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First time you sucked a dick
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First time you sucked a dick

I want details
he was 15, i was in my late 20's, and we met online.

we had a blast.
I actually don't remember it, had only 5 sexual partners or so lol.
It was in a movie theatre.

He was qt but smelled bad.

Overall it was ok
still haven't sucked a dick but I had a shining opportunity and I totally missed it being the oblivious 12 year old that I was
>be at summer camp
>enamored with qt teenage metalhead
>follow him around the whole time
>make sure to sleep next to him in the same tent every night
>be walking alone on the beach with him
>shows me his dick
>tackles me to the ground, fondles my dick and tickles me
>abruptly stops and doesn't ever take it any further
>never see him again
I should have sucked him
sauce on pic?
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>was having a nice hot bath
>just kinda lazin' around enjoying the heat
>suddenly boner
>i just kept staring at it
>bent over and started sucking
>only got the tip in my mouth
>5 minutes later came in my mouth
>MFW it was my own dick...
>Be kissless 26 y/o virgin
>Roommate sets me up with someone
>He's fucking huge and muscular
>Instantly crushing
>We spend hours at the park before going back to my place to eat dinner together
>On the couch cuddling and watching TV
>He starts kissing me all over
>Have no idea what to do so I just kind of open my mouth
>His tongue is all in there doing it's own thing
>He pushes me off the couch onto the floor
>He gets on top of me
>His dick is right in front of my face
>As if by instinct I take it into my mouth
>He's panting in a really cute way as I slobber his knocker
>His knot expands my mouth and hurts my cheeks
>Cums like a fire hose
>Gag but swallow as much as I could
>Roommate comes in
>Freaks out
>Yelling that she just wanted me to walk him because she was too busy at work to come back and give him a quick walk like she usually does
>Completely misread her signals and now everyone now thinks I'm a perv and I need another roommate to afford rent
I was 12 and it was with a boy next door. Pretty lackluster because his foreskin smelled like pee and I wasn't into that at the time.
>I wasn't into that at the time.
Are you into foreskins that smell like pee now?
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M-maybe but I am more into smegma.
I can self suck too, its the only dick I've ever sucked

feels good, uncomfortable though
it was some guy at a party, it was dark so I couldn't see much but at least he was clean so he smelled & tasted nice

absolutely disgusting
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I think it's an elin with a castanic I guess. I know I have seen that one, but not sure where.
upper level kek
Never ;~;
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a recently-homeles, skinny, tall tranny-before-transitioning-so-more-like-a-really-really-effeminate-gay-guy
generic motel
swallowed, cuddled, watched a futurama re-run
>recently homeless
>posting on 4chan

>be 14
>be desperate reverse pedo thirsty faggot virgin
>find hot 21 year old pedo guy on /vg/ who says he's bi
>buy him video games and magic cards to have sex with him
>he says because he's 8" and circumcised, it's hard for him to cum with just a blowjob and no girl has ever made him cum with their mouth
>I take the challenge
>at that point I practiced on dildos so often that I was sure I could do it
>one time he takes me to a hotel for my birthday
>I suck his dick for like 15 mins
>it's so fucking thick and I can't deepthroat it
>but it tastes and smells so good
>keep sucking, sort of jerking the bottom half while sucking the top half
>he cums after a total of like 20 mins

Was really fun. Still with him to this day
wut, noice
I didn't believe him when he told me either, but turns out he wasn't lying. Always a nice surprise.
was he good looking also?
>be 12
>hanging out with my cousing and friends(14-16)
>i get really friendly with one of them
>he invites to his house and we play vidya
>repeat playing vidya almost every day for a year
>he tells me that one of his classmates is a fag
>i say i dont know what that is
>he pulls his dick out and tells to suck and i if like it then i am one
>turns i liked it and so did he
that doesn't sound very convincing tho, did you ever think of sucking him off before that?.
You fool!
You fell for one of the classic blunders
yep i was after him for a long time, i didnt even liked videogames at first
This was like three weeks ago.

I was with my trans girlfriend and she asked if I wanted to 69. I reminded her that I'd never even given a blowjob before and so 69ing would probably turn out pretty poorly. She asked if I wanted to try giving her a blowjob first, and I said yes. She just told me to open my mouth while keeping my lips together, so I did.

She started making cute little moaning sounds, and after a minute or so she said I could use my tongue a bit if I wanted. I started licking as I moved my mouth up and down, and she started moaning even more. She's on HRT, so she didn't cum, but there was a fair bit of precum. I went at it for a few minutes before lifting my head and kissing her.

