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Queen Umbra Thread
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Discord, Sombra, and The Non Canon Clop Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/WSp0Cpxv
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/ZTwyKsMN

Knifey said he wasn't feeling too good, but he might return to us one day. Check his story out here

And Minty, his story can be found here

Like always if you want to write something go ahead
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidyas of your choice
>Sombra stares at you again
>"Why do I even bother...?" He says before holding up his right hoof "I was able to rebuild most of my right legs."
>Wow, it's impressive that he's able to get so far
>"I was going to try and do the left ones today after getting a good nights rest, but my sister and her lover ruined that."
>You give your brother an apologetic look
"I'm sure you got enough energy to keep trying." You say "You just don't like it when Anonymous and I engage in such activities."
>"You're right, I don't." He says
"As I said before, when you find a mare you like, I won't be so overprotective as you."
>Sombra shakes his head before looking over to the door
>"Sister, I feel some very powerful magic outside the room." Sombra says "Who or what is out there?"
>"Eris. She's the one I told you about the other day." You say "We released her without a problem."
>Well, with the way she's been acting towards Anonymous you wouldn't say that's entirely true
>"How come you did not bring her in here with you?" Sombra asks "I'd like to see her."
>Your reasoning for it is somewhat silly
"I kinda don't want her to see you right now."
>She will eventually, just not right now
>"Why?" Sombra asks
"Because I feel like she'll hound you, like she's trying to do with Anonymous." You say "When I told her I had a brother she uh, she got excited."
>Sombra raises an eyebrow before shaking his head
>"Whatever, I don't want to know." Sombra says "Just keep her away from me then."
>You nod your head
>"So what are you up to today?" Sombra asks
"I have to show her around the empire."
>"Sounds like fun, sister." Sombra says "Well I best not keep you any longer, I need to work on my body."
>You walk up to Sombra before giving him a hug
"Thank you, Sombra." You say "For trying this hard to return to me."
>"Of course, Umbra." He says "Just keep it down from now on, will you?"
"No promises." You say before winking at him
>All Sombra does is shake his head as you exit the spell
>Queen Umbra thread is just over a year old
Happy birthday, I guess.
>Exiting Sombra's room Eris is patiently waiting for you
>"So when's your brother supposed to be back?" Eris asks "I kind of want to see if he looks anything like you."
>You look at her before shaking your head
"Not anytime soon."
>Eris pouts and you both head down the stairs
>As you head down the stairs Eris begins to float next to you
>"So how do you think your ponies are going to react when they see me?" Eris asks "I remember when I first showed up everypony was afraid of me."
"They should meet you with a positive-ish reaction." You say "As long as you're with me."
>"Did Anon get a positive reaction when he showed up?" Eris asks
>You shake your head as you and Eris reach the main hall
"Kinda, the ponies were scared of him at first." You say "They thought he was my pet."
>Eris sports a mischievous smiles
>"Do you and Anonymous ever experiment with that kind of stuff in bed?" Eris says "I can see him with a collar around his neck..."
>You blush
"E-Eris please!" You say
>Eris laughs
>"I'm sorry, I forgot you're too pure and innocent to be demanding in bed." Eris says "Although seeing the show this morning shows makes me think otherwise."
>You groan while Eris continues to laugh at your expense
>It's going to be a long day
>Although a part of you is happy to spend time with Eris again
>Entering the dining room you take your seat while Eris takes Anonymous's
>Looking out towards the window, you can see Anonymous and his friends working hard outside
>Arthas is standing on Anonymous's back while he does push ups
>It looks like Anonymous is struggling with the extra weight
>"Hey so what was the reward for?" Eris asks
>You shake your head and look over to Eris
>"He said that a doctor kept talking about a reward." Eris says "What did he do to earn that love making this morning?"
>You smile before looking out the window again
"Anonymous and his friends brought down a stallion who had taken over the dungeon and took hostages."
>"Oh wow!" Eris says "Yeah the Queen's marehood sounds like a good reward for that."
>You open your mouth to say something to her, before you stop yourself
>No matter how many times you tell her, she won't stop
"Anonymous got hurt, and when he was resting in the hospital his doctor kept making little jokes about me rewarding Anonymous."
>"With sex?" Eris says
>You sigh before nodding your head
>"Wait, Anon got hurt?!" Eris asks putting her hands on the table "By who?! Where's the damn stallion?! I'll send him into a sick twisted dimension made up of his worst fears!"
>You chuckle
>A empire where non ponies rule
"He's locked away in the wolves cell." You say "I must say, Eris, I find it funny to see how you reacted to that."
>"No one hurts that human, but me!" Eris yells "And I mean that in a loving way!"
>You suppress the irritation rising within you
>As long as she doesn't try to take him from you, it's fine
>Eris turns to look at you
>"What are you going to do to the stallion?" Eris asks
>Good question
"Tomorrow, myself, Arthas, and the boys are going to see him." You say "I'll deliver his punishment then."
>"Can I come along?" Eris asks
>It would be interesting to see what Eris would do to Alastor
>As you think, Edith comes out of the kitchen
my my
Playing with those friends of mine, just give me about an hour for those of you still awake
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Two hours later bump
>"Good morning, Lady Umbra." Edith say bowing to you "And good morning to you, Eris."
>"Good morning mare of delicious food!" Eris says waving to her
>You look over to Eris
"Eris, that is not her name."
>Eris looks over to you before looking back to Edith
>"Good morning, Edith." Eris says while rolling her eyes
>Edith smiles before looking over to you
>"So what would you like this morning, Lady Umbra?" Edith asks "You must be hungry after your doing your activities this morning."
>Not her too!
>You refuse to believe what Sombra said!
>There's no way you were that loud!
"I would just like some eggs." You say "Maybe a strip of bacon."
>Edith writes it down before looking at Eris
>"Do you do pancakes?" Eris asks
>"Of course we do." Edith says "Is that what you want?"
>Eris nods her head
>"I want a big stack like this!" Eris says showing Edith with her arms "With butter and syrup all over!"
>"I'll have it out in a jiffy." Edith says before returning to the kitchen
>As she does you see Eris float over to the window
>Getting up from your seat you head over as well

We got into BO3 too much
Bed bump
slow holiday
I really need to get back into updating the pastebin each night
Staple a sticky note to your forehead, then you'll see it every day in the mirror so you'll remember.
>those time quints
A-are you a god?
No, he's a time lord.

