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>tfw everything is horrible and you hate...
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>tfw everything is horrible and you hate life and you don't see it ever improving
im a tranny btw
What if I told that getting a sex change was never going to be the solution to your depression.
>be NEET-bucks-less NEET who lives withs his parents for four years
>Bad anxiety and sociak akwardness
>Apply for a job that still has paper applications
>Stutter to the manager a bit
>Get the interview
>Shy and nervous as fuck
>Stutter some more
>Get the job
>Shy and incredibly insecure
>Just nod and say yes a lot
>Learn quickly and do a good job
>The submissiveness makes me polite and friendly
>They tell me they all like me
>They say it's hard to find people with my traits
>They start training me for assistant manager
>O-okay I g-guess
That's great Anon! Have you ever been in a management position before? It can be pretty daunting and even difficult depending on your staff. If you feel you need it, ask about management courses. They helped me so much
>Tfw you have just giving up and take whatever you get
>tfw being ex-junkie
>tfw you are being clean is boring af
>tfw you are less social because you are clean
>tfw you overdose but you get saved
>tfw you can't sleep 24 hours a day
>tfw winter
>tfw no feeling
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moral support.jpg
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>tfw ugly as fuck
>speech impediments
>nearly black out whenever anyone talks to me
>involuntarily cry myself to sleep every night
>my pillow is literally discolored from the volume of the tears that have passed through it
>get so fucking frustrated when i realise i cant just burst of this shitty body and mind and buy better ones
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That's some sad shit doge
That sounds like an improvement.
I've tried to give off a polite and vulnerable vibe but everyone sees more for the sarcastic autistic twat I am.
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>transgender male
>ugly AF
>hormones aren't helping much
>no surgery money
>will never pass
>living in boymode forever
>socially awkward virgin
>only attracted to women, women way out of my league to boot
>can't build up the courage to kill myself
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Nothing official. The job wouldn't be hard, but I'm afraid of the level of responsibility.

I know. It's been a rough fucking four years. I probably could have applied for some sort of NEET-bucks, but you know, pride and whatnot.

I get walked over all the time for being friendly and submissive. People take advantage of it without hesitation. It sucks, big time. I'd get more respect if I was a natural asshole. I'm at the point where if I do have a problem or I'm mad about something, the people who know me look at me like I'm the one with the fucking problem because it clashes with my personality.
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1.44MB of Feels.gif
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Every time I go to the store I look for someone else like me.

Someone that's nothing special, friendly, and walking around alone. When I go into stores there is never a single person who even comes close. They are either with friends, are older adults, or have that high-class, spends too much money on clothes look.

In school, a lot of people were like me. Now it's like they all went extinct. Even at my local comic book/ video game shop there are only a bunch of hipsters wearing meme shirts or very unfriendly neck-beards.

I just want a new friend.
I'm like that but I'm almost never in stores.
Being alone makes me not wanna be anywhere tbqh.
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>be 22
>studies over, been a game artist in an actual studio for 6 months working on actual games
>got my own place, basically an "adult"
>colleagues are normies with lives and identities of their own
>be asexual but feel lonely, be depressed, can't stop thinking about how everything would be much better if I had been born a girl but too autistic to have considered it before
>mfw my longest term goal goal is to leave my country to be unhappy elsewhere
>mfw I'll never have a family, someone to give me the self-esteem I like, not even myself
>laugh all day all the time, then go home, cry for a while and then calm down, go to sleep and repeat

What did I do in a past life to be born broken like this?
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>im a tranny btw

We already knew

I agree, that was obvious.
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Thread images: 9
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