She said that was the best blowjob she'd ever received, which I was incredulous about, but she clarified that most of the people she's been with have been pretty bad at it, so the bar was kind of low.
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>tongue doing its own thing

why didn't I catch that lmao
Yes, very
Extremely my type. Like tall, skinny/fit, etc
10/10 shared to facebook
after dating my first boyfriend for like two weeks we started fucking. a while after that I sucked his dick for like, probably not even two minutes. it was different but weird and I wasn't that into it.
>tfw no tranny gf.
The world is such a cruel place. Those who want one can't find one. Those who don't, find them. I'm not even a fan of dicks, I just put up with hers for the time being until she can get SRS.
I was 11 and coerced into it by a friend. at least he was tiny but I can't help feeling abused to this day

>two fat kids
>under a blanket
>dick smelled raw
>when can I take this thing out of my mouth
>I'm bored
>this is making me unhappy
>eww wtf happened
>oh he's done now

and that was that.
I was like 4 and it was the son (same age or so) of my mom's friend.. Wasn't really that great.
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the fuck?, so many people abused while kids by kids.
When i was a kid we couldn't even think of doing such things, the lewdest thing i've done when i was 11 or so was bathing with a friend, and the only thing i can remember was him pointing out that i have a beauty mark/mole on my dick, he laughed and so did i. Nothing ever happened between us, although now that i look back we had pretty much like a bromance always looking after each other. I guess if our friendship had continue it would have ended in buttsex sooner or later.
He got a gf and then he went through a pretty feminine emo phase, then he became a cocaine user, i don't even know what happened to him after that, shit i really miss him now that i think ._.
Oh no no no... I wasn't abused... He was the one that got abused. I wanted to put his dick in my mouth. And, to even the score, I made him put my dick in his mouth... I was reeeeeeeally fucking horny when I was little, more so than I am now.
It was like eating subway, but the sub was a dick and you don't actually eat it, that would be painful.
I can picture subway newest slogan " it's like sucking a cock but you can also eat it!"
i disapprove strongly of your tabs
15 is legal in some countries ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
I think that would be a blockbuster slogan!
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Hanging out watching a movie with my friend who is openly gay.
>"Anon why do you hang out with me?"
>"What do you mean?"
>"We're friends and all but I feel like...you're... INTO me"
>I stare at him, blushing, breathless, speechless
>I can feel my heart racing
>He sits sideways across my lap
>"It's okay if you like me anon"
>I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his chest
>I look up and see his reassuring smile
>He gives me a nice long kiss
>He runs his fingers through my hair
>"You've felt this way for a while haven't you? I've seen the way your eyes light up when you see me"
>I'm practically shaking with nervous excitement at this point
>I stand up and make out with him some more, I feel his tongue in my mouth. He tastes amazing.
>I run my hands down his chest and stomach to his pants
>I feel his bulge and squeeze it a bit
>He moans softly
>I as if by instinct drop to my knees and unzip his pants
>I take a moment just to appreciate his girth in his boxerbriefs as I fondle him and feel him grow some more
>He slides them down revealing his cock
>I take the head into my mouth and work my tongue around and around it.
>I'm being overwhelmed by his dank cock smell. It's so good
>I move down to his balls and lick them, it was fun to feel the way they "bounce" a bit with stimulation in my mouth.
>I keep sucking just the head, and stroking the shaft I couldn't fit more in without gagging
>His velvety head feels so good on my tongue
>I feel his cock really starting to swell
>I keep working the shaft harder, I love the way this feels
>He cums and I pull it out because it suprised me
>Get some cum on my shirt
We were fuck buddies for a while, I wanted to date him but I wouldn't come out of the closet.
how big was he you think?
File: 1452892228213.gif (1 MB, 900x507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He was 6 1/2 x 5 inches. I remember because I'm an inch bigger than him.
>apparently wasn't born a natural cock sucker
>want to explore and practice
>the whole time he's telling me to deep throat him
>I just wanted to play and have fun
>he's criticizing my technique (the irony being he also sucked at sucking, too mechanical, no feeling)
>It's not like I was using teeth or anything
Inconceivable. I read that in his voice.
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>be MtF but in boymode for work (at a pool)
>wearing a binder to keep tits down
>hair in a man-bun
>walk into bathroom on break to pee
>close & lock door
>turn around
>cute life guard who had been talking to me for a few weeks is washing his hands
>pull out bun
>say in my passing female voice "hey dude, door's locked"
>he grabbs me by the upper arm and kissed me
>stick my hand in his pants
>big, shaved, and uncut D
>give him a beej like no cis girl ever could
>swallow to hide evidence
>kiss him with my cum mouth
>get my shit together
>go back to teaching obnoxious 12yo's how to swim in dude mode

I got a different job a few weeks later and I haven't seen him since.
How old were you at the time and when did you start HRT?
I was 22 and I was on HRT for 6mo at the time

I had actually freaked out afterwards because I realized I never asked how old he was. Turns out he was 18 and in highschool =/ On the bright side, I didn't statutorily rape someone at work
He had one ball and it was the size of an avocado pit. He smelled gross.
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So you either suck dick at 12 or die a virgin? Good to know.

