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Underage Sunset.
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Underage Sunset.png
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>"Come on Anon! I'm the same person, just with a ten year olds body that's all!"
>Meet me, a lucky Anon who had been going steady with Sunset. That is until Twilights magic went terribly wrong practicing an age spell. And now for the past three weeks Sunset has had a ten year old body and I've had to be seen with her in public looking like the biggest pedophile the world had ever seen.
"Sunset, I love you so much, but I cannot bring myself to fuck you."
>"Why!? We've fucked before, plenty of times!"
>Oh, and that's another thing, Sunset might have the body and voice of a ten year old, but her sex drive was still as voracious as ever.
"Sunset, you know why! It'd just feel too weird and icky to fuck you while you're like this!"
>"Oh, come on! I haven't had any satisfaction for weeks.. At least... At least finger me!"
"I'm NOT fingering a ten year old girl." Just the thought made a shiver run up my spine.
>"I'm not 10! I just have... The body of one.. But, but my mind is still me, I'm still Sunset! Yep, good old, grown up, can take care of herself Sunset!"
"Baby, please don't make this any harder than it has to be. I'm not gonna have sex with you and that's final."
>Sunset breathed out a heavy sigh.
>"Ugh.. Fine.. At least, hold me dammit.." She looked visibly upset. Slowly I walked over to her carefully wrapping my arms around her small body. It felt weird enough just to do this. Her body was just so, thin.. And undeveloped. But I held her close anyway, feeling the warmth and smell of her that was just the same as old Sunny.
>How long would this go on for?
Lurking so fucking hard...
You have my attention.

And I hate myself for it
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As long as I want it to.
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 330x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh boy, storytime
>So again I slept with a ten year old girl. Strictly sleeping, no badtouch. I almost felt like I was her Dad or something and my sweet little daughter had crawled into bed with me after having a bad nightmare.
>She was kinda cute like this.

>The next day I went to school. Sunset had some extra studying to do so she couldn't meet me for lunch as usual.
>Which honestly I didn't mind so much because I'd get less weird looks from people around the lunchroom at least.
>Rainbow Dash sat down with me. I'd known her for a while, nice gal, but a little egocentric.
>"So, how's it going cradle robber."
"Ha. Ha. It was so funny the first 10 times."
>"No need to be so serious, I'm just josh'n with ya."
"Yeah I know, I'd probably give you some shit too if you were dating an underage guy."
>"I've been trying to keep the rumors down to a minimum. But, as things stand, I think you'll be ok, you know, as long as Sunset returns to normal soon."
"I hope its soon.. She keeps wanting.." I leaned in close.
"You know.."
>"Yeah I gotcha. But, maybe if she wants it, you know, as long as people don't find out, what's the harm?"
"Ok first of all, NO. Secondly its less about what other people think, and more about what I think. Every time I touch her I feel like I need to be sent off to prison for fondling a minor like Mr.Cherrywood."
>"You're fine, just remember, she isn't actually 10."
"I know, but, I'm still really weirded out by it."
>Fluttershy just happened to walk by.
>"Oh, um, excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear your problem."
"The whole school at this point has 'overheard' it."
>"Sorry.. But, I was going to suggest, maybe if you keep her busy with things that AREN'T sexual, maybe you'll buy yourself enough time to where you won't have to worry about it."
"Thats.. Actually not a bad idea, but, what would we do?"
>"Maybe take her out for some Ice cream, or go to a park, or hiking, or something recreational."
Yeah... take her out hiking... somewhere.... isolated
>Later that day I met up with Sunset.
>"Hi Anon, how was school?"
"Uh, ok I guess? Listen, I feel really bad about not giving you the kind of attention you need."
>"I-its fine.. I know the way I look right now makes you feel uncomfortable.."
"I'm sorry babe, but, I'm sure Twilight will figure out how to reverse it soon. Try to hold out until then ok? In the meantime, I thought we could go get some Ice Cream, and you know, go to the park."
>"Alright, let's go I guess."

>I walked down the street, Sunny insisted on holding my hand. I kind of hoped as we passed the crowds that people would mistake Sunset for my little sister so this would look less awkward, but I'm honestly not sure anyone was buying it.
>We made our way into the shop. I look at the menu and look at my wallet. Of course, not enough for two..
"Are you alright... Sharing an ice cream cone?"
>"Doesn't bother me." I went ahead and paid for a vanilla scoup and walked out with her and the ice cream. I handed it to her allowing her to lick it. She made cute little licks, she really was kinda like a younger sister, but less annoying.
>We sat down on a park bench.
>"I know this might make things more awkward, but.."
>"Nothing, forget I said anything."
"What, what is it, I mean, as long as it isn't sex I don't see how things could be any more-"
>"Can I please sit on your lap?"
"Why would you want to do that?"
>"Well, its kinda cold, and, being held by you, especially when I'm like this, it makes me feel safe." I sighed.
"Fine, come on." She seemed giddy as she got ontop of me and sat gingerly on my lap. I held her there.
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big boss is happy.png
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Cmon, we're all waiting
File: 1398655473524.jpg (299 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck damnit I should not be intrigued by this shit

But I am
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If dubs sunset is mine only and she will turn back to evil
Haha faggot.
She's mine
>"Wanna lick?" She said holding out the Ice Cream.
>I gave the Ice cream a few licks.
>An old man in a brown tweed coat walked by and gave me a look of utter disgust. And at that moment I felt a churning sick feeling in my stomach.
>What am I doing? Sitting here with someone who looks ten giving her PDA while sharing ice cream?
"Stop! I.. I can't do this, get off me." Sunset hopped off my lap.
"No, I'm sorry, keep the ice cream, I.. I need to be alone.." I ran away as fast as I could toward my house. My longer legs allowed me to out sprint her.
>The wind started to pick up, and the sky looked cloudy. I'd nearly be home soon, I wanted to go home and forget it ever happened.
>I am not a pedophile, and I wasn't about to start acting like one.
>I got on my computer and decided to play some games. Now was the time to escape. I booted up the computer,
>I heard a roll of thunder outside, Rain started coming down hitting my window. I was glad to be indoors.
>I started to unwind and played video games for most of the evening. That is, untill I heard a knock on the door.
>I opened it, It was Rainbow Dash. She pushed me back,
>"What's your problem huh!? You think you're too good for Sunset or somethin?"
"Rainbow, what the hell are you talking about?"
>"I'm talking about leaving your girlfriend out in the rain for several hours while she cried her eyes out!"
"What!? I thought she'd just go home after I left her there! Why the hell would she.. Where is she now?"
>"She, is at the hospital. Fluttershy happened to be walking by at the park when she saw Sunset bawling her eyes out. You should feel ashamed of yourself!"
"I-i.. Need to see her!"
>"I was coming by to get you anyway." Said Rainbow in a grumbly tone.
>She led me outside, the rain was still coming down hard. I hopped in Rainbow's car as we drove off to the hospital.
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u fokn wot snake.png
314 KB, 423x392

>dash being a unreasonable cunt

Wow, it's just like I'm watching eqg 2!
>dash being a cunt
aaaaand you lost me
There's a reason you're called Top Cunt, Dash.
Oh goody, it's another story that manufactures cheap drama by having everyone involve show a complete lack of self-awareness and basic communication skills. I bet next someone will overhear part of a conversation out of context and get the wrong impression, and will refuse to listen to any attempts to explain the actual context! How fun!
Yo writer anon, word of advice.

Before starting a thread like this make sure you wrote the entire story down and have it saved on word or something.

That way you can just copy paste them immediately without having to write it all down.
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>extremely minor disagreement
>stay in rain until literally hospitalized



Running out on someone in the middle of a date is hardly minor
I'm wondering how she got hospitalized at all. Maybe she almost drowned like an ostrich or something.
It's an established relationship, or 'going steady' as OP and I guess the kids are calling it these days. Ending a date early because of a disagreement is only a huge deal to children and drama queens. Grown-ups recognize that sometimes you need to get some space to avoid a conflict escalating unnecessarily.
Put the eyepatch back on, you'll feel better
Ill take high-school for 200 alex
>gets rekt
>'b-b-b8 toe desk ah!'
>what is this
File: 1412301504952.gif (994 KB, 500x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd ask why we're reading about kids turning into slightly smaller kids but I'm afraid the answer is that I'm surrounded by underage b&.
>We got to the hospital and went to the room they had her in.
>"Oh, there you are Anon." She said with a smile on.
>"Sunset.. Baby.. I.." She put her hand up to mine, it was still cold.
>"I know, you didn't mean to.. And.. Now I've gone and stressed you out again.."
>"Shhh, baby, I.. I'm so sorry, I promise I won't ever do that again."
>"You still love me right.." Her voice sounded phlemy and a bit congested.
"Of course. Doctor, is she free to go?"
>"Well, we were going to keep her overnight but you are the, um, Brother, right?"
>"Uh, yeah, I'm her brother, we're really close."
>"I see, well, I'll have you and her sign a few things and we'll have you out of here in a jiffy."
"Thanks doc."
>"She'll need plenty of rest, I'm afraid she has come down with a bit of a cold."
>"Will do, thanks."

>Dash Drove us home, I held Sunset in my lap the entire time. I felt terrible, but at the same time I can't imagine what she was thinking.
>We arrived at my place and Sunset and I got out. We waved to R.D as she drove away.
>I brought Sunny inside. I had her sit on the couch.
"Wait here, I'll go make you some soup."
"We'll talk later, rest on the couch for a bit."
>I started preparing the Soup, I can't even fathom what was going through her mind when she chose to sit out there for so long.

>After about an hour the soup was ready.
"Chicken noodle, eat up."
"Careful, it's hot."
>I sat down next to her.
>"Anon please, let me explain!"
"Explain then."
>"Well.. It's just that, for the past few weeks you've been kind of ignoring me and-"
"No, thats not good enough. There is no reason you needed to sit out there crying in the rain. I admit, I fucked up by leaving you there, I promise you, I won't ever do that again. But you need to think before just acting on whatever emotions you're feeling at the time! I was worried about you!"
>"I'm sorry.. Heh, I guess I really am like a child sometimes aren't I?"
Huh, I was expecting a few thousand words of everyone acting like Anon was history's greatest monster and blaming him for baconhair being a retard. I am pleasantly surprised.
>sign this
>leaves a public hospital with a 10-year-old girl, accompanied by a butch
yeah nah
>adult girl is transformed into a 10 year old
Fuck off.
writefag, I know you're really pissy when you get anally rekt, but please try to react reasonably
Feeling better?
File: 1414076502729.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 1280x720
Im not writefag.
Im just saying that pointing out that when this is a story of a girl that just went back to being a 10 year old due to magic is stupid.

Don't worry, we'll keep an eye for you, and we will lend you a hand whenever you want Boss.
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 220x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: carlos.jpg (20 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You sound flustered, did I get you horny?
>"Maybe if I'm stuck like this. We could be like, brother and sister. And, I could call you big bro or something."
"Relax, I'm sure Twilight is gonna have this fixed soon."
>"I don't think I've ever felt more helpless. Going to High school like this where everyone just towers over you."
"It must be pretty hard."
>"It is! And no one takes me seriously either! I wish I had my old body. I feel like I'm going through puberty all over again."
"Have you gotten your.. Monthly?" Sunset blushed a bit.
>"N-no, not yet. I don't think it's coming.."
"Well, as long as you're not pregnant."
>"Ahaha, yeah, that'd be.. Pretty bad."
"Yeah.. That'd be a nightmare."
>"Tell me about it. Anyhow, I was wondering, even though I'm sick would you still sleep with me?"
"No, you got yourself into this mess, and I don't want to get sick, you're gonna be sleeping by yourself until you get better ok?"
"I'm sorry sweetie." I gave her a light peck on the forehead.
"It ok.."
>"No, you got yourself into this mess, and I don't want to get sick, you're gonna be sleeping by yourself until you get better ok?"

What a fucking cunt.
File: U FOKN WOT OP.png (560 KB, 2115x1960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
560 KB, 2115x1960
>I dont want to get sick sleep by yourself

I... I dont even
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Liked where it was going until anon turned into a total cunt.
>We stayed up and watched a few things on T.v before I went to bed. I got some of my extra pillows and blankets and gave them to Sunset and made her sleep on the couch.
>I retired to my room plopping down on my bed and started to drift off. I would have to talk to Twilight about getting this magic thing reversed soon.

