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Marital Problems Thread #32
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Fucking dead edition.

Previous thread: >>25772468

The premise of this thread can cover a multitude of issues. Maybe you and your wife are fighting over something insignificant. Maybe the spark just isn't there anymore. Either side is welcome to have issues with the other.

If cu.ckoldry is your thing, this isn't your thread.

New content is welcome, and discussion encouraged.

Pastebin of previous threads and current stories thus far: http://pastebin.com/ARKY1Kny

Featured Stories:
MnM's A Lust For Revenge - http://pastebin.com/z0zhWzkL
MnM's Twilight's Return (Neglected Anon sequel) - http://pastebin.com/eUXHT07S
Jeff Mango's Mrs Cake - http://pastebin.com/tgJg0HUJ (back from the dead)
Loki's Prince Anon & Young Celestia - http://pastebin.com/ML51EaaS
Without_Aname's Twilight's Secret Pt. 2 - http://pastebin.com/qdN0mAxX
Fife's Two Sides of the Same Coin - http://pastebin.com/1hJfr9Qs
Lefty's Pinkie loves more - https://pastebin.com/NW77DG4A
TLA's Tilelover Anon - http://pastebin.com/czSAW2hM

Pastebin for aspiring writers (general concepts and techniques):

Took over for OP this time around because he was kill.

I won't have anything ready to be posted for a couple hours due to work. Will get a couple updates out before I go to bed.
Why didn't you take the hint?
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Because I want to finish writing my shit before I let the thread die, m8.
how about you finish writing and wait for the next thread you dumb fuck?
i hope you fall down a flight of stairs then like the retarded child you are.
You too m8. (^:
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People shouldn't even bother trying to fuck with MnM, motherfucker is a rock
Applejack green guy here.

Fuck, I guess I need a pastebin now, don't I?
Decided I'm going to jump back and forth between Twilight's Return and A Lust For Revenge every other update so neither dies and I don't get rusty. I should have an update for both out before I go to bed.

Basically. It's usually a good idea to make a pastebin once a thread reaches around 400 posts so you can make sure it ends up in the next OP.
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FUCK! It died.

Also Waiting for Without.
Damn right.
>Having been thrown out of the bathroom by your wife, you decided to return to the living room, plop down on your couch, and drink your beer.
>As you finished off your first bottle and prepared to get a second one, you heard the sound of your wife’s hooves clopping against the hard wooden floor as she walked up behind you.
>Perking up immediately at the sound, you turned around to greet her.
“Ready to g-”
>You stopped, being rendered speechless as you took in your wife’s form.
>She was wearing that same dress that she wore on what turned out being your first date.
>That purple dress, adorned in similarly colored gemstones that shined beautifully in the light, that clung to all her curves perfectly.
>It actually managed to accent just how amazing Lyra’s plot looked.
>To put it simply, she looked stunning.
>A teasing smirk crossed her muzzle as she eyed down your speechless form.
>She did a little twirl, before facing away from you, shaking her rump at you playfully.
>”Like it~?”
>Regaining some control of your motor skills, you nodded.
“You look as gorgeous as ever, Lyra.”
>She beamed at you in response to your compliment, as she trotted up to you and nuzzled you with copious amounts of affection.
>”Thanks Anon!”
>She pecked you on the cheek, before she trotted around the couch and standing before you with a goofy grin.
>Her horn lit up as she grabbed a familiar golden necklace with her telekinesis and hovered it over to you.
>”Mind helping me put this on?”
>You nodded, flashing the mare a grin as you grabbed the necklace out of the air.
“Of course I don’t mind.”
>Your wife giggled, before jumping up into your lap, facing you with the same goofy grin you fell in love with spread across her muzzle.
>She didn’t need you to put it on, obviously. She could easily put it on using her telekinesis.
>But she loved it when you did it, and you had to admit, you loved this little ritual as well.
>It always brought you back to when you bought it, wrapping it around the neck of your speechless, extremely flustered wife.
>It was just one of the many tokens of gratitude you have bestowed upon Lyra in return for the many months she looked out for you, but this one was easily the most special.
>You felt your smile widen as you wrapped the golden, emerald encrusted necklace around the unicorn’s neck, clipping the two ends together with ease.
>As soon as your hands retreated, the mare in your lap flashed you a grateful grin, before rewarding you with a quick kiss on the lips.
>She hopped out of your lap, much to your disappointment, and motioned towards the front door.
>”Come on, we have half an hour to get to the palace garden, and I’d much rather not have to use the ‘fashionably late’ excuse.”
>You chuckled softly, before rising from the couch, tossing your empty beer bottle into the recycling bin across the room.
"Right, let's get going."
>You made your way towards the front door, opening it for your companion.
>She shot you a quick smile as she trotted past you, coming to a stop just outside.
>You walked outside after her, closing and locking the door behind you, before making your way towards the elevator, your wife in tow.
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I'm really scared how you're going to make Twilight come back into this story.
Be very scared.
>I find writing anything romantic immensely difficult because all it does it remind me of my own failed relationships, so getting back into it after getting used to it is kind of a pain in the ass.
M8, that's deep.
Also, Twilight's punishment must be hard, if she ruins Lyra's life.
Are you still doing lust for revenge?
See >>25848360

Working on the next update now.
>You are Starlight Glimmer.
>You felt your heart racing as you and Anonymous held each, the water cascading on the two of you, washing away all that had built up on your bodies over the past day.
>You felt… something, staring into the man’s emerald eyes.
>Something you hadn’t felt before, not even when you were still friends with Sunburst.
>For years, your heart was cold, only being warmed by your fiery lust for vengeance.
>But now… you felt something else defrosting your icy heart.
>Was it… was it love?
>Is this what love feels like?
>The butterflies in your stomach seemed dance even wilder as you thought about the possible meaning behind the way you were feeling.
>You didn’t know if this was love or not.
>But maybe the man who held you ever so tenderly did.
>He perked up at the sound of your voice.
>You felt that warm feeling in your chest intensify as his tired eyes fell upon your form.
>”What’s up, Star?”
>You didn’t know or understand why, but you became oddly flustered when he called you that.
“Can I… can I ask you a question?”
>He raised a curious brow at your words, before nodding.
>You took a moment to try and regain your composure (you failed, of course), before opening your mouth to speak.
“What does being in love feel like?”
>A look of surprise and confusion crossed the man’s face.
>”What does love… uh… that’s a new one.”
>One of his hands were pulled away from your body as he scratched the back of his head with it, thinking over your question.
>”It’s kind of a pain in the ass to explain, to be honest,” he stated with a shrug.
>You lay your chin on Anon’s bare chest, looking up at him with a smile.
“I’ve got time, Anon.”
>He blinked, before shooting you a pleasant grin.
>”When you’re in love… it feels like there are butterflies in your stomach every time you’re with the per- err, pony you adore. It feels like your heart is going to melt from the warm feelings in your chest. All you can think about is that pony. All you wanna do is be with that pony.”
>His smile faltered slightly, as a solemn expression replacing his previously pleasant one.
>”...I used to know what that felt like…”
>You grimaced as you could see the pain in his eyes return.
>You didn’t intend to bring up any painful memories.
>Looking back though… you should’ve probably seen it affecting him when you asked.
>Wanting to comfort your friend, you sat up, wrapping your hooves around his neck, and pulling him into a tight hug.
>His features seemed to soften as soon as you embraced him.
>A small sigh of content escaped his lips.
>”Sorry… it’s still fresh in my mind... “
>You nodded, understanding.
>Not even a lust for revenge as fiery as the one Anon harbored could stop the feelings of betrayal from creeping up on him.
>Even demons feel pain.
“It’s alright, Anon…” you coo’d softly into his ear.
>The two of you stayed like that for a while, holding each other, taking comfort in the presence of the other.
>Once you felt that Anon had enough time to cheer up, you opened your mouth to speak.
“I have another question…”
“Do you… do you think love can bloom… even on a battlefield?”
>You cringed internally at how corny that came out, but the human that held you didn’t seem to notice.
>”Yeah… I do.”
>You felt an intense shiver shoot down your spine as he ran his fingers down your side as he caressed you, continuing to speak as he did so.
>”I think at any time, at any place, people and ponies can fall in love with each other.”
>You could feel that fire in your heart grow stronger at his words.
>This WAS love, wasn’t it?
>You couldn’t help but smile as you came to the realization.
>A couple days ago, you couldn’t even see yourself making another friend, ever.
>And now… here you were, apparently falling for the second friend you’ve ever made.
>You didn’t know if it was the way he had taken care of you in the Everfree that made you feel this way, or the bond that had been forged by blood between the two of you on the field of battle.
>But what you did know, was that at some point during your journey to Manehattan, you had fallen for the human.
>You couldn’t help but crack a grin at this chain of events.
>Your ears perked up as Anon’s voice brought you back to reality.
>He was sitting there, examining you with a worried expression.
>”Are you alright?”
>You shot your friend a reassuring grin, before you leaned in, nuzzling the man’s cheek with affection.
“Don’t worry, Anon. I’m fine. In fact, I’m better than alright.”
>You leaned back just slightly, getting face to face with him as you continued.
“And it’s all thanks to you~”
>You glanced down at Anon’s lips with a deep sense of longing filling your very being.
>You’ve kissed your fair share of ponies, having had to seduce your fair share of stallions and mares during your quest to make everypony equal.
>You even kissed Anon the previous day, when you had attempted to seduce him for your own means and ends.
>But… you had never actually kissed anybody out of love.
>You supposed that there was a first time for everything.
>Setting aside your hesitation, you pressed forward, interlocking your lips with Anonymous’s.
You are leaving me with a phantom pain here, m8. I need that next piece.
Any pinkie stories?
One, but it's just a shortie, look for ActuallyMarriedPone in the OP pastebin, it's in his pastebin.
Oh, I forgot, there is actually one going on, but I don't know if the writefag is here.
It's in the the OP.
I can't enjoy this because at the same time Flash fucking the purple cunt.
Anon, just make your dreams come true and do it now
Such lust for your green, based MnM
So, what is Anon's callsign?
probably not at THIS moment
File: threat.png (3 KB, 93x15) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is that a THREAT, sir?!
F-fine. I'll post it when I get done with my next update.
>it's twilight's turn to be the alcoholic
File: full.png (130 KB, 908x509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Anon's will never find me!
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But soon enough he will again.
And Twilight will like it.
And they both will be happy.
While Anon suffers.
come back you faggot, we need your green.
>Best pone is coming.
Why do you hate us, senpai?
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Holy hell, what the fuck.

Once we got back on the tracks the thread died prematurely? What the fuck?
The reason is that we have no green
We have greens, what we need is more Anons
Filly spammers. They killed the Homecoming Anon thread too I think, but at least it was finished.
B-but we have some good greens here...

O-oh. Well, then, um, that's weird. How did Homecoming Anon finish? I've lost attention after Anon was bitching for being 'raped'.
You've got a lot to catch up on namefriend. Assuming you care for the story's ending.
Oh. I barely find time to check this and Tsundere thread on semi-daily basis. I can't affort anything more these days, and I doubt it can be helped in the future. It's good to know that the fag hasn't abandoned the story, but just... finished it.
>You are Anonymous.
>Your tired eyes widened in shock as you felt Starlight’s moist lips brush against yours.
>You almost shoved her off you like you did the last time she did this.
>Something was different.
>The last time Starlight kissed you, it was forceful and desperate.
>It was plain as day she just wanted a quick rut, and you were not looking for that.
>But… this time, it was nothing like that.
>Her kiss was soft, sensual.
>It actually felt like there was something behind it.
>It felt… natural. Right, even.
>She pulled away from you a few seconds later, an apologetic, bashful smile crossing her muzzle as she eyed you down.
>”Sorry… I… I don’t know what came over me.”
>Her face turned beet red as she looked away from you with a shameful look on her face.
>You brought your fingers up to your mouth, rubbing at the lingering feeling of Starlight lips against yours.
>You expected her to try to and seduce you again.
>You knew exactly what you’d feel and how you’d react if she did.
>But… this wasn’t seduction.
>You thought back to her questions before she kissed you.
>She seemed pretty interested in the concept of love.
>It was pretty easy to put two and two together.
>You turned your attention back to the mare sitting in your lap, who was still unable to meet your eyes.
“It’s alright, really…”
>Starlight flinched as you grasped her chin, gently moving her head so you could be face to face with her.
>She eyed you with a confused expression.
>You remembered what you said as you stared into the mare’s persian eyes.
>Love could bloom, any time, any place.
>Even on the field of battle.
>The two of you had become bonded by blood over the events of the past couple days.
>Maybe that bond was stronger than you realized.
>Maybe you too had found love on the battlefield.
>”Anon, is everything alright?”
>Starlight’s words of concern brought you back to reality as she continued, that apologetic, shameful look not going away.
>”L-look, I’m sorry, I-”
>You didn’t give her a chance to finish her sentence.
>You closed what little distance there was between the two of you and pressed your lips against hers.
>You heard a silent squeak of surprise emanate from the mare, but Starlight was quick to reciprocate your kiss, her embrace tightening as she did so.
>You could feel your heart flutter as you returned her embrace.
>For a few heavenly, peaceful moments, the two of you held your positions, sharing a soft, sensual kiss.
>Eventually, Starlight pulled away from you, a pleasant smile on her face as she eyed you down, speaking in a sing-song voice.
>”I think I understand what loves feels like now, Anon~”
File: 1432172623113.gif (1 MB, 680x772) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 680x772
This part makes me feel happy, MnM, thank you.
Feels like I wrote myself into a corner on the AJ green. I'll see what I can do about another update, but this could take a while.
Take your time. We'll be here.
>You are Prince Blueblood.
>You sigh with annoyance, looking down at your watch for the millionth time to see just how late your friend was.
>You should hardly be surprised that Anonymous was late, as him being fashionably late was pretty routine.
>Still, you had expected better this time around.
>He and his wife were the guests of honor, after all.
>Looking up from your watch, you spotted the human and his unicorn wife watching up the road towards you.
>As he waved cheerfully at you, you noted that he carried what appeared to be a twelve pack of beer in his other hand.
>Typical Anonymous.
>You thought he would’ve dropped the whole alcoholism thing after finding his muse, but, you guessed now.
>As the two of them approached them, you gave them a harsh glare.
“Late again, Anonymous?”
>A cocky smirk crossed his face as he took in your words.
>”I always love being fashionably late, you know this.”
>You rolled your eyes at his comment.
“You’re the guest of honor, you buffoon… you should make a point to be on time, for once.”
>He shrugged, before motioning to the beer he was carrying.
>”I had to grab something first. It’s polite to contribute booze to parties you get invited to.”
“Uh huh…”
>You shifted your gaze to his wife, Lyra, and raised a curious brow at her.
“You told him that this wasn’t THAT kind of party, right?”
>She shot you a reassuring grin.
>”Of course I did. You know how my husband is.”
>She giggled at Anonymous’s protesting, before hitting him playfully in the side.
>”Quiet, you know it’s true.”
>The human shrugged, before giving you his attention once more.
>”So, shall we?”
>You nodded, motioning the two of them towards the palace garden.
“Right this way.”
Mayor Zero pone is the best bro.
I have this bad feeling Anon is about to fuck up hard.
beginning going to be a little jarring as it was suppose to with my last post

