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>that autistic unfunny Pole
oh wait that's all of them
t. genghis
t. autistic unfunny Pole
The banter is weak in this one.
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Brazil should be rangebanned desu
extremely shit posters overall
The Erotikfilmjud,
The CP pole, eventhough he's not active anymore as it seems.
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Fuck brazil and poland
t. genghis khan
>really butthurt pole

Also all of them
latin americans should be ranged banned
British-man who gives posting 'bloody racist'
Danish Vargposter
Canadian ">Wake up >Asia/Europe is now this what do?"
chino trolaso
That one shitposting argie
File: alberto barbosa43.png (357 KB, 397x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alberto barbosa43.png
357 KB, 397x402
The one moorish spaniard
The Turkish Dutch that always pretends not be Turkish in order to be taken seriously.
>Italy in charge of jokes
>that kike who is constantly butthurt about Poland

ah right that's all Israelis
sabe pa
Everyone should be rangebanned.

see him everywhere

i appreciate u bro

any1 recognize me?
File: jorge 2.png (583 KB, 894x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
jorge 2.png
583 KB, 894x595
I seriously do not understand all this hate.
Every country in the world is inferior to Canada so why do you guys fight?

What is there to fight about? Battle for second place?
che galle y tu hilo?
The Anzu posters
Risk players (the legion, wap, kingdom of feels)
autistic Egyptian "Girl"
Fertile slovakia polish poster
Kurva anyatoc poster
Latvian riflemen lover
Tarakan Sanders
the finn who hates anime
anime posting tunisian
two Iraqi posters
syrian poster
Turk in germany
KHAN'D pole
Why are muslim girls so beautiful aussie
the Aruban femanon
St vincent poster
guadeloupe poster
funny Sudanon
Nz in PNG
2 Omani posters
UAE flag posters (leb, rus, syr)
Moroccan jew/israeli
Koksal baba turk poster
british tripfag in /balt/
Angola poster
Uganda poster
Macau femanon
Algerian fedora
Libyan fedora
Ital thinking bongs are obssesed with itals
Albanian poster
Kosovo supporter under serb flag
palestinean poster
2 Jordanian posters
Regaetton chile poster
Irani in canada
Irani poster
Karen brit
Kate singapore poster
Hongkong obsessed with arabs
teacher in NK
mongolian dude
Kral negru
KSA anon
anime finnish guy
gook in japan
Taiwanese guy who likes in n out
Thai dude
Basque guy in spain
Hawaiian anon
Italian "femanon"
Argentine femanon
Kyrgyz femanon
slibbery wet dog poop poster
Lebanese guy with two birds
"Poland" pole
Muh heritage posters
Slovakian EU shill
spanish [1] image poster
Swiss richfag
that one cool aussie guy

hint: it's me! :^)
>Italian "femanon"
Why "femanon"? She's a female unfortunately
The American poster who makes threads about black people everyday.
Don't forget the Dominican pretending to be a Swede
>Kyrgyz femanon
wait, what?
Can't be mad at them after what you did to them in your deathcamps...
that guy.
>he doesnt like the slippery wet dog poop poster
She used to be here, sadly she's gone
He's one of the only funniest posters here
did she post proofs?
Hitler is our national hero they can't forbid us from praising him.
>did she post proofs?
Too many
okay then, I'm sorry for the quotation marks if she's reading this
That Finn who is universally respected and always wins arguments with his wit and intelligence
the other guy.
File: 1414773033017.jpg (41 KB, 434x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 434x435

>No high test pole poster
>No long hair pole poster
The German who like fun of Asian dicks every day.
Russian pedojew
Polish cp
Polish long hair girls
Brit "Italian girls love british cock"
"Is ...... here, goodnight" from Slovenia
"Goodmorinig + animeface.jpg" dutch
"gosh anon, you're such a loser" dutch, pretty sure he's the same
Chilean reggaeton
"World improvement" guy from Croatia
Brazilian italobro
Mexican "local in your country"
Mexican "Mexico is white!"
Argie girl
Italian "delet this"
Albania diaspora in Italy
Swiss "muh guns"
Israel fucking machines
Argentina "anime"
Angola NEET
Trap from Singapore
Algerian diaspora in France
Spanish "dick threads"
Spanish animeposter
Greek that want Venice back
Bulgaria interracial lover
Baka gaijin in Japan
That korean always butthurt
UAE guy
The Kazakh with long hair
Finnish wizard
That funny and lovely italian who always post a long list in these threads
Moroccan jew
Lesbian greek
Indian diaspora in Canada
Canadian from Quebec
Tunisia animeposter
+ a lot of people with regional flag and rare flags
Daily reminder that OP is a Neonazi and called himself a monkey a few minutes ago in another thread.
>Koksal baba turk poster

is my favorite ;^)
the retarded italian who has a list of people he recognize in this site.
>tfw people recognize only long hair kazakh
File: 1452349565070.png (19 KB, 440x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 440x254
Look who's talking
That one Israeli sperg who believes he can broker an alliance with the UK through 4chan postings
File: 29.jpg (19 KB, 379x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 379x426
I love you too
There's only one poster per flag desu.

