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>be me probably 12 y/o
>love military shit since I played ace combat since I was probably 7 or 8
>get a bright idea one day
>want to make a rocket launcher
>think about a design that would work well
>see model rocket kit
>dis gone be gud
>acquire 2" pvc pipe
>make rocket from paper towel tube weighted with insane amounts of duct tape and shove a rocket engine shoved in a small pvc pipe in the back
>decide to test it
>insert rocket
>put steel plate on one end to give the rocket something to push against other than air
>put on saftey glasses and wrap scarf around my face
>fire it
>shit works like a charm but holy shit if I didnt put on the scarf and glasses I would have been a horribly deformed child because the gases coming out the back sprayed me right in the face as the rocket left the tube
>think it was fucking epic

10/10 would do again
Shit I gotta go find a hobby store nearby to load up on model rockets.
>pushing off
the gases coming out the back are what propels it and it would have worked better if the gases were pushing against a solid plate as opposed to open air

I still think this was a valid thought on my part.
Pretend I was part of the American Civil War or Revolutionary War and march around with my pretty realistic toy musket. Had caps and everything, and it was about as tall as I was. I duct-taped a wooden sword I got from the Renaissance Fair onto it for a bayonet. I'd pretend I was in a line and everything.

I had no friends.
Throughout elementary school (1999-2004ish) me and my 2 best friends loved the history channel.

In 4th grade, I had class with one of those friends. We sat in back and generally fucked around and did not pay attention. One day we drew a top down view of an aircraft carrier and drew target rings on it. We proceeded to sharpen our pencils and drop them vertically onto it and we called it "Sink the Soryu". When we were playing it my teacher was like wtf is going on back there and walks to the back and sees 2 kids (me, a whitey, and my best friend at the time, half alaskan inuit/half mexican, still friends now but havent seen him in a few years, hes an engineer in the muhreens) dropping pencils on a rectangle drawn on paper. She asks what were doing and my buddy says "Were playing Sink the Soryu"


redoes seating chart couple days later.

In a similar vein, dont ask me how this one came about, but that same half inuit/mexican friend discovered one day a folded, barely damp paper towel would stick to the underside of desks pretty well. One day we placed these wet paper towels all around classroom desks. One under teachers desk. We were supposed to be silent reading or some shit, and the paper towel under the teachers desk falls onto her lap. Knowing the 2 trouble makers in the classroom... she proceeds to ask my mexican/inuit friend what the paper towel was. He responds

>its C4!

Being less autistic now as a 21 year old who has normal interactions with people, a girlfriend (not currently though ;_;), etc. etc. this shit cracks me up so hard, but I wouldnt change it for the world. /k/ommando since birth

>that feel when the landing gear in your micromachine aircraft snap off and your whole air fleet has to belly in on the tarmac.

>that feel when the trigger mechanism in your favorite toy gun rusts and it doesnt rat-tat-tat anymore.

>That feel when you remember all the racist jokes the riverboat pilot used to tell on the jungle cruise at disneyland, and he shot the hippo with the prop gun

>frontier land best land in Disneyland because buckets of toy muskets and henry rifles in the gift shops

>that feel when GI JOE was on in the morning before school and your shitdick little brother changes the channel to Mighty Max

>Supergluing guns from other toys to Hot Wheels cars to make Mad Max/Twisted Metal cars

>That feel when you're jelly as fuck of your kids/young cousins/little brothers because Legos come with guns now.
Also I hope this thread provides some similar stories.... posting that brought back some great childhood memories of my friends and I shooting eachother with airshits, dropping firecrackers in buckets, melting shit with magnifying glasses, N64 Goldeneye, etc. etc.
My mom was in the Canadian forces and she had a lot of army issue stuff in the house. At Halloween I'd dress in CADPAT fatigues. It was fucking awesome.

After work she'd pick me up at school, and all the kids would crowd around and ask her if she went to war, if she killed people, if she had a gun in her house and if she shot a rocket lawnchair. I was around 7-8 years old back then.

Meanwhile I'd just draw guns and soldiers and war scenes at school. I would convert all my friends and we would draw fucking elaborate scenarios and wargames on paper. Looking back at it, it was the eight of autism. I got sent to the principal's office a few times because I made ''war drawings''. Pussy school system.

so many hours of PS1 gameplay logged in the early 2000's

>inb4 console pleb
>inb4 pcmasterrace

I did wait for Halo 1 to come out on PC tho instead of buying an Xbox. Dat Flamethrower and Dat Rocket Warthog that werent in Console version
I can still smash the shit out of any of my friends at Twisted Metal 2 that game is the shit.

Drive around until you find a remote bomb, Turbo into opponent while firing a minion missile, freeze burst hits them, drop remote bomb while driving by, pop it while you're still turboing past, slam the ebrake to fishtail back around, go right past them while they're still like "wtf" and zap them with Outlaw special because it has a 360 degree attack radius and you can driveby with it.

Grasshopper, Twister, Spectre and Mr Grimm is kill, Roadkill and Thumper can catch you but Shadow is a boat anything else is too slow.
I forget which game in the series we played. I also remember spending a significant amount of time playing that 007 destruction derby type game, 007 racing
one last bamp for this thread
>Be around 6-7
>Stechschritt fucking everywhere
>live in shitty california
>no fireworks
>sometimes neighbors would sneak me a couple firecracker strings with 20 mini crackers.
>leftover model rocket engines
>grind engines into dust with a hammer
>drill a hole in a wooden dowel, fill with ground up firecracker dust, put marble in
>this tiny cannon works like shit
>unbraid firecracker string, stick into wooden dowel
>perfect fit
>unwound firecrackers have only 1 second fuse
>dat wooden splinter shrapnel

Why am I intact?
>be me
>8 summers old
>lived in one of those shitty townhouse neighborhoods
>me and about 15 other like-minded miscreants had large scale toy gun battles in the streets daily
>how badass your peice was was a status symbol
>built forts out of old cars we found in the woods
>raided golfer's golfballs off the green and sold them back to them weeks later
>enormous jedi battles witj plastic lightsabers

Ah childhood. To be a mini /k/ommando once more...
>learn about k'nex guns
>get mom to buy me a shitload of 8" heavy duty rubber bands
>get to engineering
>end result: crossbow capable OC firing a k'nex bolt over a hundred feet and a bolt made from bent wire with tape for fins almost 1,000 feet
>to be a mini /k/ommando once more...

