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>You're a Spartan IV
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>You're a Spartan IV
>Your poor knowledge of Forerunner technology has rendered you lost on a foreign planet
>You're receiving no IFF signals, no radio contact, you are alone

>But you see warm lights in the distance. Civilization.
Yes writefag continue
"Why here?" you question aloud. "What's significant about this place?"
>Forerunners don't act without purpose. Their technology brought you here for a reason.
>You feel a pang of anxiousness. You'd better find a communications relay before trying to unravel this place.
>You scan the environment. A pastoral setting: scattered trees, rolling hills, a view straight to the horizon. And it was twilight. The sky was a stunning shade of purple.
>You settle your gaze on the lights once more. That's the greatest point of interest, you'll head there.
>You assess yourself. You and your gear remain unscathed. You carry a standard recon kit: a marksman rifle, a sniper rifle, a sidearm, and respected magazines, along with a survival knife.
"You'll be fine," you tell yourself.
>You set off at a comfortable but cautious jog, bee-lining from one small patch of trees to another, scanning everything.
>As you navigate the terrain you adjust your motion sensor to maximum range, noting the tiny white blips around you. Small. Unknown signatures. Just wildlife hiding in the bushes.
>You decide to speed up, and accelerate to an easy sprint. You begin to feel more comfortable as nightfall descends and darkness covers you. This is your element. Your armour is reactive in the dark, and you blend with the shadows.
>Your pace slackens as you approach the settlement. You stop at a safe distance and settle in at the brow of a hill. You magnify your visor to get a better view.
>You're looking at a village, a considerably small and primitive one. 'No good' you think as you look it over. With straw roofs, there wasn't going to be any sort of comms relay nearby.
"Why make a portal that leads here?"
>Your motion sensor suddenly flashes. An airborne blip heads your direction from 50 meters out. You rise into a defensive stance and ready your rifle.
>As it gets closer, you watch as a small cylindrical construct hover over to you.
Princess Cadence sucks donkey ass!

>be S-IV
>an hero because I am worthless dude bro ODST wanna be faggot, and can never ever compare to S-III's and IIs.
>carrying more than 2 weapons
the fuck is this shit?
Seriously though, keep going nigger
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>Spartan IV
pleb tier spartan

also continue
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ODST are better

this better be continued
Writefag pls don't be kill
"Reclaimer," it drones.
>You stare at it.
"Reclaimer," it repeats.
"Yes," you answer.
"You have come alone. Why did the Masters send you alone."
>The question was more of a statement than a question.
"Your masters are gone," you answer. "I'm here because I activated a portal. By mistake."
>The small drone seemed to ponder this.
"This world is not ready for your use Reclaimer. The Masters will return when it is. You must come with me."
>The drone hovers upward and spins in the direction you came from. It begins moving at a reasonable pace. You decide to follow it without question. The last time you pissed a Forerunner construct off, you were almost incinerated.
>As you jog behind it you check your comms again. Nothing. You decide to try and get some answers from the AI guiding you.
"Can you tell me where this world is?"
>It doesn't reply.
"Are there means of sending me back where I came from?"
You keep up your pace for a rough 20 minutes, trailing silently behind the construct. It eventually stops and descends down to the ground. You realize this is exactly where you started, and watch, intrigued. A small beam projects out of the construct and shoots into the ground, then a short cylinder extends out of the grass. The construct hovers over to it and projects its beam on it.
>A circle of ground suddenly dips into the earth, and below the surface you see lights built into the walls, all shining in a circle.
"Enter the circle," the drone orders.
>You step into the sunken circle of ground and into the white light. The construct hovers above you. It projects another beam into the ground, then the lights shine in the typical blinding Forerunner fashion, and your whole body goes fuzzy.
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1402827389713 (1).png
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oh boy here we go
a thread i can share my autism in. nice.
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i dont care gif.gif
527 KB, 400x225
>gif is not relevant.
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posting nostalgia

>You cringe at the unfamiliarity of the odd sensation. It's almost like being tickled. Spartans don't do tickling.
>Finally it ends, and the light fades away. You expect to be facing the inside of a Forerunner base, but life hasn't been that straightforward lately. You're facing a castle. An extravagantly large castle.
>You stand there speechless.
"Enter this structure," the construct orders.
>You struggle to find a professional way to word your distress.
"I... I don't understand, I thought you were taking me to a portal, or a ship. Why am I here? I need to get off this planet. Don't you understand?"
"Enter this building. The inhabitants will help you. We cannot."
>You wait to allow the construct to continue. It doesn't.
"And, why can't you help me?"
"We cannot break protocol. Return here when the Masters have instructed you to."
>The construct hovers into the air and speeds away. You eye the ornate front doors of the fancy palace.
"I swear, if I end up slaying a dragon..."
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damn it carols.jpg
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>spartan IV
More like "IV Runner"
>"I swear, if I end up slaying a dragon..."

carlos i swear to god!
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enjoy your shitty knock-off spartans faggot
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Considering he was running Phfor 20 minutes, I'd say he was doing quite the Marathon.
>You look left, then right, then cautiously approach the front doors.
>Suddenly you hear a shout.
"STOP! Hold your ground, intruder!"
>A flurry of strange, four-legged things come charging out at you. They're equine, strangely equine. And they've quickly surrounded you.
'How helpful'
"Identify yourself, under order of the royal princesses!"
>You stand there, staring awkwardly at the ringleader of these strange, tiny armoured horses. If a spartan could display clueless, you're doing it.
"I said IDENTIFY yourself!"
>You decide to find your voice.
"I am Spartan S-184 of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force. I..."
>You pause for a moment.
"...Come in peace."
>The equine guards look at each other, then you again.
"I need to speak to whoever is inside this palace," you start.
>The guards seem to bristle at that thought.
"I was told they can help me find my way home."
>They remain silent for a moment.
"WE shall decide who you talk to right now, intruder. Follow us, but first relieve yourself of any weapons."
>His voice was strict. You decide to humour him and strip yourself of your weapons, beginning with your knife, which he was so obviously eyeing. You keep your sidearm.
"Empty your pouches," he orders.
>You look at him dryly for a moment, then begin the painstaking task of emptying your pouches.
"The device on your side. What is that?" a guard points to your sidearm.
"Medical injector," you lie. "In case I have an allergic reaction."
>They glance at each other. For a second you wonder if they'll make the connection between it and your other firearms, but they don't.
"Very well."
"Proceed after me, intruder," the lead guard orders.
>He begins leading you to the front door, and the other guards form around you. You follow obediently.
'That construct better not have screwed me'
so much promise, keep going
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Hmmm, this could get really good. Already has a pretty good build up.

Keep going.
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Yes yes yes
>The weight of your kit thuds against the granite tiles of the palace floors. You wonder if this place could handle the weight of a Spartan, like the ships and Forerunner structures you're so used to. The guards didn't seem warm to the idea of you cracking their fancy palace floors.
"Do you have interstellar travel?" you ask randomly.
>They look at you oddly.
"Interstellar... communication?"
>Their looks tell you no.
"Whatever you require assistance with, intruder, we certainly cannot aid you. Our princesses, however, may be able to."
>You perk up at that comment.
"So this place is a totalitarian society?"
"Are your princesses humble?"
'Good. That will make this easier'
>You hold any further questions. You decide to divert your attention to the detail of the palace halls instead. You note how similar it looks to early human architecture, specifically medieval. You expect some sort of connection between humans and these creatures, due to the architectural similarities and the fact that you speak the same language. You wonder how large a hand the Forerunners play in this.
'The construct said this world isn't ready for my use. What exactly is this place meant to be, then?'
>You turn down a large, extravagant hall, lined with large golden torches and shining as if the sun shone directly into it. You then realize that might actually be happening. The torches aren't lit with fire, but with a strange, mystical source of light that shines like the sun itself. You quickly learn not to stare at the torches for too long.
'What is this place?' you wonder. 'The Forerunners MUST have a hand in all this.'
>At the end of the hall is a large ornate doorway, complete with a sprawling mosaic of two majestic looking horses, one beside the sun, and one beside the moon.
"The princesses are beyond these doors. Show them respect," the guard says.
Have to drive home right now. Give me 20 to finish.
So far I like that he hasn't turned into the usual faggoty spartan characters.
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I will wait,
I will hunt you down if you don't return
oi u wot
It'd be a shame if he went bloodanon on us
who is that?>
A god-tier writefag that abandoned us not too long ago. He actually went by Biscotti, Bloodanon was the name of the story. I fear I will never again see my sides after him.
I need finish
Did he just vanish, or did he say "fuck it I'm done" in thread?
He left for the day/night and didn't come back
That makes me sad.
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 617x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is he Biscuitanon?
Fuck guys I'm back. It was a long damn drive.
Rejoice! Based writefag has returned!
Maybe. He might be tied in with Hasbro running /mlp/ or maybe the one anon running all the generals
I like this story, I'm hoping thos turns into something great.
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382 KB, 1920x1080