T: Finland
>German Turk who post ultra weird posts about how aliens are Turk and Turan will rule the world with his highly broken Turkish and at least 3 bully replies per each post

>Aussie diaspora who keep bumping pics of white Turk girls to prove we are white

>Americaboo who posts in /cum/ and talks about the shittiest towns of USA
I recognize just about every poster, not even going to make a list
>tfw not mentioned
I dont get it, we are the best posters here.
This. The thought i just keep debating the same shit all over again with the same few dozens people feels awful.
What is your special autism?
This tbqh
hai rubato il mio cuore, bandito.
CP pole
pornposting jew
italian femanon (aka Occhi Marron)
californian fucboi who would make a 10/10 trap and posts vocaroo
the yankee who speaks perfect portuguese and swedish
aruban femanon
swedish faggot who posts on /soc/
+ several other posters with regional flags

Daily Serbia appreciation threads
Though I have neglected this duty in the past few days
Finns improve /int/ with their presence
>A Turk in Germany/the Netherlands
>Finnish/Norwegian weeb
>pro-Turkish Kazakhstani
sheikh is the only fun guy
File: image.png (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1920x1080
>spanish animeposter

Finally my job is recognized.
I'm pretty sure he meant the other one
I forgot:
Long hair pole
Proud muslim Indon
Hijab fetish canadian
"white" mexican
Afrikaaner in SA
black in SA
Trinidad and tobago
russian jew
Jeresy Sheikh
/urban/+/architecture/ pole
Cara poster
porn posting/gay jew
Korean in AUS
Arab in Netherlands
Somalian poster
DR congo
Tfw no gf swede
malay girl in usa
Dyadko yar
goodmorning dutch guy
cumskin hating bilel in france
egyptian in netherland
russian in tatarstan
Magyar cigany lithuania
anime hating hungarian
File: 31.jpg (14 KB, 379x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 379x426
I'll give back
the ugly japanese who recognizes a turk, a finnish and a pro-turkish.
File: 1454092961133.jpg (111 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 768x1024
>tfw not autistic enough to be recognized
you can keep it, I have many.
>that Russian guy from Saint-Petersburg "I am in metro wat do"

The Shia Muslim Canadian.

The "Syrian" flag anon is an Australian proxy.
there's another one int /MENA/ who is really syrian
Fuck that Slovak. Literally defends the EU on everything and accuses all who dislike it of being pro-Russian.
That other Kazakh

That Brazillian

That other Brazillian
File: rtN672i.jpg (59 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 500x667
You forgot Pedojew

Irish Germanboo
Irish Russiaboo
Irish Ouiaboo

Honestly could be the same anon
Malay weaboo girl in UK you mean
I know that anon.

He also posted a bunch of pictures of the formerly Finnish town of Vyborg. Also, ones when he was on the bus.

He's really trigger happy with his camera, but he's one of the best posters.
I like him, some of the pics he posted are genuinely nice.
Oh okay. Does he have a flag?

The last real Syrian (proved with Arabic and a picture) I saw post here was in 2014 from Latakia.
Hi Straw.

Notice how no one mentioned you.

That's because you are a tripfag.
The arab did
I'm 100% Tojo, not Strawboss.
Oh hey someone recognizes me
>Irish Germanboo
>Irish Russiaboo
>Irish Ouiaboo
All might be me. But only if we're talking Nazi Germany.
>that retarded swedish Pole patriot
>that retarded we wuz Vandals faggot
>that worthless cunt with long hair fetish
>that fucking austrian weebposter from v4

/int/ is just a huge pro abortion ad
Singaporean Kateposter ;_;
That is the best description of /int/ (4Chan as a whole really) I've ever read.
Then O'Riley is a differnt one (Saxonyboo)
otra lista en la que no figuro
>Russian pedokike who spams shitty threads and also pretends he's a russian girl every once in a while
>Annoying Slovenian who says it's XX:XX here, gooodnight", where XX:XX is the incorrect time
>Arab Dutch tripfag who alternates being a jihadist and an atheist to get maximum (You)s, and whose Dutch is way too good for him to be an actual Arab.
>Self-hating "Lithuanian" who always says fuck Lithuania
The self-hating Japanese Ameriboo.
korean-hating cambodian-australian weeb
That one Turk living in Germany, Australia and Canada
I wish
Einmal komplett mit scharf ohne Zwiebeln bitte
Jesus fucking christ man
Schwer von Begriff?
I meant I wish there was only one here
The american guy who really likes finnish traps
>He thinks that's autism
I made a 14KB text file of recognisable posters (with descriptions) I had kept up to date for several months, didn't make any additions any more since about a year ago though
Thread replies: 111
Thread images: 14
Thread DB ID: 518430

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