You mean quads?
It was quints for eastern america time zone (4:44:44 PM)
Sounds painful

>Pic related
I used to use that fucker all the time. Lost every single coin toss.
>Looking out the window again you see Anonymous running laps with his friends
>As he comes around he looks up and waves at you
>You smile and wave back before you see a snowball hit him on the head
>"No lollygagging!" Arthas shouts "You can talk to her when I'm done breaking your spirit!"
>You see Lance laugh as he flies around Anonymous before he gets hit with a snowball
>Anonymous laughs at him before he looks back to you
>You smile and nod and Anonymous gets back to it
>"He's working real hard out there." Eris says while staring at Anonymous "He's looks good out there."
>You look over to see her eyeing up Anonymous
"Eris, snap out of it."
>Eris shakes her head before looking at you
>"Sorry." Eris says "I just don't understand how you can keep your hooves off him when you're alone."
>You chuckle
"I remember one day I was like that." You say "Anonymous had just learned how to use his magic and in the process his shirt had opened up, revealing that well toned body of his."
>You begin to blush a little
"Anonymous had told me I was ogling him like a school girl." You say "I was going to touch that chest of his, but before I could, he button upped his shirt."
"I remember asking him if we could skip out date and for us to return to our room."
>"He was teasing you." Eris says with a smile "Still it's funny to see how much you've changed, I know for a fact you wouldn't act like that back then."
>You look back outside
"Anonymous has helped me come out of my shell." You say "In a way I want to thank Celestia for being such a whorse. If she hadn't, Anonymous wouldn't be here to help me."
>"Hey speaking of Celestia..." Eris says
>Just then you hear the sound of hooves coming back
>Looking behind you, you see Edith coming with your eggs while a unicorn brings Eris's tower of pancakes

Stupid 4Chan being broken during the night
How long has this been running? Stumbled upon it today and it's really good!
About a year now. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Woo, cool!>>25926294
>Taking your seats again Edith and her assistant place your plates on the table
>Along with some syrup for Eris
>"Will there be anything else, my Queen?" Edith asks
"Some tea would be nice."
>Edith bows in conformation before she heads back to the kitchen
>As you grab your fork and knife, you notice Eris starts to float up into the air
>"Oh wow look at this!" She says admiring her tower of pancakes "I-It's beautiful!"
>You smile
"Take your time and enjoy it, Eris."
>"Oh I will!" Eris says as she begins to pour the syrup on top of her pancakes
>As you both eat, Edith comes out with your tea
>You take a sip before looking at Eris
"So Eris, what where you going to say back there?"
>This time Eris looks at you confused her mouth stuffed with pancakes
"About Celestia?"
>It takes a moment, but Eris finally remembers and swallows down her pancakes
>"Oh yeah, I was gonna ask you what do you plan to do if she finds the empire?" Eris asks
>That a strange question to come out of her
"She won't find us."
>"But what if she does somehow?" Eris asks "The way you and Anon made it out yesterday, you made sound like she won't give up."
"If she does and she won't, we'll deal with her."
>Eris looks unconvinced
"Eris, it wouldn't be the first time my empire was invaded." You say "Even if the chances of it are low, we have plans for situations like that."
>You see that Eris looks a bit more convinced before she turns back to her breakfast
>"You're right, I'm sorry I brought it up." Eris says as she starts to eat again
"Don't be." You say "Now come on, let's finish up our breakfast and be on our way."
>As you both ate your breakfast you continued to talk with Eris
>About the things she can do when she's on her own
>And about yourself and Anonymous
>Thankfully she wasn't too intrusive with her questions
>Sipping the last of your tea you let out a content sigh
>You've been sitting her for quite some time now as you wait for Eris to finish
>Only because you had a simple breakfast while she had a tower of pancakes
>As Eris finally eats the last of her pancakes she snaps her fingers and a glass of chocolate milk appears
>She down it quickly before wiping her mouth
>"Delicious!" She says
"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Eris." You say "Ready to head out?"
>Eris nods
>"There's just one thing I want to do real quick!" Eris says
"What is it?"
>"Here, stand up." Eris says as she rises from her chair "Oh and stand next to me."
>Obliging her request you get up from your seat and walk up next to her
"So what are we doieee-!?" You say before Eris picks you up
>The next thing you know, you're teleported outside to the training ground
>When you open your eyes, you see Anonymous and his friends staring at you
>"Hey Anon!" Eris says waving to him "We just wanted to tell you not to wait up for us tonight! The girl are back in town!"
>Anonymous and everypony else just stare at you and Eris
>You struggle to break free, but to no avail
"Eris! This is embarrassing!"
>"Yeah! Okay! I'll see you two tonight!" Anonymous says "Now get out of here before I get yelled at!"
>Eris only snickers before you both teleport back to the main hall
>Eris places you down on the floor and you look up at her
"Stop picking me up like that without giving me a warning first!"
>Eris only laughs before you look towards the door
"Let's get going." You say as you both head out into the empire
Bed bump
So what games are we playing tonight Anons?
Ark for Xbone, if it ever lets me on a fucking server. "More servers are coming soon" my ass, 500 servers is not enough damnit
Corruption of Champions.
Haven't played for a while, so decided to pick it up again.
You should try the modded version of it, way better.
Can't get into it for that reason
For the love of fucking god man, it's great when you get in, trust me, but this shit is so fucking rediculous. They added more servers and it was fine for all of three days, now it's back to pre-expansion levels of bullshit. I keep trying to get on 76, and even in the downtime hours there is NEVER an opening to play. Aside from the console-it-fucking-self crashing bugs, the clunky UI, and the shitty servers, it's an alright game. However them adding more servers won't do any good unless they make personally owned servers an option. Fucking pull a battlefield
File: 1427607678833.png (199 KB, 335x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Stepping out onto the streets of the Crystal Empire, Eris smells the air
>"Ah! That fresh morning air!" Eris says with a smile on her face "I've missed this."
>Looking around you see that ponies have already taken notice of Eris
>They're already hiding their children
>This should be interesting
"Come on, Eris."
>She nods and you take the lead
>You might as well start at the residential district
>As you head straight down the road, your citizens try to say hello to you before they run away because of Eris
>It's somewhat humorous
>Eris doesn't seem to mind though
>She's too busy at looking at the sights
>"There are lot more houses than I remember..." Eris says
"A lot of families have appeared since you went to sleep."
>As you come up to the gate leading out into The Frozen Wastes, you stop while Eris looks around
>"So where did this giant wall come from?" Eris says as she look up
>You think back
"Remember when I told you that we were invaded once?" You ask "This wall was the result of it."
>"What happened?" Eris asks
"Changelings." You say "That poor excuse for a Queen and her children sneaked in here and tried to overthrow me."

