
>There's the sound of snoring from various colts around you
>And you get up, stetching a bit
>It feels really cold and you look down to realize you don't have pants
>Suddenly everything floods back to you
>What happened
>You see her on the bed
>On top of another colt
>Sliding her back up and down in a furious motion
>You hear grunts and moans from the pair of them
>You stand up to the bar
>And the sight fascinates you
>His is long and mottled, much different than yours
>And you clearly see Rarity's privates
>That must be where you were before
>You look down and find yourself already hard for some reason
>And look back at the scene before you
>There's patches of grey and caked white on Rarity's once pristine fur, especially around her privates
>You're the only boy in the cell still awake, you notice
>"Yes! Keep rutting mommy!"
>She grabs your attention again and you see her tail bobbing up and down
>Her behind slams onto the colt, sending waves of motion throughout the bed
>It looks really different from here
>You bring a hand to your stick
>Rubbing it like Rarity did earlier
>And it feels really nice
>"Oh, yes!"
>You hear the squirt and simultaneous moans of the two bodies before you, and she leans down
>Whispering something you don't hear into his ears
>His body shudders and she gets up
>As his thing slips out of her, you notice white liquid falling out of her
>She does the same thing she did with you, getting off on the bed, giving him plenty of kisses
>And walking towards the cell
>Her eyes light up as she sees you watching, stroking
>Her magic opens the cage and she settles the already snoring colt onto the ground
>"Already want more of mommy's love, nonny?"
>You don't even get to respond before she pulls you out of the cell and locks it behind you
>She pulls you into a hug
>And her fur feels really weird
>There's parts where it's hard, and parts where it's sticky
>This close, you see a lot of her fur is covered in the white fluids you saw earlier
>But you let her hug you for the moment
>She finally pulls away
>"Do you want to do something special for mommy?"
>She pinches your cheeks with her magic, laughing
>"Of course you do."
>She brings you to the bed again
>But instead of plopping you on top of it, she places you on a wooden platform near it you hadn't noticed before
>You're now taller than her
>"Look at you, all big and strong."
>You laugh
>It feels nice to be bigger than an adult
>She turns around
>And flicks her tail aside
>You feel your private part twitch and throb
>And she pushes herself back into you
>Your breaths get a little shorter, and your hands instinctively reach out to her flanks
>"Now, just do what comes natural, nonny dear. Let your body tell you what to do."
>Your tip rubs against her wet and sticky slit
>And you feel yourself wanting to push it in, push it in as far as you can
>You look at her
"Can I go in?"
>Her magic ruffles your hair
>"What a polite one you are; of course you may, love."
>And you slide in
Moar plz OP :)
>It's the same feeling as before
>The warmth
>The wetness
>But this time
>There's the feeling of something already there
>And a lot of it
>It's like you're pushing through thick syrup
>And it's very sticky
>But the warmth is still there
>And you slide yourself all the way in
>So this was what happened
>You were inside her earlier
>It feels really nice
>Very, very nice
>"Why don't you try moving, dear?"
>You knew exactly what she meant
>And started rocking your body back and forth into her
>She bobs her butt into you
>And you see it squeeze and bounce with each thrust
>Her moans start to follow
>And soon yours joins her
>You've never done this before
>This is really fun
>And it feels so good
>She squeezes you
>And you throb against her
>You see the white liquid fall out of her, running down her legs, with each thrust
>Like you're shoveling out the liquid
>It feels thick against your thing, and weird
>But everything else still feels good
>Your thrusts get faster into her
>You close your eyes as she clenches onto you
>Once again that fire inside rises
>And you feel that edge nearing
>And you cross it
>Your eyes widen out once more and you gasp loudly
>As you add another piece of your fluids into her
>She screams loudly and you feel warm liquid squirt out from her, coating you
>And you collapse on her, panting
>You don't feel as sleepy this time
>You just slept
>Her head turns around to you, and she smiles
>"I think mommy found a new favorite."
>it's a whisper
>"Why don't I let you be mommy's first and last?"
>She giggles and you lean over to hug her
>She strokes your back
>"Mommy has to go now, but she'll be back soon."
>She pecks you on the lips
>And levitates you back to the cell
>But you're grinning
>And happy
I bet anon will start beating the other kids so he can establish dominance over the others. He will probably eat a few
I just read child rape porn with magical unicorns.
The ride never ends.
>You wake up to a nice morning filtering in through the curtained windows
>Your mom's scent is still on the sheets
>And you can't help but pull one in and breathe it in
>It's another day
>You jump off, out of the bed, landing your feet on the carpet with a thud
>The vanity mirror shows an older you than when you first met your mommy
>You're in your mid-teens now
>And already taller than mommy
>The memories of your time before now are a blur
>Vague patches of yelling, of nights alone
>But your new mom has taken care of all that
>You wander out of the bedroom
>She used to have a little sister, but she's since moved out
>That's good, because you're not allowed to see anyone else
>It'd make mommy very mad
>And you don't like it when she's mad
>You shudder at the thought
>You love her more than anything in the world
>"Down here, dearest!"
>Her voice is the sweetest thing you can think of
>And you follow it down into the kitchen area of the boutique
>She's making breakfast, and it smells heavenly
"What are you making?"
>"Oh, the usual, some eggs and bread. Nothing fancy."
>You smile at her
>Eyes tracing her curves and her flanks
>Her stomach was showing already
>Rotund, but the shape fits well on your mom
>Soon you'll have a little brother or sister to play with
>You can even show them the games you and mommy play all the time
>You get up behind her, hands rubbing over her fur
>"Not now, dearie, mommy has to finish breakfast."
>You lean forward, your face sniffing into her mane
"Please, just a quickie?"
>Your hand rubs over her stomach, gripping it slightly
>And you feel her body move forward
>You elicit a moan out of her as your finger strokes against her slit
>"Well, alright, but really quick, okay?"
>Her words were all you needed to start parting your boxers
>You weren't allowed to wear pants, but she did let you wear these
>She even made them herself
>And they feel comfortable against your skin
>Your cock falls out easily, already hard, and rubs against her slit
>"But mommy can't help you too much, she still has to make breakfast for all the others."
>You nod, and start teasing her with the tip of your shaft
>Her horn flickers, and the magic hold on the frying pan falters a bit
>She sticks her tongue out as she tries to concentrate with your ministrations
>"Please be a dear for mommy and skip the foreplay."
>You respond by thrusting your throbbing cock into her pussy
>It fills it up easily
>She's a little loose
>But still tight enough to get you off
>You lean forward, keeping your hands taut around her stomach
>You hear sizzling as she still tries to cook
>Her inner walls still squeeze against you
>Your hands feel the soft fur of her extended belly
>Caressing it as you start thrusting into her
>She groans, but miraculously still maintains her composure for the cooking
>You see her flip an egg over
>And give her another hard thrust
>She keeps the pan perfectly still
>"Just hurry up, you tease."
>She giggles, and you oblige
>By thrusting furiously into her
>Slapping your balls against her fur loudly
>And plunging deep into her depths
>She arches her back a little, but her magic still shines brightly
>You briefly contemplate licking her horn
>But instead focus on her stomach
>And how your little sibling might receive a little bit of what you're going to give mom
>The idea of your cum spewing out and into her womb, coating the growing child
>Coaxes you near to climax
>And you find yourself burying deep inside of your mom to release
>It's a torrent, way larger than anything you've put inside her as a kid
>Cum gushes out and she squeals
>Her grip on the frying pan falters a bit
>And she drops it on the stove
>You keep thrusting, riding out the orgasm, pumping spurt after spurt into her
>Until you're all drained, and she leans back, smiling
>Your lips touch and you get a quick taste of her flowery scent before she withdraws
>"Now, shoo, nonny, mommy has to cook for the other little boys."
>She bounces her butt into you, and knocks you out of her
>You step back with the force of her gentle push, and sheath your little soldier
"Are you going to have another of your sessions with them, mom?"
>"Mhm, would you like to come watch?"
"Have I ever said no, mom?"
>You grin at her and she scoffs
>"Horny even after a fresh load, I don't know where you get your energy."
>She idly runs a hoof along her slit, brushing some of the excess cum, and bringing it to her mouth
>Licking her hooves while she cooks
>You stand back and watch her
>It was mesmerizing, her stomach swaying side to side as she worked
>The last batch was quickly finished
>And she dumps the eggs onto a plate
>"Come now, nonny, let's go feed your brothers."
>You were the only one she trusted to go out
>You were the one she fell asleep next to every night
>She let you go on her whenever you wanted, no matter what
>And you were the one to strongarm the other ponies whenever things went awry
>You followed her down into the basement of her boutique
>The door that was the focus of so many nights
>So many theories, thoughts, ideas passed between the others
>But it was just a door to you now
>She opened it with her magic and you both walked in
>The cages were still there
>It fills you with nostalgia to think of them
>But the huddled colts that used to be there are older now, and fewer in number
>A few had to be let go at some point
>Mommy told you she had taken good care of them
>But the culling was before you were allowed to walk around the house
>And you never knew what happened to them
>There were about 6 colts now, and though you've spent most of your childhood with them, they don't feel familiar to you
>Your mother had told you that they weren't your friends, and she was your only friend
>And of course, she would never lie to you
>She floated the plate in, sliding open a small compartment in the cage
>And set it on the ground
>"Eat up, my darlings, mommy needs you all awake and ready."
>Their eyes were dull, and their movements slow
>Of course, they were all shackled to the wall
>Mommy didn't have the energy to magically restrain them all
>The restraints gave them enough mobility to move their head down and munch on the food
>And could be loosed to accomadate a variety of positions
>Any that mommy wanted
>They didn't dig their heads in, and your mom had to do it for them
>She nodded all of their heads down, into each one's respective plates
>And they started instinctively chewing
>It was interesting to watch, because you can't imagine ever becoming like that
>You wonder why mommy never let you have the food that they eat, though
>She does have something better for you, usually, but sometimes, like now, you really feel like eating eggs
>As they munched on the food, you noticed their members getting more and more erect
>And their eyes growing more alive
"I think they're ready, mom."
>She leaned her head in
>Raising her flank a bit
>As she examined each of their throbbing lengths
>"Looks about right, nonny. Good boy."
>A warm fuzzy feeling courses through you as she ruffles your hair with her magic
>And she takes the dishes out, throwing the contents in a wastebasket, and unlocks the cell
where the fuck is the pastebin you lovely zigger.
Act 1 is here: http://pastebin.com/TVCPyYzS