>Really the only reason you didn’t say yes was because of what happen the last time Twilight and Lilac was in the same room together, your still footing that bill.
>”Alright just be careful and don’t pass out on the street okay” her concern apparent in both voice and body.
>With a nod you bend down to kiss her forehead and open the door to start the long journey toward Friendship Castle.
>You are Twilight Sparkle and today is wonderful day to be alive.
>Celestia’s radiant sunlight fills your room with a comforting warmth comparable to when you stand next to her.
>Stretching your limbs and forcing out one last yawn from your lungs, as the door to your room opens.
>Spike peeks his head around the door, when he notices that you are awake, a smile appears on his face while he waves a claw.
>”Good morning Twi, it’s about time you woke up.”
“Good morning Spike” ignoring his remark on how you slept in.
>”Alright don’t give a reason on why you could sleep through an earthquake today”
“Ha, ha very funny Spike lets ignore all the times you slept in through earthquakes over the years shall we.
>”Ah she returning fire, duck for cover!” Spike says as he throws his arms in front of his face.
>Smiling at his antics, you get out of bed, and use your magic to fix it.
>”Alright now that our morning banter is over with, do you want for lunch?”
>Remembering that you promise Fluttershy and Rarity the three of you would met up for lunch, you opted for a light snack.
“Hmm tell the caretakers that I’m eating out, but I’ll have a blue berry muffin, green tea, and the morning paper.
>Spike raises his claw and forming a ok he slides behind the and closes it
M8, you are back, please continue.
Also, did you riked the new Star Wars?

Well it's official now. Going with a working title of "I Didn't Marry a Horse". Brownie points to anybody who knows what my namefag nametag is from.

>Not that you had any experience with basic meteorology, you would guess it was just after noon by the time you and Applejack had pulled yourselves together and headed outside
>Standing there, gawking at the sky like a fool, you remembered the watch you'd pocketed during the wedding
>Fruitlessly, you checked the pockets on the jeans you had since accommodated yourself with
>Ah, right
>It would be in your suit
>Couldn't blame yourself for trying, could you?
>No, you really, really could
>With a cough, you cross your arms and begin considering your options
>You have several days to kill in a world you still know barely anything about
>A world containing incredibly coincidental parallels to your wife and her family, but few others of any familiarity to you
>Twilight may have been vaguely so, but you were certain you would have remembered meeting a genuine princess at some point in your life
>That nerdy shut-in from your prep school days?
>Nah, there's no way that could've been her
>Beyond that, there was also the matter of steady work, just in case Twilight's errand proved unsuccessful and your stay was extended indefinitely
>You had no plans to just sit around and leech off the hard work of Applejack's kin, no matter what they might say about supporting you as their newest family member
"Hey, AJ?"
>The mare's ears perk up
>The improvement of her condition from minutes ago inside the castle had been arguable at best
>She'd planted herself on the ground, gazing dazedly off into the distance until you spoke
>She was looking you straight in the eyes now, an oddly hopeful smile widening across her lips
>"Yeah, darlin'?"
>Well that was an odd response
>What brought this on?
"Uh, I was just wondering what "I" did for steady work around here."
>That hopeful smile disappeared just as quickly as it came, her gaze directed towards the dirt below her
>"Oh... Uh, well, ya worked on the farm. With us. With me..."
>Shit, was it something you said?
>What did you say again?
>It wasn't anything weird, was it?
"Hey, did I say something wrong?"
>She shakes her head slowly
>"Sorry, it's jus' that you, uh, only started callin' me 'AJ' after we were already datin', so I thought that maybe..."
>She trails off, leaving behind only an awkward silence to follow
>Hello, ma'am!
>Is Idiot home?
>Oh, just Anon?
>Well he'll do nicely!
"Aw damn it all, I'm really sorry, Applejack. I didn't mean to get your hopes up. I just, I thought it was, I mean I didn't actually think, I just... Shit, just, sorry."
>Your profuse apologies elicit an unexpected chuckle from the morose mare
>"Ya always did know how ta say the wrong thing at the right time..."
>You scratch the back of your head, your face likely flushed the most lovely shade of scarlet right now
"Hey now, you say that like I'm not even here at all. I may not be "me", but I'm still me."
>Another chuckle, the mare seeming less interested in that, no doubt fascinating, patch of dirt by the minute
>"Yeah well maybe ya are. There certainly ain't any others of ya that I can see, or else this whole thing'd make a heckuva lot more sense."
>It was your turn to chuckle
>Maybe you could be healthy for each other after all, and not just serve as constant reminders of what you were missing
"I'm more than a little worried that you think having a bunch of me around would somehow make "more" sense than just one of me."
>Applejack stands up, trotting over to before turning and bumping into the side of your leg with her flank
>"Trust me, 'Non, there's a story there. Maybe you'll get ta hear it sometime."
>looking up at you she gives a far less conspicuous wink than Twilight could ever hope to achieve
>"That is, if ya stick around long enough for me ta tell it before Anon #3 comes along an' decides you've had yer turn."
>"Now let's git movin'. Got another friend a' ours we oughta go see before we can see about givin' ya some work."
>It took you a moment for your brain to catch up with your feet as you followed her back down the streets of Ponyville
>Somewhere in there, you'd been swept up in a stride you were all too willing to go with
>Your heart too, knew exactly what it wanted
>It didn't discriminate
>It saw the woman you love in that mare, caring not a whit that there was still a chance they were different individuals
>Also a horse


Apologies if the pastebin's formatting is a little janky. I started out writing this with a post-by-post basis in mind and eventually realised it didn't work very well.
That last bit brings Anon one step closer to be a horsefucker, also will Anon develop a lust for revenge against ''himself''?
Masochism is a hell of a drug.
File: Autismo.png (527 KB, 1704x3276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527 KB, 1704x3276
Good night, faggots, stay based.
Can you at least mark in name field what story is this. Because now it's confusing as fuck.
Sure mate.
Is it bad that I'm more interested in where this is going than Lust For Revenge?
For Twi to get back involved means some serious fuck ups for Anon are about to happen.
I mean what kind of fuck ups could Anon do to make Lyra hate him?
Get drunk and fucks Twi?
Not really. Lust For Revenge is basically wrapped up at this point, assuming I don't end up writing Anon helping Starlight get rid of cutie marks for the sake of pissing off Twilight.
Are you saying its ride will be over soon?
I just love to see it all come tumbling down.
>Anon wakes up after getting really drunk one night.
>Anon realizes he just slept with his ex-wife Twilight.
>Anon just realized he dun fucked up.
>Twilight says "Don't worry Anon. I won't tell anyone about this."
>Nothing is said about that night.
>The guilt eats away at Anons current marriage.
>Twilight wins in the end?

You guys want me to keep going with what I have in mind? Might devolve into some "filler", though ironically enough, there would more actual marriage problems in the continuation than right now, as I'll be able to explore the aftermath of Anon's first act of revenge.
You should methinks. It'll have actual marital problems. The biggest draw of your Starlight writing, to me at least, is connecting a canon scenario (Starlight's desire for revenge on Twilight) with this thread's marital problem theme. It's quite interesting.

Though, you might want to establish a goal for it. When will Starlight's revenge be satisfied? Obviously Starlight and Anon have different views on how exactly revenge and justice will be served. Lots of potential for delicious conflict of interests there.

In short do continue methinks. But be sure to take breaks so you don't burn out.
Yo WaN and Loki and Fife... school is over now. Why aren't you workin' on your green? What, you spending xmas time with family or some garbage like that? FFS guys, priorities! although we are flush with green ATM
I'm fucking brain dead at the moment, so I'm gonna hold off till tomorrow to continue.
Please do, m8. I love greens about revenge.
I say, go for it.
''Peace won't just come to us, we are going to have to meet it halfway''
As long as it contains marital problems, I am okay, then if something happens revenge is like an infinite source of dessert, humans love that feeling.
I'd say stick with the plan for now
Go for it, MnM.
So is Fife just gone or is he coming back? His story was so good, and it was just coming to an end
He's popped in once in a while, mostly just to mention that he's still working on it.
I just want Jeff Mango to come back.
I second this statement.
Without and Loki
Without is still here, the problem is Loki, I think he is kill in real life.
I wonder if this would give MnM's Anon flashbacks...
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 680x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You are Starlight Glimmer.
>You could feel your heart trying to escape your chest as stared into Anon’s eyes.
>You could still feel the lingering sensation of his lips against yours.
>You had kissed your fair share of ponies.
>But that… that…
>That was amazing.
>You couldn’t get your goofy smirk off your face as you played what just happened over and over again in your head.
>He actually kissed you back.
>You expected him to react the same way he did back when your lust for cock had became too strong and tried to get him to be your fuck toy.
>Or worse.
>You didn’t expect him to respond in kind.
>Did he… did he feel the same way?
>As he embraced you tightly, rubbing at your back with affectionate as he held you, you couldn’t help but feel loved.
>His voice pulled you from your thoughts, as you looked up at him with a raised brow.
>The expression on his face seemed… unsure. Conflicted.
>”I care for you, Star. Really, I do.”
>You heart skipped a beat as his word confirmed your suspicions.
>You felt your heart drop as his voice trailed off.
>”I… I can’t just go running into this. I wanna take things slow.”
>(Internal screaming)
>He gave you a questioning look as he continued to speak.
>”You understand, right?”
>You felt nothing but disappointment as you took in his words.
>Part of you was hoping that he’d help you alleviate your pent up sexual aggression.
>It had been over two years since you’ve last felt the touch of someone else.
>But… you understood.
>Your selfish desires could wait till he was ready.
>Flashing him a reassuring smile, you planted a soft kiss on Anon’s cheek.
“Yeah, I understand.”
Such a lust for cock!
So, sequel?
File: 4k.jpg (16 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 292x257
>your lust for cock had become too strong
>Your destination was in sight
>The gingerbread house you'd seen on the way to Twilight's castle
>Fuck you, inner sarcastic, we've got a good thing going with Applejack right now
>"Just gonna warn ya now, 'Non-"
"I know, I got it. I'm not gonna crack wise about the absurd gingerbread house."
>"...Uh, not that, 'Non. I was gonna say that Pinkie might be... a bit much for somepony that ain't used to 'er."
>Cocking your head to the side, you deign it wise not to examine that sentence a second time
"Oh. Sure, okay then. I mean, it's not like I can't take anything else this day throws at me, right?"
>Arriving at the doorstep of the building, it struck you to lament that your nose still needed those wads of bloodied tissue blocking olfactory passage
>Applejack flashes you a smile that should probably be reassuring, but carries more the feeling of a preemptive apology to it
>The mare opens the front door and passes through the entryway, a bell ringing out to announce the arrival of customers
>Stepping inside yourself, you find you are swiftly reminded of your future as a hunchback, making for a total of two bumps on your head inflicted by pony-sized architecture so far
>Hold up, make that three
>Before you knew what hit you, a bright pink blob streaked across your field of vision and sent you crashing to the floor
>With a groan, you squint your eyes through the pain and soon find yourself looking back into a matching pair of bright blue ones,
>Tears creating exaggerated streams down the furry cheeks of your assailant
>The volume of the associated wailing was going a long way towards making your newfound headache last for hours
>"Yer sorry? What for? We're the ones who missed the reception ya planned for our weddin'!"
>Applejack was taken aback, unprepared as she was for the bawling bundle of energy straddling your midsection
>The source turned out to be another pony with a coat the colour of bubblegum and a mane that reminded you of cotton candy
>"Alright, Pinkie, calm down. It's not yer fault. Things kinda went sideways anyhow. There was nothin' ya coulda done about it."
>The pink pony, of whom your mind could conjure numerous alliterative titles, sniffles dramatically with watery eyes turned to Applejack
>"R-really? You really think so, Applejack?"
>Applejack nods, giving a weary smile that betrayed her regret
>"I know so, Pinkie. Truth be told, 'Non there ain't quite himself after tha other night."
>That was a pretty neutral way to put it, you thought
>Pinkie sniffles again, looking back down at you
>"W-what do you mean? He's still Nonny, isn't he?"
>"Well, sorta..."
>Applejack scratches her head in frustration
>It was probably difficult for her to wrap her head around every potential aspect of your condition
>"See, he is, an' he ain't. Somethin' seemed to hit 'im pretty hard after the kiss an' he gave me this look like 'e'd never seen me before, or more like he hadn't seen anythin' here before."
>You raise a hand in acknowledgment
"That's about right. One minute, I see myself marrying the human girl of my dreams, surrounded by friends and family, all humans like me, and the next, I'm looking at nothing but tiny colourful horses and wondering if someone didn't drug me that morning."
>The four-legged waterworks facility was less distressed by this news, bountiful gouts of tears thinning to a light trickle
>"Th-then I didn't ruin your special day by trying to make it TOO special?"
>Applejack shakes her head, a smile on her muzzle again
>"Don't ya worry. I'm sure we woulda loved every minute of it. If anypony was gonna ruin our weddin', it was only gonna be us."
>What followed could only be described as the emotional equivalent of pulling a U-turn on a dime
>Leaping into the air as though she'd been spring-loaded on the spot, Pinkie dives toward Applejack, tackling her in a hug that makes you rather glad Applejack wasn't that excitable with you
>"Alllrighty then! It's settled! We need to throw you two a Super Duper Ultra Fantabulous Emergency Backup Reception right now to get everything back on track!"
>Pulling away from Applejack, Pinkie plants herself on the floor and crosses her forelegs, face screwed up in a very serious expression
>"Nooow let's see... First we need to figure out how we're going to find to track down everypony who attended, since the guest list burned up in a "freak accident" with the firebreathers we hired for entertainment..."
>Applejack tries to speak but Pinkie had already placed a hoof in front of her mouth
>"Uhp, uhp! Don't worry, I'll have it covered! Then the next step would be convincing them all to come back..."
>Pinkie ponders this one briefly before smacking both front hooves together with a solid 'clop!'
>"I've got it! If I knock everypony out, I can tie big balloons onto them, then have them picked up by Rainbow Dash after she's fitted with the very finest in aerial balloon recovery harnesses!"
>Applejack was back on her hooves now, a scowl on her face before a flash of pink had placed Pinkie next to her with a foreleg draped across her withers like an overly friendly car salesman with far too much confidence and far too much cologne
>"And before you go saying, 'Oh but Pinkie! They're our friends and family! You can't just go foalnapping them!' I have a plan there too. I'll just make them an offer they can't refuse!"
>Spitting out a pair of cotton balls you could have sworn weren't there before, Pinkie gives her orange mark a grin so wide it borderlines 'disturbing'
>"Nopony can resist cupcakes, right? Well, except maybe one. I think she was more of a muffin pony..."
>By this point, Applejack had had enough, stomping a commanding hoof against the hardwood floor of the confectionery shop
>Pinkie froze, concern evident in the way she looked at Applejack
>"Jeez, Applejack. It's a good thing the Cakes are out right now. I don't think they'd be happy with you trying to smash up their shop."
>"Now listen here, Pinkie! Ya just need to slow down for a second, 'cause I don't think ya quite took in what I was sayin'!"
>Pinkie seemed further confused by her outburst
>"You said you missed the reception because Nonny wasn't feeling like himself, right?"
>"That I did. An' I meant it literally. Fer whatever it means, 'e says he's not the same 'Non we know, and that he's married to somepony- er, 'somebody' else. An' he ain't lyin' about it neither. I can give that the ol' Element of Honesty guarantee."
>It was clear to your eyes that it was hurting Applejack to relay all this information so bluntly
>"So we jus' came by ta say 'sorry' about missin' the reception. We both know, or at least I know, how important it was gonna be to ya, Pinkie, but we can't go about havin' another one fer a weddin' that's still up fer dispute."
>Realising that your horse wife was again on the edge of her emotional crater, you stand as upright as you are able and dust yourself off with your strides toward her
>With a hand placed upon her withers, she gives you a smile, grateful for the support
>Silence reigned as Pinkie considered Applejack's words
>Did her mane just deflate a little bit?
>Can manes do that?
>It only lasted long enough for you to wonder if your eyes had deceived you as Pinkie suddenly returned to full form with another oversized grin of childlike glee
>"ALLLRIGHT! In that case, once you two have figured out what's wrong with Nonny, you have to Pinkie Promise me that I either get to throw him another 'Welcome to Ponyville!' party, or we get to have that reception after all!"
>You and Applejack share a glance and an irrepressible chuckle at the party pony's exuberant plea
>"Alright, Pinkie. We promise. Jus' don't get too excited. We're gonna be waitin' for Twilight to see if she can find anythin' out, and she's gonna be gone fer a few days."
>Motioning back towards the entrance, Applejack makes to leave with you in tow
>You stopped on the threshold and turned back towards the seemingly inexhaustible pink mare
>It felt like a bad idea to leave without at least contributing some words of your own
"Hey, uh, 'Pinkie', right? Sorry if I was your friend before but, uh, nice to meet you, all the same."
>She gives you a giddy smile, though she did appear to be restraining herself from going beyond that
>How much do you wanna bet that she wants to give you an organ-crushing hug not unlike the one she inflicted on Applejack?
>"Nice to meet you too, and don'tcha worry about it, Nonny! I love making new friends! Even if they're old friends who don't know they're my old friends but I do!... WAIT!"
>That last exclamation a brief preamble to her sudden disappearance behind the shop counter before she returned with two covered plates and pushed them into your hands
>"We sent everypony home with a slice of the wedding cake, but we saved the first two for the happy couple. Now you get going and figure out who you are, Nonny! I have two parties to plan, and way too much time to plan them!"
>Turning one last time you exit the shop, door closing shut behind you as you take in a mouthful of fresh afternoon air
>Now where did Applejack get off to?