How is it, being a wannabe?
File: 1393280248812.png (1 MB, 1097x1069) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumping with sunny tits
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>mfw that moment in Halo 4 when you came across that entire squad of Spartans
>mfw they perform just as well as the regular marines
>mfw Del Rio tried to boss Chief around
>mfw Chief was no longer the superior and voice of command
>mfw Chief was no longer unique and was treated the same as all of the other mass produced shit Spartans despite his amazing feats
>The large intricate doors swing open without so much as a tap. They appear to be made of solid gold, but by god, they don't move like it.
"Enter," an authoratative voice commands.
>You walk purposefully inside, noting the increase of light within the room and how your visor had actually reacted to it.
>Inside you see more of the guards, armed to the brim with flaring golden armour and shining polished spears. You could swear the guards behind you are 'ooing' and 'awing' at them.
>A heavy click resonates throughout the room as the doors gently shut behind you. You approach the princess and stop at the base of her throne, looking up at her intently.
"What is your name, my friend?"
>Her voice no longer holds such a commanding tone, rather, a kind one, yet one full of curiosity.
"I am Spartan S-184, of the United Nations Space Command."
>She looks at you trivially.
"Er.. Jeff," you add.
"Hello Jeff. It's most exciting to meet you. I am Princess Celestia, ruler of this land, along with my sister, Princess Luna, who will be here shortly. It seems you have found your way to Equestria. May I ask how?"
"Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm a soldier, specifically, a scout. I was performing a recon assignment in... for lack of a better word, an "alien" environment, and I triggered a portal by mistake."
"One that brought you here."
>Celestia went deep into thought for a few moments.
"Tell me, Jeff, where exactly would you find a portal that leads to my home, and why?"
>You had to think for a moment to answer that one. Does she know about the Forerunners? The construct seemed pretty content that they would help you. Maybe they were trading favours. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
"Do you know who the Forerunners are?"
>She gives you a puzzled look. So much for that.
"Who are they?"
>You had genuinely piqued her curiosity now. If you didn't get back on topic soon, this whole conversation would go nowhere.
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>mastur cheef
>mark VI armor
Fuck outta here
>being a Spartan IV
>being an incompetent, mass produced, knock off, wannabe, 'totally tacticool' "Spartan" that will NEVER, EVER be as good as a Spartan II or even a III and has become a symbol everything wrong with the Halo franchise today
"Well, I'm not entirely sure myself," you lie. "That's why we were investigating."
>The lead guard who escorted you suddenly appears from behind and approaches the princess. He whispers something to her.
"Jeff, who told you that I could help you? My captain informs me you mentioned that someone had sent you here."
>It seems this conversation just doesn't want to be avoided.
"Well, yes, I was sent here. It seems you have at least one Forerunner inhabitant living among you. It told me that you could help me find my way home. What it's doing here, I don't know."
>Celestia ponders this. She doesn't seem comfortable with the thought. You decide to play the innocence card and get things moving.
"I wish I could provide some sort of answer for you, but I honestly can't. All I can tell you is that I doubt the Forerunners mean you any harm, in fact, what we are beginning to discover is that their intentions are simply to preserve life."
>That oughta do it. You could already smell the stale coffee back at mess.
"Well," Celestia mused. "I suppose all you wish for is to return to the place you came from?"
>Celestia looks troubled at that, as if she was almost dreading your answer. You don't feel guilty that she'll miss you, though.
"Very well," she says. "Before anything, I will need you to remove your helmet."
>You feel a bit of unease at that, but her face displays a genuine concern for you. You decide to oblige, and unmask yourself.
"Now," she says as she descends from her throne, all the while studying your features. "I will need you to focus on the place you came from. With that, I can take the picture in your mind, and work out the distance it is from here."
>You stare at her silently.
"In Equestria, magic is one of our leading sources of energy. And it can be used to do a lot of things. Now, you must relax, focus solely on the place you wish to return to, and based on the information I collect, I shall determine if I can help you."
File: hype.gif (624 KB, 211x119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this writefaggetry is reaching god-tier.... keep going based-anon
my ass is gong to sleep. Thread better not become kill while I'm gone.
I haveto get some sleep soon. One of you niggers better make a pastebin of this.
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>not anon 117
Fuck outta here
'She's gonna' do that with her MIND?'
>You were beginning to wonder if the Huragok got their freaky mind powers from her.
"Simply relax, Jeff."
>You decide to focus on base camp, instead of Infinity. You don't want to find out she can't score a direct hit when the target is in the vacuum of space.
"Close your eyes and just focus. When I begin, you will feel a warm sensation. It may tingle, it won't hurt."
>Great. You thought you were done with tingling.
>You do as she instructed, making sure to include every last detail. You remember the place like the back of your hand. And she was right. When she began, you really started to tingle. It wasn't unpleasant.
"There," she said after a short time.
>You didn't want to jump to any conclusions, but her tone sounded sort of down cast.
"Well?" you press.
"It's what I expected," she answers. "That place is a very, very great distance from here. It will take me a long time to master a spell to transport you there, I'm afraid."
>She looks at you gultily. You suddenly realize how redundant this all is. Here you are relying on spells and magic, when there is a Forerunner bunker somewhere packed with methods to get you home. And you're a reclaimer. Well it's time to reclaim. Screw the construct.
"It's alright, princess. Do what you can, but in the mean time, may I have the freedom to pursue the Forerunners stationed here to further my research?"
>Celestia considers this.
"Very well," she replies. "Under watch of my guard, though."
>You nod politely.
"First, however," Celestia continues, "I would like for you to meet my sister, along with our honoured guest, someone who very much shares the same troubles you currently face."
>inb4 it's an elite
I need a pastebin man
File: 1404387970083.png (111 KB, 358x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 358x320
I like this.

Don't stop.
Betcha it's a Brute
>inb4 its just anon
>AiE cross

That would be funny as hell.
File: nonono.gif (2 MB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x168
i eleld
>Who, or what else, could be in my situation? You were beginning to worry. You didn't want to find out a lowly elite managed to find its way here as well. It would make sense, the way they tampered with Forerunner tech. You supposed you were no better at this point, though.
>You hear the doors open behind you.
"Here they are," Celestia beamed.
>You turn to look, bracing yourself for another strange twist in your adventures. What you get isn't disapointing.
>Beside the regal-looking dark blue equine approaching you strides someone you never thought you'd have the honour of meeting.
>You look into the golden faceplate of a living legend, a Spartan-II Commando, one of the original soldiers that changed the face of the war and gave humanity its second chance. He was what you descended from. He was what gave people hope.
"Sister," Celestia said delightedly. "And Randall. A pleasure to see you both.
>As the hulking Spartan walks across the throne room to you, you rethink ever calling your kit heavy again.
>They stop before you. Princess Luna greets you, you simply nod at her.
>You stand to and offer a salute to the grizzly Spartan. Aside from experience, he's got age on you as well. His voice doesn't hide that.
"At ease, Spartan," he orders.
>He's got the voice of a wise old vet. You briefly wonder how long he's been stuck here.
"Stuck in your kit this whole time, sir?"
"Didn't wanna blow the hatches. Thought I'd have made my way off this planet by now, but it seems you've gone and found me. Now why, Spartan-184, would you do that."
"UNSCs become pretty ambitious lately, sir. We've begun digging into some real heavy-duty Forerunner tech, but sometimes, mistakes happen. And now I'm here."
"Forerunner, huh? Well I don't know a lot about that, but you must. In which case, I've got something to show you."
>Things were looking up.
"A hangar?"
"You're going to tell me, Spartan."
A spartan I I? I'm not sure what to feel.
I wish a pastebin for this story, pls
Good stuff so far.
>Spartan IV
fucking dropped
File: image.jpg (382 KB, 824x1230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 824x1230
If you honestly drop this story because of the version of fucking armor you are a gigantic faggot
I have my gripes about the armor myself, but once I found a set that worked for me, it kind of became moot.

Besides, I dunno why the guy's so "mehhhh" about S-IVs. It's still a goddamn fantasy future super soldier, no matter which variant you go for.
File: EPONA.png (704 KB, 780x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
704 KB, 780x1024
>you will never be captured as a child
>you will never be forced to endure physical tests
>you will never be forced into having physical augmintations thats have a chance of killing you
>you will never be brainwashed into killing rebels
>you will never put a set of armor on
>you will never be a spartan II super soldier
>you will never die taking down an entire covenant fleet with your bare hands
File: 1362312243126.jpg (80 KB, 456x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 456x386
>Comparing Spartan IV's and bungie in the same breath
flood pone when?
File: mlfw5503_small.png (63 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 320x320
>flood pone
Aw hell no, son
glorious bump
>inb4 the two spartans in the story go to the forrunnner place and wake something up they shouldnt
its the flood. bad end for everyone as the planet is proceeded to be mac blasted
This story pleases me.
File: 02.jpg (61 KB, 620x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 620x260
Do I take life or give it? Who is victim, and who is foe?
get the fuck out, gravey
>a real spartan
ohmygodYES, you have redeemed yourself!
whelp, flood is here. someone glass the thread
I'd kill for another ODST game that's set in the same kind of setting as the one in that webm
they dont make them like they are anymore im afraid.
Dat song...
Dem goosebumps.
Feels good.

