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Alright dudes, here we go, I threw together...
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Alright dudes, here we go, I threw together a Ranger School guide for my dudes and thought I would share if you guys are interested,

I graduated class 05-14, straight through, no recycle, which started in the winter (february)and finished right after best ranger competition (BRC), this is when there are a shit ton of slots because if you recycle you get put on detail for BRC for six weeks before the next class starts up so units usually try to get their guys in beforehand

I'll go over a lot of stuff, start with physical prep, initial packing list and extra stuff you should bring, my gear layout day to day,
I'll go through my ranger handbook and post pictures of the notes I had taken, once you get to patrols its pretty much the same shit every day.
Neat. I'll be lurking.
Why is posting so slow? 4chan is falling apart without moot.
Why is dat soldier eyeing dat little girl like dat?
Server having brainfarts

godspeed OP
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2 MB, 900x1078

not a shot at you OP, but all I could see from this pic
>I graduated class 05-14
How many of your class made it?
I'm lurking. Good luck to you
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Seriously soo slow

haha I have a version of like a threat assessment

Started with 350, from the original class only 82 made it straight through, graduated with 141

It keeps thinking my posts are spam

I trained up for two months in Metro Detroit area, I found a gym owned by a former company commander at 4th RTB and he programmed it for me. Lots of crossfit style stuff, RTB puts out a decent prep workout but use that as a BASELINE. Focus on pushup form, slow deliberate is the way to go, my five mile was right at 38 minutes before, but you run faster once you get there, and for fucks sake know how to climb a rope. Stretch every night and during breaks, especially during RAP week.

I entered in at 227 at 6'3" and came out at 195

Pic is my ranger purse for my handbook
File: handbook.jpg (24 KB, 496x661) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Packing List:
Yes you will get dropped for missing any item, don't be that asshole

Make sure you have AUTHORIZED boots, we had guys get dropped for not having proper cold weather boots
I had Rocky s2vs one pair of the standard ones and a pair of the winter weight ones, I also had a pair of Garmonts and two pairs of the Rocky trainers (they dry out fast as shit, wear them for the water confidence course, the buddy run, and all obstacle courses, these are throwaways, and absolutely useless in mountains, but you may need a pair again for swamps as they dry out so fucking fast)

Socks: bring extra, you get what you pay for, rockies or fox river
T-shirts: bring extra, soffees are the way to go, no underarmour bullshit
Riggers belt: the one with the velcro and D ring
Roll of 100 mile an hour tape
Gallon or 2 gallon ziplock freezer bags, the ones with the little slide closer thing are shit, get regular ones
100 feet 550 cord (covet this shit)
Illum tape, bring a roll of the 2" width stuff
Protractors: 5 or 6, two stay in your ranger handbook at all times
Wrist compass: all I used during land nav, and doing compass checks on patrols is easy
Headlamp: 2 or 3 of them, no fancy shit, needs to run on AA or AAA, 123s are fucking unicorns
Batteries: 20 packs of AA and AAA
Knife: something simple and spring assisted that you can tie down, seriously tie that shit down
Leatherman: seriously tie this shit down
Watch: Casio G shock mudman or equivalent
Garbage bags: the contractor ones from home depot, you'll be sleeping in it
Laminate paper: squares are ideal, a roll is fine too
Fleece watch caps: 3 or 4
Tac gloves: flight gloves are OK but thorns will tear straight through that shit
Light cold weather gloves: Outdoor Research makes good inconspicuous light ones
Write in the rain Notebooks: 5-10 of the flip open ones that fit in a shoulder pocket

Pic is how you need to do up your handbook
Bump. Gonna screencap later. Probably.
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151 KB, 1024x776

RAP week,
Shut your mind off, stop thinking, stop. They want you to freak out, they want you to be stressed. Focus on getting through the events in front of you, you will do 2-3 pass/fail events a day, focus on whats in front of you, people were stressing about the water confidence balance beam even before the PT test. Just relax, and whatever task they give you perform as best as you can, but sham on the smoke sessions as much as possible if you can. Be the gray man, don't be first, don't be last, stay in the middle of the pack here.

