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Higurashi Doujinshi's
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I really must know, who's the most popular Doujinshi character, and what are the most popular types of Doujinshi's? Back guys, old men, NTR, loli, gang bangs, tentacles? You name it, discuss!!!
>search "sonozaki big breasts"
>not even half a page of results
>90% are from before 2009
>who's the most popular Doujinshi character
Rika and Rena

>what are the most popular types of Doujinshi?
loli for Rika, boring vanilla for Rena
Also a good amount of rape for everyone.

Unlike umineko, higurashi had a lot of great doujinshi.
Well, Rika and Rena are the most moe of the characters so that's expected. But I'll just guess the boring vanilla for Rena is with Keiichi, because who else and he may as well be a generic harem hentai protagonist. Unless, faceless goons or old men come into play. Also how much of them have Keiichi is them?

Anyway, what are the best doujinshi's out of the whole bunch and who's in them and what type of porn are they?
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Yeah, it's always K1, I don't remember seeing a lot of higurashi doujinshi with faceless men when I think about it.

I don't know if they're really the best but I really liked :
[Nikopondo] Sonohigurashi
[Purin Yokochou] Mion Shion
[Tateyoko Hotchkiss)] <A Lunch>
[Fountain Square] LINXON
The two Satoko ones by Nyaa Nyaa Koushinjo

Tags : twincest, loli, gangbang

By the way I have some higu doujinshi that I don't want anymore. I will send them for free if you pay the shipping.
>I don't remember seeing a lot of higurashi doujinshi with faceless men when I think about it.
And this is good.
I like my men bald, faceless and ripped as fuck.
Don't have the name anymore, but there was a guy that did some pretty great pics/doujins of Rika, it had old men but it wasn't a problem at all.
I just knew it, but can you give me any info on the "contents" of those Doujinshi's you posted and what type they are?

I really hate when they just opt in K1 like that, as if we actually want to see him fuck all the cast. And people wonder why they choose faceless goons and old men.

I'm with this guy.
>I just knew it, but can you give me any info on the "contents" of those Doujinshi's you posted and what type they are?
- Sonohigurashi : rika and satoko / gangbang, rape, loli, footjob
- Mion Shion : mion & shion / threesome, yuri, twincest
- <A Lunch> : rika, hanyuu / gangbang, faceless men, bukkake, anal, loli
- LINXON : mion, shion, rika, hanyuu, Miyo / twincest, yuri, loli, threesome
- Satoko no nakasekata : satoko / loli, incest, rape, gangbang, ryona, faceless meng

I'm not sure what you're asking for, exactly. Sorry if I misunderstood.

>I really hate when they just opt in K1 like that, as if we actually want to see him fuck all the cast
That's actually exactly what I was looking for, thanks a bunch. Not that I'm into doujinshi's, I just like to know what's hot and what's not when it comes to certain media.

And, for Satoko no nakasekata, you said incest, I'm guessing Satoshi. Does she scream nii nii? Also, I'll just take a guess and say Rika say's Mii and Nipa alot during these doujinshi's, am I right?

Finally, someone who understands.
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Not Satoshi, she gets raped by her uncle and his friends. She does scream for her nii-nii to help her, however.
Then she gives up and submit when Teppei tell her he've been raping her a lot when she was younger.

And Rika says Mii~ a lot while giving blowjob.
Eww, that's kinda gross, or hot if that's your thing. And I just knew Rika say's her moe during it all, because why not.

Also, there's a list of character I have as I wonder if they're in any doujinshi's. Do you know if they are? And if so, any info on what goes on, or who they are with.

Yamainu (Don't ask, gotta put your faceless hnetai goons to work I guess)
Kasai (Does he bang Shion? I think we'd all like to see that)
File: deadrika.jpg (77 KB, 369x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One doujinshi where K1 fucks her doggystyle after class
He bangs Mion in one doujinshi. Not scanned but I took some pictures of it years ago. Great art.
They rape Rika in Sonohigurashi. They rape her again before killing her in Unhappy Girl and the Yakouyousei's one.
He just watches while Shion is riding Keichii's dick.
Interesting, is that the only Chie one? No Yamainu? But it's sad to know Oishi and Kasai don't get in on the action, nobody want to see the latter go at it with Shion? Darn you Keiichi, hogging all the action.

Also, got a good chuckle out of those Yamainu and Okonogi mentions. I didn't think anyone would put them to good use, proved me wrong. But, I'm really interested in that Okonogi one, shame there's no scans. And, does either him or the Yamainu rape anyone else? Fingers crossed for Chie, for some reason. Shame no Oishi, you'd think they'd be at least one.
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>is that the only Chie one?
Yes sadly. She's very unpopular.

Okonogi didn't rape Mion, she's the one going to see him in a slutty outfit. It was her penalty after losing a game.
The name's Okonomi by R.R Company

>And, does either him or the Yamainu rape anyone else?
It's been a long time, but I don't remember seeing them fucking anyone else.

