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Coming out stories
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>I'm a pussy
>decided to write my feelings instead of tell
>put it on my dad's desk
>several minutes later decided to throw it away
>I come out of the bathroom
>get hugged boxed by my dad
>Told me he loves me no matter the choices I make or who I am
>almost died of embarrassment
>stayed up all night

I think my coming out was a success
Lucky you, anon
posted this before but
>be me, 21 with gender dysphoria
>still live at home
>order hormones online to self-med
>at the same time go to doctor to get a referral to gender clinic because wait time is insane (live in yurop)
>plan to just take hormones in secret for a while
>get letter from gender clinic marked with endocrine section
>mom sees it and freaks out thinking i have diabetes or something
>keeps pestering me about it
>let her read the letter
>finds out that im seeking help for gender identity disorder and want to be a girl
>break down crying while she reads it
>tells me im not mentally ill and its not my fault that i was born in the wrong body
now she keeps telling me its fine that i dont pass and other such bullshit, but at least she accepts and supports me
>Hey mom, gotta tell you something.
>Oh my god, you're pregnant, aren't you?
>What the fuck?! No, I'm into girls!
>Oh. Well, it's good you aren't pregnant.

She took it fine, it's not such a big deal here, we're all atheists and/or degenerates where I'm from.
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>be 17
>mtf trans in denial
>always been effeminate as fuck but never showed it unless I slipped
>everyone leaves for whole day to a wedding
>don't go because seeing women dressed up made me want to an hero
>plan to dress up all day
>shave whole body 2wice and use moms super nice body lotion
>had a bag of my female cousins clothes I intercepted at a donation bin a few years before
>wash the outfit all nice
>oh shit a knocking at the door
>throw on guy clothes
>best friend comes over
>let him in like always
>he goes to my room
>we turn on Vice City and play for a bit taking turns when one gets wasted
>his turn again
>tell him I will make lunch like I always do for him
>it was always my thing I enjoyed the most for some strange reason, serving him food made me feel good
>had an idea
>went to moms room and finished putting on full makeup and brushing my long hair and using product in it ( I always wore a baseball cap to hide my hair usually)
>got dressed, even with some of mom's jewelry and heels
>felt just happy and a peace
>skipped to kitchen
>grilled some hot dogs and did them all up and put them on dads food tray
>double checked myself in mirror
>grabbed tray and walked to my door
>I knock
>not even nervous
>he says "come in its your fucking room"
>I throw the door open with one foot and I have the tray in my hand
>he doesn't notice me
>I set the tray down on his lap from behind
>I stand back at the door way and tell him to look at me
>his jaw dropped and he threw himself up off the chair
>he looked me up and down and said "what the fuck faggot? why are you dressed like that? take that shit off now or I will never talk to you."
>b...but its me, you friend don't be mean I just wanted to show you the real me
>he got right in my face and punched me in the gut and I dropped to the floor
>he left and flipped the tray of food all over my room
>he never talked to me again and moved several states over 2 weeks after the incident
never cried so hard
I remember this pasta
Its not pasta, I actually did this. I guess I am paying for it still. Its been 7 years since it happened and I haven't had a friend since, like not even an acquaintance.
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"This is the real me! Never mind that I just knocked on my own door, enjoy your lunch btw, I made it with 100% pure love."