Dudes will be dropping like crazy, your "squad" will start out with like 30 dudes, after the first five days that will be down to 16. Your dufflebags will stay outside, they won't even check your packing list until day 4 or 5, they wont waste time because they know so many of you will fail either the PT test/water confidence/ buddy run/ ruck march/ land nav. Its a cluster fuck, just pay attention to detail, be in the uniform they tell you, with the equipment they tell you, don't over think it.

Oh and as guys fail, rat fuck their equipment, take their protractors/550/illum tape/ plastic bags/ 100 mile an hour tape.
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Toward the end of RAP week you can start to get an idea of who is going to make it to Darby and who isn't, they're also going to start giving classes, write everything down in your handy dandy ranger handbook. So how do you set up your handbook?

First make your ranger purse, take one of your gallon ziplock bags and tape the outside with 100 mile an hour tape, this is where you keep your handbook, a map marker, a protractor, and a pen. like the pic above

For your actual handbook, tie 550 cord through the holes in the top, now cover the front and back with illum tape, laminate it, now tape the edges and binding. You now have a glow in the dark pad to write down mission critical info, grids, hit times, sectors of fire, whatever. Now stick a protractor in your book, thats its new home, so you always have one.

There are blank pages all over the book you can take notes on, laminate them as you fill them up. If its on a powerpoint slide, or on a board during a class it needs to be in your handbook. They will tell you from start to finish exactly how to conduct a patrol and issue an operations order. I referenced notes from darby all the time, and people relied on me to double check their work to make sure we didn't skip some tiny random thing during OPORDS.

Here is a page I took notes on for Link up, the instructors told us exactly what to ask, and how to ask it and what to plan for.
He wants her.
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I'm not going to go into detail on tactics yet, you guys can ask what you want to know about that

Gear layout: Figure out what works for you, what items you need regularly, and where they need to be

Rucksack: Compartmentalize and bag everything separate, you will get wet, and in Florida you'll be fucked if you don't double bag your stuff in garbage bags, because you'll be doing multiple swamp/river crossings

In the outside sustainment pouches you need your most important/time sensitive shit. On one side I kept my poncho, wet weather top, 550 cord. The other side I kept two pairs of socks in a ziplock, hygiene kit, wet wipes, extra head lamp, extra t-shirt, extra fleece watchcap, everything in a ziplock, always waterproof everything!

Main pouch is a free for all but keep everything bagged with like stuff, uniforms seperate from socks and tshirts, put your MREs waaay down in the bottom of your Ruck so you can get to them with that bottom zipper, if its out in the open people will steal that shit. You need room on the top for 240 ammo, ASUP radio, Tripod, barrel bag. Always string out at least 200 240 rounds in the barrel bag, and extra ammo in a cargo pocket if you leave your ruck. Dump ammo if you need to but don't get caught, at one point in mountains I was carrying 2k rounds for the 240..... just dump that shit on objective.

Uniform: I always kept spare batteries/gloves/protractor in a ziplock in my breast pocket. Always kept a headlamp in my cargo pocket, along with my ranger hand book. Shoulder pockets are for pens/notebook/map markers.

Foot powder bros, non stop, always,
Wet wipe around your balls/inside your thighs, chest, and pits, that shit WILL get infected and chafe in mountains, you can't help it
Foot powder your pits and balls
Brush your teeth daily, seriously its refreshing.
SHOWER whenever you can, in mountains you will have time at night to prep for the next day, hit the shower ASAP!
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Please persevere OP, we need this to blast 16 year olds and general retards with that are too lazy and not serious enough to actually look shit up.

Oh and for the tiny few that will actually use quality information to their benefit but mostly for the retards.

>I believe in you

bumpin with a ranger pic
dat battlebeard in the background

Glad I went in 2002
Even more glad I'm out now!
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So now we get into a little bit of the meat, here is the priorities of work during the patrol base, basically what happens after you finish a patrol, you pick up and move to the site of your patrol base, you can see what needs to be planned and disseminated to everyone before you begin the rest plan.

