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Yukkuri Thread
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The old thread's long past bump limit, so it's time to find a new easy place.

Be sure to check out the latest chapter in anon's choose-your-own-easiness story before it gets archived!
Reposting the latest chapter for easy viewing:

Chapter 10 : Victory and lust

"Go away easy !" you tell the Remilia, puffing up as much as you can.
"Uu~" she goes, ignoring you while bouncing towards the fleeing little ones.
"What are you doing here ? This is Reimu's easy home, you know ?"
She stops and looks at you. With a big smile, she answers :
"I'm going to eat the little Reimus easy !"
You bounce towards her, bumping into her with all your strength.
"Uu !" she screams at the impact.
She gets back and look at you, now frowning.
"Going to eat you easy !"
She jumps back at you, and bites you, her fangs penetrating your soft skin, ripping apart a portion of your right side.
Remilia's lips press on the wound, and she begins sucking.
"Chuu-chuu ~"
She's sucking your bean paste, feeding after days of starvation. But the wound is small, and the amount sucked not large enough to prevent you from recovering. You bump into her again, getting her off you. This time, you follow by jumping on her, and smashing her repeatedly with all you body weight.
"Drop dead easy ! Drop dead easy !" you repeat, filled with pain, rage and hatred.
"Uu ! Uu !"
Bruises appear on her skin, her hat falls off. You keep on pounding her, and soon the skin begins to break, exposing the red bean paste.
"Uu ! Zaguya ! Zaguya ! Hewp bwe !"
An eyeball exits its socket, wounds tear up, breaking the whole yukkuri open.
You stop, exhausted and covered in Remilia's bean paste. It's dead.
With the sudden drop in adrenaline, you remember your parents and feel you've avenged them, before being hit with the full pain of the wound on your side.
"ID HURDZ !" you scream, while bouncing aimlessly, tears in your eyes.
While you scream and cry from the pain, the little ones appear from where they hid : they're all here.
"Hope you suffew a lot ! Fwake Mwommy should dwop dwead eajy like the uneajy Wemiwia !" Three says.
But this time, she is alone.
"Mwommy !" Four exclaims.
"Mwommy, howd on !" Two adds.
"Weimyu will wick-wick Weimyu !" One announces.
The three little ones surround you, rubbing their cheeks against yours, licking you to ease the pain. This has no real effect, but you manage to forget the ache, and enjoy the warmth of your new family.

Mister came home, and immediatly healed you using an orange juice patch. He told you how proud he was of you, and threw the dead Remilia into the trash. Thenext day, he came home with a reward : a Mister Pyjamas, pink, with a big "R" on the front. It was so comfy and easy, you felt like a true princess. Being very smart, you learned how to take it off using your braids before doing poo-poo. The little ones also recieved clothes, but Mister soon took them away as they soiled them everytime they put them on.
Days passed in easiness after this event, until days became weeks, and weeks formed a whole month.
The little ones had grown, and were now only a tad smaller than yourself, and this only because you had grown a bit yourself, living the easy life of a pet yukkuri. "Mommy" had replaced "Mwommy", "Reimu" had replaced "Weimyu". Since the Remilia incident, Two had joined Four in considering you her mother. Three had changed the most, however. Alone, she kept on hating you and her sisters. With only One approaching her, she grew uneasier still. While the others look very much like you now, Three is noticeably uglier, with small eyes and a large jaw. She eats more, making her fatter. Her voice has gone deeper, and in her mouth, her own name has gone from "Weimyu" to "Deibu". Deibu has been the source of most of your troubles lately, fighting with you and her sisters, stealing, with no punishment for you or Mister ever solving anything. Mister gave up, and when he bought a larger bed for you, One, Two and Four to share, he gave the old one to Deibu, who now sleeps alone.
One has grown up well, on the other hand. Seeing you as a friend and a protector more than a mother, and keeping on helping and caring for her little sisters, has helped her growing into a mature, reliable yukkuri. Sometimes, it even looks like you're a Dwaddy and a Mwommy looking after their children. Maybe this is why you've been having a strange feeling when looking at One, recently. Heat raises in your body and the bean paste in your lower half hardens, making your pyjamas feel tight as mister penipeni presses on the soft fabric. She's a young, fertile yukkuri, unrelated to you, and for the first time in your life, you feel consumed by the will to refresh.

One night, you find the perfect occasion. Two, Deibu and Four are fast asleep, One is eating a last bite from mister bowl before going to sleep.

It is time to make a choice.

A. Rape One.

B. Ask One to refresh.

C. Forget it, and talk with Mister about this feeling.

(I believe C was in the lead at this point.)
A is the only reasonable answer.

Rape is always the correct option!
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>tfw they aren't real
If I remember correctly there were 7 votes for C and 3 for B.
C easy !
deibu needs to be exterminated before the other two start acting like her
Hey, I´m the guy who planned to do another interactive story in the las thread. I will use this trip to not confuse both stories. If there is a problem between choices and such I will use it
also when there´s not a determined path in the story and such,I will leave an extra option called "(write it yourself)". if someone proposes something interesting as an option and other people are okay with it I have no problem.

Welcome to Yukkuri Interactive Adventure, autistic RPG edition
You have 10 points to decide a limited amount of stats in the start of the game. the cost of each will be showed between brackets.
(Note: shithead or nicehead status will be up to player´s choice mostly, except in special cases)
1-species: you can choose what species the yukkuri will be. this will affect both the rest of the stats and the game´s starting setting:
Reimu[1]: along Marisas, they are the most generic types of yukkuris. their main "abilities" are:
-They have the highest resistance to abuse and trauma along any type of yukkuri. Abusers will give them preference over other types
-Annoying voice. may affect dialog options
-Higher-than-normal birth rate and speed in pregnancy
Marisa[2]: Another of the main types. Only recorded type with Dosu stage. their main abilities are:
-Higher-than-normal stamina and hunting skill. may use hat as a boat
-May reach Dosu status if it lives long enough
-In case of encounter with a rapist alice, Marisas will have preference as victims
Alice[3]:although less common that reimus and marisa's, it´s still normal to encounter these type
-Upon choice of the player or under the right circumstances, Alice will enter a Berserk state for a short amount of time. As long as this state lasts, Alice will go on a rampage, raping and killing every yukkuri on sign, with increased speed and strength. Player choices in the next question may be less that in a normal state, completely changed to rape/kill choices or completely ignored
-Faster growth rate and higher growth limit
Patchouli[5]:they are smarter that other types. Also they tend to have power positions in yukkuris societies and tribes, only outranked by Dosu
-Intelligence stat starts at 2. Implications of this will be explained later
-lowest stamina,resistance to abuse and trauma along all the yukkuris. cough attacks are common
-Natural leadership along yukkuris: Patchi´s advice is always worth hearing at the very least -Knows how to read from birth.
Remilia[6]:One of the predator types, and the most common one
-Regenerative abilities and the capacity to fly.
-as a predator, they have great combat abilities and incite fear in non-predatory types.
-Intelligence stat starts at
-1. if it stays this way, they are incapable of saying anything other than "Uu~".the yukkuri will have problems communicating with other yukkuri
-Natural affinity with Sakuya types -Most bodied yukkuri of the planet are Remilia types for some unexplained reason.
Flandre[8]:The other Predator type. Rare outside yukkuris farms.
-Regenerative abilities and the capacity to fly, better in both cases that Remilias.
-as a predator, they have great combat abilities and incite fear in non-predator types, better in both cases that Remilias.
-Intelligence stat starts at 2, but they cannot suprass the 3 mark (later explained)
-Luck starts at 1, but cannot be changed
-Tend to bully Remilias. Cases of Flandres reproducing with Marisas have been reported, but are not common.
-They are also common along the rare Bodied yukkuri, but far less that remilias. Evolution process is U.N.known
2-Stats: you can choose to enhance certain stats of your yukkuri, if possible(depends on type):
2.1-Luck: Heavily decides how the world behaves around the yukkuri. there are 4 stages of luck(Flandre types stay in 1)(Prices are for the rest types):
0-Cursed (Default): God hates you, and it really shows. Both you and your companions will suffer great adversity. Only wise choices can save you from this curse.
1-Bad Luck[1]: In the unforgiving world you live in, you seem to have worse-than-average luck. Good things will only happen if you put some effort.
2-Normal luck[2]: The world has its ups and downs. you have seen both.
3-Good luck[4]:Fortune smiles upon you. You have more chances of something good happening to you that something bad. However, that won´t save you from your own stupidity
4-God-like luck[8]: You probably have made a pact with the devil in other life. You are so stupidly lucky that it´s not even funny.
2.2-Inteligence: Heavily decides how the yukkuri sees the world (Mainly opens more choices). there are 3 normal stages of Inteligence, 3 type-exclusive:
1 Uu~ (Remilia-exclusive and Default):Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~!
0-slingly stupid yukkuri(Default): you are dumb even along your kind. good grief that yukkuris are not picky about that.
1-yukkuri(Default): congrats, you are just as stupid as everyone else.It could be worse.
2-Patchi(Patchi Default): you are above average. you may notice things most yukurris won´t
3-Smart Patchi: this is the maximun level regular yukkuris can reach. If you play your cards well you will take it easy the rest of your life.
4-Miss Patchouli(Patchi exclusive): Yukkuris are not supposed to be this smart.The idea of taking it easy is not the only thing that fills your head, and it´s scary.
5-Grand Patchouli(Patchi exclusive):As a almost-human mind trapped in a yukkuri body, you linger between two worlds.
You may waste up to 3 points in intelligence. Flandres can only waste 1 if any.
IMPORTANT NOTE:Each unwasted point will be reserved as a "~Asspull magical choice~". At any point of the game passed the first few choices, a option will appear, regardless of luck or intelligence, called "~Asspull magical choice~".
upon choosing this, the yukkuri will experience a miraculous event in his favour, wasting one of these reserved points
This first choice in the game (the "build") will be chosen by the POST WITH THE HIGHER 2 FIRST DIGITS ALONG THE 6 FIRST REPLIES. in the rest of the adventure, choices will be made by simple majority
I'm voting for Reimu and godlike luck.

Save one point for when the luck runs out.
Grand Patchouli with magic points is the way to go
What this guy said
Luck > All
How many points will you put in intelligence? I think 1or 2 should be enough.

1 point for Reimu, 8 for silly amounts of luck, 1 Asspull point to get Reimu's ass out of the fire when all else fails.
you'll just turn into a retarded lucky shithead
That was my plan.

I don't mind the super-patchy idea either.

I just wanted to be on one end of the spectrum or the other.

I was also debating a Flan build with one point in INT and one point in LUCK.
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the body.png
133 KB, 640x480
Maricha 1.29

3 post out of 6 to decide. Grand Patchouli with 0 luck is winning
you can´t put 2 if you choose god-like luck
the system is made in such a way that you can´t get good amounts of both luck and int. Later in the story I will put examples of how the story would have gone if you had chosen other "build"
0 int=/=shithead. You would just have a mind less independent of your yukkuri desires aka the desire to take it easy. but it is true that you are more likely to end as a shithead for being a selfish yukkuri
Honestly, I feel more confident in putting out some entertaining content with the super-patchi build that with a really dumb yukkuri, but getting out of your confort zone sometimes is for the best
You know, if you added Alice and Chen, this could be a good RPG.