Nowadays mini /k/ommandos make a gun gesture with their fingers or poptart at school and get expelled then diagnosed with some mental disorder and become nogunz forever

>play original medal of honor games
oh shit history is neat
>constantly watch history channel
>always reading about war
>use gi joes to have realistic battles
>aquire period correct Gi Joes weapons and gear
>normandy landing in the bathtub
>omaha beach in the tub
>utah beach Gi Joes "scaling" bathroom counters as cliffs
>Pacific campaign in the "jungle" in the garden in the backyard

those battles got intense
I'm almost 50. I grew up when the US was still free. I did so many things that could have easily killed me and my friends that I honestly don't know how we survived. Sucks to know you would be hunted down and charged with felonies for the shit we did all the time.

I feel really bad for you younger anons. Life has to be suffering almost all the time. I knew a neighbor kid and his girl friend...both 16 get charged with fucking sex crimes when an asshole cop caught them just making out in a car. They are fucking convicted sex offenders, on a list and everything. 'You poor bastards growing up n a police state. My heart bleeds fro you.
Yeah my a guy a couple years older than me who was in my sisters grade in high school got charged and convicted as a sex offender when he showed some dude his nuts or some shit. The dude pressed sexual harassment charges or something it was fucking retarded. It was like just your general sports team homoerotic but no homo fucking around and yup now the guys a sex offender
got too many sentences goin on in my head at once

*there was a guy a couple years older than me in my sisters grade....

Either way you get it
>be a little kid
>used to have a backpack literally filled with toy guns
>used to troll cops all the time whenever I saw them by walking up and saying "I have a bunch of guns, wanna see?" and open my bag and show them with a coolface

>had a gigantic box full of plastic army men, hundreds and hundreds of the guys
>would set up little invasions in the patio with them
>would put my turtles and tortoise in the middle of it and watch them fuck everything up

pic related
>built a multistory base inna woods with friends
>connected a couple of trees so it was really big
>couple of girls also built a camp near our base
>i made a fuckhueg bow that shot really thick arrows with power
>naturally shot the girls with it
>thank god nobody died

Oh and we also had a reeking pit in our base. Like if you disagreed with the tribal leadership youd get dragged in there and shot with bows for a not-determined time.

When we grew up we just hid our booze in there.
Hah, that reminds me

>Had a plastic toy crossbow that fired suction cups
>The "bow" of the crossbow had been misplaced somehow
>So we built a much stronger "bow" for it, from an old fishing rod and used rope for the string
>Loaded it with actual aluminium arrows (cut shorter to fit the crossbow)

That thing shot really hard, we used to shoot through cardboard boxes at 5 meters range. Now that i think of it that thing was lethal, i wonder why our parents let us have it.
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>have a bunch of super soakers
>invite a few friends over
>have all out super soaker war in neighborhood
>one team of 3 starts innawoods
>one team of 3 starts at my house
>S&D trying to find enemy team throughout entire neighborhood
>watergun combat ensues
>older kids we don't know start showing up on quads and shit with their supersoakers
>mfw supersoaker war with the entire neighborhood joining in as partisans
> years later on this changed to paintball
>many broken windows and pissed off parents
>switched to innawoods paintball wars
Grownup life is so boring now
A few friends and I used to draw battle scenarios shitloads. They'd always be stick figures and sort of isometric views but each class we had together we'd make them more elaborate and add more detail to the weapons/vehicles. We spent hours on those things, one guy got ridiculous at drawing Apaches.
>Grownup life is so boring now

I don't think so. I hunt my cat all over the house with a nerf gub wearing a safari helmet. I throw water balloons at the cars from an overpass. I ride my bicycle to work wearing a viking helmet and a cape. I sometimes eat nothing but cereal the whole day. I'm thinking of buying a kilt.
Also bought a fuck-ton of legos tge other day.

I just don't give fuck anymore. Few years ago I realized that I'm going to be a kissless virgin the rest of my life anyway. So I might as well stop giving fucks about what people think. And to be honest this is fun at times.
that was actually pretty inspirational
I used to operate in my grandparents backyard with my nerf guns and a ruck filled with a shit ton of Nerf guns. I would get up on the roof and set up my need sniper and pretend out assassination missions on fake targets and do patrol routes through the fields in the back. It was fun as hell and now the yard feels much smaller.
you are so autistic it hurts me, but that sounds fun as shit
this is one of the few times in my life that I've felt jealous of a virgin neckbeard manchild
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1 MB, 2592x1936
I built fireworks/ incendiary bombs out of carved up estes rocket motors and ground sparklers.

I put gasoline in my toilet and lit it on fire (Still not sure why, I got in alot of trouble for that)

I CCd an airsoft walther P99 for a while

There was this older boy with a pellet rifle and he shot at a squirrel and missed, then let me try and I hit the squirrel (it didn't die, it ran off though, but we saw traces of squirrel blood)

I had knife fights with markers

My dad brought me a real malaysian ironwood blowgun from his business trip there and I went innawoods pygmy-mode

I got a C02 pistol and fashioned a suppressor for it out of a piece of chrome sink piping, the baffles were made out of plastic end caps from a shelving system. It actually worked prettty well.

I built a model arleigh burke and a model ticonderoga, then I made some papercraft ships (virginia class, perry, zumwalt, kirov, udaloy) and had big naval battles on this blue carpet in our living room.

