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Dumbest /k/ related thing you've ever seen?
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>Be 19, go shooting with friends
>My 4 friends, and one friend (Call him Joe)'s girflriend
>Joe's gf has never even touched a gun before, note Joe's 18 and she's 17
>She's the type of person that thinks "All of my boyfriend's friends are MY friends"
>REALLY didn't want her to go but nobody else minded, so fuck it. She's his responsibility
>We're getting our shit out and prepped
>Start her off with throwing clays, because I honestly wanted to hear her scream at how loud his duck gun is with no earpro
>Joe's showing her how his duck gun works
>She's inspecting it, trying to impress him with this "I got this" attitude
>She actually turns out to be an okay shot
>Shoots three, reloads, then after her fourth shot, complains her shoulder hurts
>Behind her making sure she doesn't do anything dumb (Honestly my fault)
>She whips around with a big grin on her face excited she shot her first gun
>Barrel waves not even three inches from my face
>Flinch first because idea of it hitting me in the face, then that of course it's not fucking safe
>Snatch the shotgun from her hands, unloading it while reaming her ass out
>She starts crying
>Joe walks over from his throwing spot
>Tries reaming ME out for yelling at her "It's her first time anon."
>I rip him a new ass for not teaching her the first thing about fucking anything
>She never comes over to anything that I'm there for. I didn't swear at her, but she hates ANY confrontation. She understands why I did it, but thought "I shouldn't have raised my voice at her."
You should have checked your privilege as a CIS white male.
You raised your voice at her because you didn't like her in the first place.

If you were in a better mood you would have realized that it's worth not turning some clueless grill into an antigun bitch.
Eh, fuck her
I don't mind her. I just didn't like the idea of her going because she can be overconfident at times and do stupid shit, like story above. She's sliced her hand open before because she got too carried away trying to "speed slice" an onion.

Your at fault OP. YOU should have fucking told her all the rules before you even let her touch a gun.

>I rip him a new ass for not teaching her the first thing about fucking anything

Are you literally 18? Grow up sperg lord, YOU dropped the ball.
I should have checked that she knew her shit, but fuck you'd think that if the guy goes duck hunting almost every season, he'd... you know... teach his girlfriend a thing or two other than how to pull the trigger.
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OP is a faggot who screams at inexperienced people.

OP Also is the kind of person who creates anti-gunners

Today, like always, OP was a faggot
Didn't even scream. Scolded her like you'd scold a mutt that pissed on the carpet. Raised my voice, yes, yelled, yes but didn't full blown scream at her.
OP is salty Because he either wanted the girl for himself or because she gets to suck Joe's dick instead of him

OP is a fag, as usual
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Jokes on you when OP actually does suck dick
>Someone points a gun someones face
>"xDD your fault fag for not telling someone you dont even know the rules!"
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Gtfo all you underage faggots, stop wasting valuable megabytes.
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> Someone drives through a stop sign and almost gets in an accident.
> "Lel fug your fault for not teaching them how to drive"

Oh wait...
File: QihWqbW.gif (365 KB, 480x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my god, OP your inhibitions are fucking driping from your post.
go and find yourself a gf or you end as pic related
You should have shot back in self defence.
i bet you didnt expect this thread to go the way it did, did you, anon?
Just fuck Joe and get it over with, you jealous ass bitch.
>goes shooting with friends
>knows someone is a liability
>pushes the responsibility of training a new person to guns in their friend
>is an asshole to new person because they are a better shot
>thinks the issue doesn't lie with him
OP is a faggot, you are aware of gun safety and it should have been your responsibility regardless of whose gf it is, I'd be damned if I brought someone new out to shoot and let someone else give them the rundown

>She understands why I did it, but thought "I shouldn't have raised my voice at her."
>"I shouldn't have raised my voice at her."

after reading this i finally understand the youtube vid where college student demanded that the campus is supposed to be a save space, and not an academic space.

you're children mentally till your 30's.
>Dumbest /k/ related thing you've ever seen?
/k/ itself.
File: gtfo.jpg (65 KB, 510x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be in charge of informing people about the rules
>not doing this because fucking lazy asshole
>acting like a totall dick when someone unexperienced does something stupid

thank you very much OP for supporting libruls claims that gun owners are arrogant rednecks with anger management issues.

Lawl OP you're such a fuckin douche bag.