Call it "Reimus and Remilias."
Oh right sorry I didn't see that I think I need some sleep.
you mean Chen, Alice is there.
>Call it "Reimus and Remilias."
I love it, I will actually call it that from now if you don´t mind
0 intelligence
2 Luck
The rest will be for the asspull points.Do you people want to play as a retarded rapist pastry?
Does anyone have the full set for pic related? Was planning on translating it but the pictures are gone from Pixiv and can't find them again.
Have you checked OYP?
They might be there.
I have, that's why I'm asking. They didn't archive it.
4 out of 6. Grand Patchouli with 0 luck still winning
maybe 6 was too much. should I wait for the other 2 or do I start writing already?
I think you start writing given >>14593991's last two digitsI don't think anyone is going to beat that.
OYP has most of it, but it's not in a Pool. Here:

*should start* sorry.
yeah, you are right. also can´t argue those dubs
give me around 2-3 hours to deliver the first entry
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Chapter 0: World of letters
"...Although the 1980s fashion revival was not in full swing until 2004, the first movement
had started in the late 1990s and continued into the early 2000s. This first wave primarily focused on the early 1980s. Such trends that emerged during this period included denim miniskirts, ripped "distressed" jeans, denim jackets, tracksuits, trench coats (often in pleather), puffy jackets (revived by Hip-Hop artists), and preppy polo shirts with popped collars.
These remained popular until about 2008 when the revival of late 1980s fashions occurred. See a more detailed entry in the page 15"
Page 15... that´s 3 pages ahead, right? it can wait. This page is done through, I need to call her anyways.
Three small jumps were enough to get her off the magazine, She then turned around to the small red and black ball at her side, shaking her slowly with one extremity.
"Koa, Turn page, Please" she said, in a firm but kind voice. the ball, no bigger than a cherry tomato, extended the black membrane almost surrounding it.
Behind this membrane, revealed to be 2 pair of bat wings, sleepy red eyes stared back, with sheer happiness building deep inside.
No second command was needed. With a joyful "Koa!" the yukkuri took off the ground, and approached one of the sides of the magazine.She then proceeded to bite
with her mouth the current page and started moving her wings vigorously.
'That will take a while' , she trought. She took a sip out of the empty acorn filled of water at her side, leaving her a refreshing sensation in her mouth while she pondered what she had just read.
Fashion. As a yukkuri it was a little difficult to gasp at first like alot of things of human society, but it turned out to be a interesting -although mostly useless- read.
Yukkuris had their accesories, of course, but fashion evolved with time, while accesories don´t. She actually could understand why people would like to look different to others:
She didn´t like the idea of being a carbon copy of every patchouli out there, even if you could tell apart other yukkuris by smell.
The sudden change of the lightning of the cave stopped her line of trought. she took a look trough the small window -made out of a broken piece of glass protected by a few branches- up in the celling of her "room", only to find the sun getting blocked by clouds.
'great' ,she trought. could she risk to turn on the flashlight? she didn´t know how much would it last on, but she was sure that someday the batteries would die out.
and then what? the outskirts of the city werent safe anymore, not at least for Youmu while she carries her. And I doubt she would find it if she goes alone.
Koakuma was out of question, of course. she can bravely lift this page, let alone a battery.
Wait, what if we go together? koa surveying, while me and youmu stay behind... yes, that may work. I will definetly think about it
Just as she finished thinking this, a noise reached her ears from the entrance of the cave. One of the "walls" of the "room" was not made out of the enormous human literature
, but branches. trough the branches the entrance was visible. that allowed her to see the appearance of her 'little sister', a Reimu type. While patchi was older that her,
Reimu was a little bigger that Patchi. If we had a beisbol ball to make a comprassion, patchi could fit inside the ball ,altrough with no little trouble, while reimu would clearly be a little bigger that the ball itself. Was this a tradeoff for her inteligence?growing less? not like she cared much
"Sisteeeeeeeer!" said happily Reimu, while giving small jumps in my direction "Sisteeeeeeeer! come out and plaaaaaaaaaaay! play with reimu!". Upon getting closer, I said
"Careful with the shits on the ground"
"Sist...!" She tried to said, but the state of the floor upon further inspection made her stop on her tracks. the ground around my room was completely -and trougfully- surrounded
by yukkuri excrements.
"YU-YUPIII !" screamed reimu, looking clearly disgusted "Sis, did you do this!?"
I couldn´t help but sigh. We had this conversation yesterday.
"No, I didn´t do that. It was, as always, the shitheads"
It took a moment to reimu to realize who the shitheads were
"Patchi shouldn't call marisa and the reimus a shithead! that´s not easy!"
"If it smells like a shithead, acts like a shithead, looks like a shithead, and shits like a shithead, why can´t I call them that?"
"because that´s not taking it easy!Patchi thinks too much!"
Patchi looked to reimu, tears forming around her eyes. The saddest thing about the whole oreal is that reimu was probably right.'you are just too much of a nice head, sister. but I´m okay with that'
You don´t like to see that sad face, so you try to calm her down
"You are right reimu, I shouldn´t worry too much. thank you" I said, a smile in my face
Reimu looked relieved to patchi, like Patchi had been saved from a pack of hungry remilia.
"Will Patchi play with reimu outside!?
Now, what should I do? maybe checking on the rest would be a good idea.
A. "Sure, lets do it" / 'Maybe today, just this time...'
B. "Sorry, I´m on the middle of something" / 'Sorry sister,but this is for the best'
7 (or less if it´s pretty clear early) next replies decide
Patchy gotta stay on top of the fashion game.

patche should take it a bit easy
I like this Patchy already.
A, we probably won't immediately die from playing a bit. Should probably bring Koa though.
Damn, seems that we will really need those 7 votes after all
on a different note, can anyone tell me the life expectancy of yukkuris? I´m not finding reference material to work with

A: go outside and get fucked up like a car crash.


About 3-5 minutes after the pool starts is the average.
File: yukkuri growth.png (495 KB, 1300x1011) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yukkuri growth.png
495 KB, 1300x1011
Hard to say when it comes to wild/strays. They tend to die due to just about anything. Pets that are well cared-for supposedly live 10+ years at best, and I would figure wild ones that don't get killed by einvronment/shitheads/predators can make it 5-6 years, maybe.

The only one I'm not sure about at all are Dosus, as they're kind of a special existence as long as they're not shitheads/stupid.

This is one of the only things I've found that sums up aging and lifetime (at least that's translated).
thanks, I needed that
>The only one I'm not sure about at all are Dosus, as they're kind of a special existence as long as they're not shitheads/stupid.
I heard once that a good Dosu can maintain a clan united "for a entire´s human lifetime", so there´s that
C. Maybe mister doesn't want more kos around yet. Worse, your babies could end up at the petshop and picked up by an abyuser.
No problem. If you check OYP search the tags "biology" and/or "anatomy," you might find more examples.
I hope anonwriter is keeping a save of all of this.
They mentioned in the last thread that he had a synopsis of each branch, so I'd assume so.
Yeah, I've seen it out of pools. This is just the middle part of it, the ending involved the entire family being turned into either christmas delicacies or decorations (or worse).
I write everything on LibreOffice so yes.
Speaking about this, let me tell you about the plotlines you didn't choose, before the next chapter begins the final arc.

- Choosing the young man with his Marisa would have led to Reimu living with a Marisa in a yukkurium. She would have been less of a shithead than the four little ones at start, but not exactly nice either. Reimu would have had the coice between confronting her, which would have ended badly, or being more diplomatic, which would have resulted in Reimu and Marisa forming a couple and having little ones.

- Choosing the highschool girl would have led to initial easiness. But due to the girl being inexperienced about how to care about a yukkuri, Reimu would have suffered from a bit of neglect. Reimu's reaction would have led her to end up abyused and killed, thrown out in the streets, or to an uneasy life as a pet depending on the readers' choices.

About the current plotline :

- Killing a ko would have make all of them and Mister hate your guts. He'd have punished you but given you a second chance. Failing a second time (letting a ko get eaten by Remilia for example) would have led you to the streets.

- Taking a ko's accessory would have led them to hate you, but Mister would have thought you' were just doing your job as a mother.

- Licking Three's anyaru when you told you to would have led the other to think of you as a slave, not as a mother. Their shitheadness would have greatly deepened.

- Ignoring Three would have led her to take revenge on you, and not on Four (by doing poo-poo on you while you were asleep). Mister would have seen it and punished her, making it possible for Reimu to complain about how uneasy those kos are, and asking Mister to buy another adult yukkuri to help you raise them.

- Finally, by running away from the Remilia or going to sleep, you'd have let her eat either Four or Three respectively, then go away. Mister would have been very angry.
Are Yukkuri considered to be animals?
They are manjus, so they are considered as animal as a donut or a croissant.
But manjuus aren't alive.
or rather it should be "but donuts and croissants aren't alive".
I figured the highschooler was a bad choice, and it sounds like the salaryman route would have been shorter. Glad we ended up with this one. Hope you have a chance to get the next part out soon.
What version of SimYukkuri does everyone use? Are the Japs still actively developing the shitaraba branch?
Most seem to use 1.13, it's got a decent chunk of translation done and has the most options for interaction with the yukkuri, as well as the most breeds. There's newer, untranslated versions, but they have fewer interactions and yukkuri to choose from.
Anybody knows if the translations are still in progress ? It would be cool to have complete dialogs for marisa
They are:

>"All animals are motile, meaning they can move spontaneously and independently, at some point in their lives. Their body plan eventually becomes fixed as they develop, although some undergo a process of metamorphosis later on in their lives. All animals are heterotrophs: they must ingest other organisms or their products for sustenance."
If that's the definition of an animal, then self-driving cars are animals.
File: coral.jpg (11 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>All animals are motile
They can move freely during their larvae phase
File: sadforest.jpg (67 KB, 450x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Chapter 1: Socializing time
Choice taken: A
Your sister´s eyes explode in happiness upon hearing you
"Yes yes, give me a second. Koa! Follow me"
you move in the direction of the hatch that leads out of your room, unlock the anti-shithead safety device(AKA a stick blocking the door from the inside)
and push your body trough it. you find yourself on the entrance, completely surrounded bi fences. the smell isn´t nice, but you are accustomed at this point
your sister stares at you from th other site of the "fose", with a look in her eyes more similar to that of a princess watching her beloved one fight a dragon
that innocence awakes your childish nature, and you decide to play along
"Sister, have no Fear!" you scream suddenly, with a tone of determination in your voice. While stalked by your sudden change of actitude, your sister is completely captured by your act
you pick up fashionably the shovel that you leave at the entrance -hanging, away from the danger of soiling- for the exact purpose of cleaning your way out of this mess and put it in your mouth
"Fod shovel iz heer!" you announce triunfally. With no further warning, you run as fast as your legs alow you, making a path trough the dirt and shit accumulated.
However ,by the time you are by your sisters side, you are out of breath. you put aside the shovel on a post you made yourself just in time before you start coughing
"Sister! are you alright!?"
"I will... manage"
Slowly but surely we made our way to the exit. grass started to appear in the previously naked dirt of the ground, and so they found themselves in front of a familiar sign
They were in the middle of a oak (at least that´s what one book said those types of trees were called) forest, which was not a dense one for human standards.the cave they have exited just now was just a rotten big treesituated in a really small hill. trees had around 3-5 meters of space between them, witch allowed light to enter the scenery.
The light only served to show the eerie atmosfere that dominates the forest: In the end of the autumn, the only sounds that pierced the place where the screams of happiness of the few innocent
-and stupid- kos that can´t quite gasp the situation our small colony was in.Predators where growing in number and abusers where starting to explore deeper into the small forest. Funnily enough, none of those problems where the worst part of the whole situation: Shitheads have been visiting the zone in the last 2 weeks, each of them causing some trouble. the worse incident has been going on since the last week: a Reibu and her "Hive"
had decided to make their home at mere metters, after she tried to claim our home as hers. even after deflecting her "troops", the sack of shit refuses to leave the victimity of our home, and incidents with the poor bastard that bears the title of "husband"
and their 12 Buris count as docens already. Winter is coming, and the last thing any of you wanted close was a Deibu. Seems like you really have bad luck.

You are just sitting there with your sister and koa,exchanging comments from time to time while watching the few present members of the colony do chores: Your father, a strong and big Marisa specimen, is looking for food near a tree, while one Buri watches her from a safe distance. your mother,a patchouli oversees the situation, not far from you
you tried to pick her attention from there just to greet her, but you realize she is probably planning some solution related to the problems you mentioned early. Patchi deeply respects and loves her mother, so she leaves her at her own bunisness for now.
Youmu is not here yet? strange, I t...
Oh, I see. She is coming already. Good grief, losing her would be devastating, both emotionally and to the entire colony. I doubth there are many yukkuris out there half as competent as youmu is.
"Hey, look who is outside the cage, ze!"
'Not even ten minutes. I swear to God that this fucker lives only to annoy me', Yu think as the awfully familiar figure of a Marisa yukuri twice your size makes her way to your position, accompained by two wasa reimus a centimeter smaller that you
"Yez, look who is outside the cage, ze!"
"Yez yez, look who is outside the cage, ze!"
for convenience Patchi name this individuals (In the same order they opened those shit head mouths): Shithead 1, 2 and 3 respectively, although they are your adopted sisters, like reimu .Mother, as the head of the clan
took them in when they parents where brutally murdered and raped by an abuser and his Alice. Our colony has lost too much members to neglect even 3 yukkuris and you say yourself that as you get ready to deal with this pain in the ass.
2 and 3 are not actually really bad, they just repeat everything 1 says -even the "ze" part of the marisa types´s speech-. If 1 is not around, 2 puffs herself and covers her ayes with her balls of hair, and 3 acts as if patchi was another normal yukkuri
1 finally reaches you and your sister. Reimu starts getting really nervous, knowing that no-easy moments are coming. she will defend you if things come to worst, but, for now, she takes the diplomatic route
"t-take it easy sisters!" she says. Koa finally realices the mood and extends her wings from her position in my head, trying to make me and her look bigger
1 pauses, looks at you smuggily and starts to move her lips. you guess she has a super great, cool sounding prase on mind that will make you cry and suffer.
Or so she thinks
there are various courses of action here, but Patchi only wants the shitheads to leave her and her sister at peace for a while -or, as one magazine told you, to 'fuck off'-. you
A. tell them to fuck off
B. let her finish, say "oh, is that so?" and ignore them
C. you start to loudly recit some dense text you remember until their heads explote
D. "Koa! Tackle her!"
D is the only reasonable course of action here.
A tell her to get fucked by Alice if she hasn't been already.
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Ignore and if that does that work, tell em to fuck off.
I don't see any of these choices ending well.