I have 3 Acts planned.
File: maudhard.jpg (22 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are doing God's work, thanks.
I hope you're planning on making a confrontation between the old and new mom with anon in between, I need it.
File: Giggling_Rarity.gif (442 KB, 212x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB, 212x246
Oh my yes, it looks like this night just got more interesting.
>They have a hungry look in their eyes
>And look a lot more alive than before
>You step up to the bars, a chill spreading through your palms as you grip two of them
>Her magic glows, an bright contrast with the darkness, and you hear chains shuffling
>Their motions are less restricted now, and you see them start to wander towards your mom
>She's only taking in two this time
>A warmup for your mom
>She walks in, and turns her head back at you
>The soft glowing of her horn illuminating a smile
>You can't help but smile back at her
>She leans down
>Haunches raised high
>And wiggles her cute little butt
>You giggle at her show, and you see some pieces of your earlier sex sprinkle out
>She turns sideways relative to you, and starts backing into a colt
>You're not sure of the real moniker
>It's really a mix between a colt and a full on stallion
>You see the other freed one get in front of her
>And your mom gives you a wink before she bends her head a little lower
>Her mane brushes against the underside of the colt
>And she boops her nose on the tip of the colt in front of her
>He barely seems to react at all, but you give your mom a thumbs up
>You swear you hear some giggling
>And you see your mom take the colt's length inside of her mouth
>The black cock was large and you see a bulge appear on your mom's throat
>The colt behind her with his mottled cock looked like he was having trouble finding footing
>He also had a really big dick
>Now that you think of it
>They all do
>The small ones disappeared
>Probably a coincidence
>More enjoyment for your mother, then!
>You hear a muffled groan and a deep grunt
>He must have finally found it
>You give a big grin and prepare yourself for the show
>Your eyes are fixated once more on your mom's stomach, and the life within
>You start to think of possible names for it
>Well, it could be a boy or a girl
>You hear a loud groan
>One of the colts
>Your mom is swaying back and forth between the two of them
>As one of them thrusted into her, she would either gag or moan into the cock in front of her
>And the other would recede, only to thrust back
>The motion is mesmerizing
>Her mane bobbing back and forth
>Her blush flush red on her cheeks
>Eyes half-lidded in ecstasy
>Wait, you can't get distracted
>What names would work for a boy?
>The scent of their sex is really strong now
>Salty, musty, full of sweat and the faint aroma of your mother
>Faint Aroma might work for a girl
>Salty Musty?
>The scene changes before you
>And you notice they're now compressing your mommy
>Each thrust is in sync with the other
>Her eyes widen with each thrust
>Like they're squeezing her together
>It looks really cute and adorable
>Her hooves are on the back legs of the colt in front of her
>They're both digging really deeply into her
>As their cocks throb and pulse, you realize why
>Their grunts resound through the room
>And they simultaneously cum in your mother
>Their loads are gigantic
>And you have no idea why
>They didn't seem gigantic until they started eating the new food
>The cum hits like a firehose
>You see the white fluids flow out of her mouth as she chokes a little
>And her belly expands slightly as the colt behind her continues to pump her full
>They go for several thrusts
>Each one sending more cum dribbling out of her mouth, and her belly enlarging slightly
>It's not too noticeable
>You see the white cum drip down her legs
>It's really thick, otherwise it would've been hard to see
>And then they both pull out
>Leaving strands of sticky cum connected to your mother on both ends
>They pull back, and you hear the clanking of chains as her magic lights up
>There's a slight thud as both of the colts are pulled back to their stations on the wall
>Your mom licks up the cum around her lips
>And uses her hoof to spread the cum too far for her tongue to reach
>She spreads it around her fur and gets it deeper into the fur
>It blends in perfectly with her white coat
>From a distance, at least
>She turns towards the other 4, chained to their stations
>The angle gives you a nice view of her wet slit
>She makes sure to adjust her tail aside so you can see it in full view
>Cum is still dripping out of her
>And she doesn't bother to clean it up
>Your mom winks
>And not with her eyes this time
>You giggle at her show
>And walk around the edge of the cage to get a closer view of the next four colts
>She steps up to them, and you can see her glancing around at their members underneath
>They were all dripping a large amount of precum
>The thin liquid pooling on the rock floor
>Your cheeks press against the metal bar as you watch
>You don't know why mommy won't let you in
>The colts don't seem like they can hurt anyone
>Your mom leans down, squinting an eye and bringing her other close to one of the cocks
>She bounces it slightly in her hoof
>And gets back out
>She unleashes the chains on one of the colts
>And uses her magic to gently push him over
>He gives easily, and falls to the floor
>The liquids on the floor latching to his brown fur
>It turns dark where it splashes, but he doesn't seem to mind at all
>She steps over, getting on top of him
>And you shift your position a little
>The new vantage gives you the sight of her pussy pressing against his cock tip
>The colt grunts a little at the stimulation but little else happens
>Sounds of more chains slackening ring in your ears
>The newly freed colt walks with some guidance to a spot behind your mom
>His cock pushes against your mother's anus
>Ah, this position
>More chains slacken
>And the final two colts step up towards your mother
>Her hoof gestures them to either side of her
>And you hear her whispering something
>You don't know what she's saying but both of her hooves bring themselves to the cocks underneath them
>She turns her gaze towards you
>Gives a soft smile
>And you moan as you feel her tingling magic on your cock, stroking it gently
>She giggles, and then the action starts
>Your mom must have planned to make it synchronized, because they all thrust into her at once
>You gasp as the stroking on your cock gets a little faster
>You were half-mast when the show started, but now your shaft was fully rigid
>Her magic vibrates on you, squeezing you and massaging you with a finesse no hoof would rival
>To your surprise, she takes both of the cocks in her mouth
>Each one alternating a thrust
>They don't go too deep, and your mom seems to keep her composure
>At least, until the two cocks behind her started picking up speed
>Her body teeters up and down, with the driving force of the cocks in her ass or pussy dictating the direction
>Her flank goes in a cyclic motion, while her head bobs back and forth
>Her squeezing around your cock almost gets you near climax
>But mommy knows exactly when you're about to, and she eases off
>The tingling sensation moves to your tip
>Rubbing against it and vibrating
>The motion in front of you switches up
>All the thrusts into her are simultaneously like before
>Squeezing her body
>Compressing her like a marshmallow
>Her eyes bulge slightly, her stomach shoves into the colt underneath her
>You wonder who the father of the child inside her was
>But then no matter what, you would be the big brother to guide them
>Your mommy even promised you that you would get to teach them sex
>You smile at the thought
>Her magical vibration moves to your nutsack
>And you have to lean over from the pleasure
>Mommy knew exactly where to touch
>The bliss continued on for a lovely while
>The double cocks pistoning in her mouth were the first to go
>Not simultaneously like last time
>One pushes into her mouth, deep into her throat, enough to show a bulge
>And the other pulls out, twitching
>Your mom makes sure to move her mane out of the way, and kept her eyes closed while the thick streams spurted
>Strings of sticky cum smacks onto her, drawing pretty patterns on her cheeks and eyelids
>She blinks her eyes a little bit
>As the one in her mouth finally started
>Her eyes widens as you notice the bulge in her throat grow larger
>You chuckle as you see your mom not catching a single break in the finale
>The other two dug their cocks in and cum, cocks twitching one after another
>Her belly fills up, extended, as the life inside was presumably bathed in sexual fluids
>Her magic fizzes out, and your cock no longer faces the danger of climax
>She moans loudly, and the grunts intermingled together form a nice sexual symphony
>They had pumped load after load into her, but eventually they were all finally spent
>And you giddily await the moment when your mom would walk out of the cage
>The cocks slip out of her with a loud slurp
>And she falls to the ground, panting
>She still has the presence of mind to pull on their chains
>And bring them back to their positions
>Mom lays there, breathing heavily, pumped full of cum and partially covered in it
>A few moments pass, and she gets up, grunting as she squeezes out some of the cum from her holes
>It splashes on the ground, coating her hooves, but she pays no attention, and walks out
>You smile at her as she walks out
>Her eyes look exhausted
>"M-mommy's tired, dear."
>You nod, and start leading her up the stairs and back to her bedroom
>The dripping never stops, and a trail forms behind you
>When you reach her bedroom, there's a thick line of fluids behind you
>She gives a weak smile
>"Sorry, nonny, but mommy really needs her rest"
>And walks to the bed, and collapses onto it
>Snoring immediately
>She looks so innocent, sleeping
>Except for the coating of cum on her
>You get up on the bed with her, frowning a little
>Even if she was tired, she did say you were always to be first and last
>It's not fair
>You bounce on the bed slightly
>But she looks absolutely exhausted and deep in sleep
>You bring your hands to her face
>Pattting it a little
>No reaction
>If she wasn't going to give it to you, you were going to just have to do it yourself
>You look at her used slit
>Moving over to the edge of the bed
>And glance at her form, up and down
>You move her hooves to the side
>Position her so that her legs are spread and she lays on her back
>Unbelievingly, all throughout, she doesn't wake
>Her stomach balloons up, and you move your hands to it
>Rubbing against it
>The pressure sends some of the fluids leaking from her pussy
>Pouring out and pooling on the bed
>You push on the part of the bed underneath your mom's butt
>And watch as the fluids flow underneath her
>You then use her fur to scrape up all the fluids
>It sticks to her fur, and ends up cleaning up some of her sheets
>Good enough
>You pull her in
>And bring your cock out in front of you
>The tip pushes against her wet slit
>And you feel the sticky traces of the earlier deposits on your skin
>She's still asleep
>You tug her in towards you and sink your cock into her
>The feeling is warm and sticky
>You remember the second time you were inside your mom
>But this time, it was way more sticky and resistant
>The cum was thicker, and there was more of it
>You slowly slide into her
>She wasn't very tight, especially since she wasn't awake
>But you still find it enjoyable
>Because it's your mom after all
File: index.jpg (3 KB, 121x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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incest is gross. Also I'm pretty sure you're not my mother, me being human and all that.
>You continue to plow your sleeping mother
>The head of your cock scraping against the cum inside of her
>And pulling it out, making it fall onto the bed underneath, where it gathered on her fur
>Soon, the stickiness and thickness of the cum coating is replaced by the warmth and smoothness of her inner walls
>You pull yourself deeply in and feel yourself hilt
>Balls pressing against cum-coated fur
>Your hands rub against her breasts
>Playing with them, moving them in circles, squeezing them
>As you pull out and thrust back into her
>Her snores are partially interrupted by your thrusts
>And you smile as you think of a fun idea
>You try to make music with her snores and your cock
>You seperate the snores into little notes with each thrust
>And play around with it, giggling as you make a little tune
>But the composition takes a toll on your stamina
>You feel yourself reaching the edge
>And climax once again inside of your mom, moaning loudly out
>Mommy is too exhausted to even register it
>But you don't mind, as you empty all of your seed inside of her
>You ride it out, spurt after pleasing spurt
>Until you're finally spent, energy and cum wise
>And you fall on top of her, cheek pressing into her distended belly
>A small gush of cum rushes past your cock and flows out of her
>The last thing you feel before you fall asleep is the coolness and stickiness on your dick

>When you wake up in a few hours from your nap, the sheets are clean
>And your cock feels like it's been washed
>It feels like it's been washed, and then used
>Which is weird
>You get up
>"Down here, darling!"
>Deja vu going on here
File: a79.png (65 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 500x500
>You step off the bed, and realize your boxers are gone
>You shrug and walk down the stairs, your cock a little stiff after waking and swaying as you walk
>Your mother is setting the dinner table
>She looks like she also cleaned up, in the same way your cock was
>Which meant she didn't have the look of cum from the morning, but there's a new pattern of fresh strings of sperm on her
>She sets up the table without paying it too much mind
>"Dinner's ready, my love."
"What happened, mommy?"
>She giggles and sits down on her chair
>The table is for two
>You take the seat across from her
>The first thing you notice is your delicious meal
>With vegan balls!
>Actually, you don't remember eating anything else for dinner
>And you always preferred dinner over...
>You didn't have breakfast this morning
>Or lunch either
>You're probably just very hungry
>There's a glass of wine for you
>And then your eyes turn to the other side of the table as your mommy answers
"Well, since my naughty boy decided to help himself when mommy was asleep, mommy decided to do the same."
>She has a wine glass on her side as well
>Except it's filled to the brim with cum
>You see strands seep out
>Her meal is almost identical
>Except for the strings of sperm on top of it
>She was probably busy milking the colts
>"After all, mommy did promise you would be first before each session, and mommy needed some ingredients."
>You nod
"But I get to go again now, too, right?"
>"Eager little boy, you're so adorable."
>You beam at her
>And gasp a little as you feel her magic wrap around your cock once more
>"Mommy never did get you off with this, did she?"
>She took a sip of the viscous liquid
>And gulps it down while she massages your balls with a vibrating effect
File: Bd5gTWF.png (371 KB, 1024x1186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 1024x1186
>Her magic brings up a fork
>And stabs into her cum-ghetti, while she squeezes your length and pulls on it gently
>You give a slight moan
>And your mom's cum-coated face smiles at you
>"Aren't you going to eat your dinner, nonny?"
>You nod, and try to focus on your motor skills while she strokes you vigorously
>You rest one hand on the table to steady yourself
>As you pick up some sphaghetti and munch on it
>She sips her glass of cum, and it's almost half empty now
>As you chew she gives your cock a staggered squeeze
>Like she's milking you
>It's hard to chew
>"Do you like the meal, dear?"
>You nod
>Her stroking intensifies on you
>"Hmm? I didn't quite catch that."
>You gulp down your food
"Y-yeah, mom, I really like it."
>She pats your head with her magic
>"Good boy. Mommy loves you, you know?"
>She takes another bite of her cum soaked meal
>"You'll always be mommy's little boy. Won't you?"
>Her stroking eases
>And she rubs against the part where your head joins your shaft
"Yeah, I-I'll never leave you, mom!"
>She downs the rest of her cum-glass
>And wipes her lips with a hoof
>This has the effect of spreading the cum on her fur
>"I'm glad to hear it, darling. I just want you to remember, that if anything ever happens, mommy will always be here."
>She brings her hoof across the table
>And rests it on the hand you have gripping the table
>"If anything happens."
"Yeah, I know, mom, I'll never leave you. I love you."
>She smiles
>And her stroking reaches full potential
>It coaxes you to climax again
>And as you cum and spurt your load under the table, splashing some of it on her fur
>She leans in
>"I love you, too, nonny."

