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Shit experiences at gun retail General
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>bass pro shop
>New Years day
>crowded like I expected
>want to buy an LC9S for CC
>get a number
>takes to long
>came back a week later
>not to many people
>my number is the next to be called
>wait 30 minutes on these women who judging from their handling of the gun have never held one in their life
>keep yakking with the salesman
>two dudes white knighting up with them
>notice it's the exact gun I want
>they buy it

>other guy comes to help me out
>I ask him if he has another LC9S
>he says I missed it by 20 minutes (the women)
>searches on a computer to see if they have one in the factory so I can order it
>they don't
>thank him and leave

Fuck BPS. Going to Gander Mountain next time
Sorry for spelling errors. Getting sleepy
>buying guns from major retailers

You deserved everything that happened to you.
>take a number
what is this shit?
Why go to big name companies for guns? I always go to LGS
Kind of like a number at a restaurant. They call you up
>Shit experiences
>they were out of stock
This familia

>Go to my LGS
>Tell them I am ordering a Tok
>They take down my info, tell me they'll call me when it is in
> Buy some H4895 and 38 S&W, since they have it on sale
>Go home, make chili

This could have been you, but you went to a shit store where they number you like a fucking cow.
I've never had that happen at a restaurant or gun store. Hmm, will investigate further.
>fuck overpriced bullshit, going to even more overpriced bullshit next time
>buying guns from a giant retail chain that treats customers like shit
First mistake.

>they tell you they can't order a fucking Ruger
That guy was an idiot. I guarantee that they can order any gun in Ruger's product line.

Next time, either buy from a local shop or buy online.
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>In local mom & pop gun store/gunsmith looking at ammo, browsing new handgun arrivals
>Remember I had been curious about trigger pull weight on my new carry piece, and I don't own a scale
>Ask girl at register (owner's daughter) if she could measure the pull real quick
>She has to ask her dad
>Dad/owner says yes, $25, have to leave it overnight


That pretty much sums up my experience with Bass Pro. The people at the counters truly don't want your business.
every time I've asked for them if they had any on factory stock they said they weren't allowed to.
>Buying something before even seeing it in person
>le ebin ree maymay

I bet he is one of the people that complain about how nobody shops local anymore.
>be me
>under 21
>go to Bass Pro
>try to pick up ammo for my Ruger model 44
>ask for some 44 magnum
>show FOID card
>employee looks at me funny
>"it says your under 21"
>I say that the ammo I'm buying is for a long gun
>he says he's going to talk this over with manager
>this has happened once in the past, but it was cleared up quick
>employee comes out and says "sorry, but the manager says that we can't sell pistol ammo to persons under 21"
>I say the law states that I can purchase pistol ammo if it's for a long gun
>they say this and I quote "until you turn 21 I forbid you from purchasing pistol ammo"
>at this point I was pissed, so I bought my targets and left
The next day I called up sales and got to talk to someone about what happened. I got a call back from the manager of the same Bass Pro and he kept apologizing for what happened. For compensation he gave me a discount on ammo. Now that they know there should be no problems in the future.
Have you never heard of buying guns online?
You sound like an insufferable little bitch. If you pulled that shit at my store, I'd have your picture by the register just to remind all employees not to put up with your crap. Don't like it? Try to pull that anywhere else.

It's more like what you get at the DMV. It's a very old fashioned way of doing things that apparently persists at Bass Pro.
File: 1440968290538.jpg (5 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 200x200
Make sure your employees are educated about the law and there should be no problems.

>The next day I called up sales and got to talk to someone about what happened

Passive aggressive little faggot.
Shut the fuck up if you don't know the law about what you are selling then you deserve to be fired and shit on.
>buy Lee Enfield No 4 Mk II sight unseen from Cabelas
>sorry we didn't get the FFL information our fax machine was down
>wait a couple days
>sorry the shipping manager was sick and we're training new people it'll ship on tuesday and get you a gift card
>Wednesday arrives
>sorry we included a bayonet to a different rifle can you send it back?
>finally pick it up a week after I was supposed to get it
>bore is good, but it shoots a bit to the left and I don't know how to adjust the sights
>wait two weeks to ship the bayonet back and get another gift card
>use my gift cards to buy mags a two months later

