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How much ammo do you keep on hand?

I try to keep it to:

2000 rounds 9mm
2000 rounds 5.56
At least 1000 rounds of nugget food

I shoot those the most, the rest is sort of bought as I find it. .303, 8mm, any shotgun shells, etc.

What do you keep in stock, anon?
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I don't have any particular quota, I just keep an on hand stock of everything I shoot. If there's still room left, I buy some more.
Im contemplating buying 1000 rds of 5.56 ppu

Although in Australia thats 300/500 and i only have a bolt action

But when you damn Americans buy all the ammo we end up with like $30/20 bulk 5.56
As much as I can afford for my odd calibers (7.62x25, 8mm Mauser, 9mm Makarov, etc.)
But for the common stuff typically enough to fill the mags when it's a rifle and the mags plus say, three or four boxes for handguns.
I have about 2000 .177 "rounds" enough to start a war with the local cholo critters...

Feels bad as i will only be able to buy ammo or reload this April... (belgium)

I just bought 2k rounds of 5.56 PPU its good ammo
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This is what I keep on hand in the cans. I have a bunch more in the closet packaged up. This is just what's *in* the house.
I can't really say how many rounds it is. Most of it's loose in the cans.
Various calibers.
I try to keep 10k+ of every caliber I shoot regularly (9mm, .45acp, 5.56, .410 birdshot) with at least a solid 500rds of defensive/hunting ammo.
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As much as I can make

i need more ammo cans...
File: 20150206_171546.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My happening ammo stash is as follows. This ammo will never be shot unless the happening happens.

>2160 rounds of 5.45x39.5 7n6
>1000 rounds of 9mm American Eagle 124gr
>250 rounds of 9mm federal HST 124gr+P
>1500 rounds of 5.56x45 M193 (even though I don't own a weapon in that caliber, its very popular and can be used for bartering/supplying comrades with ARs)
>250 rounds of 12 ga federal 00buckshot
>250 rounds of federal 12 ga 1 1/4 oz slugs
>750 rounds #7 birdshot
>25 12 ga breaching rounds
>640 rounds .308 147gr ball ammo
>200 rounds federal gold medal match 147 gr
>40 rounds .308 API
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Just ordered some ammo today actually.

Nice. I almost bought PMC .223 but went with PPU 5.56 instead. I've found PMC 9mm to be kinda dirty but its legit ammo nonetheless.
I try to keep at least 2 boxes in each caliber, and like 2000 .22 minimags.
I was thinking about this topic today but what's the point of having let's say 200 rounds for pistol in a happening?

I'm only going to have a few mags with me loaded and maybe a box or two in a bag. Loading mags in a firefight would be a bitch. Also carrying more ammo is more weight.

In the end I realized having only a combat load of ammo is viable during happening UNLESS you're bugging in. This could be dangerous as most homes are paper thin and probably won't defend you well in a raid.

So guys that's have 5k+ rounds, do you secure bug out locations, plans for caches? What's your plan during shtf?
Never had any problems with PMC 9mm. I normally shoot wolf gold (PPU) but this deal was too good to pass up.
i snag em when PSA has a sale on them. Sometimes midwayusa has combo packs, and Costco sells a 50/30 cal combo pack for $19.99 once in a blue moon.
I'm one of those guys that has thousands of rounds per caliber.

My main strategy is bugging in. I have a quarried-stone house out in the country on a few dozen acres of land, so bugging in is definitely the way to go short of a natural disaster.

On top of that I maintain 3 different bugout shelters, which are permanent/secured livable structures and I've got a couple hundred rounds for each of my "fighting" guns there (on top of a modest supply of shelf-stable food and a potable water source since each location has a well), as well as a .22 rifle with around a hundred rounds of high-quality hunting ammo for it in two of the spots.

I also have plans for caches, both on and off my property. I've already implemented one of the caches, as it's on a neighbor's land and I have permission (yes he knows where it is, it is intended as a communal cache and isn't strictly SHTF stuff, lotsa first aid supplies too since he's a farmer as well as a fellow hunter).

All that being said, the PRIMARY reason I stockpile a shitload of ammo is I'm a high-volume competition shooter and a reloader (by necessity). The majority of my stockpile isn't exactly SHTF worthy, since over half of it is skeet loads for 20, 28, and .410 shotguns, and another quarter of it is specialty-caliber rifle ammo (6mm PPC Short and .30BR improved) that there's no way in fuck I'm lugging the rifles anywhere for.
>3 different bugout shelters
Only 3 huh? Get your shit together, peasant.
I have like 18K for various calibers, mostly being 54r, .223, x39, and 22lr

