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What are the chances that your favourite...
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What are the chances that your favourite 2hu is a virgin?
Equal to the chance that I am a virgin.
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It doesn't matter because I don't believe in miracles.
tfw hayashi custom satisfies your cumflation fetish
wow dudester i sure got surprised by that surprise box there
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more like 200%
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Very, very high.
She's borderline autistic, a beat youkai (despised by humans), kept busy by her lazy master, and part of the most hated family in Gensokyo.
Yukari is probably a virgin too, along with Chen.

I would also say Sakuyafags are in luck, as Sakuya despised humans and is kept working for her mistress, no life outside of work = no relationships. Not sure how she hasnt an herod yet however, given Japs are notorius for working themselves to death.

Ih Kaguya is definately a virgin given she canonically rejected everyone.
Honestly it would be easier to list non virgin 2hu's.

Junko, Suwako, Seiga and all Taoists.
Alice isn't a virgin because they jay passes her around...
>Alice isn't a virgin
She is.
She's like those old singlewomen who live with cats, only it's creepier and smells better because she picked puppets instead of cats.

Yukari and Satori are the cat ladies.
One day anon, one day we'll make it.
The two moonbitches are even married so those can go into the list.
I'd add Eirin too but who knows.

99% of youkai very probably don't even care about sex instead.
Very high, I think.
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I forgot about the moon bitches.
I didnt add Eirin because like Ran she comes off as somewhat autistic, being a genius but supposedly lacking common sense. Add in her immortality, and I doubt she makes many friends knowing they will all die in her lifetime. Also it mentioned a nephew, but no descendents, so I would lean more towards no, mainly because of her autism.

I agree most youkai are probably asexual, they all have other things they wuld rather do. Shiki is married to her job, Aya is just busy sticking he long tengu nose into other peoples business, Yuyuko would rather just eat people and so on.

Which leaves us with himans, and most of them are fucked too. Reimu doesnt see many people, anae probably doesnt becuase iirc shrine maidens are supposed to be chaste and she wouldnt piss off her living gods, and Marisa got friendzoned. Which adds more evidence towards youkai having no sex drive, becuase why would RInnosuke refuse that?
This is important
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Any images of her with a no pillow yet?
With Segume, no means yes, and yes means anal.
Haha, no way. I'm gonna get magical powers and become a wizard!
She gets a new body as a shikigami/youkai so I think she counts, I doubt she remembers being an animal anyway mmuch like you not remembering being a baby.

But if she wasnt a virgin, then she would have kids. The fact Chen has no siblings, tells me Ran is a virgin.
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>new body as a shikigami
they're drawings, dipshit.
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I dunno dude she said she was a virgin
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aya pocky1.jpg
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She's to flirty and sexy and been around to long to still be a virgin, I think, even with the whole mate for life thing.
Well it doesnt look like a fox does it.

I would say it's a new body, maybe her fox one is used, buy her human one isnt.

Nice meme bro.
Suwako isnt a virgin, but Sanae probably is. She's a modern Japanese girl, so she has no interest in sex and is a raging fujoshi.

Junko is pure, even if she has a kid.
How is /jp/ so good at drawing?

I wish I could draw that well.
>pure, even if she has a kid.
I dont think virginity works that way
When has she ever been flirty?
Zun doesnt put that stuff in the games.
>mate for life
She has no time for mating when she has a job, All she cares about is gossip. It's cute crows mate for life though. I think Ravens do aswell.
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It can.
Especially when you have purification magic.
>When has she ever been flirty?
>Zun doesnt put that stuff in the games.

Details, details.
Come to think of it, though, her being all flirty and sexy but actually an inexperienced virgin would be pretty great.
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>her being all flirty and sexy but actually an inexperienced virgin would be pretty great.
It's a great thing. It's also how I like to picture Yukari. Which is understandable given she is only a 17 year old girl. She would have no problem teasing you, but quickly become flustered when things get serious.
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Which witch would you ditch?
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>Aww, are you feeling shy? How adorable.
>(This...this is so embarrassing.)
Does anyone have the pictures of those long posts of a guy looking what guesses we can make about virgin statues based on what we know from canon.
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Where is 1 anon?
Allthough I think it's cuter when she cant keep up the act. Especially given she is one of the strongest youkai and would try to maintain her reputaiton.
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yukari poker face.jpg
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>I... I see... So it's like that... Well... I-it's not surprising, I suppose... I-I'll give it some thought then...
>(What should I do... I don't have any experience with this kind of thing even though I said otherwise... And who can I consult about this... Reimu... no, no way. She'd tease me so much... Marisa... she'd open her big mouth and laugh at me... Yuyuko... won't work either. She's not interested in this kind of thing...)
>(Then all that's left is Ran... ahh, I can't tell her! I must maintain my dignity as her master... And Chen's still too young to hear about this sort of thing... ...So I'm in a huge pinch now...? W... W-w-w-w-w-what should I do!?)
She is objectively the purest so yes
I blame Lucifer from Umineko for getting me to like girls who feign control/power.
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>objectively the purest
Was she cleansed by Junko?
No? Then she isnt the purest.
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I don't really care though.
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Rate my favorite 2hu's chances of being a virgin.
I cant like her or Kanako. Frogs and snakes make my skin crawl.
It didnt help somone once posted an image of her acting like a sumatrian toad and having frogs come out her back. I usually want to conserve animals, but all of those toads shoule be hunted down and killed.
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I hate spiders and like Yamame. Suwako doesn't even have frog-like features. Well, being a goddess, her form is meaningless, but the human form she takes is human.
Probably has sex with wild dogs
>Suwako doesn't even have frog-like features.

