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So there's this game, EU4, and I'm...
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So there's this game, EU4, and I'm using the random world/custom nation tools to build myself a little Gensokyo to play around in. It's a grand strategy game, so think Risk meets Civilization.

The idea is that each province will be named after a 2hu, and have then been grouped into nations. I didn't try to recreate Gensokyo's "geography" very much, mainly because I'm concerned about making a fun, playable set-up, besides all the thematic fluff. So I have the Human Village right below Eientei, and the denizens of the Forest of Magic are all over the board.

I'm still in progress with it, so I come to you for suggestions. Firstly, what's Junko's group called? I have her, Clownpiece, and Hectia as "New Hell" because I couldn't think of anything better.
First, let me show you one of the nations I'm almost complete with - the Scarlet Devil Empire.

Capital is Remilia, culture is Romanian (if her claims about being the descendant of Tepes are correct) and religion is Orthodox. Flandre is actually on her own island, separated from the rest, as her own nation - the idea here was to play off her isolated nature, as well as give the SDE a logical first target. On the other hand, Flandre's one province is pretty wealthy, so if she can bully the smaller coastal nations, you could eventually overthrow the big sister.

A note about religions - I think the religious wars is one of the more interesting things in the touhou world, and in fact the idea of multiple factions vying for followers inspired the whole idea. Religion can play a big part in EU4 as well, but it lacks an "apatheist" option, and doesn't quite line up with the rest. SO

>Taoism is Confucianism (it's got a yin-yang)
>Buddhism is Mahayana (a sect of buddhism)
>Shinto is still Shinto
>Flan and Remi are Orthodox (cross iconography, looks kinda like a spear, eh)
>Almost all the youkai are Totemist (just a generic, inoffensive pagan religion that's meant to be converted)
>Kirisame, Margatroid, Yakumo, and Hakugyokuro are Tengri (this allows them to easily pick sides in the religious wars, without actually converting, because they don't seriously believe anyway)
>Yuuka's Garden of the Sun is Inti (because the religious icon looks like a sun)
>Old Hell is Zoroastrian (they're a bunch of weirdos, and I recall something about Parsee's name having Zoroastrian origins?)
>Lunarians and former Lunarians are Ibadi (a sect of Islam, chosen because the symbol is a moon and star)
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inb4 "why isn't the SCARLET devil empire, you know, SCARLET"

Well, there's a limited color pallet here, and I wanted Hakurei to be the true Red color, because it's also set up to be a major power (as befitting a Main Character!)

So the SDE gets a shade of dark purple. Also, I don't have more vibrant colors, or else I would've given Yuyuko a nice cherry-blossom-pink nation, etc. I only ever doubled up on colors when I thought it unlikely the two countries would ever meet borders - usually because the smaller one is just meant to be conquered.

That's the other thing, some countries are just more powerful than others. I'm spending more time trying to get their bonuses and stuff thematic and useful, because they're the intended player nations. But for example, the Three Lights? The provinces of Sunnymilk, Moonchild, and Star Sapphire are dirt-poor. They're for the important nations to fight over. It actually hurts the game in my experience if you just make every nation "equal", because then you just get a bunch of stalemates. You CAN play as a one-province-minor, but expect to lose.

Unless you're Hakurei, that is. It's the single weathiest province on the continent, and all of her national ideas reduce the cost of things. I know this conflicts with the idea of Reimu always being in need of donations, but penny-pinching is just one step up from poverty, right?

Anyway, Hakurei is surrounded by weak neighbors, most of them Shinto. Moriya to the south is about in equal power, despite posessing three provinces, and the idea here is that they will fight for control of the Shinto nations, before branching out into the rest of the world.
Is there a custom world tool for CK2? I've been playing a bit of that lately. This looks really neat, but I don't have EU4. I suppose it wouldn't work as well, since there aren't as many religions in CK2, mainly no Taoism/Buddhism/Shinto as far as I know.
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religious wars.png
4 MB, 1920x1080
There are savegame editors, yeah. http://sourceforge.net/projects/eug/

However, I'm just using the in-game tools: first, the Random New World function, which gives me this brand-new landmass, and then the Custom Nation tool to plop all these down. I'll have to go in to the savegame later and re-name all the provinces, but sadly that editor I posted above doesn't work with RNW enabled.

You might try Sengoku, which is basically CK but in Japan, they might have the necessary religions and cultures.
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EU sucks.

HOI is better.
This cumdumpster knows what's up.

Reimu will be USA.
>not clownpiece
She can be one of the generals.
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