I buy when shit goes on sale or when i have money left over, not for any preping purposes.
Wow thanks for the great answer!
I have plans to expand, but so far nothing is meeting my criteria.
>must be at least 1 mile from my house, straight-line distance
>must be at least modestly secured against break-in (lockable, kick-resistant door and either no or inaccessible windows)
>must be enclosed from the elements (roof, non-dirt floor, 4 walls)
>must have 24/7/365 water supply that is either potable or can be purified in bulk, inconspicuously
>must be at least somewhat vermin proof
>must not be located anywhere that has flooded in the last 100 years
>must be accessible by a competently and cautiously driven 4WD vehicle year-round
>must be at least fairly resistant to severe weather (extreme cold, tornados, etc)
>must have legal access to it, so no holing up in a section of sewer or some random guy's barn
>must cost less than $10,000 to acquire and reinforce, sans stockpile

Appreciated. I shoot skeet at the regionally competitive level and compete in 100m and 300m benchrest at the national level, as well as shooting IDPA and NRA bullseye pistol at the club level. I burn a lot of ammo, and with the sporadic availability of reloading components I stack it deep when I can get components. It's not uncommon for me to sit there on a weekend and churn out .410 for 12 hours straight on a progressive press, and even then I'm barely keeping ahead of my volume of shooting.
What ever I dont use at the range since I dont own a gun. I have like 25 winchester steel case 115gr 9mm, 15 hornandy XTP 115 9mm and some of the other hornandy 9mm 135gr the same ones as the zombie rounds but red.

>costco ammo cans

no fucking way, gonna have to keep a look out.

a lot of my ammo is being stored in cardboard, i store it in a dry place so its fine but cans would be much better.
File: 1451504028304.png (322 KB, 540x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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200 8mm mauser
400 7.62x39

>less than $10000

And more than a few thousand rounds is a bit pointless regardless, unless it's earmarked to share among a number of friends. You think you'd stand a chance of using that much alone before OPFOR tagged you?

I keep about 1500 rounds of ak food but Im thinking about buying another 500

buy another 1000 faget
I wish to acquire a small, inconspicuous building and be able to reinforce it to better withstand the worst weather my area gets (tornados and downbursts) for under ten grand. I know that seems like a lot of money to most people but they are not strictly SHTF-only buildings.

Also I never said shit about having a few thousand rounds in any of the locations other than my main house and I was very clear that the stash in my main house is for competition use. I've got at most a couple hundred rounds per caliber in my BOL's, and yes the intent is to not be alone so it is earmarked for sharing (or, if need be, trading).
26. There is no such thing as too much ammo, only too much to carry.
Where the fuck did you find these prices?

1000 9mm 115gr IMI Ex-Star
500 misc 9mm
5000 .22LR Amscor Precision
1000 misc .22LR
250 12GA #7.5 birdshot
File: mac.png (6 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>6000 rounds of .22

>no true rifle ammo on hand
No, it seems like hardly any money at all. I'm not one of those poorfags scraping to buy a nugget, but buying land and buildings that cheap seems absurd. What state are you living in?
File: grills.jpg (932 KB, 2048x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>$10,000 not a lot of money

for a car or mortgage money or necessary expenses its nothing

in terms of disposable income though

555-come on now
Brah, I'm not even asking the city, chill. I mean I live in the Midwest and there's no fucking way I'd find a bugout-suitable fixerupper property for that cheap.
>only one thousand
>not 3
ur the faget
You dont need more than 50 bullets and one handgun, unless living trough a civil war. And even that you don't really need, just nice to have.
Where'd you get that chink 7.62. You some kind of canadafag?
More than I need, less than I want.

>im not even asking the city!
>relax bro its a prank

not whatever anon you were talking to, but you're seriously considering spending 10k on a habbenin shelter?
I dont know, every time I go to walmart I pick up a few boxes of Perfecta or Tula 9mm, .223 and .380. Every once in while I buy 250-500 rounds online if I have some extra cash in my account.

Whenever I order online I add on a box or two of defensive ammo.
He's old; probably bought that shit before it was even banned.
Syrupfriend checking in, that Norinco packaging is decades old, the stuff we get now is white with a Fuji Film looking design on it now.

Link us fucker

I would but I cleared them out already.
confirmed bullshit then.

Yeah you're full of shit
File: P1070063.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2560x1920
>How much ammo do you keep on hand?
I bought most of mine with the idea of surviving ammo panics, and I feel like I'm set for a good decade on the slav calibers now.
Despite living in a rural shooting paradise with a 400y back yard range, I don't shoot that much other than clays. My pellet rifle probably sees more action than any of my other guns.
But a big part of that is the people I hang out with. We just like to dink around and usually shoot larger calibers slowly because we're blowing holes in mud/ ice or blowing up gourds and admiring our handiwork instead of putting holes in paper.
At least 500-1000 for each gun for a given caliber. However, I just try to fill out every extra ammo can & storage shelf when I find a good deal.

22LR: 4500+
22 WMR: <1000
9mm: 4000+
40: <1000
45: 3000
38/357: 500
10mm: 1000
223/5.56: 4000+
7.62x39: 1000
308: 1000
12ga: 1500+
20ga: <500
28.5k of 5.45x39
6k of .223/5.56
5k of 7.62x39
2k of 9mm
Post more kitty.
FBI/ATF please go
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