End Act 2. As much as I'd like to continue, I have a deadline in 7 hours; I'll continue tomorrow if this thread is still up. http://pastebin.com/ajpsv8DH
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File: 1443119534510.png (264 KB, 783x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Come on faggots! Keep the thread alive!!!
Until the World goes down
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>With Vegan balls!
Slutty shota rapist Rarity is hands down best Rarity.
Le bump
File: 1443560188489.gif (138 KB, 500x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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F-fuck you too...
This story won't end well
File: unf.png (100 KB, 257x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not often do I get off to a greentext, but holy shit this clicks with all my fetishes I didn't know I had until now.
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cmere bby.gif
564 KB, 500x270
You're my new favorite Anonymous. Sorry guys.
Baby hungry.
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Keep it coming anon!!!
File: 1449890092439.png (376 KB, 860x1019) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1337417061476.gif (196 KB, 310x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (42 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't keep us waiting write fag.
File: 1444618063383.gif (2 MB, 262x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mutant dance bump
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Fucker lied...
I don't know where he lives, but if it's on the east coast of the US, he got off at 6AM Monday. I wouldn't think it unreasonable if he didn't show up until 6 or 7 (or more) hours from now.
Thanks for keeping the thread alive
>You groggily awaken to the sound of giggling
>That wasn't what woke you up though
>Your head rubs against soft scented mane, while your adult hands rub on your mom's flat stomach
>Out of the corner of your eye, you see a small bubble under the covers
>That explains the incredibly warm and smooth feeling around your morning wood that woke you up
>You grow more alert with each swirl of her juvenile tongue
>Your mom is still asleep
>And you run your fingers across her fur, lower, shuddering
>Slurps emanate from under your cover as you feel little hooves rub against your balls
>Your hands reach down to your mom's breasts
>And you cup them in each hand as you feel the warmth leave your cock
>And feel her smooth tongue return back to you, this time pressing against your sack
>The position is switched, and her soft furred hoof strokes your shaft while she takes a nut in her mouth
>And licks it, cleaning it, warming it
>You squeeze your mom's tits
>And start slightly thrusting your cock
>It plays against her hoof, and she pulls back
>The cover lifts, and you see a whitish face with violet eyes staring at you
>"You're finally awake, brother!"
>You keep a hand on your mother, moving her breast around in a circle, massaging it
>And bring the other to the little form, petting her head
"Yeah, sis, thanks for waking me."
>You smile at her
>And jut your head towards your mom
"Why don't you wake mom up?"
>She nods her face adorably
>And crawls under the covers
>Your cock throbs a bit, eager for more of the previous stimulation
>You turn your body aside, facing your mom
>The little filly moves in front of your mom
>And the little mound stays still while you hear your mother's quivering moans
>You bring your other hand back to her breast and start playing with it
>Soft fur brushes against the back of your hand, along with her mane
>No doubt she's trying her best to lick your mom
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 352x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 352x338
He is back! There is a god!!!!
>Your cock rubs against your mom's backside
>You bring it closer, in between her buttcheeks
>Sliding it up and down
>You see your mother's eyelids flicker
>And one open up
>She turns her head down, lifting the cover with her magic
>And then turns her back back towards you
>"Good morning, dears."
>You hold your body against her
>Pressing your warmth against her
>She's breathing a little heavily
>You squeeze one of her breasts, aiming the teats down towards where you know the form to be
>Your hand feels her breast deflate slightly as water squirts out, and you're rewarded with some stuttering
>Your hips continue to thrust against your mother
>Her cheeks tighten and squeeze your member when she realizes what you're doing
>Her head leans backwards
>Yours leans forwards
>And your lips meat as you run your tip down, finding purchase in her anus
>She gasps into your lips
>You bring your tongue into her mouth, and shove your cock into her
>Her eyes close and her body relaxes and limps into your hold
>With her breaths muted, muffled in your mouth, you can hear the slurping from underneath more loudly
>Your tongues wrap against each other
>And you taste that familiar flowery scent
>There's no better word to describe it than spring
>Your tip slides past her opening
>She's not too loose back her
>And squeezes you very well with her insides
>The slurping from below grows more intense
>Soon, her body shudders
>Her tongue relaxes
>You take full control
>And she squirms
>You feel her legs kick
>And she gasps into your mouth
>Her entire body convulses as she reaches her orgasm
>You keep thrusting yourself into her all the while, feeling the random squeezing around your dick
>Her fur presses against your balls and she finally finishes
>Pulling her head back, panting loudly
>Your head moves forward unconsciously, wanting more of her taste
>She smiles at you, and turns her attention downwards
>"Thank you, mommy enjoyed it very much."
>Her little head pops out of the covers
>And you see a coated muzzle
>Her off-white fur makes the cum much more apparent and gives it a better contrast
>She licks her lips and nods her head
>And pulls your mom into a hug while you continue pounding your mother
>"I love you, mommy."
>The two of them move together with your strokes
>You feel the fur on the back of your hand
>Your sister's stomach presses against your hand
>The three of you snuggle together as you continue to slide your shaft in and out of her rear
>Your mom's breathing is still short, and she makes cute little gasps each time you thrust into her
>They're patiently waiting for you to finish
>You turn one of your hands away from your mom's breast
>And trace along the curves of your sister's hooves
>Running up her inner thighs
>She coos, and wiggles her butt as your bring your fingers closer to her virgin slit
>The wetness that soon envelops your fingers tells you you've found it
>Each of your thrusts swings your finger into her, digging into her and prodding at her
>She brings her body closer in
>And your fingertip pushes into her folds
>She starts moaning
>And you see your mom stroking her bluish mane
>Her wings are taut
>You flick your other fingers around her slit, while your index digs into her
>Your head rests over your mother's shoulders
>Pressing your cheeks against hers as you look down at the cute filly
>Her mouth is open, her eyes revealing her pleasure
>Her moans are loud enough that you're feeling yourself get close
>Your sister starts moving her hips with your thrusts and fingers
>And you bury yourself deep into your mother, earning a gasp, as you cum inside of her
File: 14543534534.jpg (46 KB, 691x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 691x624
>Everything that this thread is and stands for.
>Your mom's body quivers as you pump her full of your seed
>While your sister squeals and you feel a soft clenching around your finger
>Juices run down your index
>And you thrust inside of your mom several more times to pack the seed into her
>You keep yourself in while the three of you hold together to prolong the embrace
>It feels comfortable
>And you start to think about the day
>Something gives you an off feeling about the day, but it should be happy
>Oh, you remember
"Happy Birthday, sis."
>She smiles at you, opening her eyes
>"Thanks, non."
>You ruffle her mane a little with the same hand she came on
>"Am I ready now, mommy?"
>The two of you look at your mom
>She didn't want her little girl to lose her virginity too soon
>And you've been using your fingers only
>This year's the first year she's ever came
>And it's getting time
>"Yes, darling."
>Her hoof straightens out the little filly's mane
>"My little girl is ready."
>Your sister jumps up, smiling, excited
>"Then let's go!"
>Your mom laughs, getting up
>When she pulls herself off of you, your cock is greeted by the cool air
>Rarity always keeps herself clean there
>You never have to worry about it being dirty or anything
>You sit up on the bouncing bed
>Your mom is off, heading towards the door
>And gives you both a wink
>"You know what to do, nonny."
>And she headed down, to deal with the preparations
>Your little sis had no idea
>But she was going to receive the best surprise party of her life
>"So what are we going to do? Who am I going to lose it to?"
>She's bouncing, oh so excited
>You reach your hands out
>She leaps into them, using her wings to stabilize her jump
>You fall back down to the bed while her head brushes into yours
>Her hoof instinctively reaches down and rubs against your crotch
>This was an important day
>And mommy told you how to do it
"We're going to the basement, sis."
Hello Oedipus
>Her ears perk up
>And she leans back out
>But keeps her hoof grounded on your dick, rubbing it idly
>"R-really? But that's mommy's special toys!"
>You pat her head and sit up, holding the filly under the shoulders
"And they're yours today."
>She squeals in delight
>You shift her around in your arms, cradling her form with one arm
>While your other hand idly tickles with her slit
>She giggles as you carry her form downstairs
>And head towards the familiar basement
>"Will mommy watch?"
"You're older now."
>You boop her on the nose
"And mom said that she'll only watch if you want her to."
>"I want her to!"
>There was absolutely no delay in that response
"Then you have to wait a bit, okay?"
>She closes her eyes and nods
>So adorable
>The sight that greets you in the basement is different from years before
>The cage is gone, and only one stallion remains
>In place of the stallions are various toys spread around the place
>Vibrators, dildos, and a machine to strap a pony in
>But the stallion interests you today
>Turns out it was the father
>And it's the same colt that greeted you all those years ago
>His eyes are dull and expressionless
>And he stands almost perfectly still, though you see his chest rise and fall with his breaths
>He was going to breed your sis today
>You set her down
>And she starts flittering around the place, gasping
>She's never been down here before, and it's all new to her
>Some of the toys are still wet with mom's juices, you notice
>"Wow! There's so many things in here!"
>You nod at her, watching her pick up a vibrator in her mouth
>Licking it and no doubt enjoying your mom's residues
"Want to try it?"
>After the session, your mom can probably join in while she loses her virginity
I'm super curious how this is going to all end, and what's gonna happen to Rumble.
>You nod your head towards the bed, gesturing for her to get in
>You walk towards the bed and she follows, vibrator in mouth
>Nostalgia fills you as memories flood back of your escapades with your mother as a child
>Your hands run over the clean, soft sheets
>It's been so long
>You remember it like it was yesterday, when she first brought you here
>You were lonely, confused, but she gave you guidance and love
>That was how it went, right?
>The bed bounces as she falls on top of it
>Your sis spits the vibrator aside
>"What are we going to do on the bed, brother?"
>She giggles
>And you pick up the vibrator
"Oh, you'll see."
>You can't help but grin at how adorable she is
>Laying on her back, little hooves on her sides, legs spreading
>Her beautiful lips glisten in front of you
>You can't judge your mom
>Your hands grip her legs and pull her towards you
>The young ones are the best
>You spread her legs as she looks at your hands
>The look of a curious filly plastered on her face
>Eyes wide, mouth open
>You take the vibrator, and run it across her legs
>She giggles
>"That tickles!"
"Is my little sis ticklish?"
>She moves her hoof at the vibrator, pushing it gently away
"I didn't know, you didn't seem so ticklish when I..."
>You quickly flick the vibrator on and rush it towards her glistening slit
>And she squeals
>It's adorable
>Her eyes roll back to the top of her head
>Her mouth is wide open
>You pull the toy back after a few seconds
>Leaving the little filly panting, thrusting her hips towards the toy
"Did that tickle?"
>She reaches her little forehooves towards the toy
>"More, please!"
>You flick it off
>And run it against her pussy once more
>She stares at her lower lips, looking a little confused
>Her head turns up
>And as she's about to ask
>You flick it back on
>Sending her moans echoing through the chamber
>last colt
>the father
>gonna take her virginity

