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The Great and Powerful Failure (cont...)
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Last Thread got archived >>21509338

This is continuing from that thread. Hope you enjoy.

>As Pinkie walked towards the phone, Trixie began mixing the ingredients.
>Trixie could hear Pinkie dialing a number.
>The other line picked and Pinkie began to talk to it.
>"Hey Vinyl. It's Pinkie! I have a party that you just HAVE to DJ at..."
>Trixie went back to mixing the ingredients and trying to follow every step correctly.
>She needed some flour, but it was across the room from her, so she decided to use her magic to fly it over to her, so she could continue mixing.
>The flour was almost to her, but then something caught her eye.
>She noticed a bee made its way into the kitchen form the window.
> Trixie instantly backed up, and shut off her magic from her horn, only to realize that the flour she was carrying was right over the table.
>The flour bag instantly fell all over the table, and even worse, the ingredients pages were scattered.
>Trixie panicked and didn't know what to do, as she couldn't read the ingredients, so she tried to remember what the sheet said.
>"Um..Um, let's see... Was it 2 cups of flour or 4? Was it 4 or two eggs?
>Not wanting to interrupt Pinkie's phone call, she just guessed and mixed ingredients as close to what she thought was the right amount.
>She then slid the pan into the oven after taking the finished cupcakes out.
>Needless to say, she was worried what might happen.
>Pinkie got off the phone and walked over to Trixie.
>"So! Were you able to get the recipe right?" asked Pinkie.
>Trixie replied, "U-Um, yes I believe I did."
>"Good! I'm going to go ahead and start on the rock candy then. Since you know how to make the cupcakes, keep on making them!"
>"Uh...,"Trixie said hesitantly.
>Pinkie confused asked,"What's the matter?"
>Trixie points behind her and says,"...That."
>As they were talking, the oven was slowly oozing with the cupcake mix Trixie made.
>"Yes, Pinkie?"
>"How many cups of flour did you use?"

>Pinkie's eye grew wide.
>"What?!?" Shouted Pinkie, "Why would you put in si-"
>Before she could finish, the oven door popped open, and soon the kitchen was completely filled with an mixed mess.
>Pinkie looked at the mess that she would now have to clean up.
>Trixie felt awful and said, "I'm so sorry Pinkie. I-I can clean it up for you."
>Pinkie sighed and said, "It's okay. I should clean this up soon enough and get back to work on making the rock candy and cupcakes."
>Trixie replied,"O-Okay. Do you want me to try the rock candy instead?"
>"Uhhh, I think I'm fine. Thanks though."
>Trixie looked down and felt bad.
>Pinkie noticed this and felt bad.
>"Don't worry Trixie, I'm not mad at you. I'm sure Rarity has something you're for sure good at!"
>"Trixie, still looking down, replied,"I guess so."
>Pinkie tried to lift her spirits.
>"Don't worry! You're definitely a pretty pony, so you'll fit right in with Rarity!"
>Trixie looked up and smiled.
>"Thanks Pinkie," said Trixie.
>Pinkie gave Trixie one last hug, and Trixie was off to Rarity dress shop.
>Pinkie looked at the mess, and thought she might as well taste the batter to see if the batter tasted.
> She took a spoon full and put it in her mouth.
>Pinkie had never tasted cupcake mix as delicious as what she just put in her mouth.
>Rainbow Dash saw all that occurred and flew over the AJ's ranch.
Created a pastebin of my last thread in case if it disappears:


Hope you are all enjoying it so far ^_^

>Rainbow Dash couldn't wait to tell Applejack what happened to Trixie.
>"Hey Applejack!" Yelled Rainbow Dash.
>AJ was in the middle of bucking, and the sound of someone calling out her name surprised her, causing her to buck too hard, making a lot of apples fall on her in a pile.
>RD completely ignored the mound of apples covering AJ and began to talk to her.
>"Applejack, it was so funny! Trixie tried to make cupcakes, and ended up flooding the kitchen with cupcake mix!
>Applejack popped her head out of the top of the mound and responded.
>"Well, that's fine and all, but did Trixie do anything suspicious?"
>"Yea-.....Well... Not really," answered RD
>AJ shook her head and said, "Well then what are you doin' here? She could be doing something suspicious right now, and you're flapping your wings telling me she messed up some cupcakes?"
>RD got annoyed by AJ's tone
>"Hey, I just thought you might get a good laugh out of that."
>"Are we here to laugh, or are we here to catch that no good pony red hooved?"
>RD sighed and shook her head.
>"Fine, whatever. I'll find her on her way to Rarity's," said RD.
>"Don't come back unless you're for sure that she is doing sumthin' suspicious!" yelled AJ as RD flew away.
Going to get some food. Will be right back. ^_^
>RD flew back to Ponyville, looking for the blue furred pony on her way to Rarity's.
>She didn't have luck, until she caught a glimpse of Trixie, standing in front of a young filly next to a tree.
>RD noticed the Filly was crying.
>Thinking that Trixie did something mean to the poor Filly, RD began to fly towards Trixie.
>As she was flying, she noticed Trixie using her magic on something in the tree.
>AS RD was about to tackle Trixie to the ground, she noticed that the thing Trixie was grabbing from the tree, was a kite.
>RD realized this and stopped right before she hit Trixie.
>Trixie turned to RD, as so did the Filly.
>"Rainbow Dash? Is that you?" asked Trixie?
>RD quickly responded,"U-Uh, yeah. it's me!"
>Trixie replied,"Okay...Is something... The matter?
>"Huh? Oh no, just flying by, ahehe. Coincidence right?"
>Trixie looked at RD oddly.
>"Uh, yeah I guess."
>Trixie turned to the Filly
>"Here you go little Filly, try not to fly it so close to the trees next time, okay? Infact..."
>Trixie applied a spell that she learned over her time learning tricks onto the kite, in which made the kite fly away from objects that it could get stuck on.
>The little filly said, "Thank you so much, Great and Powerful Trixie. I knew you weren't as bad as my mom said."
>"Well thank you but Im no longer The Grea-"
>before Trixie could finish her sentence, the little Filly hugged her left hoof, to which Trixie hugged back.
>"...You're Welcome," said Trixie.
>Trixie waved goodbye to the Filly, and the Filly did the same, but Trixie was all smiles before she realized that she had to continue to Rarity's dress shop.
>"I-I'm sorry Rainbow Dash, but if I don't hurry, I'll be late to Rarity's."
>Before RD could say anything, Trixie took off, and RD was there to ponder.
>RD thought,"Hmm, maybe Trixie has changed... No way, can't take a chance. I got to keep following her."
>Trixie eventually made it to Rarity's and opened the door.
>The bell rang, and Rarity was at the door in a flash.
>Rarity asked, "Hello? Who is it?...Ah, yes! Welcome to my shop, Trixie."
>"Hello, Rarity. My my, what an exquisite amount of dresses you have created."
>"Why thank you, darling. They are magnificent aren't they?" said Rarity proudly.
>"So, I guess I'm here to try and make a dress?" asked Trixie.
>Rarity replied, "Well of course you are. I have given you some supplies over there on that table. I gave you colors based on your old hat and cape you wore.
>Trixie remembered that she left her hat and cape on the castle steps.
>"Speaking of my hat and cape... Did you happen to see if anyone too-"
>Before she finished her sentence, Rarity presented a present to Trixie.
>Trixie, shocked asked, "F-For me?"
>Rarity nodded.
>Trixie thanked Rarity and wanted to open it, but the gift wrap and ribbon were so beautiful, she couldn't bring herself to open it.
>"Rarity, it's so lovely, but do you think I may open it later? it just looks so lovely," said Trixie.
>Rarity chuckled and replied,"Of course you can, darling. It's almost noon, so you can open it when we leave for lunch."
>"Oh, but I don't have any bits."
>"Atatata, say no more. I have a lunch already made for you," said Rarity as she presented Trixie with a lunch basket.
>Trixie felt so flattered, and cared for. It's something she hasn't felt in a long time.
>Trixie said with a big smile, "Thank you, Rarity. It means a lot."
>"Absolutely deary, now let's get you started on your dress."
>Trixie nodded as they both began to walk towards the table with supplies.
>"Have you ever made a dress before, Trixie?"
>Trixie replied, "Well, I've always wanted to. Unfortunately, my family wasn't the richest, so I had to make due with what I had. My mother..."
>Trixie took a deep breath before continuing.
>"...My mother made my hat and cape that I used to wear, so I always wore that and sort of pretended that it was a dress."
>Rarity noticed that Trixie looked kind of down after saying that and out her hoof on Trixie's right shoulder.
>"It's alright Trixie. You needn't say more. I'm sure that she made it with love and care in every stitch."
>Trixie nodded and Rarity began showing her the basics of making a dress.
>To Trixie's surprise, making a dress didn't seem too hard to make.
> Rarity was by Trixie's side the whole time, with every step, Trixie grew more interested in finishing the dress.
>After about an hour, Rarity looked at the clock on her wall.
>"Oh dear, it seems that it's already noon. let's take a break shall we?
>Trixie, like a little Filly, responded, "Aww, but it was just getting fun, and I'm only halfway finished with the dress."
>Rarity laughed, and said, "Don't worry darling, we'll still have plenty of time after lunch. I'm sure you're starving after being out in the cold and rain for so long."
>Trixie responded, "Well, I am hungry.. Okay Rarity."
>"Splendid," said a gleeful Rarity,"Oh. don't forget your present, Trixie."
>Trixie almost forgot the present, and quickly grabbed it as the ponies walked out the door.

