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Does the Father-Son relationship determine...
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Does the Father-Son relationship determine one's sexuality?

I recently read a very interesting article on the possible connection between father-son relationships and homosexuality. It includes molestation, fatherless or distant relationships, lazy or violent role models, overprotective smothering from the mother, rejection of the son and vice versa, and more. While I can't deny the studies seem to be well controlled and conducted, I can't help but agree that the stigma against homosexuality plays an important part on the perception of this study, where as it is mentioned that the son is the one who rejects the father first, who then in turn rejects the son in some or all of the aforementioned variables.

Regardless, it's a very interesting reading, especially for someone like me, who was openly mocked and rejected compared to my older brother, by a piece of shit role model of a father.

Thoughts and this? Does anyone feel like this could be true?

Link to the article is here:
pretty interesting read
My mother was a alcoholic growing up and my father was detached from me emotionally and was gone a lot because of school and would be studying a lot.
I turned out trans :^)
I think if you were the bottom in your father son relationship you turn out gay but if you are the top you will probably be straight. My dad only sucked me off and I think that is why I am bi.
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My father was completely emotionally distant and generally thought I was a pretty worthless person. My mother and female members of my family smothered me.
I have a great relationship with both parents and I turned out gay.
Nope. Had an OK relationship with my dad and it has improved with each year. We are best friends and I still like cock. Pity I had to go back in the closet when my folks didn't react well. Oh well.
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Same here, but I wouldn't say the female members of my family smothered me; in my experience it was more like deterred me.
>Dad was emotionally distant
>Mom was emotionally distant
>only physical affection was from the dog
>now I'm sexually attracted to dogs
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Is this real life?
>had to go back into the closet when my folks didn't react well
>ok relationship with dad

Obviously you're in denial. You're relationship is still in it's fear stage of development. You fear your parents and their wants of you. You live your life through what they want and you deny your right to be who ever you decide to be. Your parents are controlling and I pity you.
My father was none of these things, he just wasn't a strong male role-model or much of a "man" per-se.

I once jacked off to him, because it was so taboo. I think I was really high.

Besides my love of men we actually see eye to eye on a lot of things
Just one more year and I can be my own individual.
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Living on your own is great. You can do as you please, but you still must face the fact that if you meet a man and fall in love and try to spend the rest of your life with him your parents will try to control you further by trying to ruin your relationship with him and denying any involvement with this new man in your life. They will try and coerce you to date women instead and use their obvious control over your mind to get what they want.
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Yes. They are beautiful and have wonderful, loving personalities. Well, some of them. Not disgusting mutated breeds like Pugs.
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>he cheats on mom because she works overseas and they are both in their 40s, and he was above her league in their youth,
>he even tells me as much, thinks it's OK to have a side dish but be a responsible husband
>he can cheat with women but me telling them that I would like a boyfriend when I was a lonely virgin teenager was the worst thing ever
>dad got drunk and cried, mom said that she "made me" and she will "end me".
>dad was starting to accept the idea, even if he was struggling, but mom would have non of it
>wish I could b financially independent but I still needed them for four more years
>long story
>fuck it, can't stand the drama any more, one month of arguing is too much, going to go full retard
>I was just kidding dad
>two years later dad is still friendly and gicing hints that he would still love me, while mom still tries to make me confess
>whenever we are in a restaurant she tries to make a scene by mentioning my "ridiculous teenage ideas" and tries to get a reaction out of me
>dad subtly hints to me after all these years that mom is a bitch
>still love them
>can't go back on my word now because of cowardice and shame
>just one more year and I can move out
My dad believes I am his greatest achievement of all time. I kinda am because he hasn't got a lot going for his life. Parents are religious, mom says he wakes up every morning and tells her he doesn't have enough faith in God because he could never have to the strength to do what Abraham did. We aren't close but he's an alright dude. Cis lesbian if that matters.
My dad has always been loving but he started leaving me home alone when I was like 10 or 11 for 3-4 weeks at the time, which made me completely obnoxious to authority (like seriously, I dont recognize anyone as authority, not even the police, not trying to be edgy either, just saying it like it is.) and its also caused me to become quite the lone wolf, I can take care of myself without problems, thoughs.
I dont think it had anything to do with my sexuality, though. I just prefer to be by myself and I get incredibly stressed and anxious whenever there are people home or when Im in a large group of people.
Both of my parents were emotionally neglectful when I was young... but I'm pretty sure that was because they could tell I was gay. Even I knew before I knew what sex was, and I've never understood the people who are "questioning" their sexuality. As soon as I first heard the word "gay" defined it was like getting struck by lightning with a chorus of angels singing in the background and laser beams shooting out of my pores.
I'm not at all upset by my parents early neglect though because they're both idiots. If my dad had been a better father, I might have turned out a racist NASCAR fan like him. When I got a little older and learned to control my bullshit better, they finally found an interest in me, but it was too late by then.
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Yep. Things will get tremendously better once you never have to rely on them again, just don't expect to bring a guy into family gatherings.
Your mother is compensating. She is taking out her anger at your father for cheating on her on you. She hates you and everything about you since you are the child of the cheating asshole she calls a husband. You are the reason they stayed together. The fact that you're gay and in her mind you will never add more kids to the family destroys her little denial world. She's shattered and pretending it's not happening. What needs to happen is your dad needs to divorce her and live his life while you get out and live yours. To be honest I think your dad is the only one worth talking to once you move out. Disown your mother, she sounds worthless anyway.
My dad has pretty much nonexistent for my whole life. However my mother is a lesbian so I'm still on the nature side of the debate.
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>I will never get srs, steal my mothers baby making parts to have them implanted inside me, and use them to cuck her by getting pregnant by my father
>I will never raise my brother-son to be a slutty housewrecking sissy like me
>posts article from Christian nutjob site

