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RP Clop Dumping
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>Celestia X Blitz
>Chapter 1
You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: How are ya?
Stranger: great,it could always be worse
You: Yeah
You: I'm Good
You: Wanna RP?
Stranger: sure.
You: Clop?
Stranger: thats fine
You: Who is making the Story?
Stranger: i dont have any
You: Another words what characters do you want?
You: To have
Stranger: preferably not gay,im a straight guy
You: Hmm
You: Fine
You: I'll start
Stranger: okay then
You: 4 Princesses Were Playing in The Royal Pool. Eating cake and Cookies. T'was Evening. Red Sun shined down at the White Castle making it Pink. Wings and Magic were Used.
Stranger: *walks in,confidence high*
You: (who walks in?)
You: (anonymous?)
Stranger: *me,or my OC,Blitz,a male unicorn to be exact*
You: (Mane colour Cutie mark?)
Stranger: *just a name,species,gender,thats it*
You: (K)
You: (Do you pick one princess or is it gonna get wierd?)
Stranger: i dont mind more than one,not Twilight,shes my #1 favorite*
You: (do as you please)
You: (Is It Vanilla Equestria?)
Stranger: yeah,sure *walks into the pool*
You: -Hello. Blitz. -says Celestia... - What brings you here on this beautiful day?
Stranger: well,i was called in earlier for a private meeting
You: -With who? - She starts to bet interested.
You: *to become
Stranger: a 1 on 1 meeting,and if Luna wants in,that can happen
You: Oh... Well... I Have to go set the Sun. Cadence needs to go back to Cristal Empire and Twilight has her studies... And Until Everypony falls to sleep Luna is free as a bird.
Stranger: i can wait till tonight *winks*
You: - I guess I can set the Sun From Here If your Private meeting is of such great importance
Stranger: well,its as much your choice as it is yours
You: *Celestia Smiles... Closes her Eyes... Her horn begins to glow... Sun Is Setting... twilight begins.*
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>Chapter 2
Stranger: oh this is gonna be a great time
You: - Indeed... And Now I Have Nothing more to do until the Sunrise... Surprisingly enough no royal duties await me tonight
Stranger: it can all go down here,or we could take it elsewhere
You: Let me lead the way to the royal bedroom of mine... We Shall "talk" there.
Stranger: *follows you,a few steps behind*
You: *Bedroom is Huge. Walls Are High. Bed is Gigantic*
Stranger: *opens door,using magic,holds it open till you walk inside,then closes it, *
You: - Well. I see you are a Gentlmemare... Thank you, Blitz
Stranger: oh its nothing,and thank you
You: - On the side note... What was your private meeting's subject?
Stranger: well,somehow we met,randomly,started talking,had a few things in common,and then i got a note on my front door saying you wanted to see me
You: Well... you know... so many things to do being a Princess... How could I ever forget that was my idea to meet you...
Stranger: must require some patience to keep up the duties,its fine
You: Any clue as to why you are here tonight?
Stranger: it was regarding a "stress issue" dont know that that means,dont have a dirty mind
You: My back is in a bit of pain lately... Would you be so kind and massage it a bit for me?
Stranger: no problems *starts massaging,only using knowledge from books and no practice*
You: - Thank you. Blitz...
You: *Celestia starts blushing for some reason. Tryes to hide it.*
Stranger: blushings nothing,its a natural response *keeps going*
You: - Can you massage my wings for a bit... Gently now...
Stranger: *eases on strength used,moves to the wings,starts massaging*
You: - How was your day, Blitz?
Stranger: another day of being cooped up in my house,studying magic
You: - Any Interesting Spells You've Learned Lately?
Stranger: nah,mostly practicing
You: - Very well... I think I had enough of your massage... I'm feeling less stressed now...
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Anthro Stages.jpg
184 KB, 800x800
>Chapter 3
You: You can stop if you want
You: If
Stranger: *stops in a smooth,gentle manner*
Stranger: but if you want something else,say it
You: You see Blitz... I can't just straigt ask for what I currently want... It's not Polite nor Fun...