Captcha: 420
File: reach_22402241_Full.jpg (414 KB, 1536x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
414 KB, 1536x1152
is writefag kill?
File: OHGODWHY.jpg (15 KB, 217x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Halo: Reach
implying it wanst as bad as the one that shall not be mentioned. halo 4
at least we got the Chief back, though in the shittiest fashion possible
and then they killed me inside with that ending
we'll miss you Cortana
>yfw Halo 5 pulls some major bullshit by having Cortana 2.0
get ready for the edge fest that will be halo 5.

wont be getting it cause no xbone one to play on
I... I am the monument to all your sins.
>not posting a pic for the yfw
anyone play the halo mod for sins of a solar empire? if not, i highly recomend that shit

please god no
if you kill Cortana
you best keep her dead
when it comes out, /v/ is going to give up and wish for death
and /mlp/ will cry with them, just like we did with the Rift when Facejew bought it
File: 1396027333441.gif (1 MB, 392x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 392x294
nope this would be mine because I know people would of pre-ordered it and maybe even brought Xbones just to play it thinking it would be good
id say i hate halo 4 but i played that game to death on the campaign and no lifed multiplayer untill it all became too casual clubbing noobs and reaching max level.
and it still felt good
halo on PC when?
Do not be afraid. I am peace; I am salvation.
i want the flood to leave
File: 138404852031.png (50 KB, 500x518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 500x518
File: gravemind.jpg (452 KB, 1375x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 1375x769
This one is machine and nerve, and has its mind concluded.
>mfw playing 'the library' in CE or 'Cortana' in 3. On legendary.
This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded.
File: Spirit of Fire.png (794 KB, 1588x679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spirit of Fire.png
794 KB, 1588x679
Did someone say MAC Blast?
File: 0.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 480x360
Do not shoot, but listen! Let me lead you safely... to our foe. Only you can halt... what he has set in motion.

who cried
>implying Reach was bad at all
It was one of the best.
And I also think the massive amount of hate Halo 4 gets is undeserved. I didn't like the story at all or how MC acted, but come the fuck on. It was still fun.
File: NO! GOD NO!.gif (2 MB, 160x130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
NO! GOD NO!.gif
2 MB, 160x130
>Cortana on Legendary
Once was enough.
>any flood only level on legendary
everyday more and more non-show related shit floods this shithole, keep on keeping on, faggots.
it wouldnt be fun anyother way
>no fun allowed
Infected spartan?
Too bad the flood's wiped out (or is it?), because then next game would be the perfect time to put in infected spartans what with all of the new Spartan-IVs.
The show can kiss my ass. This shits gud.
File: 1379867015331.gif (2 MB, 355x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 355x200
>mfw doing this http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Vidmaster_Challenge:_Annual
File: #EvilAwakens[1].jpg (12 KB, 237x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 237x213
the autum was better it was solid and tough unlike that that ship wbich is structualy worse off
fucking did that, it was a fucking blast. one of the best times i ever had. but those times will never ever happen again even if i wished them to. halo 3 is long gone, but not forgotten. i still play the story every now and again though. i enjoy it
File: 1386000088232.gif (2 MB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x250
same, it was a good 3-4 hours of friendships being pushed to the limit but that fucking feel when everyone makes the jump
Halo 4 is the worst Halo
RIP sgt Johnson, you went out with a bang
I don't have a face for when I tried this because I ripped mine off.
>A friend invites you to get the vidmaster.
>Lobby is filled with screamers.
>"Friend" starts laughing and leaves.
>Is immediately replaced by another pre-pubescent boy.
>Why didn't I just quit?
File: twi with m6 pdws.jpg (733 KB, 1000x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
twi with m6 pdws.jpg
733 KB, 1000x899
Have this.
when you play on legindary and there is no cover and no shields and you can see those needles homing in towards you
Even though the Spirit of Fire was sent to cover the Pillar of Autumn's escape as it was venting atmosphere. And the deployable bases don't count towards the Spirit of Fire's structural integrity, since they're technically bases just clipped on to the side for easy deployment. Otherwise, it could withstand a direct hit from a Covenant Destroyer.
saved, this fuels my autism
fuck me OP, I would rather be a ODST in ODST gear. than a spartan IV. fuck those ungrateful cunts
lucking, may write some
>US Armory
>most powerful weapon in Halo:CE
Does anyone here still even have Halo pc or CE?
i have CE on the old xbox still in perfect condition
Same here.
playing halo wars and lose in 10 mins because of the warthog rush, fuck!
What about Custom Edition?
used to have ODST but traded it back then regreted it after. it says preowned on CE even though it was never preowned.
>Not building turrets on your base
>Not having your first Scorpion out before the 5 minute mark

It got to the point on Halo Wars where I would rush defense because I had no fun in rushing a victory and liked the longer games with big battles

also fuck those team mates who quit as soon as the game starts
how this music called?
>Super turtling
Mah nigga. I'd ask to trade GamerTags, but I haven't had Gold for the last two years because
>muh university
grizly tanks where fucking rediculously op on that game but scarabs shit on anything that isnt ODDTs because you can prevent the scarab from shooting by surrounding it in infantry. ODST confirmed for best units
u wot m8
here you go. i never used it so first person can claim it :^)
File: Travis.png (245 KB, 948x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245 KB, 948x396
My vision of hell is being forced to play that retarded fucking level.
On legendary.
For the rest of eternity.
I'm away from my Xbox right now. But thanks for the offer.
>Fugg :DD

Nah, AA Cyclopses were the best.
trusting those ausies in the cyclopse robot suits. shigdig
arby and the chief. fuck i need to watch that again
That's why you have 3 Spartan-controlled Grizzlies attacking the opponent's units while the Aussies shit on the base. Do you even strategy, m8?
rushing elephant tanks then infantry is more fun
me and my friend playing deathmatch 1v1 on a 3v3 size map, building nothing but cyclops and having a massive royal rumble in the middle of the map

Halo Wars was fun
Arby 'n' the Chief
>this thread
>two noice things come one
>all these horsefuckers talking about 10/10 game series
You nogs are gr8. Never change.
Halo is fucking awesome
File: ODST fight.webm (2 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ODST fight.webm
2 MB, 640x360
still waiting for writfag
so who here own all the comics and books?
File: 1407607985999.gif (2 MB, 235x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 235x240
Without halo, life wouldn't be the same.
This thread.
Fitting music
>mfw grunts and extra grenade happy skull active
Did based-writefag die?
I tried that once.
The guy had a formation of Cobras at the ready. Good thing my friend came in with a full pop of Hawks.

>Deathmatch on a 3v3 map with 1v1
I also tried that once. All I can say is that Gauss hogs are glass cannons.
if OP doesn't return in a hour I may start something.
I say go for it, writefag seems to be kill and it'd be nice to have some new content
File: 024.jpg (185 KB, 665x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 665x1024
I went to sleep. Now I'm awake.
I own most of the books except tgose forerunner ones. Fuck the forerunners.
>writefag gone for a few hours, must be kill
He could be asleep, at work, or doing something more important, shitnips.
downloaded the forerunner one few days ago, not got to start them yet.
cant be too bad even thought forerunners are jerks
write-fag is that you?
Dude I'm on that level right now
eh, I'ma try something, furst time properly writing something, bonus points if people get references.
>be Anon, Spartan 044
>You used to be called Anton due to idiots mispronouncing your name
>Your last memories were being fucked up over a Forerunner Crystal
>the thing caused some sphere around you and that's all you remember.
>You've woken up in some odd land near what seems to be a forest
>Your radio seems to be functioning, most of your electronics seem to be fried
>Might as well try to see where your Squad is.
"Call Sign, Red-Fifteen, Spartan 044-"
>Ah fuck protocol, people will recognise your voice
"Anyone know where the fuck I am, is anyone out here?"
>No response.
>Fucking great.
>You check around this unfamiliar land
>Seems like no sign of life here.
>You wish you had your motion detector working
>That thing has saved you from tight situations.
>You hear something moving behind you.
>You turn around and are greeted by..
dubs decide who you meet
We meet ur mum
you're ok.
File: 1390516708959.jpg (37 KB, 476x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 476x358
>Buy Halo 4 the day it came out.
>Play for 3 hours.
>It's not Halo 3.
>Return it and get LoZ: Skyward Sword
>Play that for a month straight.
>Learn that there are people who still have hope for the franchise.
Keep dreaming, XBabies.
File: 1375983801484.gif (721 KB, 446x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
721 KB, 446x251
>playing Skyward Sword for a month straight
This thread has become amazing. Don't worry guys, i'm sure writefag will come back. Spartan's never leave a man behind.

File: 1403806603706.jpg (145 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 1000x667
>Played SS for a Month straight
I'm so sorry for you
File: luvu.gif (85 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 400x400
nigr i got dubs so you betr fuken rite this shit
>Nintendrones in a Halo Horse Thread
>Master Chief in with all of those Japanese game characters
commander Shepard
dubs confirm
you don't want to shoot that faggot in the face?
Good point actually,
Yeah, you were never a true Halo fan who's been following the series since the day CE was released.
Sgt. Johnson
A scared Applebloom
Gomer Pyle
You bring up a good point. What other american characters could be as iconic as all those japanese characters?
The Gravemind
I gotta go out, people be people, whoever gets dubs. I'll write it up later on whenever i get back
The cutie mark crusaders
Hank Hill
File: upthebutt.gif (1 MB, 580x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 580x573
Twilight, uneducated fuck.
Nigger king
Sargent Forge.
re reoll