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that I don't enjoy writing Pinkie Pie unless I embrace the autism within.

Repost because formatting fucked up.
>"I've got it! If I knock everypony out, I can tie big balloons onto them, then have them picked up by Rainbow Dash after she's fitted with the very finest in aerial balloon recovery harnesses!"
Muh nigga
Also, yes, that's exactly what you need to do to write a good Pinkie, and by the looks of it, your power level is very high.
Well writen, m8.
>in real life
what's that?
>>"I've got it! If I knock everypony out, I can tie big balloons onto them, then have them picked up by Rainbow Dash after she's fitted with the very finest in aerial balloon recovery harnesses!"

I like this plan.
Was liking that plan part of your plan?
Of course.
I like this thread
And I like you
ohhh, I like you tot random anon
Ive been working on a story where anon c.ucks flash for once instead of the other way around, It almost feels like i'm doing a great justice.

I might post it soon...actually don't quote me on that
File: Pain and Effort.webm (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pain and Effort.webm
3 MB, 1920x1080
Can't promise there'll be an update today, guys. It's gonna be a busy one for me.
It's okay, goy, /mlp/ is usually dead in this time of the year.
Same, I have to go to work in less than two hours. Might have something out way later tonight.
just do us a favor and play up Flash's assholeness
Merry christmas, everyone!

Love you, fags!
i love you too, fapman
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Yo guys, I need my beauty sleep, stay based
Merry Christmas, fellow horsefucking degenerate.
I'm off work and sauced. Writing now.

Merry Christmas you fucking assholes. <33
you too you magnificent bastard
Merry Christmas you bunch of cucks.
Hope you're enjoying your holidays.
christmas bump
Ass faggots, there is a delete button for a reason
where are u men i still waiting for ur glorious green....
Fuck you too, 4chin, let me delete what I want when I want it.
Do it your Christmas Nigger!
Trips demand
File: 1437865391762.jpg (276 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guess I dont have a choice, huh?

I'll write up a few posts worth later and see if there's any interest in it and ill continue if there is.
I'm too sauced to figure out a name for a character.

What would be a good name for Lyra's father, who is a pornstar and effectively a hybrid of Hulk Hogan and Ron Jeremy?
Strong Bone or something with that play of words
Have no idea on a name, but he better be yellow, have a bushy handle bar mustache, a fetish for ripping his shirt, and calling everyone little boners
File: 1422090692605.png (558 KB, 3250x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wild Willy.
That's my name, cunt.
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Oh shit, I'm sorry.
You said my name?
He actually did say my name, pheonetically speaking.
Texxxas Heartstrings
It's a rough time for all.
There's the MnM we all know and love.

Alright, I've escaped family obligation long enough to get back to writing something. Didn't think I'd feel so guilty about breaking a self-imposed daily update schedule.
All the people that were over are finally gone, so I can actually focus on shit as well now.
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Is this a cuckold thread?
File: bait2.png (146 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1413603854716.jpg (211 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lol i replied
As did I.
File: 1428559462394.jpg (99 KB, 613x613) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good night, ass faggots, stay based.
I'm pretty sure I've burnt myself out.

I'm gonna take a break. I'm going to get back to it Sunday.
How bout I break your fucking neck because I like you so much? We aren't exactly in a rush at the moment, do what you gotta do
Seconding this.
File: dashabuse.png (823 KB, 666x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You are Rainbow Dash.
>You sit beside your husband, nursing your black eye with a frozen bag of peas.
>You count your blessings as Anonymous focused his attention on his beer and the movie he was watching.
>You wouldn’t be able to make him angry if he was distracted.
>The throbbing pain in your skull reminded you of what happened the last time you upset your husband.
>You had accidentally mixed hay into the pancakes you made for breakfast this morning.
>You knew how much Anon hated hay, but, you figured he wouldn’t notice.
>Of course, he did, and he gave a well-deserved jab to the eye before making you cook breakfast all over again.
>It was your fault, really.
>How could you be so thoughtless?
>Your husband’s voice shook you out of your thoughts.
>You looked his way, noting him glaring at you, shaking an empty beer bottle at you.
>”Go get me another fucking beer.”
>You nodded obediently, removing the peas from your swollen over eye and placing it aside, before placing it aside.
>You hopped up from the couch, and began trotting towards the kitchen.
>You ducked instinctively as you heard the bottle Anon was holding seconds ago whiz over your head, colliding with the wall just beyond you and shattering into a million pieces.
“R-right, s-sorry!”
>You picked up you pace, keeping your head low and your tail tucked between your legs as you quickly made your way towards the fridge.
>You were the fastest pony in Equestria.
>You should be quicker than this.
>You were such a cunt for making your husband wait.
A spiteful chant
File: 1434486530400.jpg (14 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 225x225
I would accept if this was adulterous Twi, but don't you dare to touch this pure little angel.
The only one still pure is Derpy. Now we wait for someone to fuck everything here up
Yo m8, I think that RD is Top Cunt, but there is no need for that.
File: zwJLoAv.png (639 KB, 1600x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Say it ain't so, oh oh I asked for this
Best Christmas movie: Die Hard.
Wow Dash fags are such sensitive pussies

>You are RD, and you are currently in your bathroom trying to nurse your broken wing.
> You stare into the mirror above the sink, as you brace yourself for what you’re about to do.
>You grab your wing between your hooves, and push with all your might.
>The pain that followed such an act was beyond describable, but at least you can somewhat feel your wing now.
>You are thankful that flyer school had taught you how to mend a broken wing in the field.
>Your breath comes out ragged, your body is trembling, and vision is a word your mind can barely comprehend.
>What feels like hours is actually take mere moment.
>You slowly open the cabinet, and reach for some bandages
>You tentatively start wrapping your limp appendage.
>All you can do is hope that’s all it will need to heal properly.
>Even if it heals you could never forget the sound it made when it was pulled from its socket.
>That disgustingly loud pop that you are sure only your ears could hear.
>The experience was made worst when the paralyzing pain that surged through your body afterwards.
>All you could do was cradle yourself till the pain subsides, and that took hours before it even numbed a little bit.
>Your mind started going over the past events, and the more you thought of it, the more you thought you deserved it.
>Anon had every right to break your wing, to remind you not to make him angry.
>You shouldn’t have dropped that plate while making dinner.
>You shouldn’t have yelled back when he called you a clumsy, useless cunt.
>Today at work made you forget your place.
>A co-worker bailed making you stay far longer than you would like.
>You were still agitated when you returned home, and you needed to vent
>But your fury was aimed at the wrong being.
>Anon is a wonderful husband.
>He provides for you, takes care of you, and even makes enough money so you don’t have to work full time anymore.
>So long as you don’t make him mad your marriage was nothing but sunshine and rainbows.
>With you wing fully wrapped in bandage, you give it a gentle flex, relived to see it moved slightly.
>Now all you need to do is come up with lie that would appease your friends.
>Hopefully they buy it just one more time.
File: Why with dead one.jpg (112 KB, 475x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Why with dead one.jpg
112 KB, 475x401
>Anon had every right to break your wing, to remind you not to make him angry.
>You shouldn’t have dropped that plate while making dinner.
Oh, dear gods. Why.
>Now all you need to do is come up with lie that would appease your friends.
>Hopefully they buy it just one more time.
Just, just, why did you give me these feelings?

Jesus. It hurts.

Good job.
Rainbow Trash is a shit cunt and deserves everything that comes to her.
Just like purple smart?
Hey MnM, who's the 6 worst ponies in your opinion?
Good question. What's your favorite six?

On the real tho

1. Rainbow Shit
2. Twilight (post S3, was waifu material before then)
3. Fluttershit
4. Shining Armor
5. The CMC (individually they're aight)
6. Mr Cake (because he's a cuck)
That's also a good question,
1. Derpy
2. Roseluck
3. Cheerilee
4. Spitfire
5. Trixie
6. Does Chrysalis count? If not then what about Zecora?
>half the mane 6

How can you even stand the show anymore?
>no Applejack
>no Lyra

Shit list.

Also Derpy would be my number six instead of Mr Cake, who I only added as a joke. She needs some eugenics in her life.

Because Applejack, Rarara, and occasionally Ponk make up for it.

Also, as much as I hate those three characters, they do occasionally have nice episodes.
SHEEIT. I knew I was forgetting appul horse.
I can't do think straight while playing games.
Lyra is k.
File: z186.png (601 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
601 KB, 1200x800
I should probably mention, but

Don't talk shit on my background waifu m8.
I should probably mention, but I should be up and writing again later today. I forgot I need to read a little to get motivated*

I'm not, I'm just saying she ain't my favorite, but applehips though.
File: warrior.gif (1021 KB, 400x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1021 KB, 400x287
Randy Thruster
Slab Bulkhead
Ridge Largemeats
Butch Deadlift
Bold Bigflank
Flint Ironstag
Bolt Van Der Huge
Stumb Beefknob
Punch Rockgroin
Dirk Hardpeck
Slate Slabrock
Gristle McThornbody
Buff Hardback
Bob Johnson
Blast Thickneck
Crunch Buttsteak
Touch Rustrod
Big McLargehuge
I bet you fap to all that Rarijack shit on the show.
No, Rarijack actually gives me severe cancer.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 500x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 500x383
Servo pls.
But I love it when you're hair blows
Do you endorse shipping in general at all?

Please say no.
I find most shipping to be fucking retarded. Especially inter-Mane Six shipping.