>I was awoken later that night, I saw Sunset as she creaked open the door and tiptoed toward my bed.
>"I know you said you didn't want to get sick, but, I just really want someone warm to cuddle with tonight." I eyed her skeptically.
"Sunny, are you serious?"
>"Come on please? I'm sorry I got sick, but I regret it now! I really want you to hold me."
I sighed deeply.
"Fine, get in. But if I get sick because of this I'll be very upset with you."
>She nestled herself in under my arms. Her body felt so cold. She smilled.
>"Thanks Anon, you're the best."
"Goodnight Sunny."
>"Night Anon."
Had she always been this needy? Maybe the spell Twilight cast made her more like a child in personality too. It was kinda nice to hold her body in my arms though, even if I would probably get sick from it.
this would only make my penis harder
ok hurry up with the sex
>girl is having a hard time
>doesn't want to sleep with her
>sends her to the couch
Holy fuck, this story is really rustling me.
You've lost me.

Anon being a prick to a loving girl is just bleh.
>'Im not writefag'
>actually is writefag
It's obvious when writefag takes breaks and seemingly doesn't respond to criticism
File: samefagfail.png (95 KB, 1355x863) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 1355x863
The fuck are you talking about.
File: 1.jpg (31 KB, 852x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 852x468
>Made her sleep on the couch
>"Anon I want someone to cuddle with :3"

>thinks screencaps can't be faked
Ok then, when the writefag posts another part of the story, i'll comment in less than 60 seconds.
File: 1410249654030.png (108 KB, 307x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 307x232
Story pretty much lost me. How someone like this Anon actually got a girl to begin with is a mystery to me.
A beautiful girl is a douchebags girlfriend?
My my, what a strange situation.
...point taken. Keep going writefag. This story is the real shit.
Not really seeing how Su set is a douchebag in this situation
Do you even read before responding?
>The next day I woke up, and to my surprise I wasn't feeling sick. Sunset was still nestled warmly in my arms. She was a real cutie, especially when sleeping.
>I decided to slip out of bed, I was going to do something nice for her.
>I pulled some pans from the cupboard, pulled out the ingredients for pancakes. In a few minutes I had the ingredients mixed and the batter was ready, I poured the batter into the pan and watch the batter solidify into round perfectly cooked pancakes.
>I tossed them on a plate, slathered some butter and syrup on them and presto, I was ready.
>Sunny lay still fast asleep in the bed. Her small body inflating and deflating slightly with her breathing.
"Rise and Shine Sunny!" Sunset rubbed her eyes, her hair was frazzed. She opened her eyelids slightly, revealing her pretty turquiose eyes.
>"Oh, good morning Anon.. Something smells good."
"I made you pancakes."
>"Oh, thanks Anon, that was sweet of you!" She grabbed the plate sleeply looking over the pancakes. She cut a piece of it and took a bite.
>"Yummy!" Seeing her smile like that made me smile too.
"Are you feeling any better this morning?"
>"Well, I'm feeling a lot better than I did last night."
"Good, I hope to see you getting better soon."
>"I'll try, I'm sorry for worrying you."
"It's fine." As she bit into another piece of pancake a bead of syrup dribbled down her mouth. It seemed to almost sparkle in the morning light.
"Hold still."
>I licked the syrup from her mouth giving her a nice peck on the lips when I was finished. She giggled.
>Today was going to be a good day.
get rekt
>65 seconds
>I was going to do something nice for her
'bout fucking time
File: 1411874177390.jpg (44 KB, 319x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 319x480
>65 seconds
No one gave you permission to stop.
But I'm out of ideas, I've got a setup, but I have no idea where to go with it.
File: Chris Hansen.jpg (7 KB, 194x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chris Hansen.jpg
7 KB, 194x259
>"Come on Anon! I'm the same person, just with a ten year olds body that's all!"
>65 seconds

captcha: plowing andswin
I'm not sure how I feel about this story because it keeps going back and forth on Anon's feelings.
Have anon stop being mean to his 10 year old girlfriend and start being cute/loving.

Do it fgt
You better be writing ya niglet
What about doing something with sunset in school?
By St.Boogar and all the saints at the backside door of purgatory, if you don't finish this story, I swear......
>"Aren't you worried you're going to get sick from licking my face like that?"
"I thought about it, and, I guess if I'm gonna get sick taking care of my girlfriend, then I guess that wouldn't be so bad."
>"Oh, Anon.." She wrapped her arms around me in a hug.
"I'm.. I'm gonna do something special for you."
>"Um, ok I guess." I lifted her up cradling her small body in my arms. I placed her gently on the kitchen countertop.
>"So, what're we going to do on the countertop Anon?"
"I'll show you." I kissed her on the mouth, making my tongue penetrate her small oral cavity.
>I felt her up, all over her flat chest and shoulders as we kissed. She made a light moaning sound.
>"Oh, Anon, I've waited to do this for so long!"
"I love you baby, no matter the age." We kissed passionately for several minutes. I then pulled up her shirt over her head tossing it to the side revealing her mosquito bite nipples. I was able to wrap my enire mouth around the circumfrence of one of her breasts.
>Small short gasps as I continued to suck. I pulled down the skirt revealing a pair of pink panties. Her panties were soaked. I slipped my fingers under the band pulling them down below her knees. Her legs open to me invivting me to see her exposed private parts.
>I ran my tongue down the length of her slit. I had my hands on her shoulder blades pulling her pussy into me so I could suck it more vigoruously.
>I licked it tasting her sweet underage pussy. Sunsets eyes were rolled back in her head, her moans frequent and lewd.
>I stripped myself naked for her. Sunset wrapped her arms around my neck and lowered her dripping sheath onto my thick rod.
>It was tight, so tight that it almost hurt to shove it in. But after a little fingering Sunset was finally big enough to ride the ride.
>She wrapped her small legs around my waist. I was fucking her standing with her in my arms like an oversized fleshlight.
>I continued thrusting into her tight pussy, we were holding it, but both of us knew it was coming, she rode my cock for as long as she could
>and as we came a poof of smoke followed by Twilight Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy all stood before us.
>"Guys guys, we found the spell that will break the-" Twilights eyes widened. Sunset was directly atop my dick clinging to me.
>Rainbow and Flutters were stunned too.
>"I.. I'm sorry to interrupt your guys.. Um, Coitus."
>"I knew he would fuck her like this eventually."
>"Rainbow!" Twilight shouted.

I'm sorry, I was too stupid to think of anything else but a sex scene..
Why kinda faggot would refuse to fuck a woman based on her physical appearnace?
Someone with standards?
You wouldn't fuck a monster that looked, smelled, felt and tasted like shit if it was female, would you?
Well, ok, no, but this didn't make her look BAD. Unless you're some guy who can't stand a flat-chested girl.
There's a big difference between nailing someone you dont know based on their appearance and nailing someone you know after the fact.

Keep in mind that the narrator and Sunset had a relationship beforehand.

A more accurate question would be: "Would you still have sex with your GIRLFRIEND after she suffered severe burns"

or something, idk
back to 9fag
File: 00208.png (469 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
469 KB, 720x720
Here's my opinion:
It started quite nicely but then it suddenly went downhill fast.
Not only Characters are OOC but their OOC is OOC. Anon is some kind of lost white knight. Plot develops like in some computer program forgetting about silly human behaviors that would make it look natural. Progress is too quick
The writing itself was good, decent vocabulary, i like the idea of younger Sunset
You should try to feel the characters, not just write, whatever comes to your mind otherwise they'll be alike
I give You 4/10 for this.
Not the writefag, but

>Be Anon
>Sunny Shimmy has been turned into a 10 year old due to magical hijinks
>"Look, Anon, I know I'm in a kid's body now, but please stop acting like you have a stick up your butt around me."
"Sunny, what do you want me to do? You see that I can't just, you know, treat you normally the way you are. It's just messed up."
>She pouts
>"I get it, but we're still dating, right? Princess Twilight is busy doing God knows what in Equestria, so I could be stuck like this for a while. We have to get used to it for now."
>A snarl crosses her face for a brief second before being replaced with a big smile
>Oh God
>"Anon, please. You don't want to get on my bad side, do you?"
>You didn't want to admit it, but
>Even in the body of a ten year old, Sunset could still intimidate you if she wanted
>She was a lot kinder then she used to be, but that old anger could still make itself known from time to time
"Of course not, Sunny. I just... It's just weird, I'm sorry."
>Her eyes burrowed into your soul
>Sunset lifted her arms in the air
>"Lift me up. We're going to kiss and you're going to like it, so help me! You can't just leave me cock blocked like this, Anon."
>You look around nervously
"Just a kiss, okay."
>Without much effort, you lift the tiny Shimmer into the air
>She grabs you around your head and pulls herself in for a kiss
>God this is weird
>Her lips are ridiculously soft, and a bit too small for your liking
"Woah, hey, no tongue," you hush manically
>"Fine," she says, pouting
>You set her back down
File: 1408180142177.jpg (38 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x367
>You really did miss treating Sunset normally
>Going out and stuff, it's been days since you've anything together
>Maybe a movie
>That could work
>After school you bring up the idea with her
>"A movie, huh? Sounds good."
>Sunset smiles and throws her arms around you
>God that's cute
"Sunset, stop! Jesus Christ."
>"Ugh, prude. You didn't always complain with a little touching now and then."
"Yeah, well it was usually the kind of touch that wouldn't end up getting me raped in prison for fifty years."
>She rolls her eyes
>The two of you take a walk over to the movie theater
>"Two tickets for Splatter Goreathon IV, please," Sunset cheered
>"Kid, you are not old enough for that movie."
>"Sir, please. I know I may not look it, but I am old enough."
>"Come back in a few years, little girl."
>The cashier chuckles to himself
>"Look, fucker. I'll have you know that I am a fucking magical prodigy, bred to succeed the fucking Princess of the Sun. I have done more in my life than you could do in ten thousand lives. I was in line to be a genuine pony princess, asshole. Now give me those FUCKING TICKETS."
>The cashier looks to you, annoyed, then back to Sunset
>"They're playing Iceified. Maybe that's more your speed. Your big brother over there can maybe teach you some manners before it starts."
>"Uhm, he's not my brother. He's my BOYFRIEND, asshole. I am a grown ass fucking woman. We fuck. NOW GIVE ME THE TICKETS OR I AM THROUGH WITH BEING NICE."
>The guys eyes bulge
>The guy picks up a phone and begins dialing
>Fucking god fucking fuck
>It may not look the best, but you hoist Sunset over your shoulder and make a run for it
I approve of this new writefag
File: 1413340885312.jpg (13 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 200x200
>"Look, fucker. I'll have you know that I am a fucking magical prodigy, bred to succeed the fucking Princess of the Sun. I have done more in my life than you could do in ten thousand lives. I was in line to be a genuine pony princess, asshole. Now give me those FUCKING TICKETS."]