Thomas the tank engine
>spartan IV
>still a highly trained special forces unit
>fuck protocol
>no buildup
Yeaaahh. I'll just be waiting for the first writefag to get back.
File: 1407574834920.jpg (74 KB, 850x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 850x650
Okay writefag is back I'm done all my daily shit
Final reroll
I cry, I wanted an elite the nice one not the dicks.
oh shit son time to get those Grizzlies moving
>The princesses look at both of you gleefully.
"I am glad you have found a friend in each other. Perhaps the stress of being stranded will now lessen for you, Randall."
>She smiles kindly at the Spartan-II.
"Perhaps it will," he replies.
"Very well," Princess Luna says. "You may wander as you please, but heed any restrictions our royal guards give to you. You may venture into the cave system beneath the palace, as you so enjoy doing, Randall, but make sure not to disturb anything."
"Of course," Randall answers.
>You nod in agreement.
"Follow me, Spartan. If you know anything about these "Forerunners," you might be able to identify something for me."
"Lead on, sir" you reply.
>You follow the valiant Spartan out of the throne room with an escort of guards. He leads you through the palace halls without breaking his stride. The guards struggle to maintain the effortless pace the two of you walk at. You find it oddly unrealistic for equines to be this small. But what do you know? You're not a horse person.
"Sir, if I may ask, how long have you been here?"
"Too long, petty officer. Too long," the Spartan replies.
>You note the indignation in his voice. You can't imagine how he must have felt becoming stranded here. A Spartan was meant to serve. Not sit on the sidelines in some weird magical land. You'll take it upon yourself to make sure he gets back to where he belongs. He's earned that much.
"What's your name, Spartan?" he asks.
>You feel strangely giddy at that.
"My name's Jeff," you answer.
"You can't believe how good it is to meet you, Jeff. It's good to see another Spartan. Gives an old soldier hope. So tell me..."
>You look up into his visor.
"Did we win?"
>You never imagined you'd be living the moment where you got to tell a missing Spartan-II what humanity has accomplished.
"We won in more ways than you can imagine, sir. We made the whole damn Covenant fall apart. And then we disproved their beliefs."
File: 256x256.png (54 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 256x256
Awww yisss
Make sure to tell him about the elites defecting.
Are you recovered? Then let us begin.
Busy me I'm going out for dinner hold out for a couple hours
Stop teasing us!
>being writefag on /mlp/
>having a life and friends
Pick one
File: Gravemind.jpg (86 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 640x360
Resignation is my virtue; like water I ebb, and flow. Defeat is simply the addition of time to a sentence I never deserved... but you imposed.
posting spartan
File: asasasaasasas.png (44 KB, 349x104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 349x104
I'm back and now writing again
capcha 404
>The library on legendary
Brings back hate-filled memories, anon. No thank you.
It gets worse.

Since Bungie MADE Halo, they made Spartan-IVs. Along with Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs. So, sorry Superman.
You're welcome. Ha Ha Ha.
johnson would still be here if it wasnt for this faggot
"Sgt Forge?"
>Forge: A Spartan? Glad to see a familiar armored ally here.
>This is the guy who partially led some of your squad back 20 years ago
>Wait the fuck up.
>Didn't this guy die?
"Same here, Didn't you kill a Arbiter with a knife and Sacrifice yourself on Shield 459?"
>Forge: Glad people enjoyed me stabbing that ugly son of a bitch in the neck. And yes I did"
>Hold the fuck up.
"Does that mean.. I'm dead?"
>Forge: Sorry to say, but yup, seems like were both here in hell son, or whatever this place is..
>Well that confirms something. Were both dead and somehow in afterlife, still in our armor on this odd planet.
"How long have you been here Sir?"
>Forge: No need for formality. I'd say about 10 minuites as I just woke up
"Same here"
>Well we both have no idea what's around then
>And by some great coincidence afterlife is real.
"Any chance you see anything before you woke up here?"
>Forge: All I remember is being trapped in a Forerunner box room arming a nuke"
"I recall being encased in some bubble due to some Forerunner tech, Slipspace Incident"
>Fucking Forerunner shit
"Well we better go look for others"
dubs, 69 or 34 decide where we go from Evertree forest

i feel like this is going to be gud
the pretty castle on the mountainside
storm the beach, go to canterlot!
Find Zecora's hut.
Find a cave
I'll keep rolling this all day.
There we go, winner!
>69 or 34 winner
I also said dubs
>dubs, 69 or 34 decide
Get your eyes checked m8.
Fear not anon.

The Master Chief Collection will save us all from our lives of sinful halolessness
>Forge: You take point
>You walk into the forest, Forge following
>After what seems like a hour of wandering through this odd vibed forest
>You come across a tree with what seems like a hut carved inside it
"Want to check this hut thing Forge?"
>Forge: What's the worst that could happen?
>You open the door slowly
>You are greeted with a equine looking animal
>Forge: A Zebra? of all the things, a Zebra.
>The fuck is a Zebra?
>You can't remember much things from your childhood, only what the UNSC has said with animals.
>If you did you'd probably know what this thing is.
>Thanks Halsey.
>The Zebra looks at you
>And speaks
>The thing speaks.
>Zecora: I am intrigued, new ones indeed.. Zecora is pleased to meet with this new species.
>well what the fuck, talking animals
>At leastit isn't a fucking talking Ape
>Fucking Brutes
>Forge: I'm not sure how to greet a talking Zebra.
"I'm supprised such a thing even speaks, atleast it's friendly"

someone gib good idea for stori plox
zecoras a pain in the ass as i hate rhyming.
damn, it's going to be nice to dual wield again!
protip: get a thesaurus.
>using the image I sketched out
feels good, man
File: 1405914184416.jpg (82 KB, 653x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 653x490
Hurts to live, m8
File: 1403751169736.jpg (8 KB, 160x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 160x160
> Not Anon Spartan-404
>you will never live in Space California A.K.A Installation 04
File: 1390789903938.jpg (68 KB, 310x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 310x400
>mfw I and three other friends suffered through multiple attempts and finally succeeded at doing the Vidmaster Endure in ODST
that shit was only hard had if you had a bad connection. seeing as how it was ODST that was every game. that vidmaster was a pain in the ass
There is no good idea for a story that retarded. If its your first try writing then don't have rolls for the story, it won't end well. So far you have the 4chan ripoff of that shitty S-1337 from Halo legends, a dead seargent, and a non-rhyming zecora.

Well, I tried
>tfw this thread makes me want to play Halo again
It should still be installed on my computer

Fuck, now I'll lose sleep because Belly of the Beast on Legendary with the assault rifle and sniper rifle is just too much fun.
Just to clarify something.
"shitty ripoff"
All I've done is rename a Spartan
Better pre-order that master chief collection son
You've certainly endured.
For PC :^)
File: 1402566829138.jpg (582 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
582 KB, 1920x1080
he was calling it a rip-off for using halo.
it's not bad so far, just next time write the story don't use the boards help. it will make your story better.

on a side note almost done with "part 2 of battle of canterlot" this thread made me want to write again!
Don't get me wrong, it was a good try. My first attempt was much worse.
No. I was saying the personality of Anon was like that of spartan-1337 from that wierd-ass comedy relief part of Halo Legends.
I still got it too if you wanna play some multiplayer.
Lol someone tried hijacking my thread.

the thread is for everyone who want to talk about things they share in common. it's not yours or his
Based writefag?
File: op will delivar.jpg (9 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
op will delivar.jpg
9 KB, 225x225
if you're the op and original writefag, truly..

;-; please
Who the fuck takes three hours to eat? Holy shit.
The hungriest man alive

Or a pregnant woman with cravings.
not gonna lie i like this version
OP confirmed pregnant.
Will never beat the original.
Why did O'donnel have to be fired?
he left with bungie, he got fired for something we don't know about. good thing his music will still be in destiny
Will be up tomorrow for writefaging.

What poses you personally to talk about halo on the horse board? Why do you think so many of us have that in commen?
File: 1393824267851.gif (2 MB, 300x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x242
we and bungie love numbers.
lol so true, Orion Project master race.
>The Spartan goes silent. The thumping of your boots echos down the hall as he ponders the news you just gave him. You hear him exhale a breath of relief before he turns his gaze to you.
"Well, don't stop there, Spartan. What else have you got?"
>You decide you'll savor this moment.
"Well," you begin. "The war's over, but things still aren't perfect, not yet. We've still got a lot of rogue aliens out and about, as well as the insurrectionist threat, which is starting to grow again. But with all the new tech we're accessing, most of it will hardly be a problem. For starters, we've got cruisers with shields now. We can crash straight through enemy warships. It's beautiful."
>He nods contently.
"And I'm sure you're wondering about the Master Chief. Well he's very much alive, sir, and he saved Earth from, well, they say it was the Covenant remnant, but most of us think it was something else. Something Forerunner."
>He remains silent for a few seconds. The guards are still struggling to keep up with you.
"The last we heard, he was headed down to Bravo-6 for a debrief," you add.
"And of the other Spartan-IIs, do you know how many are left and where they're situated?"
"Negtive, sir. It's all classified. But a lot of us wish it wasn't."
>He pauses again.
"What is the Covenant remnant?"
"Just a fleet of Covenant we're facing off against for control of a Forerunner world called Requiem," you answer. "They're nothing like the original Covenant, a lot less funded, smaller, and the elites don't even have armour that covers their arms. They have drive though. But it's only a matter of time until we wipe them out. We're at a ceasefire with the rest of the elites. These ones are just radicals."
"You're kidding. A ceasefire?"
"Yes sir. We allied with them to destroy the Covenant leader before he could wipe out every bit of life in the galaxy. After that, we agreed to a ceasefire. Personally, I think we're the ones on top now."
I'd bet money the guards are gonna ask what elites and the covenant are then ask about the " it's only a matter of time until we wipe them out." bit..
The guards are too busy trying to keep up. They're probably breathing so hard they can't hear shit.
Trust me, if you're escorting an two aliens with tech you've never seen, and heard "Only a matter of time before we wipe them out" you'd want to figure shit out before they do something dangerous, but you have a point though
"Wipe them out? Yeah, we have chess tournaments every year, we're gonna win this time,"
"We're at war with an enemy that has no hesitation with turning a whole planet to ashes, and even less regret after the feat. You should thank us for being on your side,"
Wonder what he would think of the flood, how Africa got glassed, and how new phoenix got completely destroyed in ten seconds with six million casualties.
le bump
>You turn down a hall with more of the bright golden torches mounted on the walls. You realize how magnificently the golden light they cast reflects off the Spartan IIs Mjolnir. You peer down at your own suit. The light doesn't reflect off yours.
"So we're the king of the castle now," he muses.
>You wonder how surreal this must seem to him. He probably went MIA during a time when humanity was headed towards defeat. Now here you are, explaining the colossal turn of events that led to humanity becoming the ones on top. He must have thought he was dreaming. You suddenly wonder what the quiet little guards behind you are interpreting from all this.
"The caves are straight ahead."
>His voice is back to its regular tone. Back down to business.
"So what exactly is down there, sir?"
"A secret passage I discovered that no one knew about. It's a hidden door, but no one knows where it leads to. We decided not to pry, because there are some nasty-looking guards out front. "
>That sounds like the Forerunner style. You know how much the Forerunners like their underground complexes. The Spartan pushes open the large metal door at the end of the hall and proceeds inside. Beyond the door, it's completely dark. You glance back at the small guards looking up at you uncomfortably and wonder if they'll be able to see. One of them lights a strange little ball of luminescense with its horn.
"These are the caves."
>You step through the door and glance around at the setting inside. The walls and ceiling seem to a mix of crystal and rock, and are harsh and jagged in nature. The ground is more or less the same, with a mix of dirt and stalagmites. A few meters ahead of you is a circular stairwell carved into the walls, with a long drop to the bottom in the middle. You peer down it and barely make out the reflection of light off the crystals far below.
"It's not far. Come on."
This thread will never die, it will just be missing in action
File: image.jpg (19 KB, 255x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 255x255
ITT: We post our spartans.