I'm going to take a short break, but I promise I will be back ^_^

>Rarity locked her shop off, and both ponies were off to the local park.
>Trixie was spending most of the time, wondering what Rarity made for lunch, along with wondering what what in the present.
>When they arrived, Rarity found a nice spot on top of a hill in the park.
>"Oh, this is a wonderful spot," said Rarity.
>"It is. I can see all of Ponyville from up here."
>"No better place for a lunch, if I do say so myself," said Rarity.
>Trixie actually gave a slight giggle to what Rarity said.
>Rarity opened the lunch basket, and unfolded a casual red and white picnic blanket onto the grass.
>Both ponies laid on the blanket, and Rarity handed Trixie a napkin, and then a sandwich wrapped in some clear foil.
>The sandwich looked very appetizing, and along with that, a shiny apple.
>Trixie could only imagine where Rarity would get such a fine quality apple from.
> Trixie began to dig in. How long has it been since she had such a delicious meal like this?
>"My oh my Rarity, this sandwich is delicious," said a very satisfied Trixie.
>"I'm glad you enjoy it, darling. I use only the finest vegetables and wheat when it comes to making my food," replied Rarity.
>"I assume the apple is from Applejack's farm," insinuated Trixie.
>Rarity laughed and said,"Wasn't it obvious?"
>Both ponies began to laugh.
>"You know Rarity, you really are a very pretty pony. I could only wish to have a mane as beautiful as yours," said Trixie.
>"Well thank you deary, but as wonderful as my mane is, it's your mane that you should be proud of. Your mane style makes you unique over others. No need to cop what others do."
>Trixie smiled and said, "I suppose you are right Rarity. Thank you."
>"Anytime darling, now about your present."
>Trixie looked at the present again. She really didn't want to ruin the wrapping paper and bow. However, she had an idea.
>"Rarity. Do you think we could attach this bow to the dress I'm making? I absolutely love it."
File: spixiewell.jpg (80 KB, 420x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Maybe we could even make a design of the star light wrapping paper onto my dress," said Trixie.
>Rarity thought about it.
>"It would certainly make your dress unique... Alright, we shall do it. But first, open your present!"
>Trixie took a deep breath and began to slowly take apart the presents bow and wrapping paper.
>When she got the wrapping off, she took the top off of the box.
>What she saw inside took her by surprise and for a minute, she was speechless.
>What was in the box, was her Wizard hat and cape, but only clean, and retouched to look brand new.
>How did Rarity do it? Why did she do it?
>"R-Rarity... I-I don't know what to say..."
>Rarity said, "No need. Try it on. I made sure every stitch was exactly how it was before it got damaged. It was especially hard to not tell you after you told me your mother made it for you. I can only hope that my work lives up to your mothers."
>Trixie smiled and put her cape on, and it fit just the same way it always had.
>"How is it? asked Rarity.
>"It's...It's perfect...Thank you," said Trixie.
>Trixie began to go in for a hug with Rarity, but before she could, a familiar voice was heard in the distance.
>"Rarity!!! Rarity? I saw on your door you wen to the park for lunch and thought that I would swing by and see if you need he-"
>The two ponies turned to where to voice was coming from to see that it was Spike.
>"Whoa Rarity! Step back!" Shouted Spike.
>Rarity responded with,"Wh-Wha-"
>"No need to say anything Rarity, I'll protect you from her!"
>Trixie was shocked from what Spike said.
>Rarity tried to say, "Spike it's quite alri-"
>Why don't you get out of here Trixie. Haven't you cause enough trouble?" said Spike with anger.
>Trixie began to feel down again.
>Trixie said, "I-I'm sorry..I...I-"
>Spike interrupted.
>"I don't want to hear it. I won't let you hurt Rarity liked you tried last time you jerk!"
>"Spike!" Shouted Rarity.
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>Trixie took off her cape and laid it back intro the box.
>"It's okay Rarity. I'll just be on my to Fluttershy. Maybe I won't hurt anyone there..."
>A sad Rarity replied, "Trixie..."
>"Thank you for the lunch, Rarity. I enjoyed it," said a choked up Trixie.
>Trixie began to run away.
>Rarity shouted, "But Trixie! What about your dress and gift?!?"
>Trixie just kept running away.
>An accomplished feeling Spike said,"Ha. I sure showed her, huh Rarity....Rarity?"
>When Spiked turned to Rarity, Rarity was fuming as she was staring at Spike dead in the eye.
>"Uh..What did I do?" asked Spike.
>"You have no idea. Do you, Spike?" said a very frustrated Rarity.
>Rarity proceed to hit Spike on the noggin and told him to grab the now opened present and bring it back with her to her shop.
> After rubbing his head, Spike didn't hesitate.
>"So, why was she here anyway?" asked a now confused Spike.
>RD was hiding in a tree watching the whole scene, and then proceeded to follow a fast galloping Trixie.
>RD was able to keep up, but tried to stay out of sight.
>Trixie eventually began to slow down and walk the rest of the way to Fluttershy's home.
>As Trixie was walking, RD noticed that she grabbed what looked like the Locket RD saw Trixie hold in the castle bathroom.
>She flew over to get a closer look.
>Trixie didn't open it, but RD saw a picture on the casing of the locket.
>It was a picture of Trixie's Cutie Mark.
>RD wondered why Trixie would have a locket with her Cutie Mark on it?
>RD noticed Trixie looking up, and RD made a mad dash to hide in a nearby tree.
>Trixie thought someone was watching her, but shrugged it off and proceeded to Fluttershy's home.
>RD slowly followed.
>"Wow. That was pretty bad what happened to Trixie back there," thought RD,"I'm starting to think that she really isn't as bad as she used to be. But that locket, I can't know for sure until I see what the purpose of that locket is."
>RD continued to follow behind Trixie.
I got one more in me and I got to call it a night everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the story, and in case you didn't see and are completely confused, I posted the first portion of the story on a pastebin here:


As always, feel free to bump or give suggestions/critiques on my work. I would love to hear what you all have to say!
This is pretty great and i hope you can keep this going.
Thanks! ^_^

>Trixie crossed the stream bridge to Fluttershy's home and went to knock on her door.
>No pony answered, so she knocked again.
>Once again, no pony answered.
>"Maybe she doesn't want to see me," Trixi thought.
>She looked back up at the door, only to see a dark shadow form onto it.
>Not knowing what to expect, she slowly turns around to see what is casting the shadow.
>Bent down to her eye level... Was Discord.
>"Hello Trixie," said Discord.
>Not expecting what she saw, Trixie jumped backwards and hit her head on the door, knocking her out.
>"Was it something I said?" Pondered Discord.
>Trixie gain consciousness again, except now she was in the middle of what looked like a living room.
>Surrounding her was an assortment of cute, furry animals, but the one thing she instantly focused on was Discord, once again looking at her eye to eye.
>Trixie quickly jumped up, causing all the animals to scatter under all sorts of funiture.
>"P-Please! Don't hurt me Discord," pleaded Trixie.
>"Me? Hurt you? Why would I ever do that?" Questioned Discord.
>Trixie looked confused by what Discord just asked.
>Fluttershy flew down from upstairs to see Trixie backed up as far away from Discord as possible.
>"Oh..my. I'm sorry Trixie. I was just upstairs to get you a rag to put on your forehead. I hope there wasn't a misunderstanding."
>"Wait. Are you and Discord friends?" asked a nervous Trixie.
>"Oh don't worry," said Fluttershy,"Discord is no longer the bad Discord he once was."
>Discord nodded and dramatically said, "It is True. I have learned my lesson, and have given up on being the mischievous Discord I once was for good!"
>"Mhm. Now we are good friends, right Discord?"
>Discord gave a thumbs up.
>Knowing this, Trixie calmed down and dusted herself off.
>Trixie said faintly,"Well, it's n-nice to meet you Discord."
>Discord shook her hoof, smiled, and said,"The pleasure is all mine, Trixie."
>"Oh, by the way, have you seen my animals?" asked Fluttershy.
Whewww!!! Well, unfortunately, that's where I'll have to end it tonight everyone.