My sides should be leaving stratosphere by now
>You run for
>Fuck, you don't know how long
>But, even with Sunset weighing as little as she does, it's a bitch
>You finally make it back to her apartment
>"What was that about Anon?!"
>"The school has proof that I'm older than I look. That this is just a magical mishap."
>You rest your head in your hands
"People don't take to the 'it was magic, man' answer so quickly. You should know that by now."
>"Ugh, whatever. Just, you know, FUCK that guy. God, being treated like a child just irritates me to no end!"
"Yeah. Why would he have ever done that."
>She points a finger at you
>"We won't be having any sex if you keep on going against me."
"Oh no. I can't be arrested for child molestation, whatever shall I do?!"
>Sunset puffs her face up
>Then breaks out laughing
>You laugh too
>"Man, this is fucked up. Fucking Twilight Sparkle. Nice girl and all, but fuck."
"How did this even happen, anyways?"
>"She wanted to perform some magical analysis on me after the whole Battle of the Bands thing. Something about the possibility of a new element existing. And, of course, it went horribly wrong."
"Eh." You pat her on the back. "It'll get better."
>"You wanna know the worst part?"
>"Still got a hell of a sex drive. Like nothing but the appearance has changed but the hormones are still there. I just want to pounce you right now, you know?"
"Let's not."
Anon confirmed for faggot
File: 1412983199657.png (203 KB, 751x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 751x771
Either i'm a pedo i am, also
or anon is too fucked up in the head by community to listen to his instincts
>Sunset gives you a sly, sultry look
>Or at least, she tries
>It comes off more off-putting than anything else
>She runs a finger down your stomach
>Her arm held goofily above her head as she does
"Yeah, I don't think this is having the same effect it used to."
>"Oh yeah, well how about - Wait, I don't have boobs anymore. Fuck."
>You chuckle
>Sunset snaps at you with a glare
>She raises her arms straight above her
>"Pick me up again so I can make out with you and sway you to fuck me," Sunset commands from her tiny body
"Let me think about that."
>You just laugh
>Next thing you know, you're on the floor
>She kicked out the back of your knees
>Sunset pounces on top of you
>"How do you like this, huh?"
>Being rough with each other was nice when it didn't involve statutory rape
>And you certainly weren't going to let a little girl rape you into prison
>Like, how the fuck even?
>You just pick her up off of you and hold her outstretched
>She flails in your arms
"Go to your room and think about what you've done."
"Don't talk back to me young lady."
"Bed time for you. No complaining."
>She complained, though
This story does nothing but make me want to smack Anon.
>Literally asking to be given the D
>Anon refuses
This is true torture
>"Oh Anon~"
>You shake yourself awake
>You're sweating and your heart is racing for some reason
>Man you feel good...
>Sunset is perched next to you under the covers
>Bouncing herself up and down on...
>She just cackles insanely, your cock in deathly vice grip
>You jump out of bed and Sunset holds on to you while continuing to bounce
>Jesus Christ
>She's stuck to you like a fucking tick
>You flail your body around trying to throw the small child off of your body
>Not working
>She shudders against your body
>She begins moaning loudly
>"I... I'm gonna..."
>Sunset lets out a high-pitched cry of ecstasy
>She clenches against you
>You can't hold back any longer and spasm as orgasm takes you
>The two of you collapse onto the floor
>"Fuck yeah."
"We can tell no one."
>"Yeah yeah. Though I am going to brag to the CMC. Those permavirgins ain't got any yet, lol."
In before Sunset invites the CMC over for an underage orgy
>Sunset throws her keys at you
"Ow! What the fuck?"
>You pick the keys up from off the floor
>"Drive me to the clinic. Need to get the morning after pill or whatever they do. Don't want to get pregnant."
"Can't you do it? I want to watch some stuff on Netflix."
>"Uh, do I look like I can drive?"
>She stomps her foot on the floor
>It's not too long of a drive to get there
>"Come in with me. I want to get some condoms while we're here and they might not give 'em to me."
>You shrug and enter the clinic with Sunset and keep by the entrance
>Didn't want to be seen as being here with her
>"Hey, you guys have morning after pills here right?"
>"I'm sorry little girl, I don't think I heard you right. What did you want?"
>Sunset shrugged
>"Morning after pills?"
>"What could you possibly want those for?"
>Sunset gives the woman a smirk
>"Got laid last night. But don't want to get preggers or anything, you know?"
>The woman doesn't respond
>"Look, can I just get the pill or what?"
>"I'm going to need to contact-"
>"You don't need to contact anyone. Just hand it over. Oh, do you got condoms here, by the way? Me 'n that guy," she points to you, "might be going through a pack tonight. If you know what I mean."
>The woman stares at you with bugged eyes
>She stays silent
>"Like, I meant we're gonna fuck. I thought that was obvious."
>The woman picks up a phone and begins dialing a three digit number
>You run off again
File: 1412294234474.png (127 KB, 770x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 770x800
Nothing, you can do about horny 10y old girl, right?
Horny lolis are my fetish keep going, please
Shouldn't she be pre-pubecent now? No tits, no monthly blood, no knocksy-upsies.

Or is she still able, what with the hormones and what-not?
I like her attitude but writefriend, please!
Don't make her so ostentatious. I barely can believe that anyone not being under some drugs would act like that
It does seem like she WANTS Anon to get arrested (granted, they established the school can vouch that she's really old enough, and only LOOKS 10. Even if they leave out the magic aspect, it IS possible for a grown woman to appear underage).
Yeah, I guess I'm just taking liberties for the sake of comedy.

>You're back at her apartment again
>The two of you collapse onto her couch
>"You've gotta stop doing that, Anon."
"You've gotta stop doing that."
>Sunset sighs and frowns at you
>"Can you please just treat me like your girlfriend again for once."
"Sunset, lo-"
>"Shut up. Listen, how do you think it feels to be unwanted by the person who's supposed to want you? It fucking sucks. I don't want to have to ambush you to get that same sort of affection from you."
>You shrug
"It's just still weird, you know. Not to mention people keep calling the cops on me."
>Sunset sulks and huddles against her knees on the couch
"Hey, c'mon. I still love you."
>"Yeah, you just won't touch me at all or kiss me or look at me or do anything with me. That's all."
>You hated seeing her like this
"What do you want to do?"
>"Can we just hang out or something? Watch a movie on the couch?"
>She gives you a subdued smile
>You nod
>Sunset squees and pulls you in for a hug
"What movie? Let me guess, FairBears Island Adventure."
>"I rend the flesh from your body, Anon."
>A chill ran down your spine
>Yeah, she still intimidated you
Yeah, I just wrote whatever came to mind.

To be honest, I'm kinda surprised it took off so well.

Hopefully the new writefag gives you guys what you deserve.
>Eventually, you settled on some uber-horror film that Sunset fancied
>And fuck was this shit disturbing
>Halfway through, Sunset had spent most of the time laughing
>You tried not to show your apprehension, but Sunset could tell you were tense
>Most horror films didn't get to you, but Sunset seemed to go for this insane underground shit exclusively
>Just to fuck with you
>Pull you against her when things freaked you out to much
>A grown fucking man cowering in the arms of a ten year old girl
>You bet she was getting off to it
>Her left arm crossed over her body and found itself on your thigh
>Slowly, it moved closer and closer to your groin
>"If you're scared during a horror movie, you get felt up. Them's the unspoken rules of relationships, Anon."
>A little girl was pulling the "Horror Movie" dating cliche on you
>What has your life come to
>Her lithe hand inches ever closer
>"Hey, move your head down here. You're too tall for me to lean in on."
>Just go with it
>Just go with it
Put it in her butt...
Any good? Not used to writing this stuff, but it seems like what people want.

>Okay, well, it felt good, sure
>Her supple hands had wriggled their way into your pants now
>Kissing her was still the same, essentially
>She was a fucking good kisser
>Sunset was just a beast in general
>You reached out to fondle her-
>Oh, nope, that's nothing but flat chest
>Pat at her chest?
>"What are you doing?"
"I... I don't know."
>"Just use your thumbs, genius."
>You don't get to respond as she goes back in for the kiss
>You rub your thumbs in circles around her nipples
>Sunset moans into you, the warmth of her breath running against your lips
>Her hand quickens its pace, rubbing along your member
>She pushes you down against the couch and slides her head down to your crotch
>Roughly, Sunset uses her teeth to pull down your pants
>Holy fuck
>"Man, this thing is so much bigger when I'm like this..."
>She eyes you with a bit of hesitation
It's decent. I'm enjoying it so far.
"H-Holy shit..."
>Sunset pops her mouth over your member, bobbing slowly at first
>Her tongue flits around the head with the same expertise as usual
>But her mouth is a whole lot tighter than before
>Sunset's jaw is stretched to its limit
>Pumping you with two of her tiny hands, she tries to bring herself further and further down on you
>You groan as you feel your heart beat quicken
>Sunset gyrates her hips in the air as she picks up the pace, soaking
>You can't believe it, but she's taken you almost to the hilt now
>It doesn't look possible, but she's taking all of you in her small mouth
>You can feel her throat tighten your cock as she swallows against your member
>Her tongue lathers its underside at the same time, her bobbing up and down
>You can't last long like this
>Her moans are getting louder now
>She takes one of her hands and begins to grope her nipples as she downs you
>You're nearing the edge
>Sunset slows down, leaving you just at the border of orgasm
>Instinctively, you begin thrusting against her mouth
File: 1.jpg (53 KB, 999x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 999x799
>acting tough
How many more of my fetishes are You gonna hit, writefriend?
>There's a pop as she removes you from her mouth
>Sunset slides upwards along your body
>She doesn't make it very far before her rear is lined up with your cock
>Wriggling against you, she uses a hand and places it against one of her holes
>"Time to be a little adventurous," she says with a smirk
>Your heart skips a beat as your tip slips into her ass
>Sunset's soft hands press down against your chest as she rides you
>Up and down, each time taking more and more
>"O-Oh f-fuck..."
>You couldn't take much more of this
>Her moans were filling the warm air, caressing your ears
>Sunset slid up and down on your cock, tightening against you with each upward movement
>Sunset's nails start to dig into
>Her bouncing is now taking in almost all of you
>Its erratic and fast and threatens to blow your heart out
>It's almost painful how hard you are right now
>"Anon, I'm gonna..."
>Sunset's whole body spams on top of you, gripping your cock, practically pumping you of your sperm
>You tense and feel pleasure wash over the whole of your body as you ejaculate
>Sunset collapses on top of you looking wholly satisfied
>Crawling, she makes her way over to your face and gives you a kiss
>"So, how was that?"
"Fucking amazing."
>"Maybe I should stay this way."
"I wouldn't say that."
>The two of you laugh in each others arms

Done I guess
He is expanding my dong...
File: 1412967551497.gif (2 MB, 426x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 426x319
pretty based for a first attempt

more writefags pls
Done? Well, time to replace "Anon" with my name and save it, I guess.
Too short but still solid 7/10
File: 1357502418386.png (202 KB, 740x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202 KB, 740x1079
I was nervous about this. You sold me on a new fetish thanks anon :/ Wish there was more though.
>kid fetish

Uh oh.
No, no, I'm sure it's just a de-aged fetish. Childish body with an adult mind. Not creepy.
File: 1412032087878.gif (404 KB, 500x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
404 KB, 500x532
Sorry. Sold is not the word I was looking for. more like... Tricked I guess? Fuck it. Im screwed either way. God damned Sunset >:(
Nooooooo there must be more MORE
YES. Thankyou for that. I was starting to feel like a pedo.
File: 00367.png (116 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 400x400
Yeah. Try to justify yourselves. It's too late already
Check em!
All dat dubs
confirm age-regression is best fetish. And Sunset is best pony/girl.
Really, what would the protocol be in a case like this? I mean, obviously most would not just immediately jump on the child-form waifu. But, it's still a fully-grown waifu on the inside.
I would. At least, if it was Sunset I would. I don't care if she looks six, if she still wants to do it, I would be all for it.
File: 1255293190719.jpg (39 KB, 468x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 468x468
Achevement unlocked. Nolonger a Dub less newfag overhere.
>she never got the pills
>Anon wakes up the next morning to the sound of her vomiting
File: 004212.png (417 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
417 KB, 720x720
I would for any pony in particular but anyway: mah nigga
that fucking img duplicate and captchas! Glad to still write 'penis'
New writefags? I don't want this fetish to end...
File: sindrom.png (438 KB, 720x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 720x528
Fuck's sake, all they had to do was bring Sunset's Canterlot High student ID and timetable and this exact shit could have been avoided.
She'd have tits in the ID. People would assume it was her older sister or something.
Not every school has IDs.
Unless things have changed a LOT in the past 10 years...
>"So, the girl here in this picture, the 17/18 year old girl with, you know, breasts and height and whatnot. That's you."
>"Get the fuck out of here kid.
Therrs a star trek next gen episide that this happens in. Except its the transporter that de ages them. Theres a sceane where 10 year old kiko ask O'Brian her husband if he could still love her. Um yeah some one wrote a fan fic of it
File: SS057.png (235 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 600x600
>Ticket guy not letting her to go for an adult movie when she's with adult
>Ticket guy not selling tickets in general
'murica i guess
I remember watching Alien 2 in cinema. I was 8 maybe. I came alone, got the tickets and watched it.
I was scared as fuck, totally worth it
Yeah, they don't do that so much anymore. It's more strict these days. Fuck, half the time I get carded at R-Rated movies. I'm 27.
Funny enough, I DON'T get carded when buying vodka (I get carded for beer at the gas station, but they have to enter the license number to sell it) or cigars.
>license number for alcohol

What the actual fuck.

Also >vodka
Gas stations are worse about selling to kids than liquor stores are, so in order for the sale to go through, they have to type in a driver's license (or state ID) number to verify it belongs to someone over 21
I have literally never heard of that before.What state are you living in?

>inb4 Somewhere in the northeast
Yep, somewhere in the northeast. I think it's considered northeast. Ohio
Eh not really, I was thinking more around DC.

That shit kinda pisses me off to be honest

>"Are you authorized to purchase this item? Papers, please"
Why would you not fuck her? Come on.
I.....I cannot wait to read more clop of this.
Agreed. If I was a writefag, I'd be all over this idea.
what's with all the paedos

Well, TECHNICALLY, she's PHYSICALLY pre-pubescent. But we love Sunset for her mind, and are willing to look past this odd change to her physical appearance.
we're totally not turned on by the idea of a legal way to fuck a child, no sir, that would be wrong.
Posts like this concern me
Welcome to 4chan.
Bah, I grew out of my lolicon phase (and even then, it was limited to cartoon children. Real children are too loud, stupid, and smelling of piss to find attractive)
FUCK, man, I remember 10 years ago, you couldn't go one night on /b/ without a thread of actual, ass-raped in jail underage pics. It was a scary time for those of us who didn't want those pics on our computers.
At least back then you didnt have to worry about the police breaking down your front door, shooting your dog, and arresting you on the SUSPICION that something was amiss
I kiiiinda wanna write for this thread, but I'm mostly into the whole "old enough to get pregnant" stuff so that they can actually feel a sex-drive and understand things better and instigate without the weird "pedo" vibe. Fillies are not the same as humans, so this changes a few this as far as how I view writing them going through sexual experiences.