EOD Master Race lurkin.
Satan trips confirm you need to keep going. Thank you, writefeg. Thank you.
>You begin filing down the stairs in a single-file line. The stairs crack and chip beneath the two of you, but they hold your weight. The equines follow you carefully.
"So where have you been staying if you've been living here all this time?"
"Celestia allowed me to reside in the palace. There's an abundance of spare bedrooms, if you were wondering."
>You suddenly stumble as a large chunk of rock comes loose beneath you. You decide to keep one hand on the wall.
"So how many other Spartans are there, Jeff?"
>It feels odd for him to call you by name.
"Thousands, sir," you answer. "And it's all volunteer. Our techs have really outdone themselves. At this rate, the UNSC won't have a thing to worry about. We're stronger than ever."
>The Spartan doesn't reply. His silence doesn't seem as joyful as it previously had.
"Sir, if I may, how did you wind up here?"
>He takes a deep breath.
"Not through good luck. I wasn't the lucky one. It began with a confidential operation to recover a potential high-value asset from a Covenant invasion force. An asset I now think is 'Forerunner.'"
"What was it?"
>He reaches into a pouch and displays a jet black chip to you with very few features on it aside for a few symmetrical indentations. In fact, it closely resembles the device that brought YOU here.
"Do you know what it's for?" you quickly ask.
"No, but I know what it can do."
>His tone turns grim.
"It can make a Spartan vanish, and reappear somewhere very, very far away."
>He stops and turns back to you.
"In a field."
>You stand there silently.
"I know what you mean, sir."
>He eases up at that.
"Well, that actually makes me feel better."
>You descend the rest of the stairs in comfortable silence. You've got a lot on your mind. When you woke up this morning, you weren't expecting life to throw a curveball like this at you. Then again, you're positive 'expect the unexpected' was on the job description.
dropping a bump
File: 1404319895861.jpg (10 KB, 295x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 295x295
So glad this thread is still up.

You guys getting the MC remake later this year? Be nice having something to actually play on the xbone
I'm think of getting it.
>not waiting for pc release
File: 200_s.gif (63 KB, 474x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 474x200
I thought they said they werent going to do a pc release
File: 1404438560860.jpg (35 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 450x450
>pc release.
>Microsoft games studio.
File: image.jpg (38 KB, 479x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 479x360
>the library on legendary
I was was a complete dipshit and believed that I could that gotten through legendary easier if I had the skulls that increase explosion damage and radius active.

I made it through the whole campaign like that because i kept forgeting to turn them off, but I the fear I hold for grunts and carriers now is unbelievable.
"What are ya doin' in my 'awwmp.."
File: Meme_-_BLASPHEMY!.png (1 MB, 1536x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1536x1152
Not that anon, but it's not just about the armor. Spartan IVs are mass produced in the Halo games, so they're a tiny bit better than ODSTs.
We got CE and 2 already on PC, you just gotta go online somewhere to buy the disks.
no, only the armor is better than ODST gear. the IVs are ODSTs. any trooper that was going to be a ODST got 'drafted' into being a spartan
Spartan IVs and the armor that accompanies them are the safer, most recent version of the program. Eventually it will graduate to Spartan V, and so on.

But they have only been here for one game. Spartan IIIs were made as a sort of fire-and-forget thing, and were considered expendable as shit with few exceptions.

Also, this is the way of most military advancement. You make the initial prototype run, then you work on making a mass production model: reliability and cost become the driving factor here rather than raw power and ability at this point.

Once they have the mass production model, then they can work on improving it while keeping the costs and reliability of it at approximately the same level.

The augments are safer to introduce at this stage but don't have the radical effects of the Spartan II graduates. The armor for them is what makes up the difference, but it still isn't safe to wear the armor if you aren't augmented yourself.

tl:dr vers: Spartan 4 isn't better than Spartan 2 outright because it is the mass production model. It's the first run. Give them another couple of iterations and every new Spartan will wind up as good as a Spartan 2.
half true, s-II are good at what they do thanks to the life time of training and team work with one another.
the master chief didn't even have shields on his gear until the fall of reach. the S-II were just using the armor as a boost to what they could do. sure it would stop a bullet for the most part, but plasma rips right past everything
even after the chief got his shield he still had to be very careful about plasma rounds hitting him. the gear has very little to do with what makes a S-II better than a S-IV
bump for content
The battle of Canterlot; part 2
>August 30, 2552 epsilon Eridani system, Reach
>A lone Sangheili zealot stands atop one of the last skyscrapers in New Alexandria
>He watched as Covenant super carriers burnt the landscape around one of the last cities on Reach
>the plasma boiled away at mountains and left nothing but molten rock with plumes of ash soring into the sky above
>the Elite pulled a small glowing box from his belt, he turned it over in his hands and smiled
>the humans sent the best they had to destroy this little trinket
>killed many of his brothers, all for this crystal box
>the Prophets would be pleased with his success
“They will remember my name, Ramo’ Canttouchmee: seeker of worlds”

I have a fare amount more, don't want other write friend to quit, will post to keep thread bumped.
>inb4 Lol someone tried hijacking my thread.Gtfo.
>inb4 this is how we summon writefag
I don't want him to quit, but he was being a faglord for that shit. almost made me drop the whole story.
File: woah.png (360 KB, 400x561) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360 KB, 400x561

just found this
rip george.
>the roar of a phantom’s plasma drive came into earshot
>tearing through the smoke and clouds towards the Sangheili
>he had been waiting far too long for a high priority extraction
>curse this ash, couldn’t even contact his ship
>the phantom flew next to the lip of the building and opened its side door
>greeting him was an unggoy on the door gun and four kig-yar
>Three more grunts sat behind the kig-yar
>they seemed awestruck by the Sangheili zealot, like they had never seen one before
“Not much of a raiding party”
> Ramo’ Canttouchmee stepped on board the waiting phantom
>the door closed and locked as the ship turned to fly towards the Covenant battle group
>He made his way to the bridge of the small craft to give the pilot his orders on where to take him
>before he could reach the door it slid open
>a large shadow was cast into the phantom’s deployment bay
File: image.jpg (27 KB, 373x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Operator.jpg (10 KB, 367x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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funny you should post that pic

>A Jiralhanae chieftain stood in the door way with a ‘brute shot’ as the humans call it
“You will take me to the shadow of intent; I must speak with the Hierarchs at once”
>”no, you will hand over the human construct and in return I will not throw you off my ship”
>brute scum
“Do you seek to claim the blessings my brothers fought for?”
>the chieftain leveled his weapon at Ramo’ Canttouchmee’s chest
>”the time of the elites is over, give it to me now.”
>he was out numbered and at the mercy of the chieftain. If he wanted the brute just had to say the word and the hanger full of jackels and grunts would open fire on the Sangheili
>the zealot removed the crystal box from his belt, the blue lights danced around the small room of the phantom
“Here, but know this. I will kill you someday.”
>Ramo raised his arm with the glowing construct to the brutes face
>warning lights flashed in the hanger and the phantom shook violently as if something had hit it
>the brute stumbled forward, the grunts fell on top of one another, and the jackels held on for dear life
>the zealot’s boots held him in place with their magnetic hold on the phantom’s deck
>the elite smiled, now was his chance
>He reached for his plasma rifle on his leg with one hand
>his arm holding the glowing crystal box launched towards the chieftain’s neck
>his arm blade sprung to life in a burst of pure energy right into the brute’s unarmored neck
>pulling the husk of soon to be dead ape close to his body the Sangheili spun around him and brought his plasma rifle to bare on the hanger full of cannon fodder
>they stood stunned and silent as the brute gasped for air and clutched the elite’s arm imbedded into his neck
“Not a word, you all work for me now.”
>the grunts and jackels all nodded in agreement
>operating intensifies