>Joey takes me to go shooting with all his friends
>word is that they even have army guns
>one of Joe's friends is having a bad day
>I'm out shooting him from the moment I get out of Joes truck
>Joes friend is kinda weird, wearing a Z.E.R.T shirt with some sort of weird pants with 800 pockets
>My confidence and decent shooting sets Joes friend off
>As my ears get done ringing after dusting the last clay when the hearing returns I hear what sounds like the WOW kid from YouTube who tried to shove a remote up his ass
>It's Joes friend
>Joe has to drag him to the truck for a timeout while he's making animal noises and something about 54r and Chris Kyle
>I think I'm gonna make sure to come everytime Joes friend is going
IT: OP tries to get everyone to side with him but then realizes hes got assburgers and has become "that guy"
>"that guy"
Don't say this.

It's what people say when they're too slow witted to think of an appropriate label.
Even simply calling OP a cock gobbling faggot would have been better.
The gun in that pic is a capgun.
My brother forgot to teach me the first rule but his buddy that went to the range with us didn't lose his shit he just said never point it at anybody he got mad at my brother but never yelled at him. Stop being a dick
OP is a glorious winged faggot. Your friend, too, but not as much.

Both of you should have taken responsibility and taught her how to handle a gun, and not scare the shit out of her the first time that she does something wrong. Thanks to you, you provably made a libtard out of her.

If I were you, I would've apologized for acting like a little shit and treating her like a puppy that took a shit on the floor.
You should learn to control your autism OP. Seems like you were assblasted about the whole situation and were just looking for a reason to yell at her. Also good fucking job trying to make yourself look more mature by saying you're 19.
dumbest /k/ related thing?

>be innarange
>25m indoor range
>essentially a pistol range, but it's rated for high powered rifles
>be shooting 9mm
>3 guys come in with a gun shop employee/RO
>guy is carrying a few different pistol bags, a few rifle bags
>first thing out of the pistol bag is a double barrelled 1911
>o lawd
>some other random pistols, an ar-15, a lever action .44 mag
>then i see it
>barret fifty
>point five oh bee em gee
at this point i am pretty annoyed because these guys are whooping and hollering, and next theyre going to be shooting of .50bmg in an indoor range at 25 metres
>decide it's a good time for a break
>pack up my stuff and go discuss funs with some of the other employees back in the store
>suddenly hear kaboom
>glad i wasn't in there
>Scolded her like you'd scold a mutt

Confirmed for not knowing fuck all about human interactions.

How's about next time you
1)Remove the danger quickly by pushing the barrel away from your face
2)Take the gun from her
3)Explain in a calm voice exactly how much she could have just fucking killed you, go into gorey details but for fuck's sake don't just scream like a self-righteous child
nah "that guy" is ok too, maybe more /tg/ than /k/ but /tg/ is good
>probably lost the chance to ever have a qt girl as a shooting partner
Great job, fag.
You should apologise.
dumbest /k/ related thing?

>be me, 15 years old
>at my family's cabin
>my dad's friend who visits us for the afternoon, brings his 14 year old son
>my dad suggests that I take friend's son and my younger brother (11) behind the cabin to shoot bottles while they hang out
>only allowed to shoot the rimfire guns without my dad there, bring a remington speedmaster .22 and my only gun at the time, a .17hmr bolt action rifle
>ask if kid has ever shot before, get a "yea I know all about guns"
>remind him of safety rules anyway
>give him speedmaster to be nice
>we start shooting
>kid keeps sweeping me with muzzle when he's reloading or talking to me
>tell him to keep gun pointed down range a few times
>"yea, yea"
>he keeps doing it
>finally get fed up, tell him I'm going to take gun away if he keeps pointing it at people
>he turns around, has gun pointed at me from the hip
>"i want to keep shooting!"
>at this point realize he's borderline autistic or something and is throwing a temper tantrum
>realize I have to get gun out of his hands before he actually hurts somebody
>ask him if he wants me to set the gun to fully automatic
>"heck yes, how do you do that"
>he holds gun out for me, but still is holding it
>try to calmly walk over
>grab gun, force muzzle into dirt, have hand on bolt
>he panics and pulls trigger, ND into ground
>bolt recoils painfully into my hand, but prevents another round from being chambered
>short ensuing struggle
>my younger brother just sits and watches this, holding my .17 hmr
>get gun away from this kid finally, unload it
>he's fucking crying and screaming at this point
>parents come out
>tell my dad what happen