Oh Boy
This is some sick shit you re writing there...
>4chan froze last night
I went to bed early, I'll continue the story tonight at around the same time. I'll post some of the written stuff I have now.
>You trace it up and down her slit
>And almost immediately you see her body seize up
>Her moans crescendo
>And you pull back as she squirts, dropping the vibrator on the bed
>The fluids shoot towards your body, landing a litte higher than your crotch
>You smile at her
>She's never squirted like that before
>Her cum drips down your stomach, running to your member as it gets a little more erect
>"T-take me, brother."
>You shake your head, and start walking towards the door
"Stay right here, sis, I'll go get mom."
>Her hoof grabs the vibrator you had dropped
>She flicks it on
>And starts rubbing it on herself
>Her eyes roll back and the moans rise again as you turn around and open the door
>You find your mom in the backroom
>Checking some pieces of paper
>"Yes, dear?"
"She wants you there."
>She sets her papers down, and turns around
>You nod
>"Oh, that's great."
>You smile as the pair of you walk back to the basement
>You don't know why she wanted to test her daughter's dependencies
>You know for sure you wouldn't ever want your mom to not be there
>When you open that basement door again
>You see your little sis on the bed
>Moaning loudly
>Her legs are crossed tightly together
>And one hoof his holding the vibrator on her pussy
>The other is playing with a buttplug she found, pushing at her anus
>Your mom gives you a quizzical look
>You smile at her
>She lights her horn, gripping the toys, and removing them from your sister's grasp
>She holds her hooves out for them
>"Wouldn't want to spoil your special day, dear."
>She drops them off to the side, and it looks like where they were before
>Your little sister remains quivering on the bed, almost mashing her crotch with her hoof
"Are you ready, sis?"
>She finally pulls her hoof back
>And gets off the bed, jumping onto the ground
>She turns her head away from you, lifts up her haunches
>And presents herself
Oh Boy
>"Darling, it's not your brother you're losing it to."
>She looks back, a little confused
>And your mom points her head towards the stallion shackled in the corner
>Your sis' eyebrows furrow and her tail lowers
>"But I want 'non."
>You glance to your mom
"I can't get her pregnant, mom."
>She turns her head back and forth in between you two
>And walks up to her daughter
>Bringing a hoof on her head and stroking her mane
>"The bond between a girl and her father is something special, dear."
>Her eyes glaze a bit, like she's remembering a memory
>"There's a bond between the two of you that very few other things match."
>Her hoof moves under your sister's chin, lifting her gaze up
>She hesitates
>"Are you sure you want Anon to be your first?"
>She nods, planting her hooves firmly on the ground
>And flicks her tail up at you
>You didn't even know you could present a pussy somewhat defiantly
>But your sis manages to do it and you step up behind her
>Your mom looks towards you
>She's in thought, thinking
>"Would you be a dear and share her?"
>That's a good enough compromise for you
"Yeah, I can do that. Is that alright, sis?"
>She backs her rear into you in response
>And you chuckle
>You pick her little form up, hands under her shoulders
>And walk over to the stallion while your mom slackens his chains
>You rub your now erect cock against her slit
>The tip prods but doesn't quite get in
"Are you sure about this?"
>What was his name?
>Something with an R
>It's been too long
>But his cock is unsheathed, erect and thick
>He gets down on his back
>Revealing the long member in front of you
>No way would it have fit in your sis
>You gently put your sister down
>Cock following her slit as you bend your body
>His shaft rests in front of her lips
>And your tip prods against her lower lips
This is all I had prewritten, I'll come back later.
>You feel your mom walk up beside you
>And a gentle hoof on your shoulders as she brings her head in close
>She turns towards you
>"Be careful, love."
>You nod, and she sits on her haunches on the side
>She has a front row view to all the action
>Your hands grip the little filly by the flank
>And you slowly slide inwards
>It's exceptionally tight
>She moans onto the cock in front of her, and her body quivers
>Her hooves are soon on his ballsack, and her muzzle rests against the large shaft
>You manage to get your tip into her, and it feels warmer than your mom has ever been
>She squeezes you like a vise
>You see her head run up and down the stallion's shaft, flicking her tongue across it
>The underside of his dick is wet and glossy in the light
>You attempt a really small thrust
>And it boops her nose against the stallion's dick
>Your mom brings a hoof to the cock
>And bends it downwards towards your sister's mouth
>You continue to squeeze yourself inside of her, feeling inch by inch give
>Your ears had gotten used to her groans and gasps, so it feels eerily silent when the cock is stuffed in her face
>The muffled sounds sends your dick throbbing
>It pulses against her insides
>Which squeeze at you in turn
>You slide in as far as you can
>But you don't reach very deep
>You don't want to hurt her, and slide out, slowly sliding back in
>Back and forth, you thrust into her, and you see the cock getting deeper into her throat with each shove
>Her eyes are wide, pupils rolled to the top and almost back of her head
>You loosen her with each thrust, and you felt like it was for the better
>She would need to take in her father after all
>Your fingers dig into her flanks, hard
>And notice a second moan join in with the muffled first
>To your right is your mom, sitting down, legs spread, and a hoof rubbing fiercely over her pussy
It was /mu/. They broke 4chan.
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I CAME!!!!
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Bump'n so hard right now
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page 10 bump
This is actually depressing as fuck when you think about it
How so?
Like this womans kid is abducted, brainwashed, and raped thousands of times
>As your mom moans, you can't help but feel even more excited at the family bonding time
>Your thrusting picks up speed, as you feel the virgin slit loosen even further
>Her moans of ecstasy are absorbed by both the cocks embedded into her
>You feel her warm, wet walls vibrate against your shaft, and with the squeezing on top of you, you can't bare it any more
>You give her a few last squeezes on her tiny flank, before thrusting as far in as you can
>And releasing into her without so much as a single warning
>She screams into her paternal member, sending his body buckling
>Your tip sends large spurts of cum into the tight cunny
>Your hands squeeze her flanks together, rubbing them, and you feel the motion transfer to your dick
>She milks you for all you've got, but her body can't handle the volume, and cum floods out
>Dripping down her legs, covering and surrounding the outside of her pussy
>Your mom pulls your sister off the dick
>And pulls her away
>The stallion before you shivers as his hips thrust forward a little
>Though his expression never really changes
>And you're not sure if he's about to cum or not
>Your mom places a hoof on his member
>And she holds it still by the tip
>"Your turn, dear."
>She smiles at your sister
>Who's shivering from all the stimulation she's been receiving
>She shakily looks at your mom, a little confused
>And your mom lifts her with her magic, turning her around and bringing her on her father's shaft
>As she is turned upwards, the flow of cum outside of her grows, sending the thick fluids dripping down to the floor
>When your little sister is placed on the tip of the cock in front of you, you see cum run down from it
>And mom starts pushing her down
>She places the stallion's hooves on your sister's sides
>And he automatically starts when she stands back
>"Do mommy a favor, will you?"
>She floats a dildo in front of you as she smiles at you
>Her backside is raised while her muzzle rests in front of your moaning sister
>You grip the toy, and she turns to face forward, licking his balls as he thrusts into the little filly
>You take the toy and rub it against your mom, thrusting it into her
>This bobs her face into the dick in front of her
>And you see your sister ocassionally touch your mom with her stomach as she's thrusted down
>Soon, the four of you develop a rhythm
>Your mom's moans and exhales mixes with your sister's juices and your own cum
>Until the father finally releases
>He buries your sister deep
>And you see her stomach balloon out as he forces his cum into her
>The shaft plugs her in, keeping the cum inside of her as she yells out from the pleasure
>His thrusting stops
>And you see your sister relax
>Mom pulls back, giggling, and you leave the toy inside of her
>And her hoof pats your sister's bloated stomach
>Cum drips down from her slit, the excess flowing out
>Her father's length couldn't keep all of it in
>"You're going to be a mommy now, dear."
>"I...I am?"
>The filly is panting heavily, eyes closing, looking tired
>Her head is bobbing a little, like she's about to collapse from exhaustion
>Your mom nods at her, and brings her head in against the filly
>Nuzzling their two cheeks together
>"Mommy's proud of you."
>You smile at the two of them
>Mom pulls back, taking the dildo out of her with her magic, and handing it to you
>"I think your sister needs her rest, nonny."
>She nods her head towards the bed in the middle of the room
>"Do make sure she keeps her birthday present."
>You take the you in your hand as she winks
>Her magic surrounds the filly, who is already looking like she's asleep
>And pulls her off
>The aura keeping the cum buried inside of her
>You hold your arms out
>And she lifts the little filly into your hold
>You take the toy, still wet with mom's juices
>And prod it against your sis' hole, looking at Rarity
>She nods, and you push it in, causing the sleeping filly to grunt
>"And now it's mommy's turn."
>You walk over to the bed, cradling the sleeping plugged filly
>From the corner of your eye, you spot your mom straddling the stallion
>Her glistening pussy rubbing against the mixture of juices from the three of you
>You set the filly down, pulling the covers over her
>Leaning down
>And give her a quick peck on the forward
"I love ya, sis."
>She coos in her sleep
>And you turn you attention back to your mom, walking towards the pair of them
>You don't know why, but the stallion always seems to be able to empty up to 3 loads at once
>With no wait in between
>You've asked your mom why you can't do that, and she only tells you that you don't need to
>Your mom rubs the cock forwards and backwards as she swings on it
>And soon she sinks in
"Was this how sis was made?"
>She shakes her head as she easily fits him inside of her, sliding all the way down on the first go
>"No, darling, I don't remember how it happened."
>She starts sliding her body up and down on the member, and a slight red appears on her face
>But for the most part it looks like she's able to keep her composure
"Not even what might have been it?"
>"Well, love..."
>Her mane bobs in the air as she slides herself on the cock
>"it might've been that time all 6 were taking turns in mommy."
>She giggles, and you notice the stallion's hooves are prone on the floor, she's in full control
>"Or it might've been the time I used him 5 times."
>Her pupils move to the top right of her as she recalls the memories
>"Or that time when mommy took turns sucking 5 of them while on the other."
>She smiles at you, and you find a place on the wall to lean
>"Of course, you were there every time, weren't you, nonny?"
>You nod, smiling, as you recall each and every of those incidents
>"When do you think mommy got pregnant?"
>There were a lot of scenarios
>Your mom breaks her composure a bit as she starts moaning, her thrusting picking up pace
>Her moans as she shoves herself down helps with your memory a bit
>And you think back to some scenarios you've witnessed
>Back when you still had 6 colts
>That was about the time period she had gotten pregnant
>You remember when she had them each stroke themselves
>And try to aim at her spread lips when they came
"Was it when you tried to get them aim from far away?"
>"Oh- ah~ - nonny, cum doesn't - oooh~ - survive in air like - ah! - that!"
>It's cute, watching your mom struggle a bit to talk
"What about the time you blindfolded yourself and pulled in the first one you found?"
>That was a fun memory
>She had grabbed you several times through the cage
>"It might - oooooh - be, nonny."
>Her mouth is open, moaning loudly
>Her legs are spread in front of you and you see all of it
>Her juices flowing down
>The cock throbbing as it slides in and out of her slit
>When her body seizes, you know what's going on
>Her folds bring her up and down the member as you notice her body squeezing it tightly
>Mom yells out, loudly, face turning upwards towards the sky as her back arches
>Fluids squirt out from her, and the stallion grunts loudly as his cock throbs and he sends a spurt into her
>The amount is less than what went in your sister, if the smaller bulge is anything to go by
>Your mom slams herself down several times, before laying down, back facing downwards and pressing into the stallion underneath her
>His cock bends slightly to follow her
>And she lays there, panting
"Did you have fun, mommy?"
>"Y-yes, dear. Mommy had lots of fun."
>You walk over, patting her stomach
"Are you going to have another one?"
>"What do you think, love?"
>You laugh, and run your fingers against her slit
"Are you going to clean up, mom?"
>She nods
>"In a bit, mommy needs to rest."
"Can I help clean you up?"
>"Oh, you're such a nice little boy. Of course."
>Your thumb rubs over her nub, and she shivers a bit
>"Thinking of taking mommy in the shower, mhm?"
"You know me best, mom."
>You spend a few minutes rubbing your mom there, and she shudders each time
>Even though she's already buried in your old friend
>Soon, she starts sliding herself off
>You see the parts of the cock she leaves behind shine with wetness
>And she finally pops herself off of it
>Sending the cock snapping back into its natural position, wiggling slightly
>The cum falls out of her slit, spreading down onto the stallion's chest underneath her
>She rubs herself on him a little bit and then gets up
>Your little sister is still snoring and sleeping soundly on the bed
>You smile at your mommy, and take her hoof as you lead her out
>She's a little wobbly on her feet but that's understandable
>You walk past the sleeping filly, and take your mom upstairs
>She gives you a kiss when you reach the bathroom
>And crawls into the tub, laying down on her back
>Her magic turns on the water
>And you sit next to her, rubbing her fur
>"Are you excited for the party tonight, nonny?"
>You nod and see the water getting to about an inch of depth
"Yeah, mom! Does sis suspect anything?"
>She gives a sly smile
>And you chuckle
>"She'll know soon enough, love."
>Her face turns into a slightly worried look, eyebrows furrowing inwards
>"Mommy's sorry you can't be in public during the party."
"That's alright mom, I can still help and see the party!"
>She had promised that you would be given a place to view the party with
>In the a prominent vantage point, with little peepholes to help you see
>She also had a specific function for you and your...
>Do you call him dad now, since he's your sister's?
>It couldn't hurt
>You hadn't thought about it until now
>Mom's hoof strokes your arm
>"I'm sure you'll do mommy proud."
>You nod at her as the bathwater fills up about halfway
>Her breasts her underneath now, and you see a hoof move down to her lower lips
>Rubbing at them, moving them in a slow motion
>You're not sure if she's cleaning or just touching herself
"How many ponies will be there?"
>"Mommy just got the final count. and it looks like there will be 10 of them."
>She moans slightly as her hoof moves a little faster
>"F-four mares, dear."
>Your mother leans back, eyes closing, sinking a little into the rising bathwater
>It's filled now, and she uses her magic to turn it off
>The water splashes slightly as her hooves vibrate against herself
"Will dad and sis have to be cleaned, too?"
>Her eyes open, looking at you
>"Oh, you're s-so adorable."
>She smiles as she realizes what you meant
>"L-let mommy w-worry about that - ah!"
"Do you need any help, mom?"
>She nods, and scoots forward a little, giving you room
>You join your mom in behind her, hugging her in
>She lifts herself slightly, rubbing her flank against you until she finds your member in the water
>It's been a while, and you're erect once again
>Her warmth is only slightly warmer than the warm bathwater
>She slides herself onto you, and then leans backwards into you
>Even in the heated environment, her warm body is still a welcome sight
>Your cock throbs inside her, the water surrounding dulling your motion a bit
>You send an experimental thrust up and she squeals in surprise
>"N-naughty little boy, m-mommy's trying to clean herself up."
>She gives you a peck on your cheeks
>And using her magic, brings down a bottle
>She holds on hoof out, keeping one between her legs, stroking a combination of your shaft and her slit
>She squeezes it, and starts rubbing the soap on her fur
>It's scented, and it smells so good
>You close your eyes, leaning back, relaxing in the bath
>Ocassionally bumping your mom and driving your dick thrusting inside of her
>But for the most part it's just relaxing
>You feel her magic lather the soap on your body, helping you clean
"I love you, mommy."
>"And I-I love you too, dear."
>Her butt wiggles against you a bit
>And you give a thrust in acknowledgment
>You feel her hoof move more fervently against herself
>Her body pressed back strongly into you
>And you start picking up a moderate thrusting pace into her
>Each bounce of her body sends ripples across the bathwater
>You groan a little bit
>Feeling your body tense up slightly
>The water splashes against your face with each thrust and bounce of body
>You hear the water as it splashes out of the tub, onto the tiles underneath
>And feel the level get a little lower with each thrust
>Your mom moans out, shoving herself hard against you
>"Cum for me, nonny~"
>You feel your cock tighten, throb, pulse
>And then finally release into her
>It feels weird, cumming in the warm water, and you feel the sperm leave your body
>And then coagulate in the warm water, making your tip feel the sticky material with each thrust
>You ride out your orgasm, continuing to thrust, when you finally hear your mom yell out
>Her body tightens around your shaft
>And you feel a jet of water shoot out down your shaft, her fluids propelling it
>It's a nice, brief massaging sensation
>And you both hold there for a moment, relaxing in each other's warmth
>You start feeling a little sleepy
>But your mommy taps you awake
>A few moments had passed, you seem to have relaxed into some sort of microsleep
>You feel really exhausted, but realize you're squeaky clean
>You get up out of the empty tub, looking at her, a little dazed
>"My little boy have a good nap?"
>You slowly nod, still groggy
"I'm still a little sleepy."
>"Alright, non, let's go fetch your sister and then my boy can have some rest, okay?"
>You yawn, and let your mom finish drying you off, before following her down the stairs, back to the basement
>It's no longer silent, and you hear loud moans erupt from it underneath
>Your sister
>She had awaken on her own this time
>Usually whenever she had a midday nap, mom needed your help waking her up
>You guess you can probably just lay on the bed and sleep
>When you walk into the basement, you see your sister, on all fours, underneath her father
>His hips are thrusting and her eyes are once again rolled back, mouth wide open
>You smile
>She's learning so well
>"Awww, look at that."
"They really like each other."
>"Of course they do. The bond between a daughter and her father is stronger than anything else."
>You stroll in to the sounds of loud gasps
>Your sister doesn't even notice your presence, and you take a seat by the bed, stretching
"Did you have experience with your dad, mom?"
>"Why, of course!"
>You glance over at the stallion rutting your sister
"Since we have some time, could you tell me about it?"
>Your mom takes a seat next to you on the bed
>Magic bringing you closer so she takes you in a hug
>Even with the screams of ecstasy, you can hear your mom clearly at this distance
>"It began when we were on vacation, and I remember it like it was yesterday."
>"We were on a beach, just watching the waves, when my mother felt a little, shall we say, under the weather."
>"Well, after we brought her back to the hotel, we decided we would all take a break, and a little rest, so she wouldn't feel alone."
>"My mother and father shared the bed, but I was a little filly back then, and I wanted to sleep with them."
>"They kept shooing me away, but I snuck in when they were both asleep."
>"I remember when I woke that morning, it felt really different."
>"I was between them, but I was so small they didn't notice me at first."
>"My father's morning ritual with mom involved-"
>She giggled
>"-anal, and he thought I was my mom's!"
>"He probed me, and then pushed into me, telling me how tight I was, and how much he loved me, while he rubbed my mom."
>"You have to understand, he never said all of those things to me before, and then I realized that the bond that strengthens our love..."
>"...is sex, anon."
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There's more, but I'll have to continue later. We're almost at the finale.
>You smile at her as she said that
>And she smiles at you in return
>A scream erupts from the coupling on the side of the room
>You saw cum bubble out of your little sister's pussy
>Pooling onto the floor as her father gives a few last thrusts
>"He kept doing it, wanting more, love. And I wanted to give all of my children the same experience."
"Did you like it at first?"
>Your sister pants loudly, eyes wide, pupils small, as she walks forward
>The cock snapping out of her flicks her behind upwards, sending her tumbling with a splash into the pool of cum
>"Well, some of the more sophisticated things in life are an acquired taste, nonny."
>You look at your sister, tongue lolling out, lapping a little at the floor
"But she really likes it on the first try."
>Mom nods, and gets up, walking towards your sister
>"Not all ponies are the same, anon. Some take more time."
>She smiles at you, winking
>"And some like it the first time."
>You stretch and yawn
>And watch as she shackles the stallion back to the wall
>She levitates your sister, who looks like she's still in shock
>And starts walking out of the room
>"Have a good rest, dear, you have a long night ahead of you."
>She flicks the light off
>And closes the door, leaving you in the basement
>With the ocassional sound of breathing
>You don't mind
>And your eyes start closing as you drift off to sleep once more
this is top tier anon. A little tame but still very cute, I love it
page 9, go away, you were eaten by 7 anyway
>very cute
Are we looking at the same story?
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Because 7 ate 9 HAHA Get it ??!?
Cmon keep this thread alive
>You moan a little from the wet touch of tongue against your already erect member
>Your eyes peak open, and you see your mom at the base of the bed
>Licking your shaft, playing with your balls with her magic
>You smile at her as she takes your length into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it
>She's wearing some flowers on her head, a pretty assortment of colors
>All dressed up for the evening
>You're still naked, but no one will be seeing you at all
>Just like how mommy wanted
>You see her wearing a gorgeous blue dress, with frills and laces in all the right places
>Your mom was the best seamstress you knew
>Her mane is styled, and it bobs slightly as she sucks on you in her formal attire
>You hear the soft buzz of something, and look around curiously for the noise
>Your mom sees you try to look around, and smiles, taking her mouth out
>And moving a gloved hoof to rub your member
>"Do you think mommy's pretty?"
"Very. I really like your dress, mom."
>She giggles, taking her hoof off, replacing it with gentle tingling vibrations from her magic
>And turns around, and you see the source of the noise
>Her tail spirals out of her dress
>But unlike a normal one that would go around the tail, you see the dress split at the tail
>Giving anyone behind her an unhindered view of what lay beneath
>She wore a transparent set of panties
>And under the panties, a wire runs out of her pussy to a box strapped to her leg
>Juices leak out, wetting her panties
>Your cock twitches at the sight, and she giggles
>"Is mommy still pretty?"
"Y-yeah, you're the prettiest mare I know."
>She spreads her legs just a little bit, and you see juices flow down her sides
>She's wearing beautiful blue socks to match her attire
>And they wet the top of it a little
"C-can I cum in there, mommy?"
>"Oh, nonny, not today, dear."
>She turns back around, bringing her lips in towards your cock
>"But mommy will still make sure you're her first this evening."
>She bobs down on your length, her dress making little creasing sounds
>You shudder, still enjoying the massage on your shaft
>She takes it deep in her throat, and you feel your tip press against her warm and wet insides
>A bulge appears in her throat from your shaft
>She slips it in further, and it's getting deeper into her throat
>Her head moves up and down, thrusting you into her for you, so you don't expend any effort
>She's such a good mom
>You hear her gag a little as she gets deeper
>Each time she does so, it sends vibrations throughout your dick
>Coaxing you to moan out loud, and move your hips slightly, thrusting lightly
>Her hooves move to your sides, pressing you down as she keeps pushing you in
>Your tip is deep inside the back of her throat and it feels just as warm as her pussy
>Her tongue presses and flicks against you, rubbing against the skin of your shaft
>Soon enough, your mom's ministrations bring you to the edge
>And you climax, bucking your hips against her gloved grip
>Spurting your cum into her mouth
>She yelps a bit into your cock, sending even more vibrations down your body
>Her throat sucks it all in, her tongue shoveling any cum that overflows back into her throat
>She holds onto you until you're all done, and you lay back, panting
>She pulls out, making a very loud gulp
>"Good boy, nonny. Are you ready for tonight?"
>You nod eagerly, getting up, fully alert now
>Her magic lights up and slowly strokes your half-mast shaft as you get up
"I'm excited! I've never met any other ponies before!"
>Sometimes your mom had left the boutique, sometimes she would bring clients in
>But you were always hidden away for some reason
>Today, you were getting a treat, though
>And you even get to interact a little with the guests!
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The tension of what's to come is killing me Anon.
>Your mom leads you, swaying her hips as she walks, keeping her marehood in full view of you
>On closer inspection, you notice a buttplug in her anus, white that it blends in with her fur
>You could help but reach towards it, wanting to touch it
>However, you get a little bat from your mom's glowing magic
>She looks back, smiling, and gives your shaft a few gentle tugs, pulling you along
>You walk up the stairs, and as you open the door, you see her regular space transformed
>The mannequins are gone, replaced by decorations celebrating your sister's birthday
>They're not gaudy and colorful, but elegant and classy, with minimal colors
>It's more elegant than you'd expect a filly's birthday party to be
>Silk banners, a white cloth covered table in the middle of the room
>On the side of the room, some large thing was covered in a white sheet
>Mommy did have her surprises and didn't tell you everything about the place
>On the other side of the room, you see a little booth of sorts, set up on a raised dais
>There's a pair of soft velvety cushions for a pony to rest her backside against
>And there's a hole for each big enough for her to sink in a little
>The holes leads into a little grey area, lit dimly with a faint orangish light
>You could see through one of them your 'dad', standing there, crotch in view, cock twitching
>In front of the grey booth was a little table, also sitting on the raised platform
>There were plates on it, with glasses of wine, and a nice centerpiece of flowers
>From there, they would be able to see the larger white table, and the large coated white...thing
>The fancy chandeliers above illuminated the whole scene for you, and very brightly
>Your mom really did go all out
>You don't remember the last time you saw her spend so much effort for something
>She never really did anything for your birthdays or the other colts
>But every day with her was gift enough for you
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>And how your little sibling might receive a little bit of what you're going to give mom
>The idea of your cum spewing out and into her womb, coating the growing child
>Coaxes you near to climax

