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ITT: Post your suicide note
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Need some ideas for mine. Also, not sure how I wanna go out.
I think it's better to not leave a note if you've really planned on killing yourself.
Yes people might be distraught because 'there wasn't a note or anything' in the beginning but in the long run it will be better.
Leaving a note will ultimately just leave people with the feeling that whatever issue they discern from your note they will feel like they could've fixed and that will be much harder to get over.

Not leaving a note will have them knowing how desperate you really were and that in the end nothing they could say or do would really help you. They will tear their hair of their heads trying to figure out why but understand the severity of the situation more.
It is real nigga hours
But I am no real nigga
So today...
I will not smash that mofuccin like button
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out of feels.png
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> How to go out
Meds, the strongest ones you can find, and especially the ones you aren't used to. Pulverize them to a very fine powder. The finer you can manage, the lower chance they have at getting it out from your system. As much as you can. No kill like overkill. Stay up late, and take them before bedtime, hen you are sure no one else is awake. That would give you a few hours of head room before ER response.

The morgue is better than the psych ward.

Also if you are considering sudoku, why not run away, and make a living on your own?
If you're absolutely certain you want to kill yourself, here's what you should do.

First, buy a copy of Mein Kampf if you don't already have one. Practice writing a really cool signature, then sign the book and leave it wrapped up with a note saying you were going to write a suicide note, but thought this was more appropriate.

For several days before your suicide, lace everything you eat and drink with glitter that will not be broken down by the digestive tract. If you start shitting logs of glitter, you're all set for sure. Eat plenty of glitter on the day of the act.

Next, buy or make some explosives, preferably stable ones which could be hidden easily on your body or within other objects. Rent an expensive suit, a limo, and a bunch of whores. Drive to a local synagogue, parade in there with all your whores (sneaking in your explosives with you) and threaten to blow the entire place up if they don't tell you where they're hiding the niggerbrain master race radio controls. Run back outside, stab a few people if you can, and detonate yourself.

If all goes well, the explosives will blast you open and leave shittons of gore and glitter everywhere.
This. Or some other fucked up shit. Or whatever. You really wanna die? Not a cry for attention? Then it doesn't matter what happens. Rub your dick on the Black Stone in Mecca. Rape the pope. Do cocaine and pick a fight with a bear. Who gives a shit? Go out with a bang. You failed at life, don't fail at death.
Whatever you write for your note, hide a hidden message in it saying someone is forcing you to write the note and that you were really murdered. Maybe have each sentence in your note end with a word from the hidden message.

Give the police and your family a fun activity to do to help them get through the grieving process.
Blame someone specifically for even more fun.
Blame someone you hardly know. Invent a secret love-affair, perhaps a bank-heist with a secret stash of the look still unclaimed. Or go Ajax and say you offed yourself because they took some bitchin armor from you.
of the loot
My family's Jewish and my paternal grandparents came here by boat to escape the Holocaust

Don't think the Mein Kampf thing would make my parents feel too good.

(not OP btw)
Hey guys, guess what! Keep on reading!

How are you? I hope you’re fine. I. AM NOT FINE! As you can, no doubt, tell from me hanging here from the ceiling fixture. You are the ones who drove me to this. I was doing fine until you fucker’s came along. I hope you’re happy now that I’m god-damn dead.


The Corpse In This Room

PS: Fuck you, people!
>implying people who kill themselves give two shits about the people who love them
"For necessary ethics"
>life is too hard, I'm tired of everything and I don't see a reason to keep on fighting so hard for ... I don't even know what

This was my note back in the days, I'm glad I didn't go through with it. Life still feels tiring and pointless at times but then I see my bf and everything's fine.
there's plenty to live for, don't off yourself
and in case you want to off yourself ... fuck it, do something good inbetween. save a life, do some crazy shit, what do you have to lose? life?
>buy piano wire
>by super glue
>go to bridge
>turn piano wire into a noose, attach to bridge and self
>super glue hands to head
>jump off bridge
>piano wire decapitates you
>head remains glued to hands
>looks like you tore your own head off
That just makes it a million times better.
Then some kid taking a stroll with his parents on the docks sees a floating head in the water and gets his first boner, disturbed
Is that what happened to you anon?
As far as suicide method:

>get credit card with fukhuge limit
>go to Vegas
>get a gun, rent a convertible, get a parachute, a steering wheel lock (club), some rope, ect
>put on parachute
>rope yourself to the car with about 50' of slack (make sure it's around your neck)
>drive around in car shooting gun until police are chasing you
>find freeway or salt flats, someplace where you can drive straight for a while
>put on cruise control and steering lock
>deploy parachute with top down
>neck snaps from noose, but you're still being pulled through the air by the car until it crashes
>extra points if done naked with a dragon dildo in you
Dear friends and family

The people at 4chan's /lgbt/ male to female general have been harassing me for months. They send me death threats, they make false police reports about me, they've spread false rumors about me, and every fast food delivery in my area refuses to deliver to my house because they keep making false deliveries.

I've had enough.

The tripcode users (people who's names aren't "Anonymous") are the ones that made me do this. My cold, lifeless corpse is the fruits of their labor. I want nothing more than to see them in prison for the rest of their lives. They have killed me. I forsaken them and their ancestors.

Goodbye forever, I hope we meet in the Afterlife
I couldn't have done it with out you.

Sorry guys. If you're already on 4chan, looking at AGP threads, it's probably too late for ya. You know what they say. The difference between a crossdresser and a transexual is 2 years. Once you put on that first skirt or first pair of panties, you can mever go back.
He disagreed with something that ate him
>leaving a note
I've always liked the idea of hiding a note that says "No matter how I die, never, NEVER, believe I committed suicide" for one last lol
What's up dudes? How's it hangin? Lol just kidding, but you must have noticed that I am actually hanged at the moment.
Anyway, I probably won't be showing up for work tomorrow because.... Well, you figured that out.
Just wanted to say: here's the treasure map to my hidden treasure.
I don't actually have one, by the way, I just wanted to say that. I'm sure you could've figured that out by the fact that I go to school and wash dishes.
Please cremate my body and spread the ashes over my loved ones. They are aloud to wash their hair afterwords, but try to keep pieces of my ashes on your clothes for a little while.
I don't wanna go out of style just yet.
George thought of the best things Normies couldn't understand.
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What has begun has no end. What separates to the point has no return. Passing out I could see only the stars flashing by my naked skull.

As this was me, if this was you.

(As a homage to Albert Fish please insert a multitude of tiny pins into my crotch.)
It's seppuku you Philistine.
Whatever, weaboo
I'm sorry I didn't wait for you
Bumping for dead fags
I'm sorry I can't stay any longer, it just hurts too much to keep waking up. Please don't be mad <3

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>Dear [whoever],
>I wanted so badly to live a better life that I ended my life. My depressed brain convinced me that this made sense.
>I want to care about what happens after I die, so by writing this note I'm trying to make you comfortable.
>But in reality once I'm dead I'm dead. I don't get to see what happens after. I don't get to see how anyone reacts or how my death affects the living world I leave behind.
>It's a complete end, not even blackness. Nothing will exist for me anymore.
>I don't want to die, I just don't want to live this life. I could change it while alive and live the life I want to, but I'd rather end all possibility of anything enjoyable by ending the one life I have.
>This all makes sense to me because that's how mental illnesses like depression work. I know it doesn't make sense, but I let myself buy into it.
>I only suffer because I don't have the life I really want, but somehow I've convinced myself that having any life is the problem and ending it will give me the life I want.
>I know I wouldn't suffer if my life were better, and that's only possible if I'm alive.
>I don't believe in an afterlife but by assuming killing myself will make things better, I subconsciously believe there is one in some form because that's the only way being dead will get me anything I want.
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Julius 2.png
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I couldn't continue existing as something that wasn't me, which nobody could accept. So I decided to exist no more.
Don't lie and say you miss me.
fuck off ada
>tranny who'll never have a real dick
>zero friends
>miss my ex a lot
>probably no one will ever want to be with me ever again
>family hates me
>was raped by my step brother and parents tried to cover it up to protect him
>the pain will never go away, and I'll never be happy

something with all of that in it.
I think that would work as-is, just make it a bulleted list or something.
but that's so unprofessional
>Sorry guys. If you're already on 4chan, looking at AGP threads, it's probably too late for ya.

