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Unknown assailant stalking the residents of PonyVille and has repeatedly escaped custody, also having managed to find refuge in the royal palace on multiple occasions.

If you have any Information on this unknown assailant, please alert you local authorities.

WARNING: Strange, bipedal monster seen stalking the streets of Ponyville at night, known to live in the Everfree Forest. Described as being tall, furless, with strange digital appendages at the ends of lanky limbs instead of hoofs and an alien, smooth face. Suspected in the disappearance of several fillies. If you see this figure, DO NOT approach. It is known to be very fast and dangerous when cornered. Call for help or guards immediately.

I think both of these are great premises
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On the evening of the 10th of Lunatober, another sighting of the strange "alien" monster that has been stalking the residents of Ponyville occurred, this time at the home of resident local hero and Element of Honesty, Applejack.

"I saw it skulkin' around out in the orchard," Applejack told our reporters. "I put my little sister to bed and my brother and I chased it out of our property. It left a trail of apples behind. Stealing our livelihood!"

In the last few months, sighting of the monster has grown more frequent. As always, it is described as a horrifyingly tall and lanky thing, with strange clothing hiding almost all of its body. Local resident Roseluck relates her frightening tale:

"I was walking home late one night, you know, just coming back from a friend's house... and I turned the corner and it was just there, in the middle of the road. I froze... I had never been so frightened in all of my life. It turned and it--it looked right at me, and its eyes were just--Oh, Celestia, they were awful!"

Local scientific authorities are stumped as to the identity or taxonomy of the species. Twilight Sparkle was quoted, "I've never seen anything like it. As far as I can tell, its description seems to match some of monkeys and apes, but nothing like this."

Local authorities have tried capturing the "alien" on several different occasions, but it has eluded them each time. "It either avoids or outsmarts our traps," a local guard spoke up. "Personally, that frightens me--how smart IS that thing?"

Residents of Ponyville formed into a makeshift mob last night to enter the Everfree Forest and expel the strange invader. Though they were advised not to by local authorities, the ponies of Ponyville were up in arms when they heard that the monster was seen near the schoolhouse playground.

"This is horrible!" a concerned parent spoke up. "How can we allow our children to go to school with that thing out there?"

The residents of Ponyville entered the Everfree Forest and returned some twenty minutes later, all terrified beyond rational thought. After they recovered, they related the tale:

"We saw it, and it had fire in its hands! It attacked us, brandishing its strange powers and it tried setting us all on fire!"

"The monster held out a stick and ignited it somehow! It can make flame from nothingness! It's dark sorcery, non-unicorn magic!"

An artist has provided the attached picture as a rendering of the described scene.
This has some potential.

New Report: Can the monster climb walls?

A daring chase by local weather regulator Rainbow Dash was enacted when she happened upon the strange creature outside of town during the day.

The monster was seen by multiple ponies as leaping over fences, scaling walls, leaping off walls and diving beneath obstacles in its way.

"It ain't natural!" a citizen described it. "It's legs stretch out like a spider's--all long and strange! It was fast and it could jump high and everyone screamed as Rainbow Dash--bless her brave heart--chased after it."

The monster was chased into the Everfree Forest and has not been seen since.
He looks like the
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>Inb4 all he wanted was a Hug.
>Inb4 'Everfree Monster' becomes a Hug Assassin
Bump bump, bump the power!
Do you people want a green text from the POV of the ponies or the monster?
There must be matches in Equestria.
The ponies!
The things they say makes me feel disgusted about being a human
monster POV please
Pony POV
The pony POV

Maybe Anon had a lighter. To a species that's only seen matches, the ability to create a steady flame without the initial flare-up of a match would be pretty magical.
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This menace must be stopped!
He's not gone. I saw guards outside town hall last night who had fallen asleep and were kicking their legs contentedly. The fur of their chests had been disturbed and messed as if rubbed in the wrong direction.
FiM ponies from Contemporary Equestria have complex Sound systems and helicopters. I doubt they would be scared by a tiny flame produced by a device simply because they don{t know exactly how it works.

Pre-Medieval Stagnated Equestria is a much better setting all around.
Skeptic ponies from other towns say the bipedal creature isn't real, and only retarded slack jawed gullible ponies believe in this nonsense. If there were really is a monster, why hasn't anyone caught one yet? Where are the pictures? Only blurry pictures? Really? No evidence besides "reliable witnesses testimony?" I'm sure the people that are looking for the monster probably also check under their beds at night, and actually believe in night mare moon!
Yeah, it's like that town where everyone is convinced there is a monster at the bottom of the lake with unreliable reports dating back a hundred years.
>Pony Hedberg
>"..I think Anonymous is real. He just happens to be blurry and out of focus in real life.."

In an attempt to track down what this unknown creature might be, local wildlife expert Fluttershy was contacted. She could not be reached for comment.

Because of the strange form of the creature cryptozoology expert Lyra Heartstrings has been contacted by police.

Lyra Heartstrings has a Master's degree in Cryptozoology with a minor in music from Celestial University in Canterlot. She is world renown in her field, having written dozens of papers on various mythological creatures and has personally led 7 expeditions to the far reaches of Equestria in her search for rare creatures.

Ms. Heartstrings took some time to respond to our inquiries:
INTERVIEWER: Ms. Heartstrings, thank you for agreeing to talk to us today.
HEARTSTRINGS: Oh, it's no problem at all! I hope I'm able to spread a little information today!
INTERVIEWER: Thank you. Let's get started. Have you been keeping up with the news about this creature?
HEARTSTRINGS: Yes I have. And I've been disappointed. The poor creature must feel so hunted with all these ponies out to get it.
INTERVIEWER: Do you think the creature is intelligent enough to comprehend that?
HEARTSTRINGS: Oh, almost certainly. This kind of creature is very intelligent. Almost certainly as intelligent as ponies!
INTERVIEWER: As intelligent as... what exactly is this creature?
HEARTSTRINGS: Oh, a human of course. They're amazing creatures when you study them.
HEARTSTRINGS: They tend to live in communities with each other, even though we haven't found one yet.
INTERVIEWER: Right, but-
HEARTSTRINGS: And they always wear clothes. It's been postulated that it's because they don't have a fur coat, so they have to find a way to keep warm during the winters.
HEARTSTRINGS: And they have paws like monkeys! Very dexterous, they can achieve fine manipulation akin to a unicorn!
HEARTSTRINGS: And their diet! We've all but confirmed that they're omnivores, eating meat as well as plants!
INTERVIEWER: Thank you Ms. Heartstrings, but I'm afraid I need to cut this interview short. Have a nice day!
HEARTSTRINGS: But I could tell you so much more! Like about their mating habits or or...

It is recommended to our readers that they do not interact directly with Ms. Heartstrings. Please allow the police to handle her.


The panic incited by one Ms. Lyra Heartstrings has finally calmed down with the coming of the night. With Princess Luna's direct intervention after an emergency call from Canterlot, the citizenry of Ponyville returned to their houses.

There were no casualties or injuries. The property damage includes 13 trampled lilies, one missing pair of glasses, and one large divan found in the middle of Ponyville square. The divan will be moved into the Town Hall with the others to await reclamation by their owner.
Today, Princess Sparkle had been seen reading a letter at the local Hayburger joint listing what turned out to be an unknown alphabet alongside numerical values, presumably from the roaming, mysterious creature.

We've still yet to know what the contents of the second page describes, but the Princess has let us know that she will find out soon.

More details in next issue!
Exactly. These ponies need to stop reading so much fiction and realize there are no monsters.
I'm sure our esteemed "princess" wrote that page out herself. This is a hoax. Next they will be charging 10 bits for "monster protection."
Today, three local school children, Ponyville's own Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scootaloo, entered the Everfree forest in an attempt to locate and capture the notorious Everfree Monster that has been plaguing the town for over a month now. Their dangerous adventure may shed new light on the intelligence and danger posed by the Monster. When interviewed the fillies had this to say.

