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grinder/first time stories
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>be at home texting friend
>friend is on grinder for fun
>tells me to make one
>implies I "get some"
>guy messages me
>friendly, no profile pic
>sends face pic
>agree to meet up and have some car fun
>waiting sweeting bullets because complete virgin
>picks me up
>drives out to field (lives in country)
>he notices that I'm in a 1000 yard stare
>asks if ok
>just nerves
>rubs my hand then stomach then nips
>hey lets go to the back
>go to back seat
>ushers me on his lap
>he starts rubing my ass and back
>have my face in his shoulder
>pulls my pants have jeans
>gets off to unbutton
>he pulls his pants off
>ushers my head down
>starts licking
>tastes good.gif
>slowly shoves my head down
>asks if he can fuck me
>gets on all 4
>fingers to find hole
>lubes up
>starts to enter
> OGOD.jpeg
>starts thrusting slow
>feels good
>starts pounding
>he cums
>cleans my ass with baby wipes
>asks if I want to fuck him
(will skip because disaster)
>get back to front seat
>drive to where he picked me up
>held hands the drive back
>"had a great time how does it feel to have someones virginity"
>NOW KISS.jpeg
>first kiss
>asks if he wants to hook up again sometime
>said yes

Morning after feel fine cant wait for the next time

now share your stories on grinder, cregslist, and your first time with a guy
>be on grindr
>no one sends first message
>send first message a few times
>no replies, only blocked
>remove profile pic
>people contact me now
>ask for pic
>they stop replying and block me
>delete grindr
rip anon
Is that how hips are supposed to look?


I've been losing weight and that part of my body really bothers me.

So even if I get /fit/ I'm still going to be fat there?

Please tell me I can fix it? please ;_;
post pic you slut
this, basically. I've hooked up a couple times but it's really hard in my tiny shit college town
>chat with guy
>find out he's used grindr ever
>never see or call him again
>tfw you live in Welsh student town
>tfw local population are JeremyKyle tier

I got a load of confidence booster messages when I uploaded an image. Stopped me feeling ugly. Not that I am, but I am not up to gay standards for sure.

There's your solution anon, move to the country.
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>be super horny
>download grindr
>messaged by bots
>messaged by grandpas
>messaged by creeps
>try to talk to actual cute guys
>they never respond
>delete app

I already live in the country.
Then move to the town for a bigger ocean and more fish.
I live two hours away from a big city, no difference there. I'm just not gay or straight material and have to live a life of celibacy.
bifag here

>be on tinder
>realise i can match with guys too
>match with cute asian duder
>be complete virgin at this point
>he asks me over to his american dorm (this is in yurop) to 'cuddle'
>end up on his bed
>begin cuddling
>begin oral
>i finish him off
>he starts on me again, dosen't finish me off
>look confused
>walk around in the park together for a while
>he ignores all my messages after this

basically the same experience with another asian dude a month later. i like tinder a lot better than grindr.
also this confirmed the stereotype for me that asian dudes have small dicks, i felt so awkward with my above average donger just floating around.
That's a state of mind holding you back.

What is wrong with you? Fat?
I'm not fat, no, I'm on the other end of the scale. But it doesn't matter I have come to terms with it, it was meant to be this way.
please :^(
Skinny? I have never even heard of that being a problem desu

Post a body pic?
I'm not putting pictures of myself on four chins. sorry. also sorry for hijacking the thread, continue with the grindr stories.
Body pic I meant.

I feel sorry for you feeling this way anon.
Where? I live in Swansea and things are grim.
Using Grindr when I go to Cardiff is, relatively, like entering gay heaven
>use grindr
>neve put effort in using it
>someday finally decide to do it
>meet with some guy, he comes to my house
>very friendly
>tell him I'm not confident in doing anal
>sleep together
>day after he goes to work
>didn't quite like it
>never see the guy again even tough he was sweet and nice.
Swansea is grim? Thought that would be at least a little built up.