You: But I can give you a hint *winks*
Stranger: and i think i get the idea,and the answer being "yes"
You: Being Immortal is hard... Everyone thinks you are so kind of otherworld being... And I'm just a Pony... Just More Experienced and Powerful...
Stranger: the same basic needs that everypony else has
You: Yeah...
Stranger: some more "private"
You: Shall we take it slowly as virgins or do you wanna go wild?
Stranger: lets do it at a decen pace,dont overwhelm each other
You: Very Well...
You: Should we maybe kiss first?
Stranger: well,yes,thats the first step
Stranger: *readies self*
You: *celestia closes her eyes waiting for the kiss*
Stranger: *moves my head close enough to kiss*
You: *moves a bit closer*
Stranger: *starts to kiss,passionatly,but carefully*
You: *answers by kissing in the same manner*
You: *hugs Blitz with both of her Wings
You: *a light hug
Stranger: *blushes,keeps going*
You: *blushes even harder than during massage. Continues*
Stranger: *passion is now stronger*
You: *grabs Blitz with her front Hoofs*
Stranger: oh my,its getting hot in here *smiles,keeps kissing*
You: You are amazing - says Celestia. Catches her Breath and the kiss continues
Stranger: aww thanks *waits for a half second to let you catch your breath*
You: - I think I got to excited *moans* it's getting wet back there...
You: *too
Stranger: *realizes that im getting excited,its just a great moment*
>Chapter 4
You: - Just kiss me already for My Sake!
Stranger: *keeps kissing,even more passionatly now*
You: *Hugs Blitz with her front Hoofs, passionatly. slowly they get on their back hoofs. Standing like bypedal creatures would*
Stranger: *is kind of unsteady,from just using my back legs*
You: *Blitz and Celestia start Levitating...
Stranger: *gets comfortable with levitating quick,only from past experiences with magic*
You: - I want you inside me...
Stranger: lets make this happen *smiles*
You: *Smiles back*
You: *keeps kissing you*
Stranger: *keeps kissing,realizes that this stallion is ready*
You: *Celestia's Pussy is so near...*
Stranger: *gets myself ready to pull this off* so,you ready to do this?
You: Yes - Celestia almost screams
Stranger: *as we are levitating gets the action going in an acceptable manner*
You: - We might want to stop levitating and land on my Bed...
Stranger: well,thats a great idea
You: -It will be easier to to the work there
You: *They gently land on the Bed*
Stranger: *keeps the action going,slightly more intense in manner due to being on a soft bed*
You: *Celly Starts Moaning*
Stranger: this is wonderful *keeps going,still energetic*
You: *Celly Keeps kissing Blitz. He Is not sure how she manages to pool that of
Stranger: *blushes big time*
You: *Celestia Turns Pink*
You: http://doctor-g.deviantart.com/art/Celestia-and-Celestia-316854896
Stranger: *isnt deterred by the change,not one bit*
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Check em (me).jpg
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>Chapter 5
You: *Amids all of it Celly starts Playing with Blitz's Tail
Stranger: oh,thats nice and kinky *keeps the action going,no problem*
You: *Bites her own wing* *moans even harder*
Stranger: kinky is nice,though..
You: - Indeed
You: - We could use magic to make it... oh... I think I'm Getting there
Stranger: *Works Even Harder*
You: *Orgasm* *It's Getting Very Wet* *They Both are covered In Sweat*
Stranger: *Blitz Finishes* *Breathes Heavily*
You: - I hope I'm gonna get Pregnant this time... Maybe this time things will be different... *Starts Smoking a Cigarette*
Stranger: What's That?
You: - Something from the human world behind the mirror... They say a drop of Nicotine can kill a horse... Good thing I'm Immortal. *Smiles*
Stranger: Keep this thing away from me! *Pulls out*
You: I Shall. *Walks to the balcony, slowly, Magestically* *Blitz managed to breeze in a tiny bit of the Smoke* *He Passed Out* *He was Awoken By The Sunrise Light*
You: - Good Morning,- Celly said... - Would you like to do IT again?...
Stranger has disconnected.
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>MissingName and Diamond Shine. A Love Story.
>Chapter 1 of 15
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like My little pony, and Mlp.