I was a very /k/ kid, i just wish my dad had taken my camping at least once. He taught me about fishing, and my neighbor taught me about gun safety and trap shooting. The rest I learned on my own. Recently I took my dad shooting, we rented a P226 and I was explaining to him about the controls, SA versus DA, length of pull, etc. and he asked "how do you know all this?" and I didnt really have an answer, but I'm really glad I found /k/ when I did because where else can I be friends with people who get a semi when they talk about nuclear war, played all matter of war vidya, can tell the difference between an SBS and an AOW, can explain the battle of midway in detail, can name their top five favorite attack helicopters, and are interested at all in whats happening in the world in terms of combat, and dont think because I like these things that I'm going to end up shooting from a water tower?
I love you, /k/.
All these mentions of NERF.
Fuck I wish NERF was bigger over here when I was a kid. All I had were shitty spring powered guns that fired the bright orange suction cup darts. Only one of them was durable enough to have screws in it so we could open it up, stretch out the spring, and reassemble it.
Loved making my own bows with mates up the park to guard our base from the local druggies. Right up until they set fire to the smaller base we had and burned down about half a dozen trees.
>be 10 summer old me
>live on 40 acre farm on tropical island
>come home after school
>decide to go on patrol
>go inaboonies with toy Winchester repeater and cammies
>all is quiet when suddenly helicopter appears
>realize it was coming in close at tree top level
>jump inabush
>helo hovers above for 30 seconds
>get up and run back to house for extract and cookies

Helo was taking aerial pictures of the farm for the university.
me and my friend would get all dressed up in camp and sneak around the neighborhoods in peoples yards at night. lay in the grass as they walked right by us un noticed. shit was epic. I played way to much MGs back thsn
another story of mini /k/ommando me
>be 11 years old
>tropical island was a Japanese held island during ww2
>watched ww2 documentaries on History channel 24/7
>decide to invade the tourist beach
>go to beach in mylittlecammies, toy Winchester cause no toy Garand, and entrenching tool
>had little bro play jap
>rent gimmicky paddle boat
>paddle towards abandoned Japanese pillbox on beach
>so much incoming fire
>jump out and wade my way to shore
>pick up preposition sand grenade
>low crawl to pill box and throw sandball into little bro's face
>do this for entire afternoon while Japanese tourist watched
>stick artillery shell upside down in biggest ant pile I could find
>light shell and run as fast as I could to relative safety
>laugh ants are thrown from their home as it explodes

>take shovel and scoop up one ant hill
>drop on top of another
>watch the ant wars commence

Most of my shit had to do with torturing ants.
You need help.
>5-6 years old
>lived in Germany
>all houses in Germany have huge cellars
>go into cellar with friends and take toy guns
>turn all the lights off
>play Alien
>one friend would be the alien and if you get killed you become an Alien too
>absolutely terrifying
You. I like you.
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>best friend and I play Splinter Cell for first time
>make black outfits
>make toilet cleaner bombs and chuck them at invisible enemies
>play extreme midnight hide and go-seek in his back yard
>play capture the flag at night and kick ass
>got good enough at concealing figures and using shadows that they'd walk right in front of us and not see us
>grow up
>bff doesn't drink
>I still don't when we hang
>all our other friends are alcoholics
>refuse to just play Capture the Flag for old time's sake

I miss being a kid
I remember the other neighborhood kids and I would make shields and costumes out of scrap plastic and fabric, while we would use the toy lightsabers from target as swords. We would go innawoods and have epic battles. Best shit ever as a kid.
> inb4 larping.
We were ten year olds with shitty stuff we slapped together with duct tape and cardboard. I don't even think larping was a thing at the time.
and now that you're finally being yourself, you might even get laid!
not as /k/ as some people here, but still had some fun times.

>like 4 toy revolvers with those caps that go bang and make smoke
>me and friend play russian roulette with one when we were like 8
>day long gunfights in the woods and yard

>get old fiberglass bow from dad and some arrows
>shoot styrofoam bords all day long
>eventually get actual sportsbow but I was weak as fuck so I preferred the fiberglass bow
that thing was strong as fuck too. could easily shoot 100+m into the field.

>acquire firecrackers
>'borrow' camcorder
>blow up barbies, chocolate santas, legos, 3D puzzles of houses.. p much everything
>watch it in slow mow because looks cool as fuck

I also shot my sister in the leg with an airsoft pistol that I still have, a sig sauer P229. pretty weak, cant even penetrate a thicker paper at 3m, but we were kids so it hurt. She wouldnt leave my room, so I told her I'd shoot her if she didnt gtfo. Warned her 3 times, racked the slided, warned her once more then shot her in the leg. She ran crying to tell me mum, so I locked the door. Never got in trouble but felt pretty bad even as a kid.
>Any one of these stories would get you expelled from all school districts and mandatory volunteer work
>Put on a watchlist
>Only way to finish education is to go to a school for troubled/problem children where you're surrounded by punks
The terrorists have already won.
Not me but my friend, from his point of view.

>Into paintball
>Game with buddies coming up
>Decide I want to make a paintball "rpg-7"
>Take copper tubing, attach firing mechanism to pipe
>Put fins made from pop cans onto the rockets
>Scotch tape a paintball to the tip
>Test fire it once at home, shoot into ocean

>Get to game in some boggy woods
>Going to test fire the RPG for my friends
>Load it, firing in 3, 2, 1,
>Worked, coolio
>Shoot again
>Less nothing
>Holy fuck, this pipe is hot
>HOLY FUCK, the rocket is stuck in the tube right next to my face
>Drop it and move away until it burns out
>The pipe got deformed after the previous 2 test shots
>Rocket got stuck in tube.
>Next time I should use steel..