I like CheerileeMac
>You are Anonymous.
>As you followed your bro as he trotted towards the palace garden, you spotted a pair of ponies break off from the party ahead and make their way towards your group.
>You immediately recognized them as Lyra’s parents.
>Her mother, Blue Belle, looked like a better groomed and more mature version of your wife, with a blue coat and periwinkle colored mane.
>She was accompanied by Lyra’s father, Diamond Snake, a brown stallion with a messy black mane that towered over his wife like David and Goliath.
>You couldn’t for the life of you remember what Blue Belle did for a living, but you had insider knowledge that Lyra’s dad was a porn star.
>He were one of his biggest fans.
>Needless to say, for in-laws, they were pretty chill.
>Much better than your last ones.
>Your last in-laws might as well been one-dimensional background characters in a kids show.
>They were so fucking boring.
>You shook off the thoughts of your last marriage as your party closed the distance between you and Lyra’s parents.
“Snake,” you greeted Lyra’s father simply as you nodded to him, before turning and doing the same to Lyra’s mom, “Paramedic.”
>”Sweetie, we’ve been over this,” the mare standing before you chided you, “My name’s not Paramedic, it’s Blue Belle.”
>”She did go by Paramedicks when we first met, though.”
>Lyra’s mom shot her husband a harsh glare, but Snake paid her no mind as he shot the three of you a smile.
>”Anyways, Anon, Blueblood, Lyra, Happy Heartswarming.”
>As the two members of your party returned his greeting, you struggled to remember what Heartswarming was.
>It was that weird Christmas/Fourth of July hybrid holiday, right?
>You didn’t remember much from last year’s holiday season, but, you remembered it was pretty bitchin’.
>Shaking yourself from your thoughts, you shot the stallion a grin.
”Merry Christ- err… Merry Heartswarming, guys.”
>As soon as your response left your mouth, you presented the twelve pack that you were hold to the stallion before you.
”Here, brought you a Heartswarming gift.”
>Snake flashed you a grateful smile as he took it off you with his magic.
>”Thanks, Anon.”
>A cheeky grin spread across his lips as he wrapped a hoof around you.
>”Come with me, Anon, there’s some ponies here that you should meet.”
>He shot Lyra a quick look.
>”Don’t worry, I’ll give you your husband back in a little bit.”
>Your wife nodded in acknowledgment as your father-in-law whisked you away, pulling you towards a small group of stallions shooting the shit about twenty feet away.
>The group of stallions you were approaching cheered, while the other party attendees looking on with disgust.
>You could feel a goofy grin tugging at the corners of your mouth as you took in the scene before you.
>You could tell you were going to enjoy yourself tonight.
You write very likeable characters m8, how do you do that?
File: 1451185218355.png (377 KB, 498x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
377 KB, 498x497
Must go to sleep, stay based, anons.
>Well, maybe you'd meet up with her somewhere along the way to the farm
>Setting off with only vague recollection of which way was the right way to go, your thoughts would keep you company on the long road as they so often have
>By the half-way mark, the road flanked on both sides by a modest copse of trees, you caught sight of your orange-coated companion
>She must've really booked it to get so far ahead of you, though your confectionery charges certainly demanded a modicum of caution from your own pace
>Nestled between the roots of a thick oak and shaded by boughs through which only scarce sunlight could pass, she appeared at rest with her hat covering her features the way it was
>Not that you could blame her, with the ordeals you've both endured so far
"Hey there, A... Applejack."
>That was a close one
>Don't want to accidentally get her hopes up with that nickname again
>You're not sure how many more times you can clumsily trod on them before you, in turn, feel like breaking
"Hope I didn't keep you waiting."
>"Nah, it's all good. Gave me some time ta do a little bit a' thinkin'."
>With a hoof she tilts her hat askew and eyes the plates in your possession
>"What's that ya got there, 'Non?"
"Oh, these. Well, with our wedding ending the way it did, Pinkie sent all the guests home with a slice of the wedding cake. Said she saved us the first slices."
>"That so..."
>There's a certain wistfulness in the way she speaks
>More than her words, it tells you she's been mulling something unpleasant over
>"So, uh, 'Non. I was thinkin'... 'bout this whole thing. I've been pretty wrapped up in how I've been lookin' at it, an' I wanna know more a' how ya feel about it yerself."
>Well this was unexpected
>To be honest, you didn't really want to think about it anymore than you already had
>You were too afraid you might somehow validate this crazy horse land if you did
>And beyond that, you were afraid you might also validate one of your theories from before
>Though there was a touch of curiosity about one matter in particular...
>This drove your legs forward, to seat yourself on a reasonably flat portion of oak root
"Well, I can't say I've got enough of the facts to make a proper decision there, and to be frank, I'm not sure I want to know all the facts. I've been flying by the seat of my pants this whole time, hoping that maybe something would pop out at me and this would all disappear as the strangest dream of my life."
>Your eyes fixate on the laces of your dirt-dusted shoes as thoughts of finally facing this world came to the forefront of your mind
"But I figure, maybe it's for the best if I put into words the question I don't want the answer to."
>She gives no immediate reaction beyond a slight nod, likely knowing exactly what your question would be
>No point beating around the bush, might as well dive right in
"Have I... always lived here in Equestria?"
>The mare hesitates
>You could only assume she also knew the full implications of your inquiry
>"...Nope. Ya haven't. But it has been a long time since ya first showed up."
>There's a pregnant pause while she recollects the details, leaving you with a tense breath caught in your lungs that you refuse to release
>"Now how long has it been? 'Bout 7 'r 8 years? Ya just showed up outta the blue. Stumbled inta Ponyville, yer clothes all tattered from a close encounter with them critters in the Everfree Forest. Couldn't tell yer head from yer tail you were so turned 'round."
>7 or 8 years?
>God, you were just a kid back then
>Still in prep school and wondering when you could get out of that uncaring hellhole
>The place had a reputation for being one of the top educational facilities in the city, built on the backs of students pressured to excel at all costs
>Even at the expense of each other
>It was your living nightmare, a fact you had been quite passionate to detail to your parents
>They listened to you the first few times, came around to the school and had a few words with the principal
>But that woman, ever so persuasive, ever so proud of the successful students the place had churned out, always turned them right back around on you
>Before long, your parents were spewing the same swill she had peddled them, and all of your future complaints drowned in that fetid torrent
>Your last day there was probably the happiest of your life
>Second happiest, rather


Just a small update. This scene has been fucking with me to write.
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A pornstar named diamond snake?

One might say his snake is-

I do a lot of acid.

Fuck off, Carlos.
I wish someone could hook a brotha up.
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So can someone write a story about Anon being married to Princess Celestia and being cuckolded by every guard in Canterlot. He cant get divorced or remarry, and must stay faithful to her, but every night is sloppy seconds. He complains, but she assures him its tradition, and cannot change, but that she only loves him.
How about you jump into a wood chipper, feet first.
ouch, my feels

ditto... but less so cause there comes a point with such people where you think "well now you're just asking for it".
Just a heads up, my updates are going to become slightly less frequent, since I'm going to be jumping between this thread and the Slave Pony thread.

I'm going to be focusing on A Lust For Revenge. I'll get back to Twilight's Return when I finish up with the first arc.
File: 1409610440353.jpg (33 KB, 274x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>inb4 MnM gets confused and accidentally writes a slave story arc for Twilight's Return
File: 1436298425660.jpg (189 KB, 944x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 944x945
File: 1435966819870.png (46 KB, 556x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 556x404
Is there any chance we'll get a haremfic?
More likely Anon will fuck everything up and kill himself.

>tfw no purple smart sex slave
>tfw no purple smart sex slave
I'm waiting for you in Slave Ponies general.
not so Thinly veiled MGS 3 reference
Wait, is the slave ponies thread finally being a little less autistic?
Your Apple Horse makes me happy, keep going, also, nice reference
So I'm going take your prompt and completely ignore what you want and put it on a higher plane of edge than Drowning Pool "Bodies". Flash is the first one to die btw
File: Catfishman.png (962 KB, 1284x7572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
962 KB, 1284x7572
This is a tale, of a man that became a deamon, and then he went even deeper
It's decent enough. I just enjoy the concept and a few of the stories.

I'll have something out in a bit. Writing a large dump so people who aren't interested in high speed shit can skip it and get to the rest of the story afterwards.
Shit I just remember being there from the first to 4th thread and then stuff spiraled downhill for a bit so I left. never got back to checking it, but now I might.
Can you smell what MnM is cooking?

I got your back, senpai. My vidya backlog has increased, and trying to balance it with my green isn't helping either of them, so I'm gonna try and update the story a little more frequently.
>As Spike leaves to tell the caretakers (you don’t like to call them servants) what you ordered, you make your way toward the bathroom.
>Turning on the bathroom light, you use telekinesis to turn the shower knob to lukewarm temperature.
>taking a moment to examine yourself in the mirror.
>Your manes a mess, disheveled with split ends and small tangles.
>In an attempt to fix it you whip your mane back and forth.
>Obviously this fails and makes your mane more of a mess
>Giggling at the manetrophe as Rarity would call it, you trot towards the shower.
>Testing the waters with your left hoof, you feel that the temperature was acceptable, you get in the shower.
>Letting the water cascade around you for a moment, before you grab your body wash.
>Your mind stars to wander.
>While little fantasies of what your friends might be doing right plays through your mind.
>Your thoughts stop on the only human friend you have.
>Anon absent was strongly felt when Lilac ripped him from your group of friends.
>Dashie and AJ cause the most uproar while you screamed internally.
>You never understood why Lilac got so abrasive when Anon spent time away from her.
>You were surprised that wedding invitations was even sent to you and your friends.
>No doubt because Anon wanted you all there for his big day, but even at the wedding you had limited interactions with him.
>The best anyone could say hi and congratulations before he was pulled away by his newlywed wife.
>With your shower complete, you turn off the water, and get out.
>You dry yourself with magic, you grab a brush, and start straightening out your mane.
>As you exit the bathroom, you can see that the caretakers brought what you requested.
>On your table where you do your princess duties sat a tray with a freshly baked Blue berry muffin, green tea, and the morning paper.
>Walking towards the table, you place your brush down on the table away from your food.
>Multitasking with magic, you grab the muffin and tea.
>You take a bit of the muffin followed by a light sip from your drink.
>Using your hooves, you open up the paper, and read the headline
>”Sixth stallion found deceased from unknown cause, and the sixth spouse to have disappeared.
Yup, either a changeling or a murderer.
Loki, WaN, Fife , Jeff... xmas celebrations are over, you've got a few days off. Where's our green damnit!?!
Fife, nice one m9
All of them but WaN are kill.
And you, of course!
Yeah, I'm dead too.
Only good Rambo is First Blood, that's a fact.
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Good night, comrades, stay based.
Last bump of the night, going to sleep, for realzies this time
"Did I ever say what had happened to me before then? Like, about my actual arrival itself? Maybe something from just before I came here?"
>Applejack's eyes turn upward, seeming to contemplate the interior of her hat before giving her head a negatory shake
>" 'Fraid ya didn't have a whole lot ta say. You were already pretty shaken up ta begin with, but ya didn't seem to take meetin' ponies fer the first time too well, either. You were clammed up tight as could be fer a good week before anypony could get so much as a peep outta ya, and once ya finally were speakin' yer mind, ya said ya had no recollection a' how ya did end up in there."
>It was worth a shot
>Wasn't like you had much to go on beforehand
>As far as you knew, there wasn't anything of particular importance that happened to you back then
>At least nothing that struck you as world-shattering in any way
>Guess you could rule out a traumatic event being the trigger
"I suppose I should have expected as much."
>You shift in your oaken seat, running a thumb unconsciously along the edge of a plate
"As for the way I see it, it's still too far-fetched for me to think I just blocked this whole world out in my head, so I guess that means it's time for me to face facts and just accept that this is all really here. That this place and everything in it are exactly as they appear, even if I find that a tough pill to swallow."
>Your hand grips the ceramic disc tighter, threatening to damage it
"It does beg the question of where the other "me" has since disappeared to, but beyond that, I don't think it's safe to assume anything else until we get some answers."
>You could look at it that way
>More like you didn't want to touch on any more thoughts of things outside of your ability to control
>"S'pose yer right about that."
>Applejack heaves herself away from her resting place, standing on all fours once again
>"I reckon we're gonna hafta tell my family everythin'. It ain't the honest thing to do, keepin' this from 'em."
>Following her lead, you rise to your feet with a grunt of effort
"You would be right, and I'm gonna have to find a place to stay, since I doubt they'll take too kindly to sheltering an impostor."
>Setting off once more on the dusty trail back to Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack shoots you a grin with a shake of her head
>"Now that I can guarantee is flat out false. Ya might not believe yer my husband, an' it might even be true, but I know fer a fact that yer 'Non, and ta me an' mine, 'Non is a part a' our family. So have some faith in yerself, and ya can't go wrong. Because family don't turn its back on family, even if they're all sorts a' confused."
>It's hard not to be impressed by horse logic like that
>It sounds like something your human wife would say
>And it didn't ring any less true coming straight from the horse's mouth
>As you fell in line with Applejack's canter, ever careful of cake-endangering hazards, a smile fell unbidden across your lips
>Surely the reason was a mystery to you
What is love?
Pone don't hurt me
>Such a lust for answers.
I love this pacing it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day.
Don't hurt me.
In hell, I'll forget your name and you'll become a stranger
I love how you write, goyim, keep doing it.
No mo
Pre surgery bump
>You are Twilight Sparkle