You: Hello!

Stranger: (WARNING CLOP RP! Please tell me if you're reading. Please tell me

your oc too.)We are two stallions (not gay) walking down the everfree forest.

And as we are walking I spot some tasty blue berries next to some strange blue

flowers. I walk over to the berries ,ignoring the flowers, I put a berry in my

mouth. It starts getting dark so we head back to my house. My stomach starts to

hurt by the time we make it to my house. you spend the night at my house because

you are worried about me. I go to my bedroom and go to sleep while you sleep on

the couch. When I wake up ,feeling much better, I go into the living room and

find that you are still asleep so I try to wake you up. But when you wake up and

look at me I am a mare!(my oc is a pegasus that has blue eyes, cream coat, black

mane, a diamond cuity mark, and my name is Diamond shine.)

Stranger: Hi

You: (reading)

You: Done

You: My OC is White Unicorn with black hair and red 5 edged star cutie mark

You: his name is MissingName

You: *MN opened his eyes*

Stranger: Hey wake up you slept in! *still shakeing you*

You: *MN looks at Diamond Shine*

You: - I must be still sleeping

You: - Why are you looking like a mare?

Stranger: What do you mean? *i look at you nerviously*

You: - Look in the Mirror...

You: - This is the strangest dream I had in Ages

You: *bites his front hoof*

You: - Shit... It's not a dream...

Stranger: I dont think its a dream dude *i go look in a mirror* GHA! *i back up*

You: *a bit of blood appears on MissingName's Front Hoof...*

Stranger: *looking into it blankly and nerviously* oh...my...luna... *still

looking at myself in the mirror*

You: Why am I not Surprised... Unidentified blue berries in the forest... next to blue flowers... that could be poison joke...
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Now What?
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>Chapter 2

You: Poison Berry?

Stranger: *i look inbetween my hind legs and see two crotch breast where my stallionhood used to be i quicly look up and blush deeply*

Stranger: Why didn't you warn me?!

You: I was sleepy... Did not pay attention...

You: Sorry

Stranger: What ever what do we do now though?

You: I know "SORRY" is NOT enough

You: Well...

Stranger: Yes it is enough

You: Did you ever wondered what's it's like to be a mare...

You: Touch your breasts maybe?

Stranger: Wh-what?!

You: What do you have to lose now...

You: You're not stupid to run around town screaming "Help! I'm a Stallion in A Mare's Body"

Stranger: *i back up a bit*

You: That's 3 weeks psycho hospital minimal

Stranger: Yea i am not going to do that but i dont want to have sex just because i am a mare

You: - Don't be afraid...

You: oh

You: Well, I respect you AND your choice

You: I didn't even dream to have sex with you

You: I envy you a bit

Stranger: Why?!

You: You have a chance to experience something beyond my life experience

You: And I freaking don't!

You: Twilight might fix you...

Stranger: Oh...yea i guess.

You: Turning mare into a stallion is easy for Alicorns

You: I guess

You: *sigh*

You: If I were you I would at least go to the bathroom and have some fun with my new body

You: Take a bath

You: If you don't want me here I can walk outside for an hour or 2

Stranger: I dont know i guess i will stay

Stranger: N-no its fine you can stay here *you start to smell a mare on her heat*
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>Chapter 3

You: Just one question... Is your sexuality still stalionlike?

Stranger: I-i dont know i kinda think your cute...*blushing a bit*

You: Aaaaaaand it's getting wierd...

You: *MissingName starts blushing too*

Stranger: Yea s-sorry!

You: The worst part is I find you attractive too...

Stranger: Oh yea i guess...*i stop blushing and look a bit sad*

You: But you are my friend... I can't just...

You: Fuck my life!

You: Why are you sad?

Stranger: N-no reason

You: Damn... Will I be considered the worst pony in the world if I say "I want to make sweet love to you"

Stranger: N-no *i nuzzle you a bit and start blushing*

You: Because... *starts playing With Diamond Shine's mane*

Stranger: *i lay my head on you chest*

You: Our animal instincts would be laughing their asses of if they had conciousness... *Pets Diamond's Head*

Stranger: Mmmm~ *blushes a bit more*

You: We are so fucked... *Attempts to kiss Diamond's Cheek*

Stranger: *i blush deeply after you kiss me and i start to nuzzle you*

You: You are too beautiful to resist... My animal nature is taking the best of me... *Nuzzles back*
>Chapter 4

You: I only resist because I think you still don't want this to happen... I guess I'm wrong... *Blushed deeper*

Stranger: (no "i")

You: (it's missingname talking)

