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Those of you that are gay, when and how did you find out? I am curious because it seems that everyone had a different way even if there was a small difference. I am gay myself and it took me a while to find out, once i did I got so excited to find out there were a lot of people there to support me.
I actually found out I was bi when I was around in 3rd grade.
>be at 3rd grade camp out
>had roommate that liked to get up early in the morning to change before everyone woke up
>I also woke up early one morning
>roommate didn't notice
>roommate starts to change and was completely naked
>I pretended I was still asleep
>was actually low-key watching
Was attracted to both men and women from like 14 years old until like 21 or 22 when I slowly stopped feeling attraction toward the opposite gender. It came naturally, there wasn't any psychological turmoil except for a few months when I was questioning again a few years ago and things ended up changing. Weird stuff.
When I was 13, we were mixed together with a different school, before that we could write the names of three different people we wanted to go in class with I got none of mine so I lost all my friends. They also started spreading a rumor that I was gay despite the fact that I had never done anything gay with anyone. Aside from ruining my social situation (being gay was the worst thing you could be in a small rural town like that) it also made me start questioning if I really was gay, so I slowly started to watch the little bi porn I could find, which eventually led me to seeking out more and more un-straight porn.

When I turned sixteen we had to start applying for schools and I left the small town, but still wasn't really sure. From 16-18 no one was really interested in my, and from all the porn I had watched I figured it wasn't really any point in attempting anything because my dick didn't measure up with what I saw in porn I also had fordyce spots all over my dick so that just became another incentive to worry more.

At 19 I didn't know what to do with my life so I took a low-wage job and just worked and slept while my then new friends started going of to college and universities.
At 20 I had to remove a kidney that was underdeveloped and that sent me down a spiral of generalized anxiety disorder and for the next years I was in and out of therapy an twice committed to a psychiatric hospital.

At 23 I started drinking and smoking cannabis daily, which led to intrusive thoughts, complete loss of appetite, social isolation and anxiety. At one point I thought it was all related to being gay and came out, but the anxiety was still there so I thought I was in love with my best friend which led to me being committed to a psyche hospital for the third time.I was 25 then.

Then I tried experimenting with hook-ups but no one wanted and figured I wasn't gay afterall, so I retracted my coming out, and spent the next years just working low-wage jobs while my friends 1/2
started getting married and having kids and getting places with their careers.

I quit smoking cannabis and started drinking more heavily and went out every night at 28, but really didn't find anyone interesting or if I did the conversations I had with them would only make them realize how they were wasting their lives and they needed to go traveling, or quit their jobs, or quit drinking and they'd thank me for the talk and leave.

At 29 I started thinking I might be bisexual, since at that point the only porn I'd be watching was mmf-threesome porn, so I started going to nation specific sites and hook up with couples that rejected me for not having a big enough dick, then I tried to hook up with dudes that rejected me for not having a big enough dick.

And now I'm 30 and here and don't really care what I am or am not since nothing is really going to happen.
At 15 I saw Frank Wolf and well...you know. He was so cute and happy and I felt attracted. I eventually delved further into that and I moved on. I slowly realized though that I wasnt gay entirely, in fact I had a deep attraction to women still.

By 17 I guess after awhile I stopped caring and sort of went with if I can fall in love with a twink or a woman I will be happy nonetheless.

Now I'm just bi really, nothing much more to it than that.
Around 14 I developed a crush on a guy. Didn't want to be known as a faggot (back then faggots were routinely beat up).

At 16 I began to notice guys even more but kept it in the closet.

Married young, had kids but the thoughts never left, although I never acted on them.

Years later, marriage falling apart I decided to act and hooked up with a guy. Best thing I've ever done in terms of sex/sexuality.
Not gonna lie, it was bioshock infinite that finally tipped the scales. I realised I had the hots for Elizabeth and that was that.
I had a massive crush on a girl from school when I was about 13

Obviously never had the guts to tell her

She changed school and I've never been more sad for having a school friend leaving before

Realized I had a crush on her and that I like girls

I thought I was bi and that perspective was sorta comforting because it meant that I was still able to marry with a man a have kids (hi i'm a self loathing dyke)

at the age of 14 a friend of mine asked to be my bf and I accepted it because he was very cool and I thought I was on the right age to date

5 months of doing nothing but hanging out and sometimes holding hands(he was also a huge virgin so he never tried to kiss me) and then I broke up

I thought my lack of interests on him was because he was kinda ugly and maybe I was too young for that

So at the age of 15/16 I tried again with another friend that asked to be my bf and was kinda handsome

Failed misebably and he hates me now lmao don't blame him

Realized I'm a lesbian after all and will never be able to marry a man and have children.

Now I'm 18 and still on the road to accept myself and find a gf

The end.
Closeted gay. Not sure why.

>I had finished my first year of college and was attending my best friends graduation.
>Months prior we had had some difficulty staying in touch
> Miss her but she didn't particularly seem to miss me as much
> Her friends who still remained in highschool with her are closer with her now
> begin to feel like she is no longer my best friend
> she's moving out of state
> far away out of state
>begin to regret not talking to her and not spending time together
>manage to get some time with her
> she is accepted that she is gay
> talks about how she and other girl should date
> quickly answer "I think you two argue too much"
> "yeah maybe you're right"
>feel my heart drop
> Really Jealous
> tfw not smart enough for her
> tfw not interesting enough for her
> tfw not feminine enough for her

I always think back to how if I did come out to her and say I liked her she wouldn't be interested in me. We are polar opposite but we share so many of the same interests and she is so smart and so cute I just wish I could spend the rest of my life with her.

I hope she moves back to home or something.. but she has big dreams..I do as well but.. I actually see her achieving them.

I'm so heartbroken. She's here for Christmas break but again I've failed to really see her and hang out with her.
I really do love her. I think my heart will be split into two pieces if she ever starts dating someone. But I'll be happy for her.
>be me, 3 years old
>slap across the face

>be me, 6 years old
>slap across the face

>be me, 8 years old
>"It means being sick and thinking you are a woman."

>be me, 12
>PE class
>w-why is little bird getting stiff when i see my friends in the showers...

And there everything made sense
Be me
Be freshman in high school (14 yrs old)
Be on wrestling team over the summer, grappling with muscular sweaty men in soandex
Be in rowing team that year, surrounded by muscular sweaty men in spandex
Have a drop dead gorgeous, 20-something, coach
Have sexy coach fill in for friend one practice
Have coach drop trough and reveal the outline of a snake in his uni
~confusing boner~

All of this was then followed by constant sexual fantasies about mr. Coach, jerking off, feeling ashamed (yay Catholic school), and then eventually one day just saying "fuck it" and telling my best friend at the time. My parents are entertainers so I wasn't worried about telling my family, it was more of me wanting to be sure what I was (gay, bi, asexual, etc.) before coming out. I ran into mr. Coach about a few years later. He was still sexy as ever. God what I'd give to suck his cock.
I found out I was gay when I watched my first porno and said "Yeah, I want to fuck that chick."
Unfortunately, I grew up believing if I didn't get a boyfriend soon, I'll grow a penis (my mother told me this). But it never happened, now I'm confused.
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