File: 1389009381140.gif (2 MB, 450x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>come out to my friends as transgender
>still go in boy-mode when I hang with them
>hang out with one, we decide to drink together
>we both get pretty drunk
>I start using my more feminine voice while we joke around
>he mentions that I have a sexy voice
>I change into my girl clothes
>he's not sending signs that he's into it
>I keep brushing up against him and touching him
>when he protests I apologize and say it's because I'm so drunk
>fall over and lay my head on his lap
>he doesn't push me away
>we keep watching tv and drink that way
>I start rubbing my hand along his leg
>he lets me do it
>run up his leg further
>feel his boner through his pants
>stroke it
>after a while, he says, "Anon, we both know what's going to happen here, so let's just get to it."
>I play innocent and say, "What do you mean?" with a coy smile
>he just whips out his cock and I start sucking it, making him moan
>I'm drunk and inexperienced, so I wasn't too good, but I could deepthroat him for a couple seconds
>I tell him to push my head down and he does a couple times, moaning loudly
>he was having trouble cumming, combination of my poor technique, his drunkenness, and him being turned off by me being a trap
>eventually I managed to get him to cum, I sucked the tip while he jacked off
>I swallowed, of course
>later after we'd sobered up he says he doesn't want to ruin our friendship
>we get drunk and end up fucking a week later
>since then I've got a different bf, but we're still good friends
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>private tabs

oh wait, why i am posting on /lgtb/?
Goddammit mootwo
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"Dank cock"
>Be me 18yo virgin (not kissless)
>Hang out with some friends
>Eventually everyone leaves and its just me and another guy I know (not really a friend cuz he's a douche bag)
>He starts talking about his sexual experiences the girls hes fucked ext.
>He knows I'm a virgin asks me if I wanna suck his dick
>Chuckle awkwardly and say no
>He insists and says it will be our secret
>Fuck it, suck his dick
>He's really long so I start gagging
>He gently tells me to take it slower
>Eventually make him cum
>Get excited that I finally lost my virginity (I guess)
>I tell my mom I tell her everything so I figure its ok
>She gets upset and yells at me and we get into a huge argument
>A few days later she tells me why she was so upset
>Turns out he was fucking my mom in secret.

Turns out they were fucking for a while and fucked long after that. My mom and I stopped talking for a while.
Jesus christ, all of these stories are
>drunk rape my friend
>he avoids me after
>do it again lol
>but why's he hate me tho???

Gay men are the worst human beings on the planet.
Why would you ever tell your mother about sucking a dick?
Because we tell each other everything and I didn't tell her I sucked his dick I told her fooled around
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In boy scouts when I was about 12. We were touching each other and he dared me to put it in my mouth. I did for about 2 min and he made some moaning noises. I wasn't in to it. Last time too. Now I just suck on boi pussies.
File: 2mh966f.gif (2 MB, 250x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x231
None of the stories are like that tho, so...
he was 15.

we met online. i drove over 100 miles to meet him. it was like 3 in the morning. he opened the sliding glass door to his backyard.

good times.
>playing okami for ps2
>drunk dad comes in and beats the shit out of me with a controller
>he tears my clothes off
>sticks his lubricated dick in my asshole
>he gets shit and blood all over it
>he pulls me off and flips me over, fucking my throat, with his pre-cum, shit, blood covered cock
>he dies two year later
>I seek therapy two years after that
>Now I'm an incredibly healthy gay male
good times
all these stories are so fake, probably made by virgins
>be me
>be tall 6/10 faggot fresh out of the closet
>come out of shell in university
>get shitfaced and go dancing in a club with friends
>meet fellow 6/10 and dance and kiss for a while
>sneak off to bathroom stall and proceed to drop trou
>give and get blowjobs back and forth for a while
>chads must have told bouncer because big bad bald fucker is banging on the cubicle door saying gtfo
>pull up pants and escorted out
>meet friends outside having a smoke
>run away from cubicle blowjob buddy who wanted to come back to my place cus still beta virgin fag and scared of anal
>parents are having a rough patch
>my dad has set up another room in the house to sleep with his own on suite bathroom and gym
>my dad's occupation could literally be described as pop star
>i'm 7
>i walk into his bathroom and catch him taking a piss, and cause i'm 7 and naive i ask why his dick looks different to mine
>he says it's cause he's older and mine will look like that one day
>scared shitless because secretly trans
>he closes the door and say he could teach me more
>tells me to touch is junk
>tells me it's educational
>gets me to suck his dick
>traumatised for life and forever have daddy issues
>Haven't even told my best friend or my girlfriend what happened.
You okay?
top satire, brah
I mean not really, it's weird i still see my dad all the time and for some fucking reason even though the memory itself is really traumatic to access i feel no anger towards my dad at all and still look up to him and act fucking completely chill around him. he left when i was 10 and i barely saw him at all before that cause he just hung out in his studio. So i still value any sort of attention he gives me, or the time i spend with him. It's like i want to protect his image too, i also don't wanna be seen as that tranny that got molested by their rich popstar daddy either...

I had a fucking nervous breakdown involving transition as well as that memory constantly popping up whilst i was at uni and left in my 3rd year of a 4 year course (was studying music composition) and honestly i wonder if he didn't do that to me would i have honestly been this much of a fuck up or was i always going to be a fuck up.