There is a guro doujinshi featuring Rena that I'd like to find. I don't know if the dudes are yamainu or villagers, but they rape her to death. Then they rape her corpse, and later another guy steal her womb and use it as an onahole.
That's hot as fuck mang.
>He bangs Mion in one doujinshi. Not scanned but I took some pictures of it years ago. Great art.

Link please ?
Oishi did get a few yaoi fanarts with Kei.
Just checked, the link is dead and I'm not at home. I will reupload it next week if this thread's still up.
Damn, only one Chie. Broke my hopes for a Yamainu gang-bang, and sad to know they only get Rika, also, eww.

But, that Rena guro doujinshi sounds "interesting", and pretty fucked up. How does the situation flow, is it just a random occurrence on the streets of Hinamizawa as she walks home? Or do they all have the syndrome and go sex crazy, then prowl around and find her? You also mentioned you'd like to find it, so does anyone here know the name of it?

Now that's just gross, I don't think anyone wants to know any further about yaoi.
You wouldn't pound Rika's puffy pussy?

I don't know much about the guro one, I've only found 3 pages on futaba channel, and no one knew the source.
The first pic show Rena being gangbanged by several guys, while thinking about her friends and the good old time.
Second pic show Rena at her funeral. Two guys come in and start fucking the corpse.
Third pic show Rena's disembowel body. A dude in a car stick his dick inside her womb and cum inside. I guess it must feels good.
No, I wouldn't. And, links for Rena guro please. Even if it may be only three pages.
Lucky you, I posted some of them on bun before :
The gangbang and the womb scenes are missing, again I will upload them next week when I get home.
Okay now that was fucked up and fucking horrible, why do you have this again? And do you have the full thing or at least know what the doujinshi is called?
Don't worry, she will respawn in another kakera anyway.
And no I don't have the full thing, and nobody know the source of these pics. It is possible that it was never finished
Yea, and maybe she'll remember it as a weird dream, because if the club can remember some worlds, why not the world of doujinshi. Anybody tried image searching the damn things? Also, are there any other fucked up doujinshi's of Higurashi? Maybe more guro or insane gangbangs or just something really bizarre?

I don't know, I mean, I think there's a harem undercurrent to his interactions with nearly everyone and there's plausible attractions there.

For Rika, she's spent hundreds of years with the guy and literally had no hope without him, so it's a mutual reliance thing. Granted, she seems to have a girl-crush on Akasaka, and let's be honest, Akasaka is pretty awesome.

For Satoko it's the surrogate brother-- protecting and being protected sort of tonality to the relationship. Add that little sisters are a common harem trend and she definitely works.

Mion is obvious.
Rena is obvious.

Shion makes no sense and should just be paired with her actual romance interest. K1 doesn't need to be there.

But all of the other girls are sort of possibilities for something eventually. Add that he's going to be the only guy their age/slightly older in town for the next 6 years... and well, he's the only thing to compete over for a good while.
Doujins, don't think so, but you do you can find fucked up stuffs on images sites like rule 34.
Of course there's a fucking harem undertone, it was made by a jap and an Otaku who just created a bunch of waifu's to please himself. Look at them, all of them can cook and perform household chores which = waifu material! That, and there's only one dude surrounded by chicks with big tits who all want his cock. Even then, he could be replaced by anyone and nobody would miss him because all he's doing is filling in the dude position in the class like it's a hentai! He's just filling in for that faggot Satoshi anyway.

Shit, that was hot as fuck. Where's the rest?
File: 1401940780048.gif (917 KB, 250x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
917 KB, 250x251
Give up, we will never find it.
And yeah, that's hot as hell
Are you sure, I just found the rest through an image search. Hee hee hee. And here's the links, it also seems her dad fucks her too, then Keiichi sees them through the window.


Now all we need now is a translation, hee hee hee. But parts do seem to be missing, so I think we'd like the whole thing. Also, someone make sure to back this shit up, and arrange it in order of sequence.

From first link

From second link

Now, I know you guys will be happy.
Holy HECK dude, you're better than me at searching shit. Thanks!

I'll try to find the rest.
>>12852818 here, I found 2 more pics :
All those delicious cocks~

Well, I do like to be thorough. And damn do I need more, and in sequence. As the pages are out of order, or most of them at least.
File: 1409837428757.jpg (29 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How can some people get off to this? I can understand if it was Shimaslut or other cardboard cutout sex appeal characters, but these are characters with personalities and backgrounds. Not that they're real people, but doesn't it ruin it for you knowing their story? Or do you fap to these doujins not knowing the characters themselves? I mean, after all that happened wouldn't you want to see them happy after all their suffering. I'm not judging your fetishes, don't get the wrong idea. I wouldn't care if it was some other series. Just curious is all.
Depends of the doujin, but if it's sexy and comedic it's usually the best. Like the one where Rika make Mion into ber slut dog, it's so stupid I can hardly take that seriously and just fap.