It is basically the whole of the North of Britain thay is fucked for grindr tbqh m8.
>Be 18
>Second semester in college
>Knew I was gay but too shy to do anything
>Download grindr
>Meet guy 2 minutes away
>Senior in my school
>Walk to apartment
>5'8" cute black guy greets me at the door (I'm 6'2" and I love guys shorter than me)
>Walk in
>Cuddling in his bed watching some movie
>Feels my dick get hard against his back
>Flips around and start kissing me
>Making out for like 20 minutes when I tell him >I've never been with a guy before
>Lay on my back and he gets on top
>Plays with my nipples and keeps coming up to kiss me
>Makes his way down
>Licks everything on the way
>Starts sobbing on the nob
>Repeats cycle for a while
>I put him on the bed
>Repeat what he did
>Asks if I want to fuck
>He gets on his back
>Slips on condom
>Gets some lube
>Awkwardly try to find his hole
>Try to position myself for like 5 minutes
>Luckily didn't lose my bone
>Start fucking him
>He starts moaning
>I start moaning
>Fuck for a solid 5 minutes
>Switch to doggy
>Fuck for a little longer
>Cum all over his chest
>I finish him off
>And then we went back to cuddling

Happened a few more times that semester. He ended up graduating so I'll never see him again
What's wrong with being messaged by creeps? Perverts turn me on.
>cute black guy
no such thing.

enjoy your AIDS
actually some guy whos a FWB texted me saying he wants to blow me
>be college freshman
>no bf; only been with one guy a couple times, months earlier
>on manhunt because no grindr back then
>find a decent enough guy
>he's 30-ish (le gay death meme), but looks good
>meet up at his place
>awkward small talk for a couple minutes before going to his bedroom
>mild foreplay
>he fucks me face-down, ass-up
>he's relatively gentle, but it starts hurting
>not used to bottoming, so figure it's just how it is, plus it still feels kinda good
>after a while, he makes a few deep thrusts and we both cum
>he pulls out and looks confused or something
>"anon you're bleeding? ...oh, the condom broke. why didn't you say anything????"
>i go to bathroom to tend to my bloody asshole, meanwhile he goes to find some papers from his last doctor visit or something to show he's clean
>"th-thanks senpai"
>leave, embarrassed, bloody, and apparently seeded
>find other bits of condom when I go to the bathroom after getting home

I didn't catch anything, so that's nice.... Never used hook up sites again beyond just picture swapping.
>Download grindr
>Fill out profile with something witty and a cute pic
>Never send anyone messages because I don't actually want to hookup
>Hardly ever respond to guys and just gauge the attractiveness of people willing to fuck me
>tfw grindr is not a hookup app but a tool to make me feel pretty about myself
Who /mental state of a 14 year old girl/ here?
Sort of the same here
I don't use grindr but instead I post pics in /b/ boybutt threads
Same here! I have never hooked up with Grindr and generally I don't have a desire to fuck strangers, but I do enjoy having hotties validate my masculinity and say nice things about me. I will talk with people every now and then but mostly I am just testing the waters.
OP here

meeting the same guy tonight
Tbh he sounds like A keeper.
He was kind enough to worry about your peace of mind to find his papers.
I'd definitely invite him out for a drink or round 2
I'm a 21y/o former NEET who recently got a job.

>get the courage to put a profile pic on grindr, get a bunch of messages every day
>cute 20y/o cub messages me, we talk a bit, he lives ~700 feet from me
>we exchange some pics, talk about meeting up
>he's up for it, but it's 12:00am and I'm already in bed
>try to hook up with him a day or two later, he doesn't reply
>delete grindr profile and never make a new one or check it

Why live? I keep thinking about making a new grindr profile, but I'm scared.
You sound like a hypocrite tbqh
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>tfw in the closet + social anxiety

I wish I knew how to do this grindr business
op here I was in the same boat
How old are you?
>Started getting curious
>Wayched some gay porn, turned me on a lot
>Decide I want to try taking some cock (no guy on guy experience)
>get in touch with a guy on a local chat
>He and his buddy looking for a bottom
>I agree
>He picks me up and we go to the buddy's house
>we strip
>they fuck me
>nervous and end up cumming quickly, but loving the dicks
>finish one with hand, other with ass.
>Guy drives me back
That was like 3 years ago and I haven't done it since. I want too, but I am also now in a committed relationship with an amazing lady.
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>download grindr
>get lots of hits but conversations that lead nowhere
>finally talk about meeting up with a qt
>i get nervous because I only recently started driving and idk if alcohol will be involved
>start psyching myself out cuz im a loser neet and they all have jobs and money to spend

omg hold me fags ;_;
Tell us more
>tfw you're a pre-everything trans man
>you have no chance of getting some action with gay dudes
>grindr looks like a parallel universe you're not allowed to enter
Not all the men there are gay, some could be bi. Doesnt hurt to try, dude.
thanks for boosting my hopes a lil bit, I will try without expecting much
literally the same exact thing

i usually get 50-60 messages a day, and i live in a rural area so thats saying something.
Does this connect to to Facebook like tinder. Sort of want to try it and hopefully turn out like OP, but slightly paranoid about it.