You: (about himself)

You: (ok no "i")

You: *kisses Diamond's lips*

Stranger: Mmmmm *kisses you back*

You: *the kiss is lasting. MissingName Is Enjoying the moment*

You: *even though he realizes he's kissing a stallion in a mare's body*

Stranger: Mmmm *still kissing you*

You: Mmmm *starts using tongue*

Stranger: *our tongues meet* mmmmm~~

You: *MissingName Hugs Diamond with his front Hoofs bringing "her" closer to him*

You: *MissingName realized he has an erection for minutes now*

Stranger: *i feel your large cock pressing agains my new crotch breasts*

You: *MissingName Finally Recognizes The Smell Of The Heat*

You: -Do you Really want this? -asks MissingName breaking a kiss for a few seconds.

Stranger: Mmmhhhmmm....
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RainBoom Kick!.png
460 KB, 750x1000
>Chapter 5

You: *Gently inserts Cock*

Stranger: Oh~

You: - How Does it feel?

Stranger: Good *i blush deeply feeling your large cock slowly going deep inside of me*

You: *starts going back and forth

You: Very slowly

Stranger: Oh!~Oh!~

Stranger: Do you have to go so slow?

You: *speeds up*

You: *starts massaging Diamond's crotch tits*

You: Oh yes!

Stranger: *i look at you blushing* Oh!~Oh!~Oh!~Oh!~ *i blush deeply feeling your large hard cock slamming at the entrance of my womb *

You: - I Still Envy you!

Stranger: *and feeling your hooves on my boobs* OH!~OH!~OH!~

You: *grabs Diamond's Tail and your butt cheek* *Goes very deep*

You: *and then almost pulls out* *and again!*

You: *even Deeper*

Stranger: OH!!~~ *i feel you enter and exit and slam back into my womb*

You: - Did I reach the G point?

Stranger: OH!~OH!~OH!~OH!~

You: *missingname barely says and tries to catch his breath*

You: *Kissing You Again*

You: *and then going back to fucking*

Stranger: *feeling you slam into me once more i blush deeply and climax* OH!!~~<3

You: *climax grabs my cock... Semen poors into your Womb*

You: Well... NOW we're fucked! We didn't use protection
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Lenin Pony.png
349 KB, 730x1024
>Chapter 6

Stranger: Oh! I feel my womb fill up with your hot cum and my belly starts to swell*

You: What is going on?

You: *My Cock still pulsating inside You*

Stranger: Your load i-is so big...

You: I am not sure it's just my load...

Stranger: What do you mean?

You: You might be pregnant now... and the blue berry effects are unpredictable

You: Your body changed to female over night...

You: How fast will pregnancy go?

Stranger: I dont know nine months?

You: I hope so...

You: Your metabolism Is very fast now

Stranger: What do you mean?

You: It is possible it may take less time for fillies to appear

You: If it happens today... Well I'll marry you tomorrow...

You: *Diamond's Belly gets larger*

You: *MissingName pulls out*
>Chapter 7

Stranger: The only reasion my belly is swollen like this is because i am litraly full with your cum like my entire womb is filled with your cum*

You: - Did you at least enjoy the Sex?

Stranger: *cum starts to pour out of my plot and my swelling starts to go down as more cum pours out*

You: - Wow... I really overdid it this time...

You: Sorry

Stranger: Yea i think i am pregnate

You: Was it better than Having Sex as a Stallion?

Stranger: I really liked it

You: I Really liked it too...

You: *kisses Diamond*

Stranger: (can we skip nine months later?)

You: (yes)

You: Yes we can

Stranger: (this is after we hace had a foal and it is a colt we are still in the hospital and i am laying on the bed i look like i just gave birth and the white coated black mane blue eyed colt lays next to me sleeping)

You: (you just finished breastfeeding him for the first time)

Stranger: *i look at the small colt and smile a bit *

You: Imagine what would we say if someone told us this will happen...

You: 2 friends... becoming lovers

Stranger: I would say they are crazy

You: So would I, my Love, so would I.

You: What should we call or little colt?

Stranger: (do you have to go?)

You: (nope)

You: (I have all the time in the world)
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Breezy God Parents.gif
962 KB, 750x563
>Chapter 8

Stranger: I dont know what do you think?