You do have a plan for how this ends, right?
>Rarity tugs you gently along as you walk towards the dais
>As you get closer, you noticed small peepholes, where you can easily see from inside out
>But from a far enough distance, the outside wouldn't be able to easily see in
>This is where you'd stay for the party
>Your mom leans into you, giving you a careful hug, sending small vibrations through your body
>"I love you, dear. Mommy's sorry she has to leave you here."
>She leans back, stroking a hoof on your cheek
>"My boy understands, doesn't he?"
>You nod
>Keeting face to face with strangers makes you feel scared
>She had always told you stories about it, bad things that would happen if you met someone
>You were safe here, and that's all that matters
"When are they arriving?"
>"Oh, soon, dear. Are you excited for your present?"
>Her magic teases the tip of your member as she asks
"Yes, mom!"
>You've never had any mare outside of your sis and your mom before
>The idea of getting it with another mare excites you a little
>But the excitement is tempered by a little fear
>But you shake your doubts away
>You wouldn't be seen in there
>They wouldn't pay attention to you, mommy said so
"Where's sis?"
>"She's upstairs, getting ready. She's going to be absolutely gorgeous, dear."
"I know she will be, mom. Your dresses are always the prettiest."
>"Oh, you're such a flatterer."
>She giggles, glances at the clock, and brings both hooves on your back, ushering you in
>She opens the door to the side of the booth, and you get gently nudged in
>"I'll see you soon, mommy loves you!"
>She blows you a kiss which you promptly return as she closes the door
>Leaving you in the slight darkness of the booth
>It's not long before the doorbell rings, as the first guest of the night awaited outside
Yep. If it weren't for all the clop, this would've been a very short story. But you're not here for the plot, right?
File: 1440036178919.png (232 KB, 255x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am.
>You continue to plow your sleeping mother
10/10 right here
>story is 95% clop
>full fetish material
>people still enjoy the story
Thanks for reading and enjoying it.
>You wait in the booth, watching out of the peephole as the guests filter in
>The last stallion is besides you
>Eyes still glazed as usual
>And you examine the box around you
>It was lit, and it wasn't a permanent fixture
>Seems like your mom had set up some simple dividers, but they held in place pretty well
>There were little holes around your eye height, where you can see the action going on outside
>You think on how you shouldn't (and would rather not) see strangers
>You're not sure why, but your mom seems completely fine with your sister being out in the open
>It's supposed to be your sister's birthday party
>But you notice that as the guests come in, they're all adults
>You suppose it makes sense, since mom didn't let the two of you out too much
>Most of the guests were stallions, as she told you, and your mom greeted each one
>Sometimes she would give them a long kiss, making out with them in front of the others
>It feels a little weird watching it like this, but you're mostly used to it by now
>She did get you off earlier after all
>So it made it okay
>You notice some of them whispering things to her, and giving her a bag of something
>You look down at the hole at groin height underneath you
>The hole was big enough for a pony's butt to poke through
>The lining of soft velvet had some give to it, so that the hole could accomadate various sizes
>And you recall your mom's instructions from before, when she was planning it with you
>Mares would come and lean back here, drinking and chatting with each other in front
>Your goal would be to pleasure them while they drank and talk
>Your mom had sternly told you not to cum in any of the ponies
>They came for pleasure, and not some sticky surprise
>And you needed to be hard for the mares that would come and stick their butts in
>Once the guests were in, they walked around, mingling, talking to each other
>They seemed only semi-casually dressed, nothing as elegant as your mom
>But definitely not too plain either
>The sounds of their chatter picked up as the full list arrived
>Even though the crowd was small, they were far away enough, huddled around the white table
>That you couldn't hear any distinct conversations
>There were 4 mares, 6 stallions, like your mom promised
>You look through the peephole, wondering where your sister went
>The sudden applause that travels through the crowd alerts you
>The heads all turn towards the stairs
>And down walks your sister
>She wears a transparent black gown, adorned with black ribbons
>It provides a stark contrast to her whitish fur
>You can't be sure from this distance, but you swear you see things underneath her gown
>Strapped around her skin
>The wobbling way she walks gives you a slight hint on what they might be
>She stops after a few steps
>And gives a little whirl
>Her panties, seemingly transparent, darkens the area around her crotch with the double layers of transparency
>When she steps down, your mom meets up with her, and then they walk to the crowd, who's gathered around the table
>Your mom brings her onto the table, and the guests who sit there admire her
>You notice there's not enough room for all the guests, some are standing
>Rarity talks about something to her guests, and you see them all nodding
>Some clapping
>Some of the unicorns' horns light up
>And you see your sis' gown being lifted up
>After a few more moments of chatter, your mom walks away, leaving your sister there on the table
>She walks to the edge, walking around
>You see hooves reach out, groping her
>Rarity returns, and she's holding several trays, which she starts placing on the white table
>Your sister jumps off and walks under the table while the guests take their place
>You notice 4 of the mares walking in your direction
>Something stirs in your mind
And I jerked off to it.