Dude that only matters if you're buying used. The industrial revolution made it so that interchangeable parts are standard.
Sounds like you had a bad time. Aside from that how do you like Cabelas? I can only go to Bass Pro because it's the closest to my house and the nearest Cabelas is about an hour and a half drive away.
Thanks, now I understand what he was talking about. That's dumb as hell.
Fuck that shit. The rule is a stupid BS bureaucratic rule, and this poor oppressed Masshole /k/ommando uttered the key words/tricky phrase necessary to legally bypass it. By law, the store was totally in the clear to sell, but the fudds/sjw antis at the fun counter got buttmad about someone <drinking age purchasing an expensive cartridge, and decided to act like every other limpdicked, lace panties wearing, communist bureaucrat in that left wing socialist shithole. Meanwhile, stal/k/er here is left without lead for his brush gun. Fuck any statist bootlicking clerk who pushes MA SJW ideology over written law.
Go to new LGS
>stock glocks $650
>92FS $750
>mossman 500 $700
>shrub-master bone stock $1000
>PMC x-tac 5.56 50c/rd
>do a 360 and moonwalk out of there.
so it's their fault that somebody bought the gun you wanted to buy? Definitely autistic
you have no idea what you're talking about, many distributors are running out of stock, especially at the end of the year. They'll let the years stock sell out and then stock back up on the next year's model
This is from Fred Meyers policy on guns. I got so much cringe worthy stuff from corporate. They are a bunch of idiots.
> one of these is not like the other.
> can't order machine guns
> can't order machine Guns
> No fully automatic weapons.
Okay if only 4chan wasn't a sack of shit. By the time the picture uploads "captcha expired please try again" I don't know how that half got loaded without the picture.
>be in Switzerland
>buying some ammo
>some guy asks the gun shop owner if he can fire .308 out of his K31
>guy at the gun shop grabs a calculator and starts checking if he can
>tells the guy that he can
>guy buys .308
>goes home

Shop owner actually believes that you can shoot .308 out of a K31.

Never went there again.
>pay people $7 an hour
>expect them to give a fuck
Teatard logic, everyone!
Now go suck those mutilated jewdicks, kuc.
From alaska
"Hey we could use less deer rifles and more magnum caliber rifles, hunting season is coming up" " inventory says your pretty well stocked on rifles. What's wrong with them?" "30-06 is the only one I have large enough to take down a moose or caribou the most popular game up here, .204, .223, .243, 22-250 and even .270 don't quite cut it" "Sigh.. we will see what we can do" 2 weeks later a shipment comes on with a one .308. One opticless $800 300WM. And a bunch of .357 lever guns. They have the absolute stupidest buyers for firearms.

And no ordering ARs, unless it's a brand we sell on the shelf. Dpms is a safe AR but FN, previously colt, bushmaster, delton, Daniel defense ect ect are unsafe ARs. Because if someone wants to drop 1500 dollars on an AR through us, they must have ill intentions, sell them cheaper ones its safer, but on the flip side of that Century arms was removed from our list because we ordered a couple 200 nuggets. "Weapons of war Shouldn't be so cheap, look they even come with a bayonet!"

Everytime they did a walk of my store you could see the fear in their eyes as they scurry quickly past the desk. Even heard one say "scary stuff"

" wow you sold those overpriced 45/70s fast" "heh Yeah it's a popular caliber up here, btw when are we getting more?" "Oh you'll have to wait till next year, we are "shifting our focus" for the next few months."

I couldn't take it anymore and quit recently, it's very very frustrating selling guns for liberals. "We want you to both sell more and sell less at the same time and your support will be a fudd, a queer and, a SJW."
Dat P90 and ghost AK.
Swiss here too what shop was it?
They do have good deals every so often though. I remember the m855 panic. The day it came up was the day freds put their PMC green tip on sale for like 7.49. Bought out the one store. Next day I went to the other freds in town and the sale was cut short by a week. Still plenty in stock just back up to 11.49. I also got about 600 rds of winchester white box for 7.99 a box once.