Her tongue is very much frog-like, if nothing else. Maybe she lays eggs, too?
Yamame doesnt have much content does she? I neither like nor dislike her.
But I imagine Suwako hangs around frog a lot, probably keeping one around her at all times like a pet. Due to my dislike of frogs, I couldnt get along with her.
Last year I was in a swamp during holidays and hearing the frogs ribbit gave me a boner.
Thanks Suwako.
can i hab da sauce pls b0ss?
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>Her tongue is very much frog-like
That's just fanon. Though it looks cool to me. She has a normal tongue in official sprites. Again, form is meaningless, so I guess I understand your point of view after all.
Didn't the Symposium or another recent work say that the Frog thing was just a motif she liked, rather than being an important part of her?
>borderline autistic
She's a computer in the figurative sense, the original literal sense, and the Touhou meta sense
File: 42892305_big_p35.png (203 KB, 700x538) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're dumb.
If you are like a computer, you are an autist.
Definately has sex with wild dogs.
Get a load of this secondary.
Tengu probably fuck actually since they're know for laying eggs and having a complex society.

Hecatia was more or less angry with the Lunarians for Junko's reasons so she probably fucked too with his sun.

Read SoPM, the few frog references Suwako has are just because she likes frogs and nothing else, aside that she has nothing to do with frogs.
She's a stupid mouse, those things fuck like crazy.
I don't know about how much she fucks once she became a youkai but I'm pretty sure she gave birth to at least 50 stupid rats before becoming one.
50%. She either is, or she isn't.
Does that even count?
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Don't know, don't care.
Seeing her origins she probably got fucked before getting betrayed.
Why would you like someone who will always hate you?

>hikikomori neet
She's virgin dont worry.
No need to worry anon, she's obviously virgin.

There's no way anyone could possibly wanted to do it with her.
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>There's no way anyone could possibly wanted to do it with her.
one in a million.
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A decent chance.
Pretty high actually.

Most of them are eldritch abominations in the first place, so they'd hardly be interested in sex. We really need to get to the purging already. Though we may need a full Exterminatus for Gensokyo.
Considering where she's from she's one of the least likely to be virgin
Japanese highschool girl? I would say she's highly likely to be a virgin.
>implying she hasn't prostituted herself to businessmen for pocket money
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100% guaranteed. Superiority complexes rock.
I'm pretty sure Sakuya is trying her best to make sure Remi and Flan stay virgins.
Do you consider ghosts to be virgins?
No. Even when tjey were alive last time it still counts.
You're assuming she even needs to try. Flan and Remi ahve the minds of kids, they dont give a fuck about that stuff, but have lived long enough to know when people will try to manipulate them.
>Flan and Remi ahve the minds of kids, they dont give a fuck about that stuff
So naive, anon.
70+ year old (very likely longer) aspect of nature. Playful.

The chance is 0
Satori doesnt let her pets have sex and they're all pretty sheltered, so 100%.
>Satori doesnt let her pets have sex
You have no facts to back this up.
She lets her pets fuck, that way she gets more pets.
I really doubt anyone here has any facts to present for such a secondary related question.
File: CZbGnfyUcAAEJBo.png (575 KB, 516x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably low, then.
Satori values the honest hearts of her pets. She wouldn't try to keep them from fucking if they wanted.

More likely she would simply not have multiple pets of the same species that would want to procreate.