Maybe I should try again
It's worth it to hop into single player just so you get a feel for how unforgiving the game can be
Im fucking HYPED about Dragons Dogma coming to PC, exactly the kind of game im ithching to play right now.
Pity the wait is 2 more weeks.
>"Whaaaaa?" Eris asks "How did they even get past your guards?"
"They disguised themselves as normal ponies." You say "Back then we weren't so strict on who we let in."
>You think back to that disastrous day
"I should have realized something was wrong a large group of ponies showed up out of the blue."
>You look up at the gate
"I was still so new in running an empire by myself."
>"You can't beat yourself up over that." Eris says "Like you said you were still getting used to running an empire and you were probably being too nice."
>You smile and look up to her
"Thank you, Eris."
>"So what happened next?" Eris asks
"They tried and failed to overthrow me." You say "But not before taking the lives of some of my guards."
>You close your eyes
"I ended up losing it and I unleashed my magic on her children. I think I painted the walls of the throne room green that day." You say "I would have done the same to Chrysalis, but she managed to escape with only two of her children."
>Eris looks surprised
"After that, I had to build this wall and we had to tighten our security." You say "It took years to get it the way it is now."
>Your mind begins to wander back to Chrysalis
"I'd relish the opportunity to get my hooves on their Queen again." You say "To do what I didn't do long ago. And now with the power I hold now, I know I could."
>Eris smiles at you
>"I like this Umbra." She says I don't think I've ever seen you like this."
>You chuckle
"It's all in the past now." You say "Now I have Celestia to worry about."
>"Will she get the same treatment?" Eris asks
"We'll see..." You say with a smile
>Turning back you and Eris make your way over to the market district

Alright I'll try it again

Is Dragons Dogma a good game? I was thinking of getting it.
Will discord be eris's little baby brother?
I consider doing something like that, but I'm not sure how you'd all react.
I'm fine with having them be related in some way.
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Happy New Year everyone!

happy new year
>Entering the market district, you see that more ponies are out and about
>Again the ponies that see Eris stare at her and tend to stay away
>You nod and wave your hoof to them letting them know that she's friendly
>The shopkeepers are also opening their shops as you pass by them
>Looking around for one of the clocks around the empire you see that eight
>"There are a lot more shops too..." Eris says as she looks around "Oh! Is that a candy shop!?"
>You swear she acts just like a child sometimes
>As you head into the market you show Eris around while filling her in on what she's missed
>"So you're saying that after you helped the farmers set up, things started booming around here?" Eris asks
>You nod your head
"It was tricky at first, seeing as how I didn't know anything about farming." You say "But thankfully the farmers walked me through it."
>You look around at all the shops
"And because of it the empire market district flourished." You say "Everything you see here? Most of it comes from the farms."
>"Most?" Eris asks
"Crops are sold to the surrounding business and restaurants." You say "I guarantee anything you eat here has ingredients that have come from the farm."
>Eris looks around before walking over to a stand that is selling an assortment of treats
>Coming up from behind her you see her looking at all the sweets in front of her
>The pony manning the stand looks anxious, but he seems to relax when he sees you
>"These all look delicious!" Eris says "I'll take two of these apple strudels."
"But you just ate..."
>The pony doesn't even ask for bits as he slides Eris's strudels over to her
>She takes a bite out of it and a look of bliss comes on her face
>Smiling you shake your head
"Come on, Eris." You say "Let's continue on."
>Eris nods before following you

Okay so I'm a little tipsy and it took me for ever to proofread this so I think I'm gonna call it a night
Bed bump
File: 1414457802525.png (230 KB, 699x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hope Eris ends up being completely wrong about Discord and in the time she was sealed away discord has greatly surpassed her, similar to how Umbra surpassed Sombra. When Eris inevitably tries bullying Discord into submission it just pisses him off further.

It would be a good situation because it actually gives Anon a necessary role in his own protection (he's been mostly spectating in the past) via him convincing Discord to side with him over the sisters despite his own allegiance with Umbra and by extension Eris.

Plus this new crystal empire's OP as fuck. Umbra and Anon can kick Celly and Lulu's asses no problem already so when Discord was introduced as a new threat it seemed that he would actually be a danger, after all the alicorns never defeated him directly only with the elements, which of course aren't in the empire. But if Umbra can easily defeat Eris who is supposedly superior to Discord then where does it stop? She even defeated Chrysalis ages ago like it was nothing when even Celestia got KO'd by her.
Well, I figured the besy way to stop discord is to make him regret coming to the empire. This seemed like the funniest way.
That is also an excellent point
File: 1421726422299.png (121 KB, 421x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm a lightweight and my head hurts

You have to remember a few things, friend. Umbra can defeat Luna, but not without exhausting herself. When Umbra and Celestia fought, it came down to a stalemate until Luna got involved and that was in dream world. Who knows how crazy it can get in the real world for Umbra AND Celestia. Anon beat Celestia and Luna due to dream magic bullshit which in the real world he can't really do without breaking down from exhaustion because he still a novice with using magic. Chrysalis is only a threat when powered up by love unless you count the comics which at that time she wasn't. I'm still thinking about doing some parts on it. And Eris? Umbra says she "beat her," but I was going to do a few parts based around that fight showing how the fight really turned out.
Are you going to finally get a good PC this year, m8?
Yeah, might as well
page 10 bump
Come on m8, it's time
>Continuing on. you enter the district that holds the park, school, hospital, and guard station
>The restaurants Fazmare's, Teats, and The Stray Mare are also here
>As you come near the school you see the little ones working on their studies
>"So how did the kids react?" Eris asks "When I left..."
>You look over to her to see that she's staring right at the playground
>The little ones loved to play with Eris once they got to know her
>Anything they could imagine, Eris would make it happen
>It also helped that she made candy rain from the sky
"They missed you." You say "They cried and asked me why we fought. After telling them the reason why, they made something for you."
>Eris looks over to you
>"T-They did?" Eris asks
>You nod your head
>"W-Well what was it?" Eris asks
"I'll show when we return to the castle."
>"You kept it? All this time?" Eris asks
"Of course I did. I left it in the most secure room of the castle." You say "In case this day happened."
>Eris smiles at you before looking at the window
>"Do you think these ones would like me?" Eris asks
"I'm sure they would, once they get to know you."
>You notice that at the windows the little ones are looking at you and Eris
>The look of curiosity is on all their face
>The next thing you see is the door opening and Lance's little sister fly out