Needless to say it was stupid as fuck
Few months ago
>go paintballing with friend from work
>usual macho bullshit going on
>one guy says he wants an RPG
>bunch of us get gun upgrades and shit
>just before last round starts the marshal walks out with a crude version of an RPG
>uses compressed air to launch paint grenades, smoke grenades, and flash bangs across the map
Wish we could've used that throughout the day.
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Me and a friend used to experiment with diifrent types of pipes and charges when we were 13-14.
making pipe bombs also we swithed between using fuses a car battery to ignite them.
his dad had enough gunpowder and dident care to much (he was extremly shady)
he thought us how to make timed detonators using some old bedroom watches and egg timers atleast the therory and so we applied it onto oure experiments.
we had to quiet the bomber man days after we accidetnally miscalculated a charge and blew away a neighboors mailbox....and her chicken house.

after thst episode friends father had to lock down all the gunpowder and fertilizer.

we also used to dynamite fish alot (pipe bombs and spear)

Sometimes i wonder how i survived childhood and still are intact

why we are still alive i dont know
>be my dad
>shooting bow gets boring
>wrap cloth around arrows, dip in oil
>pour oil into small pond nearby
>light arrows on fire and shoot into pond
>giant inferno
>fire department comes because huge cloud of smoke
>hide innawoods for the day
>still get ass beat when coming home
a tear was shed
sounds like you got a little brain damage form the ordeal
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>be me
>aged 6-12ish
>mid 80's 1 cop town
>live in very small agriculture town, i'm takling less thank 1000 people
>farmland as far as the eye can see
>take .22 bolt action and a handful of shells
>sometimes alone, sometimes with siblings/cousins
>head down by the river or produce fields
>shoot as many rabbits/quails/armadillos as i want
>come home and grill them shits
In the summer sometimes we wouldn't see an adult for the whole day, but we knew damn well we better be home for supper. Also I always wondered how the parents knew we did something bad when there was no adults around and nobody said anything, would just come home to an ass whooping.
>be my dad
my dad
did you go back in time and fuck your mom or something?
>be me
>like, 5 years old
>in pre-school
>with a bunch of other kids playing with megabloks (or some similar shit) during a break
>everyone's making houses and people and cars and shit
>I turn around with a great big block rifle
>teachers like "WTF"
>wasn't allowed to play with blocks for a while
>in the woods
We used to do that too. Our drawings would start with a base and we would keep adding sheets of paper and drawing all sorts of vehicles and soldiers fighting. After a few hours we would have about 20 or so sheets of paper taped end to end. It was a panoramic landscape of war. I guess nowadays kids have games like battlefield and call of duty, but at the time it was as close as you could get to playing one of those video games.

I never realized other kids did the same thing. Oh the feels
>Be age 7-9
>have to go to a YMCA after school day care because lolsingleparent
>meet and befriend 2 kids who were /k/ as fuck (they were brothers)
>their father was a vietnam vet who gave them alot of milsurp clothing and I was jealous of my lack of an m65 parka.
>every afternoon at the playground we would have "rock wars" where we threw little pebbles that made most of the ground
>the pebbles were like "shotguns"
>never hear from either of them after I moved because I was too dumb to get phone numbers
It was all fun and games until children got hurt because we didn't understand the concepts of eye protection.

If you're out there you'll know your name starts with a "C"
Since you claim to be older than most /k/ommandos; would you care to share some stories?
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I have tons of stories. Me ad my friends have been going innawoods since we were 8-9. First with toy guns, then airsoft, then real guns by age 16. Still go once a month even though we are 20 and inna-marines. Once i get outta class ill dump some pics from operating as a kid. Shit was cash had my marpat and plate carrier by age 15. Family was /k/ as fuck as well.
>senior year
>time for prom
>taking pictures before hand
>stepdad notices something is off an runs in the house.
>comes out with AR15 and hands it to me
>"that better"
>pic related is what happened
>Be me and my friends.
>Be 12.
>Be obsessed with WW1.

>Dug a trench in my friend's backyard.
>Built a camouflaged observation tower in a nearby tree.

>We used radios to keep tabs on all the basketball americans who passed through our neighborhood.

>Stationed on the west side of Chicago.
>We were pretty busy.

>Built a wooden frame over the top of the trench with the intention of pouring concrete to make a bunker.
>My friend's dad stepped in at this point.
>He decided that we'd done enough to ruin his property value.
>3-4th grade recess
>fuck the jungle gym
>run to grassy field area and through backpacks down
>pull out lil die-cast m4 shermans, t34's. Tiger 1's and pz IVh and D
>argue over who gets to be german master race
>have mock armored battles
>dirt flying making pew pew noises
I miss childhood. I grew up as things changed. Im currently going into gun smithing in college but in high-school i was already making designs on paper and modeling them in CAD. Many a good designs ended up in the trash with my ass being suspended or being bitched at by our illogical liberal principle. It almost brings me to tears that im in the last generation of /k/id /k/ommandos. Its truly sad. That being said atleast here at /k/ we can all still act like out old retarded kid selves
File: image.jpg (912 KB, 1536x2056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
912 KB, 1536x2056
>got my ak74 parts kit and "didnt" build it at age 16.
File: 1408156110791.gif (305 KB, 279x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>used to be very into WW2
>drew tons of battles between Murica and Nazi Germany
>tons of swastikas were drawn to they point they looked almost perfect
>fast foward to 6th grade
>this one kid claiming he drew good swastikas but they looked like shit
>drew one of mine for him but got caught by the teacher
>somehow she assumes i didnt know what is represented and she lectures me for 5 minutes about why nazis are bad
>i played along with it and got off scot-free
When I was a kid between the ages of 5-8, whenever I finished watching an action movie, I would run upstairs, grab a toy gun, and reenact the action scenes.