You: I'm thinking of a white gem...

You: You are his mother after all...

Stranger: Okay thats good..he has your coat...

You: And my Name... well... It's my parent's joke

You: I don't want him to suffer because of some strange name we give him

Stranger: Oh well i like your name *i nuzzle you a bit*

You: *nuzzles back*

Stranger: *the colt wakes up*

You: What if I told you I'm actually an alicorn?

Stranger: What do you mean?

You: Well you see... my wings are hidden with magic... My parents did this so I was treated like a normal child

You: -Look at our sweet little baby *MissingName Smiles*

Stranger: Thats aweful *i nuzzle up closer to you trying not to fall off the bed*

You: They told me about this about a month ago

You: Since I was going to become a parent myself

You: I hope my wings will be in good enough shape for me to be able to fly one day...

Stranger: Well i are little one is hungry again...*i look at you blushing a bit*

You: *MissingName casts a spell Big White wings appear on his back* - Well don't be shy...

You: *hugs Diamond Shine with his set of new-found wings*

Stranger: Oh um okay *i let Gem suckel on my breast*

Stranger: *and blush a bit*

You: - How Does It Feel To Be A Mother?

Stranger: Different from being a father

You: Yeah
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Pinkie Pie Blade.png
320 KB, 888x1019
>Chapter 9

You: (on the side note... here's how my OC looks Like)

You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Brzg86clDjM

Stranger: (oh okay)

Stranger: Should we be heading home?

You: We may, Darling.

You: I can carry you with my magic if you are tired

Stranger: You dont have to if you dont want to..

You: O, but I do want to. *MissingName Smiles*

Stranger: Okay then *i put Gem on my back and wait for you*

You: *I levitate you and our little colt and fly out of the hospital window... obviously helping myself with magic... my wings are still weak*

You: *three of us eventually get home*

Stranger: *i take the colt to the nertry and put him in the crib*

You: So... What do we do now?

You: Maybe watch sunset together?

Stranger: I dont know? I am really tyred

You: *Levitates Diamond to the nearest bed*

Stranger: Wow you really love me don't you?

You: I do... You are truly my precious Diamond...

Stranger: *i blush* well i am gunna go to sleep....i have had a big day...

You: And I'll watch our little Gem...

You: Not to cry...
>Chapter 10

Stranger: (can we skip 5 years when the colt i kinda grown up?

You: (yes we can)

Stranger: *we wake up at 6:30 in the morning to your alarm*

Stranger: You gotta get up and go to work *i groan*

You: Good Morning...

Stranger: (brb)

You: What's Wrong?

You: (I'll Go Smoke My Pipe for a minute or 2)

You: (brb)

Stranger: (back and nice)

Stranger: Nothing i am just sleepy and you have to leave for work

Stranger: (while you are at work can you be Gem?)

You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g1dflMEpOU

You: Of Course I can Play with our little colt

Stranger: (play with or as?)

You: (just press right mouse button and copy paste)

You: (With)

You: (and as)

You: oh

Stranger: But you have to go to work

You: (ok)

You: Sadly I do

You: He's big enough to take care of himself

You: I'll just walk him to school

Stranger: He does not have school today remember summer break?

You: Oh, I'm still sleeping I guess...

You: Well... I'm certain he'll find someone to play with outside

You: My mistake

You: *MissingName Smiles*

Stranger: *30 minets later you leave for work*
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MissingName OC.png
613 KB, 749x575
>Chapter 11

You: (Gem is a Cutie Mark Crusader)

Stranger: *i walk up to gem* so what do you want to do?

You: - I want to find my Cutie Mark

You: *answeres Gem*

Stranger: Well you cant just make it happen you just gotta live life on until you get it

You: I will still try my best

Stranger: Thats good!

You: Can I go play outside now?

Stranger: *sigh* yea sure.

You: Good bye Mommy. - says Gem. Kisses you and runs away...

Stranger: *i sigh and think to my self why does he never want to hang out with me?*

You: (>adult terrany XD)

You: (remember Kids Next Door?)

Stranger: (sure)

You: (we can skip again XD)

You: (if you want)

You: (to the time we decide to have another child)
>Chapter 12

Stranger: (its 6:00 and you walk in the house)

You: I'm Home!