i like this
my nigga
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Kill me now.
>the blade flickered and died allowing the chieftain to fall onto the deck and claw at his neck as he bled to death
>Ramo roared over the body of the now dead brute, he returned the box to his belt and made his way to the cockpit
>warning and impact lights were sounding and flashing all over the cockpit of the phantom
>another Jiralhanae was piloting the phantom
>using the word ‘piloting’ was giving that ape to much credit
>the zealot walk up behind and pressed his plasma rifle onto the nape of the brutes neck
“You will take me to the shadow of intent, or I will send you on your journey. The choice is yours to make.”
>the brute shudders as the lightning arch between the prongs zapped his neck
>”I would, but we have been hit by something, we lost all heat sinks. If I don’t land now this flying scrap heap will boil into nothing” the brute said in a gruff voice as he fought over the controls
>cursing his bad luck the elite slammed a fist into the control panel
“Give me a heading for the closest Sangheili ship!” he roared into the brute’s ears
>”scanning for Sangheili ships, nothing … nothing at all.” The brute turned towards the elite with a worried face
>”they wouldn’t have left us?”
“Don’t be foolish. Find a place to land and set us down.”
>with that the zealot turned and left the cockpit
>he walked back into the hanger to see the grunts and jackels packed into one side of the room
>the back half of the ship was melting in burning plasma. The hull had been stripped away.
>the brute flying this thing was telling the truth, this phantom couldn’t fly much longer.
>he reached down and grabbed the heavy body on the deck of the ship and dragged it to the side door
>the Sangheili hit the air-lock, the door swung open and the phantom lurched as drag took to it.
>he looked out into the night sky; they were flying over a city much smaller than the human city they were at moments before.
you did good
File: reach.png (16 KB, 360x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>rain pelted the elite’s boots and washed some of the blood off the open deck of the ship
>with one mighty swing the Zealot tossed the brute onto the roofs below
>as the phantom skimmed over the city the elite watched as one human drop pod crashed into the streets below
>even now the humans are still trying to reclaim the glowing box
“Foolish humans”
>the phantom lined up with row of buildings as it skimmed the roof tops
>”brace for impact!” the brute yelled through the phantoms intercom
>the Zealot grabbed the railing above his head and turned his magnetic boots on
>the phantom skid into the streets below crashing into the sides of buildings as it went
>the elite stood in the open doorway as grunts and jackels rolled around inside the hanger bay, falling into walls and each other
>the husk of the airship finally came to a stop in the city streets
>smoke bellowed from the ships plasma drive and into the rainy night sky
>Ramo pulled the glowing box from his belt to insure it was unharmed.
>all the lights in the phantom turn off as the brute stumbles from the cockpit and into the rain
>the zealot being satisfied with the construct returned it to his belt
>looking for his chieftain the brute’s eye fell on the elite
>”where is Jiralhanae?” the brute asked with malice in his voice
>brutes’ truly stupid creatures, any other life form would have known what was going on the second it saw blood on the deck
>looking at the grunts and jackels jumping off the phantom and back to the brute
“He is on his journey now; you all take orders from me.”
>the zealot pointed to all the unggoy, kig-yar, and the brute
“I have something the Hierarchs must see, you all will help me”
>the Sangheili waved his arm towards the peaks of towers off in the distance
“We will step up on the tower to the north, set our distress beacon and wait for a ship to recover us”
>”what distress beacon” the brute asked with a quizzical look
“The one from the ship, now go get it”
>with that the Zealot turned on his active camouflage and walked down the street to scout
>the brute slapped one of the unggoy and yelled something at him and pointed to the ship
>brute scum

going to slow down with posting a little bit. I can only write so fast
>Boots loudly beat against the steel floor as marines jogged in formation.
>Jill 457 a spartan IV ran with them out of her armor. She was slightly taller then every marine in the squad and her increased muscle mass made her stand out amongst the men.
>Jill spent more time with the enlisted men then her spartan IV comrades. Most of them were the same idiot jock types she had gone to academy with, brash and simple minded. Only more annoying now that they were given one of the most prestigious titles in the UNSC.
>The Drill instructor suddenly broke into song.

‘Helljumper, Helljumper, where you been?
Feet first into hell and back again!
When I die please bury me deep!
Place an MA5 down by my feet!
Don't cry for me, don't shed no tear!
Just pack my box with PT gear!
Cuz one early morning 'bout zero-five!
The ground will rumble, there'll be lightning in the sky!
Don't you worry, don't come undone
It's just my ghost on a PT run!’

>Jill knew the Cadence well. She had sung it most of her life and always felt a little nostalgic when singing it. When you were surrounded by surreal situations and massive aliens trying to kill you it was nice to have something grounded to hold onto.
>As the squad made its way into the Spartan Assembly area Jill broke off. Saura Palmer known among some of the spartan iv’s as ‘The Bitch’ was at a comm station and she didnt look happy.
>Jill avoided her for now and went to suit up in her armor. She wanted to train in the holo-deck.
>If nothing else she would get to frag one of her fellow Spartan IV’s. Show them that being a spartan wasn't just about the armor or the augmentations. Being a spartan was an Idea, a symbol for humanity to rally behind. And many of her fellows didnt seem to get the message.
if the story continues to progress slow but steady, like it does so far, this will either be a dead-end or it will take a realy long time to finish. So I'll just wait for the 'complete edition' :)

Good job writefag
File: reach_ending.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 640x360
I know where it's going to end. don't you worry about that.
all this green.
thanks based writfags, its all very good
>A short while later Jill had suited up in her standard Venator armor system. She had heard many people joking about her choice in armor ‘how can she see?’ and so forth. It suited her well and wasn't prone to breaking as easy as a larger visor.
>Jill found her way to the Holo-Deck and picked a room that was in service. Jomal 597, and William 254 were had loaded up a flood program.
>She found them defending against several Flood Tanks while Carrier forms tried to sneak behind them. This wasnt a War Games sim but Jill found Flood matchs to be quiet enjoyable when she had a good team.
>Jamal was backing away from a tank when the carrier proned and exploded behind him. Dozens of tiny flood spawn jumped at him and tried to rip through his armor. No real danger of course, but Jamal screamed and tried to shake the monsters off none the less.
>Jill took aim with her SMG and sprayed just enough to kill the creatures and take down Jamals shields.
>William looked over at her. just having noticed they were not alone.
“Jill is that your ugly helmet I see?”
“Yes Will, are you two done playing around with the little guys?”
>William jumped to avoid being hit by a lung from the Flood tank.
“Well yes, mind helping take this guy out? Aim for the middle section, they are weak at there.”
“I know where to shoot.”
that webm.
d-did he die? he beat them all in the end, right?
in the very last frame you can see the vapor trail for a sniper rifle nailing one of the elites in the head.
jun comes back riding a moa and saves noble 6, they both hop on board the moa and return to doctor Halsey and than they fucked each other until the war on shield world onyx until the war was over. the end
beautiful. i was worried for a second
but what actually happened to jun? its sonething i never found out
Please anon. Those feels are older than time. Yet they still carry the weight of infinite regret.

Without a doubt, Wars was the best game in the halo universe for me.
Silly anon, Spartans never die.
he went with doctor Halsey to a shield world as over watch.
he is called a shadow that fallows her around in one of the books after fall of reach. it may have be ghosts of onyx of the flood where they talk about him. it's only a line

fun fact:a mod on Bnet posted that little story about jun saving 6. that was a fun day. i miss the flood

I wished not to remember that moment :^(
thanks for that, ive got the books but ive never read them yet.
ive only read some of the comics like helljumper and a few others.
its good to know not all the spartans died on reach
>Jill performed an acrobatic jump that positioned her on a cliff face above the tank. She unloaded a magazine into its back and jumped down to plant a grenade by its feet.
>The tank exploded in a shower of gore and pixals.
>Jamal having just finished off the last of the carriers turned to see Jill prone by the Tanks body, her SMG’s smoking.
“Damn girl, you should leave some for the rest of us.”
>Jill shot him a look that could kill, under her helmet though it meant nothing.
“If this were a real combat situation you’d be dead Jamal. Next time I might actually leave a few to finish you off”
“Shit you dont got to be so bitchy about it. It’s just a combat sim.”
“Yes its a combat sim, with realistic representations of our enemies. This isnt Academy Lacrosse, that armor you’re wearing isn't a letterman jacket. If you can't handle a few stray flood forms you have no right to call yourself Spartan.”
>The Simulation abruptly ended and a speaker scratched to life.
‘Spartan team Bronco report to Assembly area immediately for mission briefing.’ The bitches voice called.
“Well looks like you might get a chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of our commander Jamal” William said.
>Jill turned away from the group without another word and jogged her way twoards the Assembly. She swore if Jamal was assigned on any more missions with her she might kill him herself. Will was alright, still cocky and arrogant, but a fine soldier.
>She felt herself missing her old unit with the ODSTs. Her mind often drifted back to them, wondering what had become of them. Silently Jill 457 found herself back in Spartan Assembly.
>Saura Palmer waved her, Jamel and William over. She somehow looked even more pissed than usual. Which everyone could tell because she never put on her fucking helmet. Even in combat sometimes.
>Jill wondered why she seemed to be surrounded by idiots and how long she had left.
a lot of them were to far away to be helpful in the battle of reach. as far as we know about 6 S-II are kicking around somewhere and about 40 S-III

“Spartans” The Bitch said. “As you all know we have been researching Forerunner technology We’ve discovered a portal device on installation 05 that Ivanoff Research Station missed intial survey.
>A large hologram of the Ring appeared above the group. Several red indicator lights flashedon a small island isolated far from the other continets.
>Saura hit a switch and the image zoomed to a arieal view of the island.
“Upon activating the Portal Scout teams have reported a Covanat Remnant presence on the other end. Small ground teams, not much in the way of armor or support. But we have confirmed Jul Mdama is leading this group.”
>The Gathered Spartans looked around uncertain. William was the first one to speak up.
“Mamn, last time we heard about Jul, he had kidnapped Dr.Halsey. Is this intel any good? I have a hard time believing he would leave himself open to attack like that.”
>Palmer nodded.
“Intel is as good as it gets Soldier. We can not confirm or deny Dr.Halsey’s presence at this time however. I’m sending you in packing Bronco. You’re mission is to get in Kill Jul and get out. However, ONI’s kill order is still in place. If you find Halsey you are to take her down as well, but not if it interferes with your primary objective.”
>Palmer turned and opened a crate of supplies from a Technician.
“This is a Dark OP, loadouts will be suppressed weapons and Active cammo for most of you. Any Questions?”
>No one spoke. Jill understood the weight of the task they had been handed and she was impressed to see the rest of her team apparently realizing that as well.
>The Bitch Smiled. A rare sight.
“Thats what I like to hear. You’re transport leaves in half an hour. Good Luck to you all.”
I thought her name was Sarah Palmer.
it is.