Before slapping on my trip and writing, I'd like to clarify just what type of girl SS is and if she can feel things like sexual pleasure/get pregnant?

Because like >>20312861
I do not find children, even loli, to be attractive. Real children are terrible, filthy, and downright annoying creatures who make my boner collapse faster than a Chinese-built bridge.
>It's been that long

Fucking fuck. I've been here too long.
The stuff in the thread so far is

>Can feel pleasure
>Horny as a teenager

Other shit is up to your discretion.

It's not a human, it's an EQG character. Gotta keep dat in mind, writefag.
Based on the existing stories, while she physically looks 10, she is still emotionally and biologically 17. She still has a sex drive, enjoys sex, and was worried about getting pregnant, implying she can (either she's had a period since being de-aged, or assumes based on her sex drive that she still can)
Most people become fucked up in the head by society at an early age.
File: Ice feels.jpg (82 KB, 800x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ice feels.jpg
82 KB, 800x640
I was absolutely free in my childhood so society had no impact o me. Parents didn't care bout me too much, i could go anywhere, i wanted without telling them. Pretty often i ended up being far away from town. Was it good or bad? Hard to say
Good old days...
Miss ya, 4chan
U know it *wink*
File: FullPowerFrieza.png (1 MB, 1357x1545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1357x1545
That's it. I'm tired of your shit, /mlp/
I'm going to blow up this board in 5 minutes.
I live in Arlington and have no idea what you're talking about
Oh so like 51 episodes?
So we have like 12 years left
>Season 15 of MLP FIM suddenly ends when all of Equestria explodes
>Fans are confused
>Everyone forgot about Frieza's threat
I am real sand lesbian, Freezy pop.

New writefrinds?
Some oNE write what would happen if freeze popped into equestria
>Mecha Frieza strikes again in S1 of G5
>15 seasons later G5 Equestria is done for
All bumping, no content creating
I would post content, but I'm not good at writing on the fly. And i'm pretty bad at writing in general.
IF This thread is still here when I come home tomorrow evening (going to my parents' house. My son is visiting and he wants to watch Rainbow Rocks), I'll try my hand at writing. If it sucks, it sucks.
Twilight missed her friends as she ran back to the human world.
>Barely escaping she last say Pinkie hauled into the mysterious pod.
>She wondered if it was worth it to return to equestria, even the rainbow powers were meaningless to the cold one.

"I told you this was the end"
>Rainbow moaned from her cell to Applejack.
"Twi ain't coming for us"
>She slams her hoof against the bars fruitlessly.

"Now don't be all say'n that"
>Applejack strained against her leg shackles that held her.
"Im'n sure she will save us when she finds a stronger magic"
>Apple lied, there was no magic in the human world, soon she would be auctioned off as a slave like the others.

Lame should I kill it
I NEED to see more of this thread and the lovely boners it creates...
like this?
Don't worry, guise, I'm a well-seasoned writefag best renowned for my explicit smut.
I'll write something, but I'll be busy for a while. Will post green if this thread is up a week from now.
File: 1398177928546.jpg (56 KB, 500x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 500x446
No I require more
File: theD.jpg (26 KB, 531x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 531x183
>Fluttershy shivered as the blue monster entered the room,
"M-mister please"
>Her please fell on deaf ears as Zarbon reached out to touch the retreating pony.
>"You should be happy that a beautiful soldier like myself should even lower myself to touch you, much less make you the mother of my glorious children"

>She shivered as his hands gently caressed her plot.
"Please no, I am a virgin"
>he nearly breaks out laughing.
>"So you have earned the right to the most glorious deflowering possible"
>He pushes a stray hair off his face and sinks a finger into her wet pussy.
File: 00632.png (280 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280 KB, 640x480
I need more
Would someone just write about loli sunset already?
Writefag here

Sheesh guys, you're bumping the fuck out of this. If I were to come back and write some more, what would you like to see? I'm not so keen on writing this stuff, I'm not into it, but I could continue. Would you guys want her de-aged even more? Aged up? What?
Yeah, pretty much like that.
File: 1413497870268.png (56 KB, 305x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 305x262
>de-aged even more
I actually got the
>Done I guess
part but i see that people want moar so i'm just observing if You'll decide to continue
File: 1339275235928.jpg (33 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 600x600
>de-aged even more
I'm both retching and laughing as I read, and the laughing side of me was winning the other night. If you're up to finishing, Anon (PHRASING!), figure out a way to age 'er back.

How is up to you. Maybe an epic chase (on foot, in the car, whatever) that culminates (PHRASING AGAIN!) with Anon, Old-Sunset-Back-Again, and Twi, looking perfectly innocent, as though nothing had happened, and how confused they were about why all those silly paranoid civilians at the movie theater, drugstore etc would call 911 over nothing, because this is obviously the Shimmer that's on the ID, her papers check out, and the cops stomp off frustrated that they don't even have an excuse to tase anyone. (Bonus points if you can find someone for them to tase. Maybe Flash/Brad for the lulz?)
(Samefag from >>20337688) So did I, but if Anon's willing to take one for us by writing moar, I'd hardly turn him down.
File: 1413409771064.jpg (29 KB, 300x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 300x450
>want her de-aged even more
Don't listen to the others, do this
File: 4b5.jpg (39 KB, 314x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 314x312
I'm abosolutely ok with this, mr dubs
I wasn't so keep on fapping to it either, but here we both are. sunset enjoying the relative increase in D-size is what got me

I dunno, you could have her try getting at the D in more public situations but being more subtle about it so as to actually get away with it. ie; you could take it to a kids movie so nobody notices a grown man fucking a ten year old since everyone else is doing the same thing
>since everyone else is doing the same thing
Since everyone else in the theater is also fucking children?
isn't that what kids movies are for?
File: 1412958250594.png (53 KB, 381x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 381x312
>Days pass
>Little new from 'Princess Twilight' as of late
>Busy doing fucking whatever with her horse friends
>Life with Sunset is... getting better
>Still weird as fuck
>Just have to think about her as being her, being your girlfriend
>And not as being a small child
>The vulgar language helped with that
>"Well, I contacted Twilight with the diary."
>"She's busy helping a friend 'learn a friendship lesson' or something. Blech."
"Sounds very important."
>Sunset shrugs
>"Friendship does kind of make the world go 'round. At least in Equestria."
>You nod
"Are you shorter?"
>She glares at you
>"Hilarious, Anon."
"No, I mean, shorter shorter."
>Sunset pauses, then walks up to you
>She hold a hand flat against her head, and extends it to your stomach
>"I AM shorter. Fuck."
>Sunset looks up at you, int your eyes, wearing a smirk
>"Almost perfect dick sucking height now, huh?"
"Do you go out of your way to make me feel uncomfortable?"
>Sunset giggles innocently
>Somehow, she'd convinced you
>Convinced you to go in public with her again
>She wanted to watch a movie, so fine
>It was PG-13 this time, and you genuinely wanted to see it as well
>Just had to go to a different theater...
>At least Sunset let you buy the tickets this time!
>"Thanks, big bro!" she squeaks as you hand her a ticket
>Ugh, you did not particularly like hearing that
>"Aw, how cute."
>A woman, some random stranger, is talking to you for some reason
>"Good to see a young man spending time with his sister. My son never does that."
"Oh, yeah."
>You laugh awkwardly
>"He's just the best~"
>Jesus, Sunset is really pouring the sugar on her speech
>"You're just sweet, aren't you?"
>"Thanks, miss. Being a little girl, here with her big brother, sure is great. I'm living life before true realization of my mortality, that I will one day die, living a pure life without knowledge of the fundamental datum that is death."
>The woman is giving the two of you strange stares now
>"One day your children will bury you, and not long after that they will forget you. It will be as if you had never been. But I'll remember. Bye bye, lady~"
"What the fuck was that?"
>Sunset gives you a shit eating grin
>"What can I say? I like fucking with people."
"You have one hell of a potty mouth for a kid."
>"'Hell' is a bad word, you fuck."
>Sunset hums and skips as the two of you make your way to the theater
>Room 9
>Not a lot of people here, movie's been out for a while
"Let's get a seat somewhere near the middle."
>Sunset pulls on your arm
>"I want to sit in the back."
"You can't fool me."
>"If we sit in the middle, someone might sit in front of me, and I'm short. And the front is for fag cunts," she whispers
>You follow her to the back corner
>The lights go down soon after as the film starts
>And almost immediately, the groping begins
"C'mon, I need to watch this," you say with a hushed tone
>You try to keep Sunset off of you with one hand on her chest
>This was a trap, but damn it, you wanted to watch this movie
>The last one was really good, and this one was supposed to be awesome and shit
>/tv/ said so!
>Sunset's tiny arms batted against you ineffectually
>You reveled in your physical superiority
>"I'll scream..."
"You wouldn't dare."
>She takes a deep breath
>Sunset, you are one hell of a manipulative cunt
>You didn't say that out loud though
>She'd probably beat you up later
>You let your arm go slack against her
>She wrings her hands jewishly
File: 9c0.jpg (36 KB, 426x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 426x341
Sucking anon in cinema?
File: 1406174022348.gif (162 KB, 300x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 300x291
>She wrings her hands jewishly
>Sunset leans over you on her knees and beings undoing your zipper
>You look around nervously
>Only a few people here, but...
"I don't think we should be doing this in public."
>She ignores you
>Just focus on the movie, focus on the-
>Oh fuck
>Whelp, your dick was out now
>You could feel Sunset's hot breath wafting against your skin
>Paranoia was spiking within you
>People would see
>And that would be bad normally
>This would be way fucking worse
>Yeah, Sunset was smaller now
>Her mouth was warm and wet against you
>And exceptionally tight
>Sunset bobbed very slowly along your length, only able to go down about half way now
>She moaned quietly, hands wringing your cock
>The sensation flittered up your spine
>You pursed your lips, trying to keep your breathing down
>You let out a cough
>Sunset's moaning is getting louder now
"K-Keep it down..."
>You look into the seats
>Some guy turns around and looks at you
>He just nods and gives you a thumbs up
>Y-You too
>He just nods and gives you a thumbs up
>Y-You too
File: 1325210986188.png (86 KB, 206x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 206x200
>He just nods and gives you a thumbs up
>Y-You too
Well, that's... disturbing.
>Jesus Christ, you feel like you can smell Sunset's damp crotch from here
>She wriggles her hips against the air, fingering herself with one hand
>Sunset gasps, your cock in her mouth, her breathing stilted
>She's shuddering on top of you
>Your cock is being taken deeper and deeper into her mouth now
>God it's getting loud...
>She's not even trying to be quiet now
>Her whole body is shaking
>That one guy is looking back at you again
>Creepy ass smile on his face
>Fucker, turn back around and watch the movie
>Sunset lets out a squeak and begins shaking violently on top of you
>She's yells into your cock
>At least it's somewhat muffled
>You can't hold out any longer
>You arch your back as wave after wave of pleasure flows through your body
>Sunset swallows it as it comes and finally removes herself with a 'pop'
>But you're attracting more attention now
>And not just creepy weirdo attention
>Someone's walking over to you
>"You fucking kids these days and your..."
>Fuck fuck fuck
>He's going to see her and then probably beat the shit out of you
>"... No manners, and... Where's the girl?"
>Sunset's gone
>"What the fuck is going on here?!"
"I... I was sucking myself off, b-bro."
>The man throws his hands up in the air
>"Fucking faggot ass kids these days sucking their own dick in public..."
>He leaves
>Sunset crawls back from under the next row
>"Fucking faggot ass kids these days sucking their own dick in public..."
ikr? I don't know what people want, but I'm taking the sex scenes more as set up for bad jokes.