Also I just realized Discord has also been sealed away for some time too
>"Hi Queen Umbra!" Cynthia says as she carefully flies over to you, her eyes occasionally looking over to Eris
"Hello Cynthia!" You say with a smile "What are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?"
>"Ms. Strive said I could come out here!" Cynthia says before pointing to the window
>She's right, Jillian is watching
>"Everypony wants to know what she is!" Cynthia says looking at Eris
>You find it funny that the little ones want to know more about Eris than the adults do
>You look over to Eris
"Well, Eris?" You say "Why don't you introduce yourself?"
>Eris looks at you with a surprised expression before looking back at Cynthia
>"M-My name is Eris." She says "I'm a draconequus."
>"Eris?" Cynthia asks "Wait, are you the one my brother unsealed?"
>Eris looks over to you
"The pegasi."
>Eris makes an "oh" face before looking back at Cynthia
>"Yes, that's me." Eris says "Are you not afraid of me?"
>Cynthia shakes her head
>"I stopped being afraid of strange creatures after I met Anon!" Cynthia says "Plus you're with Queen Umbra, so you can't be bad!"
>You see a smile form on Eris's face before she holds out her paw
>Cynthia looks at it for a moment before Eris starts to twirl her talon hand above it
>Before you know it a bag stuffed with sweets appears
>Cynthia's eyes go wide as looks at the top of the bag
>"Here cutie, this is for you." Eris says "Think of it as a thank you, for coming out to talk to me."
>"Wow! For real!?" Cynthia asks looking back and forth between Eris and the bag "How'd you do that?!"
>"I can do anything, Cynthia." Eris says "If you want I can come by tomorrow and show you more stuff I can do."
>"Yeah! We can be friends and play games!" Cynthia says "Thank you, Eris!"
>As Cynthia takes her bag she begins to fly back to the classroom
"That was nice of you."
>You see Eris blush
>Waving goodbye to the little ones, you continue on
Bed bump
Damn that's a lot of bumps
There can never be enough bumps!
>Passing by The Stray Mare you look through the window
>You can see the owner, Boss, cleaning some of the glasses while the waitress Erika goes about her work
"And here is where the boys come to eat after a day of work" You say "If you need to find any of them during the afternoon, there's a good chance they'll be here."
>Eris looks through the window
>You see all the customer look at Eris before you see Boss wave to her
>Eris waves back before looking over to you
>"It looks like a nice place to eat." Eris says
"It is, Anonymous asked me to come with him once and we had some delicious pizza here."
>"I do like pizza." Eris says licking her lips
>Smiling you turn and continue on
"Let's go, I don't want you stuffing your face more."
>Eris snickers before floating beside you
>"So where we headed to next?" Eris asks
"To the more high class side of the district."
>"High class?" Eris asks "That wasn't a thing before."
"You're right." You say "It's quite a site to see."
>Continuing on you exit the current district and head into the High End District