Gonna go with B.
I know at least one person had done some yukkuri dialogue translations recently, but I'm not sure if anyone is still compiling all of it for the game's files.


If there will be trouble, let the shithead starts it.
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Chapter 11 : The Disappearance

You decided to take it easy this night, and not to refresh with One.
The enxt morning, as you woke up on the large and fluffy mister bed, you saw Mister who, as every morning, went to take care of his yukkuris before going to work. In the yukkurium, it was a concerto of joyfwul sounds.
"Waking up easy~"
"Yu !"
"Yu !"
"Daddy !"
"Take it easy !"
"Take it easy !" he responded.
"Bwing sweet-sweets for Deibu easy, okay ?"
"Yu !" you went as you went out of bed, to rub-rub with the hand that was filling mister bowl with enough food to munch-munch for the day.
"Munch-munch~" you said, playfully nibbling on the tip of his finger.
He smiled, and gently stroke your hair.
"Happiness !" you exclaimed, filled with easiness.
But you ha dsomething to say.
"Mister ! Reimu wants to refresh !"
His eyes widened.
"Refresh ? Oh, you mean that..."
Your eyes were shining with hope.
"Good grief... Guess that can't be helped. Just try not to make babies with your daughters, okay ? I'll have something for you when I get home."
"Yuu ! Thank you, Mister !"

The day was long and uneventful. You played ball with One and Two, sung with Four and told her stories of the Easy Forest. A mister fly came into the yukkurium, but you were brave and chased it away. In your cute pyjamas, you really took it easy.
When Mister came back home this night, he had something with him, something from mister pet shop. It was a box, and when he opened it, he pulled out a spherical item from it. It was about your size, with blonde hair and a big black hat.
"It's a Marisa !" you said, overjoyed.
"Yes. You can refresh with marisa as much as you wish, but only with her." Mister said.
Mister put Marisa into the yukkurium.
"Take it easy !" you said, your daughters imitating you.
But Marisa didn't say a word, her face frozen in a proud smile.
"Yu ?"
On closer inspection, it was not a yukkuri, simply something that looked like one. The ressemblance, however, was striking. Marisa had the look of a strong, healthy yukkuri, and the thought of having this body for yourself filled you with lust.
"Nhoooo ! Reimu wants to refresh with cute Marisa !" you went, slipping out of your clothes, your arguably braggable penipeni fully erect.
"Reimu will make you pregnant !"
Sweating and drooling, you rushed for Marisa's behind. You easily found an opening in which to jam your penipeni, and went ecstatic at the touch of such a tight mamumamu.
Mister was visibly embarassed at your shamelessness, which contrasted with your usual cuteness, but you didn't mind, and began furiously humping Marisa.
"Nhooooo !"
It didn't take long for you to climax, adding even more fluids to the puddle of sweat and piss forming around you.
"Refreshed !" you yelled at the zenith of pleasure.
No stalk appeared on marisa's forehead, and you felt relieved. That meant that you could do it as much as you wanted.

Marisa became the yukkurium's favorite toy. The little ones had no desire for you or for each other, but they all discovered sexuality with Marisa. The "nhooooo !" of a climaxing yukkuri became as common as the songs and the munch-munching in your daily life. Mister sometimes complained about how often he had to wash Marisa, but to him it was better than seeing the little ones multiplying. Even Deibu became a bit easier, too busy humping the toy to annoy your or her sisters.

All went well, and another month of easiness followed. Over the course of the weeks, you had lots of mister sweet-sweets to eat, took many mister baths with Mister and all the other yukkuris, and you took it easy, far from harm. You thought this was going to last forever, but everything has to end eventually.

Because one morning, Mister went to mister school and didn't come home. It was well into the night before you noticed anything strange. You began feeling nervous, as it never happened before.
"Yuu... Mommy, where is Daddy ?" Four asked.
You stroke her cheek with one of your soft, fluffy braids.
"Don't worry, he'll come home easy ! He just went to buy lots of mister sweet-sweets for Reimu !"
You went to sleep, and the calming warmth of One, Two and Four quickly let you forget your concerns, and you took a long sleep-sleep.
It was not Mister that woke you up, but the rays of mister sun.
"Waking up easy..."
"Yu ?"
Your daughters were asleep around you.
"Yuyu ?"
The room around you was as empty as the day before.
"Mister ? Where are you Mister ?"
He was nowhere to be found, and noone answered your calls : all you did was waking up your daughters.
Hours passed in anxiety. How many sweet-sweets was he buying, if it took that much time ? Even you didn't believe this story anymore. Something was wrong.
"Mommy, Reimu is hungry..." Two said at the end of the day.
"Give Reimu sweet-sweets !" Four begged you, rolling on the floor.
One endured the hunger stoically, and Three rolled on the ground crying, accusing you of eating all her food. Mister bowl was now empty, and mister toilet, not cleaned for two days, for now so covered in feces that doing poo-poo on it or besides it made no difference.

The situation was critical, something had to be done.

A. Mister will surely come tonight... or next morning... The world ouside is dangerous, let's stay in the yukkurium easy !

B. You could try to exit the yukkurium from its open top. But even by stacking mister bowl, the two mister beds, and Marisa, one of you would have to stay inside to let the others climb. As the yukkurium is on a small table not much wider than itself, the yukkuris that go off the top will fall on the ground, and won't be able to help the yukkuri left behind.

C. You could all go to one mister wall, and all run in front of you, bumping in the opposite mister wall at the same time. It will make the yukkurium fall from the table, but the yukkurium is made out of glass, and will break from the impact.
B if we can convince Three that we are bringing her sweet-sweets, so that she stays. If not, C. A seems too optimistic and C sounds like a wild card
I feel like all of these will end badly.

A sounds like a Bad End flag, and I would bet at least one of the kos die from the fall in C.

I guess B is the safest choice.
B. Preferably leaving Three behind as >>14600113 detailed.
>the world outside is dangerous

That's weird coming from a Reimu that saved yukkuris from the mold, and killed a Reimirya
B. Leave Three behind like the shit she is.
B. , because Not a chance they'll survive C, my head is filled with images of yukkuri's filled with glass shards already.
If we take A. I'm pretty sure Three will eat the others
Holy shit son
C is completly out of question. There's absolutely no way 5 Yukkuris could go through that unscratched.

Now, the problem is with the other two. I know everyone is saying B, but we don't get to pick who stays behind. Sure, tricking Deibu is what everyone wants, but Reimu is bigger and stronger, meaning she could stay as well. Not to mention one, who defineely would sacrifice hersslf for her sisters. And then what? They live in a fucking appartment, there's no way they'd get out without a mister human.

Now A is a gamble: Since mister is an easy human, it's probably not good, else he'd have remembered the Reimus. The two biggest possibilities are that mister got hurt or took it easy forever. This is important. Why? Because if the former, no one is coming and they'll starve to death, no one would starve yukkuris on their home and do nothing else, it smells bad. If the later, he has a daughter, one who could come to her father's house and help. I dunno how easy she is, but she helped with the ribbon and was raised by an easy father, at worse, she'd send Reimu to the pet shop. At best, she adopts them or takes them to the easy forest.

Now I know it's a 50/50 chance, but this fucking Reimu has already accomplished more than most Yukkuris ever will. So unless we can surely pick Deibu on B, I go with A, even if she made the little ones eat up, she'd at least rest easy knowing they'd survive.
the quicker Deibu dies the easier we can take it
B and leave deibu behind.
How about D: Eat the fucking Deibu. Slowly to make the bean paste sweeter. Yukkuri like sweet things don't they
>How about D: Eat the fucking Deibu. Slowly to make the bean paste sweeter. Yukkuri like sweet things don't they

Yukkuri that eat other yukkuris can't ever take it easy ever again.
B. Perhaps they can find some food somewhere, or get out through a catflap or something. Wouldn't be surprised if one of the kos buys it in the drop, though.
B, Reimu has done the impossible already, she can handle it.
B get out the yukkurium,leave Deibu behind andtry to get some food it should be safe since yukkuris can't get in or get out of the apartment.
So option A?
Does anyone have that Yukkuri story about this semi-abyuser using the magical properties of a yukkuries belief to do better in school and stuff?

I don't remember who wrote it, but it was translated and want to read it again. Thank you.

Sounds like "Between Studies".

>that pic
Noraaki is a great storyteller but his(?) art is awful, a lot of the potentially great stories he made gets ruined because of it like the Yukkuri serial killer one.
Thank you.

I just saved it because the Yukkuri in the third panel looks like LoLK Marisa.

Does anyone know what a nicehead Remi says in Yukkuri diary when she is happy? After I feed her she will do the usual Remi Uu! Uu! but it sounds like she is also saying something else as well? Matango? Uu Uu!?
Chapter Twelve : Mister Ladder

As you're as smart as you are cute, you quickly piece together an easy escape plan.
"Let's build a mister ladder !" you say.
The others look at you dumbfounded.
You demonstrate your thought by biting on mister bed and pulling it on the edge of the yukkurium. You then do the same to the smaller bed, the one belonging to Deibu.
"Don't touch Deibu's easy bed !" she growls.
"Take it easy, little sis ! Reimu has a plan !" One tells her, which makes Deibu reluctantly keep quiet.
"We'll pile stuff easy, and then go over mister wall !" you explain.
"But... our easy home..." Four complains.
"It's not easy anymore ! It stinks ! And there's no mister food !" Two responds.
"Help Mommy bring mister bowl !" you order them. You, Two and Four add the upside-down empty bowl to the pile of beds.
"Then Marisa !" One announces, bumping into the eternally smiling sex doll, putting her on top of the pyramid.
It almosts reaches the top of the wall. But even standing on top of Marisa, a yukkuri of your size can't hope to make it over the top in one jump. The pile needs to rise higher.
"Yu... maybe we can use mister ball ?" Two suggests.
You know it wouldn't be stable.
But you have a very smart plan, befitting of a cute yukkuri like yourself.
You approach Deibu while One, Two and Four make a vain attempt at making the ball fit on Marisa's head.
"Stay away from cyude Deibu ! Uneasy Fwake Mwommy !"
Not minding her hostility, you bow.
"Mommy has come to apologize easy !"
"Yu ?"
"Mommy has been very uneasy with Reimu ! In return, she'll give her lots of sweet-sweets if Reimu helps the others climb mister ladder !"
"Some mister chocolate too ?" she asks, drooling.
"Of course ! We'll come back easy for cute Reimu !"
Deibu is smiling at the idea of all those sweet-sweets and chocolate.
"Deibu will help, but hurry up easy !"
Without a moment of hesitation, Deibu jumps on top of Marisa.
"Climb up easy !" she says.
Four is the first to attempt climbing mister ladder, but when she touches Deibu, Deibu kicks back violently. She turns towards you, her face red with anger.
You knew Deibu to be dumb, but overestimated her dumbness. Indeed, there's no way you can get back into the yukkurium once you've gone out, the table on which it stands being far too high to climb back.
"Reimu will... make a big mister ladder to get back to Reimu !" you try.
"Liar ! Fwake Mwommy is an uneasy liar !"
One stares at you in disbelief.
"Reimu... lied to Reimu's little sis ?"
On her face, shock turns into anger, and she puffs up at you, tears in her eyes. Two follows up, by she's puffing at Deibu. Amidst all this tension, Four hiccups and wets herself.
The whole mister plan has been jeopardized, at least in its original form. But in your mind, you've already given up on the alternatives. Mister Ladder will be finished, whatever the cost.
You have to make a choice :

A. "Deibu should drop dead easy !"

B. "Reimu (One) should stay."

C. "Reimu (Two) should stay."

D. "Reimu (Four) should stay."

E. "Reimu (you) will stay."

E. Even if it is a Deibu, Reimu was tasked with taking care of the other yukkuris. Once they get out, "One" seems to be able to hold the group together so I doubt Deibu would manage to hurt the others/hog any food they find.