The first time you set one up, you will not sleep, it will take all night, and the simple things like Black and Gold plan, Alternate patrol base site, and sector sketch, will keep you guys up all night. If possible eat both meals for the day at night so 2 MREs, Breakfast and dinner at once in one shot, it saves time in the mornings for planning.
File: LinearAmbush.jpg (168 KB, 661x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is the step by step of how to conduct an ambush, on the right are the characteristics of a patrol base and objective rally point

>>That 50% sleep plan......
>>Oh wat I have first and last shift on the SAW?

And then you get to a unit where they come up with goofy sleep plans in the field (75%.....33.33%..... 25% except for Weapons Squad.....10%). I have seen some stuuuupid shit in my life.... lol
Lurking OP. Pls continue.

File: LinearAmbush2.jpg (134 KB, 661x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is a Sketch of the linear ambush,

Task and purpose of each team and element

The Men Weapons Equipment (MWE) prep checklist

On the right is the formation for conducting the Leaders Recon

On the Sketch, you have the road and Killzone with isolation elements on each side
In the center you have the assault element, and off to the left canted you have the support by fire position
You can see the release point and the ORP where you leave your ruck
Lurking, OP
much appreciated
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Yeah bro, you have to keep it simple when you've only been working together and everyones balls tired, so 50% with everybody strongpointed in pairs is the way to go.


Here are the steps for conducting a Recon, again on the left hand side are the characteristics for the ORP, top left is who goes on the recon of the objective, everything is the same as ambush except the actions on the objective piece which is in the next pic
File: ReconBoard.jpg (90 KB, 661x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The right sketch shows the standard cloverleaf method of how to conduct the recon, key is never moving parallel to the objective, always loop way wide, then crawl straight in, straight out, then hook wide, both teams never cross sides (one goes left, other right) so the stationary security element can shoot onto the objective without having to worry about fratricide.

Left side is how to search and clear the objective rally point, doing zig zag method.
File: patrolbase.jpg (41 KB, 528x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This one covers a lot of stuff,

Top left is movement for the platoon,
Front to back it goes:
Security squad (in charge of route planning, navigation during movement)
Gun team 1
Head quarters section
Assault squad 1
Gun team 2
Assault squad 2

Right below is how to establish security in a halt, Gun team 1 faces 12, Assault 1 gets the 9-3 O'clock by way of 12, Gun 2 faces the 6, Assault 2 takes the 3-9 O'clock by the 6, Security squad files in the middle with headquarters because they are security for all recons conducted by the PL

Below that is who makes up the headquarters section, who goes on a leaders recon, then how to move and dogleg into a patrol base,

The right side shows planning steps and considerations for setting into patrol base
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Mountains and Florida are all about Raids and Ambushes, its the same things you learned in Darby but on a larger scale, so now instead of teams we use entire squads for security, support by fire, and the two assault elements.

This page covers my ambush notes, whenever possible you want to do an L shaped ambush but it requires specific terrain, and a bend in the road. The principles are the same, but in an L ambush you have your support by fire shooting down the long axis of the road, so straight at the enemy, and your assault element hitting them from their flank, security elements are still stationed farther up and down the road watching for reinforcements/squirters. Fire control measures become extremely important and you need to clearly define the left and right limits of your support by fire so they don't shoot within 15 degrees of your assault or security elements. IR strobes/chemlights are awesome and can let you see where all elements are and maintain control.

This stuff gets really situation dependent, but when in doubt always fall back on the principles of patrolling.
Thanks for all this information OP, i've gotten some info from guys in my company who've been tabbed, and this helps a lot. Just got a new CO who just came from Ranger batt and is tabbed (obviously cuz officer) and he'll send anyone to Ranger, so i've been pushing it up the CoC.
>tfw Britbong
>only way I can grow a beard is if I make it to SBS
>will never be a Ranger


OP if you're willing to give us more info on your pre Ranger school training I'd really, really appreciate it.
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Lady just got home and cooking dinner, I'll post more in like 30

Fires planning, for Arty, air, and other shit, its self explanitory
Keep fighting the good fight /k/omrade
are you 75th? because, >>24444779
those guys sure as hell aren't