>And your curiosity had been piqued by the arrival of your friends, Applejack and a very confused Anonymous
>They had regaled you with a tale that detailed additional peculiarities in Anon's fainting episode
>To your analytical mind, it seemed unlikely that it had been mere nerves or a long-term bout of delusion
>He had always acknowledged everypony as the ponies they were, after all
>Now magic, ah, now that was something that could explain so much more
>And to think this might all be the result of a spell you hadn't yet encountered?
>Well, that really got you in a tizzy
>To this day, ponies were still discovering lost spells and artifacts from the time of Starswirl the Bearded, most of which had a tendency of ending up in the restricted section of the Royal Canterlot Archives
>Which, not-so-coincidentally, was where you now found yourself
>You hated to throw your weight around as a princess, having gotten special permission from Princess Celestia herself, just in case
>Okay, maybe you also wanted an excuse to see her again and happened to tell her every little thing that had gone on in Ponyville since your tutelage under her had ended
>She ended up being just as eager to let you into the restricted archives as you were to see what you could learn there
>Maybe even more so
>It was wonderful to have a former teacher who cared so much about your ongoing education
>Normally that would have involved quite a bit of paperwork and an escort of armored guards to prevent any potential mishaps
>Maybe when you're done here, you can tell her all about this too
>Alright, Twilight, time to focus on the task at hoof
>The archives were truly impressive, to be sure
>Soaring bookshelves that could tower over even your crystal castle back home
>Beautiful, unsullied glass windows that could filter in the optimal amount of daylight for reading without straining one's eyes
>Carefully laid out reading areas, such that one disruptive visitor could not spoil the experience for those at other tables before being escorted out
>It was truly baffling to you that such a paradise could be so deserted on the few occasions you had chance to come here
>The restricted section would be another matter entirely
>The closest wall neighbouring the entrance to the archives proper held a large blank space between two of the ever-imposing bookshelves
>A powerful illusion, amongst several other precautionary spells, protected the doorway you knew to be hidden there
>The permission slip you held, hastily-scrawled by Celestia herself, contained all the enchantment you needed to gain access
>The interior of the restricted section was a very dark place indeed
>There were no windows to be found, the walls a repeating pattern of brick-on-brick interrupted only by shorter, sparsely-populated bookshelves
>Wrought iron lanterns kept illumination to the barest minimum necessary to let occupants know they were not welcome longer than their errands required
>None of this served to deter you
>Your friends needed your help, and this place would be the most likely to hold the answer
"Now let's see. Oooh, a volume on Tragic Transportation? That sounds like a good place to start."
>Reaching a hoof out for the spine of your quarry, you feel the fur of your coat tingle with anticipation
>Nothing got you going quite like a good book
>Tragic Transportation
Is that a reference to Lust For Revenge? I like it. I don't really know what I am writing must be the anesthetic.
It wasn't, but now I'm kicking myself for missing that opportunity.
gg m80

Keep it up.

I'm almost done writing the intro for this Slave Pony green, I'll put out an update for Lust For Revenge when I'm done with that.
File: bq5b.png (851 KB, 825x886) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Demon reporting in.
>mfw pone will always hurt me
>not by cucking me
>not by beating me like a 50's wife
>not by treating me like shit
>not by dismissing my affections
>but by simply not existing
Wanted to finish up another update but my brain is just fried right now. Will get right back on it in the morning.
I need to talk with my EMT buddies about some medical shit before I post the next update. Google isn't giving me the information I need.

It's cool mate. Good dubs.
That's pretty deep anon
It always follows autumn
I hate seeing these pictures of MLP characters being abused
Me to, it tears me apart on the inside
Live by it, die by it.
Then renencarnate.
>You are Anonymous

>And you are facing down the mightiest challenge you've encountered yet
>Your opponent glares at you with unwavering determination
>You were not going to let yourself be shown up here, returning the glare with equal measure
>Neither of you blink, neither of you twitch
>The first sign of movement would be the first sign of defeat
>For minutes this went on
>Your eyes were burning for the sweet relief of moisture, but you would not relent until your foe relinquished victory to you
>Surely their eyes were in just as sorry a state by now, though they did not show it
>All you needed was to wait for your chance to strike
>Uh-oh, stray dust particle at one o'clock
>Hold steady, eyeballs, maybe it'll pass us by
>As soon as that thought had made the circuit around your synapses, it was as though the devilish clod of dust had read your mind
>As it careened straight into one of your defenseless ocular receptors, you stiffened your lips, knowing that you had met your end
>Your eyes had demanded relief and you no longer had any choice but to oblige, tearing your gaze away from your challenger and squinting as mightily as you could
>Head flooding with thoughts of what gruesome fate that little filly held in store for you
>With a battlecry, the yellow youngster leapt at you, outstretched limbs latching onto the side of your head, the momentum sending you sprawling back onto the floor of the farmhouse
>Your ear is filled with the madcap giggling of a high-pitched Southern accent that proudly announces its conquest
>"Aha! I dunno what you were talkin' about, Applejack. He doesn't seem any different ta me. He still can't beat me in a proper staredown."
>Her giggles were not the only ones to fill the air as the hearty cackling of an elder had joined in
>"Well that's good 'nough fer me if li'l Applebloom don't see anythin' wrong with 'im!"
>Granny obviously thought the display of your helpless struggle against the smaller of her granddaughters was quite entertaining
>Your eyes turned to Applejack, waiting under the arch that joined the living room with the hall, with hope she could answer your wordless plea for salvation
>She offered none, only giving you a shrug alongside a mixture of pity and suppressed laughter of her own
>To leave you to the wolves like this, truly she must be as a demoness herself
>"Alright young'un, you can let 'im go now. I think it's Big McIntosh's turn ta see what 'e's made of."
>The tiny tyrant, who had declared herself the conquering warlord in charge of the landscape of your face, gives her grandmother the most heartbreaking expression of acquiescence you'd ever born witness to
>Maybe if all goes well here, and she promises to play nice, you'd offer to be her jungle gym again in the future
>Well, that's 2 out of 3 down
>All that remained was to impress the brother
>Y'know, the one that came across as strong enough to rather literally snap you in half like a twig if you crossed him
>Rising up, you adopted a kneeling stance while your next challenger took the place of the last
>Big Mac faced you simply, locking your eyes under equine gaze as the filly had done, his countenance a mask of inscrutable emotion
>Was this going to be another staring contest?
>You sure hope not
>You're not certain how much more of that you can take before you lose your oh-so-useful ability to see altogether
>Luckily for you, it appeared this was not the stallion's intention as in a swift motion, he raises a solitary hoof towards you
>Uh, okay
>Is he pointing at you?
>Does he want you to reach out and shake it or something?
>Maybe you're supposed to salute the Fuhrer?
>You never figured yourself to have landed with a small family of Poneo-Nazi's
>Why is it so hard to tell with those hooves?
>Considering your options, there was really only one thing you felt might be worth a shot
>Better just go for it
>Applejack said to believe in yourself, right?
>Your hand raises, slowly, steadily, closing it into a fist, finding you are suddenly mindful of the sweat inside your palm
>Extending your arm, you bump your knuckles against the flat of the stallion's hoof
>The act completed, his expression unchanged, Big Mac's hoof returns to the floor
>Before doubt could creep in and stake its claim on the panic center of your brain, the stallion gives you a silent nod before turning away and exiting the room
>"Well congratulations, I told ya it was gonna work out alright."
>Applejack trots over to you, beaming as proud a smile as she could muster, though there seemed to be something bothering her despite it
"I'll be honest, I was pretty scared I'd screw that one up. I'm glad it all worked out."
>You share in her smile, though you note in the corner of your eye that Granny and the filly you had eventually come to know as Applebloom exchanged sheepish glances
>"Well, sorta. 2 outta 3 is still a pass, though!"
Big Mac could break the princess in two ... with his bare hoofs.
>Salute the Führer
Still waiting for Lust For Revenge from MnM and for Without to come back
never ever
I'm still active, just busy. Same with WaN. Doubt either of us are dying anytime soon.
Save thread in name of the fuhrer
File: 1451373881194.png (895 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Twilight must always suffer.
Good nights, fellow horsefuckers, stay based.
8/8 would rek twi again m8
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5/7 excellent
I've written myself into a corner by hinting at Anon suffering from internal bleeding as a result of long distance teleportation, and I have no idea how to write that out.

Magic. Ain't gotta 'splain shit.
Light headedness, Chest pains, complaining of tightness, large patch of purple around where the bleeding is, swelling.
magical help from Starlight always helps
Magic might work.

I'll see what I can do. Sorry about the wait, guys.
What part do you want internally bleeding? Because we can get some messed up shit going
This seems good

Writer's block is a bitch.
If you're trying to get rid of it, you could always have anon get a potion/herb to remedy it. Maybe something like leeches except they suck blood from deeper in, to get rid of excessive internal blood?
Balls, let starlight use her magic touch
File: jared strikes back.png (711 KB, 1340x3184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
jared strikes back.png
711 KB, 1340x3184
have some /devilish/
Already posted family, but don't be a redditor.
You'll pull through, bruh. Don't worry yourself about it too much.
File: 1448555220175.jpg (81 KB, 500x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That means popcorn.
Good night, people, stay based.
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I believe in you, fagget.
>internal bleeding
they need a healing spell but none of the spells starlight knows are powerful enough
the only p0ny they know who maybe knows a propper spell is Twilight
Fuck you and you eyebrows!
File: 1449096352967.webm (2 MB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 720x404
>DW5 Wei Yan's c2
File: 1374190288124.gif (2 MB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x200
I got a chuckle from this.


Update soon.
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>Another DWbro in /mlp/
I thought this place was filled with MGS and Dark Souls fans.
>You went in for another kiss, but you were interrupted as Anon suddenly broke down into a violent coughing fit, his entire body racking as he did.
>His sudden coughing fit brought you back to reality, and you remembered that you didn’t come in here to make out with the human.
>How could you be so careless?
>You took a moment to turn the water off, before facing Anon.
>It’s been a good couple years since you used any of the medical spells you knew.
>Hopefully you didn’t mess up.
“Hold still, Anon…”
>As he nodded in acknowledgement, you noted just a tiny bit of blood leaking out of the corner of his mouth.
>Not a good sign.
>Concentrating on your friend, you focused your spell on his extremities.
>It didn’t take long to figure out what the issue was.
>Teleportation doesn’t just simply move you from one point to another.
>You tears you apart into billions of atomic particles, moves you through the fifth dimension to your selected destination, then reassembles you just before you arrive.
>It was a highly unstable spell, especially when you took somebody with you, and when it was over long distance.
>Magic users such as unicorns and alicorns were barely affected by the spell’s lack of stability, but it was a different story for other types of ponies, and creatures like Anon, who were just merely in touch with Equestria’s magic.
>When Anonymous was reassembled, the spell had failed to properly put together some of his organs, namely, his liver and spleen, resulting in internal bleeding.
>You were amazed that he wasn’t writhing in pain at the moment.
>Frankly, you couldn’t explain why he was able to even walk to the bathroom in his condition.
>...maybe he was more in touch with Equestria’s magic than you thought…?
>You shook yourself from your thoughts.
>You could speculate how Anon was in such stable condition later.
>You needed stabilize the wound and stop the bleeding before his organs gave out, or worse.
>”What’s the diagnosis, doc?”
>He examined you with a raised brow as he wiped away the blood that stained his lip.
“Nothing I can’t fix,” you shout him a reassuring grin, “but we should probably get you checked out by a real doctor when we get the chance.”
>You took a deep breath, trying to relax before activating your next spell.
>Your horn lit up like a firework as you focused on Anon’s injuries.
>The man gasped out in pain as you seized his organs with your magic.
>You did your best to ignore his pain, focusing on the task at hand.
>Focusing on the various holes that filled his liver and spleen, you used to magic to seal them the best you could.
>Anon’s pained cries and gasps only grew worse as you did so, but quickly died off as soon as you finished.
>Your horn fizzled out as you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in the moment you finished sealing the last hole.
>Anonymous’s sporadic breathing quickly returned to normal.
>He took a few moment to respond, but he eventually nodded shakily.
>”I think I’m done with teleportation.”
>You couldn’t help but crack a grin, before you leaned in, pecking the man on his cheek.
“Don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll be needing to teleport anytime soon.”

Kept you waiting, huh?

Satisfy my curiosity. What's DW?
Gonna spoon feed you mate Dynasty Warriors
Cheers cunt, I was stuck on Destiny Warriors for some reason.
Good to see you back at it, mane.
That franchise has enough spinoffs that I wouldn't be surprised to see one called that some day.
It's really good to see you back, mighty writefag
Happy new year, faggets, I wish you all the best of lucks.
Happy new year. How does that off-by-one taste?
Happy New Year faggots!
Happy New Year, one and all
Happy new year friends. Have a pictureless thing.

> The pale gray sky was painted lazily with random fluffs of darkening clouds.
> It helped ward off the overwhelming brightness of the setting sun and sent a mixture of the colors, both of the day and night, dancing across Canterlot creating a transition most picturesque.
> It would snow soon.
> The pegasi were taking flight dutifully making sure of it.
> Watching with a bitter sweet smile you sat on your balcony.
> Your brilliant teal eyes reflecting the romantic scenery.
> Most would call it supervision, but in all reality, you never stopped admiring the season.
> If only you could spend it with him..
> You are Princess Luna.
> And you are spending Hearths Warming eve alone again.
> Such was the sacrifice of falling in love with the Captain of your own Lunar Guards ponies.
> He promised he would be spending more of these moments with you...
> But you understand.
> You have to.
> It's not like he can come and go as he pleases...
> He carries a big responsibility on his shoulders.
> You still feel lucky enough to get to be with him at all, but deep down wish it was more time spent together.
> Your eyes gleam as you spy the first snow flakes fall from the fresh nights overcast sky, at the mercy of the whispers of the wind.
> A small, cheeky smile breaks through as you follow their decent through the crisp air.
> Distant sounds of laughter from excited fillies echo from an indistinct location.
> The pegasi begin to pick up their own activity creating a now steady dusting.
> Looking up your smile becomes full with closing eyes, allowing the tiny flakes to land on your face.