Shitty they are a bunch of antis though.
> grabs a calculator.
I'm really curious what kind of mathematical gymnastics he did to cone up with that.
obviously he just picked up the calculator to make it look like he knew what he was talking about
The only gun I've ever bought at a chain store was a Ruger 10/22 from Dicks because it was on sale. Everything else I've bought from a LGS because they can get you exactly what you want.
I go where I can get deals. Every so often a large store will either fuck up and price something as something else, also I've noticed if you find the lead or manager of the desk they are usually able to give discounts for just being a chill customer. And also big stores can afford to have big sales. They make a hundred thousand in a day. 50 bucks off some guys rifle isn't a huge deal and they know he's coming back. A smaller LGS that makes 2000 on a good day would be greater impacted and less inclined to give discounts. And service is a non-issue you can get shitty stupid advise from a small LGS just as you can from a big store. And big stores are at least trained in being nice and friendly in their rejections. But the second you ask Mr. Salty nam vet for a discount on that $450 SKS you turn into private pile that needs a smoking.
Quick question about this guys, what is a mossman? I've seen it posted here a few times but Google doesn't pull anything for me. Is it a type of mossberg or something?
You sound like you'd be a great fit for customer service, friend. Allow me to suggest a career in fast food preparation, or perhaps high-speed cocksucking.
He's probably from Illinoise. FOID card, rule about asking about handgun vs rifle ammo.
In Alaska the law actually is a handgun cartridge cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 21. And "it's for a rifle" is not a legally acceptable excuse. I'm not saying it's enforced to any extent. But that is the law. Which makes sense 21 has not to do with drinking age but with the age you can legally buy a handgun.

You sound like a pissed off 18y/o and I would not sell you handgun ammo in my shop.
>wahhh wahhh wahhh if the law says you can sell it to me you need to sell it to me.

You sound like those bitches bitching because a cake company wont make a gay wedding cake.


If it makes you feel any better i wouldnt have sold you any handgun ammo.
Some stores have policy's on not selling handgun ammo to autistic 18 year olds. Store policy if not in violation of the law, trumps the law as it is a private business and they are free to do as they want.
The guy telling the story had already established that it wasn't store policy because he'd dealt with the same issue before and it had been cleared.

Why are you so damn autistic and enraged over someone A: knowing the law and B: holding the retailer accountable
Do you hate capitalism, commie?
>going to gander mountains

OP You are retarded. Find an FFL, and buy the fucking thing online. Also who the fuck takes a number in a gun store?! I've never had that happen ever.
I obviously didn't read it dumbass.
Use a fish scale you autist. That's how they measured trigger pull at rifle competitions in high school. Takes literally seconds to do.
The real gun shops near me are locally owned. They'd go under if they jerked people around.
Is Academy or Cabela's better? I live in Texas and they're building a Cabela's right by me.
>Last September
>Be at gun/pawn that's near where I work
>Town is full of niggers and poorfags.
>Tell them I want to purchase Colt series 70
>Getting ready to purchase, pull out checkbook
>They refuse to sell as they think I'm going to write a bad check
>Get pissed off and get up to leave
>After a little arguing with them, they agree to call the bank to prove I'm not a poorfag
>Purchase pistol with fifty bucks knocked off the price

It's really not a bad store, but they almost lost my business that day.
He said he didn't have a scale. He was assuming they had one at the shop and was surprised when they didn't have one and wanted to charge 25 bucks for it.

However to be fair he could probably just take what Google says as it's weight, unless he feels it's abnormally heavy ot light.
It's a type of mossberg, yes.

Google better next time.
Wow America must be a complete 180 when it comes to gun shops. Here in Canada the big brand stores (Cabelas, Basspro, Canadiantire, etc.) are far superior to our local gun stores.

For example:
>Don't have weird ass hours, are actually open on the weekends
>Far cheaper and don't price gouge me as much
>Have a very large variety of inventory
>Customer service is somewhat decent, no one is rude
>Get free shit from reward cards or there is constant sales

Everytime I go my LGS the people are rude there, everything is overpriced as fuck, they have a shitty selection of items, and they go out of the way to fuck you over.

Besides a handful of a few places most Canadian LGS are cuntfarms.