>immaculate gear
>moto patches
Can someone post the one with the guy eying up the girl and assessing her as a possible threat?
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To train up, there is a good workout put out on the fort benning website by 4th Ranger training battalion. They have a 30-60-and 90 day program. Its a lot of olympic and power lifting mixed with distance runs and rucks. I did something similar, but less running and more focus on lower body and core strength. On "rest days" I would throw on my gas mask from nugget enterprises (the gray one thats a 90s ripoff of the american mask), hop on a rower (also known as erg) and do a 30k


So Mountain phase:

First week is mountaineering. Knot tying is a Pass/fail test, you can get recycled for knots, don't be that guy, practice the knots at night on the rope they give you or 550. Again don't freak out, they won't let you die. We were the test class for a 300 foot combat equipment night rappel. At this point you will also get the famous blueberry pancakes for breakfast, eat, stretch, and rest up, because these aren't really physical days, and shits about to get real.

Patrolling in mountains:

First off, they always go back and forth on how many meals you get, I was, again, in a test class for less food during patrols, so 2 MREs a day, one at 02-0300 and one at 0600 when we had stand to. Just eat them both at night, and save the time in the morning. Also save beverage powders, salt packets, sierra sports, and other drink shit. I would always mix 2 sierra sports, a drink mix, and my salt packets in a canteen before we started movement, this is your "lunch" and its fucking syrupy goodness during the walks, ration it and drink it over the course of the day.

Continued in next post.
File: Florida OPORD.jpg (41 KB, 528x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Florida OPORD.jpg
41 KB, 528x704

Mountains Patrolling:

This is also where you will be introduced to "long walks" every two or three days. After a mission the RIs will tell you that they will guide you to your patrol base and that its only a few Klicks away.... they're lying. Hunker down and expect a 15-20k movement. This is where the hallucinations set in pretty bad, just realize whats happening, let your mind wander, and make sure for fucks sake to follow the guy in front of you.

I posted this story like two days ago:

>Second half of mountains FTX (5 days left in the field)
>Haven't shit since blueberry pancakes three days ago
>All those MREs and muscle atrophy finally tell me its time to go
>Oh shit we're starting a long walk
>We hit the obj at like 24:15
>Hold it until 0200, we won't hit the PB until sun up.
>Hallucinating bad
>Think trees/shrubs on side of road are people in platoon conducting security halt
>Think we're walking too close to neighborhood, can see houses through the trees
>Think RIs are dancing waay up front of platoon
>Have to shit soooo bad
>Realize everyone else is hallucinating just as bad
>Realize its cloudy, zero Illum, RIs aren't wearing NODs so they can't see shit and they're only out front none in rear
>Platoon gets strung out over like 2k on the road
>Trot to 3/4 of the front and pop squat right on the side of the road
>half rucksack flop/collapse up against tree and start shitting
>Platoon members passing by think im a hallucination (dat head tilted back, Nods and helmet pushed forward, gypsy camp rucksack, death shuffle)
>Finally one dude does a double take
>He half crouches and starts creeping up to me, arm out not knowing if I'm real
>I'm grunting, but motionless as I push out the last of my shit
>Stand up and wave cock and balls around
>He stops, slaps the side of his head, and keeps on rucking
>Never speak to him about it

Motherfucker thought he was halucinating a dude waving cock and balls around.
That last part was great, but jesus the hallucinations get that bad? I figured it would only be a few days of that shit, not a week+
I remember hearing that they average about 2.5 hours of sleep a night at Ranger School. You can expect hallucinations with so little sleep.
File: Uberti_birdshead.jpg (78 KB, 528x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Once the sun goes down, its like a switch flips, and guys go straight up retarded, get turned around walking in straight lines, will walk off on their own, talk to trees, Its the worst the first time it happens because you aren't used to it. But by the time we hit Florida I figured out what was up, and if I was in a leadership position I knew that any key tasks had to get done before the sun went down. You are just physically so run down, your body can't fight infections anymore and the smallest zit will become cellulitus, cuts on your hands will get infected.