>"Ready for round two?" she asks with a devious look
>You slap her hands away
"Watch the fucking movie."
>"Fuck you I do what I want. I don't take orders from you. I'm the older one in this relationship."
>You ignore her
>Fuck, you don't even know what's going on in the movie anymore
>God damn it
>Sunset just pouts with her arms crossed
>You decide to stagger your depatures, leaving a bit before the actual end of the movie
>Didn't want to be seen with her
>Honestly didn't want to be seen with yourself
>Smooth moves with the auto-fellatio excuse
>And being constantly raped by a dominatrix in a child's body wasn't helping your self-esteem either
>No, this wasn't going so awesome to you
>Sunset poked at your back
>"Wanna sneak in to another movie?"
>"Ugh, why?"
"I don't want to have to question my morality every time we do 'it.' As of now, I'm not fucking you 'till Twilight fixes you."
>Sunset grunts
"Keep your voice down!"
>"I'll tell people you're diddlin' a child, Anon."
>You drag a rebellious Sunset back to her place
"I'm getting a chastity belt and swallowing the key..."

taking a break. Maybe for tonight
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>"Fucking faggot ass kids these days sucking their own dick in public..."
>Why back in my day we had to suck each others dicks, and we had to walk 10 miles uphill through 2 feet of snow to do it.
>"I... I was sucking myself off, b-bro."

nice save bro, real smooth
Plz 1 more
I love you
Fine, one more

>It took a while to find one you liked
>And one that was cheap and unused
>But you found a good chastity belt
>Sunset thought you were kidding
>You weren't
>And a week later, the thing was in your hands
>Not very comfortable, but it'd have to work
>You hid the key in your sock
>Sunset invited you to hang out at her place and do homework
>You knew she wanted more than that
>And you were prepared!
>"I'll be out in just a minute~" she says from her bedroom
>You take a seat on her couch, take out a laptop, and start doing your English homework
>Had to write a short story about something in your own life
>Though you had a lot of content for it, you decided against writing about being raped by your de-aged girlfriend
>"Oh Anon~"
>Sunset shimmies out from her room
>She's scantily clad, wearing silk lingerie
>Rubbing her hands along her body, she dances in front of you
>"What do you think?"
"Your wiles won't work on me this time," you say with a smile. "Also, where'd you get that?"
>"Pfft, they make kid lingerie."
"That's... I believe you I guess."
>Without warning, Sunset pounces you and tears at your pants
>You laugh
>You laugh like a madman
>You laugh like a man who has obtained victory

Anon just got himself dumped, that's what.
>Anon bought a girl's chastity belt that doesn't account for boners
>gets aroused by child in sexy underwear
>dick starts to hurt

uh oh spaghetti-os
I would be aroused if i didn't laugh so hard. You're my hero, dude
>Implying girl and guy sizes are the same
>Implying girls don't get boners
Yeah. My girlfriend gets boners all the time and her size belt would fit me too.
If he bought a girl's chastity belt with two vibros attached to it and one of them is in the ass then where the second one goes?
Urethra? Would be awesum
File: 1414016591202.jpg (47 KB, 650x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 650x427
File: 1409052967169.gif (3 MB, 190x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 190x200
This story is going in my "stories where I replace the name "Anon" with my name" folder
File: 1413350740400.jpg (53 KB, 390x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Look, fucker. I'll have you know that I am a fucking magical prodigy, bred to succeed the fucking Princess of the Sun. I have done more in my life than you could do in ten thousand lives. I was in line to be a genuine pony princess, asshole. Now give me those FUCKING TICKETS."

>"Fucking faggot ass kids these days sucking their own dick in public..."


>"C'mon...where is it...gah!"
>Sunset Shimmer struggled to find the head opening of your now oversized cotton sweater.
>Sitting on a loveseat in your house with your girlfriend was a standard affair.
>Watching movies, blabbering about the day, bitching about the dregs of society...
>All-in-all, it was a good relationship that had been going on for years.
>...until a backfired spell reverted her curvacious, sexy body into that of, well...
>...someone "younger".
>"There! Fuck!"
>she exclaimed, finally shoving her head into view.
Hah. Still not used to your vocabulary coming out of that mouth.
>You sat reclined next to her, looking nonchalantly over to your extremely "petite" girlfriend as she wiggled her hidden arms.
>They were completely engulfed by the sleeves, and her persistent struggling only succeeded in wildly flapping them about.
>"It's huuuge, but still comfy as ever."
>she took a sniff, leaning her head down.
>"Mmm. Smells like you, too."
>As usual, Sunset always picked a clean pair of your exercise sweats to change into while you showered after the gym.
>Normally, she'd even hit the rack with you or do some serious miles on the elliptical.
>Tough girl.
>But now...well, she'd been staying home for the last few days of your relationship, to put it mildly.
Still keeping to your schedule of stealing my clothes to change into, hmm?
>"Hey, I know how much you like how it shows off my 'features', and what can I say, I agree."
>Your girlfriend wiggled her eyebrows seductively as the sweatshirt barely clung to one of her shoulder.
>"Besides, one-hundred percent cotton is sooo comfy..."
>she attempted to stretch seductively within the fabric, but lost her balance and only caused the garment to fall further down her left arm.
>"Ehehe...still not used to the body."
Yeah, that makes two of us...
>You merely rolled your eyes, the enjoyable freshness of your shower wearing off as you pondered what to do next for the night.

>"Oh come ON. I was just doing what we normally do. It's been what, at least two weeks? The last time we've gone this long without messing around, you were shooting liquids from both ends with the flu!"
>Sunset Shimmer stuck her tongue out at you, screwing up her young face to accentuate the appearance of sickness.
>"I just figured my BOYFRIEND of YEARS would want to have a little 'fun' with his GIRLFRIEND, but whatever. G-guess he turned out gay or something."
>she finished with a surprisingly emotional pout, throwing her floppy sleeves over each other as she crossed her arms.
More like three weeks. First, quit acting like I don't love you. Second, you look borderline prepubescent. I appreciate youth as much as the next guy, but Sunset, you gotta admit that this is a bit...extreme.
>"Well I can't help it if I prefer to express my affections physically better than verbally, duh! We've talked about that, too, you know! Besides, it's not like I'm ACTUALLY this young, I'm old enough to put a ring on it, legally! Its not like we weren't fucking when we were lots younger, anyway,"
>Sunset grinned at you in a slightly predatory manner, which is made all the more awkward by her young features.
>"I still got that drive, you know..."
Oh yeah. I know. But just I don't think I'm ready for that yet.
>You gently shoved her shoulder in play, still tired from your workout and disinterested in yet another argument about when you'd be resuming sex; she battered you for it more and more throughout her unwilling 'drought'.
>You'd be lying if you'd said you weren't feeling quite 'backed-up' as a result as well, but damn if you were gonna be so quick to adapt to the situation...
>"I've been cooped up in the house most of the time playing video games and crap. I can't ride our bikes, I can't go outside, you don't take me to the gym with you, and now you're saying I STILL can't get a good fuck?!"
>she fumed, her neglected lust for you now fueling her rage.


Language, young lady.
>You coyishly chided, still taking the opportunity to remind her of her own predicament.
>"Fuck the fucking language!"
>She kicked her legs, which were consumed by the length of your male sweats as the tightly-fastened rollups became undone and threatened to overrun her tiny feet.
>Realizing how she must look upon throwing her 'tantrum', Sunset took a deep breath in and calmed herself with a sigh.
>She adjusted her two-toned hair, face flushed with arousal as she smelled you still on the clothing.
>Catching a glimpse of her, you found yourself reminiscent of the all-too-many times you'd made her cheeks flush during orgasm.
>The thought sent a twitch to your member, which you were careful to conceal.
Hopefully she didn't notice; your girlfriend was already too observant for her own good.
>Sunset really didn't look THAT much younger, but still...
>That's when you noticed her lazer-gaze locked onto your crotch.
>Her thin lips turned into a wicked smile.
>Her eyes scanned you with a hunger that shouldn't been known to someone so...small.
>Sunset's expression softened when her sharp eyes met yours.
>Just what was she planning?
>"Well, I guess you're right. Let's just watch a movie or something. I gotta get my mind of how wet I am."
>she giggled, her unfamiliar young tone after such a sentence sending a tingle down your spine.
>Reaching for the remote, Sunset stretched herself out like a cat on the prowl.
>Leaning further back, you allowed your girlfriend to rest herself on your stomach as per usual while she flipped through the guide menu.
>"Boring, boring, boring..."
>She mumbled, slowly sliding her head down towards your waistband.
>You stoically looked on, hoping that the length of the tedious day would help distract you from Sunset's antics.
>Having changed into your t-shirt and sweats yourself, you needed to try extra-hard to enure any arousal wouldn't 'pop-up'.

Pleased continue blessed writefriend. You have my utmost attention.

Sunset, what are you doing?
>"Ah, I'm more comfy laying out on the loveseat like thissss..." she playfully nuzzled at your crotch. "Besides, you feel so warm down here."
>She finished with a whisper, easily finding the outline of your manhood and pressing her cheek against it.
>You couldn't help looking down at her face the moment her head made contact.
>Her skin was unbelievably smooth, and almost as if porcelain freshly molded into a sculpture.
>Her tiny hands kneaded your powerful thigh, methodically spreading it outwards and allowing her easier access to your crotch.
Gonna pick a movie or what?
>You shifted slightly as your heart began to thump.
>"I'm looking, I'm looking..."
>Sunset casually scrolled through the selections, paying little mind the the many names and shows.
>Somewhat distracted yourself, you looked over her sprawled form.
>Her petite bodice was easily outlined in your clothing.
>It left little to the imagination; you've seen her naked plenty of times before, and she'd even flashed you on more than one occasion with her now younger "assets".
>But her pert butt somehow still had a bit of shape, something you wouldn't have fathomed given her entirely flat chest.
>Before you could react, you felt a strong shift within your pants as your erection began to grow.
Just...just pick a damn movie. You always select one so slowly.
>You grunted, feeling an uncomfortable heat building in your own cheeks.
You're totally just stalling.
>"Well maybe I just don't wanna watch a movie."
>Sunset chirped, suddenly stopping her assault on your crotch to give you a terrifyingly adorable look.
>Your heartbeat nearly stopped.
>You felt her legs and hips wiggling as she slowly began to slide out of wearing your sweatpants.
>"Maybe I want to do something else after all..."
>She finally freed herself, which to your surprise, allowed her nude lower half to swing over your hips.
>None of her old panties could fit her, anyway...


>This wasn't good.
>There was just no possible way to deny how horny you were.
>The weeks of no sex, and the constant flirting...
>The constant begging...
>...and now this?
>You glanced below in no little shame as your girth threatened to rip a hole down the leg of your pants.
>In a desperate bid, you mind attempted to rationalize something to say.
>You were sharply cut of with a passionate kiss.
>Sunset threw back her sleeves, and gently set her little hands against your face.
>You felt the supreme softness of her lips, so dainty as they slowly mewled against your own.
>Reflexively, your hands went to her hips, far more narrow than you remember as your mouth opened for her demanding tongue.
>Smaller than yours, it was easily outclassed as wrestled back into her own mouth.
>But that didn't stop Sunset Shimmer from kissing you with a passion which only a woman in love could muster.
>Time only resumed ticking after your girlfriend pulled her head back, a thin trail of saliva remaining for only a second before falling onto your shirt.
>You were speechless; any hope of salvaging your resistance fell hopelessly away.
>"I'm a good girl, right?"
>Sunset mumbled with an innocent inflection.
>"S-so you shouldn't make me wait so long for...this."
>She gently bit her lower lip, reaching back with one hand to paw at your restrained erection.
>Another you might have been ashamed at how successfully her act turned you on, but you were far too gone to care.
>After deeming you sufficiently prepped, Sunset reached forward and helped you lift off your shirt.
>It didn't take long for you to respond in kind, freeing your girlfriend from the all-consuming cotton and exposing her iron-board chest; only the nipples stood out hard with arousal.
>You slid your firm hands up from her hips and onto her small belly, and finally up to her 'breasts'.
>Gently, you tweaked them with your fingers as Sunset writhed in need.

File: hZRXX3o.gif (2 MB, 199x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 199x182
welp, guess I'm a pedo now.

File: 1393706471242.jpg (3 KB, 125x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not like it's that bad of a thing right? ...right..?

>"Oh please,"
>she pleaded with a slightly mock-cracking voice.
>"Get these off. I need you."
>It took only a moment of Sunset's hands tugging at your waist to send your pants down.
>When the garments passed low enough, your erection sprang forth.
>It smacked solidly against your girlfriend's frame as she wiggled on your legs.
>She tossed your pants and underwear to land atop the growing pile of clothing on the ground as your hands still toyed with her chest and shoulders.
>Her glistening lips, hairless and completely tucked away, underlined her craving.
>She shuffled back and immediately grasped the throbbing object of her affection.
>"It doesn't even fit in both my hands anymore. Geez, I had a hard enough time as it was..."
>You stifled a moan as her little digits gripped your shaft, stroking you and placing pressure on each bulging vein.
>Sunset leaned back, genuinely struggling to raise her narrow hips high enough to situate herself.
>Your mind swam, drowning in the moment as your de-aged girlfriend lowered her sopping slit lower...
>and lower...
>...and lower...
>until it gently kissed your wide, aching glans.
>The heat was intense, and encouraged a small bead of pre to dribble out from your crown.
>Sunset's own juices dripped downward, coating you with clear beads of her youthful sweetness.
>She watched you carefully, gauging the effectiveness of her ploy.
>Fixated on her long-overdue helping of cream, she'd be damned if you paused or yielded mid-act; it was the perfect time to test your readiness.
>Just as your roving palms started massaging her petite ass, Sunset lifted herself off of your tip.
>It took all her effort to resist slamming down and seeing just how much she could take, but she had to be sure...
>"...but maybe your right."
>She sighed, laying her head against your muscled chest.
>"You could be too thick. B-but you're not gonna quit trying to fit you big, hard cock inside your little girl, r-right?"