> "Ahem... Princess?.." a voice robs you of your momemt.
> With a quiet defeated exhale, a small puff of your own chilled breath creates a small white cloud before you turn to enter your quarters to an awaiting assistant.
"Yes Toil, what is it?" You attempt to keep your tone polite despite losing the freedom of enjoyment.
> "Just, some matters that require your attention. Princess Celestia has retired for the evening." He cautiously advises you, sensing your disappointment
"Of course..."
> Before you stand you cast a momentary glance across the breathtaking scenery.
> You would much rather be enjoying this with Anonymous...
> With a poise unmatched you stand and return to your duties at hoof as Toil closed the doors behind you.
"What do we have tonight?.." you ask completely uninterested.
> Your heart just isn't into this.
> "Not much Princess, some petitions of appropriate night time illumination along several streets. Your Lunar Guard roll call.. Some morning meetings.." The borish pony takes a glance to the balcony you once came.
> Noticing, you go to look yourself before his increase in volume kept your attention at him.
> "N-nothing that will keep you terribly long!... Princess..." he slides several papers toward you direction.
"Alright then?.." you drag the papers infront of you with a deep starry midnight aura.
> Hmm..
> Your usual papers..
> The petitions... request for Guard excusals and leaves, outlines of topics for meetings..
> Incredibly boring stuff that you begin to mechanically and absent mindedly trudge through.
> Lighting.. check..
> Guards... days off granted by order of seniority.. check..

> Meetings?.
> Bleh...
> Why don't you hold meetings in the middle of the night and see how much your dear sister enjoys that..
> Why is it that you always have to~
> You catch a dismayed look from your assistants face.
"...Is everything alright? You're acting strange tonight Toil.." you ask as your own motions stop.
> With a tight lipped wince he responds, "Apologies my Princess... But.. erm.. " he runs a nervous hoof across his chin
> "Perhaps you can more closely exam the requested days of leave?" His eyes seem hopeful.
"Excuse us?.." you can't help but take minor offense.
> "I don't mean to second guess your authority! But .. erm.... perhaps.. " he slides the already signed documents back towards you trailing off in his own nervous gibberish.
> Ignoring them for a moment you hold a baffled stare at him causing him to shrink back slightly.
> "Th...that is.. if you don't.. mind.. of course.."
> With a quiet huff you take a look back at them.
> Who cares about this stuff... really..
> Maybe he's pulling a favor for a friend...
> Let's see.. Dusk, Aegis.. senior Lunar Guard....
> You see no issue with this...
> Tide, Nightly... Senior Lunar Guard... no issue with that..
"Honestly Toil, if you have a point can you please just~" he only points back to the pile of requests..
"You're acting really strange you know.." you look back down only entertaining this for another few moments.
> blah blahhh.. Lt... Oath.. approved...
> Sentry, Flash... denied..
> Captain Ano~..
> Your eyes widen before glancing to your wide smiling assistant.
> C- Captain..
> Your dear Anonymous?!
"Why weren't we made aware of this?!" You ask as excitement begins to flow through you, unfiltered.
> "We were asked to keep it discreet Princess." He calmly replies amused by your now outwardly energetic demeanor.

> Oh stars!
> When is he going to be here?!
> How long will you have with him?!
> ...What do you wear?!
> Aegis usually helps you with this!
> Do you even bother dressing up?!
> Should you cancel her day off!?
> It is your husband.
> He shouldn't.. mind..
> Maybe..
> Uhg!
> You're panicking
> Stop panicking!
> You quickly snap yourself out of it, first things first.
"When will he be here??" You ask, your excitement apparent in your wide eyes and quick speech.
> His cheeks rise in a knowing smile only offering one simple word, "Soon."
> You don't even catch your front hooves nervously pacing in place as you look left and right.
> "Why don't you get some air and relax for a moment. It will help you compose yourself, Princess." He calmly offers.
"Composed? We are composed! Do we not look composed?!" You unintentionally lean wide eyed towards Toil trying to convince him, causing him to take a step back
> "O.. of course you do Princess.. But some fresh air never hurts.." he shies away a bit.
> Calm yourself!
> He's right, you can plan your night with him better that way.
"We umm.. yes.. we shall be on the balcony! Inform us if Captain Anonymous arrives." You try to save face with a proud posture.
> "Of course my Princess." He lowers his head obediently.
> With that you turn towards the balcony.
> You face is caressed by the cool touch of the outside air.
> The heavy material of the blinds sway with the entering breeze.
> Odd, you thought Toil closed the door.
> With a flick of your midnight aura, you pull the blinds to their own respective sides.
> A subtle warm glow seems to be coming from outside.

> What in the stars?
> What are those pegasi doing?
> A sweet familiar scent is carried by the breeze to your nose.
> Apples of some kind?
> Approaching the open glass doors to the balcony, your heart fills with a seizing joy.
> Your eyes begin to well as you stare in disbelief.
> A small white table draped in pristine white linen.
> Atop of it, small baked apple treats, fritters, pie, strudel.. all your favorites.
> A small vase with gorgeous long stem red roses.
> A wine glass, already filled.
> But most importantly.
> Your dear Anonymous, wearing the most smug of smiles facing the second glass as he fills is.
> In the distance past him you spot the Lunar Guard drawn chariot he must have snuck in on, leaving.
> "I take it you approved my request for the next few days off, my Princess?" He asks with a touch of sarcasm and confidence.
> Your mouth opens to speak but nothing comes out.
> He's here!
> He's really here!
> His eyes raise, cheeks high in a now accomplished smile, to meet your misting ones.
> You only manage a small nod as your heart soars.
> He surprised you.
> The man never ceased to amaze you.
> He pulls out a chair signaling for you to join him.
> Which you do, unable to keep the goofy smile off of your face.
> Like the gentlecolt.. man. Gentleman he is, he held the seat for you helping you sit.
> Dragging his own seat next to you he took a seat with a sigh.
> You can't help but to stare at him in awe still as he takes a glass in hand staring out to the scenery, the flickering candle light highlighting hisbdeatures.
> Without facing you he speaks, "Staring is rude Luna."

> His smile quickly shows to let you know he's joking.
"Shush, you.." is all you manage as the butterflies flap away in your stomach.
> Your blush heats your face.
> Turning to you, his eyes meet yours.
> His hand runs up the length of your neck from your shoulder.
> With a finger lightly under your chin, he leans down for a kiss which you happily reciprocated.
> Gently, your lips meet as a happy hum escapes you.
> You remaim held in a soft yet emotional embrace.
> Backing up just for a moment he whispers as his head leans against yours still.
> "Happy Hearths Warming eve dear."
> With sparkling eyes and cheeks that hurt from smiling you answer.
"Happy Hearths Warming eve my love."
> The flurries continued as you shared your momemt.
> For once, you are not the weaver of a dream.
> Yet part of a dream come true.

Some wine with that cheese? [Y story] little shit faced. Sorry for mistakes. Hope it's enjoyed. Happy new year. Ty for a memorable 2015 and the good memories from my attempts to write. Have fun be ssfe. Also dassit hope it's enjoyed.
I like
Happy REAL New Year heartbroken horsefuckers
Happy new year, Without
That's so sweet Without, Happy New Year.
>Luna best pony, princess and waifu for 2016.
A lot of niggas looking lifeless out here
File: 1451451770309.jpg (941 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: HeroesRaptureRyan.png (2 MB, 1303x1940) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1303x1940
This man is my husbando.
I'm a bit too hungover to write, plus I wanna play some Just Cause 3.

I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Sorry for the inactivity cucks.
Is it good? I never finished JC2 it was a pain in the ass after a while of doing the same
It's >fun.

If you didn't like Just Cause 2, I don't know if you'd like this game.
Pimps and thugs
Guns and skulls don't mix
The Skulls Parasite Unit begs to differ.
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So, anons, what are the things, that you can think of, hurt a relationship the most?
To me, it's not talking about problems in the relationship, or fight for stupid reasons.
I would say mutual stubbornness can be a real killer. If neither of you can find common ground on a topic, or some kind of compromise, odds are good you're headed for shit city, because there's always gonna be more things to be stubborn about down the road.
File: a48.png (86 KB, 764x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good night, happy people, stay based.
Fuck it. I've got a slightly longer update I've been working on, but it won't be done before my next shift. I'm gonna get some sleep and have it up in the afternoon.

Happy (belated) New Years.
Would any of you mind if I take a crack at writefagging here?
Do it, m8
Happy New Year you crazy bastards.
Sorry I'm kill.
Moving across the country does that.
That and dealing with a bunch of idiots.
Perhaps soon, I'll be reassigned, have more free time. Or not.
bump my ride
Oh my fucking god! Hope in this world has been restored, glad to see you, m8.
>Gib da green baws
Now, being serious, glad that you are here, m8, it's good to have you back.
I liked it, Wan, well done
Kinda obvious but: communication.
IME at least, that's what gets most people (in non-relationships too). People just talk past themselves, and don't open up. If they were just honest about what's bothered them, often the other party would respond with a "oh, didn't realize that was a problem, sorry" and everything is fine.
Being honest with your partner... sounds like a prompt for a marital problems story where AJ saves the day by bringing honesty into her friends' relationship.
excuses excuses.

bloody hell, no kidding
well written tho
> Sentry, Flash... denied..
> Captain Ano~..
> You don't even catch your front hooves nervously pacing in place as you look left and right.
>"Composed? We are composed! Do we not look composed?!" You unintentionally lean wide eyed towards Toil trying to convince him, causing him to take a step back
> For once, you are not the weaver of a dream.
> Yet part of a dream come true.
Simply beautiful.
>my attempts to write
Nigga, you what?
Just... continue your story, dude!

File: baf.jpg (208 KB, 1024x726) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No u..happy new year..
>Of all the things that could put a damper on a good mood, that had to be one of the stronger candidates
>You could feel the grin you'd only just felt relieved enough to muster take flight as her words sank in
"Hold on a second, only a pass? Then that nod wasn't his acknowledgment? What did he want from me if that wasn't good enough?"
>Applejack fails to meet your questioning gaze, instead opting to look in the direction of her brother's departure
>"It's not so much about what he wanted from ya, as it is what he hoped you'd do. Matter a' fact, pret' near any response ya coulda given 'im woulda been good enough."
" 'Would have been good enough'? What, you mean the timing was wrong? I just failed because circumstance dictated it, is that it?"
>"Don't get too worked up over it, now. He'll tell ya himself when he's good an' ready. All ya need ta know is that 'e still sees ya like a brother."
>Cryptic, and not really comforting there, AJ
>"That colt's always been a big ol' softy on the inside. It ain't easy fer 'im ta jus' accept that ya got no mem'ry of 'im. Yer family ta him and ta all a' us, too."
>Granny adds, chiding you in a way only a pony with decades of parenting experience can
>You had to admit, it did look like your flair for hysterics was getting the best of you again
"Alright, maybe I am getting ahead of myself, and not really considering how you guys felt. It's been a rough day all around."
>Though you still felt as though there was something you could have done better, you knew complaining about it wasn't going to get you anywhere
>Resettling your seat on the floor, the joints in your legs seem to appreciate the reprieve
>Hardwood and kneecaps do not play nice together
>With a few measured breaths your nerves are settled once more
>Applejack rests a hoof atop your shoulder, a show of solidarity that was not wasted on you
>"Jus' take it easy fer now. You've been through alot fer one day. You'll come to an understandin' with Big Mac sooner 'r later."
>She was right, of course
>It would be more productive to just relax and approach matters another time with a clearer head,
>Arguable though it might be that you would remain in Equestria long enough to show this family the gratitude you owe them
>Which, come to think of it, did mean there was one more imposition you would have to request of them
"Thanks, Applejack. I'm sure you're right about that, but uh, there is one more thing I figured we should talk about..."
>You weren't sure what the best way to put this was
>'Hey Granny, since I don't think I'm actually married to your granddaughter, can I get my own room?'
>'Look, Applejack, you're great and all, but I don't think I can shack up with someone I just met today, and a pony at that!'
>'I'll take up sleeping in the barn if I have to! I would feel less uncomfortable in the environs of mindless animals than with actual talking horses!'
>Yep, you were looking at a one-way ticket to one hell of an asskicking
>Maybe when you have the time, and a few less teeth, you should find out where you left your tact
>For now, all you could do was wing it
>You place a hand atop the orange hoof still perched on your shoulder, trying to absorb some of that confidence your horse wife held in you
"About where I'm sleeping, specifically..."
>You can feel the tickle of warm fur as a body presses into the side of your arm
>You turn your head to find Applejack has inched closer to you, eyes avoiding yours while a blush grows on her freckled cheeks
>Before you can say anything further, Granny takes advantage of your frequent verbal pauses to cut in with her two bits
>"There's nothin' ta talk about there, sonny. Confused as ya are, married is as married does, an' married couples share a room. 'Nless one a' them's bin out drinkin' too much cider with the other fellers agin. Then 'e gits the couch agin. An' if 'e don't like it, he ain't got nopony ta blame but 'is own cottonheaded self..."
>Her argument steadily trails off, muttering over what you could only assume were frustrating memories of a now-absent husband who likely enjoyed his libations more than he ought
>A cough to your side directs your attention towards Applejack again, her blush renewed by the well-meaning ramblings of her grandmother
>"I got a pretty good idea a' where you're gonna go with this, 'Non, so I think maybe it's time I show ya somethin'."
>She was keeping her voice low, perhaps not to disturb the delicate balance of Granny's trip down memory lane
>With a tilt of her head towards entry hall, she waits for you to give a small nod before silently leaving the main living room
>Only once it looked like Granny had seized Applebloom as her sole captive audience member did you move to follow
>Applebloom's glazed expression is interrupted by the sight of you slinking away
>The only thing you could offer was to salute that poor soldier you were leaving behind
>Rolling her eyes with a silent huff, she returns the gesture
>Might as well add that to your growing list of debts to repay
>At the end of the hall you spied Applejack holding the front door open for you
>Apparently whatever she had in mind about your boarding arrangement was not inside the farmhouse
>The odds of you sleeping in the barn were growing by the minute
>With the door shut behind you, she continues wordlessly at a brisk pace down one of the winding sidepaths around the structure
>The journey took you past the barn, much to your relief
>In hindsight, it would probably be incredibly awkward if it turned out other farm animals were just as sapient as any pony
>Kinda makes you wonder if racial segregation was alive and well in this diarchical realm of a pony master race
>It was probably not good for your mental wellbeing to ponder the potentially complex moral dilemmas of such colourful creatures
>Better to take things in stride as they come to you
>"It's just over yonder, 'Non! See that house right there?"
>Your eyes trace the invisible line from the mare's pointing hoof up to the top of a nearby hill
>It didn't look like a barn, or a chicken coop, or even a dog house
>No, this looked quite close to what would constitute as ordinary a house as could be found in Equestria
>Albeit both rustic and vibrant, as things around here tended to be
>It shared a motif in common with most of the other buildings on the acreage
>Painted a nice bright red and topped with a slatted lavender roof, the two-story home had hardly a hint of age to it
>Your best guess would be that the building was erected only recently, within the last year or so at the oldest
>There was something else about it, though
>You couldn't quite put your finger on it
>The closer you got, the more that feeling nagged at you
>Like there was something about this house that rubbed you the wrong way
>Like it didn't fit in a world populated by creatures that spent their lives on all fours at half your height
>That was when it clicked
>That's why this place seemed so 'off'
>Approaching the front door beside your horse wife, who seemed unable to help beaming you a prideful smile the whole time, the obvious question almost caught in your throat
"This house was built for me, wasn't it?"
>"Fer us, matter a' fact. It was our pet project after we got engaged."
>A hasty correction given by the mare
>That would make sense, you guess
>Marrying a family-oriented woman like your human wife was not a decision a smart man would make lightly
>If you were going to agree that only 'til death do you part, you had to be someone with big plans for the commitment
>It was only natural her peculiar equine counterpart would share the sentiment
>As a plus, it sounded like "you" had finally had enough of making yourself an interesting case for spinal correction in a world of doctors only experienced with swaybacks
>Good move, though you wonder why "you" didn't think of it sooner
>Or why "you" didn't stick around for the part of the marriage that mattered most
>"There's still a couple rooms that need the finishing touches put on 'em, and the kitchen ain't stocked yet neither, which means you'll hafta come down to the farmhouse fer dinner, but overall, it should have everythin' ya need fer day ta day life."
>The hospitality that Applejack's inseparable clan had shown you, someone who didn't share their blood, their species, or even their memories together, was too much
>Though they knew you, almost to a perfect tee, you couldn't express similar sentiment
>All you'd given them in return was the pain of your mere presence in their lives
>You weren't the alien they loved who loved them in turn
>Or maybe you were, though no corner of your memory held even a scrap of such an existence
>You were nothing more than a harrowed substitute, standing in the very shoes worn by a man with whom you shared a mind and body, but without having lived his life
>You were like a prostethic limb to this family
>They could still feel the presence of the other "you", but in his place was something artificial and hollow
>Only what remained of what they might have had
"I-I can't live here. You've done too much for me already. I-it's not healthy for you, t-treating me like I'm still that s-same man."
>Any semblance of composure you still had was cracking under the weight of a guilt of your own making
>Your teeth gritted, your eyes watering, your legs buckle and bring you to the grassy earth on your hands and knees
>Why are you here?
>Just to suffer?
>To watch as those who care about you suffer by proximity?
>It wasn't fair, it wasn't right
>You'd all been cheated and robbed of what you rightly deserved by an individual you could only call a coward
>And where was this person, to be held accountable for these crimes?
>In another place?
>Another time?
>Inside your own head?
>Maybe he's right here, right now, pounding his fist in futility against the tear-stained dirt
>A delusional shell of a man only capable of hurting himself and those around him without even trying
>Not to mention something of an emotional disaster
>It felt as though the gravity of your situation had finally come crashing down with what should have been no more than a simple act motivated by love
>The simple sheltering of a mare's basketcase husband
>You had to assume Applejack for a masochist by the way she picked your arms up off the ground and wrapped you in a tight hug, the proximity of your head to hers knocking her hat clean off while your tears create darkened streaks in her mane
>"Hush now. I won't hear another word of it. I know how much ya love ta beat yerself up over everything. It's just the way you've always been, ever since we met. So if it's really eatin' ya up that badly, there's plenty you can do ta help us out with the farm and earn yer keep. A little hard work'll spend all that energy yer wastin' just agonizin' over things ya can't control."
>Your breath comes in shallow, hitching rasps
>No argument would cross your lips to the mare who continued to prove a much-needed anchor to your distraught self
>It was all you could do to take comfort in the gentle strokes of a hooved foreleg running up and down your heaving back
>"Jus' let it all out, 'Non. I'm here for ya..."
File: ShootMe.jpg (99 KB, 1019x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 1019x768
That's it for now. At this point my head is so screwy from revising that update several times over I can't be any decent judge of quality.
File: 1429401901326.jpg (66 KB, 675x663) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Baby this emotional roller coaster you call a story is driving me up the fucking wall with feels, you're doing a good job m8
It was enjoyed, m8, many feels were had, also nice references
You completely shit on me in every aspect as a writer.