Sorry for all the bumps, I just got home
So what is everyone doing tonight?
>tfw playing Zombies while typing
Playing the vidya. Crypt of the necrodancer is great yo
>Entering the High End District your higher class citizens doing their mundane activities
>"Whoa, look at all these fancy ponies." Eris says as she looks around "They're actually wearing clothes."
>Eris doesn't see it, but as you look around you can see the other ponies giving Eris the same dirty looks as they did with Anonymous
>You sigh
>"So what's there to do around here?" Eris asks
"Not much if you don't have the bits." You say "But as long as you're with me we can do something."
>Speaking of which, you need to check on something while you're here
"Let's get moving, Eris."
>Eris nods and follows behind you
>As you walk you continue to show Eris around this part of the empire
>You show her the boutiques, flower shops, the high class restaurants, and everything else
>Besides three spots
"And this is where Anonymous gets his clothes from." You say as you come up to Seth's shop
>Eris looks up at the shop sign
>"I saw you had some dresses and stuff in your closet, do you get them from here too?" Eris asks
>You shake your head
"Some things I get here, but most of the time another rival business beat him to it." You say "They mostly make my formal attire."
>You place a hoof on the door
"But this time I'll let Seth have a chance."
>Opening the door you step inside with Eris
>The bell rings above your head and Seth turns around to face you
>"Welcome! What can I..." Seth stops when he sees you "Oh, Queen Umbra! What brings you to my shop this fine day?"
>He looks at Eris
>"And what is that?!" He says backing up
"This is my friend, Eris." You say "I'm showing her around the empire."
>She waves at him
"She's harmless."
>"Right..." Seth says before looking at you "So what can I do for you?"
"I was wondering if you would make a dress for me?"
>"Yeah I will!" Seth says in an excited tone "Anything to get one up on those bastards form Exotic Apparel!"
>You smile while he pulls out a notepad
>"So you have any idea how you want it to look?" Seth asks "And the colors?"
>You give it some thought
"Something for a romantic evening, maybe little sexy?" You ask with a small blush "Maybe it could show a little leg?"
"As for the color... Can it be black?" You ask "Maybe some red in there as well?"
>"Oooooooh!" Eris says "And who would this be for?"
>You grit your teeth
>She knows who this is for
>"Yeah, I'd like to what this if for." Seth says as he jots down his notes "What's the occasion?"
"Nothing really." You say "Just for a party at The Icy Gem Cavern."
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This thread will be remembered that the one with more bumps then content. Also shows how patient everyone is willing to be for your story rager
That's why I'm going to try posting more often again like four of five parts a day instead of this two or one bullshit. Vidya are too damn distracting sometimes
>"A party? At the Icy Gem Cavern?" Seth asks "My queen, no disrespect, but I don't think you understand how big that is."
>You chuckle
>"Is that place really that good?" Eris asks
>"It's the best restaurant in the empire! They even have some kind of bar in there that serves drinks that can knock you right out" Seth says "You have to know people to get in there or a lot of bits."
>Eris looks intrigued
>"Are you going to show me that place next?" Eris asks
>You nod your head
"After we're done here." You say before looking at Seth "So can you do it?"
>"Can I do it?" Seth says "Oh yeah I can do it! Here, this is what I planned on doing."
>You look at Seth's notepad while he begins to draw
>"So I was thinking I could do a solid black dress with a little slit in the back to show that leg off." Seth says "Nothing as fancy as your festival dress, but stylish enough to make you look beautiful and sexy to that special somepony of yours."
>Seth's horn lights up and he brings a chest over
>He opens it, revealing an assortment of gems
>He looks around the chest before pulling out a small red gem
>"I was also thinking of putting a few of these into the dress." Seth says "They would give your dress a red glow under the right light."
>He looks around his chest
>"I may need to see that Diamond Dog and get more though." He says before looking back to you "So what do you think, my Queen?"
>Looking at the paper you like the way it looks
>And you're sure Anonymous would as well
"I like it." You say "How much do I owe you?"
>Seth pulls out a calculator before he presses the keys
>"Fifteen bits, twenty five if you weren't the Queen." Seth says "When do you need it?"
"I'm in no rush, but the sooner the better." You say "Thank you, Seth."
>"Then I'll get to it." Seth says "Thank you for your business, Queen Umbra."
>Nodding your head you turn to leave and you head back outside
Let the high district be Eris's new home
So Eris likes kids too, huh
>Heading back outside, Eris looks back through the window
>"There's something off about him." Eris says "It feels like he likes to swing both ways."
>You chuckle
"I'm sure he does." You say "He's seen Anonymous's private areas. I could tell he was looking at him... In that way."
>"I like how he gets to see it, but I don't." Eris says
"We needed to get clothing for Anonymous." You say "Otherwise he would be walking around in the nude."
>"Would that have been so bad?" Eris asks with a sly smile
>You smile back at her
"For him, it would."
>Eris giggles and you both continue down the High End District
>After a short walk you come up to your favorite restaurant in this district
"And this is the Emerald Cafe!" You say looking at the sign "I come here whenever I have free time."
>Eris smells the air
>"I smell some delicious food in there!" Eris says "Like cake!"
>She looks through the window
>"Aw, and all the mares are wearing maid outfits." Eris says
>You'll never understand her attractions to those outfits
"They serve a variety of food such as sweets and sandwiches."
>"Are they filled with hay?" Eris asks
>You nod your head and Eris makes a gagging face
>"What about peanut butter and jelly?" Eris asks
You nod your head
"Anyway we can come here sometime when I have free time." You say "Maybe Anonymous can come with us too."
>Eris nods her head and you continue to your next stop
>Walking a short way you come up to a set of double doors leading to the Icy Gem Cavern
>Eris looks at the outside of the building
>"This place looks different from all the other places around here." Eris says "It also feels... Different."
>Looking at the exterior of the building you can see what she means
>The exterior of the building is a cool dark blue
>The window are heavily tinted as to keep ponies on the outside from looking in
>The neon sign they use is currently off, but it's still easy to make out the name
>You smile
>This was one of the more interesting building you built
>The owner himself isn't normal to say the least
>Looking down at the ground you can see the light shafts they use to illuminate the walls during the evening
>Even though they're off right now due to it still being morning, it's a sight to see
>Entering the small tunnel leading to the doors you can already hear the music from inside
>Before you open the door, you turn to face Eris
"I need you to be on your best behavior, Eris." You say "This is a very classy restaurant and we don't need to disturb the patrons."
>Eris rolls her eyes
>"It's not like they can yell at us or throw us out." Eris says "You're the Queen and I'm a Spirit of Chaos."
>You shake your head
"Eris, we need to be respectful of the other ponies."
>Eris sighs
>"Fine. I'll keep my mouth shut then." Eris says
>You smile before turning back to the door
>Pushing them open you and Eris head inside
Christ, this is a hard part to type
Fuck it. I'll get to it first thing tomorrow morning
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File: Icy Gem Cavern 1.jpg (29 KB, 479x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Icy Gem Cavern 1.jpg
29 KB, 479x320
>Entering The Icy Gem Cavern, you immediately feel a chill
>You forget that they like to keep this place cold
>Looking around you see a pony working at a small podium
>Next to the podium you see a blue velvet rope blocking access to the restaurant itself
>The lights shine high a nice cool blue above you
>The sound of music fills the air
>"Good morning, my Queen." The pony at the podium says in a smooth tone before looking at you "What can The Icy Gem Cavern do for you and your... Guest."
>He doesn't seem afraid of Eris
>That's a surprise
"I need to speak with the owner." You say "I want to see if it's okay if I can bring a group of ponies for a medium sized party."
>The pony nods
>"My Queen, you could shut us down and we wouldn't say anything." The pony says "I'm quite certain a party wouldn't be too much trouble."
>"These ponies are really loyal, huh?" Eris says "And they all talk different, all smooth like."
>"Why wouldn't we be loyal?" The pony asks looking at Eris "It's because of our fair Queen that we are allowed to live in peace."
>A smile forms on your face
>"Come with me, my Queen." He says as he gets off his seat "He should be happy to see you."
>His horn lights up a cool blue and he moves the rope for you and Eris to pass
>As he closes it again he takes the lead and you follow him

Fuck that took forever. Sorry about that!
Damn you character limit!

I don't know if that would hit me with inspiration

I don't know what it is, but cheer up, Anon
File: Gates of Hell.png (418 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Gates of Hell.png
418 KB, 600x337
>While you walk with the pony you look over to the stage
>There's a unicorn pony working the piano while the other spots for musicians and DJ booth remain empty
>They're usually all here during the evening
"You see, Eris? There are booths and tables that surround a stage where musicians play." You say "There's also a small dance floor for couples that want to dance."
>Eris sniffs around
>"I can smell that they have some good food here as well." Eris says
>"That is an understatement." The pony leading you to the owner says "Our chefs go above and beyond to create the most exquisite dishes for our guests."
>Eris looks fascinated by everything
>The pony at the piano finishes his song before starting up another one
>"I can see what that pony meant now." Eris says "This place is something else, and you want to have a party here?"
>You nod your head
>You want to bring Anonymous here for a romantic evening
>Lance can bring Ariadne for a little date
>If Biggs and Wedge can find dates they can bring them along
>Or they can go with themselves
>You know Arthas wouldn't come along unless he was forced too
>If Credo hears about this he'll want to come along
>Seems like Eris wants to come along as well
>And it would be nice if Sombra could come along if his body is made
>This party still won't happen for some time
>Getting past the dinning area you see the bar
>Coming up to the bar you see the red glow of his neon sign
>"Sir, Queen Umbra has come to see you." The pony says
>"Well, well. If it isn't my favorite mare in the empire." A deep yet smooth voice says "Finally come to visit me?"
>You take a deep breath
>The pony manning the bar turns around to face you
>You can see the red glow behind his sunglasses before it quickly disappears
>"What brings the Queen of The Empire to the Gates of Tartarus this morning?" He says