Now i'm spilling my guts out onto fucking 4chan cause i feel like i can't fucking talk to anyone else about it without some media storm or some shit.
The fells are real
>tfw no rockstar daddy to take advantage of my innocent pre-girl boyhole then cuddle with me all night while his dick is still inside me
it hurts to live
Haven't yet. My gf is planning to fly me over to her place in canada, hopefully then?
Be 12 years old and have best friend over for a camp out in the backyard. Play true or dare and it gets to sucking dicks. I was first, and I enjoyed it but my jaw didn't. So he fucked me and came up my ass. We did it another time at a church retreat, both sucking and him fucking me both in the cabin and shower.
it was just a prank bro, you are living a lie
you should report yourself for using IE in 2016
underrated post
How are you going to suck you're girlfriends dick? Unless they're trans, in which case you don't have a real girl friend
>His knot expands
the fuck... god damn it, you got me.
Listen man, you really gotta get some help for this ASAP, trust me. I went through similar and I'm really working through it. It'll get worse if you dwell on it like this. It's ok anon, therapists know what they're doing
We're both bisexual trans girls.
As if it weren't just b8
If i talk to a therapist they'll fucking sell the story to the media or some shit. The less people who know about it the better.

that's a fact but you can do anon therapy, blind wall shit, use a fake name and stuff.

otherwise shitposting is my best therapy I was raped by my best friend at age 11, I'm totally fine now el oh el
Adult illiteracy is real. I'm sorry for your struggles, anon.
Is he still your friend?
Shit that's really shitty, anon, I'm sorry. You really should make it a goal to talk to a therapist about it, through anonymity or trust. Trust is a tall order after shit like that (speaking from experience) but you're gonna keep stumbling on that issue if you don't work through it.

I don't know where you are but it's kind of unheard of for a therapist to tell on their client. And if they did you could smack them hard.
why not, I'm feeling lewd.
>be mtf, few months hrt
>chilling with best friend, playing Halo 3 matchmaking
>lately we've been sitting a bit closer
>at one point, my friend suddenly picks me up and places me on his lap
>I'm actually pretty impressed at how strong he is, and it makes me melt a bit to be manhandled like that
>at one point, I feel something hard pressing sharply against my butt through his jeans
>my face goes white hot and I go a bit limp, and let out a nervous moan
>I'm very suddenly very lewd at this point, like uncontrollably
>he's like "oh, I'm sorry about that."
>I am absolutely on fire at this point, like I'm sitting in an oven
>he smiles at me and slinks his hand down the back of my pants, kneading my ass and teasing me with his finger while he talks dirty
>I try to say five things at once and stumble over my words
>the only thing i manage to get out is "Y-yes"
>I go to undo his pants, he sits back and lets me
>I take him into my mouth
>I have no idea what I am doing, I'm just going. Like it's an instinct
>I start drooling like crazy, like unbelievably much
>it gets all up and down his shaft and on his leg
>he seems to be really into it, I start finding out the best ways to make him moan
>eventually he gets a handful of hair from the back of my head and pushes me down, forcing himself into my throat
>It hurts but it's so satisfying to be used like that
>by the time he lets me come back up and catch my breath, my eyes are watering
>I go back down on him and slowly get him closer and closer
>I just play with his cock with my lips, until his moans become a bit more panicked and he forces me down one last time
>I just lose it with lewd as he shoots his load down my throat, barely even letting me get a taste of it
>he pulls out all at once, leaving a rope of cum from my throat across my tongue and a little glob on my lip, which I eagerly lap up
>He hugs me close and calls me a "good girl"
>our faces when we left the mic on the whole time
File: 1431637303288.jpg (101 KB, 774x1058) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lots of stories from mtfs with a best guy friend they known for years, who does this to them.

Isnt it weird for your best guyfriend to do lewd stuff to you?
be 5 yo, have full time sitter who's about 16-18
>one day we're playing some game , home alone
>he gets angry with me, strips me, pins me down and forces me to blow his cock
>was his sub cumslave for 4 years
>first and last cock I sucked
>Be me summer of 7th grade went to mass for family reunion
>Bring along best friend that is like a brother to me
>We were wrestling a lot
>it started getting weird
>I learned that I was Bi in 6th grade
>start feeling a hard on in his pant
>start rubbing it
>He: What are you doing
>Me: what do you think
>starts sucking his dick
>I don't really remember the taste
>almost went all the way until a loud sound spooked him
>He asked me if I was Bi
>I said yes
>Now legally my brother

Yes we adopted him and no he is not gay or bi
>coerced into it
>Male feminism

Those tabs!! Ahahahaahahahah
Oh god my sides.
File: lmfao.jpg (21 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>we left the mic on the whole time
I was with my small hometown band, heading to a party. It was at our singer's friends house. It was going to be my first time drinking so I was really excited.
As we pull up in the yard, I see people standing on the porch in the dim light. So I only saw shadows of bodies. We walk up the steps and everyone begins introducing themselves. As it comes to the last person, he turns around, and he was the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. Tall, strong jaw, thin, skinny jeans. And to top it off, the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. He smiled so brilliantly at me.
"Hi, I'm Ben"
It rang in my ears. I couldn't say a word. Instead of shaking my hand or dapping me up, he hugged me. It wasn't until then I realized I was blushing.
Thank god he didn't notice (or at least I think he didn't) because he proceeded to converse with the others and start a game of beer pong.