The movies I remember the most were The Fifth Element and Terminator 2. I'd do this with cartoons as well, but the only ones I could remember are Batman and the X-Men.
>Wolverine was and always will be my favorite superhero
>Go fuck yourself, Iron Man
>Used to be into artillery
>Dad used to take me on base to an artillery museum
>eventually I get to load and fire a blank out of a 10 pound parrot riflefoward
>Fast froward 2 months
>my dad was at a garage sale and foudnd a small cannon mockup that you put ciggarettes in and the barrel smoked
>Put it in my room
>get bored one day
>decide to put firecracker in the breech
>put small rocks in
>light it
>puts a hole in the fence
I had fun as a little /k/ommando

Also, I need /K/'s advice on something:

>be 2 years ago
>have a girlfriend
>we were friends previously and had been going out for a year prior to this
>she had to go to her grandmothers funeral abroad for a month (she was on life support so they didn't pull the plug right away, they waited till everyone else had visited her)
>no issue with her being there, I'm not extremely attached to the point where I'm crying every night etc.etc.
>but I have an insanely high sex drive
>decide not to jerk off because I want to see how long I can last without release
>gets to a point where I'm so horny one night I'm just causally lurking sex forums
>see someone mention anal stimulation for men
>think wtf is this I'm not gay
>move on
>hours later I'm even more horny, and figure why the fuck not to try it
>lube up a finger and stick it up my ass
>holy fuck this is good
>use a dildo and fuck myself in the ass

She comes back and everythings back to normal, but I find that whenever I need to get off I have to fuck myself with something too. I then began to crave BBC's for who knows what reason, and even to this day I want to get fucked by one.

Hell, I even fantasise about cheating on my girlfriend of 4 years now on a black guy. But I can't fucking do it she doesn't deserve this shit, shes just such a nice girl who adores me and shit, I can't go and fuck her over like this. I'm not saying I don't have the same feelings for her too, but I don't know why I want to get fucked so bad.

What do???
Ask /pol/
File: 1315435478065.jpg (53 KB, 251x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 251x239
>broken wood board looks vaguely like a rifle
>climb into a tree and pretend to be a terran marine fighting off zerglings
>feel the adrenaline rush as imaginary zerglings swarm up the tree and I can barely keep them back
Just ask your girlfriend to get a strap on and hate fuck you
>Be in bed
>Have two teddy bears
>Tonight this is a submarine. Prepare to ducking dive!
>Tonight this is a bomber. HOLY SHIT WE'RE HIT FUCKING BAIL OUT

I wish I had those bears with me still. They're at my parent's house right now.

>Grand Marquis

>Not a Police Interceptor

>craft a pickaxe out of a railroad spike and an iron lead pipe
>wrap a big rusty chain around my body, this is my armor.
>go beat the shit out of tree enemies.
He's 12, he obviously had no concept of recoil-less rockets.
>years ago
>had a huge fuckall bin of legos
>friends had fuckall bins of legos
>we'd bring the legos together
>huge ass lego pile
>create custom gats out of legos
>during winter, big ass snow fort
Newton says you are wrong
Sit on your girlfriend's face and make her eat your ass. This way, she can't see you deepthroating your big black dildo and you get to stay in the closet as long as you want.
>be at a friends house
>friend has a ton of nerf guns
>4 assault rifles, belt feds, sidearms..
>the fucking nerf arsenal no joke
>take belt fed nerf gun
>prop it up behind a small pile of things in his basement
>build pillbox out of stuff in the basement
>recreate the D-day landings from the German side every time someone came downstairs
>camped out mowing people down (had like 4 belts ready to go) for an hour
>eventually they geared up and stormed my pillbox
>mfw this was 6 months ago

fuck growing up
>Mighty Max

OMFG forgot about that, nostalgiaed so fucking hard. They would never allow a blonde white male to be the protagonist of a kid's television show today.
1) youre probably bi
2) if shes really that into you have her peg you. im sure you can spin it and make her enjoy it as some form of domination/power trip.
>protip: make SURE she actually is someone you might spend the rest of your life with, because if you break up everyone and i mean EVERYONE will know you like getting fucked in the ass. just sayin.
Mums friend across the street let us borrow heaps of cool shit he had collected over the years.

>Set of laser guns and head things that you would shoot at and they even had a a visor that went over one eye so you could see how much health you had.
>Gas mask, was really cool looking as a kid and i even took it into school for show and tell. bought one of the same model just last week.
>Crossbow without the string, looked really cool and we pretended to shoot stuff.
>Set of display katanas, we would pretend to have sword fights with them.
>Home made flame-thrower he made for his son, didn't work but it was made of wood and looked like a gun.
>Made me and my brother a guillotine. a bit under a metre tall we used it to decapitate vegetables which we injected with food dye.
>Showed us how to make snare trap.
>A machete for my 11th birthday, me and my best friend went all tactical in the bush near our house.
>Watched him taxidermy a bird start to finish which was pretty interesting.
Jokes on you, I still play with legos
File: 1329602994991.jpg (155 KB, 265x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 265x302
>one year for christmas my parents buy me a set of these jumbo sized legos
>build it into a big 7 foot tall mech
>so fucking proud of myself
>just keep it in my room as a badass sculpture
>fatass friend tries to "pilot" it and it collapses into a heap of warped broken plastic and cheeto dust.
>be me, 6th grade
>dad was a Green Beret
>4th of July
>for past few years dad had given me green military smoke grenades to play with
>toss over hill into pond
>doesn't do as much underwater
>Dad: "oh well all I have left are these"
>gives me white phosphorus smoke grenade
>toss, oh shit that's a lot of smoke
>neighbor's dad runs out of house thinking the forest is on fire
>completely engulfs friend's house in smoke
>oh shit oh shit lol

>measure out black powder to fire brass mortars after dark
>Nowadays mini /k/ommandos make a gun gesture with their fingers or poptart at school and get expelled then diagnosed with some mental disorder and become nogunz forever

One day leftists and feminists will BURN for this
>be me
>have semi-cool classmates
>decided we're gonna buy spring bb guns
>everyone buys pistols, i get a cheap AK
>holy fucking shit it was fun
>we play with them for a week, and then its time for a school trip
>dis gun b guuuuuuud.jpg
>everyone pack their pistols and i have trouble with the AK
>i put it verticaly in my bag
>the barell is peeking out, lol and cover it with a jacket
>not suspicious.gif
>we're on the trip
>we stop and chill by some ranom school in some town
>its recess time for them
>the whole school comes to the park were we are to chill
>some assholes talk shit
>me and bros get mad and start shooting them with the bb guns until they run away
>banned from school trips for a year and a half
>fucking awesome

10/10 would do it again
> i wonder why our parents let us have it.

