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i'm the gay with the gay/ feminisation...
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i'm the gay with the gay/ feminisation thing a few weeks ago. i haven't met them alst weekd and thread 404'd. but i'll post what happened last weekend since people were curious.
>get greeted at the door by her
>while smiling pushes the clothes into my hands, "you know the drill"
>she leaves for the living room, i change into the clothes, panties aswell this time, little small but they fit
>join them, still awkward as fuck wearing the clothes
>they call me femanon again, but hanging out's pretty normal
>little while later they call me to sit next to them. him in the middle
>she "babe, wanna get spoiled by 2 girls?"
>she already starts unzipping his pants before he answers
>flops out his dick, already semi-hard
>she slowly strokes it, holding it up right
>"go on, you still need the practice"
>i hestitantly bend over it and take it into my mouth
>i feel it growing bigger in my mouth as she keeps stroking
>suck it for a while then move my head off of it and go along the shaft to let my mouth rest.
>as i go down the shaft she starts sucking on the head
>move head up and down the shaft
>feel her grip my hair and lead me towards his balls again
>don't open up immediatly but end up sucking on his sack after a few seconds.
>we alternate a few times going all over his cock
>think he's about to come so i go down to his balls again so i don't have to swallow
>she wraps her lips around his cock and lets him cum inside her mouth.
>slowly let his balls out of my mouth and look at her
>she motions me towards her with a slight movement of her head.
>not sure what she wants, i get next to her.
>she moves her hand along the back of my neck and pulls me in.
>locks lips with me and dips my head back, but she isn't kissing me>feel his cum slide into my mouth
>reluctantly swallow
>she smirks "goooood girl, you're getting the hang of it"
about an hour passes, maybe an hour and a half.

>they get pretty friendly with eachother
>hear him ask her about fucking but it's kinda quiet
>her face lights up "femanon, why don't you present yourself"
> i'm clueless "present ?"
>"offer yourself, here on the coffee table... now"
>"offer myself... ?" she interrupts "yes, now."
>i walk up to the coffee table and bend myself over it. my ass facing them.
>"come on, you can do better"
>i feel incredibly awkward, but i lay my head down on the table, open my legs more and pull the panties down enough to ensure access and a view.
>hear them get up and unzip, he gets behind me she hands him some lube and stands infront of me
> lube drips on my asshole
>her "i don't know why you're still so hesitant, you take it up the ass like a real slut."
> pressure on my ass, the head is pushing in
>grab the end on the coffee table and grunt softly "no i.. i don't"
> "don't lie.. you love it." i don't respond and relax my ass to take him all in
>isn't too long before he's going full pace
>keeps it up untill she notices i look like i'm about to cum
>she puts her hand agiinst his chest to slow him down and leans down next to my ear
>whisper "you wan't to cum right ? go on, ask him to fuck you hard"
>i got so close to cumming i don't really care/know what i'm saying
> "f..fuck me.. fuck me hard"
>she is incredibly amused "see, ? you're my good little slut now"
>he starts hammering into me. it starts to hurt, but he's getting me so close so fast.
>few minutes later i'm cumming harder than ever before, extremely hard to even keep my body kinda still
>"haha, you're still the only girl i know that loves it up the ass this much"
>he doesn't let up, keeps pounding my brains out long after i've cum.
>probably another 5 minutes later he cums ramming me into the coffee table.
>she walks next to him and kisses him as he pulls out
>"oh wow... that's why i don't let him do my ass"
>i move my hand down to my ass and feel that i'm stretched wide open
>freaked out a bit at first but realize it'll probably go back to normal soon.
>feel embaressed and pull my panties back up
>he slaps my ass and gets up to go to the bathroom
> her "you took it like a whore though, he looooved it"
>more teasing and some "namecalling" after that but didn't have too much time left for awkwardeness
>go change into normal clothes before leaving and hope i don't walk weird after all that.
What's this thread about? I didn't see the first one. Archive link?
i have an alternate thread on http://www.newfapchanDOTorg/girly/res/28668 because threads on 4chan tend to 404 pretty quickly. it started out as a weird joke kind of ? but became kinda serious and then over the course of a few weeks...
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Moar please
this only happened last weekend. the previous ones are in the link i posted earlier
Thread replies: 9
Thread images: 2
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