Fast forward to three beers, and two shots later. So lightweight. I had a crazy buzz. More or less drunk. I'm talking to our guitarist and Ben walks around behind me to get to the door. I feel his hand caressing my elbow. Just for a second. As if it never really happened. Nevertheless it sent a shockwave straight through my body. It wasn't until our guitarist was waving his hand in my face that I noticed I stopped mid sentence. I was hooked now. I couldn't keep him out of my mind. I caught myself staring from across the table. Before it was time for everyone to head in, he caught me. But he just smiled that brilliant smile again.

Now we're all in the living room. It's pitch black, save for the movie playing. All the seats are taken. I start to sit on the floor.
"Tyler, get your ass on the floor! We don't let guests sit on the ground."
He abruptly pushed his brother off the loveseat, freeing a seat for me. Right next to him. I can feel my heart racing. The hairs on the back of my neck are tingling. I sit down as to not seem akward.
Halfway through the movie and everyone is passed out, except for Ben and I.
I don't know senpai but I know I'm eagerly looking forward to trying to ride my friend's dick. Think about it, they're already your best friend. You have a pretty good bond there. Suddenly you're an available sexual and romantic partner? That bond doesn't just disappear but it might start to morph.
File: 1451949561016.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lewd lewd lewd!!!
File: 1450228844353.gif (646 KB, 512x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw u never finish
See? That's what I mean. I know when I told my friend he got a weird smile and there's been tons of hints that he's just waiting for me to be out in public before he makes a move. Have you told your friends yet? Not to raise hopes but you may be surprised.

Imagine the strong hands you always trusted brushing aside your hair, pulling you in for a kiss. Doing everything you used to do as friends and wrapping it up with sex that's intensely intimate right from the start thanks to your mutual trust. Think about just how right it'd feel to fall asleep in his lap, to wake up in his bed. Not to be too lewd of course.
>>5610746 cont.

Out of nowhere I feel his hand, so lightly, brushing against the side of my thigh. I expect him to stop when he realizes it's touching me. But his touch only hardened. Before I knee it he was full on rubbing my thigh. Getting higher with time. Before it got to my buldge, which seemed like forever, he pushed my back against the couch and kissed me. My heart exploded. My body locked up. I had no idea what to do. Where I was. I was dumbfounded. Then instinct set in. I wrapped my arms around him. Ran my fingers through his hair. Touched his face. His chest. It was all so perfect under my fingertips. We heard a snore, and sat back straight as if nothing happened. I was bright red at this point. I could hardly breathe.
>>5610787 cont.

After a few minutes Ben got up and walked into the hallway. I could faintly see him motioning to me. So I got up and tiptoed out of the room. He took me by the hand and let me back to the bedroom. As soon as the door closed, he shoved me back against it, kissing me hard. We were rubbing each others buldge through the pants. I decided to let my instinct take over once more. It didn't hurt the last time. I turned him around and pressed him against the wall. Pressing my body against his. I felt so small in his arms. I began kissing down his neck. Over his chest.

Fumbling with the buttons on his pants. I knelt down, and yanked down his pants. His cock was so long it fell against my face, leaving a string of pre from his tip to my cheek. I gently grasped it at the base. This was my first time. I had no idea what to do, only what I saw in porn. So I kissed the tip gently. Then took it into my mouth. I slid all the way to the base, feeling it down in my throat. He moaned. Oh my god he moaned. It was ecstasy. I worked my mouth back and forth, trying desperately to move my tongue around his thick shaft. When I came up for air, I wish I hadn't. The taste was wonderful. I needed it back in my mouth. I was driven by some primal feeling. I took his shaft back to the base. Working it up and down. I wanted to please him. And by his trembling, I could tell I was. I moved faster now. Savering the taste of the pre coming from his head.

All at once he gripped the back of my head, keeping his cock as deep as it would go. I felt it throb and buldge. He shook and moaned. I wanted it.
"Please give it to me. Please! Please!" I begged in my mind.
Then I felt it. His warm cum shooting down my throat. I loved it. Then began gagging. I wanted the air. My eyes were watering. But I wanted his cum more. When he let me go I fell back, gasping for air. He scooped me up and laid me on the bed, and kissed me. He didn't say a word, he just layer with me, and spooned me, as if he knew I was still too drunk to even get it up. He stroked my hair until I fell asleep.
When the morning came, I snuck back into the living room and woke everyone up. As we left, I couldn't help but look back.