I do it all the time as a Canuck.
I guess I'm not missing out then.
I have no LGS, just a Canadian Tire.
Fuck Year $150 SKSs and spam cans for days!
Cabelas. They'll have more inventory. They will have a special little room with cool expensive shit over $2000. Anything from antiques to colt revolvers to the super high end ARs.

They even have racks in the open of various rifles that anyone can pick up and look at. Nuggest, crap AKs etc.
>live in new jersey
>cant buy guns without bueracratic bs
>feels bad
because a criminal under 21 would need to go buy ammo from a shop because the guy who illegally sold him the pistol didn't include ammo. i swear gun laws don't even try to make sense.
This is from a Canadian, I had gotten my license and wanted to check out the one store I knew had guns, Bass and PRO.
>go to bass an pro, fresh PAL in had.
>inquire about various firearms, the majority are long rifles with .22 and shotguns, nothing really interesting.
>ask about shotguns
>Sales clerk shows us one and notes on home defense.
>tfw we live in Canada and that shit doesn't fly.
>find nothing of interest

I bought a Nugget from a fun range recently and the staff were awesome about it. Felt like I was in 'murica when I was there and they were very helpful.
>at lgs, very small shop in town south of me, run by one guy
>Be me, 21 at time
>He has old beat to shit norinco AK on wall
>Someone has dremeled some kind of gay gang looking bullshit onto the lower
>Forearm is wobbly
This might be a good project gun
>Ask how much
>laugh out loud at him and walk out of store never to return
Why would you go to big name retailer to buy guns in the first place? Do you crave the abuse?

If you want to avoid bullshit, go to a real gun store, you might even not get screwed on prices too!
They do the whole "take a number" think at shooters outpost too
don't care so much because I got to hold and gently molest a Johnson rifle and an SVT.
my other LGS has a full auto AR-180 though which is pretty cool
In america a lot of smaller gun stores act like they are holier-than-thou and that asking to see anything is a huge burden to them. A lot of them treat their business as a club, and treat customers as a nuisance.

You sound like those retards that won't sell "Assault wepuns" to under 21s that I see at gunshows.
What the hell is a LGS?
This desu
Local gun store
i feel for you.

>be me, christmas eve 2015.
>call up my usual LGS about pt111g2.
>has none.
>go by another LGS.
>rinse repeat for 5 goddamn hours.
>nobody has any.
>pop into shitty local pawn shop as last resort.
>has two. one used, one new.
>new is $350, used is $385
>both have the same setup, including 2 mags.new comes with a $50 mail in rebate.
>get new. leave.
>get called in by one of "our people" who got into a wreck. asked for me by name so i go.
>on the way there, loading mags. correction, loading mag.
>check box and truck. they sold me a gun with one mag.
>call them up and explain. they apologize and tell me to pop by and they'll give me another mag. is on the way to accident, so i pull in.
>they meet me at the door with spare mag.
You really couldn't figure this one out based on context?
do you really think $15/hr will make them give a fuck?
>Get PT111G2 for 350$


Also, why in god's name is the used one more expensive than the new one?

would have been nice to have that around at the time. i went through 5-6 websites, at least a dozen LGS's, and even tried BPS/Gander/Academy. nobody had one and i needed a new carry piece.
>Also, why in god's name is the used one more expensive than the new one?

all i can figure is they paid too much for it and were trying to dump it off on a sucker.

i really didn't like the price but it is what it is.
Don't worry about >>28496478

The lower the cost of a gun, the more it makes sense to buy from a store since taxes are gonna be low on a $350 item.

Also add $20-40 for a transfer fee.

So it's really a comparison of about $265 vs $360. If $95 was worth it to you to have it instantly then you broke even.

On the other hand... Taurus sucks, had to say it.
>Also, why in god's name is the used one more expensive than the new one?

Consignment maybe?

The Cabelas in my area has had the exact same No4Mk1 Enfield sitting on a rack for $900 for the past 3 years.

Same place is trying to sell PTR91s for 120% of MSRP
I bought one around the same time as you from DEguns, slightly more expensive, but still below 250$ (sporstmanoutdoors didn't have it in stock last quarter).

Always, ALWAYS check wikiarms before you buy something, at least just to see what the market price is.