I need to post lurking this shit and write
>Half a rotation later Jill and the other five members of Bronco team set foot on Halo Ring 03.
>The Team had been silent in the cargo bay. Except for Jamal who had been bugging the pilot to use his interstellar comm to check sports scores.
>Jill set out in the lead. A goliath forerunner spire hung above them. It seemed to ‘breath’ with mechanical movement and sounds like that of some enormous beast.
>An Officer saluted the team and lead them inside.
“Oni has told me to brief you on the situation.” he said. “Recon reports Jul is hiding out in a structure southeast inside some sort of forest. It’s overgrown, the fauna and indigenous life is hostile, some men didn't make it back.”
“Any Idea where this planet is located? If me and my team can not cross back through the portal. I would not like to be stranded when a covenant armada shows up.”
“We can not get a fix on the exact position in space no. I’m afraid if for any reason the portal goes out we cannot guarantee we can bring you back.”
>Jill didn't like this. But if there was a chance to take out the terrorist Jul and end the conflict with the Covenant Remnant… It had to be done.
“Bronco Team are you ready?” Jill called out behind her.
“Ready when you are Manm” Will answered.
“Lets go kick some Covi Ass!” Jamal shouted.
>Anderson 404 piped up
“I’ll follow your lead.”
>Richard 322 answered as well.
“Just tell me where to shoot.”
>Jill noded to the Officer who signaled a technician. A few keystrokes activated the power, The portal was a swirling vortex of pure energy. If Jill hadn’t dealt with Forerunner bullshit before she would be hesitant to force her team through.
>Jill stowed her Suppressed DMR on her back and walked toward the light. Stepping inside a portal was something she never felt comfortable doing. While you still were technically ‘Whole’ The feeling of your molecules being zipped around space faster then the speed of light left on feeling nauseous and very disoriented. Time also had no meaning. She could have been going through the portal for a whole day, a week, or maybe just a few minutes. All she remembered was falling out the other side and hitting something soft.
>When Jill came to she was staring at the open sky, only not outside. Straw and wood were everywhere and screaming. What why Screaming who was screaming?
“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Its them! Its the Monsters!” A childs voice screamed in a southern english accent.
>What the fuck? Jill turned herself over and looked at the direction of the voice.
>She blinked once, twice. The image was still there. A small yellow horse with a bow in its hair was cowering and backing away from her. Jill looked at her surroundings. A barn? A barn with talking horses? She was briefly reminded of an old television show she had been force to watch in culture hour at the academy.
>Either out of shock or pure confusion the only thing Jill managed to say was.
“Hey, uh Sup?”
>The Horse went wide eyed.
>Jill stood up to her full height. She started to realize she was terrifying this.. Creature. She bent down and tried to calm her.
“Hey there umm. Dont be afraid, I’m not here to hurt y-.” Jill tried to say. She never finished as she was suddenly and violently thrown off balance by a kick to the head. She stumbled, when she looked up Two more of the creatures were there in a defensive stance. From what she could tell. One male and an orange female. Assuming they even had genders that is.
>If she were a scientist she would be thrilled by this turn of events, but she was a soldier.
>Without much thought Jill overcame the force of the blow and steadied herself. She noticed the female.. or was it mare? The mare’s hoof was bruised from kicking her armor. They obviously posed her no threat.
>She again tried to say something to them but her movement towards the group made the male charge. He tried to pin her down and was surprisingly strong.
>With her augmented strength she grabed hold of his hooves and slowly started pushing him back. She was impressed, It was a struggle. But one she eventually won.

>She pushed him back into the wall. Careful not to use the full force of her strength. The mare tried to lasso her of all things.
>Jill looked down at the rope, then back at the mare. With a twitch the ropes snapped falling to the floor. The mares eyes went wide with terror at her display of strength. She backed up into the younger horse and ushered her behind her in a protective stance.
”Yall just leave us Alone! We never did nothing to you!”
“Never did anything? You kicked me in the face! Although that probably hurt you more then it hurt me.”
The young horse spoke up. “I told you they can talk! And not just in those funny sounding words!”
>Funny sounding words? Was she talking about The covenant?
“Did it sound like ‘Blarg’ and ‘Wort’ and ‘Honk’?” Jill asked.
>The horses looked confused but the youngest nodded her head. Oh boy they thought she was some sort of elite in armor. Jill lowered her guard for a moment and took off her helmet.
“Look I’m not those Monsters. I’m a Human see? We’re the good guys.”
>The younger horse peered from under her elder to look at her face.
“She dont look like one of them, They have big sharp teeth. Yall almost look like us.”
>The Mare shuffled the youngest back shushing her.
“If what my sister says is true, and yall really are telling the truth. Then why did ja punch a hole through mah barn?”
>Jill looked up at the damage she had caused. It wasn't much by the damage she was used to doing but to this family it might mean a lot.
“I’m sorry. I really didnt think I would land here… have you seen any others like me? Humans I mean?”
“Reckon I haven't. Ah would have remembered that.” The mare finally seemed to be letting her guard down a little
“What’s your name then Stranger!” The youngest asked.
“Hush now AppleBloom. Why dont you do see if BigMac’s okay?”
“He should be fine, i didn't toss him that hard.” Jill said.
>The mare… What had Applebloom called her? AppleJack? AppleJack gave jill a death glare as she approached jill. Oh shit I hope she doesn't want to fight again, these things are too adorable to put in the hospital.
“So what are you?” AppleJack asked.
“I told you I’m human.” Jill stated.
“Yeah. But what is Human? Why you got fancy armor that made my backhoof all bloody? Why are yah falling from the heavens and into mah barn? What makes yer guys the ‘good guys?’”
>Jill considered her questions for a moment. She could answer some of them, but explain her mission? that would be a serious breach in protocol.
“My People are from very far away. I came here with a team of others like me, we were this armor because we need it for protection. We are fighting the Monsters as AppleBloom put it. That’s what makes us the good guys. We were supposed to all get transported together” Jill finished Wondering if this creature even knew what transported meant. They didn't seem very advanced.
>AppleJack thought for a moment.
“If yall is here to stop the monsters then we could use your help. Twilight and I have been trying to formulate some sort of plan. They are held up in The Castle of the Two Sisters back in the Everfree.”
>Jill was taken back for a moment. Maybe these horses, or where short horses ponies? So many questions. Not enough time. Maybe these ponies could help her.
>AppleBloom and BigMac returned to AppleJack’s side. BigMac looking a little confused as to the civil discussion Jill and AppleJack were having.
“You Okay Big Macintosh?” AJ said.
“Eyup.” He answered back.
Applebloom went past her siblings and touched Jills armor knee pads.
“So whats your name? Are Yall a Mare or a Stallion” She said now fully engaged by their unexpected guest.
>Jill put her helmet back on.
“My name is Jill 457. Take me to your leader, and I’ll see what I can do about getting rid of the monsters for you.”

Thread is apparently dead so thats all for now folks!
it's not dead, just letting you post your story
im lurking
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Let it out Anon, just let it out.
File: feel train.jpg (220 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel train.jpg
220 KB, 750x750
>you'll never play halo 3 for the first time again
File: FEELS MAN.jpg (7 KB, 205x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 205x246
>You will never experience the major feels during this cutscene
>tfw halo 4 ruined a good end
I wish the games ended here.