The shame in unbearable. Going to kill myself now.
Off topic but those were my mother's last words to my sister before she died this morning. Right in the feels man.
>Whatever confusion or weird thing came to mind was quickly overtaken by excitement, however
>You turn towards the stallion beside you, and notice he still has that glazed look to his eyes
>His forehooves are shackled to the wall in front of your both
>And you see he can really only thrust forward
>His mouth is dangling slightly open, and you're about to wave your hands in front of him when you hear the mares arrive
>"She really is pretty, I can't believe I didn't know all this time."
>"Don't you think it's a little strange?"
>"You never see her at the schoolhouse."
>Silence settles
>And you see the flash of teal in front of you
>One of the mares had settled in, in front of you
>Her teal tush wiggling as she got herself comfortable, a little harp on her side
>Her dock moved in, and you took it in your hands, keeping it a little high so her tail wouldn't go in
>As you rub your finger against it, you feel her body shiver and she gives out a light moan
>She wiggles her little butt in, getting it settled in the nice velvet
>Your hands move to your sides, gripping her flank
>And you rub your tip against her marehood
>You grip her sides
>Time to follow mom's instructions
>And you slip into the mare
>You hear giggling coming from the other side as she wiggles her butt, sending it bouncing
>"Oooh, this is amazing, you should try it, BonBon!"
>"Not until I'm a little drunk."
>You look to the side, and see a greyish butt push in
>A little rose on the side
>She wiggles it, getting it nice and comfortable
>He didn't bother moving anything, letting her find purchase on her own
>Well, he was shackled
>She pushes her backside backwards, and the stallion moves his cock forwards, pushing into the mare
>You hear a small gasp as he does so
>And with the both of you firmly planted in, you start gently thrusting
>"How is it, Lyra?"
>It's the flat voice again
>As Lyra speaks, you feel the inner walls around you vibrate
>So you have her name
>"It's, ah, different."
>"Roseluck?" BonBon's flat voice is distinct
>Well, you have the name of 3 of the mares at the table
>You hear glugging coming from the last corner
>Maybe she's a heavy drinker
>You continue to thrust into the mare in front of you, playing with her flanks
>Moving it up and down, in sync and out of sync with each other
>Each motion squeezes your cock a little more
>You hear the clatter of plates
>And your mom's very pretty voice
>"Enjoy, my darlings."
>You can't see in front of you
>The mares would've been able to see through at the place they're sitting at, so all you have are voices
>You turn your sight to the side, however, and notice the male guests are sitting around the table
>The cloth is drawn over their lap, and you see a little bulge moving from guest to guest
>"T-this feels really g-good."
>Roseluck was speaking
>"I can see that."
>"Do you - ah! - think she's going to make them - oooh - all cum?"
>Each word Lyra utters sends vibrations through your dick
>"They do have some time, and it looks like some of them are finishing." BonBon replies
>You hear nods and moans of agreement
>Your sight focuses on the scene near the table
>Some of the stallions aren't even eating, just leaning back, mouth agape, tongue lolling out
>Your mom isn't there, probably back in the kitchen, bringing more things out
>"So h-how'd you all h-hear about this?" Roseluck's voice
>"Rarity's a good friend of ours." BonBon
>"My -hic- support group mentioned -hic- this."
>That voice
>It sounds really familiar
>A memory stirs inside you as you furrow your brows, feeling your thrusts slow

That fucking fan fic reading
>That voice
>It sounds really familiar
>A memory stirs inside you as you furrow your brows, feeling your thrusts slow

>Lyra's butt wiggles as you almost grind to a halt
>You resume thrusting into her, fiercely, to make up for it
>You'll think about it later
>"You didn't used to drink so much, Berry."
>You're now good enough with the voices to distinguish them by their tics
>BonBon's always flat, Lyra moans as you thrust into her, Roseluck stutters from the cock, and...
>She sounds drunk, but very very familiar
>Where did you meet her before?
>"Why does -hic- it matter to you?"
>"W-we're just w-worried about you."
>You glance at the stallion
>He's like a machine, barely losing any speed
>There's silence on the table before you and you turn towards the white table in the middle of the room
>Rarity had walked back out, carrying a cake in her magic, and settling it in the middle of the table
>Her magic deftly slices the cake while Lyra's warm insides continue to squeeze at you
>Your little sis crawls out from under the table
>And you stifle a giggle as you notice the cum coating her face
>If her fur were whiter, you probably wouldn't have been able to see it
>Some of her dark gown is also stained
>"She doesn't look fazed at all."
>"Yeah - ooooh - I don't think I'd be able to - ahhhhhh -"
>You slow your thrusting
>You were getting a little agressive
>"- take all of them at once."
>Rarity slices the cake, splitting it among the stallions, and you see her approach, holding several slices
>"All done, my darlings?"
>Various "yes"s and "yeahs"s
>You hear the clattering of plates, and your mom walks away
>One of the stallions turns to the side
>And you see him lift up your sister's plate, in front of him
>He gestures something, and your sister starts sucking on him in full view
>"H-how do you think t-they taste like?"
>"Why don't you go and try yourself?"
>You see the squirt of cum flow onto your sis's slice of cake
>Some of it spatters on her face and she licks it up
>He passes the plate to the next stallion, and you see her following
>The scene progresses while you keep pushing, and you feel your edge is near
>So you slow it down just a little bit
>And try to think about something to hold you back
>Well, the designs are very pretty
>Silk reflects brilliantly in the light
>"Have you ever -hic- had foals before?"
>The table is quiet
>Just small talk, probably, and you turn towards the scene in the middle of the room
>The plate for your sister is coated in cum
>And placed on the ground for her to eat from
>She leans her head down onto the plate
>And digs her muzzle in
>Her haunches are raised, and one of the stallions steps off
>The first one who came on her plate
>He brings himself behind your sis
>And prods at her panties, pulling it down
>And taking the toy out of her
>He stuffs her with his own rod
>And your sis arches her back, though she still digs into the cake
>A mix of cum and frosting covers her face
>"It's been years, Berry."
>You cringe as you hear glass smash on the ground
>"Sorry, that was out of place."
>"You're damn -hic- right."
>"She -ahhh- didn't mean it!"
>"H-how is the support going?"
>"They don't even have a -hic- suspect!"
>"He's stopped kidnapping the foals. They can't do anything."
>"Useless!" It was Berry's exclamation
>You faintly remember that feisty attitude from somewhere
>A memory of a mare yelling at someone
>"C-can we just e-enjoy the cake?"
>"You want me -hic- to enjoy my cake?"
>You hear a clatter
>a sigh
>A gulp
>And then a thud on the table
>"Then gimme -hic- a turn."
This is setting up to be a horrendously disastirous ending.

And it will be wonderful.
>Something is really familiar about that voice
>Memories from a time long gone stirs in your head
>You're doing very well, keeping your pace, gentle, and you don't feel a rush to climax
>However, you feel Lyra's walls squeeze around you
>You hear yet another thump on the table
>Clattering of silverware
>And a loud moan
>Juices gush out
>She stays there, panting, her insides milking your cock
>"Just give me a - oooh - moment."
>You give her a couple more thrusts
>And she gets up, slipping out of you abruptly
>Leaving your shaft cool for the first time
>You hear the shuffling of bodies and hooves
>And then the pinkish butt squeeze into the hole
>It's at the tip of your mind
>Almost there, that memory, and you're grasping at it
>But first things first
>You guide your hands to her flank, rubbing your tip against her marehood
>Finding purchase
>Something feels off about this
>But you shrug it off, teasing her
>You feel the divider in front of you shudder as her hooves clack against it
>"Just put it in!"
>You shrug, and push your shaft into her inviting folds
>It's warm, soft, all sorts of wonderful feelings
>Her insides massage against your wet shaft, and you can't help but moan a little
>It didn't feel this good when Lyra was here, what changed?
>You close your eyes, and as your hands rub against her flank, your memories turn to your mom
>Rarity was still outside, entertaining the guests
>But you suppose it was because of the bond between you two, that you think of her at this moment
>You get close, really close to the edge
>And your mom's voice rings in your head
>"Remember not to cum, nonny."
>Her voice pulls you back as you stop, panting
>Berry's butt butt wiggles
>And you slowly resume, very slowly, very carefully
>You're sweating, and it feels like it's getting hotter
>You turn your gaze towards the center of the room
>Focusing on the scene there
>It's a full blown orgy now, with your mom joining in
>Your sister's gown is torn slightly, and she's taking three of the stallions at once
>Your mom has one stallion mounted on her, and is pleasing two of them in front of her with magic
>Your sister, on the other hand, is sitting on top of one of them
>One of them stands in front of her, and one behind, and they thrust into her
>Bobbing her body back and forth
>Maybe it was coincidence or your mom's manipulations, but they were in a position where you could fully appreciate it all
>It's been so long since your mom had other stallions
>You turn towards the one besides you, just pistoning like a machine, his nose flaring ocassionally
>Your sister never got that experience, and you suppose mom just wanted to help her
>Your cock twitches as Berry wiggles
>"Well, now I-I'm -hic- enjoying my cake."
>There's an awkward silence, though you hear the faint moans from the orgy in the center of the room
>And clattering of silverware from in front of you
>Her insides continue to squeeze into you as you thrust
>As if by a switch, once you focus on her pussy, and the idea of her warm folds around you, you feel very much near your edge
>So close
>She pushes back in
>Like she's stretching
>She's moaning, loudly
>And it drives you, eggs you, forces you to your climax
>You can't hold it back anymore
>And grip her flanks tightly as you push into her
>You get a yelp as you do so
>You bury yourself into her
>And release all the pent up desire you had inside you all evening
>Your life springs forth from you in a torrent of warm cum, which shoves into the mare
>You make sure to thrust to pack it inside of her
>And as you come down from your orgasmic high
>A shriek rings loudly throughout the room
File: ohshit.jpg (64 KB, 500x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Berry pulls swiftly out of you
>You hear clanging, thumping, the table in front of you falling down, amidst gasps
>Your cock is still throbbing, twitching, coated in cum
>When Berry's head pushes through the hole
>Your cock bounces against her face, leaving streaks of cum against it
>Her face is angry at first
>And you're afraid at first
>And then...
>Her eyes widen
>Her pupils shrink
>Everything is quiet
>You feel her shove at the dividers
>You feel the world around you collapsing
>And then bright lights pour in as some of the walls are torn down
>You see the faint glow of magic around some of them, tugging them apart
>And soon
>The room is on you
>It's wrong
>It's bad
>You shouldn't be in public
>Mommy told you they'd take you away
>You cower underneath the light, under their gaze
>Your arms hold up as you curl on the floor
>Covering your face
>The stallion beside you is still shackled to the piece of wall
>And lays prone next to you
>Time slows down, and you start breathing heavily
>His voice thunders across the room
>And you hear repulsive gagging
>And screams
>And shouts
>And shrieks
>And worse of all, your mom, screaming
>The room is in chaos
>Screams, shouts, some angry, some fearful, some accusatory
>In the sea of sounds, your mom's shrieks rise through it all
>Your chest wants to burst
>Your heart goes into overdrive
>And you feel the room spinning as hooves clatter around
>The edges of your vision get hazy
>And darkness fades in

End Act 3, the epilogue comes next. I'll finally finish the story tonight.
File: getouttamyface.jpg (14 KB, 261x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 261x195

Anon, this was great. You could have streamlined most of the clop to the point where it was non interesting, just important for the story, and I still would have been interested.
>You clutch her soft white hooves tightly
>The hospital door stands before you
>You feel the familiar panic rise in you
>"Are you ready, today, Anon?"
>Her blue eyes gaze into yours
>You take in her pink mane, the little nurse hat on her head
>You fidget with your clothing a lot
>And then nod
"Y-yes, nurse."
>It was gradual at first
>Bigger rooms
>Even dream environments with unicorn magic
>But now it was real
>The big moment
>She pushes the door open
>And the light almost blinds you
>You hold your hand up to your eyes, shielding the gaze
>The nervousness fades away a little when you see your sister standing there
>She's no longer your real sister
>Her head stands level next to your mom
>Your real mom
>You take a breath
>And take a step out into the wide open world
>You close your eyes, bracing yourself
>But you feel relaxed
>"Congratulations, Anon."
>You turn towards the nurse, smiling
"Thank you, Nurse."
>The hospital partially functioned as a treatment for various other illnesses
>They were new to yours, but you remember various unicorns staying late up at night to diagnose and understand it
>And now the open space, the world, it didn't feel so big
>And you didn't feel so small
>You walk up to the two mares in front of you
>And bring them both into an embrace
>There's no trace of alcohol on your mother
>You sniff
>And feel a little welling in your eyes
>Your sister snuggles into your grasp
>And you pet her mane
>"I'm glad you're okay, brother."
"T-thank you. Both of you."
>"For what?"
>You turn your head back, towards your mom
>And give her a kiss
>On the cheeks, of course
>The world was a lot stranger than where you were used to
>But you were getting used to it
"Being there, helping me."
>"Anon, mothers never leave their children."
>She rubs a hoof against your cheeks
>"The bond between a mother and her son is stronger than any other."

And now, as par for the course, the clop scene.
Thanks for reading, friend. I had the story planned to be mostly dark/tragic, but started getting aroused at the clop, and just decided to roll with it.

More loose ends are tied in the clop scene.[/spoilers]
File: image.jpg (110 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 960x540
This story has left me depressed, disgusted, nasty, shamefully turned on, ever so slightly hopeful, and angry.
You've got a bright future ahead of you
I wanna fuck Rarity dead
>about to post
>4chan frozen
I'll finish the clop epilogue later. It's a cute/sad/dark scene.