Because worst case scenario is one of you dies and your parents finally have a moment's peace.
>Terminator 2
You just reminded me of me and my brothers being banned from having toy guns for a while cos that's all we played with.
>get vacuum cleaner pipes
>one has a slight curve which gives it the perfect shape and size for a shotgun, made even better by a piece of plastic that covered a hole which was used as a chamber for the shells
>connect a straight piece and it becomes a rifle
>straight piece with another straight one duct taped on top = a sniper rifle
I always used to use the shotgun set up and spun it around to mimic Arnie in T2. Even to this day, whenever I'm doing the vacuuming it always brings back those memories.
>bb gun wars
>last one left
>pour an unknown quantity of bbs down the barrel and pump it up 15 or 20 times
>make a kid on the other team wail for mama with my new shotgun before I'm gunned down by everyone else
See this guy? This is the sort of person the government will have to deal with should a totalitarian gun ban ever come to pass.
Perhaps one day Anon.

BRB tho gotta go check my privelage
Are you Swedish?
A magical place
>my friends and I never liked sports
>hang out in the sandbox instead
>throw handfuls of sand at other kids
>factions are created and we each claim a corner
>forts made of sand are erected
>used to watch loads of history and military channel
>see one show talking about airburst artillery
>find hardened clumps of sand clinging to the wall in our corner of the sandbox
>they crumble very easily and fall apart when in midair, showering the area with sand
>our new airburst sand artillery was better than just throwing the sand
>airburst sand explodes over their walls, making their forts useless
>no one to wage war with us after that

Elementary school was pretty cool now that I look back at it
File: 1330315549660.jpg (27 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 400x388
>strap my cat in the bed of a tonka truck and send him flying down the driveway in it.
>first neighborhood war game
>be the youngest kid
>other kids teach me to tell "BANG" when I shoot
>see the enemy
>all I yell is "DIE! DIE!"
>find a big anthill
>take little sticks, rocks, pieces of grass, etc and place them in piles around the hill like a stockpile of supplies
>sometimes the ants actually grab the things I put down and carry them off into the nest
>eventually get bored and a natural disaster strikes the poor ants.

Probably because they got tired of your throwing can piss clods at them.
Me and my brothers used to do that whenever we went anywhere there was a sand pit. One place was a pub we went to almost every week or two.
>playing in sand pit and climbing all over the climbing frame and this big fibreglass tree thing
>other kids join in
>we start sand war
>me and my brother know about the airburst sand and grenade sand
>fill up bottles with water to clump sand together
>me and brother play cricket so throw hard as fuck
>one kid out flanks us over the top of the fibreglass tree
>brother nails him in the face and we hear a muffled thump and a long groan
>hide inside pub just in time for food being served
>see kid being carried by his dad, screaming and clutching his arm
>tfw your parent were both office workers
>never taught you how to use your hands
>had to learn yourself in high school

All these cool stories about homemade stuff make me jelly as fuck.

I did used to have a couple hundred army guys and would spend afternoons setting them up in my room, complete with barbed wire, bottlecaps for mines, those were the days.
>Crown Vic wannabe
>not even beat to shit

It's like you don't want to operate.
are you me?
>tfw when disneyland used to sell the brown toy guns but now it's all green and orange safetyshit.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
Its my stepdads off duty car. I found some old pictures but they arent digital but here goes nothing
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
File: 1354733277462.png (121 KB, 250x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like to get drunk and take my guns apart in the dark.
>be interested in history as long as I can remember
>read tons of books about warriors especially knights
>slay hordes of medieval menaces with stick weapons
>live in Washington so great childhood innawoods
>also like old west/ pirates
>play with toy revolvers/repeaters in the woods
>medieval 2 total war
>halo 1 on PC
>wooden weapons for a small army
Sorry it's kind of a rant but my childhood was great.
I studied war history starting when I was about 10, still haven't finished, and started collecting rifles at about 12, just a 10/22, then at 15 purchased my own moist nugget
I forgot fucking nerf fights with painted nerf guns and the ridiculous fireworks from indian reservations....good times
I built one too, never tried it out though.

Still have it in the closest with a rocket, all ready to go...

>be private schooled
>only have to arrive at high-school once on a predetermined day of the week
>spend the rest of the week at home
>otherwise, total hick life
>dad bought nugget for me on Christmas
>literally just do school work with nugget on my lap
>eventually move up to savage axis on my lap, but nugget still holds special place in my heart
>write short stories about guns 'n' crap
>18, don't plan on heading to college
>stay at home, become bee-keeper/gardener
>bear rapes my hives
>ask on /k/ how to remove yogi
>ghetto rig electric fence because strangers on the internet told me to
>essentially, I'm an all around slavaboo tard

Yeah, I was/am pretty /k/
I love you too man

fuck yeah
99-04 was elementary school for you? Fucking children, man.
>Played guns with the whole street.
>Was a Hockey stick sniper

>Got you! No I got you!
Damn i wish my stepdad was like that instead of a liberal babyman
Your parents raised you right

You know what you have do /k/omrade
Kilts are the shit, get one. Or two or three. Im looking at three right now. Awesome lounge around the house clothes
Like what? Did you stab black people and think you're being oppressed now that you can't do it anymore?
Stop being a faggot
you were a cool fucking kid lmao. me my dad and my two brothers took toy guns and fireworks and would proceed to reenact scenes from tour of duty on my papaws farm in mouton, AL.
>trips of truth

i love you /k/

>What is pressure buildup.
If the seal was good enough on the barrel and rocket the pressure build from the rocket would improve its acceleration.
I wouldn't be offended if this guy put on a trip of yogizapper
>12 years old
>Looking at designs in Improvised Munition Black Book
>Want to make single shot pistol in .22
>Look around my house
>No pipe is the right diameter
>Can only find 3/4th inch pipe and fittings
>Guess I'm making a 12 gauge pistol
>Make 12 gauge pistol with 5 inch barrel
>Fire it
>Ears ringing
>Look at hand
>No gun
>Look behind me
>Gun is 30 feet away
>Never shot it again

Yes, but I'm pretty sure everyone else would be. A lot. I already namefag as "Autist Bee /k/eeper," but only then sparingly. 4chan is about anonymity, after all.
File: AutistBeeKeeper.png (2 MB, 1500x2188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1500x2188
for those who missed the story

>Checks Privilege

Yep, still awesome.