If we fight Deibu, One sounds unlikely to help, and if we lose, everyone's fucked.
Fucking Deibu. Assuming we make her drop dead easy we can use her body as the final part of the ladder, which seems like the best course of action for survival. I don't trust her to cooperate with the others if we stay though. It's a tough one.
Reimu staying is suicide, killing deibu might make one attack us, and we might not even win the fight. This is a tough decision.
Gonna go with A. One would likely willingly stay and could probably even hold out for a while, but then we'd have to deal with Deibu on our own. Leaving Two or Four is no good either since they'd die before help came, if it does. E is the good mommy answer but then we're stuck in the box.
A's a high stakes gamble but getting rid of Deibu is for the best.
The problem with A is if you fight Deibu, win or lose you're risking One losing complete faith in Reimu along with the others finding you uneasy for hurting their sister. B could work, as One is the strongest of the sisters, but then you have to deal with Deibu outside which could be disastrous. C/D are no good, Two and Four would never last on their own. Leaving yourself while the sisters go seems like the best option on paper; Reimu is the biggest and smartest, and being such a nicehead she could eat poopoo to survive. One could probably keep Deibu under some control until either Mister or someone shows up to handle the situation.

It's a really hard call, but I'm going with E. One will keep Deibu under control and Two/Four will listen to her well. Reimu is smart enough to know that, if it takes long enough, she can eat from mister toilet, as well as shout to reassure the sisters as they look for food or signs of Mister.
Reimu will sacrifice herself to save her little ones just as she did to save the moldy yukkuris.
E. Reimu is a nicehead, and will die as a nicehead
fuck, this is a tough one
Chapter 13 : Staying behind

"Reimu... Mommy will stay."
"Mwommy..." Four says, still crying.
One stops puffing, and looks at you with gravity. She understands what your choice means : you'll be the only one left behind, far from any help.
"Mwommy ! Cwome with ush !" Four begs you. "Shdupid Deibu can dwie eajy !" she insists, slurring like a baby from the emotion.
But you shake your head and smile.
"Reimu will stay. All of you, climb up easy !"
Deibu smiles, Two seems to understand, but looks sad nonetheless.
In the depths of your bean paste, a part of you doesn't want to do this. It wants to kill Deibu and climb on its carcass, lead the little ones into the world outside, a world they don't know about. Most of all, it wants to take it easy.
You jump on Marisa's head, face pressed against the glass.
"Come, little sis... follow Reimu easy !" says One, as she begins the ascent.
She now stands on your head.
"Reimu... thank you."
She jumps, trying to smile in the face of danger, tears in her eyes.
"It's like flying in the- yuuuu !"
The fall is harsh, but an adult yukkuri can survive it.
Two comes next.
"Good bye, Mommy..."
She jumps too.
Three is next, heavily jumping on you without a bit of care.
"Getting all the sweet-sweets easy !" she yells as she escapes the yukkurium.
You're now alone with Four, who doesn't come. You turn back, to see her shaking, crying incontrollably.
"Mwommy... mwommy... Pwease cwome with ush... Weimyu... Weimyu will shtay hewe if it needj..."
But you've made your choice.
"Mommy will stay here, so take it easy !"
You get close to her, and rub your cheek against hers.
"Rub-rub !"
"Mwommy... YUEEEEEEEEEN ! Mwommy !" she cries as she rubs against you, for the last time.
You separate from her, and take back your place atop Marisa.
"Weimyu... Weimyu will never fowget Mwommy !"
She climbs mister ladder, first the beds, then the bowl, then Marisa, and you. She jumps, makes a pained cry when landing.
You're now alone in the yukkurium.
Below, through the glass, you see them, and hear them. Four cries, One and Two thank you, Three rushes for the kitchen.
"Let's find mister food easy !" One says, organizing her sisters around her. They leave through a door let half open.
But you soon hear cries of frustration. There's no mister food in the kitchen, only, maybe, some in mister fridge, but yukkuris can't open it.
Mister was a simple man, living alone with his yukkuris : he barely made any reserves, buying food from the convenience every evening on his way home.
From the kitchen, they reach the bedroom, and further, the bathroom.
The voices get fainter and fainter.
They never come back.

You had to make this choice. It's how you've always acted. With the moldy yukkuris, with Dosu, with Mister Doctor. You've never killed or let down anyone, always designated yourself as sacrifice even if this meant jumping into the unknown.
Why ?
So others could take it easy.

The night will be long, the days after even more. You don't want to eat yet, not until starvation forces you to. You press your cheek against Marisa's plastic skin and close your eyes.
In the depths of your soul, you know you made the right choice.
Chapter 14 : The empty house

Two people stand next to each other in front of the house's door. A man, and a woman. They're in their late twenties, well-dressed, wearing glasses.
"It's a nice house. In a good neighbourhood like this, it will fetch a fine price." He says with a smile.
He looks at the woman, but her grim expression reminds him that happily talking about money is not the right thing to do for now.
"Sorry about your father, by the way... rolled over by a drunk driver, wasn't he ?"
She nods.
"It's a shame."
He really thinks it. Apparently, the deceased was a weel-loved man, an humble and gentle high school teacher. A widower, who lived alone in this tiny house.
"Shall we get in ?" he asks.
She opens the door with the keys.
A faint smell reaches their nostril.
"Rotten food ?" he thinks. That's not uncommon for a house left abandonned for a week.
They enter, taking off their shoes and closing the door behind them.
The man, a real estates employee with a keen eye for quality, immediatly sees the cleanliness of the place. It's a good house.
The woman goes further inside the house, and lets out a scream. The man rushes towards her.

She's standing in a tidy living room, both hands on top of her mouth. She's staring at a large open-topped glass box. There's something inside.
"A yukkuri !" she exclaims. "Father was keeping yukkuris !"
It now all makes sense. That ribbon he had her fix. Those friends he mentioned on the phone. She hadn't visited his house in months, how could she know ?
The man gets close to the box and looks inside. Clearly, it's where the smell come from.

Inside, are two yukkuris. One is in a pristine state, smiling, its empty eyes set on the horizon : clearly a fake. The other one is dirty. Its hair greasy, its skin greenish, its eyes closed : it stands inside a pool of its own piss. Brown traces around its mouth seems to indicate it spent days feeding from what seems to be a toilet space.
"Is it dead ?" the man asks.
With disgust, he pokes the yukkuri's cheek.
It makes a sound.
"It's still alive..."
The yukkuri doesn't open its eyes. It murmurs.
"Little... ones..."
The man looks at the woman. Little ones ? There are others ? She rushes to the closest door, opens it. The man hears her open door after door : rooms, closets. She comes back.
"There are no others... but the window in the bathroom was open. They've must have gone through it."
The dirty yukkuri smiles.
The man, covering his hand with a tissue from his pocket, seizes the yukkuri. Something doesn't feel right. Its underside is mushy, sticky from diarrhea, covered in rashes. Days of feeding on its own feces have ravaged its insides.
And yet it smiles.

You smile at the news, at the touch of a human hand, the warmth of a body after days of cold loneliness.
"So... the little ones... could..."
You eyes stay closed, darkness surrounds you, softer, warmer than Mister's hand. You don't know what's around you. The dirty yukkurium, or a deep forest ? Humans, or round silhouettes ? One with a ribbon, one with a hat. Other, smaller ones, around them. Silence, or calls ?
"Reimu !"
"Reimu !"
"Bwig shish !"
All those voices combine.
"Welcome home easy !"
You finish your sentence.
"... take it... easy..."
The darkness is soft and warm. It's an easy place.
You don't mind staying here a little longer.

Your eyes stay closed, forever.


Today is a good, easy day.
Dosu smiles, looking down on the joyful little ones, bathing in the light of the clearing.
"Yu !"
"Cwimbing up eajy !" a little Reimu announces.
"Be careful, ze !" her Marisa father warns.
It's climbing mister white stone. It's strong and agile for its age, and gets on top without problems.
"Weimyu cwimbed up easjy !"
Dosu smiles with kindness.
"Doju !" the little one calls. "Why ij mishter white shtone sho important ?"
"Oh, that..."

While looking through her father's things, the woman found a will. Unsurprisingly, it left everything to her. However, there was this paragraph.

"I'm keeping four yukkuris, that I found as strays in the streets. If I die before they do, Kaori, could you take care of them ?"
The text was typed and printed, but had an extra, handwritten line.
"They're five now. I've bought them a mother. Please take care of this one too. This one is a special one, with a long story she told me about. In the forest, north of the city, you'll find a river, with a bridge leading to a clearing. This is where you should burry her when her time comes."

Dosu remembers how she puffed when she saw this strange miss human come into her territory. But when she saw what she was carrying, she understood.
A voice makes itself heard above Dosu, clearing its throat. Dosu smiles and lowers her hat, so that the yukkuri standing on top of her hat can look at the little one on the stone.
It's a scarred, one-eyed Patchouli, with half of her hair gone. She answers the little one's question.
"Because it's a dear friend's easy home..."
The End.
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Rest in peace Reimu
my next chapter will come today, sorry for the wait
I cried man.
That was beautiful.
My thanks. May Komachi bring Reimu to a better place now.
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Thanks anon

Bit too late
Actually very much late
Yeah, I figured much when I scrolled down.
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we should have killed deibu
RIP Reimu, the nicest nicehead to ever live.
Can you tell us how thr other paths would have ended?
Yu... Reimu can take it easy forever now... Thank you mister writer to give Reimu an easy life !
I feel like making a yukkuri game.

How about gang beasts, but instead it's yukkuri?
Shit anon. Didn't expect your story to be so good.
Thank you.
I cried writing it

- Staying in the yukkuroum would have led all the yukkuris to starve to death.
- Crashing it would have killed half the yukkuris inside, but not Reimu.
- Killing Deibu would have worked fine, with Two assisting you and One staying passive, but hating you for it.
- One would have stayed behind if designated.
- Two and Four would have refused, but Deibu (aided by Two in case Four was designated) would have promptly killed the designated yukkuri, their shithead nature resurfacing.

I was almost sure you'd go for a path where Reimu would leave the ukkurium with the little ones.

After that, I had planned one last choice. Reimu would have taken the elad of the group, gone into the streets with them, and resolved to take them to the Easy Forest. The path is dangerous however, and Flans would have attacked them.

You would have had three choices :

- Running away, which would have caused all the little ones to die, and Reimu to be wounded. She'd have reached the Forest, but only to die from her wounds after taking refuge in the cave where she started the adventure.

- Fighting. Reimu would have died, but the little ones would have survived. And reached the Easy Forest.

- Hiding : the Flans would have eaten the little ones, but not Reimu, who would have reached the Easy Forest alive and when, but with a heavy heart.

Also, the sex part would have lenghtened the story for one or two chaps dealing with raising the little ones, if Reimu had refreshed with One. However, the rest would have proceeded the same, with Mister dying.

So, where are One, Two, Three and Four now ? Without Reimu to lead them to the Easy Forest, they won't cross the path of the Flans. Rather, they'll live as stray, probably separating after a while, each going to live their own adventure.
such is life as yukkuri..
>Killing Deibu would have worked fine, with Two assisting you and One staying passive, but hating you for it
This was my first choice, but I think we went with the best route in terms of morality.
>So, where are One, Two, Three and Four now ? Without Reimu to lead them to the Easy Forest, they won't cross the path of the Flans. Rather, they'll live as stray, probably separating after a while, each going to live their own adventure.
I look forward to the sequel.
10/10, thank you anon. Checking the thread for new chapters was a real highlight of my day.

>I look forward to the sequel.