Thanks for reading, anon. What turned you on most?
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 626x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 626x469
Probably the scene where anon gets behind Rarity in the kitchen.
(Can't we end on a happy note tho?)
File: 1448402969282.jpg (48 KB, 498x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"What are we going to do on the bed, brother?"
Took me right out of it
File: ShiaLabeouClap.gif (2 MB, 410x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 410x230
Marvelous Anon.
File: bravo.gif (3 MB, 171x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 171x132
This would not be out of place in the old Dark Equestria threads. A lot of the same vibes, except for there being Anon.

I miss those threads. I doubt any of the writers are still on /mlp/
Can somebody explain this to me?
>there used to be a general devoted to this
Oh, fuck, have I been missing out.

So did he walk out of a Mental Ward for the first time, getting used to the idea of open space?
Pretty much.
fuck that, I want him to stay with rari-mom

Here's two of the leading writefags pastebin's:

Lavenci's has a link to the old directory.
Ham's "Four Little ___" series is a two part literal epic. It's similar in themes to this thread, but has way more feels. Like, killer feels.
I think you may be better served reading the whole saga here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/HamGravy
A little teaser, because I need other people to catch the madness and the sorrow.


There were still times when Sweetie Belle remembered the first time she had said this word to her sister. Even after all this time, the memory felt like a fresh wound in her mind. Of all the terrible nights she had endured, of all the abuse, humiliation, and pain, that night was the memory which hurt the most.

It was the night when she had stood her ground. The night when she told her sister “no,” and truly meant it. The night when, despite all her fears, she had stood up for herself.

She told her sister not to touch her that night. And Rarity had responded by doing something unthinkable.

She had complied.

Sweetie had felt proud of herself. That little word had saved her. Rarity left her alone that night.

The next night was different. She remembered being woken from her sleep at one in the morning. She remembered being dragged by her hair, strapped to a wall in a cold, dark room she'd never seen before. She remembered a ball gag being shoved in her mouth. And she remembered her sister whispering eight terrible words into her ear.

“Don't worry. I'm not going to touch you.”

Instead, Rarity introduced Sweetie to the third occupant of the room: another foal. The filly was tied up, gagged and blindfolded, but continued struggling in desperation. Sweetie didn't recognize her.

The little unicorn's blood ran cold. She had never known her sister to touch another foal before. She had thought that if she fought back, it would all be over.

“Since you won't let me play with you anymore,” Rarity said in a mocking, pseudo-mournful tone, “I had no choice but to find someone new.”
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 444x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I might do an alternate ending where he doesn't get found out, and I do more clop based on it.
Wait, we're bringing Sweetie Belle into this? Rarity wasn't found out? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!
It's not a part of the other story. It's a different one.
Fokin ell
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 970x1454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You wanna explain yourselves?
Yes. I was abducted as a child, and now the idea of this happening to a character arouses me because of that trauma. And it's glorious.
Were you really abducted as a child?

>inb4 works of fiction
>inb4 gullible
File: 1451616103784.jpg (55 KB, 402x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.png (350 KB, 400x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Even if that were true, it seems...
File: image.jpg (74 KB, 698x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1448398902245.png (119 KB, 318x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 318x307

This thread was made a year ago XD
File: us_diplomacy.png (237 KB, 382x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>spending too much time writing fic about fucking sis
>neglecting actual sis
I'll continue the epilogue in the morning
File: rarity glare.jpg (94 KB, 704x896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rarity glare.jpg
94 KB, 704x896
Her head is turned more toward the viewer than it's normally posed, according to eye placement at least, but her shout is both rounder, lower, and protrudes less than it normally should if it was on model.

Also, her left front leg is fucked, as well as the outline colour for her other legs. The torso line that shows her belly around her pelvic also protrudes too far up, implying some very strange things about her body shape.

TL;DR Artist is mediocre, and should have compared the picture against a traced version of what they were obviously copying to see the flaws.
1. How does anon not run out of ammo?
2. How are Rarity's lady parts not completely destroyed by now?
That made me think for a sec...
Bmup idk
So where's this epilogue you promised?
Editing it right now, expect it in the next few hours.

1. Magic. And drugs. And some time in between fucks.
2 Marshmallow.
Will Anon ever be able to fully recover?
Depends on what you mean by recover.
Will he stop fucking his family members?
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 125x109) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 125x109
Depends on what you mean by family...
>his real mom?
>his "sister"?
>real mom
"real mom"
>inb4 4some with "sister", real mom, and rari-mom
Still waiting for post.
Almost ready.
>"And you remember when she used to dress me up, and only let you lick me?"
>You both laugh at the memory of that day, taking a swig of your hard cider
"And I remember you raising your little flank so high, begging for more."
>"Yeah, and I remember a certain someone being so blue-balled he had to nut his mom."
>You raise your bottle
>It's a nervous sort of laughter, the kind you use to calm an awkward situation
>The sun was setting down across the hills in the horizon
>And you lean on your sister
>The grave marker casts a longer and longer shadow as the day ends
>It wasn't in the cemetary
>They wouldn't let it be there
>Your sister lays next to you on the blanket underneath
>The grass is dead around here, and it gets itchy to sit down on
>"S-she was pretty nice to us."
>You look out, past the horizon
>Looking at the clouds and the pegasi behind them, just moving them into place
>Your hands rub over your sister's side, and you sigh
"But not to the others."
>It didn't seem wrong back then, what she did
>Drugging them, keeping them docile, using them as a fuck toy
>For you, it was all you knew about the world
>Your sister's head glances down at the stone
>Just a simple 3 diamond shape
>No markings
>All that's left of a life long-lived
>"Why do you think she did it?"
>You shrug, feeling your hands rub gently over her wings
>And take another swig
>It burns your throat slightly, and you let out a sigh
"Regret? Shame?"
>You didn't feel anything when they told you the news
>Dungeons don't play well on some ponies, you suppose
>"No, I mean...us."
"Maybe...maybe it wasn't her, y'know?"
>You finish off your cider, dropping it onto the ground
"Maybe she was driven by some external forces."
>Your sister looks up to you, an eyebrow raised
>"Are you drunk?"
>Your hands idly run over her wings, massaging it
>And she chuckles, nuzzling into you
>Her warm body holds against you as silence descends for a few moments
"How's your dad?"
>You nod
>The drugs had addled his brain so much
>And they had placed him in a coma while the unicorns studied him
>Like your therapy, the most important step was the dream therapy
>Something the princess of the night seemed pleased to help with
>At least, that's what the eggheads told you
>They were going to draw him out from the miasma, inch by inch
>Like they sunk you into your fears, inch by inch
>Another silence descends on the air in between you
>"I still sometimes think of him."
"What do you mean?"
>You look at her, an eyebrow raised
>"My therapist tells me that I should stop thinking about it."
>She sighs, taking a swig of her cider
>"But every time I look at my son, I'm just reminded of how he was conceived."
"Where is-"
>"Sometimes, I don't know if I'm right to care for him."
>You rub her side gently, massagaging her fur
>And her head leans into you
>"I still get those...thoughts around him. Thoughts I can't tell my therapist."
>She nuzzles into you
>"You're the only one who would understand."
>You pause for several moments, before you can muster the strength to ask
"H-have you..."
>A shake from her head yields a sigh of relief from you
>"But I keep thinking about it, and I think back to how mom must've felt, seeing us, so...vulnerable."
>You give her a gentle squeeze, hand around her neck
"I think it sometimes, too."
>Her head turns up, looking at you from below, a quizzical expression on her face
"About mom, I mean."
>She gives a soft smile
"I still think about that time we...did it, and even though it's supposed to feel wrong, it just felt...right."
>"I guess we're both a little weird, huh?"
"Yeah, I guess we are."
>A pause
>"How did it feel?"
"Amazing. It felt right, and she was just so warm."
>You close your eyes, imagining that night
>And how soft and warm her insides felt, and how natural it felt, how it kept coming to your mind
>Your sister bumps against you
>"Remembering it a little too fondly?"
>You cough, adjusting your pants as you feel the material push against you
>And quickly try to change the subject
"Found a coltfriend yet?"
>"Nothing permanent."
>"You know the kind. Good for a roll in the hay, nothing else."
"Pretty easy, huh?"
>"Oh ha ha."
>You laugh, picking up another bottle
>Cracking it open, you take a drink
>She finishes off hers
>And you hand her another
"Who's the best lay you've had?"
>"You mean besides you?"
>You give a slight chuckle
"What do you think she would say if she were here right now?"
>Your sister coughs and clears her throat
>"Oh, darlings, save some for mommy."
>You laugh at her impression
>It wasn't that funny, but it just felt normal to laugh, comforting to do it
"You know, I never asked...what was it like that day?"
>"Before or after you nutted your real mom?"
"I know nothing about what happened after."
>"Yeah, I can imagine."
"What do you mean?"
>"Well, you did pass out."
>Now that you think about it, you had never bothered to ask for some reason
"What did happen after?"
>"You know Rumble's father? My grandfather?"
>You nod, picking up your drink
>One hoof idly brushes at your side, tickling a little
>Her other hoof moves under her head, supporting it
>"He came inside me right before it all came down."
>You faintly remember a scream
>"He didn't realize what happened until I called dad by 'dad'."
>"And he just flung himself out of me as quick as he could."
"Well, I remember up until that part."
>"Yeah, well, they pinned mom down afterwards. They called the authorities, and they just took us all in."
>Her eyes glaze a little as she continues through her memories
>"You should've seen the contraption."
>The white covering, the massive thing
>"Ornate as it could be. They were going to strap me in it."
>Well, that solves that mystery
>A bit of a disappointment
>You had thought there was something elaborate in it
>You chuckle as your mind wanders through what could've been
>Toys from kidnapped colts
>The bones of the dead stallions over the year
>That would've made for a creepy twist in the retelling of your life
>"What's so funny?"
"I just expected something else under there."
>She sighs
>And her eyes turn towards the sunset
>"It's pretty, isn't it?"
>"If mom were here..."
"We'd be pounding each other."
>You give an awkward laugh, and she gives you a smile
>"Yeah, I guess you're right."
>And she stares back out towards the sky
>It's silent for another awkward moment as you both stare at the grave
>"Do you still think about our first time?"
>You look down on her, eyebrows raised
"What brought that up?"
>"I don't know, maybe it was you talking about your mom."
>She gives you a grin
>And you sigh
"Why, do you?"
>She leans into you, looking forwards
>"What would you say if I said yes?"
"I'd say I do too."
>Her head withdraws, and brings her neck back, head lifted higher, as she looks at you
>She brings her hooves up, wrapping around your shoulders, moving into you
>"I thought I was alone."
>Your hand rubs against her mane and back
"Sis, you're never alone. I'm always here for you."
>The dropped bottles roll against the grass, falling away
>And you hold each other again, but her scented mane fills your nostrils
>You smell sweetness, a flowery scent that reminds you of your past mother
"You smell good."
>She laughs, body vibrating against yours
>"Well, you too."
>She leans her head up
>Eyes looking at yours
>The same look she gave you all those years ago
>And she leans her head up towards you
>Her muzzle gets closer
>And you hold her back
"We can't."
>She looks down to the side
>"Do you know how often I think about it?"
>Maybe as often as you think about her
>"Every stallion I'm with, every time I touch myself..."
>Well, maybe not
>"I still think of you."
>Her sad eyes peer up to yours
>And you wordlessly lean into her
>Your lips connect and her eyes close and you feel her body moving up
>Her taste floods into your mouth, filling you with sweetness and a trace of your mom
>Spring, beautiful flowers
>Your heart thumps against hers
>They match together
>Her hooves move all over your body
>And you lean into her
>Body moving on top of her, covered in her soft fur
>Her tongue moves into your mouth
>And your tongue presses against hers
>They play against each other, and you taste, lick, flick against her
>You're on top of her, you feel your arousal pressing through your pants
>And you feel her wetness, feel her legs wrap around yours, tuck you in, pull you into her
>And you pull back, panting, hands on her shoulders
"We can't."
>Her hooves remove herself from your shoulders
>Her legs loosen
"Sis, you know we can't."
>"Why? I'm not your actual sister."
>You get up, sitting down, while she gets up and sits on her haunches, face level with yours
"They say-"
>"Have they been through what we've been through?"
>"Bro, every morning since I could, I've made you cum. What do they know?"
>You sigh, and fumble around for an explanation
>"If they went through what we did, do you think they would say the same thing?"
>She almost leaps into you, and her weight sends you backwards
>And now she's on top of you, breathing hard, face blushed
>"I've dreamed about that night we finally did it, when I finally felt you in me."
>Her hoof moves to your mouth as you protest
>"Let me finish."
>You nod
>"They tell me that I should learn to control myself, look for a healthy relationship."
>She seems a little smaller as she continues
>"But I can't. I can't let go of what happened. I keep thinking to that day, how good it felt."
>She rubs herself gently against your pants, and you feel the wetness seeping down
>"Even when I'm with one or two or three stallions, I'll never get the feeling I got when I was with you."
>Her hooves move to the sides of you
>"Because you know. Because you were there. You know what we've been through. What it was like for sex to be...casual."
>You furrow your brows
>"The others don't get it. They think it's weird. They think I'm a slut. But you don't, do you?"
"No, never."
>"Exactly! You know what it was like to have someone available all the time to please you."
"That doesn't mean we should keep-"
>"Do you know how my son hasn't been through the same thing?"
>That took you a little by surprise
>"You help. Not directly, but I think of you, of you being there, and..."
>Her voice trails off as she takes up grinding against you in earnest
"So, what, it's blackmail then?"
>"Nothing like that. I just want...just one more time. And don't tell me you're not enjoying this."
>She leans back, and you see the top of her glistening marehood
>Of course, this prompts a reaction and she laughs
>She did make a lot of sense, though
>Why was it so wrong?
>It wasn't right what your mom did to all those colts
>But what you and she had was pure, and you both cared about her
>What was holding you back?
>"Is it me, or does it look like you're considering it?"
>Her breasts bounce in front of you, and you're reminded of your mo- of Rarity
>And how your first time with hers was in suspiciously the same position
>And as memories of what she did to all those other colts flooded in-
>You feel her hooves take your hands
>You don't resist
>She takes your hands, and move them to her breasts
>Moving them against hers so you feel the softness of her mounds
>You're erect, the arousal pushing through your pants against her
>She leans over, eyes moving down to a half-lidded position
>"What, your sis not hot enough for you now?"
"Fine, but just one time."
>She squeals, wings flapping slightly while her tail flickers
"But not in this position."
>It was still a little weird, thinking of that day at Rarity's
>She hmphed, and got up, getting away from you, and walking up to the stone
>You raise an eyebrow as she rested herself against it
>Bending her forehooves over it as she waved her backside towards you
>"Let's give mom one more show?"
File: 1424041909570.jpg (37 KB, 286x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 286x323
>All this green