why do you bring this up ??
I wrote a 3 page "suicide note" about how I was going to repress my dysphoria for the rest of my life, that given my situation I wasnt able to transition until probably very late age, and I didnt wanted to disappoint my parents or be hated by everybody I know.

I killed part of myself because I knew I wasnt going to be happy that way, still Im not happy this way either, but doesnt really matter since Im going to kill myself eventually.
"Nothing matters in death. Not pain nor happiness.

P.S. Fuck you."
actual note I wrote:

Dear xxxxxx (landlord)

If/when you find this note there's a few things I'd appreciate you doing for me.

First, my body can be located off the Kancamugus Highway in New Hampshire. Right now I'm not sure where I'll be but probably a hundred yards into the woods.

Second please notify Sgt xxxxxx of the Boston Police. She knows me and has been a good friend to me. There's another note in my bureau addressed to her and I's appreciate it if you gave it to her.

Third there's another envelope in my bureau with your name on it. It contains $2,100 for rent for the next three months until you can re-rent my apartment. All I ask is that you call someone like Goodwill and donate all my stuff to them.

Last please call xxxxx, my running buddy, who works at xxxxxxx in Boston and tell him what happened. He'll understand.

I think it's the other way around, I like the idea of just a cold hard list instead of some big emotional shpeal
you probably shouldn't capitalize it unless you're referring to a native or inhabitant of ancient Philistia you philistine

This. If you have people worth leaving notes to, you have people worth asking for help from.

Suicide (outside of assisted suicide / unless you are literally a hermit) is intensely selfish. The lights just go out for you, and everyone that loves and cares for you is left to pick up the pieces.

Literally the only reason I pulled through and didn't end it all desu.
Is there anything insanely illegal you want to try before you die? If you don't want to live anymore then why not do whatever the fuck you want without worrying about the consequences? You can just kill yourself when you are done.

idk. all death is selfish. No matter what happens, your family members have to pick up the bill.. so.. saying suicide is inherently selfish because of that is kinda hypocritical.

A person's life belongs to them and them only. What they want to do with it, is their own business. Hell.. you have the option of letting the state take over and doing it for you and being buried in a prison lot.

by your definition, all death is inherently selfish.. except.. it's the other people around that person who are selfish for not wanting to let them go.
you don't choose to die of old age or cancer you dipshit
lurk moar
>paying rent after suicide
what the fuck is wrong with you
It lets him live down the stigma of a suicide's room, and pays for the favors he's asking for. It's a lot of effort to ask for nothing. It's a small nuisance for a couple grand and an apology.
Probably not going to leave a note to my family. Probably will thank my online friends for trying to help me out.

I think it's okay for a person to want an euthanasia to a medical condition that's beyond repair so why doesn't it apply to unpassing trannies that the medical science cant help due to their shit genes? There's no legal euthanasia where I live so the next best alternative is suicide
the cat did it.
Because you ablebodied and capable of doing it yourself. What you want a medical staff to do it because you're too scared to off yourself? Plently of quick and painless ways, no need to waste a doctors time, they're better off helping paraplegics that can't even move. But if you are scered then good, it doesn't mean you're chicken it means part of you wants to live.
I assume you replied to wrong post because that has nothing to do with what was being discussed.

Pretty much this, except no suicide room. They guy was really nice to me, let me slide when I was without a job, never complained about having a tatted, druggy lesbian living in his apartment. If I could have afforded it I would have left him more. (Besides I had no one else to leave it to).
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