Interviewer: So tell me girls, why did you enter the Everfree Forest that day?
Applebloom: Well, we thought maybe we could get our cutiemarks. Maybe our special talents had something to do with trapping monsters?
Scootaloo: We ARE THE Cutie Mark Crusades, after all.
Interviewer: I see, and weren't you girls scared?
Sweetie Belle: Well, yeah...
Scootaloo: I wasn't scared!
Applebloom: Scootaloo, you were the MOST scared!
Scootaloo: Was not!
Applebloom: Were too!
Interviewer: Lets move on to a different question, girls. Did you find the Monster?
Applebloom: We sure did!
Interviewer: Can you describe that moment for me?
Sweetie Belle: Well, it WAS scarey...I don't think any of us actually expected to find it. But there he was in a clearing just...sitting...
Scootaloo: We all froze and he turned to look at us with those...eyes.
Applebloom: Those horrible eyes!
Scootaloo: They had hunger in them, you know?! They were all beady and...and...
Applebloom: Just horrible!
Sweetie Belle: All three of us froze. No one knows a lot about the monster...we thought maybe he can only sense movement?
Scootaloo: But he just kept looking at us...examining us...
Applebloom: With those horrible eyes!
Sweetie Belle: The eyes weren't half as bad as what he did next though.
Interviewer: And what did he do?
Scootaloo: He raised up his arm and spread out his little tentacle thingies at the end and...and...
Applebloom: He said "Hay".
Sweetie Belle: If we couldn't tell by his eyes we knew then that he WAS hungry! He thought we were food!
I don't think I will write a green for this, the news report things are really good.
Interviewer: Are you saying the Monster can speak?
Scootaloo: Well...he can at least mimic words. I mean, most of our diet is hay. He must have seen other ponies using the word and just associated it with all food!
Interviewer: Did it say anything else?
Sweetie Belle: Are you kidding?! We didn't stick around long enough to find out!
Applebloom: We ran as fast as our hooves could carry us back to Ponyville!
Scootaloo: Actually, I swear I heard him say something else as we ran...
Interviewer: What do you think it was?
Scootaloo: It kinda sounded like..."bye".

Our Interviewer decided to stop questioning the frightened girls at this point. Their experience raises some disconcerting realizations: that the Everfree Monster may be more intelligent and dangerous than we previously believed.

Different writefag if it wasn't clear.

Object #: SCP-1945

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: Entity remains uncontained despite Royal Guard efforts to capture it. MTF Theta-9 'Monkey Hunters' has formed for the purpose of securing this entity. MTF Theta-10 'Lunar Wardens' and Epsilon-2 'Bushwhackers' have been made available for assistance with responding to night encounters with the entity and tracking efforts within SCP-023 ("Everfree Forest") respectively. Due to its unusual persistence in both pursuit and flight, it is advised to use hiding and ambush tactics to both evade and encircle SCP-1945. A 3x3 meter containment cell formed of steel-reinforced concrete backed by reinforcing and anti-breach spells of Unicorn Unit 2-7 has been prepared at Site-2 for containment upon its capture.

REVISION 1: Following Incident-3 and Incident-4, MTF Theta-9 unicorn members have been trained in magic suppression and enchanted suppressor rings provided to them. Enchanted items SCP-1945-3 and SCP-1945-4 are to be removed at earliest possible time and stored in secure storage lockers.

REVISION 2: Following Incident-5, SCP-1945 is now aware of its designation and efforts to capture it. Further revisions necessary.

Description: SCP-1945 is a bipedal entity. Based on interviews with ponies who have sighted it and analysis of its tracks, it is believed to stand between 5'10" and 6'2" and weigh between 170 and 200 pounds. It is believed to be mammalian and is omnivorous, consuming vegetables and hunting animals. It is bipedal, using its lower limbs to propel itself while the three-jointed upper limbs are used for stabilization and manipulation of its environment. SCP-1945's forelimbs possesses hands not unlike a Minotaur, but analysis of blood samples and interviews with ponies who have encountered it indicate it is not a mutant or maimed Minotaur. While slower at running than the average pony displays unusual longevity while doing so.

During Incident-4, it retreated to within SCP-023 ("Everfree Forest") and eluded guards for over eight hours continuously before MTF units were withdrawn. SCP-1945 appears to possess inferior senses of sound and smell, but is highly intelligent and constructive. It is capable of constructing traps and ambushes, utilizing tools, engaging in long-term planning, and vocal communication.

REVISION 1: Based on information obtained during Incident-3 and Incident-4, entity is now believed to be in possession of magic of unclear range and capability.

Note: Possibly capable of mind control? Changeling connection? Have to look into this. - Dr. --------

REVISION 2: Based on Incident-5, SCP-1945 is now known to be capable of writing and fluent in modern Equestrian. It is also now believed to be self-aware.

INCIDENT 1: First known sighting. On --/--/----, SCP-1945 emerged from Everfree Forest treeline near town of ---------. Citizens of the town reported that it appeared disoriented and confused, pointing at several ponies and possibly attempting to communicate before retreating. Thanks to the presence of HRH -------- -------, already within the town, it was quickly identified as a previously unknown species. Due to the entity's appearance in proximity to the dwellings of MTF Alpha-1 "Harmony Bearers", MTF Theta-9 was formed and deployed to intercept it if it appeared again.

INCIDENT 2: First direct contact. On --/--/--- at 7:34 PM, SCP-1945 again emerged from the Everfree Forest and attempted to approach the town of ---------. By utilizing cover and observing the movements of MTF Theta-9's members, SCP-1945 was able to penetrate to within the town's limits before being spotted. Entity was intercepted by MTF Theta-9, but was able to injure task force members before retreating to within the Everfree Forest again.

INCIDENT 3: On --/--/----, nearly - months since its last appearance, SCP-1945 again attempted to enter ---------. It is believed that it had taken the time since Incident-2 to observe activity in ---------, including MTF Theta-9's habits. During this incident it took several precautions to avoid detection, including covering itself in scented oils to mask its smell, moving only while the moon was occluded by clouds, and utilizing pre-prepared diversions to distract MTF Theta-9 members once it was discovered. It also utilized a small tube held in its hands enchanted to produce light; this was used to blind and disorient MTF Theta-9 members. On discovery, entity retreated to the Everfree Forest. MTF Theta-10 'Lunar Wardens' placed on standbye to assist with further night incursions.

INCIDENT 4: On --/--/----, -- weeks after the previous incident, SCP-1945 engaged in a systematic and planned raid on the town of ---------. Emerging near dawn, it immediately used previously unknown magic to ignite multiple fires near the outskirts of --------- to distract the on-duty guard. It then stampeded a herd of deer through the town, provoking further confusion. In the midst of this chaos, SCP-1945 systematically looted multiple homes and shops. Analysis of stolen items suggests that it stole items suitable for living in a rough or undeveloped area, supporting the theory it has made its home within the Everfree Forest. Curiously, it appears to have avoided directly harming the town's occupants, perhaps for fear of provoking a greater guard response. During retreat, it lead MTF elements on an eight-hour pursuit through the Everfree Forest, during which it repeatedly ignited further arcane fires and ambushed and neutralized MTF members with blows to the head to render them unconscious.
There's been like 5 or 6 different writefags based upon writing styles so far.

In the aftermath of Incident 4, --------- citizen ---- ------------ was found to have made contact with SCP-1945 and had directly aided it by providing the locations where supplies useful to it could be found. ---- ------------ was arrested and is currently detained. MTF Epsilon-2 'Bushwhackers' assigned to provide assistance in further pursuits into the Everfree Forest.

"Entity is now clearly capable of utilizing magic on its own. Ms. ------------ shows no signs of previous behavior which would cause this; between her brainwashing and the use of arcane fire, I think we can conclude it is magically competent and dangerous." - Dr. ------

"Acknowledged. Containment procedures updated." - Director --------- ------

INCIDENT 5: In a serious breach of security, a member of MTF Theta-10 had a copy of this document with them while engaging in a routine patrol over the Everfee Forest. In interview, they stated that the document was carried to provide assistance in training new members of their patrol in the dangers SCP-1945 presents. Regardless of the reason, their patrol was ambushed and rendered unconscious. The copy of this document was stolen, and returned two weeks later to the residence of HRH -------- ------- in --------- by unclear means. The following note had been written on the document:

> "Fuck you guys. I didn't do anything and you come out hunting me. 'MAGIC'? That was my flashlight and camping stove fuel, you idiots. Now you've taken away ---- too? Fuck you. She was the only one who bothered to talk to me. She used to come out to and play her music in the forest, and we would talk. Fuck, I didn't hurt anyone when I did the smash and grab because she begged me not to! And you just took her away. Next time I come in, I'm bringing my shotgun. See how you like that 'magic'."

SCP-1945 is now considered to be actively hostile and aware of the measures taken against it. Object 'shotgun' tentatively classified as SCP-1945-3. Additionally, the unclear delivery of the returned document and message raises security concerns. Containment procedures updated.