Sorry we doubted you Anon
>Well, screw it, no one was going to know
>You groggily walk up behind her, unbuckling your belt
>They would tell you it was wrong and not right, but what did they know?
>You two had been raised together, and her mouth around your cock was a morning ritual
>You had only rutted once, and you've thought back on that moment every day, constantly
>And here it was, being offered to you on a silver platter
>Your hands run to her flanks, and her wings flare out even further more
>"Let's show mom she hasn't hurt us."
>You nodded, pressing your tip against her
>Sliding it up and down
>"Which position did you like mom most in?"
>It feels weird, thinking about it
>You slide in as your mind reaches towards the past
>You feel your sister's body tighten and stretch
>And her warm insides hug against you
"When she let me into you."
>She giggles, the vibrations tossing your cock around inside her
>"No really."
>You slowly start thrusting, and hear her body smack softly against the stone
"I liked the first time we did it."
>"H-how was it?"
"Soft, warm, like nothing else. She made me her first for the day, and I remember her forcing me into her."
>Her insides hugged tight against you, squeezing you as hard as she could
>"You like being forced?"
>It did feel nice
"I don't know. She was on top of me, letting me squee-"
>"Is that why you didn't want to there?"
>You nod, and she faces forward, thrusting with your motion
>Your conversation dies down as you focus on the feeling of each other
>On the sibling bond between the two of you
>Culminated only once over the years
>And now for the second time
>You feel her soft fur push against your skin
>And it doesn't take long at all this time
>You push deep into her
>And release
>Her wings stiffen even further as she moans
>You feel the cum squirt into her, coat her surroundings, flow out of her hole
>You see it dripping down her legs, and you lean over, panting
>And hold it there, embracing her
>Several moments pass, the two of you basking in the afterglow
>"That was wonderful, brother."
>Her insides squeeze against your limp dick, keeping you nice and warm
>"You're always welcome to me any time, brother."
>You look at her as she turns her head backwards
>"I know no stallion will match you. You're free to me, just like I was to you."
>The offer sounds really good
>it took those thoughts away from your mom
>And probably hers away from your son
>It would help you both
>"I'm always yours."
>Her walls constrict, giving you a tight hug
"Thank you, sis."
>Some of the cum drips down her leg
>Falling onto the soil below
>And probably seeping down lower
>Onto your mother
>The last traces of her
>A fitting finale
>She always did like your cum
File: full.png (298 KB, 1250x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
298 KB, 1250x779
>"I love you, mom!"
>"Good bye!"
>Your sister's son trots off towards another day at school
>You stop in front of the doorway, waving him good bye
>Your sister closes the door, and winks at you
>And not with her eyes
>You take in her body, her whitish fur, the round curves of her pregnant belly
>"Thanks for helping me move, brother."
"No problem, sis. Where's your husband?"
>"At work, he won't be getting home until a lot late."
>She wiggles her behind and you walk up behind her, unzipping yourself
"He left you all alone to move stuff?"
>"Well, he did know my brother was coming to help."
>You smile at her as your finger runs up her slit, drawing breaths from her
"He should really be keeping you company more."
>You finger digs into her, as you pull down your pants
>And thrust your index into her warm pink folds
>She squeezes around you, and leans forward
>Her front hooves thud slightly against the glass of the door in front of you
>You see ponies walking by
>And wonder if any of them would stop to admire your sis' breasts, swaying as you moved your fingers
>"I-I'm already wet, just do it."
>You take your fingers out, licking them
>And position yourself, gripping her flanks
>As you thrust into her again
>She lets out a large gasp, and you see her pregnant stomach sway
>You hold yourself there, stroking her wings
>Caressing her stomach
>Leaning in, on top of her
>"I've missed you, brother."
"Me too, sis."

>It wasn't long before you finished inside her
>And helped her unpack
>And you were on your way, back to your own life, and caring for your aging mother
>Whose bright, lovely smile greeted you every day
>Life was looking better
Fin. http://pastebin.com/R7SWMXhb
I wanna make finishing comments, but I want to be sure that's all there is first.

Is that it?
Yes. Please give comments, comments are always good.
I'm not too happy with the ending, but I am glad it's finally finished, though. I'm also glad I finished most of it beforehand, and was just rewriting/editing, because I just downed a bottle of wine.
Well, I really liked it. I enjoyed the ending, how it gave their states of mind afterwords. How they understood that morally in the society that they were put into post-Rarity, that what they did was bad, but that to them, they grew up with it. It was what they knew.

I also liked how you made them still have their relationship with each other, their 'real' parents, and Rarity at the end. Many dark stories like this (not necessarily ones with sex, just ones where kids are raised by a 'bad' person) end with the characters either become paragons of all that is good in the world, renouncing the ones who brought them up, or they turn just as evil as them.

With your characters, I see them in the middle. They understand that taking children away from their parents, like what happened to Anon, and drugging Rumble for years as a sex toy are terrible things to do, and I'm sure neither of them will go down the same path. At the same time they don't hate Rarity, and in fact miss her. They're just pretty neutral and want to move on.

Aside from all that, it was an interesting story. I'm >>25942300 , and still hold the same thought that you could take out the clop (aside from just mentioning there was sex for context), and it would still be interesting.

Just a few questions:

>"You should've seen the contraption."
>The white covering, the massive thing
>"Ornate as it could be. They were going to strap me in it."
>"What's so funny?"
"I just expected something else under there."

I just want to be sure I understand what you mean. Did Rarity make a sculpture of bones from the colts she 'took care of' over the years as it dwindled down to just Rumble? Were there more we never heard of?

>The bones of the dead stallions over the year

Typo? Should it say years? Just to be sure the frame of reference here.
1. Nah, it was just a sex device. In my early rough draft, it was going to be something like that, but as I thought about it, it would've been a little too edgy and kinda out of character. I didn't want Rarity to be a crazy butcher, just a possessive kidnapper. So it's kinda a meta-joke of what ideas I had for what was under it. I probably should've taken it out, it doesn't make sense to anyone else.

2. Yeah, years, that was a typo.

And thanks for reading! I wanted to try my hand at writing what abuse would actually do, and planned their demeanor at the end of it all from the start. I wanted to stay away from the idea that they'd just turn out to be monsters, or super good because the people I know who've been abused are neither. I'm glad that showed through, I had some trouble trying to make it obvious what their stances on the whole situation was.

I hope you had a happy fap with the story, too.

In post thought it's funny, but I barely remember reading about it because of all the porn, and the big reveal of Anon's mother that happened immediately after.

And no problem, it was a good read.

If you don't mind me asking one more question, this one may be a little weird, so feel free to not answer if you feel uncomfortable?

I like to know the people behind fics like this. At first glance, someone would probably assume the writer is someone who wishes to kill people themselves, but because we have so many slasher/horror/abuse movies, that's not the case as we rarely see the directors and writers then arrested afterward.

I myself am a normie outside of /mlp/, and no one would probably expect me to like something like this (even if it was humans instead of ponies). I'm a CS major, with many, many friends, I help run a few clubs on campus, I have a stable job giving tours to potential students, and if I ever found out that someone was doing what Rarity did in this fic, I'd be the first to suggest they be thrown in a rubber room forever.

So, just out of curiosity Anon, who are you?
Oh, and the fap was in fact very nice, thank you for asking.
A question. Considering that Berry is a pony and anon is a human, she adopted him right?
Also a CS major, working on a variety of really fun projects. You can follow my project in bringing ponies to life with augmented reality in the software pony thread.

I do research at my university, have some cushy jobs lined up after graduation, and am even running my own startup. While I don't have very many friends, or go out, my sis and I are pretty close and I mostly hang out with her when I'm home, and chat with a few online friends when I'm not. I blame never being let out of the house as a kid for my social isolation, but it's really my fault for not being active.

As for these situations, though, while I would be suggesting that they should probably be stopped, I think that some people just have different interests. If it hurts other people, then they should be stopped, but they shouldn't be blamed for what they like; it's not their fault.

I actually thought it was hilarious everything was non-stop clop, and I've never done anything like this before.

I was under the impression that, given the other mom stories, it was not too much a suspension of disbelief to believe they might be really related. I might revisit this story in the future without Anon; it's just that AiE is the standard method of narrative around here. So, up to the reader.
Also, just noticed this, I also liked how they all had a problem (understatement), with Anon and Rumble's kidnapping, but all the participants of the party had no problem with Anon's sister, a young filly, servicing them all, and the mares had no problem with it either. Sorta pointing out how everyone's ok with some things, as long as it doesn't affect them.
Yep, glad you noticed that! Just like how we can all enjoy rapefics but be angry if someone we knew and cared for got raped.
Just out of curiosity, what do you think happened to Rumble long term post-Rarity?

What do you think his reintroduction to society would be like after that many years (after all the dream therapy and all that)?
A majority of AiE assumes/implies that Anon got to pony world through a portal or some shit since references to the human world is usually made.

I asked my question because Anon mentions the fact that he can't get his "sister" pregnant. If he can't reproduce than where do humans come from? Ponies can give birth to humans?
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Oh my god so much green to read
1. Did anon and sister ever visit Rarity in prison?
2. How did Rarity die?
3. Where was Berry Punch during those last few parts?
Worst case, he remains vegetative with little function. Best case, he's a kid that just woke up in an adult body. I'm pretty sure something where a person goes into coma as a kid and wakes up as an adult has been done before - I imagine he'd be mostly in care for a while, being taught how to do adult things and manage. He'd probably have issues with wanting to live his childhood, and would be an immature adult. He might even spend the rest of his life under perpetual care provided by the Equestrian welfare system, and wouldn't be able to understand how he has a daughter or hold a job. Hell, his innocent interest with kids might even lead to pedophilia charges, with people associating him with Rarity.

A portal appears in Berry's womb and Anon is transferred as a fetus as a cosmic joke by the universe. It is an event akin to quantum tunneling, where with a small probability some of his cells jump past the energy barrier in between universes. Berry finds abnormalities with her birth but uses unicorn wizardry to keep her child alive. When he pops out green, her marriage falls apart and she turns to drink. Or adoption, pick your poison.

1. I'd imagine that they'd try, but whatever treatment they were getting prevented them from doing so until her death. Along with people telling them they shouldn't visit her and such.
2. I thought I implied suicide.
3. At her home, enjoying the rest of her life after finally finding closure for her missing child. Anon lives next to her and visits her often to make up for lost time.
Different anon, but I caught the suicide vibe.
But, by the more seperated, minimalist grave stone and the "remains", I got more of a lynch mob vibe, kek.
So why did Rarity do the things that she did?
probably couse of her dad
From what I understood, her dad accidentally shagged her and she got addicted to dick. I don't think he raped her constantly or anything.
Where do the other mane 5 fall into this story? Did Rarity get any leniency considering that she is technically a part of a superhero team.
Did Rarity actually love anon and sister, or did he just see them as sex objects?
Lust and love. Exposed to sex at an early age would probably make her think of little kids around her age as sexually attractive, and given her experience, she would have thought them suitable at that age, too, and didn't think too much of it. In her delusion, increasing output and constantly pleasuring the stallions and herself would seem like a good thing. To also answer >>25965628, she loves them like how she loves the other stallions, with a few extra privileges. How do you really define love? Some people love differently and in their own way, and Rarity just thought sex was the best expression of it.

I imagine Twilight trying really hard to understand Rarity while she was in the dungeons, and tried several methods to reform her. Political pressure would probably prevent a full release, but she might've gotten less screwed up if she hadn't died so soon. Leniency probably came in the way of allowing contact with Twilight instead of complete isolation, or imprisonment instead of execution, depending on how you think the law to work.
why the fuck did Rarity set up an orgy for her daughter?
Birthday gift. She liked having a lot of stallions, trained her daughter to also like sex, and thought it was the perfect gift. To them, it'd just be something a little more special than regular.
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