Stranger: Hi dear *i go up to you and hug you*

You: *I hug you with my wings*

Stranger: Hey....

You: What?

Stranger: I uh...think i am ready again...

You: Is Gem away?

Stranger: Yea i think he is outside *he is really up stairs with headphones on*

You: Well... I'm Ready too... You know... It's been awhile!

Stranger: Yea *i trot to the bedroom with my tail lifted*

You: *starts kissing you*

You: *on the bed*

Stranger: Mmm~~

You: *closing door with magic*

You: Mmm~~

You: How shall we do it this time? - I ask after kiss finally ends

Stranger: I dont care i am willing... *i gaze deeply into your eyes*

You: Let's begin then... *I insert my erected cock inside your pussy*

Stranger: Oh!~

Stranger: *i blush deeply feeling you go deep inside me*
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Comrade Fluttershy.png
210 KB, 894x894
>Chapter 13

You: - I had a crazy Idea lately...

You: How about we switch genders...

You: I recently learned this spell

Stranger: Wh-what?

Stranger: B-but why?

You: I would like to be a Mother too you know...

You: Would you do it for me?

Stranger: B-but what about gem he would notice

You: I can hide my pregnancy and your true genders magically

You: No one but us will notice

Stranger: I dont know you cant hide a pregnancy

You: I can even make magically as if you are having a second baby... but I will bare it

You: Or we could switch bodies

You: For a hour

Stranger: I-i dont think its a good idea

You: Well as you like as you want, my love

You: *cock still inside you*

Stranger: Im sorry its just not that good of an idea

You: Each... Probably... But body switch spell usually never backfires

Stranger: We can have sex in any possition. And i have never trusted magic it all ways seems to go wrong...

You: Well you are smarter then me sometimes...
>Chapter 14

You: Let's do the Doggy stile

Stranger: No offence though i think you are good at magic though

Stranger: Okay...

You: *I pool out, stand behind you and insert cock again. you are standing up, me riding you*

You: *I Pet Your Head*

Stranger: Oh!~Oh!~Oh!~ *i blush deeply*

You: Yes!~ This is going better than I expected

You: *I blush deeply... It would seem my mane colour is now pink

Stranger: *all if the sudden Gem walks into the room*

You: (give me a minute I need to go)

You: *Invisibility spell*

You: *levitating both of us on the ceiling*

Stranger: *i am blushing deeply even though you are invisible you are still inside me makeing my plot even more noticeable*

Stranger: *because with you inside me it keeps my tail up*

Stranger: (oh i see you turned us both invisible)

Stranger: (do you want to try it like this though?)

You: (I just don't want our colt to see the things he shouldn't)

You: (but we can try doing it quietly on the ceiling)

Stranger: (oh okay)

You: *I slowly and quietly keep fucking your pussy*

You: *I make funny faces you can't see to keep myself from making sounds*

Stranger: *i let out a small moan*

Stranger: Oh~~~
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Rarity Cow Anthro.png
3 MB, 2400x3000
>Chapter 15

You: *blocking soundwaves with my magic*

You: *Gem looks at the ceiling... sees nothing after a minute or 2 he walks out and screams* Mom Dad? Where are you?

You: *I giggle a bit*

You: Now we can scream all we want... no one will hear us scream

You: Starts Fucking You Big Time

Stranger: Wh-whats so funny he wants his mother or father

You: - We are like spies... Hiding from the Police...

You: (mission imposseblur)

Stranger: OH!~OH!~OH!~ *i blush deeply and climax*

You: *I keep Fucking you ignoring the climax*

You: *I did not reach my climax yet*

Stranger: OHOHOHOHOH!!~~~~<3

You: Rawr<3

Stranger has disconnected.
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Celestia X Blitz:
1 >>20203333
2 >>20203346
3 >>20203365
4 >>20203388
5 >>20203402
MissingName And Diamond Shine. A Love Story:
1 >>20203673
2 >>20204825
3 >>20204848
4 >>20204878
5 >>20204908
6 >>20204926
7 >>20204955
8 >>20204977
9 >>20205030
10 >>20205049
11 >>20205061
12 >>20205069
13 >>20205082
14 >>20205095
15 >>20205113

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You Better Rethink Your Strategy, Gentlemen.
Or Just Go Fuck Yourselfs.
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What the fuck
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