I'm just giving you shit comrade, friendly ribbing

Has the tinnitus set in yet?

Are you my future?
Oh man I have so many stories for you guys.

Military/ Weapons/ Operating interest started at probably age 6 or 7 (Dad was in Aus Army)
>Be 8, in primary school
>Have a set of connector pens (the lids clip together)
>In class my table of mates built forts out of hundreds of these pens, kind of look lik mot and bailey sort of things
>Use rulers to launch rubber bands at girls on the other table
>Eventually teacher bans rubber bands

>When at lunch time, build guns.
>4 pens for a pistol and as many as you want for a rifle
>Rifles will flimsy as fuck but we would still run around the playground 'shooting' eachother
>Fortunately teachers didn't give a fuck

Fast forward probably a little less than a year
>Playground is fuckhuge and there is a area at the back with a forest we where allowed to play i, was called "The Bushes"
>Myself and 5 mates would set up bases and steal kindergartner shovels to dig trenches
>Buried sticks (swords and guns) so other kids with bases wouldn't steal
>Carved names into tree so other groups would know it was our territory
>Phallanx style defence when other mother fuckers try their luck

No one really got hurt apart from one of my friends who broke a rib when someone jabbed him with a big stick

>Same age cross country day
>Cross country takes all day because each year group ran seperately and there would always be assholes who just walked that shit
>Me and one other friend brang nerf guns and plastic helmets
>Patrolled the cross country course keeping year 1's and 2's in line

Eventaully got in trouble for unloading on some bitch who said "You two are sad because you think you're in da army"

Fast forward to age 10 or 11, Dad gets posting to London for 2 years, we go with him.
>Make new set of friends even though I'm always "The Australian"
>Swear lots because straya, threaten to beat faggots because straya
>Eventually build up reputation as the ultimate badass even though I never hit anyone (Pretty private school)
File: science_of_tears.jpg (73 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 1024x768
Dem model rocket engines fueled my bad ideas as a kid.

>have 10 of those fuckhuge D rocket engines
>strap them all on the outside of a rocket and fuse em all together
>launch it with friends with that kid shit grin that goes with every bad good idea
> main rocket slowly launches our heavy 10 engine powered rocket
> catches fire mid flight losing its stabilizers lighting 1 side of rockets
> curves off launching its self into a neighbors house
> hear neighbor lady screaming as firery rocket is shooting around her house lighting shit on fire
> fire department shows up to put out fire
> we all kept it secret

I laugh about it now but damn I set some bitches living room on fire
>Join shooting club (air rifles) that shot in the gym on monday nights
>French teacher was in army and is the RCO
>We just shoot every week destroying cardboard for the sake of it
>Few retards came and went, one kid knocked the expensive clock off the wall with a richochet once, others got kicked for pointing guns at others
>Brother and I shot for all 4 periods (you renewed what club you where in every 6 months)
>We had a shooting cup named after us and we both won it twice

Summer in England means the grass grows like a mother fucker and no snakes so we could play all the time. Much fun was had
Story 1:
>Be training for school cross country on the common (it was over the road from the school)
There was three ovals and one of them was seperated by this small wooded area and this fuckhuge grass area that was about 70cm tall at the time
>Beaing a lazy fuck with my friends, we all jump into the grass and avoid teacher
>Teacher comes looking but other groups that were hiding would always distract him when he got close to another group
>All them nerves while commando crawling like a line of ants to avoid teacher

Story 2:
I lived like half a block from school so this common was practically over the road from my house too, you could see down my road from it .
Story 2:
>Get a water bomb launcher while on holiday In Germany
>You hook it onto your legs and lie on your back and it works like a ballista kind of
>Have brother and friends lie in backyard with launcher and a bucket of water baloons
>I dress up in cammies and hide in long grass were I can see down the road
>Use radios to coordinate mortar strikes on unsuspecting Britbongs
We stopped the play artillery corps after a chav chimped out, never found artillery or spotter though

Story 3:
>Friend is big into BB guns, had a shit load of them even though they were mostly seethrough ones
>Gets a fuckhuge AWP for christmas, this thing was the shit
Man I wish I didnt live in faggoty no funs jew jersey so I could have 'not' made an AK from a parts kit
>Climb tree that you can just see the road from, also a small bus stop there
>Friend and I buy a few Plash Palatka's from surplus store for extra camo (wouldnt really need it come to think of it)
>Friend stayed overnight in christmas holidays and we would get up early to observe the enemy troop movements at the motorpool
>Watched unsuspecting troops for hours through scope, watching, never shooting
>oneday get the grand idea to start shooting enemy troops
We where scared of police and parents at the time so we decided that coffe cups and news papers where the best targets
>Set up BB gun, load pellets
>We wait for someoen with a coffe to put it down on bench (the one under the bus stop)
>Take aim
>Waste the mother fucker
>Pellet punches a hole in the cup making the coffe leak all over bench
>Guy in suit WTF's for ages, never see's the hole in his cup
We did these for nearly a week until we hit a pregnant lady after a BB ricochet of a folded newspaper
File: 1380227293808.gif (481 KB, 499x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 499x315
>from 7 to 12 years old
>alley way behind house had a small pine forest in it along with some trenches from a never finished building.
>friends and I would regularly have WW1 battles with nerf guns
>1 side would start in the trenches and could not re-spawn
>the other would start in the forest opposite of the trenches and had two lives
>started out with just shitty nerf guns
>one day the rich kid got a tripod mounted nerf machine gun
>defenders always win now because of the machine gun
>friend gets smoke bombs
>we say that if you are touched by the smoke you die
>mfw the fire department is called because of the smoke and find these six kids mimicking dying from mustard gas while one is mowing down the others with a nerf machine gun
Theres a dude at my work north of the mason dixson line that looks like the zimzam. I call thim Geo or George sometimes. I wonder if its really him but if it is I dont want to out him or piss him off by saying that he looks like a basketball remover oper8er. I probst should tho
>be a flip growing up in FL
>mom's sister married a a white man
>visit them at their house they built near Swainsboro, GA
>go innawoods with my cousin
>had Red Ryder BB guns
>sometimes we'd shoot each other without eyepro