These parts were planned by the way
File: 1414204440553.jpg (355 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is Rodin, you fucking casual
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File: rodin-bayonetta-7.jpg (71 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 800x450
>You smile
>The unicorn stallion across from you has a brown coat of fur
>On top of his head his coat has a strange black symbol
>He's also wearing a gray coat and a golden necklace
"Hello, Rodin. How have you been?"
>He shoots you a smile
>"I've been good, real good." Rodin says "Even better now that the oh so beautiful Queen Umbra is in my presence. Here let me get you both a drink."
>You see his horn light up a dark red and a very fancy looking bottle comes to him
>He lifts two martini glasses and puts them on the bar top
>"Gates of Tartarus?" Eris says "I thought this place was called The Icy Gem Cavern."
>Rodin turns to face her as he continues to make your drinks
>"Ponies are easy to scare." Rodin says "You should know that by now, Draconequus."
>Eris looks surprised
>"You know what I am?" Eris asks "My name is Eris, by the way."
>"Why wouldn't I? I've seen a lot of strange things in this crazy world of ours." He says before staring at Eris
>Eris stares deep into the sunglasses before backing up
>"You're more than just a pony, aren't you?" Eris asks
>Rodin only chuckles before lighting his cigar with his horn
>"Anyway I call this place The Icy Gem Cavern because of the dining and entertainment over there." He says returning to your drinks "And to not scare ponies away. It's bad for business"
>He runs a hoof along the counter
>"The bar on the other hoof, is my baby." Rodin continue "She's the real gem hidden away in the cavern."
>He begins pouring your drinks
>"So, Queen Umbra..." He says as he finishes pouring the red liquid into your glasses "Business or pleasure this time?"
>He pulls out a jar filled with cherries before taking two out and placing them in your drinks
>You smile before taking your glass
"Business, as always." You say "Besides, I have a special somepony now."
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I really want to play Bayonetta... for unrelated purposes of course.
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I'm trying to type, but this is me at the moment
Drink some booze m8
>Rodin smiles and looks around
>"Speaking of which, where is he?" Rodin asks "I want to meet the lucky bastard."
>You take a sip of your drink
>The taste of cherry cider is strong, but delicious none the less
"He's off training right now." You say as you stir your drink with the cherry "Why do you want to meet him again?"
>"I just want to congratulate him on stealing you from every stallion in the empire." He says "Myself included."
>You shoot him an amused look before rolling your eyes
>"Did you two have something before?" Eris asks as she smells here drink
>You quickly shake your head
"No. He's just a friend." You say "This is just how he usually acts towards me."
>"I'm only having fun with her." Rodin says "We keep it strictly professional."
>Eris shrugs before she takes a sip from her drink
>"Tasty!" She says
>You smile before looking back to Rodin
>"So what business do you want conduct today?" Rodin asks
"I want to know if I can have a party here during the evening." You say "For my beloved and his friends."
>Rodin stares at you for a moment before pulling out a book
>"A party for your coltfriend and his buddies?" Rodin says "Yeah I can do that for you. When do you want to do that?"
"Sometime during the week? Maybe in three days?"
>Rodin writes it down in the book before looking up at you
>"Consider it done." Rodin says "I'll see you and that stallion of yours in three days."
>You smile before finishing your drink
>Biting the cherry off the stem you place the glass back down
"Thank you, Rodin." You say nodding your head "We'll be on our way."
>As you and Eris turn to leave, you hear Rodin call out
>"Come back real soon!" He says
>Heading towards the exit, you head back outside

Why is that your answer to everything?
why wouldn't it
>Once you've returned outside with Eris, she turns to look at you
>"So what is he exactly?" She asks "He's obviously not a normal pony."
>You smile
"Let's just say he's not from around here." You say as you think back to your brother
>Sombra should recognize him if he remembers your adventures
>You should bring him here when he returns
"Now come on, we have one last district to get to. And really there's not much left to see."
>Leading the way you take Eris to the last part of the empire
>Where the farms and dungeon are located
>There really isn't much to show so it goes by quick
>"This has been fun." Eris says as you both take a seat on a bench "It's crazy to see how much this place has changed."
>Even though Eris has been testing your patience with Anonymous, you'll admit that this has been an enjoyable morning
>"Hey look! It's Anon!" Eris says pointing off to the distance
>Looking over, you indeed see Anonymous and his friends running along the wall
>They look like they're racing
>Anonymous looks exhausted
>Just how long have they been running?
>You best not disturb him
>You look up to the sky
>It's about noon
>"Eris, how about we go get lunch at the Emerald Cafe?"
>Eris smiles and nods before you both get up and head back to the High End District