I lost 30 pounds over the entire course.... thats 30 pounds in 61 days when I was already at 12% bodyfat to begin with.

It was usually 3 hours every two days, so you would have a long walk every two days and not sleep because it takes so long to get to your patrol base for the next day.

Even less than that if you go in the winter. They won't risk letting people sit around and freeze. If it's cold enough, they will literally walk you around after the previous night's mission until 5 in the morning, then throw the whole platoon into a warming tent.

>You now have 1 hour to eat and catch some rack Rangers, don't worry about security just get into the fucking tent and be ready for inspection at 0600
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Oh god that's terrible.
>covered in tattoos

Comfirmed roiding brain dead faggots
MT phase is no joke...hallucinations with zero illum were crazy.....lots of ghost rangers walking the opposite direction...even worse the 2nd time when you recycle Mt. phase - class 4-97
File: 1342770493958.jpg (1 MB, 3334x2223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3334x2223

They did that to us twice,

>"Alright rangers, go to sniv con delta"
>"Now walk"
>walk in a circle for two hours
>"Alright, now here's a GP medium, set it up and you can rack out"

I knew there were other ranger bros on k
OP, are you jump qualified? How were the jumps into the phases? I know they let you get some sleep in before the jumps, but does the long term lack of sleep and exhaustion have any effect on you?
Ok, i will be going in about 6 months, my only question is how should i start preparing physically.. i have a 34 min 5 mile, lean build, max pushups and run about 80% on situps,
My running program is solid, i ruck 6-12 miles every friday, what im most concerned with is strength
Any advice man?
File: adsfasdf.jpg (273 KB, 2209x1389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah I was airborne, and we only jumped once which was into Florida phase,
yeah thats right, no more bus from mountains to Florida, you jump in, but its hollywood (the only one I've ever done outside airborne school not into water) and the DZ was straight sand, like softer than Friar DZ bro.

I can't stress enough the importance of olympic and power lifting. I would say join a crossfit gym but their shit is soooo weak. Look at benning.mil page and download their ranger prep workout, You need to be doing at least a 2 hour workout a day, high intensity, with compound movements. For example one day my workout was 10 rounds of 20 pull ups, 4x 50 yard farmers carries with 45lbs in each hand, 10 hang cleans at 135, 10 over head press at 135. all in a circuit style with no rest. The point is to get your body used to high stress endurance and learn how to just shut your mind off and embrace the suck
Right on man, i will definitely do this, ive been through some alot of schools already, and know my ability, but i always hear Ranger School is a new kind of suck

If you wanted to be a real hardcore DA master, you would have gone PJ.

Also, everything you just posted is in the ranger handbook.


Btw, once you actually get to the regiment, they will give you an updated one. It covers how not to get in our way while we clean up the fucked up ambushed, because you couldn't be assed to get them in a proper L with claymores on killzone and properly ensure your flank.

P.S. Come back when you can into HALO, calling your own fire support, and having the toughest school in the biz.

Oh, and learn to swim. Faggot.
Oh it's this troll again

Lol, if hes actually a PJ hes just pissed he gets stuck on the medivac birds and wishes he was a JTAC.
My experiences with PJs is them bitching non stop and thinking they are the shit....SPOILER ALERT..... they aint....

They think it be how it do, but it dont
Same battalion!
File: 20150122_231037.jpg (660 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
660 KB, 2048x1152

Fuckin nice bruh haha
File: IMG_0159.jpg (1 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4000x3000

Love you guys by the way, I was with Ian and Poland overseas. Still raise a glass to Weichel on memorial day.

I don't want to take anything away from OP but I had a Team Chief who went to Ranger who told me about his hallucinations.

>Pulling security halt
>Grab my coca cola and start sucking on the straw
>Holy shit this is fucking delicious
>Keep sucking
>Man I've been drinking this awhile and it's still not empty
>Suddenly realize I've been sucking on a tree branch
>There's no fucking coca cola out here
>Rest of patrol is way down the trail
>Haul ass and catch up
>>Suddenly realize I've been sucking on a tree branch
That's fucking gold.
Keep this alive guize
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