Also did John ever get to see this memorial? If that doesnt hit him right in the feels then nothing will
john has no feels, he knows only war
this is what 343i believe
Halo will never end, just like call of duty
>You will never be old in the future
>You will never tell your grandchild about the old days of gaming
>You will never tell him about Halo
>Your grandchild will never ask if he can play it
>You will never watch him play the game
>You will never get the memories when you where a kid, playing this game
>You will never.....
>tfw The legendary ending teased that Chief would have more adventures.
>tfw 343 and Micro$oft could not let him die.
>tfw The Epic return of Chief was disapionting as all hell.
>tfw read the forerunner books, still didn't understand what the hell was happening.
>tfw really tried to like multiplayer. but couldnt
>tfw I've given up hope that 343 will do right by halo and will make it into a cash grabbing schem while they act like they are just as good as bungie.
>implying you would survive the augmentations
>implying they would choose a fat neckbeard for a super soldier
>You will never have a qt AI pony to talk inside your head and give you useful tips.
>She will never develop feelings for you
>She will never sacrifice herself to save you.
File: 1405103706422.jpg (86 KB, 400x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 400x381
File: 1380712394339.jpg (138 KB, 1012x1012) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 1012x1012
that is too much. why can this not be real
Don't worry Anon, this is just the beginning of the future, the artificial intelligence will soon come.
when im 190 years old yes.
File: overfeel.jpg (6 KB, 212x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: large.jpg (313 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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implying i wouldn't save a backup, nigga this is the future
we need more qt halo pone
File: 2drunk4british.jpg (12 KB, 272x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Summoning drawfags.
>southern english

are you joking
post favourite track from any of the games ect

File: 1407363972329.jpg (50 KB, 500x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This one of my favorites,
rip forge
File: 140760246270.jpg (58 KB, 569x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you're a Spartan IV

An hero because I wasn't made by Bungie and am effectively fanfiction

>Ramo’ Canttouchmee walked around while his lesser salvaged the beacon from the wrecked phantom
>the rain pelting against his armor, silhouetting his form in the cold night as he went
>what an odd place this was the buildings were primitive, made out of stone and mortar with thatched roofs or tiles.
>even humans could build with Nano fibers. But this place, seemed archaic in every sense of the word
>maybe the humans had a slave class like the unggoy. It made sense that the lower class would live in quarters like this.
>but that still didn’t tell him where his battle group were. None of the battle he was just in could be seen
>no fires
>no covenant
>no humans
>where were they?
>the zealot rounded a corner onto the next street
>light was coming from the center of the street shining back and forth as it went, almost as if looking for something
>the light bobbed up and down as it came closer to the elite
>Ramo’ Canttouchmee flared his visor to see past the blinding search light
>quadrupeds, two of them in loose fitting armor with spears
>the one flooding the darkness with light had a spike on the crown of his helmet
>he must be the one in charge
File: 1.jpg (873 KB, 2000x3552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873 KB, 2000x3552
This looked a lot better in my head
I wonder how UNSC's reaction will be, when they find a Halo ring, by the planet of Equestria.
Like a brand new installation yet undiscovered.
hue, those eyes
holy shit, fucking based post right here. it takes a man to post something like that

>the Sangheili still concealed by his camouflage moved into the patrols path blocking their way, waiting for them
>they slowly proceeded towards the Zealot standing in the rain
>the lead unicorn stop just shy of a meter from the invisible elite
>the Sangheili watched as they spoke in tongues never heard by any covenant troop
>the unicorn pointed right at the zealot with one of his hoofs and shined its search light right in his face
>the elite stepped forwards and gripped the unicorn’s neck under its armored hood, crushing his windpipe
>the zealot’s active camouflage shimmered and turned off on contact with the little horse
>both of the ponies eyes went wild as the two and a half meter tall monster lifted one of them into the air
>the pony still on the ground readied his spear and shouted something at the elite
>what strange little things
>hardly half his size yet they want to fight him
>with a flare of his shields the Sangheili was pulled away from his thoughts
>he looked down to see the smaller one had tried to stab him
>the spear tip was stuck into his armor and the shaft of the spear was melting from the energy shields
>the pony stumbles backwards away from the elite with fear in his eyes
>with one final gasp the pony held a meter over the ground stops fighting the zealots grip
>the Sangheili reached down and flicked the spear point off his armor, his hand drifted for his plasma rifle
>the covenant doesn’t show mercy
>the horse looked on in horror as the monster brought his weapon to bear pointing right at him
>the earth pony turned to run away from the monster
>he ran a few meters before a plasma bolt struck him in the back of the head
>boiling away any protection his helmet may have given him in a heart beat
>blue fire burned into his skull and fur
File: mmmm.png (5 KB, 275x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Godlike. I want to cum inside her input port.
CAPTCHA: yupsitu Ballstown
Maybe if we keep drawing we can summon a drawfag
File: 1386834185472.gif (2 MB, 325x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 325x180
>he fell to the ground a moment later, dead
>the Zealot still holding the unicorn in his hand shook him once, a sickening snap came from the now lifeless pony
>satisfied they were both dead the Sangheili dropped the horse to the ground
>its lifeless body slumped into a heap at his feet
>his active camouflage flickered back on as he melted into the dark once more

>the zealot returned to the down phantom to find more horse like bodies littering the ground
>the jackels stood with their shields on and needlers out scanning for anymore company
>the grunts dragged the bodies into one of the small buildings next to the phantom
>the brute was finished unpacking the beacon and sitting on the open door of the drop ship
>Ramo’ Canttouchmee walked past the jackels and allowed his camouflage to turn off
“We should move before more come, police the rest of the bodies and get ready to move”
>”why should we move? The unggoy were more than a match this this dead meat.”
>the brute reported as he hopped off the phantom door
“The sun will be up in a few hours, I would rather not be here when the humans come looking for whoever kill these ‘things’’ the elite looked down onto an unggoy pulling a body into a house
>”if they do come will kill them as well” the brute said with malice in his voice
>the elite stepped forwards and grab the brute by the armor on his chest
“Did you forget who you are talking to? If you impede my return to the shadow of intent I will kill you where you stand!” the Zealot roared into the face of the Jiralhanae
>the brute tensed up ready to attack the elite, the split-jaw relaxed his grip and pushed him aside
>Jiralhanae scum
>the Zealot picked up the beacon and fixed it onto his belt
“We have much ground to cover and little time, we must hurry.”
>with his last words his invisibility turned on and he walked off into the night
>the jackels followed without question, the unggoy pushed the last body into the door way of the building and ran after the kig-yar
>with a huff the brute slowly started to follow the Sangheili

>a small army of covenant marched down the rainy street in the dark scanning every inch for threats that may lurk in the dark
>their active scanners were next to useless in this downpour of water
>the jackels were upfront walking in a relaxed manner, followed by the grunts that were sniffing the air and scanning the roadway for any traps
>next the brute was in the back keeping every one moving forwards, mostly the grunts if they strayed from the path a quick smack would send them back where they needed to be.
>the zealot followed a few meters behind the rest allowing his active camouflage to do its job, making sure he was safe

>A thunderous yell echoed around the city streets, the company of aliens stopped dead, looking for the source of the voice
>the Sangheili moved off the road and under an overhang getting himself out of the rain, allowing his camouflage to work at its best
>twenty one ponies marched from around one of the corners onto the street with the covenant
>Seven of unicorn, seven Pegasus, and seven earth ponies all formed ranks in front of the pack of aliens
>with a flash of golden light two more horses stood behind the blockade of flesh and armor
>One with a coat of the purest white dressed in golden battle armor, her mane made of ethereal fire that danced even in the rain
>the other a mare black as the night itself, dressed in silver battle armor, her mane waved and spun as stars raced and blinked across it
>the white one spoke in intangible sounds but in a very commanding voice
>his time was running short if he didn’t get the human construct of this planet soon the humans would find him, the Zealot didn’t have time for this
“Kill them” the Sangheili roared

trips confirm shits about to go down
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>the unicorns magic flared to life making a shield, the Pegasus took to the sky to attack from above, the earth ponies held their ground close to the bigger white and black horses
>the jackels shields hummed to life as the closed together overlapping each other’s shields
>the grunts and brute opened fire on the glowing shield in front of them
>bolts of plasma splashed on the magic shield leave holes where they hit
>the white horse’s horn bathed in golden light washed over the shield sealing the holes
>the black horse shot a lance of magic at the group of jackels
>it impacted onto their plasma shield and fizzled into nothing
>the Zealot watched as the firefight heated, he saw seven blurs flying over head
>the Pegasus swooped down into the midst of the grunts, the grunts panicked and begun to shoot every which way
>the Pegasus stabbed at the grunt with their spears as the grunts returned fire on the speedy flyers
>bolts and beams of pure energy were shot back and forth across the road impacting on the shields of each group
>the earth ponies broke formation and charged the jackels line
>the brute was busy with three of the Pegasus, busy he was unable to control the battlefield
>cursing his luck the Zealot moved from his hiding place and removed the plasma rifle from his hip
>the grunts were shooting wide only hitting the buildings
>the jackels couldn’t see past their own shields thanks to the onslaught from the white and black horse
>if the charging horses made it past them, they would all be on their journey
>this ends now
>the Sangheili sent three bolts flying into the Pegasus attacking the brute
>each one hit broadside and burned right past any armor they had on melting into their flesh and bones
>the brute shot into the bodies of the smoldering Pegasus just to make sure they were dead
>without notice the brute launched himself into the group of grunts slamming into one of the Pegasus, bringing his plasma rifle down on its neck
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>the zealot sent bolt after bolt into the magic shield down range over the jackels heads
>each bolt sunk right past the shield and into whatever was behind it the jackels started to fire on the advancing earth ponies before they could even reach the thick of battle
>after the last earth pony fell to the barrage of plasma the jackels, grunts, and brute begun to focus fire on the magic shield, it didn’t take long for many of the unicorns to get hit by a stray bolt of plasma that wormed it’s way past the shield
>A bolt of plasma sung past the shield and into the face of the lead unicorn, the life left the pony as he fell to the ground crying in pain. His magic began to fail him and the shield faltered
>the zealot had won, he pulled a plasma grenade from his belt and prepared to throw it
>before he could a rocket splashed right in the middle of the grunts, automatic fire rain down around them
>flak peppered Ramo’ Canttouchmee’s shields, his active camouflage shimmered as it reset it’s self
>Two lone ODST sat on the roof of a building shooting a rocket launcher and an assault rifle onto the grunts and jackels
>the Sangheili pressed the safety on the plasma grenade arming it
>he tossed it high into the air and on to the rooftop with the humans