Thankfully my dad supported me, even though I probably didn't handle the situation perfectly. In retrospect I should have got an adult. Dad's friend apologized for his son's behavior and they packed up and left shortly after.
File: 1439924974294.jpg (56 KB, 722x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, just bought M44
>outdoor range is an hour away
>go to indoor range down the street to see how it shoots
>RO asks me why my elephant gun has a bayonet
>laugh, think he was joking
>realize he wasn't
>do you want to shoot it?
>he shoots one round and says it's too much for him, he muzzle sweeps me trying to cycle the sticky bolt
>try not to sperg out
>"Man, I'll stick to ARs, there's a reason they switched to polymer furniture after WWII, that thing is a bitch to use, I don't know why you'd buy that."
You're an asshole

>be me
>divorced; wife left me while I was deployed
>its my weekend with my son whos taken the divorce really hard, exhibiting signs of autism
>hanging out with friend from Iraq havent seen in years; did 2 tours; saw some shit
>friend lives in the woods; let my son go play with his son
>things are going great; we're reliving the glory days
>hear son scream. OH SHIT SHT SHIT
>go out; my son nearly killed my buddies son
>throwing a temper tatrum like his mother lets him; he'll probably be doing that when he's 40 years old
>humiliated by my failed marriage and failure as a father to teach basic firearms handling
>10 minutes later make an excuse to go
>this is my fault....
> be 14
> watching Windtalkers with 2 friends
> watching the flame thrower guy in action
> buddy tells me he has some old super soakers at his house
> dude, we need to do this!
> a week later we are filling some super soakers with gasoline, Colman camp fuel, and lighter fluid
> at other friends house because he has massive property
> by this old dilapidated shed we turned into our hang out since the 1st grade
> we set out some cardboard as bunkers.
> we have lighters duct taped to the end and held down as a pilot light
> Start pumping streams of fire all over the cardboard
> blazing inferno
> cool
> so uhhh... how do we put it out?
> pokerface.jpg
> fire spreads to our wood shack
> fully engulfed.
> abandon ship
> fire goes out on it's own a few hours later
> well, we are fucking retarded.
Sounds like OP was just upset that some girl was taking away his friend or jealous that he was getting laid.

She made a mistake, sure, but no reason to go full sperg ESPECIALLY since you knew she was a first timer.

Did you throw your camo beret on the ground and stop on it to really drive home your disgust with her?
Your little brother is a faggot.

>struggling with somebody over a loaded gun
>better not get involved
File: 1447546846432.png (129 KB, 275x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not seen but said.

>we should cut US military spending! It's useless in this day and age of unprecedented peace
>ignoring the fact that you're an idiot and peace is only maintained by force, the military has been the primary method by which new technology is discovered and is in fact the reason you can post your uneducated opinions on facebook all day
>yeah well what if we just make a separate organization to research all this stuff that's not the military!

Oh okay, yeah, let's cut military spending by creating a new organization to research all this stuff we want and using the money from the military to fund them. What the fuck, I'm still mad about this. How can you even think this through in your head without figuring out why it's a stupid idea.
File: 1448769693859.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
>going shooting with anyone that didn't bring their own firearms

"OK so is everyone clear on the basic rules here?"
List rules anyways
Proceed to monitor everyone and expect mistakes

Don't pass on blame. In situations like this everyone is responsible and you as a knowledgeable gun owner and practiced shooter are responsible regardless of who's girlfriend it is
how has nobody mentioned how the op didn't give the girl ear protection. it's like he wanted her first shooting experience to be bad. he's as bad as dudes that give women .50 s&w as their first gun to shoot.
This. A person firing a gun for the first time, getting excited and swinging around with the weapon is so standard that you have to be a complete moron not to be prepared for it.

Ideally you should tell them to think about that before they even pick the gun up. And you should stand close by and be prepared to grab their arm/gun if they do it after shooting anyways.

It's like teaching a kid how to ride a bike. They'll probably fall over the first time and you have to be prepared to catch them.
OP why do you hangout with cucks? Doesnt your friend know that the best way to get a chick wet is to teach her how to shoot?

Then again, he probably knew how autistic you are and figured he'd be ok.
Cancermom lel
>She starts crying
Jesus christ fuck is wrong with women. No personal responsibility for shitty behavior so i'll just cry like a child.
This is why when you take new people shooting, you go over all the rules before ever handing them a gun. Nobody handles my guns, or guns around me without being told all the rules, and reciting them back to me.

>Dumbest /k/ related thing you've ever seen?

>get drunk
>Hmm I wonder if a makarov can chamber a .223 round
>take slide off
>insert round
>Put slide back on
>but does it fit?
>Neat it does
>extractor even catches properly.
>decide to take round out
MFW round is stuck in chamber and slide won't open
Pull the trigger. It will work at least once.
OP you sound like an autist that's mad he doesn't have a girlfriend.
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