NOTE 1: "Stop this, all of you. It's scared, and you arrested the only pony it cared for. I'm going to try to talk to it."- HRH -------- -------
I know.
I love it.
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I am waiting for this to continue.
This too, jesus fucking christ, this on especially.
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fuck this thread.gif
2 MB, 310x174
>going into SCP

God dammit this thread was awesome
>le funny mlpchan gifs
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>ebin jontron maymays
File: 1417143295654.jpg (86 KB, 600x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not liking Jontron
I never quite got the fascination over that guy.
>Implying that I don't like him.
You need to be 18+ to post on 4chan.
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haha i call him a newfag, that's mean i'm oldfig :^)
Pls more. Prtypls.

>using newfag unironically
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>tfw writefags died
>tfw we'll never see this from the monsters perspective
I'm writing something right now.
Hold on a minute.
>You're Rarity.
>And you're about to piss the ground.
>You're reluctantly running after Flutershy into the forsaken Everfree forest.
>and you wouldn't be if it wasn't for that stupid rabbit.
>Angel had gotten the stupid idea of running of into the forest.
>And now Fluttershy had run after him and you being the only one around was obliged to follow her.
>Now you regret that dearly.
>You could barely see Fluttershy in the dark in front of you.
>She is running from you. Fuck she's running from you. She'll be your only hope of getting away from here. You can't afford to lose her.
>Against your expectation she did. She did more quickly than you thought she would.
>Full speed you planted your face directly into her hind quarters. It was a miracle neither of you tumbled.
>Despite the adrenaline running through you, you couldn't help but notice she was less squishy than you thought she would be.
>You held a hoof signalling her to stop while you got your breath back.
"Fluttershy. We need to get back to ponyville.
>"What NO. We cant leave angel bunny out here in the dark"
"There's one in a million chance we're gonna find him now"
>"But-but what if he's hurt a-and scared or ea-eat-eaten by a-"
"Please this is hopeless. He'll probably find his way back, but we can't stay here"
>"But what about the thing from the news. It could be-"
>Before she could finish she was cut of by the unmistakable sound of a twig snapping.
>You both looked in the direction of the sound but couldn't see anything in the dark.
>After what felt like an eternity you could here a few leaves crunching under somethings hoof.
>You almost jumped out of your skin but you we're to mesmerized to do anything.
>Finally Fluttershy said something:

Anyone lurking?

continue anyway
>monster perspective
For what purpose? Human perspective has been done countless times and tends to be shitty.
Me, but I am going now.
Hope this thread survives, I am liking the premise.

this thread is relevant to my interests
This thread is one of the best ones we've had in a while
She doesn't sound much like Rarity.
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Eyes in the dark.jpg
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Like a hundred lurky things, I lurk.
plural lurking, much waiting
You should stop. Bad writing style and out of character. no offence
Sorry I'm a slow writer.
I'm pretty newfag at this. The practice is needed so any criticism is welcome
>A second hadn't passed before you heard something. However you didn't have time to react.
>You heard a whooshing sound of something flying towards you, followed by a painfully high scream.
>You looked towards Fluttershy and saw her hind leg impaled with a long stick.
>It had gone directly through and come out the other side.
>Being horrified to the bones you tried to do something. Run, scream, help, anything. But nothing happened. You just stood looking. Listening to her scream.
>You heard scrunching of more leaves and the sound came towards you.
>You could feel your skin wrap around you, making it hard to breath. Every one of your muscles were cramping as you felt your heart dunking in your head.
>Finally you snapped an quickly wrapped Fluttershy's legs around you neck and tried to run.
>Her hyperventilating in your ears were noticeable but barely distracting. You just tried to run as fast as possible with Fluttershy on your back.
>You ran directly into a bush and tumbled through it but got stuck in the twigs.
>You tried every muscle to fight through it but you couldn't budge.
>You heard the leaves again and quickly you (sorta) leaped towards Fluttershy and wrapped your hoof around her moth to stop her screaming and breathing.
>You stood completely still, made no sound, neither did fluttershy whom you could see was in much pain, crying and shaking.
>Worryingly you slowly turned your head to look out the bush. The moonlight was dim but it was just enough to see something.
>The place you stood before was now occupied by a tall thin figure. You could only barely see the silhouette of it's limbs as it slowly moved around.
>After only a few seconds you finally knew what it was. The description fit perfectly.
>That was it. Holy Celestia that was it. The thing from the news. The thing everypony was talking about. The... monster.
Fuck my spelling is bad. My first language isn't English. Feel free to correct.
Not too shabby, some of your sentences could be merged together for better flow but that's he kind of thing that comes from reading and writing a lot. Spelling, word processors are your friend. The other anons are right, you don't really "sound" like the characters if that makes any sense. I'd recommend watching the show more and reading more fanfiction, the more familiar you are with the characters' personalities and ways of speaking the easier that will be.
File: spe.gif (1 MB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x200
>reading fanfiction to familiarize yourself with the characters
tippest toppest kek

YOU should read some fanfiction and watch the show.
I have. A lot. Not all writers get it wrong, anon.
>You were tensing every muscle in your body to stay still as well as hold your breath.
>You were afraid it could hear your beating heart because you certainly could very clearly.
>This was the first time you had stood still in the last few minutes. Gave you some time to adjust your vision to the dark.
>The moonlight finally revealed some details to you.
>You could see the general figure. Tall and sleek, standing on two legs and two other limbs at the top as well as what looked like like a head.
>It was covered in clothing from top to toe and It even a hood over its head. You could only see the back of it though. It wasn't looking in your direction.
>Strangely it had fur. I thought I had read from witnesses that the thing didn't have. Maybe they were just...
>No wait. The fur was on the outside of it's clothing and... Oh... Oh dear... It wasn't it's fur. That was something elses fur.
>It was wearing something elses fur.
>You didn't have time to think more of it though. It finally did something.
>It crouched down to pick up your saddle bag-. Oh damnit your saddle bag. You completely forgot you were carrying your bag when you chased after Flutterhshy. It must have fallen off when she was hurt.
>It opened up your bag and at this moment you would've probably been angered that a monster was looking through your personal things.
>You were to scared to though. Right now you just wanted it to take everything and leave.
>That wasn't a luxury you would enjoy today.
This is awesome.

This report was sent to us by an anonymous informant yesterday at 10:15 am. The report is between Lieutenant Gray Skies and Captain Darrilon and goes over an incident that occurred yesterday.

To: Captain Darrilon
From: Luitenant Gray Skies
Subject: Incident 315

The creature, hereafter referred to as 'subject', managed to elude our patrols. At 7:15, at sundown, the subject was sighted by one of our patrols moving out of the everfree. This patrol consisted of 4 earth ponies, and 1 unicorn.

The subject appeared to be headed to Ponyville, but to prevent it's escape back to the Everfree, again, we circled around, getting between it and the forest. After a few minutes of following to ensure that it was in fact still headed towards Ponyville, we approached rapidly.

The subject noticed us immediately and took off in the opposite direction, moving faster than previously reported. We kept after it, but didn't catch up, hoping that it would tire out quickly, or at least tire out enough to catch. We had two fields and a farm between our position and White Tail Woods. The only time the subject slowed down was to jump railing.

As we approached Whitetail woods, hot on the heels of the subject, we noticed that the unicorn, my second, was tiring. I sent him back to the Everfree where we saw the subject leave in case he circled back around. At no point did we stop our pursual.

The subject, while we could still see him, remained on the annual Running of the Leaves path, never deviating, and never slowing down enough for us to catch up to him. One by one my guardsmen fell to the wayside unable to continue. Eventually I was forced to stop as well.

This creature outran trained guardsmen sir. Earth pony guardsmen.

After gathering the patrol back up we returned to my second. We found him on the edge of the everfree sleeping without his helm on and his mane fussed up.
>The first bag it opened was your grocery bag. You had been out shopping today. That's why you were visiting Fluttershy because you were supposed to cook with her.
>It was roaming through your bag. It was facing it's side towards you so you could clearly see what it was doing.
>It was quickly looking over everything in the bag, cans, jars, fruits, etc. before throwing it back down in the bag, occasionally smelling or shaking.
>It took a bag of grass out and put some of it in it's mouth but it quickly spit it out again and threw the grass away
>Hmph. That was the finest quality of grass I could buy you animal.
>Having looked through the bag it went over to the other one.
>Again it looked through everything and studied them quickly before putting it back down.
>It took up some of my grooming products and studied them but threw away most of them.
>One thing it held a particularly long time was my bottle of perfume. It was smelling it for what must have been quit a long time. Maybe it was enjoying it?
>Well the answer was pretty clear because it unscrewed the lid and poured out the perfume on the ground and then threw the bottle back in the bag.

