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Post proverbs from your country about other...
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Post proverbs from your country about other countries.

In Turkey we say " Are you Canadian?" when we see a good girl or handsome boy.
We don't though

What an Am*rican post.
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who the fuck does that
De Espanha nem bom vento nem bom casamento.
(From Spain, neither good wind nor good marriage)
This is due to the cold winds from Spain affecting the coastal climate here and the marriage part is due to the part of our history where Spain inherited Portugal through a royal marriage.

Há mouro na costa
(There's a moor on the coast)
Used when you mean to say someone is falling in love.

Also isn't there a saying about Portugal and oranges in Turkey or something? I have no idea what this is about but a Turkish guy who studied here kept referring to us as oranges

In the UK we say " Are you American?" when we see someone getting shot.

Arabic word for "orange" is bortuqal, since Turks have no culture of their own they probably took that word from Arabic.
"Afrancesado" ('someone who acts like a french')

Means metrosexual
>no culture
Nice culture just naming the fruit after the country if it was really you who named it that first
I really want this to be true.
What? No we don't
Where do you live in?
I'm liking this meme so far.
In the US we say "are you Canadian?" when we see a girly boy or a handsome girl
In the US we say "are you Turkish?" when we see a hairy girl or some dogshit on the floor

In USA we say someone is "going Dutch" when they split the bill on a date.
"Dutch oven" can mean either a heavy cooking pot with a lid OR it can mean farting under the covers while trapping someone there.
"French kiss" is an open mouth/deep kiss.
"French braid" is a special kind of braid that starts on the top of your head and gradually incorporates more hair.
"French fries".....DUH!
"French toast" is a kind of breakfast toast where you soak the bread in cinammon/egg mixture before you fry it. Texas toast is the same thing but thicker bread.
We say someone is "quitting cold Turkey" when they quit something immediately (without gradually tapering off).
Not to mention "Turkey" is the big bird we all eat at Thanksgiving! Supposedly because Turks sold the original turkeys!
We say "Brazilian wax" to mean waxing all your public hair off.
"Chinese fire drill" to talk about switching drivers in your car.
"Russian roulette" to talk about using a gun with a single bullet and passing it around and seeing who shoots themselves in the head. (Nobody ever does this IRL afaict its a meme thing).
"Indian summer" when you have a warm fall.
"Smokes like a Turk"
"Lies like a Serb"
"Stupid like a Bosniak"
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An "Irish bath" is when you just get your hair wet, usually done in a sink
A "Mexican breakfast" is coffee and cigarettes
A "Turkish bathhouse" is where gay men go to anonymously fuck each other
And apparently a "Portuguese woman" is a type of wine bottle opener that looks like a person with armpit hair
I only know of one and it's an old one of Russians

>ryssä on ryssä vaikka voissa paistaisi
ruskie's ruskie even if fried in butter

"Mexican standoff" when 3 guys point guns at each other.
"Canadian goose" like a big goose with a black head. Only kind of goose I ever see are Canadian goose.
"Canadian bacon" is like ham.
"Hawaiian pizza" like a pizza with ham and pineapple on it.
"German shepherd" is a type of dog that looks realy cute and elegant the police use them.
"German chocolate" is chocolate with coconut.
"Greek yogurt" is thick yogurt.
"Irish car bomb" is a type of cocktail with lots of Irish liquor in it and you drop the shot into it.
"Irish" a drink mean to put alcohol into it. "Irish up coffee"...put alcohol into it.
"Luck of the Irish" is a St Patty day saying and means more lucky. IRONICALLY in Europe it means unlucky.
"Mongolian barbeque" is when you take meat and veggies and cook it on a big hot plate.
"Swiss cheese" is cheese with a lot of holes in it.
"Swiss army knife" is a knife with a lot of attachment/doodads on it that flips out.
"Swiss bank account" is a shady/secret kind of bank account
"Belgian waffle" is a kind of waffle with deep holes.
"Swedish meatball" is the name of a really repulsive meatball.
"Italian sub" is the name of a sub with lots of italian type of meat (like salami, pastrami etc) and cheese (provolone) and some veggies. So good.
"Indian burn" when you twist the skin on someones arm in 2 direction really hard so it hurts.
"Bermuda triangle" is this area near Bermuda that is supposed to be cursed by ancient pirates hungry for treasuer and your ship or plane might disappear in it. Just a legend though.
"Guinea pig" is this fat big rodent that is very lazy but make cute pets for kids. Peruvians will eat them.
"Pardon my French" if you cuss in polite company and want to apologize you say "Pardon my french".
"Double Dutch" is a kind of jumprope with 2 ropes instead of 1.
"Danish" is a kind of repulsive pastry with jelly on it or something.
>to speak norwegian
Means to puke
>pig's german

means nonsense
Gave me a giggle m8
"Para inglês ver", for the English's eyes only. We had a law we were forced to sign that banned the slave trade back in the 19th century, but in reality we still got slaves from Africa until 1850, when the Brits were more assertive on the issue. It's used nowadays for things/measures that say one thing, but do no work in reality, usually to appease foreigner

"Vem do Paraguai" comes from Paraguay. Good of dubious quality, most likely

"Espanhola" Spaniard(female). Titfuck

There's also pão francês, roleta russa, beijo grego(Greek kiss, where one kisses someone else's asshole), negócio da China (Chinese business, implies huge profits)
>"Arab's work"
Describes a job being poorly done in an unprofessional way or badly improvised.
Can be used as "Are you Arab?" to imply to imply someone is action in an improper or unprofessional way.

>"Are you Kurdish?"
Implying someone is acting/being stupid.

>"Are you Persian?"
Implying someone is acting/being cheap.
being a jew:
Living a very cheap live no matter how much you earn and saving as much money as possible.
Then dying without ever enjoyed the benefit of your hard work.
>"Are you Persian?"
>Implying someone is acting/being cheap.

lel, the persians here all buy cars that are worth twice as much as their apartment

>see black
are you somali

>see idiot
are you arab

>see unibrow/hairy
are you kurd

>see arrogant
are you almancı (turkish-germans)

>see fat
are you american

>see hot blonde
privet kak deelah

>see adidas
e dee na khui cyka blyad

>see hot brunette
are you persian

>see slant eye
are you from mid-asia (we beat them if theyre from china)

>see kangaroo
your father was criminal

>see greek
why the fuck you look like us (only in west)

>see nordic
are you... MARRY ME

>see afro-american
sup nigga, feel sorry for ya ma'fukin bootleg. ma'fukin. demn white yankees

>see south italian
-pardon, bakar mısın?
-im tourist
-yalan söyleme
Andar a lo gringo
(Going gringo)
Going out without underwear.

Paja rusa
(Russian handjob)

La paraguaya
(The paraguayan)
Fucking a girl while carrying her from a standing position

Strangely enough, it's used sometimes to describe greedy/crafty merchants, a lot like jew in the rest of the world.

A la francesa
(Like the french)
Skipping showers and/or using a lot of perfume.
don't forget he cummed like maple syrup.

we said it when a guy has good looking or succesful children
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>In Turkey we say " Are you Canadian?" when we see a good girl or handsome boy.

I uh..
>since Turks have no culture of their own they probably took that word from Arabic

That must be why we call our stray dogs 'arab'.
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