Looking back, that was a horrible idea

Well, it's all flooding back now

>used to have a ton of micro machines
>my cousin and I would buy some every time we went to Walmart
>have large scale AirLand battles
>built a FOB(called it a firebase because of all the Vietnam war movies)them
>even had a miniature American flag
>Bandai started to come with their Gundam Action figures
>had the entire 8th MS Team with an Ez8, 2 79(G)s, and a gun truck
>had a RX-78NT-1 Alex and a Kampfer
>back in FL we had big Nerf gun and super soaker wars in my neighborhood

I miss growing up
>>Use radios to coordinate mortar strikes on unsuspecting Britbongs

When I was 10, I spent the entire summer at my grandfather's mining claim in northern Kommifornia. Lived in a pup tent most of the time, went out to the river and fucked around all day. I found a broken tree branch that resembled a rifle with a pistol grip, and a short bent stick. I drilled out a hole for the stick (magazine) into the "rifle" where the magazine would go with an old fashioned bit brace. Ran around the woods pretending to be a holdout fighting Russian invaders (early 80's, Cold War).

Good times...
Reminds me of spending time with my father

>parents split at age of 3
>mom moves with me to commiefornia dad stays in Hawaii
>visit dad during breaks from school
>"Son your mom is goin to raise you to be a pussy, so you must Remember the time you spend with me and the lessons Im going to teach you, ok?"
>buys me airshit guns so he can teach me shit he learned while he was infantry
>shows me how to hide razor blades in my middle school Id card
>can't watch the movie aliens without dad playing with his unloaded Mossberg rantin about how all of the marines should have had shotguns as backups
>jerryrig illegal fireworks together to blow up random shit in fields
>go stab boars to death with my uncles pit bulls out in the jungle
>catches me watching porn, pats me on the back and says he likes brunettes too
>shows me where to hide my Mossberg in my Antifun mothers home before I moved out

I gotta visit my old man sometime soon
>grow up disecting all kids of small bugs
>burning them with a magnifying glass
>killing them with mixtures of soap and water fired from a super soaker
>killed a frog by putting it inside a fireplace and watched it squirm and try and get out
Yet I grew up without going berserk and shooting up a school.
>10 years old
>friend and I bored as hell
>take GI Joes that I never played with and put them in the back yard
>make them have a fire fight
>one guy has a flame thrower
>light the GI Joes on fire with matches when they are hit
>battle ends with every GI hideously deformed
>burned off limbs
>fire ravaged chest cavities
>faces turned into a black husk
>melted globules of skin sticking to their clothes
Yo u guys don't eve know, man.
I lived in commiefornia with my two bros and 4 cousins. We were big into war for some reason so we started of with bases and flinging basket balls at one another. We'd smack faces and end up crying and shit but we always went back home laughing. I guess that's how it all started. We could never build cool shit cause parents were business people so we had to improvise a ton of shit. We once made shields and pikes using trash can lids and brooms or shovels for claymores.
> melee fights everywhere.
It was pure fucking chaos when we played that cause we never agreed who was with whom and we'd all just crash into one another, bodies flying everywhere, but the fun started when we got camo.
When we got the camo we'd go sneaking around the neighborhood at night scaring people and looking through windows and playing ding dong ditch in the middle of the night.
> mfw forest camo in an urban environment
Once we got bb guns shit got serious. We ran around the house knocking shit over and flipping tables and opening doors for cover. We even built a 5 meter long trench which one team defended and the other had to assault. Winner was last team standing so you have them running at the trench while being shot at and once they where close it became a cluster fuck of limbs: we'd smack the shit out each other and "knife" one another with our hands. We also used m80 fire cracks to flush the defenders by throwing them in the trench.
It actually hurts to say but we stopped playing like that cause the park nearby got complaints from Neighbors that they were getting shot at. Now all we do is play vydia alone from eachother...

Putting a cap on the end of a rocket pipe only increases rocket efficiency by worthwhile ammpounts if the rocket is sealed into the pipe like a bullet.

if it isn't, the only thrust you gain is equivilent to the drag the rocket experiences in the gas stream venting forward out of the pipe.

And yeeah, sounds like you learned why most shoulderfired rockets are actually shoulderfired recoiless rifles with rocket projectiles, not firing the actual rocket until after a booster charge has fired them 25-50 feet out the end of the tube.
They don't even sell those anymore. Knotts still has toy guns, but they're the safetyshit ones you mentioned.

> Getting up early (6am) on Saturdays to watch Tales of the Gun instead of cartoons

>Waiting all year for the mom & pop Halloween stores to open up because they always had the best toy guns. (on a related note, FUCK YOU SPIRIT!)

> Building a trench in friends backyard for when we played war.

Good times.
4 grade a new playground was erected. The 4th grade cool kids where in one group and a mix of 4th and 5th grade kids 'nerd' kids formed the other group. Every single day we fought over the playground. Every single recess and lunch both groups would charge into each other like them medieval battles in movies and it would erupt into a proper brawl of kicks and Punch's. The rules was no hitting the head. I however would fight for both side for a price. The next year a arms race begun and we would break into the sports room and take cricket bats (ausfag) and stumps/wickets to use as swords. Every day the teacher on duty would break up the battle and tell us off and how bad we where for fighting until eventually they banned us from the playground. Then we started playing footy and they banned us from tackling.

In high school we played a game called takle which meant that whoever got the ball was the enmey and everyone else would then have to take the the ball by any means nesseracy. Once someone took the ball of that guy they became the target of everyone else. After a few broken bones that got banned fucking PC shit.
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