Of course that doesn't apply if they become youkai.
File: d9sjZkb.jpg (217 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty high... hard to get your cherry popped when you've spent almost 500 years in the basement.
If you're talking about Yuyuko she killed herself when very young and nobody could get near her anyway.
Reimu lost it along time ago for 100 yen.
Spent 5 years in the basement, can confirm.
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Why would anybody in their right mind try to fuck the youkai shrine maiden?
You know that villagers are scared shitless about them, right?
The reason they haven't killed her off and burned the shrine is she gets shit done and looks after the border.
Generally I'd say, the older a 2hu the more likely it is. Especially if they are in some kind of society, like the tengu or kappa. I also take the assumption that noone was raped and disregard issues with lesbian sex.

Reimu and Marisa: I'd say they are virgins, if I remember right they are both forever 17 and the society they live in tends to do the old sex after marriage thing. I'm not even sure if anything in canon is mentioned about how much they have contact with the human village.
Rumia: Asexual, I doubt she thinks of sex at all and instead only about eating humans.
All fairies: Asexual, fairies don't reproduce with sex. So there is non need for them to have sex, they might not even have reproductive organs at all. They also are childish in personality.
Hong Meiling: We barely know anything about her, like how old she is or what kind of youkai she is. Considering that she is friendly with humans, I'd say the chance that she had sex in her past is higher than that she is a virgin.
Koakuma: Similar here, depends on how you interpret her. If you think she is a succubus then she probably isn't. But aswell she could be a completely newborn devil made by Patchouli.
Patchouli: She threw away all human needs when she became a magician and she takes care of her body rather poorly. If she didn't have sex before becoming a magician she is a virgin. But I doubt that, so I say virgin.
Sakuya: I doubt she would fool around after she entered service for Remilia, so it depends entirely on what she did before that, like she could have been a child prostitute or something. But that is just speculation, being a virgin would fit more the perfect and elegant maid thing, it might aswell be that Remilia enjoys a few nibs of her virgin blood.
Remilia: Loli body but 500 years old. If she wanted to have sex at anytime she probably did.
Flandre: Being nearly all her life in the basement and not knowing what humans are before EoSD extra, clearly a virgin. I'm not even sure she could have sex without blasting the other person to pieces.

Letty: Gives off some MILF vibes. She is a Yuki-Onna, who are said to be ruthless killers, either by simply freezing people, leading them off path to freeze to death, holding a child and everyone who takes the child in good intentions freezes up immediately OR draining the life through kiss or SEX. Akyu stated her human friendship level as low, so there is a good chance she did the life draining through sex thing at some point in her life.
Chen: If we count her life before turning to a youkai then non-virgin, if not then virgin.
Alice: If I remember right, her canon is that the PC-98 and the windows era Alice are the same person and that she only recently became a youkai, so she was child alice not that long ago. Also she is sad to be an indoor type, so I say virgin.
Prismriver Sisters: They are phantoms, of 3 young sisters. Virgins.
Youmu: She is pretty young in contrast to most in Touhou. Also lives in the land of the dead. Virgin.
Yuyuko: She is pretty old, but also lives in the netherworld. I have a hard time finding a situation in which she would have sex though. Unless her eating is actually sexually eating, but I'd say tends more to virgin.
Ran: Old, beast youkai. Surely had sex before turning youkai and may had sex afterwards aswell. I say non-virgin.
Yukari: If she wanted to she had sex. I could see her do it out of many reasons, boredom, to manipulate someone or to toy with someone. I say non-virgin.

Suika & Yuugi: Old, like to drink, were/are part of an oni society. They probably had sex and maybe even kids who are adults already.
Wriggle and Mystia: Both are beast youkai, so similar to Chen. Likely virgins, although Mystia sings awfully lot about chin chins.
Keine: This is a tough one, Keine is connected with the human village, so depending how long that is, she might have done it with a guy. Granted she could erase that from history. But I'd say non-virgin.
Tewi: Old, is a bunny, surrounded by other bunny youkai, bunnies are said to be in heat all year. You bet your ass she has done it before. A few of the other bunnies are probably her descendants.
Reisen: Now Reisen is said to be 70 in canon. And fled from the moon like 40 years before that time. So when she is around 30. I doubt she has had sex since she came to earth (despite the jokes), because I don't think she would do it with earth bunnies and she is said to be a bit anti social. I could see her entering training on the moon pretty early. So I say virgin.
Eirin: Old as fuck, I say non virgin just from that. But she could aswell be the type that has no interest in earthly desires, but aswell could just have sex out of curiosity.
Kaguya: Princesses are supposed to keep their virginity till they marry and I think she is proud enough to keep that up. So I say virgin.
Mokou: She easily could have, maybe she was once with a man but seeing him die of old age made her to avoid relationships with humans since they will just die while she stays the same. Seems like a reasonable thought. So I tend towards non virgin.