That was the last time I ever saw Ben
>That was the last time I ever saw Ben
Did he drown?
I tried everything to find him from asking our singer about him, to social media. He was apparently only down for a visit from the state he lived in, and didn't keep social media. When I actually got his phone number it was disconnected. I gave up.
I don't remember it well >.>
aw thats so cute :3c
>Spent every night for a month trying to suck my own dick.
>Final manage to build up enough flexibility to lick the tip and get a little bit of the head in my mouth.
>This victory spurs me on to accomplish more.
>Continue practicing until I could get around a third of my dick in my mouth (length is 18cm) and lick/suck on my own ballsack.
>Spent the next 8 months or so edging every night to Corruption of Champions for around four hours, listening to Isabella Valentine erotic hypnosis mp3s for about an hour (I never once managed that hands free orgasm but I came pretty damn close) and then sucking my own dick for about half an hour while listening to erotic audio until I came.
I was incredibly depressed at the time due to being a NEET living in my parents house in poverty but that nightly degeneracy makes for a hell of memory.
Now I'm living with my qt MtF gf so I don't really perform autofellatio anymore now that I've got someone who performs fellatio on me whenever I want.
I do it every once in a while when she's not home and I can really get into it but that's it.
File: 1350794193731.png (170 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 500x375
>be 18 closet repressed femfag
>tempted to meet up with someone online for years but never go through with it
>finally get to the point where I message some 30 yr old guy asking if i can give him a blowjob
>so the next night i go outside to the place we're gonna meet
>he arrives and says nothing, just pulls his 7" cock out
>i drop to my knees and take him in my mouth
>it tastes amazing, feels so hot and is almost like it's pulsating as i guide my mouth and tongue over it
>surprised myself with how masterfully i was sucking his cock, like i was a dormant dick sucking prodigy or something
>suddenly he shoots his hot cum in my mouth and i swallow it all down
>he quickly gets in his car and drives away
>realise i was only sucking him off for about 30 seconds
>feels like a new part of me had suddenly awakened and needed to be sated
>lose virginity to a different guy 2 days later
>end up getting fucked by a different guy almost every night, all of them at least over 40
>eventually prostitute myself so i can be a total slut and get paid for it
It's probably a good thing I started taking hormones and got in control of my libido or else I'd probably have AIDS or would have been raped and murdered, I took so many stupid risks.

If you wanna know the ACTUAL first time i sucked a dick...

>be 7
>hanging out with 7 year old cousin
>wants to play 'sex'
>have no idea wtf that is
>we get naked and he puts his tiny flaccid dick in my mouth
>don't really do anything, just sit there while he moves it in and out
>he does the same to me
>pretend i heard someone coming up the stairs so we put our clothes on quickly (someone actually did come up 5 mins later so thank fuck i did that)
>never talk about it

He hinted he got abused to me once, which explains why a 7 year old knew what sex and blow jobs were. Funny how he now has a successful career and a stable, heterosexual relationship with a lovely girl while I'm a promiscuous tranny disaster. Welp
File: lewd.png (395 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395 KB, 600x600
>19, twink, college
>flirting with hot 24 year old alumi
>hanging out after a soc event at his place
>watching shit on TV, flirting a bit due to alcohol
>suddenly making out, first kiss
>asks if I want more
>end up kneeling between his legs sucking his cock like a complete slut
>he just has his hand locked in my hair while I suck his dick
>licking balls is fun
>precum tastes amazing
>jack him off until he tells me he is going to cum
>decide to take it in my mouth because I'm super horny
>he shoots a massive load into my mouth, tastes great be awful texture
>pull back to avoid more in the mouth, get it on my face. prefer it there, because the texture is so gross, but it's super hot and feels great on my skin
>spit into a tissue because I'm a quitter
>it was still super hot
File: disapoint.gif (398 KB, 500x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
398 KB, 500x373
>age 15, first boyfriend (17) and really curious
>I'm at his house, know his parents fairly well. His mum and dad are just down the hallway.
>making out, he starts taking my clothes off and touching me
>Start sucking him off, kind of nervous so I'm overthinking things a lot.
>sucking the head and touching the base at the same time
>"Girls in porn do this right?"
>he groans really loudly and he shoves my head down
>I. Choke. So. Hard.
>He cums down my throat, meanwhile I'm struggling really hard.
>"Hey, are you two okay in there?"