Would you like me to write short and fast segments or longer segments?
How many writefriends are present in this thread?
God damn.
I love it.
Doesn't matter to me. Green=good
To an extent
I count seven. It's a fun format to write in.

As the writer of these, I will return later with more green.

I like this concept.

Another report sent in by an anonymous informant detailing a chase during the night three days ago, sent to the same Captain from our last update on the monster.

To: Captain Darrilon
From Lieutenant Gray Skies
Subject: Incident 318

We noticed the subject moving towards Ponyville once more, at 9:26AM. With the thought that if we hesitated we may lose it, we gave chase.

Our only unicorn on patrol attempted to bind the subject in arcane shackles, but the magic just... Slipped off him, like he has an immunity to it.

We gave chase down the same path as incident 315 and had the same outcome as mentioned incident: the subject escaped our grasp.

Sir, the main point of this report is that this monster is immune to magic. Us guard can't do this by ourselves.


The widepread panic incited by the royal guard leaks has finally calmed down. Princess Luna was once again called away from Canterlot Castle to deal with the situation. She was heard talking to herself as she returned to her carriage this morning as the Sun rose.

"If this town panics one more time..."

There were 0 casualties and 6 injuries. Property damage amounted to 17 broken windows, 4 broken doors, and 1 fruit stand. All injuries and property damage will be compensated for by the Crown with Princess Luna's sincerest apologies.

Due to this incident, our newspaper has received a Royal Sanction against posting classified guard reports. We will not be receiving nor printing any more such reports. Any reports sent to us will be immediately turned over to the Royal Guard.

While we are no longer allowed to post Royal Documents, this newspaper will do everything in its power to keep the populace up to date on every breaking event!

So far I've done
>>20970159 & >>20970165
>>20972549 & >>20972562

As I think of more interesting things I'll continue to write.

(Scribbled in ink at the bottom of dozens of this edition)

Please stop panicking. Making Princess Luna angry won't end well for anyone.
>This went on for some time, throwing away some things and keeping others.
>It had finally dug down far enough to find my wallet.
>It looked through it for quite some time, studying almost everything in it individually. All your notes, all your bits. At kept pretty much everything in it.
>Finally it took out the picture you had in the wallet. A picture of you and your friends at your birthday party. you, Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy…
>Oh no, I completely forgot Fluttershy was still here. Careful not to make any noise you looked down at fluttershy. She was still crying and shaking but she had calmed down a bit. You had removed my hoof without noticing but she stayed quiet.
>It’s hard to look at her like this, so frightened and in so much pain. You could see in her eyes she was fighting to stay quiet and to endure. She was really much stronger than her timid exterior.
>Looking down a bit further you saw her impaled leg. You almost couldn’t bear looking at that horrible sight but you felt you needed to. You noticed that… oh dear.
>Oh my Celestia that was a lot of blood. It had been slowly oozing out on the ground and now you were both sitting in a big pool of the stuff. You hadn’t even felt it, you were too mesmerized by the animal.
>Oh dear heavens that was gross. I need to wash that of when… Oh what am even thinking. My friend is in sever pain, we could both potentially be eaten by a monster and I’m thinking about cleaning my dirty flank.
>You looked back at the monster and… It was still looking at that picture.
>Please, why wont it just LEAVE?!?

Sorry for the slow writing but it's late hear. I'll probably only write one or to more segments before going to bed.
Have them being found out and trapped and leave in on a fucking cliffhanger like the proper writefag you are.

Hello Ponyville, this is Rush Presses with your hour news update. Breaking news! We have just received video footage of what is believed to be the Everfree Monster! To date, the Beast has been very illusive, managing to evade amateur film makers and seasoned documentors alike. I am told that this film is no hoax. Here to talk about the video tonight is local hapless mailmare and pony who captured the video, Ms. Derpy Hooves, seen here in this file photo.