Medicine: It's a doll. She is poisonous. Virgin...might not have a genitals at all.
Komachi: Do shinigami have a society or something like that? A complete mystery to me. Could be either.
Shikieiki: I see her as too work serious to fool around. So I say virgin.

Aki sisters: Gods having sex with humans isn't unheard of. Maybe they did some lewd harvest rituals. Or maybe only one of them did while the other just painted leaves red as a job. But I tend to non virgins for both.
Hina: I'd say she stays away from humans so they don't get misfortune from her. So virgin.
Nitori: Kappas need to reproduce somehow, so the older she is the more likely it is she has done it.
Aya and Momiji: Similar here, I'm almost certain Aya has done it and has kids already that are old aswell. Momiji depends how old she is, but still very likely.
Hatate: I say she is a virgin, because she is a shut in. Could aswell be that relationship stuff caused her to become a shut in.
Sanae: Slut, slut, slut. No, I'd say virgin. If she weren't devoted to her gods she wouldn't have come with them to gensokyo.
Suwako: Canon non virgin.
Kanako: Tough, she certainly could if she wanted to. But why are there no descendants of her around like from Suwako? Maybe she thinks she needs to be distant from humans, like an unreachable deity.

Moonsluts: Canon non virgins.
Reisen 2: Virgin.
Yuuka: She is implied to be very old, but also said to be sadistic and having the worst human friendship level. So I can't really take a guess in one way or another.
Iku: I can't really find much about her. Maybe she has a significant other, outside her work as messenger, but nothing is hinted.
Tenshi: As the eldest daughter of her clan, I think there is some interest in her being a virgin till marriage. Her father is mentioned, but never a husband so I guess she is unmarried and thus a virgin.

Kisume: Next to that we don't even know if that head is actually Kisumes, I'd say she is similar to Rumia. No interest in sex and instead only wants to eat humans.
Yamame: Not really anything hinting at her having sex or having interest in it. Tsuchigumo are just said to eat humans. Maybe she reproduces with other spider youkai, but my guess is virgin.
Parsee: she is a hashihime, who became consumed by jealousy after her husband left her for another women. So we can say she had sex likely, but probably not after turning youkai. Because jealousy drives her to break up couples, but I couldn't find anything about her or hashihime trying to have sex with people.
Satori: I say virgin, satoris are said to be detested even by youkai, so I can't see anyone go for her and neither that Satori would seek someones closeness. Unless she does lewd things with her pets, but that is a pretty wild idea.
Rin & Okuu: Similar to other beast youkai here. Likely sex before turning youkai and maybe afterwards.
Koishi: Unlike Satori, I think her closing her eye and acting on subconsciousness may lead her to seek sex, as sex is a powerful unconscious drive. Maybe Satoris have that deep down aswell. So there is a chance that Koishi goes around fucking men.

Nazrin: More beast youkai, so the same applies here. She is a helper of Bishamonten and thus probably follows his teachings. I'm not very knowledgable about buddhism, so I don't know if Bishamonten follows all those no sex buddhism stuff.
Kogasa: Probably asexual, only interested in scaring people. But in a wild guess her desire to be useful to humans could lead to something lewd. I still guess virgin.
Ichirin: I think it was that she met Unzan as a young girl and got hated by humans since then. So good chance she is a virgin, it also depends what kind of buddhist she and byakurens crew are.
Murasa: Ghost, died at young age, being buried underground for quite some time. I say virgin.
Shou: Interestingly isn't born from a tiger, but the fear of tigers. So having sex before being a youkai falls flat for her. She is careful not to expose herself as youkai, so I doubt she will be intimate with strangers. Wiki says she is a heavy drinker, so she might go against other buddhist restrictions aswell, but I tend more towards virgin.
Byakuren: Depends entirely on what kind of buddhist she is as follower of Bishamonten. Maybe someone has a better clue.
Nue: She is keen to hide her true form, but also is quite old. Maybe she disguised her true form and had sex, but I tend more towards her being a virgin.

Kyouko: Couldn't find anything about yamabiko having sex, so I say virgin, unless Myouren temple is a buddhist sex cult.
Yoshika: Depends on her life before death.
Seiga: Non virgin, as someone already pointed out that she was married.
Futo, Tojiko & Miko: Can't find anything about wether or not they married before dying and resurrecting. So a good chance all three are virgins, especially Tojiko as she is a ghost now and maybe can't even have sex anymore. Futo and Miko are big into taoism, but no clue what taoisms stand on sex is.
Mamizou: I can see her doing lewd things with other tanukis, so I say non-virgin.