By all means, bump this thread to keep it alive if you want, and like my last post, feel free to give suggestions/crituques as you please.

I'll post the pastebin of this story again for anyone who hasn't read the first portion of my story: http://pastebin.com/d72d5amH

Have a goodnight/good morning everyone! See you tomorrow when I get off work (\
Giving a bedtime bump.

Im liking the story so far, especially that small mystery with the locket. Thats how you keep readers interested.
bump to keep the thread alive!
>tfw people at first were like 'this story shit' and i was the only person who had faith in it
>tfw more people are liking it now and want to see a great story which so far has been the case.

feels good man
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 600x749) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw I made a story that people actually enjoy!

I'm so glad you are all enjoying my story. Unfortunately I am writing this on my way to work. Otherwise I would be writing right now. I shall return though at 3:30 central Time, so feel free to keep bumping this thread or giving suggestions/critiques until I return home to hopefully finish the story.
Thanks again everyone :-)
im brit bong so whatever time that is... great also bump, write-friend who is your favourite pone?

If by Brit bong, you mean Britain time, then I should be back writing sometime around 9:30 or 21:30 pm your time.

My personal favorite pony is a tie between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.
I like rainbow dash because of her go to attitude and great taste in rock, but I like Fluttershy because I can relate to her shyness and anxiety. It's a perfect circle haha
Stick around everyone, I'll shall be home soon!
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I have returned home! Working on more story now!!!

>Trixie pointed to the bottom of the furniture where there were dozens of little eyes were looking toward her.
>"It's ok little ones. She won't hurt any of you," said Fluttershy.
>The animals all began to slowly crawl from under the furniture, towards the two ponies and Discord.
>"Everyone, I like you to meet Trixie."
>The animals gathered around Trixie.
>They seemed to not mind Trixie, in fact, the animals were rather intrigued by Trixie.
>"Well, it is certainly nice to meet all of you," said Trixie.
>"So, Fluttershy. What can I help with today?"
>Fluttershy replied, "Oh, hmmm... Well, the beavers could use some help with there dam. Afterwards, you can help Discord with feeding the rabbits...That is... if you want to."
>Trixie nodded and said,"It seems simple enough. I'll certainly try my best, Fluttershy."
>"I know you will," said Fluttershy with a smile.
>Discord mentioned, "When you are finished with the dam, come back into the house, and we'll get started on feeding those rabbits."
>Trixie nodded and began to follow the beavers to their broken dam.
>Trixie couldn't believe how nice the supposed Discord was after hearing all the horrible things he did.
>Trixie thought to herself, "If Discord was able to change, then maybe I really can change for the better."
>Trixie and the beavers made it to the dam.
>Trixie began to investigate the situation.
>It seems the stream broke straight through the middle of the dam overnight.
>The beavers began work right away, but one beaver pointed Trixie to a dead tree to the side of her.
>It took Trixie a minute to figure it out, but then it hit her.
>"Would you for me to grab branches off of this tree?" asked Trixie.
>The beaver nodded, and Trixie did so.
>Trixie would grab a branch with her magic, and snap it into multiple pieces so it would be easier for the beavers to carry.
>She repeated this until there were no more branches available from the old tree.
File: wahey.gif (153 KB, 140x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thanks based write-friend for your first green text im giving this a IGN rating of 11/10 - the britbong guy

>Trixie then observed how the beavers built the rest of the dam.
>Trixie was intrigued by how much beavers did to make a dam.
>The beavers began laying mud onto the branches, acting as a glue to keep the dam strong and resistant to the flow of the river.
>However, Trixie noticed that the mud didn't seem like it was sticking a strongly as it should.
>The dam's wall looked like it was about to cave in again, and Trixie didn't want all of the beavers hard work to go to waste.
>She thought fast, looking for anything to help the beavers.
>In the mud next to the stream, she found an old rope that still seemed strong enough to be of good use.
>She took no chances and used her magic to grabbed the muddy rope and made it wrap around the middle branches of the dam.
>Trixie made sure that the rope was as tight as possible.
>She stopped using her magic to see if the rope would stay.
>Sure enough, the dam held together, and the beavers finished covering the dam in mud.
>When the beavers were finished, the gave a cheer for Trixie's quick thinking.
>Trixie smiled and felt like she finally did some good since returning to Ponyville.
>"You're welcome little beavers. I must return to Fluttershy's home though.The rabbits are sure to hungry by now."
>The beavers awed in disappointment, but understood.
>Trixie waved goodbye to the beavers and began to head back to Fluttershy's home.
>Although it was simple, the fact that she helped and made someone/something happy for her was something she hadn't felt in a long time.
>She made it back fluttershy's house and knocked on the door.
>Like her first encounter, nopony answered.
>The door was unlocked, and knowing it was alright for her to enter, she opened the door.
>Instantly, a swarm of rabbits barged out of the house, each with a carrot in their mouths.
>One white rabbit had a whole brown bags worth of them and it swung by Trixie's legs.
>Realizing this wasn't a good sign, Trixie entered the house.
Thanks for the "Official" IGN rate Britbong haha
>What Trixie saw was a hog-tied Discord in the middle of the room with tape over his mouth.
>Trixie unloosened the rope on Discord's legs and feet, and ripped the tape off his mouth.
>Trixie ripped the tape off a tad too hard, and Discord gave out a loud, "Ow!"
>"Sorry Discord. What happened?"
>Discord, while rubbing his now stinging mouth, said, "Oh that pesky Angel Bunny led all these rabbits into an all out attack on me, just because I simply said they could only have one carrot each. Next thing you know, I'm tied up."
>"I assume Angel Bunny is the white one with the bag?"
>"You would guess right."
>Trixie thought about how she could get the rabbits back to Fluttershy's home. When She opened the door, all the rabbits scattered into the nearby bushes and trees.
>Trixie asked, "Is there anything that Fluttershy have that could help us bring back the bunnies to her home?"
>Discord thought about it for a minute.
>"Well, there is one way. If we created some carrot stew, the aroma would attract everyone of those little bunnies, even 'Angel'."
>"The only problem is that we don't have anymore carrots, Discord."
>"...There is...One more," replied Discord.
>Discord pointed to a cabinet with a lock on it.
>Trixie was easily curious of how big that carrot could possibly be.
>Discord, knowing where the key was, opened the door to reveal the biggest carrot Trixie had ever seen.
>How does a carrot get that big to begin with?
>Discord grabbed the carrot and turned to Trixie.
>"Let's make carrot stew, shall we?" asked a smiling Discord.
>Trixie nodded, and they began.
>Not making the same mistake that she made at Pinkie's, Trixie chose to read the ingredients to Discord as he began to cut the carrot.
>Mixing all the ingredients, the aroma of the carrot stew began to fill the house.
>Trixie opened the kitchen window, and used her magic to spread the aroma out toward the forest faster.
>After a few short minutes, Trixie noticed a slight rumble in the distance.