>She gazed upwards at you with mock-innocence, half begging and half demanding you perform your duty as her man.
>Any spark at Sunset's implication was stifled as you leaned forward and lifter her slightly upright.
>You kissed her briefly, hungrily before pulling away.
If you want to be my little girl so bad, then you'd better take your dicking like good one.
>Sunset Shimmer's expression instantly changed to a grin of victory.
>She knew she'd won.
>Shaking her tiny butt, she stared into your eyes while her hands set yours on her hips.
>Inch by inch, she lowered herself until once again her folds met your manhood.
>She sighed pleasantly at the contact, eager to feel you fucking her again after so lon-
>It took an impressive shove to allow your head inside her girlhoo- er, 'womanhood'.
>Clearly her outsides weren't the only things to shrink with the de-aging....
>"F-fuck! It's like our first time all over again!"
>Sunset quivered, her voice genuinely cracking.
>She clenched her eyes and ground her hips slightly to test herself further.
So fucking tight...
>You grunted, digging your fingers roughly into her ass cheeks to avoid shoving your girlfriend onto your pole and tearing her in half.
>Still, you managed to push her shaking hips lower, and a few inches more disappeared into Sunset.
>"Fuck you for being so big!"
>She slapped a hand at your chest, raking you with her nails.
>"Fuck you for making me want it so bad!"
>Again she struck, digging harder in an attempt to negate her own suffering as her narrow tunnel still failed to adjust.
Poor little S-Sunset, can't even take a few inches of her man without yelping.
>You grit your teeth as her blistering vice bared down every other second.
>You slightly adjusted your thighs, balancing the small girl as you tried half successfully to bounce her up and down.
>Sunset's only reply was a strained groan, made all the more perverted by the abnormally high octave of her voice.


What a selfish faggot.

>Ill never leave you again
>I dont want to get sick, sleep by yourself

Writefag you obviously dont have a girlfriend, and if you do i feel fucking sorry for her.
Why the fuck are these stories (apart from the bizarre first one) the ones showing the most grown-up relationships I've ever seen in greentext?
dubs confirm sunset is best 10 year old
File: 1366058856782.jpg (31 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 400x300
I need more of this because of reasons

>Sunset's eyes rolled back, her lithe diaphragm heaving.
>Even with having only a few inches rubbing her insides, she already seemed on the verge of-
>She arced back, whimpering rapidly as a small wave or girlcum covered your remaining inches of masculinity.
>Your heart thumped faster, taking in every lewd sound and sensation; her underdeveloped flower threatened to expel you from the sheer tightness.
Damn, Sunset, any tighter and you'll cut the fucking circulation off.
>Panting, your girlfriend managed a weak reply,
>"Y-yeah? Well any more deeper and...oh F-FUCK...any more deeper and...ngggaah!"
>She was cut off as your crown ground up against her cervix, a feat that normally wouldn't leave several inches of yourself still exposed.
>"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!"
>She bit her lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood, grinning at the depraved thought of her man splitting open such a young-looking girl.
>Sunset moaned as your hands spread her ass, playing with her anus as you wordlessly flexed your pelvic floor.
>The result was a minor flexing of your shaft, rubbing your cramped glans against the small bump of her cervix.
>Sunset pitched forward, cursing as a thin line of spittle fell from her mouth and onto your abs.
>"Fffuucckk, if I'd known how good you were at rutting little girls I'd have gotten Twilight to fuck up an aging spell earlier."
>Her evil grin showed slightly through the shroud of two-toned hair covering her face.
>That statement certainly put a stop to your grinding.
>Seizing the initiative, Sunset finally managed to start bouncing herself up and down your cock.
>Maybe a little more teasing would make you try for even deeper...
>"Y-you're sick...so hard when fucking your girlfriend...AH!...as a kid!"
Not as sick...ngahh...as someone who implies that intentionally turning herself into one to have sex a good thing!
>"Heheh...even 'unfortunate' accidents can have fortunate outcomes..."

Oh shit, you the real Hand Made?
Saw your name while browsing the thread index.

I just wanted to say thanks. Seeing your stuff helped make me want to write again.
Your stuff is quality/10. Keep on keeping on.
>Anon actually doesn't want to fuck a 10-year old girl
I cannot self-insert myself into this.

>Sunset licked her lips before resuming her vigorous humping.
>Unfortunately for the lust-addled girl, her oversensitive cervix brought her to one too many pauses as your ram met her gates.
>Your feelings of orgasm ebbed and flowed like the tides, nearing when she picked up speed yet receding during her pauses to ride out mini-climaxes.
>Infused by the sexual frustration, your hands seized her hips and you began to fuck the young Sunset with renewed ferocity.
>She almost collapsed onto your chest entirely as your sudden pistoning sent her over the edge yet again; a small puddle of her drool formed and leaked down your skin.
>The space within your modest basement was filled only with the smacking of flesh and high-pitched cries of your girlfriend.
>Her eyes developed a vacant stare as all she was able to do was weakly hug your torso.
>She rolled her neck to the side, allowing her dilated eyes to stare longingly at your face.
>You could almost swear you saw hearts in them; you groaned your approval of her gripping slit and never wanted the moment to end.
>A notion of something greater than just simple sex began to form within you, something that was clawing nearer to the forefront of your psyche as you began to doubt it was merely the three-week dry spell...
>Sunset's girlish moaning made you crave release all the more.

File: boner stahp.png (34 KB, 298x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
boner stahp.png
34 KB, 298x279

>However, as much as Sunset relished you finally giving into her fantasy, the soreness within her girlhood began to grow.
>Not even the copious amount of lubrication from her climaxes managed to provide much relief; you were too large, you were pounding too long, and her barely-pubescent body could hardly handle much more.
>She knew you had to be getting close after holding out on sex for weeks.
>She'd need to make you finish quicker, and knew just how to try...
>"Mmph, yeah, f-fuck your little girl,"
>Sunset meekly mumbled, adopting her most girlish voice while trying to compose herself.
>"But you'd better not...cum inside."
>She was met with a throaty groan in reply as you closed your eyes tightly.
>"Y-you'd better pull out, unless you want to get a kid pregnant..."
>Your fevered thrusting slowed as your manhood twitched at the veiled invitation.
>You were soooo close to climax...
>No, she wasn't a pubescent child...she was just reverted backward, right?
>But the pregnancy still wouldn't take.
>"H-how are you gonna explain knocking up someone so young? Ah...I bet you want to, though. I bet you wanna get me pregnant..."
>Your primitive instincts wrestled with the idea of halting; Sunset noticed your trepidation and realized that she'd insinuated too much.
>Acting quickly, she used what remaining strength she had left to squeeze your shaft, burying you deep.
>Your pent-up seed rushed into your shaft, swelling it with fresh sperm.
>"You gonna pull out, or are you gonna give a good little girl what she deserves?"
>Sunset rotated her hips, tears forming in her eyes as she pushed you in roughly a half-inch further.
>She'd hoped it was enough...
Good little girls,
>you growled deeply,
deserve to get plowed until they're pregnant.
>Sunset grinned devilishly as her heart sang at the reply.


>Your first spurt of love did little to relieve the pressure within your manhood; you settled to give her every drop.
>Sunset screamed her approval at the decision, her cries of passion quickly devolving into girly whimpers as she felt your exploding cock's reward.
>A sensation of warmth rapidly filled what little space she had; thick ropes desperately sought her innermost girlhood for fertilization.
>Her petite bodice contorted slightly as if trying to make more room for the cum spilling from her overstuffed sex.
>Your hips bucked reflexively, giving all that you could to your young girlfriend's desperate coaxing.
>A stream of fluid coated your inner thighs in a mixture of orgasms so familiar yet so different from anything before.
>Your head thrashed side to side as Sunset's nails pressed into your back.
>Finally, you stopped planting seeds within your girlfriend's young garden as your orgasm tapered off.
>Sunset, with no small struggle, lurched herself up your torso and off your cock.
>Her lips pulled at your shaft the whole while until a lewd 'pop' freed your shapely glans.
>One last small spurt landed within the cleft of her ass, running down her puckered hole and making it dilate in retort.
>You were shaken from your trance by Sunset giving you a weak, playful smack.
>"T-that's for making me wait three weeks before fucking me,"
>She paused to kiss you briefly, her hot breath spilling across your lips from her nostrils.
>"...and that's for finally doing it."
>With a tired giggle, Sunset Shimmer rolled herself up slightly onto your lower stomach and rested a cheek on your neck.
>Her well-filled slit seeped with thick globs of cream.

File: implying.jpg (10 KB, 212x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 212x238
>not wanting to have sex with underage sunset shimmer
>implying that she wasn't 17 before
>implying that she has won fall formal 3 times making her a senior
>implying she is still in high school
>implying that i am implying all of this

>Eventually, you both caught your breath.
>Sunset nuzzled your chest softly.
>Despite her rough persona, she was always so cuddly after sex.
>Looking down at the small girl nesting so comfortably, you gently stroked the nape of her neck.
>Sunset cooed softly at your touch.
>Hard to believe that just moments ago such an innocent-looking figure was making you give up one of the largest loads of your life.
>Speaking of which...
>You cleared your throat and quickly asked a question that nagged at your mind.
Mmm, that was pretty nice, but you were just pulling my chain with the whole 'knocking you up' bit, right?
Yeah, I thought so-....what?
>Your blood ran cold as a shiver ran through your entire body.
>"Yeah. We talked about this a bajillion times before. I'm still 18. I just look like this for whatever reason. Still no idea if de-aging spells affect lifespan, but they sure as hell make for a fun fetish."
>She traced a finger around your right pectoral.
>"Besides, if this is how you're gonna fuck me every time when I'm like this..."
Tough luck.
>you backtracked.
You're at least still on the pill right?
Well goo-what?!
>"Do you even listen when I talk about my fetishes and fantasies?"
>Sunset's giggle sounded more like a cackle.
We gotta get you a Plan B...
>"Why bother? Once the aging spell is fixed, that might nullify any chance of pregnancy. Probably. Maybe. I'm not Princess Booksmart Neverlaid."
>Sunset rose from the loveseat, stretching her arms above her head as she cocked her hips to one side.
>Another thin trail of while flowed down her left leg in the process.
>You gulped once; you should really mind your own virility...

That's a lot of implications, but I think I agree with you.

If Twilight didn't already know who Sunset was despite being Celestia's pupil since she was a young filly, it might be safe to assume Sunset might've went to the human world before Twilight even took her magic test.

I mean, we have allegedly-thousand-year-old sirens that look like teens. Fuckin' magic. At once simplifying yet over-complicating everything.

We should still do what we can. Who knows how long it'll take for the spell to wear off or a solution to be found. Maybe we should try an anonymous clinic if you can seriously get pregnant...
>"Finally! A chance to get out of the house. Let's pick up some more games and some condoms for more sex while we're out, since you apparently think that THIS isn't fertilized yet."
>She pointed a slender finger to her stuffed, hairless mound.
>"We just gotta think of something convincing to say about how I got creamed without landing my sexy BF in hot water..."
>On second thought, it might be better to wait for Twilight to finish that reversal spell...
You know what? No. No going out. No clinic. No game. No condoms-
>"Does that that mean you're going raw again?"
>She smiled hopefully, her enthusiasm made all the more awkward by her youthful expressions.
No, I mean-
>"You mean you're gonna do young-me anally?"
>Sunset beamed even brighter.
>This girl and her fetishes...
>On second thought, that might have avoided much of this predicament in the first place.
>You chided yourself for not thinking of suggesting it earlier.
>You guessed that time would show if your girlfriend was pregnant or not.
>Oh well, it looks like you'll be spending most of your time at home until the reversal spell...
>...Fucking young Sunset Shimmer.