Keep going.
Night time bump and loving all of these stories
File: ddb.png (162 KB, 960x1182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 960x1182
It's magic
All my feelings on my sleeveless
Where's your Lust for Revenge?
It's with Bobby Fischer.
>when it's time to party we will party hard.jpg
File: Doublemint Dave.png (473 KB, 1366x1306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Doublemint Dave.png
473 KB, 1366x1306
Fucking younglings, they are the cancer of the galaxy
...is how the writefags have left us.
yet, despite being abandoned like unwanted surprise kittens, we cannot hate our writefags. we should, some may argue, but we cannot. for we love them unconditionally. even when they stop giving us the things we so desperately seek from them. need from them. Loki, Fife, WaN, Jeff, AMP, MnM, and now even a day without FtS... our hero waited until he was petrified on the sidewalk, waited for his beloved master Fry. And so we shall wait for you.
I'm actually writing right now.

I'm the middle of prepping for leaving for a con in a couple days as well, so, updates are slow.
Yer like the fluttershy of writefags. the only one who loves their poor stupid charges deeply enough to care for them when no-one else will.
>comparing me to Fluttershit

Are you trying to insult me?
being compared favourably to flutterbutter is about the highest honour anyone can have.
you insult ME all by insinuating that mah waifu a shit.

also, why u talkin to me when you shoot be writing, faggot?
>shoot be writing
and here you see why _i_ am not the one who should be writing.
Your waifu is a shit.
Apple buckin hips. 'Nuff said.
File: what-did-you-say.png (249 KB, 1515x1046) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 1515x1046
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
Good taste.
You guys are the loveliest.
You flatter me, friend, but your work and your words inspire me to do the best I can. I only hope to keep meeting your expectations.
I ain't gettin' involved in this shit.
yes well, as a believer in herd theory, mah waifu doesn't imply a single selection. applehips is just as desirable as yellowhover, i freely admit. if anything, AJ is "if i were forced into monogamy waifu"
back after a long weekend bump
>You are Anonymous.
>As you felt the pain subside, you allowed yourself to breathe a sigh of relief.
>You weren’t exactly sure what the fuck Starlight had done, but it worked.
>You didn’t feel like you were going to die anymore.
>You attempted to rise from the bathtub, but found that you still lacked the strength to do so.
>”Careful Anon! You need to rest.”
>You shot the mare in your lap a curious look.
“Well, I need to get out of this tub somehow.”
>She shot you a cocky smirk in response to your words.
>”Don’t worry, just leave that to me.”
>Before you could ask what she meant, she jumped out of your lap and outside of the tub, before turning around to face you, her horn lighting up once more.
>You suddenly felt your naked body rise from the porcelain tub, as the mare lifted you into the air, not even breaking a sweat as she did so.
>It was a weird feeling, floating through the air, with literally nothing holding you up.
>Starlight wore a massive grin as she carried you through the air with her magic, taking a moment to dry you off, before walking out of the bathroom with you floating behind her.
>”Newsie?!” she called out to the apartment’s sole resident as she walked into the living room.
>You caught a glimpse of the crimson maned mare as she poked her head out of the kitchen.
>She seemed a bit surprised when she spotted your naked, slightly tanned ass floating through the air, but quickly shook it off, shooting the unicorn carrying you with her telekinesis a questioning look.
>”What’s up, Starlight?”
>The mare with the pink coat took a moment to set you down on a nearby couch, before responding to the newsmare’s question.
>”Do you have a guest bedroom Anon could get some rest in?”
>Newsflash blinked, but responded a few seconds later with a shake of her head.
>”No, sorry… just the one bedroom. You can crash on the couch, though.”
>At this, you spoke up.
“It’s cool! I’m fine here.”
>You weren’t lying, this couch was pretty fucking comfy.
>”Right…” she shifted her attention to you as she eyed you down, “So, do you need some time to rest, or are good to go for your interview? If we got it in now, I could probably get it into my editor with enough time for it to be published in tomorrow’s print.”
>Using what limited strength you had, you sat up slightly, meeting the newspony’s gaze, before shrugging.
“Hook me up with a drink first, then we can get started.”
>The green mare raised a brow at your statement, before examining the watch strapped to her hoof.
>”But it isn’t even nine yet…”
>You felt a toothy grin spread across your lips.
“I don’t remember stuttering. Let’s get this show on the road.”

I wouldn't expect me to be very active over the next week because I'm going to be at Pacific PonyCon for most of it. I'll start actively writing again afterwards.
Can't wait
Good nights, fellow c,ucks, stay based.
Check 'em. Also, can't wait to se how everything goes to shit, revenge is sweet.
you forgot the '- Lust For Revenge' at your name
>'Hey Granny, since I don't think I'm actually married to your granddaughter, can I get my own room?'
>'Look, Applejack, you're great and all, but I don't think I can shack up with someone I just met today, and a pony at that!'
>'I'll take up sleeping in the barn if I have to! I would feel less uncomfortable in the environs of mindless animals than with actual talking horses!'
>Yep, you were looking at a one-way ticket to one hell of an asskicking
>Maybe when you have the time, and a few less teeth, you should find out where you left your tact
If he would do that unironically I would drop it. Seriously, dude. I almost fainted reading that and I was looking for any sign of him doing that for real. Jesus. You got me here.

>"There's nothin' ta talk about there, sonny. Confused as ya are, married is as married does, an' married couples share a room. 'Nless one a' them's bin out drinkin' too much cider with the other fellers agin. Then 'e gits the couch agin. An' if 'e don't like it, he ain't got nopony ta blame but 'is own cottonheaded self..."
I shouldn't be smilling like a doofus but dude, this line is somewhat beautiful.

>"This house was built for me, wasn't it?"
>"Fer us, matter a' fact. It was our pet project after we got engaged."
Aaand you won my heart.

>"There's still a couple rooms that need the finishing touches put on 'em, and the kitchen ain't stocked yet neither, which means you'll hafta come down to the farmhouse fer dinner, but overall, it should have everythin' ya need fer day ta day life."
Tell her to stay!

>"I-I can't live here. You've done too much for me already. I-it's not healthy for you, t-treating me like I'm still that s-same man."
Ok, you got me here the second time. Breaking Anon is good, so good.

>"Jus' let it all out, 'Non. I'm here for ya..."

>Pacific PonyCon
Can you make shitloads of pictures? Can you?
File: penka.png (274 KB, 700x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 700x840
I suppose I should write more of my neurotic Anon after I get home since we have Pinks in the OP. I've only got one question for you guys and I'm not going to give you any context for it.
Any of y'all like wrestling?
Good because I wrote myself into a corner and the only way out involves some broken necks and some splinters.
Lookin' forward to it, nigga.
The only pictures I intend on taking are on my groups Aussie shenanigans.
Can you make more pics? And share? Like autism?
I'm gonna see if I can get some green in today.

If you really want to see some pics, check out our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Diamond_Cunts

I'm not gonna flood this thread with unrelated pics.
>Diamond Cunts
Oi m8
Oi cunt.
>MnM is an Aussie

How was this not obvious to me?
And if my I remember correctly, he is also a soldier.
I've been eyeing this thread a little while now.
Taking some drawing requests.
Delivery time will vary.
Anon in a sneaking suit carrying starlight.
Starlight spying Anon from afar.

>Those triple dubs.
Fucking check 'em
I will return with these deliveries when I have them!
I imagine that would be former soldier, since he plays with meat now.
I need more hatred in my day
I got you senpai:
File: header[1].jpg (32 KB, 460x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 460x215
My own continuity is fucking with me a bit. 'Fraid I can't promise an update tonight.
Same. Sorry guys. I'll apply myself tomorrow and get something out.

I'm just a brat who knows more than his fair share of inside military jokes because I used to be a major motard. I wouldn't be able to get in with my beergut.

Maybe someday, with enough lifting.

Nah m8.

My group and I happen to be Australian roleplayers at the reenactment stuff we do. That shit ended up mixing in with conventions after I drunkenly slipped into Aussie mode at BABSCon 2014 and somehow people loved the shit out of it (there's a story behind that if you cunts are interested, lots of booze, autism, and strippers involved). Now we go around cons in our stuff handing out free Fosters to anyone who'll take it.

Yes, I'm well aware of the autism.
On the real tho, I'm having a bit of writer's block. You fags got any suggestions for the story?
Which one?
Lust For Revenge. I know what I'm doing with Twilight's Return, just not writing it.
You could have Anon narrate the story to News to give us more lust for revenge or you could maybe show us something from the perspective of other character that is with Bookslut,
I actually have a shit ton of different perspectives in mind for when Twilight gets exposed as a traitorous slut and her whole life comes crashing down on her.
Can't fucking wait.
I guess that you could either jump to that or have some more happy moments with Anon and Star.
You could involve Celestia
But please don't expose purple nurple it would only turn out pretty shitty
Not now
It would only kill the plot if you beat her this early
He can do very little for now. I mean, they are already with News, there is not much he can show beside Anon teeling his tale
I know but maybe the papers are like
>'we don't print this shit '
I can't see that working out.
>Three days later, everyone is fucking dead
>"Nah mang, it was just a joke you can print it :^)"
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Good night, faggets, stay based

If you like drawing more of a fantasy setting, Loki's stories make for a most excellent subject.
is there a story like pic related where anon beats pinkie but she still loves him and hangs out with him, but the other 5 mares are trying to get her away from anon
There was one with dash.
which one, I can't tell from the story titles alone
So how does the thread feel about Satyr kids being the marital problem?
Think I'm gonna give this so called writing thing a go.
Pretty much nothing is off limits in here. Not even
>no hooves
Go for it, negro.
Sounds fun. Go for it.
Do it.
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Purp mage.png
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Alright then here goes.