Wow I haven't had to brute force a part in a while
Anyway signing off
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>After seeing the last of the empire with Eris, you returned to the Emerald Cafe to have a nice lunch with Eris
>You both shared a delicious strawberry cake as you and Eris talked about things like Anonymous and his friends
>When you and Eris were finally left alone you started to talk about other things
>Like Celestia...
>"Wow, Umbra. I didn't expect that kind of thing from you." Eris says "You still want to go through with it?"
"After everything she's done to myself and Anonymous? Yes. I do want to make her watch." You say "It's the icing on the cake."
>Eris laughs before taking another bite of her cake
>"What if Anon doesn't want that?" Eris asks "I mean I don't think he could go through with that, she is his ex after all. And he's too nice."
>You take a sip of your tea
"If Anonymous doesn't want to, then we won't." You says "I won't force him to do anything just because I want to boast to Celestia that I won."
>Eris smiles and you both return to your lunch
>After finishing your lunch you and Eris both head back to the castle
>It's a nice walk home as ponies are starting to become less afraid of Eris
>When you finally return home you are welcome by Ariadne
>"Your room is all clean now, Lady Umbra." Ariadne says in a tired tone "Tell Anon I said no more naughty business."
>You always feel bad when Ariadne has to clean up yours and Anonymous... Mess
>But when you and Anonymous get into it, it' difficult to stop
>You and Eris chuckle before you give Ariadne a hug
"Thank you, Ariadne." You say "You can take the rest of the day off."
>Ariadne smiles before walking towards the kitchen
>"I need something to eat." Ariadne says
>Looking up at Eris, you motion her to follow you
>You figure now is the best time to show her what the little ones left her
>Eris looks confused for a moment before she realize what you want
>"Oh yeah let's go!" Eris says as she begins to push you down the hall
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So are you guys playing anything good tonight?
"Eris! Get your hands off my butt!"
>Eris smiles at you
>"But you like it when Anon grabs your butt!" Eris says "At least that's what it looked like this morning."
>Looking over to your right you see two of your guards
>They're looking towards the ground
>They're hearing everything!
>"Your face is all red!" Eris says "It's not like they didn't hear you this morning with that scream."
>You grit your teeth before taking off down the hall in embarrassment
>Eris is not far behind you
>Damn her!
>Part of you doesn't even want to help her anymore!
>But you know she's just teasing you
>Coming up to the doors that lead to the chamber of the Crystal Tree, your guards get into a defensive position
>"My Queen?! What's wrong?!" A guard asks "Has something happened?"
>Coming to a halt, you shake your head
"It's a long story."
>"Umbra, wait up!" You hear Eris call out
>Looking back you see her float over to you
"I need to get something from the chamber." You say "I'll be right out."
>The guards look at Eris before nodding their heads
"Eris, just wait here." You say "I'll be out in a moment."
>Eris nods her head
>Opening the doors, you head inside
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I'm typing, but Smite Esports so uh yeah sorry
You watching or playing?
File: a55.png (84 KB, 406x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 406x314
>Entering the chamber you let out a sigh
>"So you guys heard her scream, right?" Eris says no doubt to your guards
>Shaking your head you walk over to the tree
>It shines bright while emitting a low humming noise
>Placing your hoof on the tree you close your eyes
>You wonder what Arthas is doing
>As the image comes into focus it looks like Arthas is spinning around
>It looks like he just bucked someone
>As he turns around you see Anonymous face down in the snow
>You can also see his friends
>They all look beat up
>"Sloppy!" Arthas says "Get up! You all can do better than that!"
>You see Anonymous struggle to get up
>He balls his hand into a fist before slamming it down into the snow
>When he looks up, you smile when you see the look of determination on his face
"Good luck, dear."
>Opening your eyes, your horn lights up
>Looking over to the wall you see a small part of it open up
>You had place the letter the little ones left Eris in there
>Walking over to it you grab the letter and the card from this makeshift safe
>Looking down at it, you smile at the colorful drawings on the card
>You really wonder what the little ones wrote to her
>Closing up the spot again you had back out towards the door

Watching and learning
bed bump
What about the booze?
By booze you mean water?
No, I mean alcohol
>Opening the doors you step back outside
>"Is that it!?" Eris asks as she rushes up to you "Gimme!"
>You nod your head
"Not here, Eris." You say "Come on, let's head back to my study."
>Eris quickly nods her head and you both head back to the main hall
>On your way down the hall you see two guards passing by
>"I'm really glad I'm not those guys." One says "The captain is pretty much torturing them now."
>"He's just training them to be the best." The other one says
>As they pass by, Eris speaks up
>"I wonder if Anon will make it back to the room tonight..." She says
"If he doesn't I'll just have to go get him." You say "I can't sleep without him."
>Eris smiles at you before you continue down the hall
>When you reach the main hall you proceed to head towards and up the stairs
>Reaching the top floor you head over to the door on the right
>Opening up the door you step inside
>You let out a sigh of relief before Eris pokes you
>"Umbra, come on!" Eris says "Let me see it!"
"Okay, okay!" You say "Here."
>Handing her the card and the letter, you take a seat on the cushions around the floor
>You should have brought Sombra's journal to read
>Maybe you'll go grab it right now
>Shaking your head you see that Eris is still staring at the card
>She looks as if she doesn't know what to do
"Go ahead, Eris." You say "Take your time."
But I'm a lightweight!
Doesn't matter
>Eris looks over to you before looking down to the card
>She lets it float next to her before opening up the letter
>This should be interesting
>"Hi Eris! It's me Blossom!" Eris says "If your reading this, that means Queen Umbra woke you up!"
>Eris looks over to you
>"I knew she'd be the one to write the letter." Eris says with a smile on her face
>Blossom was her favorite
>You smile and she looks back to the letter
>"We wanted to do something for you since you had to go away." Eris continues to read he voice getting quieter "Queen Umbra told us what happened."
>That was not a fun day for you
>You remember you had to calm down the little ones after they broke down in tears
>They really loved Eris
>"We were sad to hear that you and Queen Umbra got into a fight..." Eris says "We don't really understand why, but we hope you both make up by the time you read this."
>The smile on her face has completely disappeared
>"We made you this card, as a thank you for all the fun times you brought us!" Eris continues "And if we aren't there anymore, don't be sad. Just know that you made school more fun for us!"
>Eris fold the letter before opening up the card
>no image
>Curiosity gets the better of you and you get up
>You really want to know what's in that card
>Walking up behind Eris you stand up to get a look
>What you see is crudely drawn images of Eris and the little ones surrounding her
>Above it the words "Thank you, Eris!" and "We'll miss you!" are scribbled in crayon along with the little ones signatures
>It's tugging on your heart strings
>Eris stares at the card, a sad smile etched on her face
>"They really did miss me..." Eris says "T-They're all gone now..."
"I'm afraid so..."
>You feel bad for her
>Besides you the little ones were her only friends in the empire
>You can see small tears form in the corner of her eyes
>Is she... Crying?
>There's no way
>Eris notices you looking at her and quickly turns around
>"I'm not crying!" She says sadness clearly in her voice "Something just flew into my eye!"
>A soft smile forms on your face
>You place a hoof on her back
"It's okay, Eris." You say "You can let it out."
>Eris hesitates for a moment before finally letting the tears flow

How will I proofread?