Enjoy it, though, it's a decent gun, especially for a Taurus.
How is a week of waiting worth ~100$? Plus, he wasted 5 hours just LOOKING for it.
>120% off MSRP
I don't think percents work like you think they do
meant: of

my bad
>Go to Cabela's in DE (Live in maryland)
>These mofos have errythang
>get 2 20rd Mini-14 mags
>PMag 20x2, PMag 30
>40 round SKS mag
>Handgun Powder
>Simple cheap rifle press for $60
>Find boxes of .303, $15/20 round Box
>I need this, can't find any in MD
>Go to pay
>Cashier asks me if I'm using it in a hand gun or a long gun.
>.303 in a fucking pistol. Mind starts racing, almost bust a nut
What store do you work at? So I know where not to spend my money.
>.303 in a fucking pistol
I'm sure your boss would have loved hearing the explanation as to why you refused to do your job and perform a perfectly legal transaction.

Why is /k/ so fucking cucked?
I work at Bass Pro and I have to say y'all niggers fucked up by going to Bass Pro.

Go to Gander Mountain or Academy if you don't want to support your LGS or if your LGS sucks.
Because .303 ain't cheap
$350 includes the FFL. also came with a holster that was shitty. but i agree, having it right then was better than waiting for it to show up eventually.

i really like it. the new trigger system feels much better than the old DAO system and i prefer having the safety.

at the time everything was getting bought up everywhere. you couldn't say with any certainty that it would be a week. it may just be a couple days, it may be months due to backordering.
>you couldn't say with any certainty that it would be a week
If it's in stock, you can expect it to arrive within a week. I got mine in like 5 days.
It was, of course, in stock, when I bought it circa late november.

>i really like it. the new trigger system feels much better than the old DAO system and i prefer having the safety.
The trigger is still too long for my taste, but the grip is the best grip I've ever seen.

>Implying you'd shoot it a lot
Do you train your wrist with vigorous hourly masturbation?
Cabelas is generally pretty shit when it comes to pricing, which is retarded because they buy guns from people at 65% of their value. But you can find some good deals at times.
I had bought a pre war Walther PP with an R.J marking on it from a pawn shop for $250 and went to cabelas because i needed some .32. Well for fun I had their "gun experts" inspect it and offer to buy it. They wanted to give me $195 for it saying it was a post was Walter and wasn't valuable. I explained that the factory it was made at was destroyed in WW2. They also thought the R.J was just someone's initials and ignored it altogether.
The R.J means it was sold to the Reich's Justice department.
They actually offered me a job because I knew more than they did.
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>LGS near me has a yugo sks
>Bayo lug cut off
>Shitty polymer stock that has burn marks
>Been at the store for nearly five years
>mfw 800$
File: 1362380647953.jpg (160 KB, 420x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 420x750
>have my own FFL
>browse around distributors for a gun
>pay far under msrp (even further under ass pro prices)
>click buy
>payment, ffl and shipping info is already stored
>wait two days
>unbox handgun
Feels good
>Implying I'd shoot a .303 peestol
I'd shoot my enfield more, but as I said, ammo ain't cheap. Thankfully I have a rifle press now.
>then you deserve to be fired and shit on
don't you mean 'he is shit and deserves to be fired on'?
>uses a checkbook to buy a series 70

Are you elderly anon?
Lee-Enfield Obrez when?
File: TheultimateCC.jpg (132 KB, 676x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 676x220
A long time ago anon.
no. i'm from nogunz england. we have lt&cs though.
Because that's not against the atf rules at for having an ffl. i hope your local inspecting agent finds that out.
>its against the rules to handle transfers for people and order firearms for the shop
>its against the rules to buy an item from your own gunshop
Yeah dude realistic
They have been that price for over a year on every single online gun store. Stop trying to justify your autism in thinking:

1. Taurus is ever acceptable buy

2. Becayse you cannot operate google ir even slickguns.com it's somehow the online retailers fault
>1. Taurus is ever acceptable buy
At <250$ the PT111 G2 has always been an acceptable buy. Stop your meme-ing.
File: 1451076922925.jpg (85 KB, 600x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 600x677
Thinking the Taurus pt111g2 is good is the meme newfriend. Never trust br
File: dude.jpg (101 KB, 658x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dads birthday is coming up
>turned 21 just last year, finally started buying my own guns
>yes, I live in a not so free state
>dad is a bit old fashioned, only had a few guns but loves shootings and a big believer in self defense/carrying
>has told me before he's been looking for a .357 revolver
>been saving for months, have 700 dollars saved
>the man let me stay at home, rent free, for college and always helped me with money so I wanted to treat him
>go to LGS, talk to the clerk saying im looking at revolvers
>"what for"
>"presnt for my dad, range toy mostly. Hell, mayvbe he'll even carry it
>"nah nah nah, he doesn't want one of those. What you want to look at for is a good glock or we have a whole selection of Hk"
>"...no, He wants a revolver"
>"well, does he already have a glock or an HK. we got some sigs too you know"
>thanks but no thanks, Im just looking for a .357"
>he brings out a few, looking a little annoyed, swear to fucking god I saw him role his eyes
>whole time im inspecting it he keeps making comments about how its ok but a CZ or glock would be better
>really starting to get annoyed, stop listening to him
>while im looking at one, he starts putting away the others that I havdnt even looked at
>"oh, you still want to look at these?"
>"yes please"
>so, youre dad thnks he's going to CARRY one of these?"
>maybe, maybe not. its his present he can do what he wants"
>"dude im telling you from experience, get a something else. I have this new HK P30 with a new holster and its the bes thing Ive carried. Maybe your dad could come in here and we could show him a thing or two"
>end up buying him a colt trooper, and for the hell of it out a 686 smith and Wesson on lay away just for the hell of it, saying I might carry it too

Dad ended up loving the present and I never went back to that store. I heard from another clerk that they get some kind of commission or deal if they sell a lot of new stuff but Im not sure
holy shit how do you deal with having Autism this severe
Well I own a mossberg 500, I Googled "mossberg mossman" "mossman 500" and "mossman shotgun" to no avail. All that came up was regular mossberg 500. I think a lot of people just call mossbergs mossman
your story is false and you are homosexual
>Never trust br
I fucking hate salespeople like that
When your customer is there for a specific thing, you should be helping them on that and try to talk to them about getting something you really want to sell. If they clearly don't want it, stop.
Pretty much. I know what the box says it should be, but I wanted to confirm. I was at the gunsmith, and thought I would ask.

I went home and bought a scale on Amazon.

>Use a fish scale you autist.
Fuck you, faggot
what the fuck
what part of alaska
I don't understand these people.
>hurr the seller has rights to do whatever they want!
>but you don't have a right to complain ever!
>businesses don't want to know when their employees are doing stupid shit and costing them sales!
>be cali faggot
>finally turn 18 a year or so ago
>go to big5 on my birthday
>pick out a decent shotgun
>great customer service, was knowledgeable and friendly even though it's a chain store
>few months later
>decide to look for a cheap 22 plinker to show GF around guns
>decide to check out local Fudd store
>old fudd notorious for being a dick to anyone under the age of 50
>store empty
>no greeting as i walk in despite being 4 feet from the counter
>ask him what .22 rifle he has available for around 300$
>points to long ass line of guns behind counter and says 22's are at the end.
>walk over and scope out an old glenfield 25
>ask if i can inspect it
>finally gets up from his chair and walks over
>"you have an ID?"
>pull out my ID, no problem. babyface and all
>hands it back
>"Are you planning on buying something today or are you just looking because i'm closing soon."
>store closes at 5pm, it's barely 4.
>pull out cash
>start asking about expensive guns he has
>ask as many questions as possible
>having him bring me down guns he just put back
>whole thing goes on for 30 or so minutes
>tell him his selection isnt what i'm looking for
>buy a box of .22 and tell him to have a nice day
You were both assholes. As soon as he asked me if I was going to buy something I would have told him to shove it and left
Not only that, but he wasted half an hour of his own time convincing this old fucker he was right about young fags, ensuring that he will always be a dick to new enthusiasts.

Today anon was a faggot.
Edc my lc9. Love it
>Do you train your wrist with vigorous hourly masturbation?

Are you seriously asking that on 4chan?
I sell guns at a Bass Pro Shop.
Can help explain some things here.