>Before Trixie knew it, a swarm of rabbits came out of the forest rushing towards the front door.
>Angel wasn't far behind, still holding the bag, but changed his mind about the regular carrots, and dropped the bag on the ground to catch up with the other rabbits.
>The rabbit stormed in, all lined up to get a dish of carrot stew.
>Discord gave each rabbit a bowl, and soon the rabbits began feasting.
>Trixie closed the front door, to make sure that no rabbit would be able to escape.
>Everything seemed to go according to plan for both Trixie and Discord.
>"Same time tomorrow little birdies," said Fluttershy as she waved goodbye.
>Fluttershy thought,"I sure hope Trixie was able to succeed."
>As Fluttershy was about to stop at her door, she noticed a brown bag laying near the forest.
>She opened it and saw that it was her carrot bag.
>Scared that the rabbits might've taken off, she quickly rushed into her home.
>Fluttershy opened the door, and saw a bunch of little bunnies, absolutely stuffed, with bellies poking out everywhere.
>"Wha-What happened?" asked a concerned Fluttershy.
>Trixie noticed Fluttershy and looked for Discord, but Discord was using the restroom.
>Trixie said,"Fl-Fluttershy! I-I can explain..."
>Fluttershy smelled the aroma of carrot stew and saw all of the little bowls that the rabbits ate from.
>"Did you make carrot stew for my little bunnies?"
>Trixie replied, "Well, me and Di-"
>Trixie wasn't able to finish the sentence, as she saw Fluttershy's mouth wide open looking at the open cabinet door that once held a massive carrot.
>Fluttershy asked,"Trixie. What happened to the big carrot that was in the cabinet?"
>Trixie began to panic, "Uh...Uhm... I'm sorry."
>Fluttershy started putting the pieces together.
>the carrot bag left outside, The aroma, the bowls, the missing carrot.
>Fluttershy gasped and said, "Oh. I was waiting to give Angel Bunny that carrot for his birthday."
Going to take a short break. I'll be back later I promise ^_^

Here's the pastebin for my story, in case someone hasn't read the first portion of my story: http://pastebin.com/d72d5amH
Alright, I'm back everyone ^_^
welcome back

>Angel was fast asleep after eating the carrot stew, and didn't hear what Fluttershy just said.
>Trixie felt awful as she saw Fluttershy become sad.
>Trixie said,"I-I'm sorry, Fluttershy. It's m-"
>"It's my fault Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy looked up to see Discord.
>"I was the one who told Trixie we should make carrot stew, and I unlocked the cabinet to get the carrot. I'm sorry Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy smiled and gave Discord a big hug.
>"It's okay, Discord. You were only trying to help."
>Fluttershy then hugged Trixie.
>"Thank you for helping Discord bring my little bunnies back home."
>Trixie replied,"You're welcome, Fluttershy. Since I helped make the stew, I'll help you clean up the bowls.
>"Oh...You don't have to."
>"I insist."
>Trixie began to help Fluttershy and Discord clean up the living room. Making sure not to wake up any of the sleeping rabbits.
>Trixie told Fluttershy about how she helped the beavers with the dam.
>Fluttershy was very happy to hear that the dam was a success.
>Atleast, they thought it was a success.
>The front door was pushed open by a very drenched beaver.
>Fluttershy and Trixie both stared at the beaver in the doorway.
>The beaver pushed the door the rest of the way open with so much force that it woke every rabbit, and they all scattered out of the door way, back to the forest.
>The beaver was followed by a few more drenched beavers that all walked to Trixie and start shaking their fist.
>"Little beavers, what's wrong?" asked Fluttershy.
>One beaver held up the rope that Trixie used to hold the dam up.
>Trixie noticed that it was snapped in half.
>Trixie felt super bad for the poor beavers.
>"I'm sorry little beavers. I thought I helped. I guess I can't even make a dam right."
>"Oh Trixie...It's not your fault," said Fluttershy.
>"Yes it is... I'm sorry again. I guess I'll move on to Applejack's..."
>Trixie walked out of Fluttershy's home with her head down.
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BAck to writing.

>Fluttershy couldn't do anything but look at the down pony as Trixie walked away.
>"Oh my... I just hope she'll be okay," said Fluttershy.
>Discord replied, "I'm sure she will, Fluttershy. I'm sure she will."
>After Trixie was out of sight, RD flew out of a tree and began to fly behind Trixie once again.
>RD had started to have second thoughts about the light blue pony.
>Anytime Trixie seemed like she was up to no good, RD was completely wrong.
>Trixie made cupcakes with Pinkie, but ended up making a mess by mistake.
>She was learning to make a dress with Rarity, only to get shut out by Spike.
>She even tried to help some beavers with their at first successfully, but only for it to turn around on her and the dam break anyways.
>RD was starting to, dare she say, feel bad for the light blue pony.
>The only problem that was keeping her from wanting to help Trixie... Was that locket.
>RD just didn't believe that locket was just some ordinary locket.
>After all, last time Trixie had a neck piece, she outright took over Ponyville.
>RD just needs an opportunity to see what the locket really is before she can make a conclusion.
>Having that thought, RD flew to AJ's ranch before Trixie made it there to discuss the locket with AJ.
>Making sure that she didn't scare AJ again, RD flew calmly to AJ.
>"Hey Applejack," said RD.
>"Well Rainbow Dash, did you catch her doin' somethin' bad yet?" asked AJ.
>RD gave a sigh
>"Applejack... I haven't. I'm starting to think she's not up to anything."
>AJ just shook her head.
>a shocked AJ asked,"You've gotta be kiddin' me?"
>"I'm serious Applejack. I've followed her all day so far, and all she done, at most, is try to help any pony that needed it, or learn something new."
>AJ replied doubtfully, "Uhuh..."
>"Well, anytime she has tried to succeed, something went wrong and she failed. To be honest, it hurts to see somepony try so hard, only to fail."
>A befuddled AJ asked,"So yer tellin' me that you completely trust Trixie now?"
>RD replied, "Well, not exactly... I've noticed that Trixie has some sort of a locket that has taken out and looked at occasionally."
>AJ was interested.
>"Really? Did ya see what was inside of it?"
>"No, but on the top of the locket is a picture of Trixie's cutie mar. Why she would have that, I don't know, but it's the only thing that keeping me from believing that's she's being honest with us."
>AJ rubbed her hoof under her chin.
>"That does sound suspicious. Is she on her way?"
>RD nodded.
>"She should be here any second," said RD.
>AJ replied, "Alrighty. Then I'll try too see if I can get with an answer from her about that locket."
>"Sounds good to me. I'll watch from a distance," said RD.
>The two bumped hooves and separated.
>Even though RD thought this was a good plan, she started questioning herself.
>Was it right for her to have been watching Trixie's every move since she got here?
>Maybe she should've given Trixie a chance like the other ponies did.
>Now they were going to try and interrogate her about her locket? Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
>However, before RD could do anything, she noticed Trixie walking up to the barn.
>RD hopes AJ won't push Trixie so hard after all Trixie's been through today.
File: SweetAppleAcres.jpg (206 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1280x720

>Trixie saw the sign on on a white fence.
>It said, "Sweet Apple Acres."
>There was no doubt that Trixie was the right place.
>Trixie entered the farm.
>She observed the farm in front of her.
>To her left was a red Stallion plowing a field.
>To her right was a young yellow filly bringing some eggs from a chicken coup into the big red barn.
>Trixie followed the yellow filly into the barn, hoping to find Applejack.
>Trixie crept through the barn door.
>"Um, excuse me, little filly?"
>The sudden talk made the yellow filly jump and almost lost the eggs it was carrying.
>"Oh. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you."
>The Filly put the eggs on a nearby table.
>The Filly replied, "Oh it's alright, miss..."
>The Filly stopped talking when she turned to see who talked to her.
>The Little Filly backed up, knowing what Trixie did in the past.
>Trixie felt bad for scaring the little Filly.
>"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."
>The yellow filly didn't seem frightened anymore after looking at the now, sad looking mare.
>"W-well, you haven't attacked me yet. So I guess you can't be that bad."
>Trixie still felt bad for scaring the Filly.
>The Filly raised her hoof
>"M-my name's Apple Bloom. Nice to meet you."
>Trixie looked up to Apple Bloom, and shook her hoof.
>"...Nice to meet you too."
>Apple Bloom asked,"So...Um...Trixie, why are you here?"
>"Well, I was looking for Applejack."
>"Oh! well, she's finishing bucking the last line of apple trees up on the hill over there."
>"Thank you, Apple bloom."
>Apple Bloom nodded and said, "You're welcome, Trixie."
>Trixie began to walk to wards the apple tree hill.