Me too, for sure.
i hope deibu died the second they separated
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wud u
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Reimu was too good for this world. I wish this would somehow get turned into a comic.
Thanks anon, it was a great story. I think we took the right path, all things considered, and of all the sisters I think One deserves a story when you're up for a sequel.
File: angrymarisa.jpg (166 KB, 1389x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1389x800
>- Two and Four would have refused, but Deibu (aided by Two in case Four was designated) would have promptly killed the designated yukkuri, their shithead nature resurfacing.
I´m glad we chose the hero path, honestly. That Epilogue was gold

also, I finally finished the next chapter of mine

Chapter 2:Rant
choice chosen:2 As, 2 Bs and 1 B with A. so let´s do both
You decide to ignore them and see how that works
"I can´t take it easy if Patchi is here! Patchi is uneasy and she should stay in mister cage!"
"Yez! stay in mister cage!"
"Yez yez! Patchi is uneasy!"
Marisa the shithead looks smugly at you with expectation, while her minions keep repeating parts of what she said
"stay in mister cage!"
"Can´t take it easy, ze!"
"Mister cage is uneasy!"
you interrupt the aimless rambling with a simple remark
"Oh, is that so?"
"Yes! Marisa is glad you understand!"
Your sister looks at you, not sure of what to do
"Patchi should hurry up and-"
"Sorry reimu, what were you saying before we got interrupted?"
"Yu...?!" 1, after being cut mid sentence, is confused. Why is uneasy Patchi looking at reimu while talking with Marisa?
is stupid patchi blind?
Reimu altrough a little nervous, responds "...I-I was talking about when I found mister nice flower the other day. Mister cold made all mister flowers go sad, but this one was okay..."
Reimu looks nerviously from time to time to the perplexed Shithead, but still focuses mainly on Patchi.Shitheads 2 and 3 look confused at the turn of events, like they have just imagined the last 15 seconds.
"I see. you are really lucky to find a flower this days" I continued "What color was it? White, right?"
Remembering the flower seemed to cheer up reimu, and she stopped looking nervous
"Yes! Mister flower was really really white, like mister snow!"
"Hey..." Marisa tried to interrupt, anger showing out in her face after realizing where this was going "Stop ignring ma..."
"...But mister flower was not cold like mister snow! and it was smoooooth!"
But when reimu started to talk about something pretty, she was worryngly dificult to stop. this time, however, it worked In patchi´s favor
"Really? and where is mister flower now? can I see it?"
Reimu stopped, suddenly putting a sad face. Marisa was raging hard, looking the scene unfold. believing this was her moment of glory, she opened her mouth
"Uneasy reimus took it!" reimu continued, ruining Marisa the shithead´s mood once again
"No Sis! We didn´t!"
"Sis, We didn´t do it! Reimus are easy yukkuris!"
"Yuguuu....?" Marisa said ,outraged. Shithead 2 and 3 had been sucked completelly by the story, and now they were ignoring marisa too
"No little ones, not you! Mister Uneasy reimu´s little ones did it!"
Both wasas finally realized who her sister was talking about, and get closer to the three of us
"Oh! reimu understands now! ugly little ones are really uneasy"
"yes, uneasy!"
"Yes!" Reimu continued, not realizing Marisa was about to either explote in rage or cry like a ko "Uneasy little ones stealed mister flower! they are really Uneasy!"
"Uneasy!" Koa joins the conversation.She also had some incidents with that spawn of shitheads
The conversation quickly builds up. Patchi didn´t believe how well It have worked, but it did. You can finally take it easy with your non-annoying sisters and koa
Or so you would have been if not for Marisa. The biggest yukkuri of all the present ones makes its way from her insolation, landing heavily at mere centimeters of killing her own sisters.Her face, no longer smug, is contorned onto the personification of butthurtness.
The mood gets completely ruined, and everyone looks at marisa like she is a monster ready to kill them.
Your pacience is also at your limit too, and you condense your troughts (and probably similar to the ones of everyone present) into a humble request.
"Fuck off"
Everyone is suddenly silent. You put yourself in front of your sisters, Koa still on your head, and look the Shithead into the eyes.
Inside, you are actually scared, but you cannot allow yourself that; She could squass you at any moment, but you believe (and hope) she doesn´t have the guts to do it... yet
"Marisa doesn´t understand stupid difficult words!"
"Goddamn, you really are the worst" you said, your voice starts gaining strength, ready to lay the finishing blow
"Everyone here is taking it easy as long as you are not here. That should be enough hint for you to understand what do I mean with 'Fuck off'."
"Patchi is lying! everyine hates Patchi! everyone loves Marisa..!" this time is Marisa who interrupts herself after taking a look at the situation she was in
Her sisters, altrough not looking at her with hate, where clearly scared. The wasas were hiding behind Reimu, a small river of pee pee coming from her bellies.
Reimu was looking at the whole situation, clearly worried of the outcome of the quarry
"Fuck off" you repeated. You wouldn´t go to this lenght if it was only you getting bullied, but the moment Marisa scares everyone of sign you reach the conclusion that enough is enough
Moments of silence pass, none of you backing off
"What is going on here, little ones?!"
You feel a mixt of relief and dissapointment when your father enters the scene. Altrough you are grateful that this is over, this is the first time you can give marisa back some punishment in a long time.
also, you probably know what is coming
She hides herself behind the big figure of marisa, looking for protection.
Your father usually is biased trowards Marisa antics in this quarries: Apparently, marisa only turns into a shithead in your presence, so he asumes you are the problem most of the time
this time, However, the scared figures of your sisters seem to soften his heart, and looks at you, this time more willing to listen to an explanation. You:
A. Blame marisa for everything
B. Blame yourself
C. Blame marisa and the Wasas
D. Blame Deibu´s kos for stealing the flower
E. (write your own answer)
Did you read >>14605144 ? Killing Deibu wouldn't have mattered. Reimu only makes it out alive if everyone else dies, and that's not how a nicehead mother does things.
I think A/C would both be bad choices here, as Father doesn't know how shitty these kos are. I'm going to say D, let the shithead Reimus take some blame. If Patchy takes the blame she's probably going to get beaten.

>I don't know why Marisa is angry
>we were all taking it easy

The kos don't know what's going on, so they'll all back you up.

C. ya herd?
A, Marisa should drop dead eajy!
That was absolutely beautiful. I still think we should've killed Deibu though.

D. Technically she didn't get really mad until they mentioned the flower getting stolen, right?
>tfw the age of the kimeemaru is over
Hi anons, i finally got into the glorious yukkuri treatment.
Whatre some good stories you guys recommend?
great to see more people joining the threads.
>What are some good stories you guys recommend?
that depends, do you like abuse?
Well, usually only stories where they have it coming to them but im open minded enough to enjoy almost anything.
I would be legit grateful for any recommendations.
-Anything by big.g, specially the yukkuri park saga with the Flandre story: Has a little of everything, but the abuse is mainly to shitheads. you can find everything on OYP
-True Happiness (http://oyp.yunyah.com/pools/440) If you are in the mood of nicehead abuse. also kiriraitaa is your man if you are looking for more abuse
-This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uttAkG56ZEc. If you want the translations later go here http://oyp.yunyah.com/posts/55431?pool_id=1104, but watch the video first
From there, visit OYP and look for the tags you would enjoy more
Thanks, I hope this wont be a slippery slope for me
File: 567i.jpg (112 KB, 800x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Adapted to water.png (681 KB, 1599x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Adapted to water.png
681 KB, 1599x894
Oh, it will be. It was for me.

Also, if you want to give raising your own yukkuri a shot, check out bluesnow's games.


The newest version is for Android devices, but there's a PC download link for a slightly older version.
Thanks guys, I think i should slow down on this or i might become too desensitized to this.
File: Awesome.png (344 KB, 452x2408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 452x2408
I've been coming to and from this shit for like 2 years now.

You definitely get burnt out to it, and then eventually come back to it when you've lost your resistance.

The key is having the discipline to keep yourself from Jonesing until you have your sadism meter fully charged.

Pic unrelated, it's just my single favorite scene from the series.
File: 1434505514733.jpg (32 KB, 396x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Nicehead abuse
File: sweepy kos.gif (94 KB, 349x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweepy kos.gif
94 KB, 349x171
>You'll never let your kos rub-rub your hand before they drift off to an easy sleep

Life is pain, anons.
We have a disease.
I can't argue with that.
It seems like aquatic Marisas would be the single most satisfying yukkuri to abuse.

>flick it
>it dies
>throw a rock anywhere near it
>it dies
>leave it in a natural environment with zero interference whatsoever
>it dies
How is that satisfying?
Well, it spends its entire life just a tiny, tiny nudge away from death.

You move your index finger, just once, and you can utterly, painfully destroy its life.

And that is all right.
Well I don't know about you but for me, a satisfying abyuse is a slow one.
I think it depends.

If yukkuri were real, I'd have a couple of thermos bottles around just so I could throw koyukkuri in them and close the lid. The insulation that works well for heat should also work for sound.

Put it in a closet or something, some back in a few days, and you have a delicious snack.

But it'd just be satisfying to get so much suffering out of so little effort.
I love this one.
i'd get a job as the guy who has to go around town exterminating shitheads
I'd buy a nicehead Reimu, pet her daily and feed her chocolate.
File: patchy.jpg (106 KB, 450x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 450x592
Too much sweet-sweet makes them hate all other foods.

Personally, I'd want a couple niceheads. Probably a Patchy and a Marisa, since Reimus aren't much for being a father. If they were well-behaved I might allow one or two kos eventually. Patchys don't seem to be as focused on babies as Reimus are.
Would there be world peace if Yukkuri existed?
no one would ever be stressed thats for sure
It'd definitely change the way farming works.

Yukkuri stories don't touch on it, but there's a real ethical dilemma with creatures that have the intelligence and verbal skills of a toddler and the fecundity of a rat.
Yeah the stories make it seem like nobody would really have an issue with kids and The Factory roaming the streets and forests, killing at random, but I think yukkuri would be like any other animal in the end and get some kind of protection from the violent folks.
The issue is, the planet simply doesn't have enough resources for all of them to live.

They produce exponentially, and eat everything, so eventually extermination would become necessary.

It'd be a serious challenge to the entire idea of human rights to have an animal that exhibits obvious human characteristics, but that can't be treated as human.

On the plus side, Chens would probably end the deplorable conditions of the West African slave laborers that currently make the world's chocolate supply.
I can't tell if this is adorable or disgusting.

Of course, it could easily be both.
Dis ij anowns eajy fwed now!
get lost shiddy manju!
File: misterflower.jpg (56 KB, 1280x937) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Chapter 3: Common enemy
"...It was deibu´s little one´s fault"
Both Marisa and your father look surprised. Father because he was expecting you to blame someone present, and your shithead sister
because he was expecting you to blame her
"those retarded buris stolen sister´s flower, and we got angry because of that. Right, reimu?"
Reimu, already calmed by father´s presence, joined your explanation "Y-Yes! reimu is sad because of that!"
"Yez! those little ones are at fault!"
"It´s all their fault Daddy!"
"Koa agrees!"
everyone played with Patchi´s little lie. Everyone except Marisa
Your father, still not sure if that was true or not, inquired "Little one, is what everyone say true?"
Marisa seemed at first conflicted, but a chance to blame others for her problems was just too good for her to pass
"Yes Daddy" She puffed "Marisa was angry because she was going to punish those uneasy reimus not to bully sister"
"I see" Father said, patting marisa´s head "little one is a good big sister, but don´t get into trouble with those yus. Daddy and Mommy will take care of that"
Incredible. After causing all this fuss, after starting everything herself, she still gained Father´s favor.
This was the better she could have done: Blaming marisa would have gained different conflicted reactions from her sisters,
and she couldn´t blame the 3 of them and expect everything to go well. Blaming herself would have directed father´s warth to herself for nothing.
It still pissed her off, but she would manage with that little frustration.
"Well well, there was a family reunion without Mommy knowing?"
your mother made her entrance while everyone was not paying attention it seems.
"Mommy!" said Reimu
"Patchi doesn´t need to worry" said Father "Little ones were..."
"I know. I was watching the whole time"
Oh crap. Was she going to said what it really happened?
She turned to you, and you expected the worse
"Small Patchi"
The moment you heard her calling you that, you felt 'a weight being lifted from your shoulders' as some humans said. 'small one' wasn´t a denomination commonly used in yukkuri vocabulary.
Usually, Yukkuri parents would call children "little ones" or by their type´s name. Your mother of course knew this, but she insisted in calling you by that uncommon name.
Was it because you where her only bioligical daughter? at first, you asumed that. But, over time, you discovered that it was something else:
Mother called you one simply because you felt a little outclassed along yukkuris. Some would argue that the worst thing you could do to someone that didn´t felt integrated was difference him more from the rest,
but mother knew better: There was no point in denying reality, so she embraced the fact that Patchi was awfully smart for a yukkuri, and threated her different for it, period.
Patchi was very grateful for that threatment, so she responded with no worries.
"Yes, mother?"
"Come with me" She started walking troward the cave, directing me to follow "we have to talk about something"
wasting no time, I quickly said goodbye to the rest and followed her.Reimu seems worried, but she probably took mother´s calling the wrong way.
File: proudsmile.jpg (43 KB, 600x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I followed mother silently to a secluded zone of the cave, no conversation between us surfacing. Whatever she wanted to discuss, it was serious buisness.
we arrived to our destiny. a flipped wooden box made some kind of stage, and behind it,on a wall, a small piece of paper was held against the wall. Patchi knew very well what it was
"First off all..." Her mother said as she jumped on the box,back still facing Patchi
"...small one did wonderfully out there"
Your mother finally turned to face you, and she was proudly smiling at you. you didn´t quite get it
"Let´s recapitulate: when little Marisa got close to you, you could have made alot of things" She paused, closed her eyes and continued "However, anything remotely aggressive would have, at least at first, ended up badly for small one"
"Even if small one managed to 'defeat' marisa somehow, Little sisters wouldn't have been happy about it. Ignoring Marisa at first was the right thing to do"
You ponder what your mother said, and realize she is right: even if you made Marisa back off, reimu would be sad about it, the wasas would still side with her, and your father would blame you for sure
"However, that strategy burned out eventually" She continued "Marisa got angry, and you had to do something"
"Wait, weren´t you scared that marisa would hurt us?" you interrupted, curious
"I would have definitely interfered if things went wrong. Also Marisa is not such an Uneasy yukkuri. Not even when angry"
"More like shithead" you cursed under your breath
"That´s the human term" She clarified, perfectly hearing you despite your efforts "or at least, It´s the closest thing they have"
There was a sudden silence, your mother asking you with a stare if there was something else you wanted to say. You stayed silent, realizing that your second incision was out of place
Mother was really helpful and nice most of the time, but didn´t like to get interrupted without a good reason. At all.
"You decided to stand your ground, and that´s when your Father arrived. now, why do you thing your last choice was a great decision?"
I pondered a second, and responded the same I trought the moment after making that choice
"the other options would end up with more tensions between of us"
"you are right, but there was another factor about your decision that made more than that"
you are at a lost of words upon hearing that, and you inquire for an answer to that, clueless
"Is simple, really: you directed the hate of your sisters to a common enemy, an enemy of the whole campament altogether"
Oh, so that was it. Not only we werent fighting each other for this, we are united against someone else
"You did great. we are going to need that unity more than ever"
The tone of that afirmation puzzles you "What do you mean Mother?"
"Simple: we are leaving this place in three days, give or take"
you are stunned. your mother expects you to do something upon this revelation. Time to choose:
B."Where are we going?"
C.stay silent
If someone sees more errors feel free to point them out