We use the number system when it gets busy. Sale of firearms at a retail store is much different from most LGS. We generally deal with novices, people who only buy guns at major retail outlets, or people who had bad experiences in LGS. To make a long story short it shuts up customers who feel entitled and complain we didn't rush directly to them when there were four or five people waiting patiently ahead of them. More commonly than you think people start yelling (yes actually yelling) until you help them, they are extremely rude to you when you are visibly overwhelmed, and then demand a discount and complain about you to the manager. It can be very frustrating.

Because its non-commissioned and a retail outlet we are forced to be super friendly to anyone who walks up no matter how pants on head retarded things get. Unless you are doing something unsafe or suggest something unlawful I can't tell you to fuck off and move on to the next customer.

Some of my colleagues are inept when it comes to firearms knowledge. They are great people who do a good job managing inventory, etc but just don't have any firearms experience. Just be polite and respectful and ask if someone who knows a little more about that specific subject can help.

I will monitor this for a few minutes if anyone has any questions.
Why do I want this? I should be disgusted that my favorite rifle was mutilated into this form but instead I am intrigued and wish to fire it.

Now I'm tempted to buy another No I Mk III to SBR (or does this count as a pistol? I don't know the legality). It would go nice after I get one made into a DeLisle.
I've never had bad customer service at Costco, so... maybe?
That salesman acted exactly like 99% of this board
>hey guys whats a good budget carry revolver in .357mag?
>Glock 19
Well it's from fred meyers based out of Seattle. Basically they had a group of liberals get together and write down everything they thought was scary about guns, then opened a gun desk in their grocery store.

I was even told "magazines do not belong on display firearms" so I asked if that meant I needed to remove tubes from shotguns and the flush magazines from hunting rifles. "No just the extended magazines on our assault rifles."

These are the same people that are now no longer displaying ARs but they are selling them out of the back. A customer must ask if we have them then must wait for the employee to go to the gun cage and get it. Perfectly Okay to sell but god forbid someone looks at one.
I'm happy fred meyers stood up to MDA. But their motivation is shekels not rights.
>Be 19 at Walmart
>picking up some .40 S&W for my M&P 40
>At register "can I see your ID?"
>Looks at date on register
>Looks at date on ID
>Looks at date on register
>Looks at ID
>Sells it to me anyway
>Local pawn shop has a Norinco Sks
>Shitty synthetic stock
>Mag well worn to shit
>mfw $350
>Been there for year
File: 1406913499958.jpg (18 KB, 229x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Del Valle Gunsmithing, in Commiefornia. Owner's a decent enough guy, but the older dude who, I'm convinced, hates any firearm not 30 years old and made of wood.

>Want to order a Saiga
>Call them up, ask if they'll do the transfer
>"Those are illegal in CA, son"
>It's the sporting version sir, no AW features
>"They're listed right there on the CA DoJ site as illegal, we're not doing it."
>Fine, and I'm betting a Vepr-12 you guys cant do either, even if it comes in with a fixed stock and bullet button?
>Hang up, call Santa Cruz Armory, ask the same question
>"Sure, go ahead, we'll do it."
>Call takes 3 minutes, done, and with a smaller transfer fee

Longer drive, but worth it.
this reminds me of a guy i used to work with

>be him
>working with me
>the whole crew alternates and buys breakfast all the time
>at the place that sells tacos
>ask for a dozen been and cheese tacos cuz theyre cheap
>watchin the dude make them
>hey man dont skimp on the beans
>dude continues to be jewish with the beans
>patiently watch him make all the tacos
>a line starts to form
>old dude behind the counter goes to hand them to me
>say fuck that i dont want that shit
>i told you not to skimp on the fuckin beans
>proceeds to leave the establishment after calling them all bitches and making a scene

tfw no breakfast tacos
Sorry too shit the thread up but which is better too buy for a shotgun Newfag, Mossberg 500 or Remington 870?
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If they regularly get crowded, it sorts out who gets served next w/o arguments.
Remington 870

dont be a mossy nigger

>year of the lord plus one Remington "quality"

>That release location and cross bolt safety with equally poor location

You are why we can't have nice things here.