I might have one more in me. Sorry everyone for taking so long to post. Been busy with other things ^_^

>Trixie began looking for a tree line with apples.
>It seems AJ was bucking all day, for none of the trees see saw had any apples in them.
>Alas, she found the orange pony starting on the last tree line.
>"Um, hello Applejack."
>Unlike the other ponies, AJ didn't give her a warm welcome.
>"Hello, Trixie. Just to let you know, I still don't trust you, and if it weren't for Twilight, I would've kicked you out Ponyville myself."
>"I understand. All I can hope is to change that, and perhaps, maybe learn a thing or two from you, Applejack."
>AJ rolled her eyes.
>"We'll see, Trixie. In the mean time, I'll show you how to buck these trees to get all of the apples."
>Trixie nodded in agreement.
>AJ showed the basics of bucking, and how she uses just enough force to garner a set of apples into a basket, along with packing the basket's into a carriage that Big Mac will take back to the barn.
>Trixie understood, and gave the bucking a shot.
>Trixie said to herself,"Well, here goes nothing."
>Trixie set herself up, ready to kick, and then, THUMP!
>Trixie kicked it about as hard as AJ did. >Unfortunately, she was able to only make three apples fall.
>AJ shook her head
>"No,no,no...Like this!"
>AJ demonstrated the buck again.
>Trixie tried again.
>This time, two apples.
>AJ was getting rather frustrated.
>"Come on, Trixie, it ain't that hard," said AJ.
>Trixie replied, "I'm certainly trying my best, Applejack."
>"You're not tryin' hard enough!"
>Trixie was starting to get annoyed by AJ's attitude.
>"Look. If you don't want me to be here, just say so! It's not like I'm good at anything else."
>AJ got frustrated even more.
>"You can't just quit! I can't stand quitters just as much as I can't stand liars and traitors!"
>"I said I was sorry," said Trixie.
>"I...Don't...Believe...You!" Yelled AJ.
>After saying that, to take her frustration out, >AJ bucked an apple tree as hard as she could.
>Doing so, however, caused every last apple from the tree, to fall at once.
Well, it's that time again. I believe I will have this story finished hopefully within the next two days, so I hope you have enjoyed the ride so fare everyone!

I unfortunately won't be able to work on this again until around 6:30 pm central time. That's when I get off of work.
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Until then, feel free to bump/suggest/critique, what have you. I appreciate every comment you guys post, and I can only hope that you will enjoy the rest of the story as I write it

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OH, here's the pastebin once again for anyone who hasn't read the first portion of the story yet: http://pastebin.com/d72d5amH
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Working on more story right now!

>Applejack looked up, realizing the imminent pile of apples about to fall on her.
>AJ closed her eyes and covered her head waiting.
>However, no apples fell on her.
>AJ opened one eye to see why.
>She was surprised to see that Trixie used her magic to put a basket above AJ before the apples landed on her head.
>She could tell Trixie was straining to hold the basket up though, and quickly moved form under it.
>Although she didn't want to admit it, AJ had to thank Trixie.
>"Thanks, Trixie... Now I just got to get the rest of..."
>AJ was at a lost of words at what she saw.
>There was 5 baskets, all filled with apples still floating from Trixie's magic.
>AJ couldn't believe what she saw.
>Trixie wasn't done yet though.
>Trixie, although straining, began walking towards the carriage that was holding the other baskets of apples.
>"Trixie, don't strain yourself," pleaded AJ.
>Trixie just kept going, not listening to what AJ had to say.
>"Come on, Trixie, your sweatin' bullets."
>Trixie kept going, determined to make it to the carriage.
>AJ didn't know what to do. She could see the determination in Trixie's eye... This wasn't the same Trixie she once knew.
>AJ was actually impressed.
>AJ knew what she had to say, but she wasn't going to like it.
>"I-I'm sorry okay? I was a little too hard on you... Just don't hurt yourself!"
>Trixie still refused to listen.
>Her magic was becoming weaker and weaker, but Trixie made it to the carriage.
>One by one, Trixie placed a basket into the carriage.
>When the last basket was on the carriage, Trixie stopped using her magic and collapsed onto the ground.
>AJ instantly went to her side to see if she was still conscious.
>Although the light blue pony was exhausted, she was still conscious.
>"Are you alright Trixie?" asked AJ.
>Trixie while panting, replied, "Next time... don't buck... So hard."
>AJ, although concerned, couldn't help but smile at Trixie.
Just letting everyone know, I'm watching the WWE Royal Rumble while writing this, so it might be long for me to release post continuing the story until the PPV is over, but don't worry. I'm continuing to write ^_^
Well, The Royal Rumble is over, but I'm certainly not satisfied with the ending.

Oh well, back to writing lol

>AJ helped Trixie up, and let her lay against the carriage for a minute.
>"I'm sorry for pushing you so hard, Trixie. I-"
>Trixie interrupted AJ.
>"It's quite alright, Applejack. I didn't expect you to believe me earlier, but I wanted to prove to you I have changed. I don't know if save you from being piled by apples does that or not, but I had to atleast try."
>AJ put a hoof on Trixie's shoulder.
>"You have changed Trixie. I see that now."
>Trixie smiled and nodded to AJ.
>AJ looked down for a moment, and saw, what looked like the locket RD described earlier, laying on the ground.
>Not taking any chances, AJ snatched the locket form the ground.
>"What's this huh?" Questioned AJ.
>Trixie saw what was in AJ's hoof, and instantly grabbed for it.
>"Give it back, Please!" said Trixie.
>"Why you want it back so badly? Are you hiding somethin'?"
>"That's none of your business, Applejack!"
>Trixie would use her magic, but it was still drained from earlier.
>RD was seeing this, and decided that this wasn't going to end well.
>RD flew from the tree's and began to fly towards to two fighting ponies.
>"You got some dark magic hiding in this locket?" said the interrogating AJ.
>"Are you crazy? I have never practiced dark magic!"
>AJ wasn't buying it, and using her hoof, began to open the locket.
>"Please, don't!" Yelled Trixie.
>RD tried to snatch the locket form AJ's hands, but she hit it too hard.
>The locket fell to the ground... And snapped in two...

>It was as if time stood still as the ponies heard that snap of the locket.
>Trixie did nothing but stand still with a traumatized look upon her face.
>RD and AJ were in shock aswell, as they saw what was within the locket.
>The locket contained a picture of what looked like Trixie as a Filly.
>She was wearing her Wizard hat, and her cape that anypony could recognize, but it looked like the picture was taken at a birthday party.
>Trixie was hugging the leg of a white mare that was smiling down at her... It seemed to be Trixie's mother.
>In the inside of the snapped door of the locket, was a message that read, "To my Sweet Little Trixie. May you always be the magical pony I know you are. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Love, Mom."
>AJ and RD looked up to Trixie.
>There was no doubt that tears began to stream from Trixie's eyes.
>RD and AJ were speechless. they didn't know what to say.
>Trixie began to pick up the now snapped locket's pieces, put it in her pocket, and said one last thing before she began to run away.
>"I'm sorry... I'm sorry I'm not good enough...mom."
>Trixie immediately turned and began to run out of Sweet Apple Acres.
>"Trixie, wait!" Yelled RD.
>RD looked at AJ with a shameful look.
>"I hope you're happy, Applejack."
>Before AJ could even respond, RD took off to try and find Trixie.
>Needless to say, AJ felt like the biggest jerk in all of Ponyville.
>AJ had to make it up to Trixie somehow... Then she remembered... Trixie doesn't have a home carriage anymore...

I'm hopin the next segment will be a tear jerker for y'all ;)
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>tfw both parents gone
>tfw still an antisocial failure
>tfw being an jobless idiot with no certain skills
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Heh yeah...also, New reader gained, I have to say Part from some minor issues with tensing, which I also have...this is really great for a 4 chan story. Hell it's a good story none the less...

I really now can't wait for the next bit...something I haven't done since symphony for the rival back on fimfiction.net

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I appreciate the compliments and bump. MEans alot that you guys are enjoying my story. Funny thing, this will be the first time I finish ANY fanfiction ever. I'm determined. And don't worry, I have an afternoon work shift on Monday, so I won't have any problem trying to finish as much as I possibly can before I just outright pass the hell out haha. Thanks again for reading, I hope you will enjoy the rest of my story.

KAPOW!!!! Right in tha FEELS!!!!