With more booze, also, tell me nigga when are you getting that PC? Or at least a decent laptop, I mean my fucking 4 year old laptop can run MGSV
Soon as I grab a job
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Just work at your local wal mart m8
Muh heart
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All those kids that Eris couldn't /ss/ with
Shut your disgusting mouth you piece of shit. This is a nice story. Pedophiles like you are why I usually don't come to this site.
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Oh fuck off m8, I get you are new but you don't have to be this idiotic
>You never thought you would see the day
>The Draconequus that constantly teases you and your beloved
>The same one that hardly lets anything get to her...
>Has finally broken down in tears in front of you
>As she sobs on the floor, you grab the card and letter and place them to the side
>Sitting down right next to Eris, you try to console her
"Just let it all out." You say "We all need a good cry sometimes."
>You smile
>You sound like Anonymous did when he first told you about your brother
>While Eris continues to sob you continue to be there for her
>She just needs her friend to be here with her
"Look at the positives, Eris. They're are new little ones you can befriend." You say "You made a good impression on Cynthia already."
>Eris wipes the tears away before looking at you
>"Y-Yeah, you're right." Eris says still sniffling "I can make their school days better."
"That's the spirit!" You say with a smile "Just don't make anymore giant cookie monsters, okay?"
>Eris give you a weak giggle
>"Come on, that was a fun day!" Eris says "Besides, after you blew it up everypony ate the pieces!"
>That was really dark now that you think about it
>You're snapped out of your thoughts when Eris nuzzles her cheek to yours
>"Thank you, Umbra. For showing me this card and letter." Eris says "I don't know how to make it up to you."
>You nuzzle back
"You don't need to do anything, Eris."
>Eris shakes her head
>"If you want I can turn Anon into a stallion for a night." Eris says "Then again he wouldn't last too long in bed..."
>Back to this we go
>You laugh before shaking your head
"It's fine, Eris."
>"Well, I could turn you into a human." Eris says "For just a night or whenever you want."

I knew someone was gonna make this joke
No need to get aggressive, I just wanted you to show some respect to the author and everyone else reading this story. I'm sure the vast majority of us agree that we don't want to see repulsive comments like yours.
File: 1445283516489.gif (1 MB, 321x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 321x240
Why hello, tumblr. How nice of you to drop by.
File: 1355296038302.jpg (87 KB, 401x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 401x349
Where do you think you are? We make those jokes all the time
File: 1387096738901.jpg (317 KB, 1000x1094) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317 KB, 1000x1094
>"Well, I could turn you into a human." Eris says "For just a night or whenever you want."
>Do you like the human me anon?
Human Umbra would be interesting
Something came up and I had go do something. I'm sorry about the one part today and I'll make it up tomorrow with a few more parts.

Maybe the not canon clop
File: 1422439977298.jpg (45 KB, 500x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 500x371
>Maybe the not canon clop
>You're ears perk up at that
>Would Anonymous enjoy that?
>It is you after all and he loves you
>You're also curious to know what you'd look like
>You're sure you would look fantastic of course
>You just want to see what human you would look like
>You look at Eris only to see a smile on her face
>"That got your attention huh?" Eris asks "I can do it for you if you want. Then you and Anon can have a pretty exciting night."
"H-How long would I be a human?"
>"I told you, about a night." Eris says with a smile "Is this messing with your ability to think?"
>You start to collect your thoughts
>I-It could be fun
>And it would be a new experience for you
"B-But we don't even know the anatomy of a female human!"
>Are you seriously considering this?!
>"I'm sure your marehood stays between your legs" Eris says "And it's not like we can't just ask Anon! I'll ask him tonight!"
>You feel your cheeks get warm
>This feels so weird to talk about
"Eris, w-wait!" You say "I need to think about this!"
>Eris give you a blank stare before nodding her head
>"Okay." She says "I'm still gonna ask Anon about it though."
>You go to say something, but before you can Eris looks over to the door
>You look as well
>There's nothing there nor is anything happening
>She shakes her head before looking at you
>"It's nothing, I was just thinking of doing something." Eris says
>You raise an eyebrow at her before she nuzzles you cheek again
>"Don't worry about it." Eris says "So what do we do now?"

Okay I'll be back in a bit, family wants me to come over so I can eat with them
Is Umbra going to turn into Bayonetta for a night?
>you will never fuck bayonetta and sit back and let her give you a foot job from across the room with her long legs
why live
File: 1431396476992.gif (374 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 1200x900
We'll see

I really hope that Discord BTFO Eris, but ultimately decides to not say nothing because lol I got something better
>You are Non-Canon Anon
>Yeah that makes sense!
>Anything can happen here! Even Futa Ariadne!
>Currently you're laying in the Non-Canon bed as Non-Canon Umbra and Non-Cannon Eris argue above you
>"Eris, I said no!" Umbra yells "Anonymous is my lover!"
>"Just this one time!" Eris says "Come on, look! Anon wants it!"
>Looking down you see your half chub
>Fuck you, dick
>The idea of a threesome between You, Umbra, and Eris is kinda exciting though
>And fuck you too, you perverted brain
>You look over to Umbra
>"Anonymous?" Umbra asks slight worry in her eyes "What do you want to do?"
>You go to say something before you let out a moan of pleasure
>"Isn't it obvious?" Eris says as she grab your dick "He wants to do us!"
>You blush before Umbra tries to bite Eris
>Holy shit! Watch the teeth!
>As Umbra pulls away, you let out a sigh of relief
>That was almost GJ for Anon Jr.
"W-Watch it, Umbra!" You say "Don't want to harm my friend here, now do you?"
>Umbra looks at you
>"I'm sorry, my love." Umbra says "I just-"
>"Anon, help me!" Eris says
"With wha-?!"
>Eris plants her lips on Umbra before putting her hand behind her head
>Umbra's eyes widen as she tries to resist Eris by pulling away
>You see that while Umbra is struggling it leaves you a clear view of her marehood
>God damn it looks tasty!
>With all the shit that's going on it feels like Anon Jr. is trying to break out of the prison known as your pants
>You really hope Umbra doesn't get mad at you for this
>Ah fuck it you'll be back to Canon Anon before you know it!
>So long as the author gets his shit together and stops spending all his time on Smite and Black Ops 3
>Anyway there's a beautiful marehood that needs your attention and you're feeling hungry

Okay Non-Canon clop comes tomorrow!
Bed Bump
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