I asked myself for a while if I /really/ liked dick that much.
>studying music composition
how was that? Considering going into it myself
File: 1442360508365.png (343 KB, 671x1047) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343 KB, 671x1047
I dont remember mutch of it and it was a month ago. Its one of the best things ever tho.
its was really nice of you to share anon, thank you =[
Thank you. Ever since it's happened 6 years ago, it's been so vivid in my mind. Maybe I needed to get it off my chest lol.
13 in some US states, but usually your partner must be within 4 years. I started a year early with the girls down the street.
Mostly a bunch of bourgeois twattery. It was alright though, i'm happy i didn't stay on cause i'm marginally happier now and really couldn't take care of myself much up there, plus a composition degree doesn't actually fucking do anything but part of me wishes i had stayed and got the degree. Be prepared for it to be very, very contemporary and be prepared to wade through a bunch of shit you don't like until you find some contemporary music you like, and you might surprise yourself a lot. Sometimes quite famous composers would show up and do talks which was really cool. It's not for everyone, but most musicians are pretty chill except for the occasional diva.
I was 18 and I was with my gay adopted bro.
>Home Alone
>Talking about bro stuff
>Tell him that I was curious
>Shows him the porn I was looking at
>Really Shy
>sit down and tell him to stand up
>He knows what's up
>I unzip his pants and pull down to his boxers
>I press my face against his boxers
>My heart is pounding
>I slowly pull down his boxers to reveal his massive schlong
>I look up at him and let out a single laugh
>Breathes deep
>"I'm kinda shy about it"
>He puts his hand on my head
>Begins to stroke my hair
>I open my mouth and slowly put it around his massive dick
>absolutely awesome
>I stand up and whisper in his ear that i want it in my back too.
>hands and knees on couch
>He grasps me from behind and feels my body
>Sticks his dick in me and I flinch and squelch from pain
>I tell him to keep going
>I tell him i don't want it to end
>He keeps going and cums inside of me.
it was great.
If you don't mind me asking, where did you study? Not that you have to answer if you're worried about saying too much. Contemporary is good, I enjoy classical and play horn but at heart I'm a /mu/ faggot. In a dream world I'd go to Berklee and study there, and that's extremely contemporary (sadly I live in Canada and Berklee costs a fuckload, so I'll probs audition for McGill). Do you feel you can write significantly better music now or is it really just down to innate talent?
I was 9~, my brother was 12~

>let's play doctor
>goes on for months
>want to stop
>brother threatens to tell my parents
>younger and scared because my parents always believed my brother
>threaten to tell my parents on him
>as if it never happened
>never sucked dick since then and am now a straight male posting about sucking dick as a child on a gay anime game faqs forum
>gay incest
my lord
at least he was adopted
Nn... I wan it sooo bad. *grabby hands*
things that happened
>eventually prostitute myself so i can be a total slut and get paid for it
Living the dream. I would do it if i were totally homo and don't care about anything, but i have a life and i like also girls, so it's not really worth it. Besides anal sex is kinda uncomfortable
>Be 15 y/o Emo repressed tranny
>Hanging with a bunch of emo girls i'd just met and fucked
>They want to see me suck a dick
>Invite full blown homo emo kid around
>Proceed to choke on his cock
>Girls freak out and leave
>swallow his load
>That's when i knew I loved cock
File: ritsu-05.jpg (48 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 600x450
I just had my first time

>be me
>be 20 and lonely af
>install grindr
>an asian guy close-by sends a message
>doesn't look very attractive, but am really horny
>arrange a meeting in a local shopping-centre
>come there late, because of work
>getting really nervous
>he's cool with it
>we go to the public-toilets
>"It's my first-time"
>he smiles and un-zips me
>still nervous af
>rubbing me all over
>starts to wank me
>get sligthly erect
>he asks to un-zip him
>get on my knees
>too tight for me, so he unzips it anyways
>dick is smaller than mine (am 5 inch myself)
>not shaved, get some hair to my mouth
>start with the head and go down deeper
>precums already
>dt him
>he moans and cums soon after
>we switch again
>can't cum because nervous
>we switch a few times
>we kiss a bit
>he comes like four times, while i cum zero times
>we stop
>exchange numbers
>he has to leave for bus
>a bit later, i go home

Was a pretty good feeling after that.
Maybe I should try with a guy who I know (and definetly somewhere NOT in public)
Green-text or it didn't happen, mate
File: image.png (913 KB, 706x513) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
913 KB, 706x513
I read that yesterday and it still got me today.
>They want to see me suck a dick
>Girls freak out and leave
Can you elaborate on that.
Also, your story sounds hot. Feel free to go into details.
I fooled around and sucked like 3 dicks when i was younger (7-10) even got a rimjob but refused to lick his ass. I miss younger me, i was so clueless and adventurous.