Most of it could be solved by preexisting animal cruelty laws or using similar concepts in penning new laws. The Factory could also breed Yukkuris for food use that had many of their human like qualities toned down or removed entirely by paste manipulation and lol magic. It would probably be illegal in the states to burn a Reimu's feet and kill her kos in front of her and then post it on youtube.
Yeah, I think yukkuri would be similar to those stories about animals getting introduced to environments they weren't originally a part of. They'd be fine at first, but eventually would start harming the ecosystem, so perhaps The Factory might be needed in the end after all. It's hard to say for sure.

B, I would say. You and Mother are pretty smart, it seems, so getting more info would make sense.

B I guess the reason why we're leaving will be revealed when we'll be told of the new place.
B, the rest are pretty uncharacteristic

Patchy is calm, collected, and inquisitive.

D would also be a good option, Patchy wants information.

Even without state sanctioned exterminations (which would probably become necessary in urban areas) you'd have the issue of people in places like Africa and India growing them as a food source.

They're versatile, weak as fuck, and produce a huge amount of sugar. They'd do to the diets of 21st century peasant farmers what sugar beets did to medieval ones. I'm picturing Patchy, Chen, and Remilia becoming more common, because beans are already cheap as fuck.

And the process of breeding yukkuri for specific traits is not a pleasant one.

Yes it should have qualified my comments with "in the US". Thinking of the global economic, agricultural and security considerations that Yukkuri would bring made me chuckle at the thought of a CIA world factbook white paper on Yukkuris.
I'm sure yukkuri, at least some types, would end up like cows/chickens/etc in some places, especially considering how quickly they reproduce and grow.

I'd also figure shelters might get a hand in it all, too, bringing abandoned/stray yukkuri of all types to local pet supply stores for people to adopt.
I detect another polsci wonk.

You're among friends here.
Well, since you did ask.

Referring to Marisa as both he and she in the same sentence.
*Say instead of said
*Treat instead of threat

*Campament doesn't exist, you could say camp, encampment or simply their clan

Mostly typos anyway, but since you asked, here you go.

Also, B.
shit, I need to get better at this.
Sorry about that. I´m not a native speaker, and when I have to type so much text I tend to do it quicky. I do make some revisions, but holy fuck I didn´t expect so much shit would go unnoticed
So even with same names, Yukkuri can always tell each other apart and who they're referring to while speaking even with no indication whatsoever, but something I never stopped to pay attention is, if a human called, say, a badged Marisa among many of its type only by her name, would other Yukkuri looks his way confused as well?
We all kind of figured.

The scenarios are interesting, the descriptions work, and we're having fun. You're good.
thanks, I really appreciate that
Fuckin manju
How come insects aren't attracted to Yukkuri?
File: big.g yukkurium.jpg (902 KB, 1400x1011) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big.g yukkurium.jpg
902 KB, 1400x1011
Ants are a common killer of wild yukkuri, at least if they're young/sick/etc. Otherwise most bugs are food for them in stories they show up in.
File: df0.jpg (50 KB, 600x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 600x750
>there's a PC download link for a slightly older version.
That's a lie.
Did you not read the whole page? There's a link in the update blurb near the bottom:

File: 2909b00b.jpg (168 KB, 600x2500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 600x2500
File: anko1525.png (151 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 512x512
It's broken.
Which type do you want to abuse more, Reimu or Marisa?
Did it died
Marisa because they are smug and think they will kill you
B eajy!!
This thread is now great Marisa's easy place, shiddy geezers leave now
File: 1450230482805.jpg (483 KB, 1400x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
483 KB, 1400x1000
I love how Yukkuris are the weakest and powerless creatures in existence
Not quite, they're higher in the food chain than certain insects.
It has 3 eyes?
Mister bird is moving too fast
Wasa Reimus > Marisas >Regular Reimus
yeah and a few of the birds have 2 heads
Have you ever seen an adult Wasa Reimu?
Either they've been growing out of it, or they haven't been making it that long.

Smart money is on the second.
Who was in the wrong here?
The mother.
Mom for not noticing.
What is she eating? Eels?
File: map.png (83 KB, 709x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 709x557
Sorry for the wait. here´s next chapter, hopefully with less errors
Chapter 4: 3 days for the armaggedon
You take a deep breath to compose yourself before speaking
"...Where are we going?"
Your mother, once again, looks at you with approval "Good question small one. Patchi is ashamed to not be able to give you an direct answer"
"Mother, what do you mean by that?"
"I don´t know where we are going..."
again, awkward silence reigned in the cave. There was obviously more information left to be handed: The piece of paper behind her mother suggested that
"...and by that I mean that we haven´t decided the escape route yet" Mother concluded "we are simply leaving, because this place is no longer safe"
just after saying this, she moved to one side of the paper on the wall, allowing Patchi a clear view of it.
It was a map written on a human´s notebook´s page. Patchi wrote most of what the paper had right now during her adventures with Youmu. Aditional information had been added trough time, some of which Patchi had no visual confirmation of, only Mother´s.
Green, yellow, red, and black where used for friendly yukkuris, shitheads, predators and humans/human bulding respectively. crosses represented settlements, and the arrows represented 'movement', it´s length representing the amount/importance.
Two blue lines represented the river.In the center of the map, a green cross with a circle marked the place you were right now.
There was no indication of the scale of the map, but it took to youmu around 10-15 minutes to reach the small yellow cross near home (Deibu´s lair).
Patchi would have liked to re-make the map someday, but there was no time for that now.
"I´m going to explain everything right now, even if you know most of it" Mother started, taking a small straight branch that was resting on the wall to point out during the explanation.
"We are in the center of this mess, as you can see. we have been living here for a while, but is clear to Patchi that if we stay here we will perish sooner of later. this place..." She made a quick gesture to the surroundings of the big X "isn´t easy anymore"
The point of the branch rested now on the yellow line
"The shitheads have been expanding their territory for a while, but a few weeks ago the speed of this colonization has skyrocketed. the incident with deibu proves that" she made a line from the yellow cross to the yellow line. The distance was unnsetting at the very least.
"Furthermore, the yukkuri city sended a nitori trough the river with a message:'Uneasy yukkuris are coming!'"
The yukkuri city was the other big green cross in the map. Patchi, acording to her mother, was born there, but Patchi doesn´t have recolection of it. Mother told her about the city: hundreds of yukkuris lived there in a massive structure of houses and tunnels at the base of an enormous tree, and their camp had traded multiple times with them.Far upstream there was a colony of nitoris close to a human workshop.
When asked about why they didn´t live there, Mother simply responded that she and her father needed a rest from the city, but Patchi knows there is something more that what she is told about it.
"That message arrived 2 weeks ago, 1 week before uneasy deibu´s attack, and just in time for the other incidents"
you took your mother´s pause to interrupt "So that travel two weeks ago was to see what was going on"
Patchi, youmu, koa and her mother had tried to go to the city two weeks ago. Patchi´s excitement to finally see the city was demolished when a pack of rapist Alices appeared out of nowhere and made them retreat. the big yellow arrows crossing the big yellow line pointed to the zone where that incident happened
"Yes, I wanted to make sure everything was going alright there."
After ensuring Patchi didn´t have any more questions, she continued "of course, if this was the only problem we were having, we could retreat to the east. however..." your mother signed, annoyed by the situation. you took that moment to complete the sentence
"The Scarlet Devil Mansion"
Predator types -Patchi refers mosly to remilias: Flandres were, thankfully, rare- were powerful yukkuris: common types couldn´t hope to defeat a remilia of the same size as them, and they apparently didn´t die from loneliness like others. However, they weren´t as social as other types, and that acted as a balancer:
an entire family or camp could drive a lonely remilia away if they worked together, and packs of predators were rare and/or didn´t last long.
there was a characteristic about remilias that wasn´t that known by everyone trought: All remilias apparently claimed a place called 'The Scarlet Devil Mansion' as their posession. Up until now, even the few yukkuris that knew this didn´t pay any attention to it.
But everything changed one day. The predators, suddenly, started to work in organiced packs, commanded by someone. the different reports from survivors said that they all came from a red human mansion, altrough there is no visual wittnesses of the house alive to this date and its exact location is not confirmed.
Since then, countless yukkuris had fallen prey of this group, and their domains keep expanding slowly but steadily
"...Yes, the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I was hoping they would start a war with those uneasy yus sooner or later, but if we stay here, we won´t live to see it"
now the branch pointed to the black line
"Last -and luckily least-, uneasy humans have been visiting the forest more often, and the easy ones in the houses have been leaving since the Factory´s accident"
The Factory was, back when it was working, a place where yukkuris were used for something. It had been destroyed far before Patchi was born by an explosion, and the ruins laid somewhere in the southwest ,mostly untoched
That´s all Patchi had been told about it, and all that her Mother admitted to know. She could tell that her mother knew more about the city that what she told her, but with the Factory she wasn´t sure about what to think.
"We don´t really have a clear objective,but North is said to be more easy that this place. the only problem is the river. We can´t cross it directly, so we have few options" Mother pointed out to the black bars crossing the river
"First, cross Predators´s territory and use the bridge"
now she pointed the city
"Second, visit the city and see what is going on, then try to cross the river with their help"
Mother lowers the branch and adds "we can also visit the few easy yukkuris left around. We still have a few days to decide, but the winter is getting close"
She finally falls silent. She wants to know what do you think so far.
A.Visiting the city seems the most solid plan
B.The bridge is a risky route, but at least we know it´s there
C.What about going through the human territory?
D.I need to investigate more about our options. give me 3 days
Parent should have noticed that the non-shell was having issues, and not ignored her for the shell so much.
Why do Shitheads make me so fucking mad?
I never get mad at fictional characters but shitty manju just make me want to kill
Ohh, the plot thickens, I'm liking it. By the way, you could've given us a compass. I mean, we're in the center, so assuming top is north, we wouldn't cross any rivers going that way. (Not like we'd want to) so I guess you meant south when you say so.

Anyway, so far I like A the best, but for now I pick D if we can afford more info.
>so I guess you meant south when you say so
my bad, I meant south.
also I forgot the trip. guess it doesn´t really matter, but still
If that westmost green cross is the yukkuri city, I'm pretty worried about how close it is to the shithead's expansion border.

It'd be better to leave as soon as possible, but I'll have to go with D. Seems like the safest bet.
D, I guess. Less time to move, but more time to be completely prepared for the dangers outside.
I'm voting A because it should be easier for a Patche to deal with yukkuri than with Mister human or Remi.
We can do many things there.
D. There's just not enough info to choose yet. How much more dangerous has the way to the city gotten? Is it even still standing? If the Remis have some kind of leader now, can we deal with them? Is there any chance of finding an easy human? Lotta questions to answer.