Also not keen on stumbling across someone I know. How exactly does it work? Is it sort of like tinder with the swiping and stuff?
It's a gallery of profile pics and it says how far away they are from your location and if they're online. You can click on them to view the profile, block, message, favorite or send pics. It doesn't connect to other social media accounts unless you choose to do so.
>Meet guy in his car
>He immediately gets grabby and feels me up
>He wanks himself off while I sit there awkwardly
>He cums
>He gives me money for a bus fare and asks me to leave
>Walk home and use the money to buy a sausage roll

Haven't bothered with it since
I don't have one, but I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of the app on my female co-workers phone, and she's not ftm or anything

So just to make it clear, you let him cum in your ass?

>how does it feel to have someones virginity?

I hope it was him who said this because otherwise there's like 90% chance you have hiv now.
maybe it was tindr, not grindr
Thanks to grindr I know I look a lot hotter with a beard.

I always thought I looked like shit with one, but I put a profile pic showing my face with a beard and BAM I got showered in messages

thanks grindr I'm never shaving again
Hell some guys want pussy
So be aware of that
>meet super horny guy
>says he's up for anything but sounds like a virgin
>decide to meet to see if he's for real
>pick him up at the mall
>he's really nervous, looking around constantly and talking really fast
>tell him to calm down, we're not even doing anything
>can't go to his place, he lives with his mom
>don't take him to my place, he seems weird
>park out in the woods where I know nobody goes
>he's getting nervous again
>remind him that he's the one who said he was up for anything
>he admits he's never done anything like this before
>he mumbles something about wanting to kiss my feet
>realize i found a weird one
>take my clothes off, hoping it leads to something
>he immediately moves to my feet, massages them, examines them, eventually kisses them and sucks the toes, getting really into it and relaxed
>not getting anything from this at all
>he never took off his pants, he's just reaching inside and stroking himself
>within a minute he cums, immediately has a look of regret on his face
>ask him if he's going to suck me off or not
>he reluctantly leans in for the blowjob, doesn't seem interested, can barely keep me hard
>after five minutes of bad blowjob, I cum, he gags, lets it shoot all over his clothes by accident
>he looks even more regretful
>take him back to the mall parking lot and drop him off, not a word uttered the entire drive
>the day /r9k/ decides to use grindr
>be a timid pussy
>tell guy I've never been with another guy before
>he says he'll give me the best blowjob of my life
>says don't worry, I don't have to do anything if I don't want
>meet him in public place
>he drives me back to his place, even though I'm thinking this isn't what I had in mind
>he starts by giving me hard liquor
>barely take a sip while he downs the whole glass, he tilts my glass on me and says "bottom's up"
>after about five minutes of sitting on the couch he's putting his hand down my pants
>"time for that blowjob"
>he gets in front of the couch, pulls my pants down to just one leg, immediately starts sucking me
>sucks on my balls
>eventually raises my legs and is licking my asshole
>feels good, but not totally comfortable doing it
>he moves back to my dick, then starts fingering the outside of my ass
>don't say anything cause I hope that's all he'll do
>he starts putting his fingers in my ass
>not comfortable, don't think I like it, tell him to be careful
>he says "just relax dude" and keeps sucking
>feel myself losing the hard-on a bit, try to scoot away but he keeps pushing his fingers in more
>it hurts, tell him I'm not into this and pull his hand away
>he stops, just stares at me shaking his head
>he undoes his pants, gestures at his dick
>decide I should suck him off in case he gets mad
>he cums in my face, then tells me not to bother coming back

>get grindr
>don't put any profile pic because im afraid someone might recognize me
>get messaged
>anxiety sets in
>immediatly delete it


Pretty much the reason putting me off it, that and the whole every gay guy has AIDS thing, but that can't be true...right?
>buy a sausage roll

it was all worth it
I don't know but everyone Ive talked to about gay sex n stuff always told to me to make sure to use protection even if they say they're clean
>pre-everything trans man
there is plenty of cock for you, go wreck that ass
I want you to wreck my ass
Well, obviously not. But when hooking up with strangers, use some common sense. And play safe!
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I have a boyfriend, sorry. He's trans, we fuck and it's hot. I'm just saying, we outchea - so don't give up.
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