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I hate this shit. I am an outsider and i...
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I hate this shit. I am an outsider and i always have been. Im weird and awkward and can only make friends online. Im lazy and suck and have no passion or significant ambition. Id literally be nothing if i wasnt attractive which means i will be nothing when i age
That makes two of us kek. I've always been an outsider too, and just recently I realized that I can be quite well on my own. Focusing my energy on myself is the way for me.

However, you're attractive so you may want to consider taking advantage of that while you still can and step up your game. Figure what makes you happy and just go for it: even if it goes against the norm. Fuck it! I'm happy being a hermit and ain't nobody telling me how to live my life.
Sorta the same, only I can actually make friends. However we don't really have anything in common. Granted, I have a friend or two that I connect with just fine but since I moved away - I just can't get that with anyone else. Anything that isn't 'vanilla' in a convo makes them look at me weird so our convos mostly revolve around work, the weather, movies and more work. I feel like shit because they actively want to hang out with me and I just force myself to go along with it. I love being a hermit and all but it'd be nice to find ONE 'weird' person around here that isn't a drug addict, felon or insane.

I can completely relate. I can make "friends" too, but I prefer to regard them as good acquaintances cause I feel like they don't really know me and I can't rely on or trust them very much. All they talk about is sex, sex... gossip, weed and tv shows... the worst of all is that they're not even that sexually active to begin with lol. Tbh we have very little in common which is why I wouldn't consider them friends.

There's this one person however with whom I spend a lot of time with and we get along pretty well... however it's not perfect and sometimes I get the feeling that it's the kind of situation where you're stuck together cause there's no one better in the given circumstances.

I think I know what you mean by that one weird person, and desu I think it's quite hard to find someone to click with on most levels. Also, it takes time to develop it into something lasting... probably too much effort for me anyways lol.
If you are lazy and have no passion, then that is because you have spent a long time doing very little or nothing.

You will adapt to a new lifestyle if it becomes habit. It will be difficult to form that habit - you will hate it or be bored by it and not want to do it. Eventually it will become a source of strength for you.

Try eating better. Try getting fit. Empower yourself.
I don't think I have trust issues, but I have learned to 'tone' my stories down or just not mention them at all. Stories as in, I did have rather shitty yet very adventurous upbringing and really only people who have been around that stuff are the ones who can roll with it and laugh without thinking they have to feel bad, or can likewise swap stories. It's just not relatable to them, which is perfectly understandable but damn if it doesn't make things difficult for me. Especially since the people who can relate to that tend to be really fucked up or addicted to something and I want none of that shit.

That aside, I'm into shit like animation, writing, and biology. I think I'm painfully average in intelligence or lower, but I know a little bit about just everything so the people I currently hang out with constantly turn for answers in our 'struggling to think of things to talk about' convos. And when we do get on a topic we both like, I think I over due it sometimes with the knowledge drop since one of those friends has said I make him feel stupid sometimes because he 'doesn't know anything'.

As for that 'one weird person', I have two but I don't live anywhere near them and one just sort of disappeared off the face of the earth. The one I met in highschool and is the type who will gladly talk about anything from mythology, nuclear fusion and panda dicks. The other was a girl who came into my work and was hanging around waiting for someone and we ended up talking. She seemed lonely as she had recently moved there, we found out our favorite video games were the same I just straight up asked here "yeah i'm not going to beat around the bush but do you want to be friends and hang out sometimes?". She was pretty psyched about it and was a huge nerd. We threw it all on the table and it just clicked, and I wish more people could do that.
Interesting how you befriended that girl :) I'll take note of that lol Also, it strikes me that I also have a friend who's told me he feels stupid cause "he doesn't know anything"... I wonder how we ended up hanging out with people so different from us. Btw, got any stories you want to share, anon?

I think this is good advice. I'll definitely take it into account.I think I lack commitment sometimes because I have never spent enough time to create habits at all.
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