You are why we can't have nice things.
File: 870rust.jpg (207 KB, 800x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 800x1067
Enjoy your rust
Remington and it's subsidiaries (Marlin particularly) were acquired by some actual faggots a few years back and their quality assurance went to absolute shit.
Mossbergs are the way to go for the foreseeable future.
I bought a 870 2 years ago and regret it like a mother fucker. It is shoddy quality.
Strange. My 11-87 is godly reliable and my dad's 930 is shit. I may have replaced a factory O-ring with a larger OD one to increase gas pressure pushing on the piston. Since I did that it cycles light target up to 3in slugs fine.
>remington 870

Enjoy your riveted ejector
Gander does this shit too. As an employee it help, but also pisses off anyone over the age of 45.
100% true. Illinois is pants-on-head retarded.
I'm not calling you dumb or anything, but this post was really hard to make sense of.
fuck a FOID nigga.

>get outtaArmy
>go to new Gander mtn because hey, its new
>wife and I walk by gun counter talking shit on fudds
>perfect wife
>see snazzy new G43
>decide to check it out
>wait a while, ask guy to see coolio handgun
"You got your FOID?"
>"No, I am waiting for IL state police fucks to take their sweet time before giving me mine."
"Sorry sir, I cant do that."
>me and my wife leave, bitching to eachohter about this garbage ass state

You can even hold a firearm you are considering buying, once you are legal to do so, in at a fucking gun counter. But its legal to rent a firearm. I can rent a full auto whatever at a range, but I cant legally on it in Illinois. See my problem with the logic?

its like an HDD, don't shake it too much

>need stock put on gun properly, not sitting right
>not taking chances
>go to lgs+gunsmith
>takes them 3 months with do the minor drilling (like 4-5mm) that fixed the problem
>they quoted 1 month

>mom needs work done on her pistol
>should be a simple part swap
>against recommendation she goes to same place
>took them a fucking year and a the gun itself visiting the factory
>just a decocking lever on a little bersa

At least the owner's a great guy, zeroed the whole thing out for mine so I had no out of pocket. No clue what happened for my mom's costs, I really should ask. Too bad his staff is mostly grumpy ass fudds and an even grumpier "gunsmith" who apparently cant do much and absolutely can't do anything on time.
god damn. and to think I was considering one after i get my CCW.
>live in new jersey
>get felony charges for having an antique flintlock pistol in your trunk.
>Live next to cabelas
>Go to cabelas
>purchase firearm
>stub my toe at home 2 hours later

>be at sportsmans warehouse
>look at some pistol with a takedown lever that I didn't know was a takedown lever
>point at takedown lever and ask if this was the decocker
>clerk: "Please don't disassemble the firearms."
>me: ???
In Star Wars. The Jawas' rifles are obrez'd Enfields
>be me
>go to LGS to browse the used gun section
>See sweet ass AK-74 (arsenal)
>Ask the clerk to let me handle
>complies because I'm a respectable member of society
>Ask how much it is (inb4 tree-fiddy)
>Clerk smiles and says "$2300 plus tax"
>kek internally and swiftly hand it back to him
>Say "thank you for your time" and promptly leave, never to return.

I don't have a bad experience really, but that is as close as it comes. Everything in there is always overprices. I just have a habit of browsing used guns to one day come across a very good deal.

A buddy of mine picked up a type-22 Murata for $95 dollars because fudd owners had no idea what it was
>home from uni on break
>planning to move innacity in a year, have been discussing getting a CC gun with familia
>goin around giving mom day/k/are lessons about shitty hipoints at every pawn&gun we stop at
>stop at last pawn place before heading home
>building is 8ft x 20ft, tiny and cramped
>black lady says hi as we walk in and goes back to watching Maury tell niggers to pay child support
>store owner grunts in our general direction from his corner desk as we walk in, almost made my mom jump
>proceed over to tiny gun counter cuz fuck it we're here
>8 Remington shotties, a few 10/22s, durr rifles with scopes
>I shit you not, 7 nearly brand new Hi-Points, 3 with boxes
>and one Taurus, kek
>only interesting guns were a top-break S&W in .38SW and a sexy nickel-finish FN Hi-Power
>$1,000 price tag
>balls recede into my body
>had two nasty scratches on the slide where the release was seated wrong
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