Rush: How do you do, Ms. Hooves?
Derpy: I'm doing super, Mr. Presses!
Rush: Now tell us, Ms. Hooves, how did you come by this footage? How did you find the Monster?
Derpy: I was working! You know, delivery mail to all the good ponies in Ponyville! I was trying to deliver a package to Sugarcube Corner but...well, I guess I got kinda lost! Hehe!
Rush: Lost...over the Everfree Forest?
Derpy: Yeah, it happens all the time. One moment I'm in Ponyville and the next I have no idea where I am! I always find my way back home before 6 o'clock though, that's when the sitter leaves and the judge says I can't leave Dinky home alone agai-
Rush: Yes, Ms. Hooves, but can you tell us about the Monster?
Derpy: Oh yeah! So I was flying over the Everfree Forest just looking at the all the nice trees when I see something out of the corner of my eye!
Rush: And what did you see, Ms. Hooves?
Derpy: I wasn't sure at first, so I landed among the trees to get a closer look. Whatever it was was moving like a maniac! Jumping all about, flailing its...its...arms? Yeah, and kicking all about!
Rush: And you think it was the Monster?
Derpy: Oh, I KNOW it was the Monster! That is why I took my camera out and filmed it, silly! I thought maybe if I filmed it I could maybe make some money so that this year I could by some Hearthswarming presents for Dink-
>It was just standing there. Staring down on that picture.
>Why couldn’t it just leave? You needed to get out of here and get Fluttershy to a hospital. It just needed to go away. It didn’t matter if took all your things or throw them away eat them. You don’t care. Just leave.
>This was getting too much. You could hear your blood pumping through your veins, feel tears rolling down your cheeks, you were freezing from the cold.
>You could almost feel a panic attack surfacing but you used all your strength to stay quiet.
>Finally as if some higher force had answered your prayers, it happened. Still holding the picture in it’s hand it stood upright, picked up your saddlebags and swung them around it’s neck.
>And then it started walking
>You could feel the tension in your body slowly fading, making sure not exhale a sigh of relief.
>You just needed to sit there a bit longer before it was far enough away.
>It had almost walked so far you could barely see it.
>To get a clear vision again, you slowly lean slightly forwards while being sure you don’t make any-
Rush: Now I have reviewed your footage, Ms. Hooves. It is...disturbing, I think we can agree. I have my own idea about what the Monster's...DISPLAY was all about, but I am interested to hear your take on it.
Derpy: Well, I got as close as I dared and hid behind a tree. I guess he didn't notice me cause he just kept on jumping about. His arms were going everywhere and he jumping off trees and sometimes he just stopped and stood still in a funny pose. I think he was angry...
Rush: Angry? And what do you think he was angry about? Perhaps being chased and hunted by the brave and stalwart citizens of Ponyville? Or perhaps did the realization that he is not wanted in our forest anger him?
Derpy: No, I think he was in pain.
Rush: Pain?
Derpy: Yeah. He had things in his ears.
Rush: Things....in his ears?
Derpy: Yeah, you can't see them too well on the video with all of his moving about but I saw them. They must have been in there pretty good because all of his jumping wasn't making them come out!
Rush: Interesting. And what did these "things" look like?
Derpy: They were just black dots in his ears that had tails coming out of them that went into his shirty thingy.
Rush: Tails? Do you mean to tell me he was sticking mice in his ears? How barbaric!
Derpy: I guess so, but they didn't look like any mice I ever saw. They were so small. The weird part is he didn't really look too unhappy about it. Still, I wanted to help because I know what to do if things get stuck in your ears. I had to learn because after Dinky's daddy left she went through a phase of-
Rush: Interesting. A monster that seems to ENJOY shoving wildlife in his head. And some ponies speak for the intelligence of the creature. We are almost out of time here, Ms. Hooves, do you have anything else you would like to share about your experience and your video?
Derpy: Well...now that you mention it, the video didn't pick it up. I guess I was too far away, hehe.
Rush: Pick what up, Ms. Hooves?
Derpy: The Monster kept saying something. Most of it was just...grumbling, I guess, but it seemed that one thing was clearer than the other things.
Rush: What did you hear clearly, then?
Derpy: Well, it sounded like he was saying..."footloose". I don't know what it means, but he kept saying it over and over again followed by indistinct grumbling all while he was jumping around.
Rush: Fascinating. And there you have it, Ponyville, and enraged Monster taking his troubles out on our poor Everfree forest. What could this mean? Will he come thrashing into Ponyville next? Should we be afraid? And what of this "footloose" that he kept saying? Mindless babble...or oath of vengeful terror? Perhaps only time will tell. Until next time this has been Rush Presses. Thank you, and stay safe.
>"Aww, come on Rarity, Applebloom and Scoots' are going!" Sweetie Bell pleaded to her old sister.
"Absolutely not. Even without some horrid beast roaming around Ponyville, I could never allow you to walk about in the Everfree Forest on your own in good conscience." Rarity said in kind.
>Sweetie Bell responded, "But I won't be alone! I'll have all those other ponies with me!"
>She gestured to the mighty posse Applejack had assembled, composed of some of the best trappers and wranglers the Apple family had to offer.
>"And I'd be even safer if you came along!" Sweetie Belle added.
"True, but even so, there is no way I'm going. And that means you're staying right here, next to me. And that is final." Rarity said, offering her ultimatum.
"Besides, it looks like Applejack and Rainbow Dash are setting off."
>Rainbow Dash soared overhead, scouting ahead for any signs of the creature.
>"Mount up ponies! We got ourselves a critter to catch!" Applejack said, as she reared up on her hind-legs, giving a hearty "YEEEHAAW," before speeding off into the Everfree Forest, her posse in hot pursuit.
"I know you and your friends have been infatuated with this brute. Why, I'll never know, but hopefully, they'll bring something back for you to get a good look at, and Ponyville can finally be done with this horrid business." Rarity said.
"Now, how about we stop by at Sugarcube Corner for a treat?"
"Sweetie Bell?"
"Sweetie Bell, I was talking to you."
>Rarity looked down beside her, expecting the familiar white-coated filly to be giving her a mean look.
>That would've been far more preferable to the empty space she found instead.
"Oh, horsefeathers."
>More frustrated than angry, she galloped ahead into the forest, with a tinge of fear at what she might find.
>OhdearohdearohpleasePLEASE IT CAN’T HAVE HEARD THAT.
>It was just a twig that got caught in your hair. Just a small twig. Please, it couldn’t have heard that it was just-
>It stopped.
>The monster had stopped.
>And was turning around.
>You quickly brought a hoof up to your mouth to cover your hyperventilation. Your sweat was mixing with your tears which flowed like rivers.
>Your shaking so much you could hear it and your heart is beating so fast it hurts in your chest.
>The monster was now facing your direction. It’s hood threw an ominous shadow over it’s face so it was impossible to see any details. The only thing was visible was… it’s eyes. Oh dear, those eyes.
>They were just… menacing. Giving of a faint glow. You didn’t know what they were doing to you, they just instilled pure terror in your mind.
>Those eyes were scanning the area by the ground sweeping area in front in this horrifyingly slow and focused manner. it kept going until it reached you and…
>They kept going. Holy goodness it didn’t see you.
>After sweeping the ground it focused upon the treeline, scanning it in a similar manner.
>At had just about looked through the whole thing before it looked like it was about to turn around.
>Until it looked on the bush you were hiding.
>It’s staring directly in your direction. It doesn’t seem to have noticed you but it must have picked up something.
>It might just be looking to be sure it didn’t miss anything. It didn’t see you before, it probably won’t see you again, right?...
>It’s looking at you.
>Directly in your eyes.
File: large.png (196 KB, 1020x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Rarity trudged along the overgrown path.
"Applejack! Rainbow Dash! Sweetie Bell!" She called out.
"Oh, maybe I should've taken the right earlier."
>Stray branches tugged and pulled at her less than pristine coat.
>Twigs and leaves infested her mane, along with who knows what else could've fallen from the canopy above.
>Rarity stopped as a sudden realization dawned upon her.
>Has it been getting darker?
>It was already dark to begin with, the trees overhead preventing any trace of light from reaching the forest floor.
>Rarity felt tears tug at the ends of her immaculate lashes as she realized the sun was setting.
"I hope they're alright, at least."
>Even alone, Rarity's thoughts went out to her friends and little sister, wishing for their well-being above all else.
>A bestial scream disturbed her thoughts.
"What was that?" Her words coming out a whisper, barely audible.
>Another series of inpony roars and noises sounded nearby, as if they were coming closer and closer.
>Rarity scrunched down, wishing she could just curl up into a ball and disappear.
>Rarity closed her eyes, her exhausted mind lingering on the thought of home, of warm beds and hot cocoa.
>What sounded like a footstep forced her from her fantasy.
>Slowly, she opened her eyes.
>In front of her, standing on the path, was the hooded, bipedal creature.
>The monster has taken residence the ruined castle previously owned by the princesses, starting to spread rumors with it's presence.
>All the ponies rally up in fear of the Monster and from an angry mob.
>Lyra tries to stop them but they claim she is crazy and imprison her.
>The ponies start to sing.

>You were sure. It was looking at you. Directly in your eyes.
>It just stood there facing you. It’s eyes not blinking, wavering, just staring. Staring directly through your eyes.
>Suddenly everything was collapsing around you. Everything, your body, the air, the ground felt ten times heavier.
>There was nothing in the world. Just those needles piercing through your head. Those eyes.
>An eternity was passing by. Nothing changed. Just this one image in time standing still.
>It turned it’s head.
>Followed by it’s entire body it turned around in the opposite direction and started walking.
>You couldn’t think. Your mind had been racing, thinking of every possible thing that could happen. But of all the things you could think of this the only thing you hoped would happen yet the only thing you couldn’t believe would happen.
>Yet there it is. It just turned around and walked away.
>You couldn’t see it any longer. It was completely out of your vision now.
>You guessed it was about five minutes since it disappeared but there was no way of telling.
>At least it had been some time since you last saw it and that was long enough for you. It was time to get away from this forest.
Fluttershy is alredy dead of bloodloss.
So any chance of the CMC finding the human learning he's actually nice and then being not believed by adults who assume Anon has mind control powers.
Wait how has Anon been living in the Everfree forest for such a while and not encountered Zecora by chance?
Maybe Zecora is how he got there.
>Inb4 witch hunts demanding Zecora's head on a pike
>You look down to check on Fluttershy. At Least she stopped crying and also shaking. In fact she’s not really doing anything at all… Oh goodness.
>Quickly you grab her by her upper torso and drag her out of the bush. You notice that the pool of blood has gotten a lot bigger than it was before.
>You throw up on your back, not really caring about comfort, and start running in the opposite direction of where the monster walked.
>You couldn’t hear Fluttershy breath. Being hit by a small panic attack you greatly increase your running speed.
>Not caring what you might run into, bushes, branches, puddles. You might be covered in twigs, mud and blood and it might hurt in every muscle of you body.
>It didn't matter. You just ran.

So that was that for now. I have to go to bed but I can stay up for a few more minutes. What do you think? I'm quit new so feel free to criticise and h8 the shit out of this. If the thread is alive tomorrow and if you want it I can keep writing.
Bretty good. I though He was going to do something other tha murder Fluttershy and be intimidating as fuck, but the characterization seemed alright.
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>Story of how anon is a mystical monster, infamous in all of Equestria, while having tea with Zecora.
I'd read that.
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>Rarity's heart sank.
>She sat there, her entire body frozen, her unwilling legs refusing to obey her screaming mind.
>The creature extended a single, horrific, furless appendage in her direction.
>The movement forced a scream out of Rarity's lungs.
>The strange sight was the impetous she needed.
>With fear-induced adrenaline flowing through her legs, she ran off the path and fled deeper into the forest.
>The brush scratched at her face and body, leaving long, red marks in her coat as she barreled forward, heedless at what lay ahead and concerned only with putting as much distance between her and that monster as possible.
>As she turned her head to look behind her, Rarity slammed into an enourmous, gray wall in the middle of a small clearing filled with moonlight.
>She fell back on her flank, dizzy, trying to blink the stars away from her vision.
>As her sight gradually returned, the wall began turning.
>It grew armored scales, then claws tipped with razors, and finally a horrid, reptillian head, grinning a smile filled with fangs.
>Rarity realized that she had ran smack dab into an enormous crocodile.
>Blood and pieces of fluff clung to the cold-blooded reptile's jaw, the remains of some poor, fuzzy animal.
>The crocodile glanced down at her and let loose a deep, throaty gowl.
>Rarity whimpered.
>The rustling brush and heavy footsteps signaled the approach of something else behind her.
File: b.png (206 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1024x1024
>The crocodile looked up, ignoring her for the moment to get a glance at this new challenger.
>Rarity groggily turned to look as well, her mind clouded and dizzy with fear.
>The hooded figure had apparently followed her.
>It slowly entered the clearing, a thick branch covered with pitch clutched at the enf of one outstretched limb, like the pony knights of old wielding steel spears.
>The figure produced a small metallic object from its (frankly appalling) cloak and slowly raised it to the wooden branch with its free limb.
>For an instant, a small flame briefly drew breath in the figure's grasp, blowing away the darkness around the creature's covered face, revealing a visage not unlike that of a pony.
>The next second, the tar covered branch exploded in flame, illuminating the entire clearing with roaring, lustrous light.
>Rarity cowered at the unexpected sight.
>Even the gargantuan crocodile seemed to shrink at the fearsome weapon in the figure's paw.
>Unafriad, the figure advanced slowly, waving the torch back and forth in a intimidating and almost mesmerizng manner.
>The crocodile began backing off, backpedaling into the forest.
>The figure ignored Rarity as it passed by, never taking its gaze off the scaled beast.
>As the crocodile nearly disapeared into the tree-line, it seemed to reconsider its chances and stood its ground briefly.
>The figure didn't even hesitate, moving within a few feet of the jaws of the crocodile.
>At this unwavering fortitude the crocodile cowed in response, finally turning around and running off as fast as its stubby feet can propell it.
So the Bell Killer in Equestria.
>Stabbing simulator in equestria