Thanks for having fun with me while I wrote this on the spot. This is my nameless post from earlier: >>20312906

Still feel the same, but just like when I was writing about fucking necro-zombie-Rarity, I enjoy a fun idea. Fimfiction will be updated, perhaps, with this once I polish it up some. Comments are appreciated as always enjoy!

I always like quality writing. I look forward to your work.
>Hand Made reads my stuff
At least, that's how I'll take that. Though you perhaps simply thought I intended to add to this specific thread.

Sunset is kinda boner kill for me in general, but I can't wait for whatever you do next.

Anyway, done shitting up the thread now.
File: 1356646986473.jpg (134 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 640x360
>>"Fucking faggot ass kids these days sucking their own dick in public..."
Great, another unrealizable fetish to add to the pile I got from /d/. Thanks, thread. Thanks so much.
Why do you guys complain?
It's nice to have almost every fetish possible
Wow, I thought I recognized the name.
Did you link your story in the fetish thread that's up right now?
Whether or not, solid props on that anatomy paste. Pretty damn informative with a few things I didn't know before.
Must have missed that thread.
Currently just doing a cmc harem thing in Submission is Mandatory, though it's significantly lighter than that threads normal fare. Been kinda held up on chapter 6 with real life problems for a few weeks now.

And thank you, man. Glad that it's helped so many people learn the joys of hoers. You keep on keeping on with those fillies. Applebloom could use more love, and a strong master.
Oh no, sorry for the confusion but I'm not Hand-Made.
Just a random amateur writefag.
Noice dub trip friend
Dubs if sunsets my waifu
File: 1407887910367.png (274 KB, 654x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 654x581
If dubs I will get to Equestria, find a way to Sunset Shimmer, tell her about us (how much we love her, of course) and be her boyfriend, while being in contact with /mlp/.
File: 1408076176723.jpg (50 KB, 893x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 893x528
File: 123452341234.png (1 MB, 1369x802) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1369x802
If dubs I will get to Equestria, find a way to Sunset Shimmer, tell her about us (how much we love her, of course) and be her boyfriend
File: Bez tytułu.png (81 KB, 197x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bez tytułu.png
81 KB, 197x185
If dubs I will get to Equestria, find a way to Sunset Shimmer, tell her about us (how much we love her, of course)
File: 1413272649502.gif (902 KB, 200x164) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902 KB, 200x164
So I will get to see Sunset Shimmer, but she won't be my gf? Alrighty then. So, any ideas how to teleport to Equestria?
File: 1412127782833.gif (2 MB, 286x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 286x258
File: qTBjRFZ.png (26 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 256x256
at least he will get to Equestria somehow
The scenes themselves were good, but the dialogue was straight out of an H-manga, and that's not a good thing.
Did you have to practice to be that wrong or are you just naturally gifted at saying the complete opposite of the truth?
File: Baited Stand.png (158 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baited Stand.png
158 KB, 625x626
File: aids.png (110 KB, 684x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 684x626
>what're we going to do on the countertop Anon?"
Bravo Bravo loved everyminute of the story here and you stuck the ending most people cant usually stick the ending and i lmao on some partsso 10\10 :)
File: 2412_ad11.gif (2 MB, 350x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x315
Good little girls,
>you growled deeply,
deserve to get plowed until they're pregnant.

>"H-how are you gonna explain knocking up someone so young? Ah...I bet you want to, though. I bet you wanna get me pregnant..."

>"Y-you're sick...so hard when fucking your girlfriend...AH!...as a kid!"

>"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!"
>"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!"
>"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!"

>"F-fuck! It's like our first time all over again!"

>"You could be too thick. B-but you're not gonna quit trying to fit you big, hard cock inside your little girl, r-right?"

>"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!">"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!">"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!">"You're gonna drive into my womb, you bastard!"

Anyone got the image compilation of all those H-manga speech bubbles? Because yeah, I'm not wrong. It's not a huge problem, that's just how a lot of people write sex dialogue, but still.
File: 1412217973717.jpg (3 MB, 3230x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3230x5000
you mean this?
File: 1396459895225.png (31 KB, 302x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 302x323
That's why i will never be a good writer
My dictionary is too poor for this
I can write super lewd green in my language but not in eng
File: 1410713518877.png (56 KB, 544x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 544x554
This guy . . . I like this guy. He's good.
Thank you.

I'm starting to suspect that every "lol so funneh" post in this thread is just that author fellating himself.
This is how girls raised on internet talk when they want to fuck with your head. Unfortunately, they're usually much less hot than Sunset.

Source: personal experience.
File: 1412301264999.jpg (54 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 600x600
This is how i talk when i want to tease you guys. Unfortunately for you i'm a guy
Also check 'em!
It sounds very difficult to construct your sentences to sound like someone translating Japanese to English, poorly. I mean, if your gf talks about how you're making her "butt feel really like a vagina orgasm," okay, more power to you. But it takes me out of the writing, personally.

Not to say it was bad. It wasn't. Just not a fan of this kind of dialogue.

On another note, something I find very funny is that almost all 4chan smut writers are better than actual, published authors of erotica.
My penis finds this acceptable.
Glad to hear that.
People usually don't like the fact that i'm a male, they prefer a girl.
But if only i would get a chance, i would show them how pleasurable my body can be
nice dubs btw
File: 1408200029491.gif (191 KB, 466x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 466x322

> tfw these were the parts that turned you on the most
> tfw you were reading for the fetish and it nailed every aspect of what you wanted
> tfw you'll never be hand made's Anon.

I had an ex gf say stuff like this to me sometimes to mess with me during sex. She wasn't even ugly. Just turned out she was kinda nuts.
File: 1413878202546.png (586 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
586 KB, 1080x1080
Awww, don't be shy. I'm not gonna hurt You. Quite the opposite actually. Just lay down, close Your eyes and relax. I can be as good as any girl, You won't feel the difference
Seriously, You won't
File: 134534535.jpg (596 KB, 1440x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
596 KB, 1440x900
B-but... I'm hetero
I guess, looking at it from a writing perspective, it's just kind of lazy. Instead of SS just saying this stuff, we should see it. Be more subtle rather than beating us over the dickhead with it.

Then again, i'm not a fan of straight smut, where this kind of dialogue is bound to happen anyways. Like, I'd rather read something serious on my fetish than just a fetishpalooza. Like a TF story where they deal with repercussions and whatnot.

I guess I'm just saying I'm a fag
File: 1411299397106.gif (659 KB, 547x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
659 KB, 547x555
You have achieved ultimate neckbeard status. This is acceptable.
Why not try something new?
Being Bi is a lot funnier...and pleasurable *Wink*
I won't force You. You can call it quits whenever You feel like it.
But i'm pretty sure that my tongue will convince You to stay and try some more

>tfw i'm 7/10. At least that's what /soc/ said
Can't i have some fun, once in a while?
File: 1350716846614.gif (2 MB, 400x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x416
mfw reading this
Is'nt there a highway rest stop you need to be at about now
File: 1407986526884.jpg (100 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 500x500
STOP IT. Now I have sexual thougts about that! Srsly. This pleasures me, but I want to be with a girl, so I can touch boobs everyday, have someone to love me, someone to live with and have chill. But, I haven't got any girlfriend in my life.
File: 1413386630794.jpg (55 KB, 700x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 700x600
Oh nonny...Why don't just listen to Your inner self? I might not have any boobs but You can touch my flat chest anytime You want. And i promise that my love will make You feel like the most important person in the world. I want to be with You and do all kind of funny things together. I'll be happy as long as You'll stay by my side
You can live a happy life with a guy too. And You can be loved as much. We're not different from girls when it comes to feelings

Why so serious?
>capitalized second-person pronouns

Not sure whether you're a Eurofag or a hardcore sub.

Not sure which would be hotter.
File: 1387224995847.jpg (54 KB, 795x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 795x880
Why not both?
Pic related
In my language, there's no rule that i should capitalize it but it's perceived as polite
Dem digits!
File: 139128837365013.png (54 KB, 393x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 393x381
What the fuck is going on!?!
File: 13912883736501.png (65 KB, 393x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 393x381
Holy fucking shit!!!
Too uncultured to recognize the pic related, please spell it out.
Closest I've come to a Polish dude is a guy from Thuringia. Intriguing.
you are a wizard, I came, etc etc

for reals, incredible. had to sleep part-way through delivery but I couldnt keep this story out of my mind
>I find very funny is that almost all 4chan smut writers are better than actual, published authors of erotica.
I think it's because we do it for free and for fun.
Without the detriment of obligation to a set deadline and quota to meet, we have a bit more freedom for varied expression.

I also know from experience after writing smut stories for a week straight, the luster behind the enthusiasm was starting to fade. The last story I wrote that week had a bit of a rushed sex-scene and ending, but after taking a month off from smut and writing a couple feel stories I was refreshed and open to write smut again.

Unrelated: I'm >>20328266 still lurking and sticking to my promise. I actually have a day off in the middle of the week and will consider doing something then.
File: 1413345016645.jpg (106 KB, 816x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 816x816
>Vertical Satan
>double 97
>trips covered in zeros covered in dubs
>all the above. in. a. row.
Absolutely fucktastic combo!
Nice. You're gonna post it here right? How about a little preview?
You actually can't fulfill my fetishes. So while your desperation is admirable in a creepy sort of way, its impossible for you to compare with a teenage girl.
File: 00268.png (468 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
468 KB, 960x720
People never give me a chance to prove myself worthy.
I might not be a hot teenage girl but i still can stand up to challenge if only You would let me
Trust me. With my kinkyness and skill i would defeat any teenager. Kidos can't compare with my level
Some people just aren't attracted to the male form. The same people may find a trap attractive while trapping, but disgusting when not (sexually). In some people's eyes, you'll never be worthy.

Also, your posts kind of smell of autistic ERPing, but I'm not judging too harshly on that.
Is this you over here?
Cant argue with double dubs
No, i'm not RP. I intentionally write in the way to avoid RP. It's just my lewd thinking
File: 00291.png (313 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 720x720
In whichever thread, You sit:
Yis, that's me
I am in both.
File: 1396418479342.gif (2 MB, 441x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 441x261
Quit wasting your time on dedicated breeders. I would love to snuggle-fuck with you.
I'm a bit kinky. Hope, You don't mind...
File: 1404621660185.jpg (201 KB, 1536x1842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 1536x1842
Kinky enough to play with each other while on psychedelics?
I got work in a little bit, but I'll write up a short preview when I get off in a few hours.
Or maybe, pic related?
What will make You feel better?
I'm not too much into drugs cuz i don't have money but i'm up to challenge!
File: 1409702794733.jpg (123 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 1280x853
LSD. Don't ever mess with addictive shit like mdma or cocaine, but oh yes sex on kinky gay sex on LSD is a maximally kinky mindfuck.

Hope you like being sounded while tripping the fuck out.
>inb4 "gift giver"
File: 1393048789117.png (111 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 600x600
The list i posted contains drugs, i managed to try from 3rd hand on random parties
cept for heroine. Ppl say that heroine addicts your body rather than mind. I'm a mental badass but my body is pretty weak so i decided to skip on that one
Also MDMA would give more fun than LSD but oh well...

Whatever You wish, Nonny. I'm all Yours
We'll candyflip, combine mdma and lsd.

I wish I had a carefree gay kinky drug-friendly fuckbuddy
can you faggots stop gaying up the thread I'm trying to touch myself to stories about a 10 year old girl with the mind of a unicorn

You'll never be able to convince me; your possession of a penis is more than enough to turn me off without even needing to hear your voice. Not everyone is like that though. Some people love traps (well, usually until they give a thick, manly moan), but usually the passionate, handsome hetero male will never be attracted to you.

You'll never sound like a hot teen girl with a nervous, yet eager, voice crack. You'll never have the feminine facial structure of a smooth, ivory-skinned little beauty. But most of all, you'll never have the lithe, subtle bounce to your girly hips as I'd make love to your womanhood.

That's the real key you seem to misunderstand; I can get off by rubbing my dick on plenty of things. Hands (masturbation), lips (oral), rubber (sex toys) hell, even with a pillow and sheets can get a man off if your thrust slow and long enough. I'm sure you could coax out some ejaculate, but you'll never, never, make me orgasm. Even then I'd need to heavily fantasize in order to ignore your obvious male traits, which would work to your detriment in this case.

That is why you'll just never compare with a needy, petite, loving young girl: because you aren't one.
File: 1414197251597.png (2 MB, 1495x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1495x650

Just read the above story. Shit's fetish gold.
What if it's one of those MtFs that started taking hormones before they became pubescent and are for all intents and purposes a woman with a penis? Because bone structure is based off of hormone intake during puberty.

