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After drawing on paper for ages, I wanna...
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After drawing on paper for ages, I wanna try out some tablets, what are some properly functioning ones that are in the low-mid price range?
Wacom anything. I switch between a cintiq and a cheapo bamboo fun, both get the job done equally well. You can't go wrong with wacomâ„¢
avoid small versions, not good for your wrist
Is this one any good?

Based on my experience with it so far I say the Huion Giano. I've owned a lot of tablets - so by all means let my past experience be to your advantage.

Bamboo/Graphire/Other small tablets: Trash
Cintiq 12WX: Trash
Intuos 5 Medium: Okay
Huion H610: Okay
Intuos 3 Medium: Pretty Good
Intuos 5 Large: Great
Huion Giano: Great

I wasted over $1,200 on Wacom's Cintiq 12WX; a device that had less colors than a typical consumer-grade monitor, and an irreversible error that caused the pen's sensitivity to spike after a random, arbitrary number of strokes. It was ass and it's $1,200 I will never get even 1/4th of back in all likelihood. The tablet you buy could be the difference between you having an enjoyable experience learning how to draw, or being put off from the subject for years so don't sweat a couple hundred bucks, bro.

If you're going to go with the "budget" Huion brand specifically for example what would you spend that extra $100 (the difference in price between the Giano and H610) on anyway? It's really not that much money. You have the benefit of learning from my past mistakes and the availability of today's technology. Whatever you get don't worry about the price because a good drawing tablet will hold a good portion of its value for a long time (as opposed to a shit one like the 12WX that was practically worthless just months after its release). If you give up within like 5 years you will, in all likelihood, be able to sell whatever tablet you buy for at least 70% of its value to another individual if it comes down to it; don't think of it as you spending money, you're mostly just shuffling your money around.

A tablet is an investment, and though it's one that's guaranteed to depreciate to some degree, the one you choose could have a profound affect on whether or not you get your feet off the ground and that's worth a hell of a lot more than a couple hundred dollars.
>8 x 5 in.

It's pretty small, brüder

If you want a good sense of what it's like drawing on a small tablet, increase your mouse sensitivity by 30-50% and see what that feels like. It's pretty much exactly like that except with a pen. The tablet has to compress your monitor's screen down to the size of the tablet's active area so for example an inch on your tablet will be two or three on the monitor.
I've been using monoprice 10x6.25 for 4 years and it's p. good & cheap

Is this a good little tablet to get? i dont have a lot of money to spend and i need something bigger than my bamboo.
I got a huion cuz it was cheap

Considering how thoughtless and obtuse your post is I have to say no.
Get more money and buy a real tablet for fuck's sake. That one is hardly an improvement over a bamboo; you're basically just pissing your money away at that rate.
i dont even know jackshit about tablet differences.
i had a bamboo before and it's not a big difference. except this one is cheap and has tons of hotkeys.
Huion makes a shit load of tablets as does wacom. What you just said was the equivalent of going on a car forum and saying

"I got a hyundai because it was cheap

What modeli? what year? new or used? What the hell, dude. Give people something to work with.


If he hooks it to a laptop it's acceptable. But for desktop monitors (>15in) at least medium
Good point; most of my laptops have been 17iin. and I kind of forget they come in a huge variety of sizes. I still think hypothetically "too big" is far preferable to "too small", though.
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