Oddly enough, that usually makes doujins better for me. Familiarity with characters lets me enjoy it more myself. At least until it comes up to rape/guro, then it just allows me to be pissed off. Like the ones above with my dear Rena, I just get angry about their existence.
It's the contrary for me. The more I like a character, the more I enjoy guro/rape/corruption.
I don't understand, your probably the same dude posting an image with your posts but now your upset? Whatever. Anyway, about guro Rena I was like fuck that's terrible but at the same time that's hot. It's also more hot and better when you know the characters, as nobody just wants to see random chicks get fucked.

See, this guy understands.
Because I am still able to separate fiction from reality.

And happiness is cool but despair is also interesting.
As opposed to we, as I and presumably the others know they're not real but it's still enjoyable to see some hentai.
What's the worst thing you've ever seen happen to a Higurashi character in the world of Doujinshi? Also, is there any Rina ones? You know, Teppei's bitch.
>What's the worst thing you've ever seen happen to a Higurashi character in the world of Doujinshi?
The guro doujinshi posted in this thread, althought it's very hot.

Also that doujinshi where Rika act very cute and two guys in suit come in and beat her up before raping her while Mion is watching. I felt bad for a while the first time I read it.

Also, is there any Rina ones?
What the fuck, Rena's father is fucking her and whoring her out for money and video taping it!? I can't read moon runes, what is going on in it?
Oh, I kinda expected something worse. And what's Mion's reaction when Rika gets raped, I'm interested. Although that doujinshi sounds kinda nasty.

Also sad to see no Rina, but can you give me the name of the sole Chie doujinshi? I'm interested.
Wait, seems like I found some more though a further image search. Yummy. And this time, Rena gets raped by homeless people.


Aww nasty, not you too Satoko.

It seems this is a continuous "story", so I think we want the rest. To see what the resolution is obviously.
>And what's Mion's reaction when Rika gets raped
She laughs

The Chie doujinshi is Higurashi Iroiro Bon

Satoko is a slut! Nice find.
Really? Does she laugh in insanity or due to Rika being humiliated? Also, o lord of Higurashi doujinshi, link please. I gotta see that.

Anyway, that one with Satoko seems like it's part of the Rena onahole one, so I wonder how long it is and where to get it. Maybe posting the images on a jap image board would help get us more info or pics on it, what do you think?
Oh! Found some more, nice!
>Does she laugh in insanity or due to Rika being humiliated?
Both. Remember that scene where Rika stabs her own head with a huge kitchen knife? Pretty sure it's the same scene except Shmion isn't alone this time.


>Maybe posting the images on a jap image board would help get us more info or pics on it, what do you think?
I don't know. I tried once but they couldn't find anything.

Amazing! Thanks again.
If nobody else want to translate it I will do it as soon as I get back home.
Sounds good, but were you gang-bang pic's you mentioned before any of the one's I posted? Just want to make sure.

Also, that sole Chie doujinshi was very very very tame. Probably one of the tamest I've ever seen, that and it had terrible artwork. Same goes for that Mion laughs at Rika one, except I never saw her laugh, just a chuckle. Mion just has goons on hand to rape anyone she wants, because Mion.
Oh, some more. It's after she finds the bankbook, and this time the moneys going up. Probably due to the money her father is making off her ass.


I searched a shit ton of places, but there has to be more.
Sweet! This shits awesome, thanks dude. I always welcome more Rena porn! And lol at the okatu's and homeless people! Man, does Rena get around. No wonder she's the best girl.
I really don't understand, isn't there a limit to porn? I would have stopped at the onahole part, but you guys just keep going. I wonder how long this thread will continue.
More porn for the porn god.
>were you gang-bang pic's you mentioned before any of the one's I posted?
Not sure but I don't think so, I'll post it soon.

Man, it sure is a god tier doujinshi.
Yea, it's especially well drawn for a doujinshi.

And it seems something exploded inside Rena down in the bottom left, that's gotta hurt.

Maybe that's why she had to see the doctor. It seems they're checking out her insides, I wonder what's wrong?

>Man, it sure is a god tier doujinshi.
Amen to that, would this be considered the best?

Also, is this is the worst in terms of something horrible happening. What doujinshi would be second?
Surprisingly it's the only higurashi doujinshi with real guro that I know of.
Hmm, then what would be the 2nd worst in terms of humiliation or something horrible happening? I'm interested.
Bump, I'm looking forward to more of this!
I doubt there is, but knowing what is going on in those images would be nice!
ntr a shit
Bump, any update on this? There are a few of us patiently waiting.
Let the thread die, we've seen all the porn there is.
Doujins that is. Look on Pixiv and Rule 34 , there are quite a lot of great stuff.
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