>This entire thread
Do you even read, bruh?

>Stabbing simulator

Still, no.
holy shit that fits way to well
a few idea to maybe mess with

zecora gives anon a home
luna sees one of anon's dreams

also i recommend ignoring the people saying anon is hurting ponies, reading that kind of stuff is great, and i wouldnt want to stop anyone from doing more, but for the main storysline of this i say we keep anon's behavior as misunderstandings, confusion, etc.
This thread has a really malleable canon.

Local mare exposes secretive midnight rendezvous

A local Ponyville mare spotted Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna, stalking the Everfree Forest this past week, and is now claiming that she witnessed something "wildly inappropriate" happen between HRH and the Everfree Monster.

According to this mare, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the Princess moved very deliberately towards the area of the Everfree with the most frequent sightings of the monster. After waiting around for a short time, the monster reportedly approached her.
What happened next was, according to the mare, "extremely embarrassing and terrifying to witness" as well as "difficult to mention in polite company".

We are told that the monster "lunged" at the Princess, tackling her to the ground, at which point the two began to "yell and wrestle". Fearing for her life, the local mare hung back, and then the unexpected happened...
"Shortly after the struggle began, I swear to you, I began to hear... moaning. It was rather dark, so I could not quite see as clearly as I would have li- er, I couldn't see clearly, that is, but I tell you, my hearing was far from impaired. Those moans were not pain, they were quite clearly pleasure. The... pleasured moaning lasted for so long, it-it must have been at LEAST thirty minutes! I, of course was petrified with fear and could not move. After what felt like ages, the monster seemed to simply disappear into the forest, and when next I caught sight of Her Majesty, her mane was disheveled and... and... I cannot even-
...I apologize, I am still struggling to process what I witnessed. I don't know what to think. I think I may have said far too much, already."

We've reached out to Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna, for comment, but as of this time, we have not had a response. We will have more on this story as it develops.
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Dong Expand.jpg
77 KB, 383x750
It begins.
Why is it humans are typically seen as some wierd creature to fear and distrust in most HiE threads? It's been a long way since the first Zecora episode. Since S1, Ponyville has seen the invasion of gluttonous parasprites, a god of chaos, a rampaging greed-driven dragon, giant black tentacle plants growing from the ground, a soul-sucking demon from Equestria's version of hell, the local librarian's ascension to alicorn royalty, and has been dismantled many times in various ways. It would seem that some thing walking on two legs wouldn't be al that wierd. They see worse shit on a daily basis.
She just got some REALLY good belly rubs. I dunno what you're implying.
It's also possible the "local mare" had a really vivid dream and neglected to mention that she found herself back in her bed the next morning, with no recollection of how she got back home.

It's one of you horsefuckers, absolutely disgusting

Your argument presumes that they would be getting calmer on account of experiencing all that crazy stuff.

On the contrary, I think they'd become convinced that any time anything strange stumbles out of the Everfree, odds are it's going to fuck shit up.
bump for interesting concept
Not interesting enough, apparently.
>tfw want to write for this but I suck
>it's always a few lines long, never long enough
>no idea how people stretch a story out
Read or listen to a lot of books. Practice.
Interest bump
Ponies don't seem to be the type to form an angry mob to go destroy some weird monster in the middle of a evil forest.
They would probably try to defend their homes at most, or loudly complain about the monster and flee in fear as soon as they see the it, waiting until the Royal Guard gets rid of it, since they are the ones who are tasked with the job.

Garret, is that you?
Write something tyourselves and maybe I'll write something as well.
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Thread's dead Jim, maybe it's time to let go.
Bumpan b4 bed. Keep it alive fellas.
>"61 unique posters"
>Thread's dying

The hell guys
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This is now spiderman thread

File: 1412900532481.jpg (35 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck it, I'm interested

>"There he is!"
>"After him!"
>You can hear the guards running through the streets, through buildings, some attempting to chase you on the rooftops.
>You're going full tilt sprint, and with this much valuable cargo, it's no surprise you aren't at your fastest.
>You are Thief Anon.
>And you just stole Princess Lunas crown.
>Not to mention some 'forbidden' magic books, and any precious heirlooms you could find.
>This place was a gold-mine.
>No locked doors, Not very many guards, not even a decent night-watch.
>You leap from one building to the next, out pacing the guards even with your cargo.
>Jumping through the occasional window, and swiping a few small items while inside.
>These guys just don't give up!
>You turn to the right, and decide to try to make a break for the Canterlot Slums.
>People there need this stuff more than you do, so why not pay a visit?
>After all, who else would be willing to hide you at a moment like this?
>Someone with nothing left to lose.
>You jump onto the street, landing on a unlucky guard.
>You turn around to see if the Law is still after-
>"He went this way!"
>You make a mad dash into the Slums, and quickly dissolve into the shadows.
>"Search everywhere, leave no stone upturned!"
>You sneak into a narrow ally, the guards shouting getting more and more quiet as you sneak away.
>Too Easy.
>You find a trash-bin, and open the top.
>The bottom has been cut out, and a hole leads into the Canterlot Drainage System.
>You jump down, a height that would certainly injure a untrained pony, does nothing to your agile legs.
>You scope out the Catacomb-like sewers.
>Before you feel the tip of a spear on your back.
>"Hand it over."
>You simply smirk, knowing exactly what to do.
One of the few times I've written, going good so far?

>You turn around slowly, before tossing the bag over.
"Nice toy..How did you get it?"
>You pull down your mask revealing your trademark-green Anonymous face.
>The small pony barely manages to grab the bag with her teeth.
"Because I know for sure you aren't one for killing guards."
>The figure pulls down her hood, and Scootaloo eyes you angrily.
>"Did you kill ANOTHER guard, Anon?"
>You simply nod.
"Mainly because he was at the wrong place, at-"
>"-The wrong time, you said this the last time you murdered somepony!"
>True, but this time it was an accident.
>Like the last time.
>"I said I wanted to become better at stealing, not get wanted for murder."
>You place a hand on her head before shuffling her hair.
"You'll still forgive me though, right?"
>You then snatch the bag by the straps before raising it out of her reach.
"Especially when you see what I brought home."
>She narrows her eyes once you mention the last part.
>"Anon, what did you get?"
>You slide your hand into the bag, and slowly pull out the Royal Crown.
"Snagged it while she went to go rest after raising my favorite thing, the moon. Ironic, really."
>You place it playfully on Scootaloos head as she stares angrily at the crown.
>"Anon, how could you do this?"
>You shrug, before tying to explain.
"Simple really, just use your environment to your advantage and-"
>She shakes her head before putting the crown back.
>"How could you steal from one of the princesses?"
>You frown at her.
"Because there are ponies here who need simple bits more than anybody else."
>"And that's all we need, bits! Not the princesses crown!"
>She circles nervously.
>"We want bits, not attention! The only reason the guard let us off easy is because we were only a nuisance! Not ..Not this!"
>You shake a finger at her.
>You raise the bag up high and point at it.
"This is what will get us out of here! This will get us out and not only that,"
>You point upwards.
"It'll help the other ponies get out too."
I'll be back in a day if not a few hours, keep thread bumped for me?
Any ways I could improve my writing? Anything I should add or remove?
Story is okay so far. Keep it going.