15 years later and in 4 years i will be casting fireballs into normies.
I'll go
>be 19
>hooked up with a good friend of mine
>showed up to watch a movie with him
>he starts kissing my neck
>we both get hard
>never done anything like this before
>he whispers in my ear and asks me what I want
>get flustered and mutter "y-your cock"
>he pulls it out
>he's fucking huge
>uncut and throbbing
>I help take his pants off
>don't know what to do, so I just try to fit the whole thing in my mouth
>he moans really loud, guess I caught him off guard
>he starts fucking my face
>I gag, cough and tear up, but I love it
>After about 15 minutes of this, he cums down my throat
>we fuck for about an hour
>been dating since
Saying the direct place might out who i am as i was like the only openly transgender girl at that university at the time (i think). But i can tell you i studied in england as i live in the uk. All music is practice, innate talent is useful, but yeah you do learn a lot there providing you are willing to. If you sink into a depressive hole and have an emotional breakdown like i did you won't learn much though. In my 3rd year of my worst emotional state i learned the least. Most of the learning has to be done on your own part. Read a lot of stuff, and ask the lecturers recommended books for the class ahead of time. Just read and write (as in compose) a lot and try to involve yourself in stuff as much as possible. Oh, and check your fucking e-mails as often as possible, lecturers will change stuff around and make everything as awkward as possible so always presume your timetable is probably wrong. Oh and don't miss your one to one lessons, they are the most important part of the course in terms of becoming a better composer. Good luck, by the way i hope your have better luck than i did.
>be 11
>have a freind sleep over
>hes 12 and precocious as hell, about a head higer than me
>asks me "whats gayer having sex with a guy ore blowing him?"
>"having sex with a guy of course"
>"so how about we blow eachother?"
>I hesitate but than agree
>we get naked
>we guide eachother to our dicks
>hes huge, 5,5 inch (or 14cm in proper units) and really thick
>hes fucking 12
>my dick clocks in at 2,7 inch (7cm) kek
>we wank eachother off
>he cums and after that starts blowing me
>worst blowjob of my life...all teeth
>I tell him to stop
>"i take my turn"
>his dick is too big, cant get it in my mouth
>he sais i owe him
>"would you let me fuck you to settle the debt?"
>i agree after some time
>he puts his big dick in me
>it hurts
>he starts fucking me and i kinda get used to it
>he cums again
>we go to bed

Blew him at 16, his dick was at 7,8 inches then (20cm) "to settle the debt" (i just wantet to suck his dick)
No wonder hes one of the few peeople im out as Bi to
I didn't greentext it.

I was 18. I'd been in a LDR with this guy for a few months and he traveled to my city so we could meet in person. We were super-poorfags, so we rented a room at this sleazy, run-down hotel on the outskirts of the city center because it was all we could afford. I'd never even seen an adult penis in person before (no pedo, I just couldn't avoid occasionally seeing my little brother's weiner when we were growing up together), so he let me play with his. A lot. I had fun making him get hard and watching his erections, feeling his pulse in the vein in his dick, etc.

I sucked his dick, he went down on me, we went and bought condoms, and then we fucked. I bled a fair amount on one of the motel's white sheets, and, even almost a decade later, I'm still extremely ashamed that I had to just leave that sheet there for housekeeping. We didn't trash the room or anything, but fuck, some stranger had to handle the bloody sheet that I lost my virginity on. I honestly don't remember much about the actual dick-sucking because it was eclipsed by my shame about that goddamn sheet.

>25 year old virgin
>desperate to lose virginity before I start HRT
>meet someone on /soc/, offer to pay for a hotel room and suck his dick
>We meet a week later
>Drink some vodka and wait for a pizza to arrive, make small talk. I loosen up after I'm drunk.
>put on a movie and both lay on the bed over the covers
>get halfway through the movie without saying anything to him, just staring straight ahead at the movie, I don't know what to do
>Finally he says "Come closer so I can put my arm around you"
>Thank god he finally said something. I scoot over to him.
>Put my hand under his shirt and feel his chest hair
>Memory is hazy because of being drunk but at some point I petted my hand over his clothed dick
>He pulls down his pants and his dick flops out, first time in my life ever seeing one in person
>Start off rubbing it, eventually put it in my mouth and lick it
>try to deep throat but that's way to hard
>Do random stuff until he cums in my mouth
>It tastes like fucking salty snot, its vile
>Was planning to swallow but its so gross I just can't, spit it all out on his dick
>He doesn't seem to care (was drunk also)
>Sucked his dick like 3 more times that night
Bf visited for thanksgiving last year, sucked his dick every day that week. Apparently was really good at it for my first time.
How would someone meet a guy up for the first time? I've never done it and want to do it safely and discretely.
>I studied in England
that's cool man, I grew up in London, considering going back to England to study there too (the dream school looking to be Guildhall afaik). Shit's expensive though, so probably just a pipe dream desu.
Thanks a ton for all your help, good luck with the depression.
>This is an old fucking picture and you people think he just took this screenshot
why do i even live anymore
>First time I sucked a dick was auto
Shit, now I hate myself
I've got a bit of a gap between my two front teeth and his foreskin got caught and pinched in it. He slapped me really hard in the face - not in a sexy S&M way, but in a panicked "oh-fuck-get-off-me" way. It makes me sad to remember it.

Sexual play ain't abuse son. It's normal developmentally.

You cucked your mum. Gold.

Wow horrifying.
to be fair the only people who were gonna reply anyways were newfags
"Don't know what to do" + "first time" immediately knows how to deepthroat a cock
File: shitposting.gif (4 MB, 336x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 336x254
Go fuck yourself.

It's not sexual play when one is coercing the other. That's called abuse, retard.
>doesn't think others know what it means to relax their throat
His dick smelled like Taco Bell and i was very high on the marijuanas. He was very demanding so that was nice, to have somebody in charge and educating me, not that it wasn't pretty intuitive. Just follow the golden rule
It's only abuse if you regret it.
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