>You are Anon
>After ending up in Equestria over twenty-two years ago you settled down and had yourself a family.
>Married to the love of your life Twilight Sparkle, the two of you somehow had a child shortly after you were wed.
>Twilight called it a fertility potion. Something about both of you had to drink it then magic would happen.
>Never understood how that warp stuff worked anyway.
>It didn't matter though because a little over a year after drinking it out popped your daughter Glimmer.
>With the upper half of her body being human and the lower half that of a pony, she was the cutest little abomination you've ever seen.
>Twilight thought so too.
>And so began your life as a family man.
>That was seventeen years ago and your cute little girl has grown up to be a fine young lady.
>A smile creeps on your face as you sit at the kitchen table eating your lunch.
>A weird vegetarian, meat flavored sandwich.
>You think it's tofu.
>Not bad.
>A sudden crash from down the hall brings you back to reality as well as the stomping of hooves on a hard floor.
>”You just aren't trying hard enough!”
>”Mom, I'm trying my best every single time!”
>”Well maybe you need to practice the basics more.”
>”For bucks sake mom I do them every day!”
>”Watch your mouth young lady!”
>Here we go again.
>Into the kitchen comes your little girl though not so little anymore as well as your wife chasing after her.
>”I'm not done talking to you yet.”
>”Well I'm done talking to you!” shouts Glimmer as she opens the fridge and sticks her head inside.
>Needless to say your daughter turned seventeen a few months ago and is now at 'that age'.
>Ever since the both of you found out that Glimmer has some magical abilities, mostly able to move things, Twilight was hell bent on teaching her.
>You never seen your wife so proud of her daughter but in reality Twilight can be pushy when it comes to Glimmer's studies.
File: Bed.png (84 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>”Glimmer please, you have magical talent but you just need more practice. Why when I was a foal I would practice all day to get better. I would spend days studying and...”
“Well we can't all be like you Twi.”
>Twilight shoots you a glare.
>”You're not helping Anon. Now as I was saying just to get a grasp on magic you have to put in a lot of work.”
>Glimmer pulls out a carton of chocolate milk and grabs a glass from the cabinet.
>”Mom I know! I do this day in and day out but I never get any better! All I can do is just grab a few things but that's it! I'm not a pony like you! I can't do magic!” Glimmer says as she pours her milk.
>”Yes you can! You can do basic telekinesis. You just need to apply how you do that to other spells.”
>”BUT I CAN'T!” Glimmer yells at the top of her voice.
“Calm down Glimmer. It's alright.”
>”No it's not dad! No matter what I do I fail! I can't take it anymore!”
Glimmer slams down the carton onto the kitchen counter.
>”Buck this I'm gonna go see my friends!” Glimmer says as she stomps out of kitchen.
>”Wait Glimmer!”
>”No! Buck off!”
>You can hear the door slamming in the distance.
>Kids these days.
>Getting up from the table to kneel down next to Twilight.
“It's alright Twi, she's just at that age where she just wants to do what she wants. She'll be back.”
>To your surprise though instead of the saddened Twilight you were expecting you are kneeling next to a very angry purple pony.
>”Buck off? Telling ME to buck OFF!”
>You can practically see steam coming from her nose.
“It OK Twi, I'm sure she just...”
>”NO! IT IS NOT OK! Our daughter is growing up to be a waste of great potential! Ugh! Why couldn't she be like every other foal and just be a loving daughter but no! She has to be a rebel! She wants to put off her studies to play!”
“To be fair you do make her study a lot.”
>”Because she needs it!”
>She is glaring daggers at you now.
>”Go talk to your daughter!”
“But I don't know anything about magic.”
>”This isn't about magic! Go talk to her and make her return to her studies!”
>Twilight stomps over to the table, grabs your sandwich and then proceeds to storm out of the kitchen.
>While passing by the counter the top of her tail seemed to naturally swing up and knock over the chocolate milk that Glimmer poured.
>What a waste.
>Guess it's time to go have a talk with your daughter and see why she's acting up.

That's it for now. Should I keep going or not even bother.
Already late to class so let me know what you think. I wanted to do something different so feel free to criticize.
The fuck do you mean "should I keep going" the answer is MOAR
Seems solid so far. Keep at it, I wanna see where you're going with this.
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>You are Anon, and you are super-pissed.
"All day, every day, all I hear about is apples!"
>To be fair, you probably should have expected this sort of thing when you married Applejack.
"Apple fritter; apple pie; apple juice; apple cider; apple brown-betties; apple muffins; apple god-damn vegetarian meatloaf!"
>"This here done be a apple farm, Anawn! Whut d'yall 'xpect?!"
>Fuck you! Fuck you and your logic!
"I expect some fucking variety! I know you have some pigs squirrelled away, Applejack! Porkchops with apple sauce!"
>Your waifu gasps in horror, and you know you've gone too far.
>But you that you should have stopped long ago.
>You're already a demon.
"You're teasin' me, Jacks! You're teasin' me!"
>You break off, panting heavily.
>You had no idea that an argument over fucking APPLES would take so much out of you.
>Applejack is as stubborn as a mule, though, and she just stares you right back down.
>She's got the face of somepony who is willing to chop off their nose just to spite their face, and she knows it.
>"Ah told you ne'er tuh bring up the pigs EVER again, Anawn."
>She's growling now, baring her teeth in an attempt to look threatening.
>You bear yours right back, and she involuntarily takes a step back.
>Thank you, predator/prey species interaction.
>Then, the unthinkable happens.
>Applejack jumps forward and invades your personal bubble.
>"Y'all can't jus' make yer scary face at me an' 'xpect me tuh back down, yuh scoundrel! Y'all're free tuh come back home when yer attitude has had a fair bit of adjustin'."
>She spins on her hoof and stalks back towards the house, not even bothering to glance back at you.
>"Not gunna put up with that attitude no more. No sir."
>The door slams shut and you're left on your own.
>You've fucked up this time, Anon.
>You've fucked up badly.
>You slowly collapse against a tree and rest your head in your hands.
>You want to forget about porkchop sandwiches so badly, but you can't.
>You just CAN'T.
>That fucking video

How can you be so based?
I got 8 hours of sleep every night and ate 3-to-5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
Holy shit, dude... that's like... so freaking healthy...
My little sister eats nothing but popcorn chips and sugar, my older sister eats nothing but bread sprinkles and peanut butter, and I take my ADD stimulant and hardly eat at all....

Porkchop sandwiches do sound good, though.
>You wanted to admit your defeat to the invisible opponent who'd torn everything you knew away,
>That they might return it all and spare you further torment
>If only it were that easy
>Your self-destructive outburst had been no more than a vain excuse to wallow in your own pity
>A twisted catharsis that could only fill the void for however long you succumbed to it
>You would move on, one way or another, and you would be left craving more
>What you needed was the strength to fight those cravings
>You might find such strength within yourself some day, but for now, you would borrow that of another
>With time and the tender care of your horse wife, your anguished sobbing diminished and in its place was the serenity of spent emotion
>"Feelin' better now, sugarcube?"
>You don't respond, instead stroking your fingers through her mane, mindful not to displace any of the flaxen strands from their binding
>It remained incredible to you, the look and feel of these locks of golden horse hair, that the similarities between the mare and the woman could be so precise
>You've hardly been apart since this morning, but the whole time you had also been trying to maintain a sort of distance from it all
>Now you were too exhausted of your reservations to do anything more than to resign yourself to that soothing embrace
>Every last little detail, equine features aside, was a perfect match
>Were you being unfaithful by letting the pony support you?
>To entertain such a question was disgusting to you, that you might try to rationalise any potential infidelity
>You couldn't help it, your woes and worries had finally caught up to you
>They had overwhelmed that aloof detachment you'd so carefully built up around your heart
>The fact of the matter is that, regardless of your hesitation, Applejack believes you are her husband with every ounce of confidence she possesses
>And now that you were willing to accept that this world was as real as the one you had known your whole life, that left you with a hard decision to make
>Would you continue to hurt your horse wife by rejecting her at every turn, no matter how much it felt like barbed wire raked across your heart to do so?
>Or would you give her the love she deserved from somepony better than you, only to rip yourself apart under the weight of a guilty conscience should you ever return to your human wife?
>You still had something of a species barrier to overcome, but more than that,
>As much as the more immediate situation might give the illusion of priority, you still needed to consider the future
>It wasn't something you could decide with the flip of a coin, whether that coin came up 'pony' or 'human'
>You needed time to think
>At least if you had that much, you could say you made the best call you were capable of
>There would always be guilt, but with luck you would rest easier knowing that you fully understood the consequences of the choice you made
"I guess... Heh, ah, I guess I got a bit overwhelmed."
>Wiping away the moisture that remained pooled around your eyes, you clear your throat to bring some coherence back to your speech
"But yeah, I think I'm better now."
>Though you attempt to separate yourself from your spouse, you find your metaphorical anchor has decided she would much rather behave like an actual anchor
>"Well better ain't good enough. Yer gonna hafta carry me if ya wanna go anywhere, but I ain't lettin' go of ya until yer right as rain."
>With hooves wrapped firmly around your ribcage, it was clear she was serious about it too
>So this was the game she wanted to play, was it?
>You're in
>You reach out for that stetson of hers, discarded in the grass by your earlier entanglement, dusting it off and returning it to its rightful home atop her head
>Afterwards, placing both hands beneath her flanks-
>Boner, I'm not copping a feel, I swear to God
>'I'm not the one you have to convince of that, chief.'
>Maybe you weren't as spent as you really wished you were right now
>Heat rising unbidden in your cheeks, you hoist Applejack up and cradle her posterior in your arms as you rise to support yourself on unsteady legs
>Her hooves not budging an inch from their grip, she leans her head into your chest and gives a contented chuckle
>"I've been waitin' all day fer ya ta hold me like 'this'."
>If your imagination hadn't already given way to more lurid thoughts, her choice of words certainly wasn't helping
>Just try to clear your head, alright?
>You don't want to get tangled up in anything you'll regret
>Well, to her you're her husband, so it's not like she would regret-
>Not going there
>Playing it safe, playing it cool
>That's the way to be
>"Ya gonna keep me waitin' here? I'm dyin' ta know what yer gonna do~."
>Now she's doing it on purpose
Got a Pastebin for this green now http://pastebin.com/a72L4NMc
>A savage chill lanced through your veins and body.
>What, how could this even happen?
>Doing a quick skim sadly yields no information.
>The article had incredibly sparse details over each incident
>Perhaps at first it was unexplained accident, but as more stallions kept dying in s similar way, it started to make a splash in the public eye.
>Then who could’ve done this?
>Changelings are probably responsible
>But why kill their only source of food?
>Not only that, but dead husbands and disappearing spouses is just going to bring the attention of all the ruling princess.
>This could be an act of revenge for what happen three years ago.
>But why would Chrysalis start her revenge with stallions that had nothing to do with her defeat.
>Finally unleashing your pent up frustration, you throw the newspaper behind you, papers scattering to the four winds.
>Taking a quick glance, you can see your outlet was a poor choice, as your mess litters the floor.
>You’ll clean that up when you get back, you thought with a sigh, as you turn back towards the table.
>While the muffin was no doubt still eatable, the tea was cold making a less than favorable drink.
“I’m not hungry any more anyways” you say to no one in particular.
>Maybe talking with Rarity and Fluttershy would help you get your mind off things
>Or it could make them worse you never know.
>Making your way through the castle, making various greeting to the staff and guards does little to stifle the negative questions that plague your mind.
>What if a stallion you know ends up like the others?, what if it happens in Ponyville?, could you and your friends stop it if it did?
>Shaking your head to banish the thought, as you make way to the doors.
>Thrusting the golden double doors open, you step in the sunlight.
>As the sun’s rays hits your body, it thaws the harsh ice from your veins.
>A most wondrous cure for a terrible aliment.
>With a renewed smile on your face, you continue onward to your lunch date.
>Or you have if you hadn’t spotted Anon standing in front the stairs, though seeing him after so long only widen your smile.
>You were about to shout his name until you noticed something was wrong.
>Anon was swaying to and fro on his feet, looking more unstable with each sway, his head craned down, and he look so much skinnier since the last time.
>Before another thought manage to get processed, Anon lost his balance, and fall to his left.
>Quickly hitting your panic magic button, you form a magical aura around him.
>A proud but fruitless effort, as he phases through it.
>Right magic immunity.
>Anon’s body hits the ground with a heavy thud.
>A group of on looking pony gasped.
>While the two guards station at the base of the stairs jumped a little at Anon’s sudden collapse.
>Your mind still in a state of panic hardly has to process anything but your friend.
“Don’t just stand there, help me get him to the hospital!” you shout to the less than useful guards, as you gallop pass them.
>Still dumbstruck at what’s going on they barely manage a “Yes Ma’am”
>You and one of the guards pick up Anon by his arms, while the second guard holds Anon on his back.
>With combine effort the three drag Anon to the hospital.
> Once you and your guards reached your destination, Anon was swiftly rushed to IC, and even though you hate to do so you abused your royalty status and to get seat next to him.
>Seeing Anon in such a state refroze your veins.
>What could have possibly happen to him in such a short time?
>Remembering the newspaper article and your previous thought makes you shudder uncontrollably.
>You hopefully you won’t have to wait long to gets some answers.
>No sooner had you cherished the thought, the Doctor walked in with a nurse in tow.
>Doctor IV is a white unicorn stallion with ginger red mane stylized into a ponytail, bushy eyebrows, and a goatee.
>His nurse is a Deep ocean blue pegasus with a shaggy short crop mane.

liking the story so far.
Slow night in the thread. Even after all this green.
We are probably one of the more despised threads, for whatever reason.
The primal needs are taking hold, before he knows it, he will be a horsefucker.
I wonder why.
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Le cuck general meme
No Anon escapes Equestria leaving a horse unfucked. Such a thing would be true blasphemy.
I hate FR and RGRE more than you guys. Buck up.
I feel like his wife could be a killer or the changelling or this could be you pulling a trap on us.
Good work, keep it up.
I love how you write m8.
Good shit, m8. Keep going.

Also, word of advice. People always want more, just keep going. Asking will just get you shit on.
>People always want more