I don't want to see this thread die just yet.
It's great, Anon. Looking forward for the continuation.
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it ain't bad.jpg
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>see this thread
>expect some serious Ezio/Altair in Equestria action
>check the stories
pic related

I fucking need more man
Don't do this to me
Stories that need to be continued the thread
Bump for this
Writefags is kill?
Thief-Anon here, going to get something to eat and then I'll get to writing.
>"How can we help them if we're behind bars? or-or banished?"
>You squat down to get eye-to-eye with Scoots.
>She's panicking, you can see it in her eyes.
"We won't get caught in the first place,"
>You boop her nose.
"and panicking won't help, I'll do my best to be a little more careful but no promises."
>Her breathing is slowing, and she seems to relax.
>"Ok.. I trust you on this Anon."
>You lift your mask back up, shielding your face.
"Then let's go and get this cargo to the Pawnshop while it's still dark."
>You lift Scoots, and toss her out of the make-shift trashbin.
>Her tiny wings manage to make her hover for a brief moment, and she saves herself from tumbling the bin over.
>You on the other hand, simply jump up and latch onto the top of the bin before climbing out.
"Mask on,"
>Scoot puts on her hood, and you fix your mask to be a bit more comfortable.
>"Lights off,"
>She points to a street-light, a lantern hanging from a post.
>You rush up to it, climb the poll and bat it off with your trusty black-jack.
>The lantern falls and breaks when it makes contact with the floor.
>Scoots scopes out the area, making sure no-one heard.
>And you proceed to make your way to the Pawnshop.
>You gently push the door open, and a bell rings as you push the door wide open.
>You hold it, and allow Scoots to walk in first.
"Ladies first."
>She lets out an annoyed grunt, and keeps walking.
>You let go of the door, and it swings closed.
>"What can I get for you?"
>He clears his throat.
>Nervous, good.
>You toss the bag onto the counter.
"How much can we get for all its contents?"
>He opens it, and his eyes go wide.
>"I..I don't sell or buy stolen goods sir."
>He pulls out the crown, and observes it closely.
>"Nor forged or fake items."
>You walk up to the counter, and lean against it.
"Are you sure?"
>You slowly pull out your black-jack and place it on the counter-top.
File: 140401bloodmoon.jpg (13 KB, 600x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 600x300

"Are you sure?"
>Scoots walks over to the small doors separating the behind-the-counter items from the rest of the shop.
"Because I'm fairly certain you bought a-"
>"We found him!"
>Not again...
>You swipe your weapon off the counter and snatch the bag.
>Scoots jumps onto the counter and grabs the crown in her mouth.
>"After them!"
>"They have the crown!"
>Scootaloo makes a jump for it, and you catch her in your arms.
>"Go, go, go!"
>You make a break for the back room, containing dozens of valuables and jewelry items.
>If you didn't have Scoots you could grab almost everything in one swift motion.
>You make it to a locked door, and kick it open.
>"Cut them off!"
>"Don't let them-"
>The voices fade as you rush into another ally.
>You once again, begin your marathon through Canterlot.
>Although not out of the slums, you're still running from the Law again.
>You knock over several trash-bins and step-over a few homeless ponies.
>Eventually, you find yourself in a dead end.
>The narrow ally quickly filled with the commands of guard ponies.
>They're gonna get you if you don't think of something quick.
>You look up, and see the once blue night grow blood red.
"Aww, Did I do that Luna?"
>You then spot hay on the top of one of the buildings incasing you.
>You look at Scoots, and she nods.
>You toss her up, her tiny wings flap as fast a they can.
>She barely makes it to the roof.
>You jump from wall-to-wall trying to get to the roof with her.
>But fall, and knock over another trashbin.
>"You hear that?"
>"Over there!"
>"C'mon! Hurry!"
>You try again, and land back onto the floor.
>But this time, landing on a glass bottle, shattering it.
>The pieces dig deep into your thigh, and you do your best to try and muffle your scream.
>Scootaloo is still waiting.
>You raise the bag, and check its contents once more.
>Just from the top, about 500 bits.
>You throw the bag up, and Scoots catches it.
"J-Just go! I'll meet you back at Hide-Out!"

>"C'mon! Just get up here!"
>You look back at your leg, blood slowly making a small pool.
>"I heard it over there!"
>Scoots hesitates, and finally leaves.
>The blood moon still high in the sky, partly illuminating the dark ally.
>You put your black-jack in your mouth, and bite down.
>You pull a few of the larger pieces first.
>You get back on your feet, and use the ally-walls as support.
>You limp as fast as you can, trying to get to a man-hole cover.
>"I see him!"
>Fug :DD
>You try to limp faster, but your leg prevents this.
>They cut you off, and you make a left into another ally-way.
>It leads into the streets, and you rush to the light.
>You place a hand on your wounded leg, and try to stop the bleeding.
>You finally make it out the ally, and into the light of the street-post.
>You bend down and take a moment to breathe.
>You hear the clattering of armor, and multiple ponies surround you.
>Welp, you had a good run.
>You look up, and see it's Lunas personal escort.
>And with Luna in a carriage flying down towards you.
>Hayy there's the High Canterlot voice.
>You wave with your bloodied hand.
>The carriage lands, and Luna steps out to face you.
>You shrug.
"Why Misses Luna, ma'am."
>You try to wipe the blood off your hands using your cloak.
"Bringing such fine and distinguished gents to grace my humble ally, had I known, I'd've tucked in my shirt."
>You put on a fake smile, you know you've been caught.
>Might as well have some fun.
>You extend a hand.
>She steps out to meet you.
>"Where, hast thou left my crown?"
>She scans the area around your feet.
>"And your accomplice?"
>You shrug again.
"How should I know?"
>She circles back, and makes herself comfortable in the carriage.
>"Take him away!"
>Luna flies off, and the red night-sky fades back to blue.

>The guards bring you to your knees, and they shackle you in cuffs on both hands and feet.
>They bring you back up, and you make your way to the dungeon.
"So, about my leg."
>They eye you suspiciously.
>"There's a doctor at the castle, she'll take care of it."
>You can't help but wonder what Scoots is up too.
>You are Scootaloo.
>And Anon just asked you to leave him.
>You had no choice!
>As you jump from roof-to roof, you remember why you wanted to be like Anon.
>If you couldn't fly, this seemed like the next best thing.
>That brief moment of going through the air, just before landing and right after jumping.
>You start to recall how you met him, and why he took you under his wing-er, hands...
>You were a bit hungry, and decided to try and get some bits for a meal.
>Anon, walked down an ally reading some book.
>You tried sticking your hoof in his back-pocket, but he grabbed your hoof before you even touched his pocket.
>When he asked why you tried to steal, you remember saying 'I was hungry.' you didn't expect him to give you bits.
>All he asked for in return, was to talk after you had eaten.
>You thought you'd get some lame lecture on why stealing is wrong, not be trained on how to become a master thief.
>The jumping, or 'Parkour' Anon sometimes calls it, was just a cheery on-top.
>You suddenly feel heavy, and start to grow tired.
>You look on your back, and remember the bag of goods Anon SOMEHOW got his hands on.
>YOu start to hyperventilate, did Anon make it?
>Did he get caught?
>You suddenly remember what he said.
"Hide-out, Hide-out..."
>You repeat to yourself, trying not to forget while you take a breather.
>Sure, Anon killed a few ponies but you still trusted him that he would take-care of himself.
>Even if he was taking more care of you than you would him.
>But there is the occasional tight-spot Anon needs help with.
>And the few high shelf he puts you on.
>But in the end, you get food in your belly.
That's it for now, gonna come back later.
>tactically nuzzles pony face
>humans are so cute, but why they gotta live so far away from me?
These remind me of the homeless/socially disliked anon stories.
I don't mean to offend you guys but threads like these really remind me of edgy fimfiction stories.
Did you even read the thread
Checking back, writefag still here?
We will never know.
bump before work
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This is getting sad.
Writefag, tell us if you're alive.
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna turn around, and bump you.
The vast majority of them do, though.
I thought the same fucking thing.
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2 MB, 580x484
Hopefully you guys can keep it bumped throughout the night. Writefag will be back one day probably.
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sad pinkie.jpg
508 KB, 2550x1493
What? This thread is still alive?

I like this style as well as it being based on biological truths. Too bad though that the ponies are retarded beyond belief.

