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Grindr thread
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stories, experiences, tips etc
Mostly just creepy old guys messaging me "hi" or "hey" and sending me pictures of their geriatric balls.
I specifically said nobody older than me.
God damn it.
>nobody older than me.
You sound like an up en coming pedo m8.

The thought of getting fucked by a older man turns me on and creeps me out at the same time... Is it normal for gay bottoms to want to get fucked by older guys? It don't feel normal, it feels wrong/kinky.
I'm 24, when I don't specify that I get people two or three times my age hitting on me all day long.
I just want to suck 24yo duck, not 72yo limp noodle
I have the same problem but from the other side. I've specified within my age group but the only people the message me is 18-23 yo.
Couldn't be closer to the truth. They have really bad erectile dysfunction at that age.
I stated no hook ups in my profile but i still get thirsty guys wanting to fuck me. Ugh guys are so gross
It was all old guys and other tops. No twink or femboys for me to play with....
how old? and can we swap, I'm sick of the femboys and twinks messaging me.
I'm 27, and I'd love to switch. Funny how different areas are so different with regare to the types of guys. Like, no fem guys here.
Met my boyfriend on grindr 2 years ago. We live together and are very happy :)
thanks for reminding me why i don't go on grindr
You're welcome.


Anyone know any GOOD dating apps?
there are none
They all have the same people on them. Its not the app that's bad, its the people. If you want it to be good, move.
Found a Furry/Sanders supporter. Fucking humanity.
Eh, figured as much...
He's a furfag AND he's a sanders supporter AND he's a faggot... I bet he also has autism and gender dysporia induced by watching to much sissy porn.

This has got to be the biggest faggot I've seen in a long time.
Glad I could share.
I just got on grindr after a year plus living celibate. Have a history of being attracted to younger guys (im 23), but ive been with all ages before. I met an 18 yo qt and we start texting. He says he wants an intimate LTR, and we have some common interests. Trade face pics, he thinks im qt. I take him out for dinner. Hes instantly going off on me for having a shitty truck and says i look like Tarantino. I tell him he doesnt have to go out with me. He redacts his comment, saying its just from the side i look like him (jutty chin/ longer forehead). When I pull up to his parents place to drop him off he says he wants to make out. We park dlwn the street and he starts kissing me reaching for my dick. I do the same and go down on him as he shoves his dick down my throat. He jacks off and cums, i take him home, but before he gets out goes off on me about my low self esteem being why i work for low pay and drive a shitty truck. I half agree and he kisses me goodbye. Later were texting and he says he had a good time/wants to go out again. Three hours later out of nowhere texts: "you do matter."

Im hoping to talk to him on the phone this weekend to clear up some things. I dont think I have low self esteem in my identity but I do have some facial dysphoria. I just want him to be honest if he doesnt like my face/personality, but he made out with me and wants to go out again.

Is he fucking with me just to get head/ free food or do you think he actually feels affection?
he sounds deranged tbqh
Just guys sending dick pics
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>hook up with a dude on a weekend
>bring him to my flat
>some talking, some coffee, some TV, and finally sex
>everything's great, hope to meet him again some time
>several days pass,everything as usual
>one day come from work to discover my door locks broken and my flat clean of all the money and valuables
>the police comes, file a report
>I don't say anything about grindring, because can't have anybody know that I sleep with men
>they'll never find this bastard and never return my things
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>just want a jerk off bud
>everyone just wants to fuck me raw

what a world lads

>i dont like jo or oral

Wanna be buddies anon? Why can't I just find a guy that wants to go slow, homosexuality is a pretty new concept to me, and it's kinda scary meeting some assburgler that just wants you to fuck you in the ass and then want you to leave.
>be me, barely 18 mid transition tgirl
>kissless virgin
>figure it's safer to be with bi guys
>join grindr and chat with some people
>combination of angry gay guys getting mad at me for being on their secret club, creepy old guys and some hot bi guys
>one guy is super hot so I say hi
>we chat and he says he wants to meet up, and thinks I'm cute
>really want to suck my first dick
>he asks if he can come over
>lonely me says yessss, we decide to meet up in a few days
>day comes, he texts me that he's here
>buzz him in and wait
>he knocks on the door
>open the door
>litterally Calvin Klein model tier
>well dressed and super tall
>sit on the couch and chat for a bit, decide to take him into my bedroom
>really nervous, he's out of my league and Im completely inexperienced
>takes his shirt off, omg the abs
>kneel in front of him as he undoes his pants
>he's huge and really hard
>I asked if I could touch it
>he placed my hand on it and told me to just do what feels natural
>kissed his dick all over before sucking with all of my power, what I lacked in technique I tried to make up with effort
>I took my shirt off and he touched my blossoming boobs
>holy fuck is this even real life
>fondles them while I suck his dick
>pushes my head down as he came, I tried to swallow every drop but there was a lot
I asked how I did, and he said I was great. I got him some water and we chatted for a bit while we got dressed. He kissed me goodbye and thanked me, I thanked him for the privilege ^_^ after he left I felt so freaking good, like he was so hot im sure all the girls he knows want him, and yet I ended up being the lucky girl :3 as someone who was pretty insecure it was a huge boost to my self confidence ^_^ he texted me a week later asking if he could come over and fuck me, but I said I was saving myself for my first boyfriend. We texted back and forth for a while but never met up again.
TLDR I basically blew a Greek God and gained some self confidence
And you didnt get off? Smhtbhfam
kissless virgin here, is grindr entirely hookups or are there people who are interested in chatting or dating?

I'm Irish so I'm not sure how big Grindr is here
You could really use it for anything but most guys just wanna hook up.
Lt is cute as is the guy with glasses in the grey shirt
I would suck The D's daddy cock.
There probably will be people that want to chat there but chances are real high they won't be the people you want to be into chatting.

People will generally not reply to you, in my experience. If someone is interested you'll get messaged and it will usually be about hookups.
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Thread images: 6
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