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So...anyone knows how boob sizes and cups work?
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So...anyone knows how boob sizes and cups work?

>measured myself below the breasts
>40 inches
>circumference at the center
>45-46-ish inches
Soo,what does that mean? What size bra do I have to buy? Like a 40D? Also... does this mean my boobs are small or average-ish? I mean, to me they look so tiny..
If they look small it means you're a man with gyno not a girl with D's.
Enjoy your manly ribcage.
29.5 inch underbust and 34 inch bust.
I'd say that being mtf means that sizing may be a bit different, since your ribcage may be a bit larger up top rather than small everywhere like cis women.
40 (underbust) is your band size.
Overbust-Underbust ~= cup size.
1: A
2: B
3: C


But really your anchor is band size, cup size varies and you need to try stuff on to find a comfortable fit. Don't walk around with a big gap in your bra because you want to believe you have a bigger cup size. Unless you're planning on stuffing it.
>40 band size
You will never be a girl.
It means you measuring from your errect nipples cause you want to post a bigger measurement on 4chan. I can guarantee you do not have D cups and if you buy a D cup bra it won't fit at all. Press the rape into the boob until it actually get to the main breast tissue. Then compared with an underbust THATS ACTUALLY ON THE BOOB INSTEAD ON YOUR CHEST.

>mfw I have to bitch slap delusional trannies thinking their underdeveloped cone tits are anything more than a small A cup
i-is a 30.5 band size ok
I'm a 38 B but when ever I can make the money I am doing belly button scarless implants. Fuck these cone tits.

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>how do i find my bra size?
fucking google it

>tfw 100% natural homegrown 34B perky round boobies with pert pinkish nipples.
Bra sizes are really weird because of the way the industry works. A 34B is considered "average" and the original is patterned to that, but in reality boobs change in shape wildly, and 34B is far from average.

Take your underbust, the tight measurement and the comfortable measurement. Take the widest part of your bust, usually about the nipples, Underbust - widest = some difference. The difference is your cup size, directly correlating into inches (A =1, B=2, C=3, etc) , and the underbust at your tighest measurement is your strap size, but you might want to size up to your comfortable measurement if you're not use to it.

Trans breasts tend to be a different shape, and they tend to be a more "shallow" shape rather than a droopier one. Basically the more shallow, the more triangle-on-chest, and the more droopy, the more torpedo boob. Start with a bralette for light support until you get use to the feeling and know what kind of boobs you have, and then try halfcup bras with a wide wire or no wire at all, since trans boobs tend to be pretty wide.

Also, I know y'all hate Reddit but the subreddit abrathatfits is a really good source for this kind of thing, and trans friendly.
jesus that's terrifying
/r/abrathatfits has a great, accurate calculator, check it out.
well if that calculator is great and accurate then I must be completely retarded and unable to take measurments properly
Do you measure that stuff when standing or bending down?
Cause most guides I've seen recommend bending down but that would mean my cup size didn't change at all after loosing about half of the fat in my breasts cause they're still the same length, just different circumference
Then again it's hard to measure saggy tits when standing up
That reddit calc takes both, but I don't really get how they're able to deduce the volume from that
And it claims my EU size would be 70G but it was DD before I lost weight and either way they look pretty small

I only wear sports bras so I probably don't have to bother, but curiosity fucks with me

It's like they designed the whole system to be extra confusing just so they could sell bra fitting services
Disregard the first line, I started writing that post before I clicked the calc link, all the size calculators I've seen before took only 2 measurments and that's why I asked
Either way I'm still confused cause it seems like it would only work for perky tits but most adult women are somewhat saggy
>>40 inches

how fucking fat are you
That'd be a 40A/B, probably 40B.

In general, with some variance between brands.

Measure your underbust tightly, with "empty" lungs.
Measure your bust firmly, at the fullest part of your breast, while wearing a bra (fine without too).

>Underbust <=28"
Add 4 if even, 5 if odd, to determine your band size.
In case of 27" underbust, your bandsize is 32.

>Underbust 29" to 32"
Add 2 if even, 3 if odd, to determine your band size.
In case of 31" underbust, your bandsize is 34.

>Underbust >=33"
Add 0 if even, 1 if odd, to determine your band size.
In case of 35" underbust, your bandsize is 36.

>>Cup size
Measure the difference between your exact underbust, and your exact bust.

>Difference is 4" or less
AA cup

>Difference is 5"
A cup

>Difference is 6"
B cup

>Difference is 7"
C cup

>Difference is 8"
D cup

And so on.
Though, with cis females, a large underbust usually means that there's a lot of fat on the ribcage, which is why you don't need to add as much to your bandsize. For those with a legitimately large ribcage, you may need to add a little bit on your band size.

If a bra doesn't fit, you can try sister sizes. Go down or up 2 on your band size, and increase or decrease in your cup size, e.g 34B ->32C.

Both of these are wrong, and both of them probably walk around with a bra that completely covers their breasts.

And their argument will be "but add 4 is outdated!!", without knowing what they're talking about.
>OP thinks they're female
>Doesn't know anything about bras
Almost makes me wonder why they think they're female in the first place, they cannot even relate.
www brasizecalculator tk

And if you want to see what different sizes look like when properly fitted, www brabandproject com is a good resource.

Things like
are very inaccurate and are no longer favoured. Pls ignore these if you want a bra that actually fits correctly.
Is this site accurate? http://www.85b.org./bra_calc.php
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