Plus we might get to use some of that time to try making Marisa not hate us.
I want to eat Yukkuri
Hang in there, Marisa.
File: 1956219 (1).png (8 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1956219 (1).png
8 KB, 100x100
Where is this from? I'm sure it's kiri but I can't find the comic
Definitely kiri, but I can't tell from such a small crop.

Holy shit, lucky on the first try: http://oyp.yunyah.com/pools/1045
If I found this on the street, I would definitely smash those kos and rip off the stalk then smash it to the wall. Won't kill the parents though, just leave them alive in agony and despair.
I'd at least feed the Marisa and lock Reimu somewhere.
I'd feed this Marisa chocolate. The Reimus are way too cute to abuse. Just a small tap on the mother's head, telling her "Be more gentle with Marisa, okay ?"
How does this happen? There are no Marisas being born at all, you'd assume Wasa was killing them, but even in the stalk there are no signs of removed babies.

My theory is that wasas are so hated because of such genetics: whenever a Yukkuri is born, it recieves genes of only one of the parents for some reason, with the rare exception of hybrids. Sex is there just to give an extra help for them to be born and for the father to transmit a few genes that the mother could use.
Now maybe the wasa gene is a recessive r, while regular Reimus are R. However, since Reimus combine their genes with themselves for making their babies, they may have something like 1/4 chance of havig a wasa per baby Reimu.
But then things get complicated, if the baby grows and births more Reimus, they'll only ever be wasas. To make matters worse, somehow through evolution, the father's genetic material is never used by them, maybe being eliminated as an outside source during peepee or poopoo, meaning they have sex only as an enabler to have more babies,m which will always be wasas.
The worst of all is that, even if Reimu births regular babies, they have about 66% of chance of still carying the gene, which is why even with their high mortality, they still are somewhat common.

What I mean to say is, fucking kill every wasa you come by.

Also, I wonder what are the conditions for Kotarisas ans Shellrisas, they're rare enough you'd need better ways to explain it. Maybe because Marisa is usually the father?
A eajy!
Now I feel stupid, half my ideas were shot down.

I still want to save that Marisa.
What exactly is going on? Is she imagining there's koMarisas on the stalk? Or did Wasa remove them?
Poor Marisa. Never trust a Deibu/Wasa.
How does this story ends? I'm looking all over big.g pixiv and can't find it.
Nevermind, found it, I'm happy now.
File: remidelight.jpg (37 KB, 186x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 186x205
well done marisa
well done
is that mold?
Looks like it. In the end, she still loses, as is the way of big.g.
Curious what the kowasa is saying there, though, in her final moments.
either that´s one hell of a bee or a really small komarisa
now, seing a praying mantis do this to a shithead would be amusing
Was there a story for this one?
Isn't it a Japanese giant hornet? How big is the usual ko anyway?
something between a cherry tomato and a clementine
I have a present for you:
This is evolution teaching them to do a better job securing the nest.
what a time to be alive
is oyp down?
It looks fine from here.
Mister mantis took it easy
Looks like they changed format.

File: spicy.jpg (1 MB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2000x1500
Here, next chapter coming. I hope I didn´t go too far on some parts
Chapter 5: scouting, day 1.
"I need more time to think about it" you say, not sure of how Mother will take it. she doesn´t interrupt you, so you asume that she spects an explanation
"While going to the city seems like the most solid one, me -and probably you- don´t have enough information right now about the routes to decide with conviction which one is the best" you make a brief pause, followed by a request "give me 3 days to investigate our options"
Mother closes her eyes in trought, deliverating on what you said and thinking of what action take. or so you asumed
"Small one is absolutely right. Patchi was going to give you those 3 days regardless of your answer, but Patchi is really glad you asked for them" She leaves the box, and after she reaches the ground, continues
"Youmu shall acompain small one in her investigation.you can borrow anyone from our camp anytime if needed too. Patchi will tell them to follow your requests"
Mother makes her way to the exit. before leaving, she makes one last remark
"Good luck small Patchi.You will need it"
Patchi is suddenly alone in the darkness of the cave. The sun outside was setting, and the voices of the rest of the group were getting closer. they would enter the cave in a few minutes, but patchi didn´t have time to talk.
She quickly made her way to her room and stronghold, and franatically started to look for whatever would be useful out there. Her mother had tasked her with a mission that would decide the fate of the entire camp, and Patchi didn´t have the slinglest intention to do anything but her best.
Patchi´s eyelids opened suddenly, like she had been awakened by a electric charge. she had managed to sleep right after the sunset, so when she checked outside it was still dark.
'good' she through 'every second of sunlight counts'
she poked koa, who was sleeping next to her, and made her way to all the things she had prepared for today
First of all, she took 2 empty acorns, their cabs firmly secured with a small thread.The main difference between the two was that one was marked with a tiny red line in une side, while the other´s mark was red. she untied both and checked the contents
Inside the red acorn there were small red pieces of some kind of vegetable. at the sight of that color, patchi stared at the big bulge inside a plastic human bag at the end of the room, and grimanced remembering the events that leaded her to its discovery.
'how much time has passed? 6 months? maybe more'
Back when she had the habit to explore the world around her more, she traveled at youmu´s back almost every day, looking for adventures and treasures, like the books that were with her now. She encountered a mother Marisa and her two childs happily checking the very same object that now was on the bag: a a green a branch with multiple red, large vegetables hanging from it.
they were calmer times, so she approached them with youmu without worry, and greeted them. Funnily enough, this probably could have saved the parent if she wasn't as dumb as a brick.
"You came to steal Marisa´s and little one´s food? Marisa doesn´t like that! go away easy! *Puf*". The little ones were to worried chewing one of the small red veggies to care.
and while Patchi tried to explain herself, it happened
"Yuu! Mister food is hot!"
"Id burnz!Id burnz!"
The kos were panting heavily,with their tongues out. Patchi can´t even remember if they were a reimu or a marisa: unimportant facts like those were overwitten for what it happened afterwards
"What happened little ones!? is mister vegetable too hard to chew!?" Said the mother, running in the aid of their childs and completely forgetting the two 'intruders'. She quickly shallowed one of those veggies whole, and started chewing it
"ij hurch-hurch!! Yu-gOAAAGH"
"Burnz... Yugoh... gah..."
The kos started to puke their own filling afterwards.The mother had gone silent since she started chewing the veggie, but she was vissibly redder that before
File: backpack.jpg (25 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 400x400
I forgot the trip
Patchi was terrified at that point. just before I could muster the courage to ask her what was wrong, she went berserk
She started jumping and hitting everything, filling pouring from her own eyes. After rolling on the ground uncontrollably,the loving mother ended up squashing her own offspring in the process. some of the filling fell on patchi´s cheek, and that was enough to make her react
she ran. she ran for her own life, faster that ever, totally consumed by terror. youmu followed closely
Patchi didn´t dare to look back, but there was definitely an explosion. If you and her had not returned after calming down, Patchi would have dismissed it as part of her imagination.
The scene left afterwards was grotesque: the bodies of the kos, the filling everywhere... but there was something even more disturbing: the mother´s body´s upper half was symply gone, which probably explained the explosion earlier
They buried the family, the mother´s big hat on the top of a stick marking the place. As patchi loaded the red murderers on a plastic bag, she made sure to understand fully the events that had taken place that day
Since that day, patchi had dedicated alot of time to amount knowledge, so that she wouldn´t die out of pure ignorance. In her search, she had found so much information about the world, humans and, thankfully, yukkuris: this research had been going on for a good part of her small life, and she was proud of it.
'After all, knowledge is power' the sentence resonated in her mind as she closed the spicy vegetables, and she opened the second container
A mixt of yellow scrapings of different forms and sizes rested at the botton of the acorn. A strong smell accompanied them, and Patchi felt a feeling of sleepiness build up inside her.
Lemon scraps and lemon candy, which acted as anesthetics for yukkuris. she closed it and she hided both acorns inside her hat.
She made her way to the back to of the room, where the last parts of her expedition kit rested
One was a dirty black backpack, longer than patchi and obviously not empty. Patchi doesn´t know how a normal human would wear this, for a yukkuri of the size of youmu it made a perfect backpack, so that was how she called it anyways. It was already filled with enough food to feed her an youmu for an entire day.
Just at its side there was a enormous Marisa´s hat glued to a stick, with multiple treads making the whole thing keep itself folded. for this propuse, the enormous brim had 4 cuts, with 4 threads fixed to each sub-brim.The outside was covered with black trash bags, to make it impermeable. While it isn´t a perfect umbrella, against water a couple of minutes is the difference between life and death.
Finally, multiple accessories of different species rest in one corner. After patchi had discovered how important this things really were, she had started collecting whatever she could find in the wind. She has, however, mixed feelings about this activity: each and every one of those silly pieces of cloth represented a yu´s life. They aren´t toys, that´s for sure.
checking that everything was in order, she wondered what to do today:
A.explore human territory (will take at least half of your day)
B.explore predator territory (will take at least half of your day)
C.explore shithead territory (will take at least half of your day)
D.'Pay a visit' to Deibu (will take at least half of your day)
E.Play with your sisters (will take at least half of your day)
With the gear Patchy's hauling, I'd say C. Plenty of ways to fend off shitheads that might try to bother her while checking things out.
C seems like the safest one and we also have the magical yukkuri exploder.
Gonna say C.
Gotta scout the stretch between home and the city. A couple yukkuri can do recon easy, but the clan attempting to leave will be a bigger and slower target.
Ooh, scary scary~
Anyone got some easy Yukkuri fics reccomendations? These stories have put me in the mood for reading some.
I've just been searching OYP with the tags translated with_story, and then hitting random post.
As simplie minded as they may be, it is impossible to take it as easy as yukkuri.
Perhaps it is jealosy that fuels abyusers hate.
I always thought that yukkuri were actually perfect creatures from a meaning of life standpoint.

Humans don't have a point to their lives. Yukkuri do. They take it easy. That is the rationale behind their existence.

It's so important that they begin their lives with a Take it easy, and that they're named after the act of taking it easy.

In this way, yukkuri are superior to humans.

We can only hope to take some of their happiness for ourselves.
I will devote my life to this new philosophy
I find them more admirable in their pursuit of taking it eas.

Humans so easily give up or don't give their all in their pursuits, but Yukkuri, even in their simplistic endeavors are willing to give their all to reach it, they'd not think twice about sacrifying anything else for it or putting themselves against impossible odds. This is such a huge ideal that it transcends types, shit or niceheadness or origin.
It's impressive how they suddently can turn such struggles and petty efforts into gigantic accomplishments due to that persistence.
Instead of that happiness, I'd hope more humans could be as dedicated as Yukkuri were to taking it easy.
You see, FF and abyuse are both ways to transmit the yukkuri's tireless pursuit of happiness to human satisfaction.