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let me share some dropped cats

>RD booked it out of Sweet Apple Acres and began her search.
>Back and forth she went, hoping to find any sign that would lead RD to the poor pony.
>After Looking around every corner, and asking almost every pony in Ponyville if they had seen the light blue pony, there was no luck.
>RD felt like she was going in circles with no end, so she did the only thing she could think of.
>RD flew back the Rainbow Kingdom castle to get Twilight.
>RD rushed through the front doors to find Twilight prepping the castle for the party that night.
>"Twilight!" Shouted RD.
>Twilight looked at RD with concern.
>"Rainbow Dash? What are you doing back here so early?"
>"Twilight. Something bad has happened?"
>"What, Rainbow Dash?"
>RD explained everything that had happened during the day, all the way up to the broken locket incident.
>All Twilight could do in facehoof and shake her head.
>"That Applejack. She is such a hard head sometimes. You both should've just given her a chance!"
>RD rubbed her left arm.
>"I know Twilight. I feel really bad now for Trixie. all she ever wanted to do was find something she would be good at. I realize that now."
>Twilight replied, "Well, we're not going to find her just moping around here. We still have time to find her before the party starts tonight."
>"Right, but I've looked everywhere in Ponyville. She's nowhere to be found."
>"Well, if she is anything like me when I'm upset, I would go to the only place where no regular pony would explore.
>RD replied,"You don't think..."
>Twilight nodded her head.
>"We're going to the Everfree Forest. Knowing how fearful Trixie is though, she couldn't have gone far into the forest, so we'll look on the outskirts of it."
>RD nodded and soon both ponies left the castle to search for Trixie, together.
>The two ponies made it just outside of the Everfree Forest.
>"We don't have much time left Rainbow Dash, the sun has almost set, so let's make it fast."
>RD nodded and replied,"Got it!"

next part is FEELS!

>The two ponies began to search for Trixie.
>RD was starting to get worried. What is she went in farther than they thought?
>After about 30 minutes of searching, Twilight noticed some fresh hoof trails leading off into some damp brush.
>Not taking any chances, they followed the tracks.
>Sure enough, twilight was right, as there was Trixie, lying on the ground with her head laying in her arms, crying.
>"Trixie?" asked Twilight.
>The sudden slice in the silent forest made Trixie jump for a second.
>Trixie turned around to see Twilight, and RD.
>"Go away,"pleaded Trixie,"Nopony wants me around."
>Twilight responded,"Sure we do, Trixie. Rainbow Dash told me what happened between you and Applejack."
>"What? How did Rainbow dash know?"
>RD said,"Well, you see... The truth is that I have been following you all day today. Me and Applejack wanted to make sure you weren't up to anything, but I...we, should've given you a chance. I'm sorry."
>Trixie took that information in.
>"I-It's alright. I understand why you would. It seems that no matter what I try, I just end up making things worse anyways."
>Twilight shook her head.
>"That's not true Trixie. You have so much potential... Your mother wouldn't want you to be miserable like this."
>Trixie looked at her broken locket that she laid on the ground near her.
>"She 'was' the only one who believed in my dream... To be a magician like my dad."
>Twilight and RD looked at each other and back to Trixie.
>Twilight walked over to Trixie, sat next to her, and asked, "Your father?"
>Trixie wiped her eyes clean of tears, and responded to Twilight's question.
>"My father was the Great, Magnificent Hoofdini."
>Twilight and RD's eyes opened wide.
>RD asked, "You're dad was THE Hoofdini?"
>Trixie nodded.
>"from what my mother told me, she met him after he chose her as a volunteer for one of his tricks for his show in Manehatten."
>Trixie continued, "My mother told me it was love at first sight between her and my father."
File: Trixiefilly.jpg (58 KB, 635x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 635x800

>"She would go to every show that he had around Equestria. My father would always choose her for his trick and every time they would pull it off successfully ."
>"My father after a year popped the question to my mother, and she gladly said yes. My parents got married a few months later."
>RD and Twilight were very intrigued, but they knew this story wouldn't have a happy ending.
>"Anyways, my mother became pregnant with me about 3 months after they were officially married, and my father wanted to attempt a new trick that he had never pulled off before."
>"My father wanted to be put under water in a straight jacket that was locked and escape before he drowned."
>RD and Twilight knew where this was going.
>"As you probably know... He... Didn't make it, and so my mom was left to raise me by herself, for she couldn't have seen herself with any other pony than my father."
>"My mother told me she didn't know what she was going to do, but when I was born, that all her problems seemed to vanish. That I was a magical gift that relieved her of all her pain and suffering from the tragic loss of my father."
>Twilight eyes began to whelp up, along with RD.
>"My mother told me it was hard at first, but raising me on her own became fairly simple. That is, until I told her I wanted to do magic."
File: bt54eh.png (229 KB, 1000x942) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 1000x942

>"My Mother began to cry, and I didn't understand why. That's when she told me the story of my father."
>"As you can guess, me being a Filly at the time, it made me sad, but I was also happy that my mom got to meet the love of her life."
>Trixie eyes began to whelp up again.
>After a few years of trying, I successfully did my first trick. The other Fillies at my school thought my magic was spectacular, and that's how I got my cutie mark."
>Twilight and RD began to smile.
>"I immediately ran home and showed my mother my cutie mark, and she couldn't have been more proud of me that day."
>She took a picture of my new cutie mark that day, but she also gave me something else."
>"She asked me to follow her into her room. I thought I was in trouble, but she brought out a chest and gave it to me to open."
>"When I opened the chest, it was a purple Wizard hat and cape with a star design."
>"My mom told me that when I told her I wanted to do magic, she made sure to get me the attire to go along with it."
>Twilight smiled and said,"It sounds like your mother loves you very much."
>Trixie was quiet for a second.
>"You're right... She 'loved' me very much..."
>Twilight's smile vanished after Trixie said that...

>Trixie continued her story.
>"As I got older, I learned more magic tricks and got better and better at them. It helped that my mother supported me the whole way."
>"Unfortunately... About a few years ago, my mother became...very ill."
>Trixie took a big gulp, trying to hold back some obvious tears.
>"U-Um... We weren't too sure what caused her to become so ill, but doctors informed her that it was a genetic disease."
>"Anyway... T-The doctors... Told her..."
>The tears began to flow again.
>"That she wouldn't survive for too much longer."
>Twilight and RD eyes began to whelp up again.
>"I didn't want to believe it was true, but I could see her, day by day, getting slower, and more tired."
>"Knowing t-that her time was about to come... she gave me a wrapped present."
>"I opened it, and inside... was... a locket... This locket."
>Trixie grabbed the broken locket and held it tight in her hoof.
>"My mother told me that she was so proud of who I became, and knew that I had a long, happy life ahead of me.The locket was given to her by my father a long time ago, and that she wouldn't have a reason to hold on to it for much longer, and that I would appreciate it more than she ever could."
>"I noticed that she put the picture of my cutie mark on the top of the locket, and inside, was an old picture of me hugging her leg while wearing my new wizard hat and cape."
>"I read what she wrote on the inside of the locket door, and just as I finished reading it, my mother grabbed my hoof...a-and said with her final breaths,'I love you so much...never change who you are...my little... Trixie...'"
>Trixie began sobbing in front of Twilight and RD, who followed Trixie in crying.
>Twilight and RD went to hug Trixie and comfort her the best they could.
>Twilight was first to speak after a long and thoughtful hug.
>"I'm so sorry Trixie. I had no idea such a tragedy happened to you."
>Trixie wiped her tears off of her face.

>"It's okay Twilight. After that happened, I made it my determined goal to be the greatest, and most powerful magician I could be. Not just for me, but for my parents."
>"Then I met you all. I thought I could just be the better pony no matter what, but then you out magicked me, Twilight."
>"That's when I realized that I wasn't as great as I thought as I was, and so I decided to take my anger out on you all, instead of just accepting that I wasn't as good as any of you."
>"It was jealousy, and the fear that I failed my mother."
>"The locket was all I had left to keep me going and try to live what I was destined to do, but it just hasn't worked out because of what I did in the past."
>"Yet, every time I tried to do something different with you all, I wounded up messing it up, or upsetting somepony."
>"It's obvious that I didn't try hard enough, because Applejack still doesn't trust me."
>"I'm not sure if I'll ever find the right thing for me now..."
>RD spoke up
>"Well you can't just stay in the Everfree Forest for the rest of your life. It's getting dark out, and we have a party at the castle, that I know that me and Twilight would atleast want you at."
>Twilight realized how late it was getting.
>"The party starts in 10 minutes. If we hurry, we can make the party on time."
>Trixie thought about it.
>"Well, okay. I would rather be in a nice castle than a muddy ground... but... I'll never make it on hoof."
>RD had an idea.
>"Have you ever wanted to fly Trixie?" asked RD
>"I suppose I have, but what does that have to...Oh!"
Well sadly, I am pooped! I hope you all have enjoyed my story so far. As it looks, I will be able to finish the story come tomorrow.