Thank you for delivering more. You're my favorite ITT.
I love it. In your interviews, the ponies aren't outright retarded and incompetent. Instead you present the dichotomy as hilarious misunderstanding.
Please, more, again! PRTPLX!

>We got ourselves a critter to catch!
This has potential even though it's narrated in Rarity's POV. I hope you will deliver.
Meeh... Writing is good but story is lackluster and not vivid. You only focus on one single sense and no matter how ornate, it's a dull sequence of actions. I also don't know how you could continue this story in a manner that is not awkward. A shame, since you clearly have potential as a writer and pay attention to detail. Please write more in the future.


I don't like Thief as game but this is enjoyable so far.
Yeah! Best CMC doesn't get enough love.
Congratulations, you're my new favorite writer ITT. While the interviews are great, you offer more quantity and lots of simple enjoyment.
>more than 2 days ago
>no new updates

Guys, please keep this thread alive. There is hope writefags will deliver more!
>Darkness, Darkness blacked out your vision.
>The last thing you could remember was falling.
>Falling from where?
>You didn't know.
>Only you and your thoughts in this meaningless darkness.
>Something flickered in the distance, cetching your eye
>What was that...
>You strained your eyes as you tried to focus on the shining object
>The object grew larger, which infact was a light.
>Your eyes widened as you tried to move, but couldn't
>You were paralyzed.
>Paralyzed and scared.
>The light came closer to the point where it blinded you.
>Right then and there, pain shot through every single muscle and fiber of your being
>A load groan escaped through your lips as your eyes opened
>"What the fuck.." you groan, gripping the grass with your stiff fingers
>You remember falling, then hitting something soft but firm
>You turn your head and green blades of grass pop up.
>Too green
>You tilt your head in a full 180 degree view.
>The scenery around you was dark, you then realized it was night.
>The stars in the sky were bright, as the moon glowed a bright, waxy yellow.
>You sighed, furrowing your eyes, ready to get up.

I want to know if you guys want me to continue, I am relatively new.
Oh God American celestial....WERE FUCKED!
She's going to liberate and friend the shit out of you.
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sonofvabitch, I nearly forgot this thread existed...


>You are Anon.
>And the guard have just threw you into a dungeon cell.
>There's a a single bench held up by a pair of chains, and a elderly bearded pony lays asleep.
>You look to the cell door, and see there's only one guard in this entire room.
>And he has the keys, too.
"Hey! guard!"
>"Quiet you!"
>You point to the elderly pony.
"I think he's dead!"
>The guards eyes grow fearfully worried, and he comes over.
>He starts to open the cell, before eyeing the old pony.
>"Wait, he's breath-"
>You grab the guard, and slam him into the door.
>You search him, and get the keys.
>You stuff the key into the horse-shoe shaped key-hole, and turn.
>The pony wakes up, and sees you.
"Just be quiet, and you can get out too."
>He nods, and sits up.
>"What are you in for?"
>He's gonna ask this right before you get out?
"I stole something, and I'm gonna steal a little more."
>The key makes a loud click, and the cell door opens silently.
>"Can...Can you get me out to?"
>Poor guy might have been in here his whole life.
>Then again, he might just slow you down.
>And idea!
"Sure, but do me a favor."
"Once you're out, stay near the hedge maze, I'll meet you there and give you something."
>"That's all?"
"I'll give you a bag, don't look inside it, and take it to the Slums, and wait by the pawn-shop. I'll come back for the bag later."
>YOu quickly rush out the cell, and maek way for the dungeon door.
>You slowly peek out, and see a single guard facing away from the door.
>There's a torch on the wall, and you blow it out.
>"W-Who's there?"
>You sneak behind him, and tackle him into the wall.
>A short burst of pain hits your leg like a train.
>You look at it, and it's been bandaged poorly.
>Well, this'll be harder than you thought.
>You make your way down the stone halls, and look at the plaques above each door.
>You jiggle the handle, locked.
File: 1418542546333.png (205 KB, 800x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205 KB, 800x315

>Of course 'Confiscated Items' is locked.
>You pat down your leather gloves, and your lock-pick is still on you.
>Wow, Equestrian law enforcement is terrible.
>But then again, the funds go into making the damn castle elegant as possible, not things Canterlot DOES need.
>You stick the pin into the door handle, and pray it's like the locks back on Earth.
>You hear that wonderful 'click' and the door opens.
>There are all kinds of items spread across tables, and hung on the walls.
>You find your black-jack, your mask, and your cloak.
>But something else catches your eyes as you put on your mask.
>A small, black, bow.
>Next to it, a quiver filled to the brim with two different types of arrows.
>Blunt, and sharp arrows.
>You grab it, and look around for anything else you should grab.
>There are a few valuables, and you snatch those as well.
>Nothing else besides some miscellaneous items.
>You walk out, with bow in hand, and search for anything that could give you direction.
>There's a large plaque, with arrows pointing into different halls.
>Cells, back where you came.
>Upstairs, to the right.
>And more cells to the right.
>You decide to see what upstairs holds.
>And hey, if you're gonna steal one of a pair, why not take the other while you're at it?
>You head to the stairwell, before hearing more guards.
>"So you hear about that thief that took Lunas crown?"
>There are too many torches to take down, and your pull back the string of your newly found bow.
>"No, did they finally catch him?"
>"Yeah, thing got caught. Unfortunately, the crown is still missing."
>Good job Scoots.
>You gotta reward her for that-one.
>You fell the bow begin to shake, and it starts to lose tension.
>You let the arrow fly, and the guard barely manages to poke his head from the stairs.
>Direct hit, and it knocks him unconscious.
>As he tumbles down the stairs, you hear the other guard rush back.
>You run after him, and grab him just before he can open the door to the Princesses Court.
File: 1415252901907.jpg (152 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A writefag here, I appreciate the constructive criticism. These kinds of threads need more posts like this.

>After he's dealt with, you open the door.
>it's empty, yet you can still feel the presence of one of the Princesses.
>You wonder out, and look around.
>Not a single guard...
>Time to get stealin'
>You go the the throne, and look for any loose valuables.
>Nothing that isn't tied down, you take.
>You move on, finding a sign pointing upwards.
>The gold-lined plaque looking almost exactly like Lunas.
>'Celestias Private Chambers.'
>You grip onto the door handle, and try to turn it.
>It's held shut by magic.
>No lock for you to pick...
>You take out one for your normal arrows, and begin to unscrew the doors hinges.
>It's long tedious work, but it get's the job done.
>The door becomes loose as you take out the final screw, and you take the door off.
>There's a spiraling staircase leading upwards, and you make your way up.
>As you journey upwards, you start to worry about the minimal amount of guards watching after Celestia.
>You'd think the 'Goddess of the Sun' would have a few more guards than this.
>You finally make it to the top, and low-and-behold, a huge room with a large bed in the center.
>Along the right wall, a dresser, and a large mirror.
>On the left wall, a huge stained-glass-window.
>A huge image of the sun present on the colored glass.
>You look to the drawer first, and dig into it's contents.
>Paper, quills, a few documents.
>You open another drawer, and find it's filled to the brim with Celestias crowns.
>You presume they're all fake, seeing as how they're not under lock & key.
>You look around, and finally notice something on the bed.
>Celestia sleeping peacefully, not making a noise.
>Better tone it down a bit.
>You tip-toe across the room, looking for any loose valuables.
>You find a bowl and spoon.
>Both lined with gold, and pristinely clean.
>You take it.

I'm very sorry for leaving like that, another thread got my attention...

>You're not leaving empty handed.
>You continue your search, before finally stopping.
"If I were a Prince, where would I hide my..."
>You look back to the sleeping Celestia, and notice something sticking from under her pillow.
>Real damn clever, Celly.
>You head back to the drawer with the fakes, and take one.
>You quickly tip-toe to the Celestias Bed-side, and move the pillow away from the real crown.
>You quickly swap the two, and look at Celestia.
>She's still asleep.
>You're about to walk away, but suddenly feel Celestia grab you and pull you into bed.
>"I missed you Mr..*yawn*.."

See you all tomorrow, won't leave you again...
Welcome back.

I don't get the joke in the image, could someone explain?
I sense >rape
One last bump for the night, guys, hope tyhis stays alive.
That was more of a "reaction" post. My critiques are much more in depth.

If you want a specific story criticized, go ahead and tell me. I am always glad when a writefag genuinely appreciates it.
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>dat horn placement and head
>it's actually exactly the same in the show because Studio B can't animate for shit
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