Much like a cow turns grass into hamburgers and milk, yukkuri turn wild edibles into moe and schadenfreude.
I liked it better when it was called Epicureanism
I feel like the genre wouldn't have lasted as long if yukkuri listened to Epitectus or Camus.
well, yukkuris are animated in the first place by pure willpower
they can get out of breath even without lungs, see without funcional eyes etc...
C eajy!
Yeah, I've read a story where yukkuris were told about things like diaper rash, and because of that kos started getting it.
Huh, didn't know this guy started putting subs on his videos.
Is it that hard to make a strawpoll?
no offense desu senpai
So how that willpower came to be in first place anyway? A simple faggot drawing was enough?
Were you expecting maybe a quote from Zun?
It's all fanon, anon. Whatever becomes popular becomes lore.
Many artists take liberties with what is 'commonly accepted' anyway.
I know, I just never got how the first drawing escalated into so much commonly accepted lore.
The problem is that people usually suggest other things aside from the option they are choosing, and I really like that. Sometimes I may use what they say for the story, so I'm hesitant of using the strawpoll
Reimu's scream kinda felt half hearted.
The text-to-speech he uses is pretty shit, compared to whatever bluesnow uses in his games. It's hard to make out what they're saying in general.
Yeah the voices in the Bluesnow games are great, that is how I imagine Yukkuri would sound like.
Bluesnow added some new speech patterns in the latest update that are great. Yukkuri will sometimes greet your avatar, and it actually changes based on the time of day.
File: adventure.png (2 MB, 1517x1213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1517x1213
next chap is here
Chapter 6:the passage
...The shithead territory takes priority. If things go well, they would be able to reach the city, where more friendly yukkuri, who would help them out.
...wait, now that I think about it, that´s weird: Why are shitheads and niceheads separated in that way? did they form their own tribes based on their behavior? well, she can ask them when they get there.
She exited her room, followed by koa, and crossed the path she made yesterday along the shit pit. strangely enough, her shithead sisters didn´t fill the path with new "presents". In less that a minute of mid-pace jumping, she was in the communal sleeping zone.
all the members of the camp were there, still sleeping on a pile of leaves: Father and her sisters were snuggled closely, with mother not far away at their right. Seeing them like this made her feel a little lonely, but it was for the best.Also, she didn´t came here to bother any of them.
at mother´s right side there was another yukkuri: white hair and a black ribbon were some of her characteristics, but if she had to name one single fact that defined this yu, it would be the rusted pocket knife resting at her side.
"Youmu" she called, taking care in not awakening the rest. her mother would explain her absence when they wake up. The yukkuri moved slightly, and muted something half-asleep
"Youmu, I need you" patchi repeated, in a more serious tone "please w..."
Without trace of the previously showed sleepness, youmu opened her eyes slightly, and picked up the knife with a fluid motion. Patchi directed her to follow without making a sound, and she complied flawlessly
Youmu was, to put it in a very simple matter, the main weapon of the camp: she was "only" 3 times bigger than patchi -youmu was still smaller that her mother and ,of course, her father- but that mattered little. The skill youmu had with bladed weapons and speed was all that youmu needed.
she was also very loyal to her mother, and would follow any order she would impose to her. they seem to know each other for quite a bit, probably from Mother´s time in the city. However asking them about it would be fruitless, for you didn't say anything besides "dick" and "myon".
they arrived to one of the walls made out of books of her room. one of them had a small thread tied to the upper part of the book. after cleaning the ground in front of it (of course patchi wasn't going to allow one of her books to get stained) youmu grabbed the thread, and bringing it down with a strong pull. after youmu lightened the fall with her body and layed the book down slowly, patchi spoke
"We are going on an adventure youmu. come here, I will help you with the backpack"
"Myon~" youmu said happily. she both enjoyed traveling together trough the forest, and it have been ages since the last time.
In 5 minutes the three of them were ready to go. after closing the door/book, they headed to the exit of the cave, covered with barbed wire and branches.
pic related is for sizes references and because the hat-umbrella description was a fucking mess. koa is not there because she is too damn small to draw her properly (she is like 1/5 of the ball). please no bully
File: kos.png (228 KB, 800x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 800x1280
1 hour later they were deep into shithead territory, just above the straight passage to the city. the sun was rising, yet no shitheads were on sight... yet. While you trusted youmu´s skills, there was no need to encounter the enemy to confirm how safe this place was, so you would symply observe the traffic on the zone. It took patchi 2 minutes of scouting the zone to find a suitable place: a bush with a fallen tree on it. the position allowed you both cover and a good visibility of your surroundings. after directing youmu to bring some leaves to use as camouflage and fold the umbrella, you are ready for a long sesion of spying
And the first event happens almost immediately after you cover up.
"Alice is patrolling easy!hehehe"
one alice, big as a basketball ball and with her penni penni fully erect passes closely to patchi´s hiding place, escorted by two smaller reimus, clearly nervous around their "friend". they dissapear as fast as they arrived, leaving patchi really worried
'Oh crap' she thinks 'not only that one was really close, but they seem clearly organized. if this is as bad as it seems, we are doomed'.
after 10 minutes trough, patchi´s fear is replazed with boredom. She quickly has an idea
"yu!?" the small yukkuri, still scared about the alices, reacts abruptly
patchi looks around until her stare stops on a branch with a brown leave, clearly about to fall
"hit that leave, look around and come back"
Koakuma, after realizing that was a task, she happily complied
two hours followed with patchi trying to teach koa how to spot enemies.Koa struggled at first with the complex orders, but after a while she seemed to get the hang of it.
After tasking koa to fly in circles around them trying to spot an enemy for 10 minutes, the yukkuri came back alarmed
"yu! yu! alert!" she hided herself under patchi´s hair
"what is it?"
"yukkuris! they're coming!" she said more calmed, not before patchi head patted her a couple of times. she then pointed with her right wing into what patchi assumed was deeper into shithead´s territory.
"any more details?" she inquired. at that, koa stared to the ground and looked like she was about to cry
"sssh easy, you did well. you are really easy koa" she patted her again to cheer her up.The poor thing probably was really excited about spotting some yukkuris and alerting patchi, but patchi pushed her to see how much she had learned. Maybe she was too exigent sometimes? she caressed koa more, until she slowly started to close her eyes
"Yes, you can sleep koa.patchi is really proud of you"
After that koa started to breathe slowly, clearly asleep.
'God, I´m an idiot' she finally realized. of course that she would be tired after so much flying and tasking you smartass. she had been too concentrated into teaching her without worrying about her well-being.seems like I´m only good at reading books and nothi-
Of course, the yukkuris. Patchi spotted a group of kos heading this way. Marisas, reimus, alices... they were about 20 of them
as they got closer, their voices got louder
"Midter treazure! Midter treazure!"
"eajy treazure fod maricha!"
"yuuuuuu! leave deimu soooome!"
they seemed... normal. were there more niceheads on shithead territory? how? so many had been exterminated. And if the ko´s are from the shitheads, does that mean that they are not all shitheads after all?
one of them, an alice, gets closer to the bush where you are hiding
you see some possibilities in this. you:
A.ignore her.
B.talk to her, get information.
C.abduct her('is this really the right thing to do?')
This time there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what do you think about it.
The art here is actually quite nice.
Is there any porn of these head blobs? Where are their buttholes?
ohh >>14647171

so you got anymore?
File: yunatomy.jpg (265 KB, 889x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 889x624
One of the long-standing artists drew this awhile back.

Might as well try talking, in a worst-case scenario Patchy can toss some lemon scraps out to put them to sleep and get away.
What Yukkuri poop is made of?
It's the same paste that they have inside of them, basically. Nothing gross to a person, but yukkuri know it's poop and absolutely hate it. Same for the sugar water/pee.
I dunno, not even kos refer to themselves as deimu instead of reimyu, that's a red flag. Also, it's just 20 kos, Youmu is huge and with a knife, she could easily kill them all.

So pick B

Also your drawing is okay.
I wonder if Haa's poop is just paste because it looks fucking disgusting
Diary got a new update today:


New UI and options included there, as well as a balloon toy to toss out to play with. Looks like the new pick-up option can be "Flying In The Sky!" or for abyuse.
Yukkuri FPS when?
File: marisa shithead.jpg (42 KB, 600x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
marisa shithead.jpg
42 KB, 600x531
express delivery
Chapter 7:the passage(conclusions)
'...too risky. I should just observe'
"Midter treazure, whed are you?" The alice went into the bush, leaving patchi´s vision. the sound of leaves getting crushed joined the voices of the other kos
"Midter treazure, come out eajy! alize iz a really eajy yukkuri why do you hidhe?"
suddenly, something hitted the ground, followed by silence
"Yuuuu...." the alice said in a tone that implied she was about to cry
"YYOUAAAAAAAAH! STUBID TREAZURE! IZ YOUR FAULD! YUAAAAAAAAAAAAA" she ran back with the rest of the group, leaving a small trait of filling on her escape. Apparently she tripped on something.
"What happened little ones?" said a voice, surprising patchi. A reimu, a little smaller that youmu appeared from behind a rock. the alice went directly to her.
"Alize iz hurt-hurt!"
"easy easy! reimu will do lick lick to you" then she started to lick the wound. she stopped a moment to ask something patchi couldn´t heard from her hiding place, only for other new voice to join the group
"What happened? do you want to make marisa mad by screaming ze?!"
A big marisa joined the group, holding her hat in a smug fashion. all the yukkuris present seemed to freeze in place when she came into scene
"uneasy maricha..."
"Did stupid little ones find any mister treasure? right now is fine" stared in the general direction of the kos, and continued "those who can´t find mister treasure will not have sweet sweets! Dosu can´t waste food on stupid little ones who can´t find nothing!"
"Mommwy..." said the alice from before
"Your mother is not going to help you, stupid one! you are here because she was stupid enough to die! wanna die too, ze?"
the little ko shielded herself behind the small reimu, who intervened afterwards
"this zone... doesn´t have lots of mister treasure... we need to move if mister dosu wants her mister treasures" Her voice came mechanically, like she was about to explote. the marisa didn´t seem to care
"Little one understands! Marisa likes to see you are not that stupid! lets go!"
the group leaved the scene, and patchi took a better look to the kos: they were dirty, and didn´t seem in the best shape.
patchi reached to some conclusions after 5 minutes of thinking:
-the path wasn´t overwhelmed by shitheads, but it was obviously vigiled. at the speed our camp would move, various encounters were expected
-we didn´t have enough firepower to steamroll those 'patrols': maybe youmu can kill 3 of those yus, but how many would visit them once they were deeper into the forest?
-the shitheads had some kind of hierarchy, and those kos seemed to be at the botton of it. the comments of the marisa suggest they are orphans, and they are used apparently as slaves. Also, some of them didn´t seem like shitheads.
-Dosu would be a pain in the ass. she just fucking knew it.
Patchi decides this could be a good time to leave and do other things:there are many things to check on other territories, even if she was more inclined to take this path.However, The option to stay was still there.
you decide to:
A.explore human territory (will take at least half of your day)(some options later on will be blocked if you decide to do this at this hour)
B.explore predator territory (will take at least half of your day)
C.'Pay a visit' to Deibu (will take at least half of your day)
D.Play with your sisters (will take at least half of your day)
E.stay(will take at least half of your day)
there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what you think about it.
Was that made on minecraft?
I don't like Yukkuri Diary's new interface, it just looks and feels so cramped.
It won't do to try to get to the city as your clan is.
You may fight off a patrol or two, but if youmu is your only fighter, risking her means risking the entire clan.

Organized or not, predators don't tend to travel in packs and are generally less numerous than shitheads maybe the predator path may have less resistance.
Unity, he mainly updates an Android version. There's a PC version but it's two updates behind right now.

Yeah he should lose the colored backgrounds at least, and the new holding mechanic is a little too sensitive (I picked up a fish-Marisa to put her back in the water and accidentally shook her too hard). I like being able to actually play with the yukkuri, though, instead of dropping toys and waiting for them to play with those.
   _,,....,,_  _人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人_
-''":::::::::::::`''>   ゆっくりしていってね!!!   <
ヽ::::::::::::::::::::: ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
 |::::::;ノ´ ̄\:::::::::::\_,. -‐ァ     __   _____   ______
 |::::ノ   ヽ、ヽr-r'"´  (.__    ,´ _,, '-´ ̄ ̄`-ゝ 、_ イ、
_,.!イ_  _,.ヘーァ'二ハ二ヽ、へ,_7   'r ´          ヽ、ン、
::::::rー''7コ-‐'"´    ;  ', `ヽ/`7 ,'==─-      -─==', i
r-'ァ'"´/  /! ハ  ハ  !  iヾ_ノ i イ iゝ、イ人レ/_ルヽイ i |
!イ´ ,' | /__,.!/ V 、!__ハ  ,' ,ゝ レリイi (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン ).| .|、i .||
`!  !/レi' (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン レ'i ノ   !Y!""  ,___,   "" 「 !ノ i |
,'  ノ   !'"    ,___,  "' i .レ'    L.',.   ヽ _ン    L」 ノ| .|
 (  ,ハ    ヽ _ン   人!      | ||ヽ、       ,イ| ||イ| /
,.ヘ,)、  )>,、 _____, ,.イ  ハ    レ ル` ー--─ ´ルレ レ´
My thinking here is that Patchy isn't a fighter. Patchy is a talker.

It's a lot easier to talk to a human than to a Remilia.

You might get bad luck and have an abyuser that kills you no matter what you say, but I don't think Youmu would have much better odds against massed predator attacks.
For yukkuri, humans are a force of nature, there will never be the possibility of co-existing as their entire world can be destroyed by a single abyuser.
To go north is to die or become a pet.
The way I see it, both predators and humans have an overwhelming likelihood of overwhelming a normal type yukkuri.

Says that the predators are working in packs, which makes the disparity of force even more dramatic. It'd probably be easier to hide from humans than from multiple, flying opponents.

In human territory, Patche has, in my view, a better chance of evading notice, and some possibility of using that fuckhuge INT skill to convince a human not to kill them.

Would you rather reason with a bunch of aliens or a bunch of cannibals?

Both of them are shit options, but the aliens are a better shot, I think.
Even then. Your clan made it to the human realm. What next?
Settle down in town somewhere? Invade someone's home?
No, the only real option is to stay in the woodland neighbouring the town, which is rife with abyusers who would leap at the idea of sophisticated abuse of a more intelligent creature.
We need a new mishter thread eajy!!
My goal would just be to get through human territory and find somewhere past it.

I wasn't even thinking in terms of finding a new home for the clan.

I'm thinking look out for patchy and her immediate family. The clan is doomed.
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