Kokoro: My general guess for tsukumogami is virgin.
There are many stories about mermaids, some include that mermaids do breed with humans other have no mention of that. But in Touhou Wakasagihime is described as very shy. We also don't know how she became a mermaid, one story had a woman sad about her accidentally killing her husband becoming a mermaid. If she doesn't have stuff like that, then I say virgin. Also no clue about how she is arranged down there.
Nothing really useful from the information that she is a rokurokubi. She lives undercover in the human village, that gives the chance that she has sexual contact to someone, but also that she might keep her distance, cause her kind can be recognized around her neck where her head detaches. Also no clue how she became a youkai, there are many origin stories, some are simply, this is what womens do. I'd tend more towards non-virgin, but thats just a guess.
Maybe she goes into heat during fullmoon, but nothing really conclusive here.
The tsukumo sisters:
They became tsukumogami due to the miracle mallet, unless they spent the first few hours of their life seeking dicks they are virgins during DDC and probably still are. I see tsukumogamis as rather asexual.
Since she hates making others happy, I doubt she would have sex with anyone. Virgin.
Couldn't find much except that she is young. So I guess she is a virgin.
I see her similar to other tsukumogami that she isn't interested in sex. Although she is older than the others so there is a slight chance.

Sumireko: She is only like 15 or 16 and into occult stuff. Girls like her don't get a boyfriend in highschool. Virgin.

Not that much here, I can only guess that because she is part of the Earth Recon Force she might not have time to find a boyfriend on the moon. I slightly guess towards virgin.
She seems older than Seiran, so she might have more time to have had sex. But she also seems fine with staying on earth, so I doubt she has a significant other. I tend towards non-virgin slightly.
Nothing here, is there even someone to have sex in the dream world? No clue.
Same here, she has more chances though. But her abbility might make sex awkward.
Canon non virgin.
Some other anon already explained why she is more likely to be a non virgin.

Kosuzu: Virgin
Akyuu: Current one is physically a virgin, but has the memories of her previous incarnations doing the deed.
Maribel and Renko: Virgins. Unless Maribel is Yukari, then Maribel is a non virgin, and also a hag.
I seriously hope this is pasta, if not, congratulations for your top tier autism
>Futo and Miko are big into taoism, but no clue what taoisms stand on sex is.
In Taoism sex can help you attain immortality or increase your lifespan, it was all about stealing life energy, if you came inside then you lost life energy. If you dont, let your semen out, you gain life energy. So in theory, females could probably steal your life energy by making you cum inside (Taoists confirmed for leg locking). Taoists thought you got more life energy by ucking women who were beautiful and had no kids, and they had an age scale where 14 was considered ideal and 18+ as bad. YOu were free to fuck multiple women.
They also had shit about conditions you could or couldnt fuck under. Taoism is strange.
>they had an age scale where 14 was considered ideal and 18+ as bad
Laozi was really the wisest of men
It's got nothing to do with him. The alchemical bullshit came later. The 14 year olds thing came from Zhao Liangpi apparently.
It was, like, a joke, man
It's a pasta.
>it includes Sumireko and the LoLKhus
I really doubt it is.
Guy just added it. I saw it on another thread about which touhous are virgins a few months ago.
>Akyuu: Current one is physically a virgin, but has the memories of her previous incarnations doing the deed.
Where was this ever mentioned
It's probably the same guy updating and reposting his own autism. I don't mind. It's good to do things you enjoy.
You can infer it, no? Assuming at least one of the previous Hiedas did it, then Akyuu would retain the memory of having done it.
high since their isn't many dicks in gensvagyo
Definitely a virgin.
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Preddy Good actually.
I bet Flan accidentally broke her own hymen experimenting with her Four of a Kind clones.

Wouldn't immortals like Mokou and Kaguya keep regenerating their hymens making them perma virgins?
>Wouldn't immortals like Mokou and Kaguya keep regenerating their hymens making them perma virgins?
You can break your hymen during sport and you'd still remain a virgin. Similar there is no physical change for men, so the status of the hymen should be unrelated to the virgin status. More interestingly, would it revert their bodies back to being not used to sex? Would sex always feel painful like the first time to them?
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>You can break your hymen during sport
Heh, horseback riding, right fellas?
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I'm really not sure. If she invited me deeper into her lair and i accepted, I don't know if she would try to eat me, or if she just has a weird personality like that.
She got her cherry popped 70 years ago.
>If she invited me deeper into her lair and i accepted, I don't know if she would try to eat me
Being a spider, even if she just wanted to get laid, she might try to eat you after anyway.
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Works for me,got spider puss puss after all
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