With that said, I want to thank anyone who has read this story and has kept the thread alive with their bumps/suggestions/critique's/ and comments. You all are so wonderful!!!

Now, I'm going to bed.

As always, feel free to bump/comment/suggest/critique as you will! I look forward to finishing this story hopefully tomorrow.

If for whatever reason you haven't read the first portion of my story: here's a link to the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/d72d5amH

Goodnight everyone, see you tomorrow!!!
have some great sleep writefriend

Thanks...zzzzzzzzz lol
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Trixie has a fan.jpg
45 KB, 800x492
your doing great work
get some well earned sleep!

also slightly bumps
NO page 9 on my watch!
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 500x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have returned!!! Thanks for keeping the thread alive everyone ^_^

>RD grabbed Trixie around her waist, and hoisted her up into the air.
>Twilight and RD, with Trixie, began to fly out of the Everfree forest and made their way back to the castle.
>Trixie was scared at first and kept her eyes closed, but when she opened her eyes, she couldn't help but smile.
>"I'm...Flying...I'm actually flying!" Shouted Trixie.
>"Yeah you are!" Yelled RD.
>Trixie held her hooves out, as if she was the one with wings, trying to get as much speed as possible.
>For the first time in a long while, Trixie was actually really happy, and joyful.
>Trixie was laughing and smiling as she gazed over all of Ponyville.
>Twilight and RD could only smile at the much happier Trixie, as she acted so joyful.
>Trixie could see the castle in the distance.
>She could see numerous ponies of Ponyville making their way towards the castle for the party.
>"We're going to make it!" Yelled Trixie.
>As they got closer to the castle, they saw a familiar looking pink pony standing at the door way, greeting everypony into the castle.
>"Welcome! Step Right in! Music and treats are down the hall!" said a happy Pinkie.
>Twilight, RD, and Trixie all landed at the base of the castle's outside stairs.
>Pinkie saw Trixie, and instantly became excited.
>"Trixie!!!" Yelled Pinkie.
> Pinkie ran down the stairs like she did earlier in the day and gave Trixie a big hug.
>"Where have you been all day!?! We're all waiting for you inside!"
>Trixie looked confused.
>"You are all waiting for me?" questioned Trixie.
>Pinkie replied,"Of course we are! Come on in!"
>Trixie looked at Twilight and RD, and even they didn't know what was going on.
>Regardless, the 4 ponies walked into castle to see the party.
Bumpity bump bump

>When the 4 ponies entered the castle, there were streamers, different colored lights flashing, and dance music.
>It seemed like almost everypony in Ponyville was in attendance.
>Everypony seemed like they were having a great time.
>Although Trixie was much more comfortable now, she still felt like everypony was staring at her as she walked toward the main hall to the party.
>The 4 ponies walked to the dance floor, where there was a blue haired pony rocking the house with her music.
>Pinkie Pie excused herself form the 3 ponies and quickly ran up to the DJ's booth on the stage.
>Pinkie asked, "Hey Vinyl! Cut the beat real fast!"
>Vinyl nodded and stopped the music.
>Everypony looked up at Pinkie.
>"Hey Everypony! You enjoying th party so far?!?"
>There was an immense cheer form the crowd.
>"Good! We'll get right back to the music, but first, we have a super duper awesome guest!"
>Trixie realized who she was talking about, and wanted to hide.
>The spot light shined onto Trixie in the crowd.
>"Say hello to Trixie everypony!"
>Trixie was ready to receive some backlash from everypony in the castle.
>But something unexpected happen.
>Everypony cheered for her.
>Trixie has never been more confused in her life.
>"I-I don't understand. Everypony wants me here?"
>"Ofcourse we do, darling."
>Trixie turned to see Rarity.
>"When you left me, Pinkie immediately barged into my shop, and told me all about your delicious cupcake mix."
>Trixie looked shocked.
>"It was delicious?
>Pinkie yelled, "Uhuh! I don't know what you did, but that cupcake mix was some of the best I've ever tasted. Every cupcake here is made from your mix Trixie!"
>Rarity continued.
>"After she told me that, I told her about how much fun it was to get to know, then finishing the dress with your ideas!"
>Rarity gave Trixie another present.
>"Hey you go, Trixie! No charge for such a great pony."
>Trixie felt so moved.
>"G-Gee, I don't know wha-"
>"WE'RE NOT DONE!" Yelled Pinkie.
File: 131905111784.png (124 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 900x900
Sorry everyone for the long time between post. I'm just wanting to make that this story's ending is a good one, and not rushed.
I will be leaving to visit my parents soon, so consider this the last green text until I get back a couple of hours form now.
Have no fear though, for I will be thinking of what to write next as I'm visiting them

Feel free to bump/comment everyone! It's kind of sad that I'm getting to the end of this story, but I'm gonna end it with pride!

Hope you enjoy the rest of it when I write it!
it's very nice, anon. thanks for the feels

Thank you,l for reading. And you're welcome my feeling feeler haha
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Trixie luluamoon.jpg
105 KB, 900x675
I'm sorry I'm taking so long to get home everyone. Been talking to my parents about life and whatnot and it's been great.
I don't work tomorrow so I plan on working on some of this tonight, and finishing it tomorrow, just fun for you all.
don´t stress,okay?
slice of life always happen.
glad to hear things going great for you

You really like that emoticon, huh?

You thinking of converting this story for FiMFiction in the future?

DAMN RIGHT!!! ^_^ lol

Not sure... I've never considered posting this on FiMFiction. Might consider it though!

>Pinkie continued
>"When Rarity finished your dress, we stopped by Fluttershy's to see how you did there."
>Flutter shy flew out from the crowd.
>"I told Rarity and Pinkie about how you tried to save he dam, and how you and Discord acted quick to make my little bunnies come back home when I wasn't around."
>"That was very quick thinking on your part Trixie," said Rarity.
>Fluttershy included, "Oh, and don't worry about the beavers They were able to rebuild their dam, but they learned from your actions, and used some thicker rope in my house to help make the dam stronger than ever."
>Trixie smiled knowing that the beavers where okay, and that she gave them the idea to use a rope.
>A familiar voice yelled, "And that's where I come in."
>Trixie turned to see Applejack.
>"Those 4 swung by Sweet Apple acres after you ran because of my actions. I told them the whole story of what I did to you, and it was wrong of me."
>Trixie looked surprised that AJ was being sentimental with her.
>"I should've given you a chance, and not stomp all over you like an old cowpie. so I'm sorry Trixie. To make it up to you..."
>AJ moved to reveal the big red stallion from the field carrying what looked like a brand new home carriage.
>Trixie mouth dropped.
>"I-Is that for me?"
>The Red Stallion said, "EEYUP."
>"Do you like it? I remembered you tellin' us that you sold your old home carriage, so I figured that I get my brother, Big Mac, and my sister, Applebloom, to help me out buildin' you a new one."
>AJ turned around to look at Trixie, but was wrapped in a hug by Trixie before she could say anything else.
>AJ retuned the hug.
>"Thank you...So much!" Said a joyful Trixie.
>"You're welcome. You taught me that everypony deserves a second chance.. Well, third chance technically, but still."
>Trixie was still confused on one thing though.
>"There is still one thing I just don't understand. Why is everypony else happy I'm here? I didn't make any contact with any of them."