You straight up shocked that guy several hundred miles away.
Yeah, just wait until you actually start trying to act on that shit, you'll see a whole different side of these "supportive" people.
I still don't see why he was so freaked out. If I was a real girl he would have loved me.
Are you actually autistic? Be honest with us here.
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If I was a genie, I could grant wishes.
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No, I am not. I thought this is what would have went down.
>serve him food
>show him me
>he sets the tray down and looks at me head to toe
>he then sits back down and we both share lunch as I tell him all about it
>we resume playing and I still talk about being trans and my future plans
>after we get bored of playing I lock up and we go out for a walk
>we walk around the park and he finally takes my hand in his
>he pulls me closer and loops his arm in mine as we walk
>sunset comes and we are sitting on a bench
my head against his shoulder and his hand in mine
>we watch the sun set
>we walk back to my place
>go to my room
>we both slip into my bed and kiss
>I fall asleep in his arms
>next morning he pledges his undying love for me and we leave all our things and families behind and run away together and start a new life as bf and gf till we get married and raise a family
But none of that happened because I am just a ugly guy.
kill me please
those expectations tho. Welcome to reality friend
Cis women have that happen every time they date though. They get to experience a never ending amount of men who shower them with love and affection. Its not fair.
there's the problem. Reality hits you hard bro
I know its not fair, i hate it too, but you have to admit, that whole plan was a bit out of reach. I'm not saying what he did was right, but he just found out his friend was trans. But he still is a dick for not apologizing.
so then what do I do about it besides suicide?
You do realize that your entire fantasy was the core plot of every romantic comedy featuring Boring McNormalson and a manic pixie dream girl, right? Only in your story, you expected your Chad GTA playing bff to love you for the person you are beyond the chassis of flesh; that somehow, he'd fix you and make everything alright. Ha. Ahahaha. At what point did any of that seem likely to you.
>but he just found out his friend was trans
So? We were inseparable and the only friends each other had. He didn't have any other friends and neither did I, we were together all day every day and we were even home schooled together. I don't see why me wanting to be a girl would make him hate me so much so fast.
accept reality. Just don't get those false expectations. You can be an outgoing person as trans too, yknow.
>You can be an outgoing person as trans too, yknow.
Ever since starting transition I became a hermit in all senses of the word. I never leave my room because I look like a half man half woman monster now.
Well yeah, he probably thought you were gonna rape him...
Actually, I'm going to a gender therapist soon and my dad completely supports me
Though, he does say wait on it
I'm guessing the guy is in denial gay
and he thought you were so cute and couldn't deal with that
I came out. My stupid closeted little brother killed himself three days later. I am not allowed to know what is in the note. My parents won't let me know, but after my aunts and uncles family have stopped talking to me and blamed me.
well find out what's in the note faggot
If they won't tell me how do I find out? I am afraid it does blame me.
They know what is on the note and he does blame you (maybe) that's why your parents does not want you to see it and end up like him
I think you are right. I guess I don't want to know honestly. WTF what a fucking asshole. I love that stupid selfish dead faggot anyway.
I know. I said at the end he was a jerk. I was trying to say if he had apologized and said sorry, and that he overreacted, then he gets a break. But since he did not do any of that and left he is a dick. Im sorry if i sounded rude
No he never spoke to me again. Last I heard he is several states over and had 2 kids with a wife he met as soon as I came out to him and he left. I keep crying over it because if I could have become a real girl he would have never left and he would have been with me forever. He was my best friend since we were both 9 years old is why I took it so hard and i haven't had a friend since he left.
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>be me, 19 years old think my mom doesn't like bi people
>knew I liked other girls since I was really young
>been preparing for the worst over the past year
>sit her down tell her I have to tell her something important
>"Mom I'm bi"
>She replies "I'm bi too"
I know this sounds dumb but maybe you should try to contact him for closure. It would probably help to see if he thinks the same now, or if he changed.
Guys, surprise, it's kayla. That's why this story had unrealistic expectations.
>My mom was also bi
>I didn't know it and my dad told me
>I was shock
>It also explains why I'm bi
For closure I only want to contact him when I am all transitioned and full time. I want to prove it too him I had the guts to see it through, as far as he knows I still am a dude but I have been transitioning for a year, another year to go before I am fulltime.
Again I think he had a crush on you and didn't know how to handle it
so me did what any redneck white boy would do
call you a fag and punch you in the stomach
Did you not know? She posts this story in literally every coming out thread and the exact same thing happens every time.

She tells that story, is immediately told that that's creepy and wrong and no shit he flipped, and then goes on to complain that if she was a reel gurl none of this would have happened and they'd be in love and having kids by now.

Seriously I don't know why she keeps posting this.
>I think he had a crush on you and didn't know how to handle it


In what fucking universe

Quit giving her false hope

The truth will set you free etc.
I'm trying to come out today. Have a letter all written and a bunch of information prepped. And I'm out of printer paper. I've been psyching myself up for this for a week solid now and I'm foiled by a lack of paper.
i read this story like 3 times... exact same words
No they don't, idiot. That never happens to anybody.
I can just imagine you with a dumb founded face looking like a fucking idiot and thinking how he could be so homophobic when really you absolutely scared the shit out of him because he thought you were probably going to ass rape and murder him.

>after years of denial decide to tell my mom because she seems lgbt friendly
>dad is huge homophobe, wont even share the same room with gay cousin
<mom i want to be a girl
>sick bastard, degenerate, i fucking hate you, from all the bad things you could have do to me you choose the worse, why dont you just fucking kill me
<im sorry
>decide to start cutting myself
>its been 4 years
i wish the economy in my country was better so I could move and live on my own
>from all the bad things you could have do to me you choose the worse
I will never understand why many people think trannies are even worse than thieves, murderers, rapists. etc.
>I will never understand why many people think trannies are even worse than thieves, murderers, rapists. etc.
I think the same, its really shitty how I have tried to do everything "right" in my life, like always making money, saving, not wasting on shit, no drugs other than weed and i dont even pay for it, never got really drunk, dont smoke, always very respectful to my parents, doing kinda good at college, but fuck all that Im a fucking tranny, I deserve to die.
You shouldnt blame your physical appearance. It's one thing to come out as trans, but such a sudden surprise would freak out anyone. If we're talking about a teen boy ofc when he has an emotional overload he reacts by freaking out/getting physical.
stuff like this makes me not want to tell anyone.
nah, dont worry, even when i live in denial i have "help" some transgirls to come out to their parents and it have go alright.
funny thing that the person who made me realize I was trans killer herself many years ago
>decide that it's time to come out
>seven years pass
>miserable still
I've broken off communication with 90% of the people I know.
You know what comes next.
>They get to experience a never ending amount of men who shower them with love and affection. Its not fair.

>be cis girl in park
>just walking dog
>shady guy in a hoodie I dunno comes up to me
>"ayy did it hurt?"
>don't wanna put up with this, give him blank stare
>"I asked you if it hurt"
>I'm not gonna answer that
>"Well it's gonna hurt when I rape you"

Love and affection. Men give unending amounts of love and affection...
>no drugs other than weed
>don't smoke

pick one. :^) blaze it f4gg0t
I dont smoke cigarettes, it isnt that hard to understand.
>I dont smoke cigarettes, it isnt that hard to understand

1 billion in cigarette advertisement later and you'll be a changed man.
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