You can do better.
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My thoughts exactly. Religious people are trying to use the internet to promote their superiority, but anonymous and normal sane people keep them in their place. Isn't it great!? No matter how much they try their ideals and religious views fall onto deaf ears.
I'll believe it when a mechanism of action is scientifically described. Until then it's just emotional 'woo' like psychic energy or auras.
I think i may have turned out trans due to molestation
Same situation here, Anon. My family was always too busy for me, all I got in the way of affection was purring from the cats.

People now always ask me how I can so easily make even the grumpiest cats I've never even met before purr.

It's because it gives me sexual excitement, so I have been practicing since puberty...
Ive had like over a dozen cats in my life
>people are impressed that like 100% of animals fucking love me
>its not hard, show an animal a little attention and boom its purring like a gorilla. And yes gorilla's purr
>My mother was a alcoholic growing up and my father was detached from me emotionally and was gone a lot because of school and would be studying a lot. I turned out trans :^)
wow are you me? except in my case it was my father who was the alcoholic
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>not close with either parent
>father was away for work for most of my early childhood
>never got on with my dad when he was around
>basically raised in grandparents house
>learned how to sew, grandparents were massively into musical theater, so I too got into it

And now I'm asexual mtf. Make of that what you will.
I can only speak from my personal experience.

I've always had a good relationship with both my mother and father. In fact, the first time I had a real argument with my dad (not counting the typical "why won't you let me go out, ugh, I hate you!!" everybody has with their parents when they are a teen) was when they found out I was gay.

My elder brother, on the other hand, always got the short end of it. And as wrong as it can sound, my mom confessed me that I've always been my dad's favourite.

Yet I turned on gay and my brother is straight.

However, I do think the realtionship with our parents has something to do with the partners we get later in life. Again, it's purely my personal experience, but my parent's marriage is almost exactly like my mother's parents' one. They lived near us, so I spent a lot of time with them, and it's almost scary how much my father and my grandmother have in common.
I think it's mostly a meme (and the site is pretty clearly anti-feminist and anti-LGBT, so I wouldn't assume the article is completely unbiased), but I had a pretty distant father and ended up asexual and with minor gender issues.
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feel furry.jpg
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>did some weird shit with the neighbor kid a lot
>now have fetishes clearly originating from that
>also bi and afraid to ask him about this because of all this shit

>had a better friendship with my 2 dogs than with my friends in kindergarten and up until 3rd grade
>tfw now a furry too
Why does it work like this for fuck's sake!
I'm a gay guy and I was scared to death of my dad between the ages of about 6 and 16, He used to have huge anger issues. He's mellowed the fuck out now, and we're starting to get along.

Mother was way overprotective.
Probably, my brother is gay and I'm a transexual mtf his relationship with my father is far different from mine, he idolizes the man and I despise him. It's almost scary how much my brother will try to act like my father, almost as if to get his approval within himself. I felt verbally berated by my father from a young age, I still feel that fear and discomfort around him and it never fully goes away, no matter how good of a person he is now. I'm a lot more like my mother, lazy, sensitive, full of myself and stupid. So yeah, the father thing definitely fits my profile. I hate my dad, haven't talked to him in in about a year, despite his best efforts to make up with me. He just makes me feel uneasy.
While I do agree that gay males are more likely to have worse relationships with the father, I believe that these articles have fallen for the "correlation = causation" fallacy.
While it is possible that the relationship with the parents could affect the endocrine system, it is highly unlikely, and Occam's razor suggests that it is as a result of homosexuality that the father (who may disagree with or struggle to comprehend the concept) is more distant from the offspring.
>tl;dr parents don't like gay children, not the other way around senpai.
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My dad was very controlling, ill tempered, and downright abusive at times. He was also working most of the time. He used to have a drinking problem but quit before I was born.

On top of that I am the youngest of four older sisters, lonely, fat as fuck and had a lot of freaky cartoon fetishes due to a wild imagination and countless hours in front of the TV watching cartoons.

Basically I was fucked from the start and even though I was in complete denial that God would let this happen to me, my urge to view boys in a sexual way just got worse and worse especially as I went through puberty, get bullied in middle school, and continued to get accumulate ONLY female friends.
>Does the Father-Son relationship determine one's sexuality?

No that's outdated speculation because there really was no scientific study of homosexuality. It comes from Freud's theories.

You might as well also start reading the Farmer's almanac to predict the weather.
Mother was over adoring, father was and is distant
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