Those kinds of people are very low in number though. Most are those disgusting, man-faced abominations.
Yes and no
On one hand we're dealing with breeding instincts that tell us to find a partner of the opposite gender.
On the other hand we're dealing with sexual lust which is very primitive. It's like a very simple program yis, i'm an engineer that has only one function to do. It can be easily fooled and so does lust. Human mind can be convinced quite easily to learn new fetishes is lust is not satisfied. That's how i got all my fetishes. I'm 100% sure that - if given time and effort - You could turn to find males attractive.
Don't deny it, i know what You're thinking. But Your conscious is one thing and subconscious is another. I also was hetero at the beginning but i turned full Bi over the years
Yes. We're that simple
Not everyone is you.

I'm highly doubting the ability to turn the kind of guy who'd behead you for having anal sex into a hedonistic butt slut. You can pretend you can, but not everyone is so elastic.

There are bell-curves upon bell-curves upon bell-curves when it comes to this shit. The gay man who literally vomits at the sight of a vagina isn't going to be eating any woman out any time soon, and most certainly any time ever.
File: 1413454913405.png (17 KB, 101x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 101x150
>this is actually what this thread is about
never change /mlp/

1) The answer is no. Reread the middle of the post: there needs to be a vagina. Pregnancy would be the ultimate; without those parts, it doesn't matter how you slice the person; they're a man. There are women out there who

2) If they ever, for even a short time, stop taking the meds, they will produce testosterone and start to develop a 75 year old's smoker's voice. Makes the charade even faker.

3) The thought that someone takes so much effort just to masquerade as something they're not feels deceitful. That is a major turn-off.

What you are saying makes only half-sense. While we are meant to reproduce, there are those who are born gay and there are those who have bisexual tendencies as well. However, your fetish-development theory leaves much to be desired.

I can understand a man being so desperate that he becomes invested in different fetishes, but you describe yourself in a way that makes you sound like you are mimicking the traits that you've so desperately sought when you "were" heterosexual. Through classical conditioning, someone might be inclined towards girly-men with a penis, but given the chance to fulfill their more hard-wired fantasies, will revert right back to their previous state in a heartbeat.

If a man wants to sex a specific woman of a specific type, he might settle for a man if he in unsuccessful in fulfilling his sexual outlet needs. However, given the choice between you and say a MILF, you'd always be discarded if he's always wanted to sleep with an older woman.

I believe that, since I have been successful in fulfilling my fetishes with women whom I also have an emotional connection with, and that has always been my goal, there is really zero chance that you could sway me or even hope to compete, especially since I have become accustomed to my own experiences with women time and time again; my subconscious have been rewarded by fulfilling my fantasies quite satisfactorily.
File: 1322785662001.jpg (48 KB, 429x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 429x410
It's not about me. It's about fooling a mind
Everyone and i mean EVERYONE can be manipulated. Such brainwashing is not a possibility but a matter of time and resources.
I've been developing my fetishes since 1998. 10 years ago i wouldn't believe things, i fap to now. As long as my lust is unsatisfied, i'll be getting more and more fetishes.
Like You've stated, You have a woman and she satisfies Your lust. You don;t need a change so You won't change. The moment You'll start to feel unsatisfied, You'll search for some more fetishes, be it 'with boots on', blindfold, or scat. This only doesn't work if You're so mindfucked by society around You, that You never question anything (like orthodoxes)

Ok. Look. You clearly can't tell what I'm getting at, and this might be my fault for making this sound complex. I am going to try and get through to you once more.

I'm not arguing that humans can be manipulated. We agree. I'm not debating that men and women won't go looking for increasingly diverse outlets if sexual needs are not satisfied. You are 100% right. There are many smoke and mirrors traps can use to try and coax men into their arms (or butts), just like there are men willing to fall into the rabbit hole with greater ease than others.

What I AM saying is that, for myself, I have been doing much better than "penis in vagina" with any old woman. I've worked very hard to obtain and fulfill my desires, and have succeeded and am also now in a lovely relationship that has been lasting for years.

...but what of those who are not as successful as I have been?

While there are some men who might develop new fetishes to change things up and find an outlet, there are those who will use that denial and dissatisfaction to pursue their ultimate dream.

Myself? All the tricks in the world cannot deceive my mind that I didn't knock-up my fiance. This is something no trap can accomplish. Even so, I can always just find another woman with different features if I leaned towards finding new fetishes rather than simply focusing inward to find the ideal girl of my dreams. Same goes for homosexual men; there are those who might try out women if they are particularly selective and cannot find the perfect man to settle down with, but given their ideal, they'll jump at the chance.

A trap will never have a belly heavy with my child.

Hell, even the Sunset Shimmer in the story above is more capable of having my children than you are, and she's fictional (yes, yes, I know that science can allow men to carry babies, but you understand my implication of organic fertilization vs modern methods).
Cool. You'd better do it.
English is not my native language + it's near 7:00 where i live and pretty much half of my brain is already sleeping so forgive me. This is also my last post because i get a blurry vision which is a signal that i should go to sleep.

I've written about sexual lust but it's just a subgroup of the more important 'will of profit' which is the main motor and purpose in our lives. A simple will to achieve profit dictated by even simpler instinct of survival It's funny because it makes altruists, hypocrites. But it's in a good faith so it's ok
By profit You can mean the will of having a child, spending the rest of Your life with Your love, sexual fantasy, chastising Yourself, praying to god, calling someone on forum a faggot or virtually anything, You would like to do. Will of profit controls every life form which is good because without it, we wouldn't exist. You said that your sexual part of 'will of profit' is satisfied ergo You won't search for anything else in that subject. But other fiels like dunno: money might not be satisfied so You'll try to earn more and more until You'll feel satisfied. There are of course some 'do's' and 'don't's' in everyone's life but they can be altered if there is a need and the need is what You actually feel like doing. I can turn into a sexual freak or some white knight but i will still follow the 'will of profit' because that's what i want.
For further reference on what i was saying before, i suggest some books about sexuology, basic psychology and social engineering. I would simply suggest Freud but his works are pain in the ass to read so Lacan is the way to go. Freudian theory should be enough. For fun, You can read about Stockholm syndrome. It is somewhat related

Now if You'll excuse me, i'm going to fulfill my desire of sleeping because of profit. See ya
Read the whole story.
My mind after reading: "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ."
>Mind blown just like Anon was by Sunset Shimmer.

>10 year old Sunset Shimmer inducing Stockholm Syndrome in her originally unwilling BF, Anon.

Fund this. Now.
>"Come on Anon! I'm the same person, just with a ten year olds body that's all!"
>Meet me, a lucky Anon who had been going steady with Sunset. That is until Twilights magic went terribly wrong practicing an age spell. And now for the past three weeks Sunset has had a ten year old body and I've had to be seen with her in public looking like the biggest pedophile the world had ever seen.
"Bend over honey"
>like you give a fuck anyway
Honestly, is there a man who'd decline this?
File: Cataclysmic lel.jpg (233 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cataclysmic lel.jpg
233 KB, 1000x1000
CAPCHA: listerin very
i need a pastebin for every green of this thread NAO!
File: twist.jpg (176 KB, 500x1488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 500x1488
>”Okay, I think I found a counter spell to fix this mess.”
>Twilight said feeling rather proud of herself.
“Great, I’m not sure how much longer I could go around outside with her like that and not feel like a creeper.”
>”Gosh Anon, thanks for basically saying I’m he plague.”
>Sunset says while she crosses her arms and pouts at you reaction.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it. Twilight do we need to do anything?”
>”Nope, just stand right where you both are and don’t move.”
>Twilight says while looking like she is concentrating.
>A light forms around Sunset and starts to get brighter and brighter.
>A bright flash happens and you cover your eyes.
>You move your hand away from your face and see Sunset standing in her natural body you are used to.
>The 10 year old clothes she was wearing are now stretched very tight to fit her new curves.
>She is standing taller than you, guess you fell down during the whole magic show.
>You look down and see you are actually standing already.
>Why are you so short then?
>”It worked! It worked!”
>Twilight is literally jumping with joy while Sunset just admires her old/new body.
>”Anon, isn’t this… uh oh…”
>Twilight says as she looks at you.
>”Oh wow!”
>Sunset says now looking over at you.
“Twilight, what just happened?”
>”Well Anon, I have some good news and some bad news.”
>Twilight says while rubbing the back of her head.
>”The good news is that Sunset is back to normal… but the bad news…”
>She says pausing at the end.
>”Looks like you’re the little kid now, Widdle Anon.”
>Sunset says teasingly.
>You go running to the bathroom and look in the mirror to see you are back to being a 10 year old boy and you are swimming in the clothes you are wearing.
“Oh you have go to be kidding me!”
>”Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now. We’ll probably have to go out and get you new clothes now.”
>Sunset says bending down behind you and pinches your cheek.
>She then has a devilish grin on her face.
>”Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”
>She says still grinning from ear to ear.
>”What’s S.S.?”
>Twilight finally speaks up.
I was about to suggest something like this
Also later in the story: Both Anon and Sunset are back to normal but Twilight gets 10y old/ They get tired of this shit and decide to friendly raep her
Please continue
I may continue this later today, but if another writefag is writefagging, I'll let them finish first.
No to żeś dojebał kolego. A już myślałem że jesteś bardziej z zachodu. A można wiedzieć jakie województwo?
trips confirm

mkay, write in english so this thread won't get banned. btw. zachodniopomorskie
That's pretty damn close to Berlin
I visit their Techno clubs from time to time. Would save me lots of time to get there
What this motherfucker said; if you don't have a vagina, take a long walk off a short bridge.
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It takes me 2,5 hours to get from my house with a car to Berlin, park somewhere, get metro and get to Brandenburg Gate
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To the real world, where they are doing things that are more important than to give complete strangers pedo-fuel.

Writefags and drawfags have lives outside of 4chan. I should know.
But for full 24 hours? It's like going full retard
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I refuse to believe You!
This wrong pic added a whole new meaning to my post
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>things that are more important than to give complete strangers pedo-fuel
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Very close to death
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Still wasnt close enough to give me a new fetish, for fucks sake.
>"You mean you're gonna do young-me anally?"
>pat at her chest
Holy fuck my sides are kill
/b/ is why Eraser was made
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Hey guys, where are the story-writing anonymouses at, my friends?
Well, I'm the one who wrote the Anon turning young thing. I was hoping to encourage others to continue with that idea because I figure others might find it easier to write for a young Anon than a young Sunset without feeling questionable or dirty after a story. Other writefags probably want to write this but don't want to be labeled as a pedo. Just my guess anyway. Otherwise enjoy the green in this thread and post another underage thread in a week or two and people will probably respond with content then.
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>this entire fucking thread
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Dont Look.jpg
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I've worked similar cases as a court officer, from experience, and since nothing like this has really ever happened before, I'm going to go off a case in which a man was brought in for "Public Indecency". He, in his late 30s was dating a 29 year old who had a developmental disorder that made her look in her early teens.

He kissed her at a diner, someone called the cops. They explained the situation, and she showed proof of age, still the cop didn't buy it and they were both brought in for questioning.

In the end the court found that, though she resembled traits of a child, she was of a legal arbitrary age, and able to consent.

So, I'd say it would come down to a jury's decision, but I doubt the guy/anon would get anything more community service, but I sincerely doubt he would be convicted.
So as long as the papers are in order, so to speak, our little Sunset would be just fine?
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Legally, yes. The largest concern with victims of underage sexual assault (This is just coming from experience) is how it will affect the child in question, as children who are victims of sexual assault tend to be...less useful to society, to put it nicely. As well as of course, "taking away their innocence". Take that to mean whatever you think it does.

That's the extremely short and cold version of it.
This thread man...
Can you explain more?
Can someone screencap this story? It is too good to die.
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Been a minute since I've seen that name.

Alright anything else need capping?
Don't take my word for anything, I'm not an attorney and the laws will change on your country/state, but:

I don't have any figures in front of me but children that are sexually abused tend to be highly at risk for becoming pedophiles themselves, and or become some form of sexual abuser. As well as they tend to be more likely to commit crimes than non abuse victims in general.

It's the hope that getting more sex offenders off the streets and or registered, that sex offenses do not become more of a perpetual problem.

Now something interesting I thought about while reading the story is that I would consider anon at risk for becoming a sex offender all the same as any other victim of sexual assault. Why is that? well, he's been introduced to a situation where having sexual relations with a person of a non-consenting biological age becomes...conditionally acceptable, and the longer that this sort of behavior goes on, it's more and more likely that anon would not be able to shake the kink. It wouldn't even surprise me if he broke up with shimmer after she returns to normal, so he can pursue similar body types. It's not absolute that will happen, but a possibility. It's also not that he wants to fuck kids, just very small, very immature looking women.

captcha: small spooon
No other caps needed? I'll be on my way then
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