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Lets say you had a small room to build a...
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Lets say you had a small room to build a library/study in. You only have modest budget to fill it but you have the rest of your lifetime to do it. What books and curiosities do you fill it with?

The sections of the bookself are divided as so: (note that if you hate a section you don't have to include it)

Encyclopedia set
Scholarly mathematical or scientific texts and journals


-new adult
-high fantasy
-low fantasy
-urban fantasy

-small religions
-extinct religions
-neopagan, heathenry

There is also a small glass door cabinet built into one of the walls. You can either remove it to make room for more books or you can fill it with curiosities.
it would just be a lot of philosophy, religion (mainly abrahamic but some zoroastrian, hindu, buddhist, and maybe sikh stuff, too), and history. maybe some stuff on economics, politics, and "science." i don't really read a lot of fiction anymore unless it touches heavily on religion or war.
its called my phone which has all of that already
>no fun allowed
90% off the shit in /lit/ is already printed in abundance. Shelling out money for a fresh print of an entry old book is retarded. I would rather aquire used shit and subscribe to more periodicals.
Hello, OP. The kitchen in my studio apartment has one wall dominated by a bookshelf. The past year has been given over to acquisition of the books that I'd glanced, been curious about, but never read. Lots and lots of memes, and a few historically important things too:

"other" basic religious texts (Quran, book of mormon, others)
basic occult books (Lavey, Crowley)
science memes (Origin of Species, Gray's Anatomy)
a new art book (Aubrey Beardsley, he died extremely young!)
mathematics (Principia Mathematica, Gödel, Cardano, supplementing my existing collection and real textbooks)
edgelord shit that I've just plain always wanted, fuck everything (H.R. Giger artbooks)
More edgelord shit (a few Houellebecqs, Hitler, those two bits from the Invisible committee)
Even more edgelord shit (Wisconsin Death Trip, actually an interesting historical treatment of harsh rural Wisconsin life via newspaper clippings, and not a "true crime" book as such)

I may have succeeded to alienate everyone by this point, but I don't even care. These are exactly the things I always wanted to have. There is nothing so meaningless as hanging on to a shitty paperback with a broken spine, or keeping a pdf on a device. Dad's large library of non-fiction, hardcover books taught me the joy of reading and the joy of the book as a fetish object, the better once you've actually read your pelt.
your maths sections is a disaster, did you actually read anything out of it?
Mostly poetry, history and the classics.
My library sure as hell wouldn't have a "fiction" section, especially no fucking genre fiction you disgusting pleb
Jesus H. Christ
>an entire section for economics
>an entire section for psychology
>math and science don't even get their own section
>no philosophy section
>no mention of creative nonfiction essays
>no nonfiction humour section
>no history section
>literary fiction is only one section
>poetry and theatre don't get their own section
>14 sections for different types of genre fiction
>3 sections just for fantasy
>making thriller and horror different sections
>even mentioning non-literary romance, erotica, and steampunk
>combining all mainstream religious into one section but having this many sections dedicated to non-mainstream religion
>no art books, art history, art theory, or photo books section
>no literary theory section
and i'd be shocked if nobody else has anything to add
op, K I L L Y O U R S E L F
This, OP is most likely solid bait
old atlases
Encyclopedia sets arent worth the money. Look good but theres a reaon encyclopedia Britannica stopped publishing
>"science "
>>7676137 In re "hurr PM and Cardano (I exclude Gödel in this setup since he's still relevant)..."

You are probably under the mistaken impression that I got the above with the expectation of learning good (current) math, when instead my motivation is more historical. I completed a math degree and have proper textbooks on the subject, but you can only hear about PM in reference to Russell, Godel and Wittgenstein for so long before you get curious about the elephant in the room. And I actually learned how the cubic and quartic were derived a while ago (again out of personal curiosity, this never came up in my education), and so actually finding Cardano became a personal historical interest, though just to skim his stuff is just a litany of cases of HS algebra which is of almost no interest to /lit/.

No, I haven't read either one yet, but they're on the list. I'm actually finishing another meme atm.

Not OP (you'll deny that all you can, but it's so), but these are much worse shitposts. OP's thing is just an obvious prompt to take a library in whatever direction you want.

>oh dear me some smelly fatso near me is wearing a top hat with a pocket watch on it, well fuck this the written word is destroyed forever, I can't just walk to another section I'm stuck with the top hat autist now let's just quietly read Chaucer and hope he goes away---
occult (lots of old grimores to scare the shit out of people)
random scifi and fantasy for the cool covers
Latin and Greek dictionary.

some books in different languages would be cool, I have a few in my library already mostly bilingual.
and erotica almost forgot that.
Power rack, barbell and 350kg of plates
A Thai transeuxual sex slave
i am not a science guy so i didn't want to get into specifics so i just used "science" as a catch-all for all that shit.
If you ever happen to build a library you should call it the natural philosophy section
>reading on phone
Who's the guy in the portrait of ops pic?
Lots of history, World Wars, Roman, ancient Meso-American, Middle Ages up to Enlightenment Europe, ancient China and its dynasties, Cold War Europe and Asia. And lots of biographies, mostly on world leaders or key figures in significant historical events.

My oddities section already includes copies of a couple Meso-American codices and pretty esoteric shit on how to read them
ye i actually was under that impression, PM is so FUCKING TERSE and actually unreadable.
All I want in life is to one day have a dedicated reading room absolutely full of books
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