>A young voice from the crowd said, "Yes you did!"
>Trixie looked from where the sound came from.
>What come out of the crowd, was the same Filly from earlier.
>"You helped me with my kite. Remember?" said the little Filly.
>Trixie remembered exactly what happened.
>"I showed all of my friends how cool my new magical kite was! We all went and told our parents, and they told their friends, and so on and so forth!"
>"We also played a part by telling everypony about your day with us, Trixie," said Rarity.
>Fluttershy included, "Everyone minds changed quick about you, and soon, ponies in Ponyville started talking about you in a positive way."
>Trixie began to blush from such kindness from everypony.
>The little Filly walked up to Trixie and grabbed the same leg she hugged earlier.
>The Filly asked,"Ms. Trixie. Can you please do a magic show tonight? Me and my friends would love to see it! Pretty please?"
>Trixie wasn't sure
>"I-I don't know, my magic has caused nothing but trou-"
>Twilight interrupted
>"What you did was in the past, Trixie. Even with your mistakes, you made a difference, and now, everypony in Ponyville see's you as a new pony."
>Twilight used her magic to grab Trixie's hat from Rarity's opened present she brought and placed it on Trixie's head.
>"Like your mother said, 'Don't ever be something you are not, Trixie'."
>A single tear ran down Trixie's face as she smiled.
>Trixie looked back at the little Filly.
>Trixie, "Alright... Trixie shall do it."
>RD shouted, "Which Trixie?!?"
>Trixie smiled big.
>"The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie!"
>Everypony began stomping their hoof in celebration.
>"There is one more thing I forgot to mention Trixie," said Rarity.
>Rarity used her magic to grab some items from a box behind the stage curtain.
>The items turned out to be a bunch of Wizard hats, and cape, made the same way Trixie's were, but had the deigns of each of the mane 6.
>Each of the mane 6 put theirs on.
File: 9127.png (537 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
537 KB, 1024x576

>Rairty said,"Just A little something I whipped up while finishing your dress. I hope you don't mind."
>Trixie shook her head.
>"Not at all!"
>The mane 6 hugged Trixie, and Trixie immediately hopped onto the stage.
>Trixie then said,"Prepare to be amazed by the magic and tricks of the Great and Powerful Trixie!"
>The little Filly's and her friends sat up front to watch the show.
>Trixie began her magic and tricks.
>With each trick, the Filly's were amazed, and smiled out of pure joy from watching Trixie perform.
>Even the pony's who had seen the same tricks from before were amazed and stomped in appreciation.
>Trixie never felt so wanted in her life.
>Trixie finally realized that she was meant to do magic all along. No matter how hard she tried, nothing else was right for her.
>It was Trixie's destiny to do magic and majestic tricks... Just like her father.
>She realized that no matter what anypony thought of her, that she would stick her head up high, knowing that she is doing something that makes her happy... Just like her mother.
>Trixie ended the show with a magical firework display, and everypony went wild and cheered for her.
>Trixie bowed, and smiled the biggest smile she ever smiled.
>She was finally a "Somepony."
>the mane 6 joined her on stage.
>They all gave her congrats and hugged her for her outstanding performance.
>Trixie looked at Twilight and said, "Thank you, Twilight... For having the faith in me to prove to you, Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and everypony in Ponyville that I have changed for the better.
>Trixie gave another hug to Twilight.
>"You're welcome Trixie."
>Pinkie, with big smiles, shouted, "ALRIGHT!!! LET'S GET THE MUSIC PUMPING UP AGAIN!!! HIT IT VINYL!"
>Vinyl Scratch began the beats again, and the dance party continued.
>Everypony in Ponyville danced and had a great time the rest of the night, but nopony was smiling bigger and having as much fun than Trixie, not even Pinkie, and that's hard to do.
I can't believe I'm about to say this... But the next set of green text I'm about to release... Is the final green text of the story... Get ready everyone!

>By midnight, the party had ended, and everypony said their goodbye's to the mane 6, and Trixie.
>Trixie was actually approached by some family ponies in possibilities of her performing at their Filly's birthday parties, to which Trixie's accepted.
>Once everypony was gone, Trixie turned to the mane 6.
>"Thank you all... For everything. Without any of you, I don't think I would ever have redeemed myself and become the pony I am now."
>Twilight asked, "So where will you go?"
>"I'm not sure. I might travel again someday, but I have grown such a connection with you all and Ponyville, that I think I'm going to stay in my new home carriage here."
>"It seems alot of ponies want me to perform for them here, and you all are here aswell. I'm not going to leave my new friends."
>They all smiled, and then Twilight spoke up. >"You know, you're more than welcomed to stay in the castle for tonight."
>Trixie thought about it.
>"Hmm... Okay. but only if you all are here aswell."
>RD flew into the air.
>The rest of the ponies laughed and then gave each other a big hug.
>The next morning, Trixie's carriage was waiting outside the Castle stairs.
>Trixie was sad to leave the mane 6, but she gave one last hug, and a wave goodbye until the next time they would see each other.
>The castle doors closed behind Trixie, and Trixie took a deep breath.
>"Now, I know who I am. Now I know what to do. I am Trixie...the great and powerful Trixie."
>As Trixie was about to move her carriage, she heard a familiar young voice.
>Trixie replied, "Yes?"
>"Ms. Trixie. After watching you last night, I know exactly what I want to do."
>"Oh? And what is that?"
>"I want to be a magician! Just like you!"
>Trixie smiled, and thought about how she said the same thing to her mother all those years ago.
>She grabbed for her broken locket to see it, but Trixie was shocked when she saw it.

Lied, next set of green is the last! I PROMISE! ^_^'
File: 45439.png (439 KB, 1242x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439 KB, 1242x999

Listen to this while you read this final green: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGylrGZPuWQ

>The locket was no longer broken. It was as if the locket never snapped in half.
>How was this possible?
>Somehow though, Trixie wasn't freaked out, but just happy.
>Trixie looked up and said, "I guess he really was magical. Now I see why you loved him mother."
>The little Filly looked confused.
>"Who are you talking to Ms. Trixie?"
>Trixie just smiled and looked down at the Filly.
>"Nothing," She said, "I think you will make a great magical pony."
>The little Filly smiled.
>"Really?!? You really think I can be a great and powerful magician too?"
>Trixie laughed.
>"Sure you can! But first, you'll need a great and powerful hat and cape."
>Trixie placed her hat and cape unto the little Filly.
>The little Filly couldn't help but be overwhelmed with joy.
>She hugged Trixie leg, and Trixie hugged back.
>Trixie began to pull the Home Carriage to a place she felt she would feel most comfortable in Ponyville, and the Little Filly followed next to her.
>Trixie asked, "So, my little Filly... what magic trick would you like to learn first?"

>Two ghostly figures stood and watched Trixie slowly disappear around the corner of a house.

>"She certainly has your magical ability, Harry."
>"Yes, but she has your will and strength, honey."
>Together, they said, "We love you, and will always look after you... Never change who you are... Our...Little...Trixie."

Wow... I don't even know what to say...

I want to thank everyone who has taken their time to read my story all the way through.
You are all the sole reason I stayed committed to finishing this story, and making sure it became the best that I could possibly make it.

I hope you enjoyed the ride everyone. If this thread eventually dies from people no longer posting onto it, then You can always find the story here on this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/d72d5amH

I will never delete this story, so you're guaranteed to see it everytime there.

I might take up that suggestion earlier and post this onto FIMFiction soon, so that it will be in another place that will give the story some more exposure.
It was a privilege to finish this story, my first ever FINISHED fanfiction, and to have you all commenting, bumping, and enjoying my story as I typed it.

Thank you again for reading!!! It's sad though... I'm not sure what to do now... Perhaps I will continue on my OC's stories, who knows.

If anyone wishes to contribute to this thread now, feel free to do so. If you wish to keep this thread alive, DO IT!

Don't worry, this isn't a goodbye, just a see you next time ^_^

Just look for my name, Sarizon, and you'll know I'm here!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you! (\
I was just hopping around /mlp/ when I saw this post.

>Being happy.
>Being overenthusiastic.

You don't belong here.
well other then the asshole above me i actually enjoyed the story a lot had a cute and sweet ending thanks for posting this writefriend
Good work my friend...You shall now be known as....a true writefag

This was a great read...I look forward to seeing fore from us in the future...

No you furfag ^_^


You are welcome my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A try write gag? What an honor! Haha

Thank you for reading Keyota. I'm not sure when I'll post another story. I think it'll most likely be an of story, but who knows. Thanks again for reading!
*true writefag
Well whenever ya do...I'll be ready and waiting comrade...

You've done well....

You'll know where to find me when that time comes lad..
Also before I go...truth be told this was actually the first green text story I've had the honor to read and actually really like it...
Think that's all....toorah from kursk laddies!

Well for your first green text story, I'm glad you enjoyed it. See you around.
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